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🧑‍🎨 | I want to pay attention now when sustainable is called out! "Wrap-Japanese Traditional Package" Exhibition


I want to pay attention now that sustainability is called out! "Wrap-Japanese Traditional Package" Exhibition

If you write the contents roughly
《Fishing bottle sushi》 Nara Prefecture / Fishing bottle sushi Yasuke Photo: Doitsu Sakai (Oka Hideyuki “Haku” Mainichi Shimbun, 1972) Fishing bottle sushi is a local dish of Nara, and ripe sweetfish in a bent tub. A stuffed sweetfish.

Since before the war, when art directors were rare, he continued to collect and research traditional Japanese packages, "TSUTSUM ... → Continue reading


"Anan" has always created the "era", transmitted the "topics", and created the "trend" of women.
The web version of "anan" such as "ananweb" is aimed at women in the late 20's to 40's with great curiosity. We deliver "real".

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Fishing bottle Yasuke shooting

Mainichi Shimbun

Mainichi Newspaper Co., Ltd.(Shimbun Akahata,British: The Mainichi Newspapers Co., Ltd.) IsNational newspaper"Mainichi NewspapersIs issuedJapan OfNewspaper company. Also,Selected High School Baseball TournamentWe also plan and hold sports and cultural projects such as (Spring Selected High School Baseball).[1]..Currently a holding companyMainichi Shimbun Group HoldingsIs a subsidiary of2021By reducing capital for tax-saving measures中小企业Became[2].Osaka Mainichi NewspaperとTokyo Nichini ShimbunIs the source.1970 eraUntil then, the head office and head office were located in Osaka, but after that, the head office and head office were opened due to management deterioration and accompanying management reforms.TokyoChiyoda WardMoved to.

Main offices

Company emblem

  • The letter "Large" is shaped like a star, and the letter "Every" is circled in the center.Osaka Mainichi NewspaperIt was enacted on March 1897, 3, and was used until November 31, 1991.
  • After March 1991, 11Corporate identityHas been introduced to establish and use the symbol mark "Daily Eyes" that combines eyes and stars.


  • Before the title change on November 1991, 11, the old company emblem of the Mainichi Shimbun (the above-mentioned star-shaped) was placed in the center of the upper part on a white background, and the red double band line was drawn behind it. It was a design.The double band line was said to represent the clouds, and the stars were said to represent the bright stars of culture.The bottom isMincho typeWhen it becomes "Mainichi Shimbun" or the same brush as the title (Clerical script) May become the "Mainichi Shimbun".
  • After the title change, it is based on intelligent blue (light blue), which is said to represent modern intelligence, and "Mainichi eyes" are placed on both sides in almost the same way as the title, and "MAINICHI" is sandwiched between them. , With an underline (white) in the center, it is written as Mainichi Shimbun in Mincho style.


