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🎥 | "Tokyo Revengers" mastermind theory, the most suspicious thing right now ...Impressions of live-action movies! [Popular articles TOP5]


"Tokyo Revengers" mastermind theory, the most suspicious thing now ...Impressions of live-action movies! [Popular articles TOP5]

If you write the contents roughly
Furthermore, it seems that a new view is being born about the key "time leap" of the story ...?

Based on "Tokyo Revengers", TV animation is released from April, and live-action movie is released from July 4 "Tokyo Revengers ... → Continue reading


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Time leap

Time leap(British: Time Leap) Is literally translated into Japanese as "time jump".Japanglishso"Girl taking time], A coined word that appeared in.


"Time leap" is generally used to mean that "only one's consciousness moves through space-time, and that consciousness transfers to one's body in the past and future". It is often used properly as "time travel" which means to move. In "time leap" in this sense, the time from birth to death is the limit of the range of movement to the past and future. In addition, there is no contradiction that two or more people are the same in the same space-time. However, in some works, it is also called "time leap" in the same meaning as "time travel."


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