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🤖 | Takahiro Tosaki "Maybe that school that appears in" Haikyu !! "..."


Takahiro Tosaki "Maybe that school that appears in" Haikyu !! "..."

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In the second part, which is the final episode, we talked a lot about VC Nagano Tridents to which we belong!

Volleyball player Tozaki who plays in V.LEAGUE's V1 team "VC Nagano Tridents" ... → Continue reading

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VC Nagano Tridents

VC Nagano Tridents(Vicy Nagano Tridents)NaganoMen based involleyballIt is a club team.Operated by VC Nagano Create Sports Co., Ltd. 2021-22 seasonV.LEAGUE Belongs to DIVISION1 (V1 league).


Established as a team "VC.NAGANO" aiming to enter the V League in 2008[2].. Merged with Nagano Teacher Volleyball Club in 2009[3].

Participated in the regional league since 2011, the second in February 2012National 6-person Volleyball League Comprehensive Men's and Women's ChampionshipIn the eastern final league, he made it to 4th place while participating for the first time.[4]..In the same year, the team name was changed to VC Nagano Tridents by open recruitment.[3].

In July 2013, VC Nagano Create Sports, a general incorporated association, was established as the operating body.[1], April 11 of the same yearV League OrganizationAnnounced Associate Membership of VC Nagano Tridents[2][5].

Held from March 2015, 3/2015 seasonV. Challenge League IIParticipation in the war was decided[6].. In January 2016, the V League Organization announced the official appointment of VC Nagano Tridents.[7]..In the 2015 / 16V Challenge League II, which became the first team, he won the championship brilliantly.V. Challenge MatchAdvance[8], In a challenge matchTokyo VerdyAlthough it was 1 win and 1 loss, it exceeded the set rate and decided to be promoted to V Challenge League I.[9].

In the 2016/17 season after being promoted to Challenge League I, he performed well with 13 wins and 8 losses and finished in 3rd place.[10].

In March 2018, the V League Organization will start from the 3/2018 seasonNew leagueAfter announcing the composition, VC Nagano became a member of the highest peak, DIVISION1 (V1 league).[11]..In the same month, the management body (VC Nagano Create Sports) was reorganized into a joint-stock company.[1].


Main grades

V.LEAGUE Division1
Challenge League I
  • No victory or runner-up
Challenge League II
  • 1 victory (2015)

Results by year

V. Premier League / V. Challenge League

Number of teams
Regular roundPost season
Challenge II2015/16Win7 team1 bit18171-
Challenge I2016/173 bit8 team3 bit21138-
2017/185 bit8 team5 bit211011-


Number of teams
Regular roundPost season
DIVISION12018-1910 bit10 team10 bit27126-
2019-2010 bit10 team10 bit27324-
2020-219 bit10 team9 bit36432-

Players / Staff (2021-22)


Uniform numberNameShirt nameDate of birth (age)heightCitizenshipPosYear of enrollmentPrevious affiliationRemarks
2Yusuke SugaiSUGAI (1997-03-10) 1997May 3(24 years old)185Japanese flag JapanOP2019-Tokyo Gakugei University
3Sota IkedaSOTA (1998-10-08) 1998May 10(22 years old)190Japanese flag JapanOH / OP2021-Meiji UniversityNewcomer[12]
4Ryusuke NakamuraNAKAMURA (1997-12-26) 1997May 12(23 years old)194Japanese flag JapanMB2020-Juntendo University
5Shingo KasariKASARI (1997-01-29) 1997May 1(24 years old)186Japanese flag JapanOH2019-Kokushikan University
6Ito treeITOH (1998-01-02) 1998May 1(23 years old)188Japanese flag JapanOH2020-Tokai University
7Tosaki bulkyTOZAKI (1995-06-14) 1995May 6(26 years old)191Japanese flag JapanOH2020-Toray
8Yudai KatoKAWAHIGASHI (1998-02-07) 1998May 2(23 years old)175Japanese flag JapanS2020-Nippon Sport Science University
9Kota IkedaCITY (1997-02-08) 1997May 2(24 years old)180Japanese flag JapanOH2019-Fukuoka UniversityVice captain
10(Indonesian version)RIVAN (1995-07-16) 1995May 7(26 years old)194 IndonesiaOP2020-Indonesian flag (Indonesian version)
13Tsubaki MeihisaTsubaki (1995-02-02) 1995May 2(26 years old)186Japanese flag JapanS2017-Tokai Universitycaptain
14Ryoma YanukiYANUKI (1995-12-24) 1995May 12(25 years old)190Japanese flag JapanMB2018-Nippon Sport Science University
15Taihei HasamaHAZAMA (1997-04-08) 1997May 4(24 years old)183Japanese flag JapanMB2020-Toyama University
16Takeshi MorisakiMORISAKI (1992-07-25) 1992May 7(29 years old)187Japanese flag JapanMB2015-Utsunomiya University
22Masaya KadoKADO (1997-04-02) 1997May 4(24 years old)176Japanese flag JapanL2020-Juntendo University
24Tsubasa NagataTSUBASA (1993-04-30) 1993May 4(28 years old)175Japanese flag JapanS2016-Shizuoka Sangyo UniversityFujieda school buildingAlso serves as a coach
Source: New team release[13] Team official website[14] V League official website[15]
Update: 2021 year 6 month 19 day

