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🎥 | Tonight! "Theatrical version Natsume Yujincho -Connecting to Utsusemi-" is broadcast

Photo broadcast tonight! – (C) Yuki Midorikawa / Hakusensha / Natsume Yujincho Project

tonight! "Theatrical version Natsume Yujincho -Connecting to Utsusemi-" is broadcast

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The first of these is the first feature film in the "Natsume Yujincho" series, which is an animated version of Yuki Midorikawa's popular comic.

The animated movie "Theatrical Version Natsume Yujincho -Connecting to Utsusemi-" (2018) will be released today from 18 pm on the 7th. → Continue reading

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Feature movie

Feature movie(feature film) OrFeature(feature) Is a feature film.However, please note that the meaning differs depending on the age and country of production when this term was used.

If we trace backSilent movieIn the era, "feature" meant the "featured" movie of several film screenings.


For a movie to be officially qualified as a feature, it must have a run time of at least 34 minutes. Movies with a show time of 34 minutes or lessShort filmClassified as. Most feature films of today run for 90 to 130 minutes, with many longer features.

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences[1],American Film Institute[2],andBritish Film Institute[3]Defines a feature movie as a movie with a run time of 40 minutes or more. The French National Film Center (Centre National de la Cinématographie) has featured films over 1,600 meters in length.35 mm filmIt is defined as a movie by, which corresponds to 58 minutes and 29 seconds in the show time.Movie actors unionHas set a minimum feature time of 80 minutes for feature movies[4].


1910Up until "feature" was distinguished from many short films that co-show, and generally meant a longer movie "feature movie" of 75 minutes or more.

1930 era-1940 era OfAmericaThen, in the feature film 2 stand, short film (News movie,Animated movie,Continuous play) Will be screened at the same timeEntertainmentform(Double feature) Is standard, and feature A generally has a longer show time than feature B.フィーチャーBはFeature BStrange movie,SuspenseBut this is B-Movie, that isB-grade movieIs the etymology of. At that time, there were many block bookings that tie feature B to feature A,1948 OfParamount moviesAgainstSupreme Court of the United StatesThe ruling made the tie-in screening unconstitutional,1960 eraThe two-pronged box office has declined.

Today, the term "feature film" is used to refer to any uncut feature film shown in a commercial film.fictionRefers to a movie. (Michael mooreDirector'sFahrenheit 911(There are also things like non-fiction document features like (2005)). Today's feature films are usually shown alone in commercial cinemas without the help of a second feature or other short film.

Most early films were one or two volumes. The forerunner of longer feature formats wasイタリア(For example, The Last Day of Pompeii (Director Luigi Massi, 1908), "Kabilia(Director Giovanni Pastrone, 1914)FranceEtc. of EuropeansproducerIt is due to us.

In the United StatesMotion Picture Patent Company(MPPC) opposed the production of feature films, which was one of the reasons why MPPC became obsolete.Shortly after, escaped MPPC patent proceedingsHollywoodIndependent people who fled to began making longer feature films.

The beginning of a feature film

The first feature film, which has a 70-minute show timeAustraliaThe movie "Story of the Kelly Gang" (1906)Met.

1915In the United States alone, 600 feature films were filmed annually. The number of feature films produced in the United States reached its maximum1921(854 per year), the lowest was1963(121 per year).1922から1970UntilAmericaとJapanWas competing for the top number of feature films,1971LaterIndiaIs the leader.


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Yuki Midorikawa

Yuki Midorikawa(Yuki Midorikawa,1976May 5[1] -) isJapan Ofmanga artist.KumamotoBorn / resident.Blood TypeIs type B[1].2018As of October, "LaLa] To "Natsume's Book of FriendsIs being serialized.


Started aiming to become a manga artist when he was in junior high school. In 1998, the posted "Flower Thief" won the 74th LMS Lara Manga House Scout Course Best Rookie Award, and "LaLa DX』(Hakusensha) Published in the May 1998 issue.In the same year, "Coffee Hirari" won the 5th LMG Lala Manga Grump Refresh Debut Award and made its debut in the November issue of "LaLa DX".In the first serialized work "Akaku Blooming Voice", the 18thHakusensha Athena New Face AwardReceived the Debut Outstanding Award.Since then, he has published his works in the same magazine and "LaLa" (Hakusensha).

2005"Natsume Yujincho", which was serialized from, has a cumulative circulation of 5 copies up to 80 volumes.[2], The cumulative circulation of up to 11 volumes has exceeded 500 million.[3],2008February to March,2009February to March,20117月から9月、2012年1月から3月、2016年10月から12月、2017年4月から6月にかけてテレビアニメ化された。

Pen name "MidorikawaIs derived from the name of the river in Kumamoto.The novelist is his real sister.In addition, the surnames of the characters in the work are often taken from the place names in Kumamoto (Karashima in "Akaku Blooming Voice" → Kumamoto City).Karashimacho, Sakamoto →Sakamoto parking areaSuch)[4].

From August 2013, 8 to August 9, 2013, the original drawings of Natsume Yujincho will be exhibited.Natsume Yujincho Original Painting Exhibition-The World of Yuki Midorikawa-Will be held.The number of original drawings to be exhibited is more than 150, and some other works will also be exhibited.


  • The voice that blooms brightly(1998-2000, "LaLa" and "LaLa DX", both Hakusensha, 3 volumes)
  • Sigh in the summer (2000, "LaLa" September issue)-Recorded in Volume 9 of "Natsume Yujincho"
  • Flower Chaser (2001, "LaLa") --serialized 3 times, not included in the book
  • Hot crack(2001, "LaLa DX") --A short story of the same name was also published.
  • To the fire of fire(2002, "LaLa DX") --A short story of the same name was also published. 2011 movie adaptation
  • Scarlet chair(2002-2004, "LaLa DX", 3 volumes)
  • Manabiya no Kado (2004, October issue of "LaLa")-Recorded in Volume 10 of "Natsume Yujincho"
  • Natsume's Book of Friends(2003/2005-, "LaLa DX" / "LaLa", 27 volumes already published)
  • The returning tree of a bird that doesn't scream (2020, "LaLa" June issue)

Related person

Tanaka Meca
Friends in sync with "LaLa"[5].
Mikase Hayashi
Experience helping Midorikawa's manuscript[5].
Amano Shinobu
Experience helping Midorikawa's manuscript[5].
Hari Tokeino
Experience helping Midorikawa's manuscript[5].
Nari Kusakawa
A person that Midorikawa lists as a good cartoonist[5].
Mato Kauta
A person that Midorikawa lists as a good cartoonist[5].
Emiko Nakano
A person that Midorikawa lists as a good cartoonist[5].


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