  • 1872 -"Tokyo Nichini ShimbunFirst issue.
  • 1876 --First issue of "Osaka Daily".
  • 1882 ――As a substitute for "Osaka Daily", "Japan Constitutional Democratic Party Newspaper" (later ""Osaka Mainichi Newspaper") First issue.
  • 1943 --"Tokyo Nichi Nichi Shimbun" and "Osaka Mainichi Shimbun" unify titles[Note 1] do it,"Mainichi NewspapersIt becomes.
  • 1950May 7 ――At each news agencyRed purgeBegins.49 people were dismissed on the first day of the Mainichi Shimbun[3].
  • 1977May 11 Mainichi Newspapers Co., Ltd. (formerly Osaka Mainichi Newspapers, head office, Osaka City, capital 1 million yen) is due to management deteriorationOld and new separationReconstruction by.Shimono Shimbun,Sports Nippon Shimbun Tokyo HeadquartersAnd employee stockholding associations, major dealers, Tokyo Broadcasting System (currentlyTBS Holdings),Every day broadcasting,Sanwa Bank,Bank of Mitsubishi(Main bank..Both are currentMitsubishi UFJ Bank), The Mainichi Newspapers Co., Ltd. was established in Tokyo with a 40 billion yen investment.
  • December 1977, 12 --The Mainichi Newspapers Co., Ltd. transferred the newspaper publishing rights to The Mainichi Newspapers Co., Ltd. and changed its trade name to Mainichi Newspapers Co., Ltd.
    The Mainichi Newspapers Co., Ltd. was renamed The Mainichi Newspapers Co., Ltd. in response to this.Employees will also take over.Started editing and publishing newspapers by renting all equipment from Mainichi Co., Ltd.
  • 1985October-Mainichi Co., Ltd.'s debt repayment has settled down, and the company merged as the surviving company (Commercial lawThe upper head office was the Tokyo head office).Make a tentative plan for reconstruction.It has the largest capital in major Japanese newspapers and has the highest circulation.No. 3 in the industryWith about 340 million copiesYomiuri Shimbun(Approximately 1000 million copies) ・Asahi ShimbunThis is the reason why sufficient management is established even if the water is greatly opened to (about 800 million copies) (4th place in the industry).Chunichi Shimbun)[4].
  • 2011May 4 - subsidiaryLtd.Sports Nippon ShimbunIn collaboration withStock transferAnd jointlyHolding company OfMainichi / Sponichi Holding Transition Co., Ltd.(Current:Mainichi Shimbun Group Holdings) And itsWholly owned subsidiaryBecomes
  • 2015May 4 --The publishing business division was spun offMainichi Shimbun PublicationEstablished a stock company[5].
  • 2020 --Overtaken by the Chunichi Shimbun in the circulation of the ABC announcement in SeptemberFall to 4th place in the industry.. In October, it was overtaken by the Nihon Keizai ShimbunFall to 5th place in the industry.. In November, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun fell sharplyReturn to XNUMXth place in the industry.[6]
  • 2021March --Capital will be significantly reduced from 3 billion yen to 41 million yen.Tax law by reducing capitalApplicable to SMEsWill be done.
  • July 2021 --The morning and evening edition sets have been revised from 7 yen to 4,037 yen, and the areas where only the morning edition is published have been revised from 4,300 yen to 3,093 yen. For the first time in 3,400 and a half yearsPrice increaseTo[7]

Performance trends

The unit is one million yen
Fisical yearamount of salesOperating incomeOrdinary profitNet incomeNet worthTotal assets
June 2015 period118,2212812612,395152,313
June 2016 period
June 2017 period110,18115112022713,590153,066
June 2018 period106,632X 19613015113,024150,834
June 2019 period97,429X 1,780X 1,386X 53712,025147,877
June 2020 period88,062X 3,817X 8,075X 6,9684,225140,214
June 2021 period80,031X 2,800X 2,6741913,984140,867

* Created from securities report and financial statements

Target area

PublisherTarget areaEvening publication area (excluding some areas)
Main office
Tohoku,Kanto,Koshinetsu,ShizuokaIbaraki,Tochigi,Gunma,Saitama,Chiba,Tokyo(Ogasawara Islandsexcept for),Kanagawa,Shizuoka
Branch office
Hokkaido* The Hokkaido branch office publishes an integrated morning edition in all regions.
Central part
Main office
Aichi,Gifu,Mie(Iga City-Nabari-Kumano City-Minamimuro-gunexcept)* The Chubu Headquarters sells morning and evening editions as a set in all areas where it is issued.
Main office
Hokuriku,Kinki,MieIga City-Nabari-Kumano City-Minamimuro-gun,Chugoku(Yamaguchi ,Shimane Hamada-Masuda City-Ota City-Jiangjin City-Ochi-gun-Kanoashi-gunexcept),ShikokuOsaka,Kyoto,Hyogo,Shiga,Nara,Wakayama
Western part
Main office
Yamaguchi ,Shimane Hamada-Masuda City-Ota City-Jiangjin City-Ochi-gun-Kanoashi-gun,Kyusyu,OkinawaYamaguchi ,Fukuoka,Okinawa


  • The area where the evening edition is published excludes some prefectures.In areas where there is no evening edition, an integrated version will be published.
  • Hokkaido is2008May 8With, Yamanashi Prefecture2016May 3In addition, the publication of each evening edition was abolished, and only the integrated version was published.
  • For Okinawa prefecture, air transportation from the mainland.Of the seriesSports NipponAbout the companyRyukyu ShimpoIn partnership with the company, "Shinpo SponichiLocal printing as.