ス タ ッ フ

ManagerYoshihiro Hoshina
GMSeiya Sasakawa
directed byAhmad Masajedi
coachTakekichi Miyazawa
Player-coachTsubasa Nagata
Conditioning DirectorTetsuya Hattori
trainerYuki Maezawa
AnalystTakakazu Kawamoto
Jr staffHiroshi Sekishima
Shimohira Hayaya
Riri Sasaki
Hiroatsu Ito
Kei FujimoriSchool corporation Matsu Shogakuen Comprehensive agreement
Dissemination chargeIsamu Kuriki
Yusaku Tagami
In charge of operationYuji Hosodanew[16]
Source: New team release[13] Team official website[14] V League official website[15]
Update: 2021 year 7 month 10 day

Team character

There is a story that Grotte, who had a good time learning volleyball with children at a local elementary school, but the school was closed and left alone, met VC Nagano Tridents and learned about the fun of volleyball again. ..My favorite food is pudding.You can transform on a full moon night. It is also widely used as a publicist by utilizing SNS.


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外部 リンク

Final episode

Final episode(Saikyu) is divided into multiple timesTV program,Radio programでbroadcastOrmagazine,News (Chinese)This is the last episode of the series that will be broadcast and serialized.


In general, due to reasons such as quantitative restrictions on broadcast time and magazines, and maintaining the interest of viewers, in broadcasts and magazines/newspapers, works are broadcast/posted several times. In this case, the last round is called the final round.The last episode ofIt is also sometimes called.

What has a consistent story

A story is developed around a single subject throughout the serialization and broadcasting periodSerialized novel,Story cartoon,Television Animation,TV dramaIn general, the development has converged towards the final round,HintIs digested, and some end result is reached in the final round.

In the case of Japanese TV dramas, the broadcasting period is often decided in advance (for example,Prime timeTV drama is broadcast for 3 months <1cool> is the mainstream), and inevitably the final broadcast time and outline are often predetermined. It is often done by expanding the time frame in the final episode.

Also, after the last episode is posted and broadcast,SequelMay be serialized and broadcast. 『Space Battleship Yamato], [Mobile Suit Gundam], [PokemonAnd 'Mito KomonAnd 'The passing world is full of demons"likeSeriesThere are some that will be converted. In this case, the final episode will be broadcast for each series, but the outline for the next series may be presented. This tendency is particularly strong in the United States (Later). In addition, in consideration of the possibility that a sequel will be produced, there is also a work that is not written as the final episode and is written as "○○ story" as usual.

Each episode (several episodes) completed

On the other hand, it is a collection of stories that is completed in each story (or a few episodes), and there are no major changes in basic situations such as manga, anime,Situation comedyIn such cases, there is no big turning point in the final episode, and it often ends in a form that suggests that the world of the story will continue even after the end of broadcasting and serialization (eg manga “Sazae]). However, in some cases, a big turning point will be reached at the end of the final round, and the story will converge at the final round (eg: "Haction Daimaou]).

If there is no clear ending like the former, or if the serialization does not end, the fictitious final roundurban legendSometimes it spreads like, or is created informally. Famous examples are Mr. Sazae (an airplane on which the Isono family took an accident, and the family returned to the sea as the fish that gave their names).Doraemon(Nobita aspires to be a scientist to fix Doraemon that has stopped working, and Nobita who has grown builds Doraemon). The latter isDoujinshiAlso,CopyrightThe above problem also occurred.

In a work in which a consistent story is not the core of the work, multiple different final episodes may be drawn for one work. For example, Doraemon has been serialized in multiple magazines and also animated, and each draws a different final episode.Doraemon's final episodereference).

As with Doraemon, Sazae has a clear final episode,Evening FukunichiIt has ended once in the serialization in the marriage of Maso and Sazae. I will resume the serialization later, but this has ended due to the termination due to the author's circumstances.


Even in the case of non-story works such as documentaries, the last episode may be called the last episode if it is broadcast or published multiple times.

For TV/radio programs

A TV scheduleIs then written as [end]. fundamentallyDrama,AnimeEtc.fictionPrograms other than works have a special reason[Note 1]Unless there isCensoredHowever, although the contents of the program are the same, some will be treated as the final episode as the title changes at the same time as the broadcast time.

Final Round Special

Especially the final episode of the manga has various endings, and there are several books that explain the background.

  • This final episode is amazing!-The 13 amazing final episodes (separate volume da Vinci)
  • Suddenly the final episode-Last scene of masterpiece manga again part1-4 (JICC Publishing Bureau)

US TV Show

In the US, TV dramas, situation comedies, etc. are usually not decided in advance for how long they will be broadcast, and they are broadcast in units of 6 to 9 months, and rest for the rest period.[1]Often, the continuation is produced and broadcast again[2].. The continuous broadcasting periodSeasonCalled the last round of the seasonSeason finale(en: Season finale) Called. In order to hold the viewer's attention until the next season, the season finale and the first broadcast of the next season are often regarded as a series of episodes before and after, and such a final episode is especiallyCliff hangerCalled. For the season finale, the final episode of the TV program itself,Series Finale(en: Series finale) Called.


  1. ^ During this time, it will be connected by rebroadcasting the number of episodes already aired.
  2. ^ For this reason, if the last season has a poor audience rating, the sequel may not be produced and the story may end without completion.

注 釈

  1. ^ Dissolution of performers, suspension of activities, intentions of performers, etc.

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