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🤖 | Marvel launches first anime for toddlers


Marvel launches first anime for toddlers

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In addition, Marvel plans to release action figures, toys, and apparel along with the distribution of the program, and it is said that products for young children such as Lego and Hasbro will be lined up in stores from August.

Marvel will be the company's "first preschooler show", "Spidi and His Amazing Fure ..." → Continue reading

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Action figure

Action figure (action figure) Has a movable joint in a broad senseEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euGeneral, but in a narrow sense 8inch(Approximately 20 cm, 1/9 scale) to 12inch(About 30cm, 1 / 6ス ケ ー ル) A humanoid body with movable joints combined with a sewn costumeEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu.


To explain the intersection of this definition, we need to look back at the history of toys for boys.Rice, the originator of action figuresHasbroBy the company "GI Joe』12 inch sizeSeriesLost popularity in the 1970s, JapanTakaraA downsized version of GI Joe byMicroman』Starting from the big hit, 3 to 5 inch size movable dolls without sewing costumes will be generalized as toys for boys.

Around 1997, including Japan, "Spawn] And other big hits caused an American toy boom among adults, and many adults who would have graduated from toys until then came into contact with toys again.In the process, the name "action figure" will be redefined to refer to the 3-5 inch size movable doll without sewing costume, which was the center of the boom at that time.Meanwhile, in Japan, it was supported by only a small number of fixed fans,GI JoeThe "12-inch size figure that reproduces the costume by sewing" that follows the style will be revived due to the expansion of the new adult purchasing base, but due to handling reasons, "DollA phenomenon defined as "has occurred.

1964 yearsGI JoeBefore birth, dolls were rare in boys' toys, especiallyBarbieAt that time, the style of reproducing costumes by sewing, which was modeled after the style of, was to avoid being perceived by boys in the purchasing group as "toys for girls".HasbroIt was an ironic situation, considering that the name "action figure" was devised by the staff of.

そのGI Joe12 inch size that can be said to be a direct descendant ofmilitaryIn the action figure industry, starting with 21st Soldier Toys in the United States, a model company in Hong KongDRAGONWith the continued entry of companies and the rapid advancement of high-definition detailed expressions, the situation is shifting from "12-inch size toys" to "1/6 scale precision models."

In addition, it is a photographic work taken as if an action figure etc. is aliveOmo photoCall.

Major companies

A list of major companies that manufacture action figures in a narrow sense.

Main series products

The series in which parts can be rearranged within the same series are marked with a star.


  • Dynamite action!
  • Hero figure
  • Furu Puni! Figure
  • Petit Pretty Figure

Takara, Takara Tomy


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