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🎭 | Non × Kankuro Miyato talks about the tag work for the first time in 8 years on the radio!Also show the episode at the time of reunion and the inside story of the lesson


Non x Kankuro Miyato talks about the tag team work for the first time in 8 years on the radio!Also show the episode at the time of reunion and the inside story of the lesson

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Four creators, including Daito Manabe, Masafumi Gotoh, Non, and Kenji Kohashi, appear on a weekly basis.

The podcast-linked program "TOPPAN INNOV ..." being broadcast on the radio station J-WAVE (81.3FM) → Continue reading


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Kenji Kobashi

Kenji Kohashi(Kenji Kohashi,1979 May 8 -) is JapaneseCreative director,MusicEventsproducer.The Human Miracle Inc.CEO.. ExAn actor,Film directorIs.妻はWifefashion designerMomoko Ogihara.. Father of two children.TokyoOtaI'm from Blood typeA type.


Entertainment world

TokyoOtabirth.The house is not wealthy and the house where I lived is Onboro, which remains from the wartime.Cockroaches and mice appear in places on the tatami mats and floors.My parents worked together and weren't always at home.When I got home from school, I received a letter saying, "Warm this up and eat," and I was eating with my brother.I don't always have parents and I don't have a cell phone or email.I got a habit of playing with ingenuity, doing whatever I wanted[3].

primary school3rd grade was 8 years old1988 (Showa63 years),TV Asahi"Pao Pao Channel』Passed the audition and made his debut in the entertainment world by appearing in the same program.afterwards"Fireworks, do you see from the bottom or from the side?"soShunji IwaiMeeting the director made the play more enjoyable and changed my awareness of the actors.The following year, 1994 (Heisei6 years) "Humans/Disqualification-For example, if I die』Has become a popular drama that becomes a social phenomenon, and the environment changes drastically.The face became known all at once nationwide, and one day, two boxes of cardboard fan letters began to arrive.[3].

After that, the TV drama "When I was young], [Blue age], [Chura』And also appeared.

When I came up with the idea of ​​being in my mid-20s to 30s, "If I continue to be an actor, I can live in my own way and build my own position. I'm afraid to live and think, "Is this my life?" And decide to embark on a journey that moves my heart.[4].


2007 (Heisei19) Suddenly closed the actor activity at the age of 27The United States of AmericaAfter that, he started making movies and events inspired by various cultures while traveling around the world.

2009 Returned to Japan in (21)Italy,Spain,IrelandAppeared in the collaborative movie "Imago Mortis" (Director, Stefano Bessoni).2011 (23)SKIP City International D-Cinema Film FestivalWon the SKIP City Award and SKIP City D Cinema Project at[5].. In the summer of 2012, a writer / free personAyumu TakahashiHe made his debut as a film director in the movie "DON'T STOP!"

Fashion brand "Soareak"PVDirectorDJThroughEvent produceI became the president of the company.

2016 Established "LeaR Co., Ltd." in July (28) (changed the company name to The Human Miracle Co., Ltd. in July 7).[2].

2021 (Reiwa3 years)May 9Was carried out inClosing ceremony of the 2020 Tokyo ParalympicsIn charge of overall production at[6].. In July, the studio "Sky Studio" specializing in futuristic entertainment was established, and the new business project "7%" that makes people's hearts zero was announced at the same time.[2].. In October, we will start a project "ART BASE ZERO" to produce new talent.[1].

July 12st of the same year,2025 Japan International Exposition(Osaka / Kansai Expo) Announced to be appointed as event planning producer.Will be responsible for planning events such as the opening ceremony and managing the operation of the event facilities.[7].

