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🎭 | [Shinjuku Golden Gai Friendship Record Back XNUMX Years History] Tako-chan who appeared on the stage ...

Photo Tako and Tomokawa (left)

[Shinjuku Golden Gai Friendship Record XNUMX Years of History] Tako-chan appeared on the stage, but ...

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Yu-san said "Welcome" when we went back to Okubo's apartment with Tako-chan, Kazuki Tomokawa (currently Kazuki-Folk singer), Tomoko who lived with us at the time, continued to drink, and went out for business the next day. I was out of the office.

In the XNUMXs, Tako-chan (Hachiro Tako) became a regular on Fuji TV's "Waratte Iitomo!" And became a popular person ... → Continue reading

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Together at that time

Kazuki Tomokawa

Kazuki Tomokawa(Kazuki Tomokawa,1950May 2 -) is Japanesesinger,Bicycle racecritic,画家Is.Real name: Nozoki Tenji.2004The notation has been changed from "Kazuki Tomokawa" to the current notation.


In junior high schoolNakahara ChuyaEncountered the work of, and was influenced by it and started writing poetry. Ronin for a year and later became a prestigious high school basketball playerAkita Prefectural Noshiro Technical High SchoolEntered the architecture department.basketballI was devoted to practicing.The episode when I was in high school and when I was in my hometown was my teacher during the Noshiro Industrial High School.Hiroshi KatoIt is described in detail in his book "Challenge to Height".In junior high schoolShuji OnoIt was Tomokawa who trained.Also,NBAPlayed inYuta TabuseIs also a junior.

When I was XNUMX years old, I used my favorite red lanternNobuyasu OkabayashiListen to the songFolk singerAspire to.1971,All Japan Folk JamboreeJump in and participate.1974January,Ryudo UzakiFound in, debuted with the single "Situation in Tokyo".1977,People who hurry to the night"Naomi ChiakiMusic provided to.NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen of the same yearThe song sung by Dechiaki has a great response.

Oshima NagisaFromBattlefield Merry ChristmasI was offered the role of Capt Yonoi,Akita accentResigned because I was asked to fix[1]..The same roleRyuichi SakamotoPlayed.2004,Takashi MiikeSupervised byCult movie"IZO].

Since the 1980s, he has also been evaluated as a painter.Also, of the novelistKenji NakagamiWas a friend and appreciated Tomokawa's paintings. "Let's say I'm alive" recorded in the third album "Days with a thousand paper cranes in my mouth" is a TV drama "Family Danran Story』(TBS) was adopted as the theme song and released as a single.

Currently Gakugei UniversityApia 40Live activities based in.Also, at the beginning of a weekday concert, he sometimes complains, "I'm not motivated today."


  • EnthusiasticBicycle raceI'm a fanSPEED channelIn "Keirin Walker (Toyama edition)", a high-dividend ticket with a triple single of 2120 times is hit with the aim of a large hole.[Source invalid].
  • From the fall of 1998 to the spring of 2003TBC TVThe news program "Weekly Papara BisoleServed as a regular commentator[Source invalid].
  • 2012 year 5 month,Nine Tine OfTakashi Okamura YoutubeBy chance watching the video, I became a fan of Tomokawa and said, "Ninety Nine All Night Nippon], Tomokawa's songs will be aired almost every week. Tomokawa himself made a guest appearance on the broadcast on June 6, and finally performed live.At that time, Tomokawa was thinking of stopping singing, but thanks to this, young customers came to the live and decided to continue (personal talk when appearing in "Gorrow Deluxe" below).[Source invalid]).
  • I love gari at sushi restaurants.The remaining gari at the table next door also commented that he liked it as much as he wanted to eat if he had a chance.[Source required].
  • Favorite entertainerEgashira 2:50(From "All Night Nippon" above[Source invalid]).
  • I tried to make Egashira 2:50 appear on the regular program that Tomokawa was in charge of before, but the program ended without realizing it.[Source required].
  • NHK Radio "Young echoWhen Tomokawa was in charge of personality,Nagira KenichiWas called by a guest, and a set of water such as whiskey, ice, and water was prepared in the studio.This was prepared by Tomokawa saying, "Kenichi Nagira will not talk unless he drinks alcohol, so please prepare it."As a result of thinking "Is it okay to drink alcohol at NHK in the world?", Nagira recorded the program while drinking.[2].
  • Tomokawa himself is a liquor lover and appeared in "Gorrow Deluxe" while drinking a cup of liquor.[Source invalid].
  • One of the representative songs, "Tell me alive," was released in 2013.Izumiya ShigeruIs on the album "Showa no Uta, thank you"Nakamura NakaCovered in a duet with[Source required].



