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📺 | "Is It OK If We Follow Home?" 』Drama Ryo Ryusei plays the role of director and starred in TV Tokyo for the first time

Photo Drama "Is It OK If We Follow Home?" 』Scene photo of Ryo Ryusei starring (C) TV TOKYO

"Is it OK if you follow home? 』Drama Ryo Ryusei plays the role of director and starred in TV Tokyo for the first time

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"Don't lose (laughs)", also program MC Ken Yahagi (Ogiyahagi) said, "When I wrote the script for this drama, I spent hours interviewing and learned about various backbones, so it was originally broadcast. There may be patterns that are better than the ones, "he commented.

TV TOKYO's popular variety show "Is It OK If We Follow Home?" (TV Tokyo / every Wednesday at 21:XNUMX) ... → Continue reading

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Yahagi(Ken Yahagi,1971<Showa 46>May 9 -) is Japanesecomedian,chairperson,Youtuber.Ogi and HagiIn charge of Tsukkomi, the partnerHiroaki Ogi.

Production rickshawAffiliation.Height 170 cm, weight 65 kg[1].


1971,Toshima Ward, TokyoBackground[2]..The size of the shoes is 24.5 cm.

Tokyo Metropolitan Kitano High School(CurrentTokyo Metropolitan Itabashi Yutoku High School) To get acquainted with Ogi.After graduating from high school, handle building maintenance suppliesTrading companyI got a job.ShanghaiFor two years, such as working experienceOffice workerHowever, I was not interested in the product I was in charge of, and gradually became disgusted with my work, and my motivation to turn laughter into a "work" increased.[3]..After leaving the company, at the age of 23, he invited a friend from high school, Ogi, to form a combination.

2006,Tiger Gate』\ Speaking King deciding match 3rd (September 2006, 9) runner-up.same year,ACC Received the acting award at CM FESTIVAL (NTT DoCoMo OfFOMA CM).

On December 2016, 12, his regular radio program "Ogi and Hagi's glasses』(TBS Radio) Announced marriage to a general woman (12 years younger)[4][5].

August 2020, 9,New coronavirusReported that the infection was found and had already been cured.


Less than,Quick Japan flight. 91[6]Than.

  • Was bornYamanashi OfFujiyoshida..After the divorce of my parents, I've been in TokyoIkebukuroI grew up in.
  • He said that he didn't go on to college because "junior high school was too rough."
  • When I was in the same class as my partner Ogi when I was in my third year of high school, I initially thought that he was "unpleasant", but after he was seated next to me, he said, "I was already crazy."
  • "God Tan』(Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.) Then,Private Ebisu Junior High School OfHinata KashiwagiHe professes to be a big fan of the game and is active as an official grandpa himself.
  • The name "Kane" is named by the grandmother and the priest.
  • In August 2019, the fact that the first child was born on the 8th of the same month was announced in "Godtan" broadcast on the 18th of the same month, and the name "Sakutaro" was broadcast on the 25th of September of the same year. of"Ogi and Hagi's glasses』Published in.

Hobbies & Skills

My car is 2008 type in 997Porsche 911Carrera 4PDK, in 2010Land Rover / Range Rover, 2012Ogiyahagi's favorite car itinerary』Purchased in the planningRolls-Royce Silver Shadow[7], In 2013Fiat 500[8][9].

1981 yearHarley-DavidsonOwns[Source required].. In the spring of 2013Large motorcycleI got a license[Source required], May 2013, 8Yokohama Yokosuka RoadWhile driving in a tunnel in the down lane at 60 km / h, he fell, broke his right arm, and suffered a bruise.[10].

Because I was assigned to China when I was a salarymanChineseとEnglishIs proficient.


Have friends for many yearsMcCoy SaitoEvaluates Yahagi as "a man who is very popular with men, that kind of man."[11]..Of the same officeOasis-Yasuko MitsuuraAbout YahagiTv brosIn the column, all the people in Jinrikisha are longing for Yahagi.He also said that he has a very good impression of ogiyahagi on site and that he can be trusted as an entertainer.

Deep friendshipBanana man-Shitara"A genius of socializing" "Everyone likes Yahagi when talking to him" "Everyone has a talent that makes me want to be liked by Yahagi" "No. 1 No. 2 (meaning No. 2 in No. 1) "" Only Yahagi has a permanent passport for the entertainment world in our generation. "" It's cute. There are times when I want to hug you. You're probably in love with Yahagi-san.[12]..A broadcast writer who has been friends for a long timeOkura"Mr. Yahagi is a mood maker. The presence of Mr. Yahagi makes the place easier. Because of that kind of good personality, everything is well organized, isn't it?"[13].

magazine"Quick JapanAwarded the Entertainment Award for the project "TV of the Year 2005, a really interesting TV entertainer selected by 15 active broadcast writers."

Starring program

Current appearance program


Past appearance programs


TV drama





Online delivery

  • With YahagiIkeEnglish (YouTube)[19])


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