Currently, he is active in overseas events such as "Dîner en Blanc" and "ULTRA JAPAN" as one of the driving forces of landing in Japan, and serves as the creative director of each.In addition, he was also the general producer of the futuristic fireworks entertainment "STAR ISLAND", a project that spins traditions that have become a hot topic in various fields from the first year into the future.Not only in JapanSaudi Arabia OfNational Foundation DayHeld in Japan and visited by 80 peopleSingaporeOn behalf ofCountdownEventsWas held.In addition, as a planning advisorSunrise pierVarious facilities such as launching the facility "Hi-NODE"Urban development,Local creationHe is involved in a wide range of activities.


  • Cabinet OfficeSponsored "Cool Japan Matching Forum 2017" Jury Special Award
* The achievements of the futuristic fireworks entertainment "STAR ISLAND" produced comprehensively are highly evaluated.
* Comprehensively produced "Tokyo Motor ShowThe performance of the night sky spectacle show "CONTACT" using 2019 drones in "500" is evaluated


  • HobbiesIt is,surfing, Eating around,Travel,ImagephotographSuch.Also, from an early ageProfessional baseball player-Ika OkazakiHe is an avid fan of, and even carries a junior model grab from time to time.
  • 2016 (Heisei28 years) July 7, 11 years youngerfashion designer,Momoko OgiharaMarried to.2017 (29) The first child was born in January[8].
  • "1994 By the timeJanie KitagawaInvited byJohnny's Jr.I was taking lessons for a very short time as a trainee, "but Kobashi himself denied it on Twitter.This rumor was caused by the fact that Kobashi, who entered and exited the TV station at the same time as Johnny's Jr.'s lesson at that time, was often witnessed by Jr.'s fans.
  • 2007 (19) When I suddenly took a leave of absence and went to the United States, my savings had run out and I returned to my parents' house and was in a depressed state.Liver dysfunctionIt turned out that he lived an almost bedridden life.Produced his 30th birthday to break through the status quo.This was the triggercreatorBecame.At music festivals, I wanted to create a place where people could become aware of exchanging emotions through the common language of "music," and became involved in event production.ULTRA JAPANBecame the creator of.MiamiI was impressed by the ULTRA I saw in Japan and brought it to Japan.[9][10].

Work technique

  • Closing ceremony of the 2020 Tokyo ParalympicsI drew "Harmonias Cacophony" in.The concept is to express a city where all the differences shine and imagine a new harmony.Approximately 4400 people participated, the highest number ever, and the curtain was put on a 13-day hot battle.[9].
  • When he was invited to work at the closing ceremony of the Tokyo Paralympics, he thought, "I got goosebumps. No, it's a lie? At this timing? I?"What I wanted to show at this show was not "Let's make such a wonderful world", but "If you change your perspective, there is already a wonderful world. No matter what the situation, this moment It is a figure that is lively and shining as a person who enjoys living to the fullest. If only that can be left, the rest is left to individual interpretation. "[11].
  • Before becoming presidentTokyo Girls CollectionI experienced behind the scenes.It is said that some entertainers were looking from above.Kobashi did not forget his humble feelings and accumulated achievements one by one.[9].
  • With the birth of a child, he noticed new feelings and sensations, and he felt uncomfortable because the places he could go to before and after the child was born were divided.From that experience, the audience not only sat down and watched, but also children started to stand and dance to the songs that were played, and adults also began to value the style of being pulled.[9].


★ mark is after starting a business

Entertainment shows

TV drama


Nippon TV

TBS system

Fuji TV

TV Asahi

TV Tokyo



  • INNOVATION WORLD ERA (April 2020-,J-WAVE) --4th week of every month Navigator

V cinema




Music video


  • Spatial figures that can be seen in the video Challenge letter from the demon world (Shinkenzemi Junior High School Course) 1997 (February issue)



  • BBB (August 1996, 8) --Anime "baby and Me"Opening theme
  • STILL (December 1996, 12)
  • Knocking on the door (February 1997, 2)
  • once again (February 1998, 2)
  • Road away (October 1998, 10)
  • I want to cross the time with you (May 1999, 5) --Fuji TV series "This is Kyain!?"Ending theme


  • Days (April 1997, 4)



Photo album


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外部 リンク

Manabe Daito

Daito Manabe(Manabe Daito1976 -) Is Japaneseprogrammer,Designer,Filmmaker,DJ,VJ..Director of Abstract Engine Co., Ltd.[1], Representative of Rhizomatiks.Keio UniversityFaculty of Environment and Information StudiesSpecial invited professor.