Release dateLabelStandard product numbersurfacetitleLyricsCompositionArrangerRemarks
1974/3/5Toshiba EMI


ETP-2986ASituation of going to TokyoKazuki TomokawaRio Higashi
August, 1974ETP-20047ASay you're aliveKazuki TomokawaRyudo UzakiPerformance: Downtown Boogie Woogie Band
BLife Theater Backstreet
August, 1976Tokuma Music Industry

Harvest Records

YA-59AMr. Ishimori
BRandom Akita Ondo
August, 1978Tokuma Music Industry

Harvest Records

YA-1009ABoys in Hachiryu Town
BRunaway boy
August, 1978Warner PioneerL-181WASalaryman Lamentations Sorrowful Iccho Gami KoutaTakashi TamuraMiyagawa YasushiMasao Komatsu, in the name of Susie Shiratori

TV Asahi "Best time!Eat!Laugh!"Insert song

BShirake Tori OndoShirake Bird BanquetMasao Komatsu, in the name of Susie Shiratori
1986CBS/Sony07SH-1814ASay you're aliveKazuki TomokawaTBS TV drama "Family Danran StoryTheme song
BダンスKazuki TomokawaToshiaki Ishizuka


Original album

Release dateLabelTypesPart numberalbumRemarks
1975/10/1Tokuma Music Industry

Harvest Records

LPYC-8002Finally the first piece

Side: A

  1. youth
  2. 魂
  3. Yumiko's Spring
  4. Void song
  5. Grave
  6. Nanmu Myōhō Renkakyo

Side: B

  1. Tel
  2. Random Akita Ondo
  3. Earth school
  4. 23 year old resistance
  5. Mr. Ishimori
  6. Shinbon
  7. Thief cat running at night
1992Chop RecordsCDCHOP D-021
1995Japan RecordCDTKCA-70574
2007/8/30Tokuma Music Industry

Harvest Records

CD (paper jacket)SWAX-812007 24-bit digital remastered version
2013/10/30SHOWBOATHQ-CD (paper jacket)
1976/7/1Tokuma Music Industry

Harvest Records

LPYC-8006Real voice

Side: A

  1. Uncle
  2. It ’s going to be huge in winter.
  3. Ameranku Yuran
  4. But
  5. Youth that suits you
  6. Footbridge

Side: B

  1. It's spring ~
  2. Refrigerator
  3. Break into small fragments
  4. Don't kill Todo
  5. harmonica
  6. Small poem
  7. stone
1993Chop RecordsCDCHOP D-026
2007SHOWBOATCD (paper jacket)SWAX-822007 24-bit digital remastered version
2013/11/25SHOWBOATHQ-CD (paper jacket)
1977/11/1Tokuma Music Industry

Harvest Records

LPYC-9003Days when I bite a thousand paper cranes in my mouth

Side: A

  1. Opening theme
  2. Say you're alive
  3. If you don't want to be killed, kill
  4. Memory
  5. What happened
  6. Namahage

Side: B

  1. My hometown is also in the dog
  2. Boys in Hachiryu Town
  3. Disturbed Donpan-bushi
  4. Runaway boy
  5. A song that doesn't die
1993Chop RecordsCDCHOP D-029
2007/8/30SHOWBOATCD (paper jacket)SWAX-832007 24-bit digital remastered version
2013/12/15SHOWBOATHQ-CD (paper jacket)
1978/8/15King record

Bellwood Records

LPSKS-1014Poetry that doesn't stop ringing with my 裡 (Uchi) ~ Chuya Nakahara Works ~

Side: A

  1. Circus 3:53
  2. Death 3:44
  3. On the lake 3:03
  4. Homecoming 3:00
  5. Kuwana Station 2:57

Side: B

  1. Summer day song 2:21
  2. To the sadness that got dirty 3:00
  3. Spring day dusk 4:20
  4. June rain 3:30
  5. Boy 4:53
In the liner notes, Mr. Shiro Nakahara, the younger brother of Chuya, wrote a commentary.
1990King recordCDKICS-2022
2000King recordCDKICS-8816
2007Super Fuji DiscsCDFJSP-16
2012/10/3SHOWBOATHQ-CD (paper jacket)
1980/10/21King record