Major newspapers and magazines published

News (Chinese)


In recent years, newspaper companies have often shifted their publishing functions to affiliated companies, and the Mainichi Newspapers also announced on April 2015, 4.Mainichi Shimbun PublicationWas established and the publishing department was spun off.

Besides this, as a related publisherMynavi Corporation (formerly Mainichi Communications)However, the capital and business relationships are weakening.However, some magazines and newspapers published by Mynavi may be sold at Mainichi Shimbun stores.

Newspapers and magazines that were once published

News (Chinese)



  • August 2021, 5,Nobuo KishiMinister of DefenseIt is,New coronavirus vaccineWith the Mainichi Shimbun reporter regarding the reservation of the Self-Defense Forces large-scale inoculation centerAERA dot.A reporter asked, "I made a reservation by fraudulent means, but how do you accept it?"Ministry of DefenseIf so, he said that making reservations by fraudulent means would deprive vaccination applicants of vaccination opportunities and that the vaccine itself would be a malicious act that could be wasted.Asahi Shimbun PublishingSaid to protest severely against[8].

Active employee

Below is a list of active employees with individual pages

Origin / related person

Major (press) photographers who belong to (have belonged to) (in order of birth)

Mainichi Newspaper Group companies

Listed here are the subsidiaries of Mainichi Shimbun and major affiliated companies. Mainichi Shimbun Group HoldingsUnder the umbrellaSports Nippongroup,Tonichi PrintingDoes not include groups, etc.

[Various media businesses]

[Real estate business]

[Printing business] ※other,Tonichi PrintingThe group covers most of eastern JapanFast offsetDo most of the printing business in the Kansai area.

  • Mainichi Shimbun Hokkaido Center Co., Ltd.
  • Mainichi Shimbun Osaka Center Co., Ltd.
  • Mainichi Shimbun Co., Ltd. Chushikoku Printing
  • Mainichi Shimbun Kyushu Center Co., Ltd.

[Sales / Transportation]

  • Mainichi Shimbun Development Co., Ltd.
  • Mainichi Shimbun Nagoya Development Co., Ltd.
  • Mainichi Shimbun Osaka Development Co., Ltd.
  • Mainichi Sales Kyoei Co., Ltd.
  • Mainichi Shimbun Chubu Sales Promotion Co., Ltd.
  • Tohto Shunyodou Co., Ltd.-Business order delivery business to convenience stores, stations, hotels, etc. in the East Japan area
  • Kinpan Co., Ltd.-Corporate order delivery business in West Japan
  • NS Transportation Co., Ltd.-Transportation business in the Kanto area
  • Mainichi Shimbun Seibu Assist Co., Ltd.-Transportation business in Kyushu jurisdiction


  • Daily Insert Co., Ltd.
  • Hokkaido Mainichi Service Co., Ltd.-All over Hokkaido
  • Shinkosha Co., Ltd.-Centered in the central Kansai area
  • Mainichi Media Service Co., Ltd.-Yamaguchi Prefecture and all over Kyushu


  • Ltd.Mainichi Advertising
  • Daily Planning Service Co., Ltd.
  • Mainichi Agency Co., Ltd.
  • Daigo Advertising Co., Ltd.
  • Seibu Mainichi Advertising Co., Ltd.


Other related organizations

  • Daily credit union-Occupational financial institution
  • Mainichi Shodo Association
  • Mainichi Shimbun Social Corporation (Tokyo / Osaka / Western)
  • Dementia Prevention Foundation
  • General Incorporated Association Asia Study Group
  • General Incorporated Association General Designers Association
  • Japan News Current Affairs Ability Test Association

Friendship companies / organizations

* Currently, the Mainichi Newspaper Group has almost no capital relationship with TBS and affiliated stations, and although friendly relationships continue, it is not included in the group companies.Mainichi NewspaperSanwa GroupWhile belonging toTBS Holdings,TBS TV TheMitsui GroupBelong to.

Core broadcasters under control

Mass media concentration exclusion principleHas been announced as having more than 10% of voting rights, which is "control" inTerrestrial broadcaster[10] I will give you.

注 釈

  1. ^ country'sNewspaper controlBy.At this time, the paper was unified, and the center of editing was concentrated in Tokyo.


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