1976 years,TokyoBorn in[2].. Fatherjazzbassist, My mother was working on making music software built into electronic musical instruments.Faculty of Science, Tokyo University of ScienceEntered the mathematics department.Tsuyoshi MuroIs a classmate in college[3]..After graduating, became a major electronics manufacturerSystem EngineerJoin as[2]..Then from a friendIT OfVenture companyI was invited to change jobs, but I left the company in half a year[4].

2002, IAMAS (Gifu Prefectural Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences),programmingI learned the expression using. In 2006, he established Rhizomatiks Co., Ltd., and in 2008, he established the hackers space "4nchor5 La6" (Anchors Lab) with Motoi Ishibashi. In 2009, the global media art competition "Prix ​​Ars ElectronicaServed as a judge.

2012 years,NHK Cup International Figure Skating CompetitionAt the exhibitionMao Asada,Yuzuru HanyuWhen he slips, he has developed a system in which bright pink, yellow, and purple lines are drawn to follow.The same year "The 63th NHK Red and White Singing Battle』(NHK G) Then,storm,perfumeIn charge of directing[5].

2013 years,2020 Tokyo OlympicsProduced a presentation video for the invitation,Yuki OtaIn charge of production planning and programming to visualize the movement of the player's sword tip[6].

2014 years,Apple OfMacSelected as one of 30 key persons on the 11th anniversary special site "Thirty Years of Mac"[7]. Also,2020 Tokyo OlympicsServed as a judge in the design selection of the emblem of[8].

In 2015, Perfume's "SXSWWas in charge of planning and directing the technology part of the live concert, and received high international acclaim.[9][10][11]. Also,BjörkIn the music video "Mouth Mantra", he was the 360 ​​Technical & Visual Development Director.[12].

The 2016st held in August 8Summer olympic"Rio de Janeiro Olympics'Closing session OfFlag Handover CeremonyThen.AR, In charge of field video direction and technical director[13][14][15][16][17].

January 2017Germany-HanoverMade inCeBITIn the performance held at the eve of the festival, I was in charge of artistic direction such as AR and video, light design, selection of composer and direction of music.[18][19][20].

In November 2018, the first solo exhibition "Daito Manabe ∽ Rhizomatiks Research" at a museum in JapanKagoshimaKirishima Open Air MuseumHeld in[21].

From 2019 monthZIP-FMStarted the radio program "Leftfied" at[22].

In November 2019, he was in charge of lighting production, software development, and operation of the congratulatory song at the "National Festival" to celebrate the throne of His Majesty the Emperor.[23].