Bellwood Records

LPK28A-44In the fall of the cherry blossom country

Side: A

  1. dog
  2. 闇
  3. point
  4. If you ask

Side: B

  1. The limit of the baby
  2. Throat loneliness
  3. Cotton from the mouth
  4. Captive song
  5. In the fall of the cherry blossom country (dedicated to the spirit of Tetsuji Aida)
1992/11/21King recordCDKICS-2150
2016/11/20SHOWBOATHQ-CD (paper jacket)SWAX-1041
1981/10/21King record

Bellwood Records

LPK28A-206The sea is quiet, the soul is sick

Side: A

  1. Beyond
  2. Become a god
  3. The end of the world
  4. Murder and blue ceiling
  5. Tsubaki theory Tange Sazen

Side: B

  1. Yamato fire
  2. Hey sea
  3. Mochi red flower
  4. Trees are spring
  5. Bitter sea Come on
1995King recordCDKICS-8116
2016/11/20SHOWBOATHQ-CD (paper jacket)SWAX-1042
1986Sound WorldLP28MR-1Miserable beauty

Side: A

  1. He was there!There was Hachiro Tako 4:21
  2. It's a sky like the sea 2:55
  3. Miserable beauty 2:36
  4. There was no god in the well 4:12
  5. Dodo-n 3:15

Side: B

  1. Waltz 3:28
  2. Sky 1:59
  3. Eternity-Dedicated to Yasuki Fukushima 3:43
  4. One fairy tale 2:46
  5. Fireworks 3:32
  6. Boy 6:19
1993PSF RecordsCDPSFD-33
2006CD (paper jacket)TOMOKAWA-12006 24-bit digital remastered version
1993CDPSFD-29Fault of flowers
  1. There are no words to arm yourself 4:16
  2. Redon 3:20
  3. Where is this 3:00
  4. Midnight of the wind 3:58
  5. Burning house 4:09
  6. Oni no Komori 2:01
  7. Hirate Zoshu Theme 2:31
  8. Landscape with ears 2:58
  9. Tomorrow is coming to my throat 2:32
  10. Boy's love 2:12
  11. hurry up!Rape blossoms 1:57
  12. My flower 3:34
1994/2/25CDPSFD-43Play with the illusion
  1. Play with the illusion
  2. Boys tend to get old and get sick
  3. Pachislot ghost skin ondo
  4. Younger brother
  5. Spring has come
  6. Skewered opera
  7. Yamauta
  8. Neneko song
1995/1/25CDPSFD-59Solo Bon Dance
  1. Solo Bon Dance
  2. You who are looking away
  3. Golden Legend of Demon
  4. Summer Akane
  5. Taoyuan
  6. Oiwa
  7. Slutty
  8. Good fellows
1996CDPSFD-82Fleshy morning
1998CDPSFD-96Dreams die every day
1999CDPSFD-8003Empty fish
2000CDPSFD-8005Red polyan
2001CDPSFD-8008Elysee's eyes
2002CDPSFD-8013Kenshin no Ichigeki
2004CDPSFD-8019Someday I was looking far awaymovies"IZO(Director Takashi Miike) "17-year-old landscape" (Director Koji Wakamatsu) Compilation of songs used
  1. pistol
  2. I don't understand the translation
  3. Medaka Zammai
  4. Subtle
  5. Utrilo's escape leg
  6. Ascension
  7. Lemon bomb
  8. Morning song
  9. Bicycle race life
  10. Doctor Niwase
2008CDPSFD-8028Red water, blue water
  1. I was looking far away someday
  2. That child is
  3. Stubborn song
  4. Continuation / Bo Day (Battle with Herpes)
  5. Coma
  6. Carablanc
  7. Sea story
  8. Blue water red water
2009CDPSFD-8031Inaka's Kara Genki
  1. The story of eating a star
  2. Mitane River
  3. Inaka's Kara Genki
  4. Total amount of dreams
  5. Musoji's Blanco
  6. chance
  7. Sketch
  8. Paint sky
  9. Hatahata no Uta
2010CDPSFD-8035Blue ice pick
  1. Blue ice pick
  2. Demon Day
  3. 2010, summer, Oga (mother)
  4. Alone becomes a painter
  5. Bright ears
  6. A person who is embarrassed wherever he goes
  7. Flower play
  8. Leading car
  9. That is my brothers
2014MODEST LAUNCHCDML-20140130Revenge Bourbon
  1. Junsaburo awe
  2. Overview of the wind
  3. Brother's record
  4. Revenge Bourbon
  5. "Crazy clown" is over
  6. The dog is chewed purple
  7. Wakaba
  8. Dada day
  9. XNUMX tickets for horse ears
  10. Nightlife
  11. Homecoming youth
2016CDML-20161111Shining crayon
  1. Shining crayon
  2. Sky to fly
  3. Pleasure
  4. To the dead man
  5. The Keeper of Dreams
  6. "Oval Coffin" Ala Carte
  7. Revolutionary morning
  8. azalea
  9. Listen to Toya
  10. Slave to thoughts
  11. Sanki's Throat