Major award-winning works

  • scoreLight(Alvaro CASSINELLI / Daito Manabe / Yusaku Kurihara / Alexis ZERROUG)
  • NIKEiD. GENERATOR(Shunsuke Kakinami / Satoshi Inoue / Kazu Ishihara / Yasuo Matsubara / Daiei Suzuki / Shuhei Tsuji / Akira Miyashita / Hideki Watanabe / Seiichi Saito / Daito Manabe / Toru Terashima / Toshigo Matsuura / Kenichi Iida)
    • Spikes Asia 2009 / Digital / Bronze
    • CLIO Awards 2010 / Innovative Media / Silver
    • One Show 2010 / Interactive Advertising / Silver
    • International Advertising CUP / Best of Media / Best of one2one
  • NIKE MUSIC SHOE(Shingo Ohno / Naoki Kobayashi / Takayuki Rokutan / Frank Hahn / Naoki Ito / Kosai Sekine / Seiichi Saito / Satoshi Takahashi / Daito Manabe / Tomoaki Yanagisawa)
    • Cannes Lions 2010 / Film Craft Lions / Silver
    • Cannes Lions 2010 / Film Lions / Bronze
    • ADFEST 2011 / Cyber ​​Lotus / Gold
    • ADFEST 2011 / Film Craft Lotus / Silver
    • 9th Tokyo Interactive Ad Award / Online Video / Gold
    • 9th Tokyo Interactive Ad Award / Website Product / Silver
    • New York Festivals Awards 2011 / ART TECHNIQUE: Interactive / Gold
    • New York Festivals Awards 2011 / DIGITAL & INTERACTIVE: Online Advertising Product & Service / Silver
    • One Show 2011 / Craft / Gold
    • One Show 2011 / Online Films And Video / Silver
  • particles(Daito Manabe / Moto Ishibashi)
    • 15th Japan Media Arts Festival / Art Division / Excellence Award
    • Prix ​​Ars Electronica 2011 / Interactive Art / Award of Distinction
  • Perfume Global Site Project(Daito Manabe / MIKIKO / Yasutaka Nakata / Tetsushi Horii / Hiroyasu Kimura)
    • 16th Japan Media Arts Festival / Entertainment Division / Grand Prize
    • Cannes Lions / Cyber ​​Lions / Silver
    • Prix ​​Ars Electronica 2013 / Interactive Art / Honorary Mentions
    • Good Design Award 2013 / Future Design Award
  • Sound of Honda / Ayrton Senna 1989(Kaoru Sugano / Sotaro Retention / Yu Orai / Killy Donkey Naja / Kako Yonezawa / Kosai Sekine / Taeji Sawai / Daito Manabe)
    • 17th Japan Media Arts Festival / Entertainment Division / Grand Prize
    • Cannes Lions / Titanium & Integrated Lions / Grand Prix
    • Cannes Lions / Film Lions / Gold
    • Cannes Lions / Cyber ​​Lions / Gold & Silver
    • Cannes Lions / Promo & Activation Lions / Gold & Silver
    • Cannes Lions / Direct Lions / Gold & Silver
    • Cannes Lions / Outdoor Lions / Gold & Bronze
    • Cannes Lions / Design Lions / Silver & Bronze
    • Cannes Lions / Branded Content & Entertainment Lions / Silver
    • Prix ​​Ars Electronica / Interactive Art / Honorary Mentions
    • ADFEST 2014 / Interactive Lotus / Grand Prix
    • ADFEST 2014 / Promo Lotus / Grand Prix
    • ADFEST 2014 / Integrated Lotus / Grand Prix
    • 93rd NYADC (New York Art Directors Club) / ADVERTISING AMBIENT / Silver
    • D & AD Awards 2014 (British Design & Art Direction) / Crafts for Advertising / Black Pencil (Highest Award) & Yellow Pencil (Category Award)
    • D & AD Awards 2014 (British Design & Art Direction) / Yellow Pencil (Category Award)
    • One Show 2014 / Data and Human Experience / Gold
    • Spikes Asia 2014 / Digital / Grand Prix, Gold & Silver
    • Spikes Asia 2014 / Film / Grand Prix
    • Spikes Asia 2014 / Outdoor / Grand Prix & Bronze
    • Spikes Asia 2014 / Promo & Activation / Grand Prix & Silver
    • Spikes Asia 2014 / Branded Content & Entertainment / Gold
    • Spikes Asia 2014 / Design / Silver
    • Spikes Asia 2014 / Direct / Silver & Bronze
    • Spikes Asia 2014 / Radio / Silver
    • 54 times ACC CM FESTIVAL/ Interactive Division / Grand Prix
    • 54th ACC CM FESTIVAL / TV CM section / Gold
    • 54th ACC CM FESTIVAL / Radio CM section / Gold
    • Good Design Award 2014 / Good Design Gold Award
  • Sensing Streams-Invisible, Inaudible(Ryuichi Sakamoto / Daito Manabe)
    • 18th 2014 Japan Media Arts Festival / Art Division / Excellence Award
  • border(Rhizomatiks Research / ELEVENPLAY / evala / Takayuki Fujimoto)
    • VR Creative Award 2016 / Excellent
  • Nosaj Thing / Cold Stares ft. Chance The Rapper + The O'My's(Daito Manabe, MIKIKO, TAKCOM, ELEVENPLAY, Rhizomatiks Research)
    • Prix ​​Ars Electronica 2016 / Computer Animation, Film, VFX / Award of Distinction
  • FUTURE-EXPERIMENT VOL.01 docomoxPerfume Eliminate the distance.
    • Code Awards 2018 / Grand Prix
  • discrete figures(Daito Manabe / Moto Ishibashi / MIKIKO / ELEVENPLAY)
    • 22th 2019 Japan Media Arts Festival / Art Division / Excellence Award
  • Perfume xTechnology presents "Reframe"(Perfume + Reframe production team <Representative: MIKIKO> / Daito Manabe / Motoi Ishibashi)
    • 22nd Japan Media Arts Festival / Entertainment Division / Excellence Award
  • OK Go "OBSESSION"(Takeshi Nozoe, Jun Saito, Kentaro Harano, Yusuke Tanaka, Daito Manabe, Motoi Ishibashi, Damian Crash)
    • 22nd 2019 Japan Media Arts Festival / Entertainment Division / Jury Recommended Works
  • Squarepusher / Terminal Slam(Daito Manabe / Kenichiro Shimizu)
    • Prix ​​Ars Electronica 2020 / Computer Animation / Honorary Mentions

Solo exhibition

  • Special exhibition "Daito Manabe ♾ Rhizomatiks Research"(November 2018, 11-January 16, 2019 / Kirishima Open Air Museum, Kagoshima Prefecture)

Major technical production participation works

  • electric stimulus to face(November 2008)
  • LAFORET GRAND BAZAR --CM "Geee Face"(November 2011)
  • --realtime visualization of Tokyo Stock Exchange(November 2013)
  • Bjork “Mouth Mantra” Music Video(November 2015)
  • ANREALAGE 2018-19 A / W COLLECTION “PRISM”(February 2018, 2 Le Centorial, Paris, France)
  • LEXUS DESIGN EVENT 2019 --LEADING WITH LIGHT(April 2019-4, 9 Superstudio Più, Milano Salone)
  • perfume -"Daijyobanai" Live at Coachella 2019(April 2019, 4 Coachella)
  • ◉ Kaitai Shinsho Special Edition "XNUMXWXNUMXH"(July 2019-7, 9 Setagaya Public Theater)
  • “Come Behind Me, So Good!” Music Video(November 2020)
  • White Mountaineering 2021 Spring / Summer Collection(2020 7 å¹´ 月 日 13)
  • Sakanaction --SAKANAQUARIUM Hikari ONLINE (November 2020 and 8, 15)
  • -"State of Emergency (Omnibus Movie)" / "DEEP MURO"(August 2020, 8- / Amazon Prime Video)
  • Perfume Imaginary Museum “Time Warp” (September 2020, 9 online)
  • "Ryuichi Sakamoto : Playing the Piano 12122020 ” (September 2020, 12 online)

Major TV appearances

Radio program

  • LEFT FIELD(July 2019, 7-March 5, 2020 / Every Friday / ZIP-FM)
  • INNOVATION WORLD ERA(April 2020, 4- / First Sunday of every month / J-WAVE)

Online event

  • Rhizomatiks Staying TOKYO(April 2020-June 4, 3 / TWITCH)
  • Asynchronous Tech Department XNUMXst work "Muro Tsuyoshi Show, there, incoming call, from"(May 2020, 5 Instagram)
  • Rhizomatiks Playing TOKYO(June 2020, 6- / TWITCH)

Commercial appearance

  • WORN DIFFERENT --Dr. Martens(November 2018)
  • Mac --Behind the Mac --Apple(November 2018)


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外部 リンク


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