Best album

  • Early Masterpieces (1989)
  • "Golden Best" (2004 TKCA-72787)
  • "One car ahead" (2018 PSF RECORDS YEARS 1993-2010 ML20180616)

Live album

  • Dog ~ Akita Concert Live ~ (1979, King Records Bellwood Records, SKS-1029)
    Recorded the live sound source of the live performance at "Tanakaya" in Akita on March 1979th and 3th, 17. Under the name of "Kazuki Tomokawa and Pip Electric Band".
    Pip electric band = Kazuki Tomokawa (Vo, G), Toshiaki Ishizuka (Dr, Perc), Masao Ishii (B), Kyoko Furuya (P, Key).
  • Live-MANDA-LA Special (1994, PSFD-36)
    Includes selected best takes from successive live concerts.
  • Shibuya Apia Document (1995, PSFD-65)
    Includes a selection of the best takes from the live concert held at.
  • Live 2005 Osaka Banana Hall (2005, PSFD-8022)
    XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayUmeda Banana HallRecorded the live sound source performed in.


  • Marriage (1994, PSFD-49)
    Kan MikamiIncludes the sound source of the joint concert with.
  • Star Process (1998, PSFD-101 --103)
    A triple album containing past sound sources, unreleased live sound sources, cover songs, and new songs.
  • Kazuki Tomokawa BOX (2003, PSFD-134 --146)
    Debut 30 AnniversaryBox set.. Includes all albums from "Muzan no Bi" to "Kenshin no Ichigeki", "Early Best Album", "Chuya Nakahara Works", and new work "Satoru". 13-disc set.
  • Ondo (1977) Warner Pioneer): Album "DensenmanOne song in "Thank you".Blow and releaseMasao KomatsuIt precedes the edition.
  • Participated in Gaspar Claus's album "Jo-ha-kyu" as Namahage (MODEST LAUNCH)


  • Lupo Kawasaki (2017, Cyzo)-Interview recording

Collection of poems

  • Black panther in the sea of ​​snowstorm (published by Mumyōsha Shuppan in 1981)
  • Morning bones (1982 Mumyōsha Shuppan)
  • Solo of the earth (1985 Yadachi Publishing)
  • Torn dog-the blue future of retaliation (1986 Yadachi Publishing)
  • Elysee's Eyes (1993 Yadachi Publishing)


  • A song that never dies (published by Mumyōsha Shrine in 1977)
  • Say you're alive (1985 exhibition transfer)
  • Torn blue throat (1988 Sanshindo)
  • Tenana no Kaze (1994 Jitsugyo no Nihonsha)
  • Kazuki Tomokawa Dokokuroku Say you're alive (2015 Hakusuisha)
  • Solo Bon Dance (2019 Chikuma Shobo)

Picture book

  • Aozora (1992 Seikyusha) Written by Wahei Tatematsu
  • Heavenly Bug (1994 Yomiuri Shimbun) Written by Wahei Tatematsu

Bicycle race

  • Kazuki Tomokawa's bicycle race (1995 Best Book)
  • Bicycle race life Blown by the wind of the bank (1998 Japan Mix)

Documentary movie


Media appearance

Feature film

  • IZO (2004)
  • (2018)


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