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🎥 | Did you notice? "Belle and Belle Princess" Diva Bell has 8 different costumes!

Photo ANREALAGE designer Kunihiko Morinaga's live scene bell costume – (C) 2021 Studio Chizu

Noticed? "Belle and Belle Princess" Diva Bell has 8 different costumes!

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In addition,The cape that Bell wore when searching for the dragon castle reflects the commitment of Jin Kim ("Frozen"), who was in charge of character design for Bell.

Mamoru Hosoda's new film "Ryu to Belle no Hime" is currently being released.This work is a virtual world on the Internet where more than 50 billion people gather ... → Continue reading

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Character Design

Character DesignIsAnime-movies-Computer gamesCharacters appearing in (character) Look and imageDesignTo do. For short"Character design""Carade". Also, the person in charge of that work is "Character designer". The abbreviations mentioned above may also be used for character designers.

Anime computer games

Anime,Computer gamesCharacter design in refers to the appearance of fictional characters (characters) appearing in the story, such as appearance, hairstyle, clothes, etc.directed by,WriterIt is to design with reference to the setting of.

Character design is basically the current Japanese animationanimatorIt is a part of the work of, and it is customary that a person who has a proven track record in the original drawing and drawing director is appointed as a designer. Although there are cases in which a person who is not an animator handles the design, most of them are "character drafts", and they are usually refined again so that they can be drawn easily by the animator.[1].

In the case of original anime, all the characters are original, that is,DesignerWill be the complete creation of. Designers design the appearance of all characters, but not only the front of the character but also the back and sides, basic movements, facial expressions of emotions, clothing variations, accessories and other accessories, and multiple characters. Also create a height comparison table, etc. necessary for drawing scenes that appear in the same frame.

Many appearancesheroThe class design is detailed,Small fish character-Mob characterThe design of a trivial person, called, is usually done simply and efficiently. Broadcast for a long timeTelevision AnimationIn the case of, it can be seen that the design gradually changes over time.

The design drawings of the characters drawn by the designer are put together with the design drawings of the mechanics and creatures, copied in large numbers as a set reference material collection, and distributed to the staff involved in the drawing. eachOriginal picture manShould refer to the character's design and occasionally check to make sure that the painting he draws is not his own. Therefore, it is often seen that facial expressions are posted on a corner of the work desk of the drawing staff.

In addition to the direct public relations person, the material obtained by removing the confidential elements from this setting material is used as a material for public relations and reference materials.Specialized magazinesDistributed to the editorial department ofインターネットIt may also be made publicly available above.

As needed in computer games3D modelIs also created.

In order to increase the variety of clothes and decorations of the characters, it is necessary to newly design each one, and for that purpose the designer must order the design work. In other words, it means that expenses are incurred each time. This is why it is not uncommon for the type of costumes of characters appearing in the anime to be limited throughout the story, or to be Ichikara.

Live-action movies/TV programs

"Ultra series], [Kamen Rider series], [Super squadron series], [Godzilla"such asSpecial effectsHero work ·Special effects moviesThere is a character design role in the work as well, and in this case, the character designer role is set to mean the person in charge of designing the costume and costume.

In the live-action work, the actors act with their faces, and it is not necessary to set the appearance of the person, but in the case of a transformation hero, masks and costumes are designed. Also dedicatedarmsFor equipment such as equipment, mechanical designers are often in charge, but for some things, character designers may make necessary designs to make the design consistent with clothing.

For special effects TV programs, etc.MerchandisingThe structure is to earn most of the profits by the main sponsor of the toy maker or the related design company.Toy designerOften designs the main characters and the mechanics that appear, in anticipation of product development from the planning stage.[2].

Still moreToeiIn the special effects works produced, especially after the late 1970s, as a character design, the credited designer was mainly in charge of costumes and costumes of the enemy character (and various mechanics and accessories of the enemy). As mentioned above, this is the program sponsor Bandai (1983(ShowaIt is the default route that the designer belonging to the design department of Poppy), which was a subsidiary until 58), is in charge of designing the hero side in consideration of merchandising (this is still the same), and that This is because it was customary not to credit the name during the program.Since the beginning of the 21st century, the design department has developed.PLEXThere are many cases where the name of is specified. In addition, the name (title) is often specified in more detail according to the setting, gadget, and design in charge in the play.[3].


Newly announcedNovelAs an illustration to accompany the book,Illustrator-manga artistThe appearance and clothes of the characters in the novelDesignIt may be done. In this case, not character design,Illustration,Textイ ラ ス トIs used.

Based on novelsCartoonizationIn the case of a work, if the existing person image is thin or there is a high degree of freedom, the person in charge of cartoonization will design the appearance of the character as needed. When there is an image such as an illustration, a cartoon character is designed using it as a platform.

like thisComic・In the case of novel character design, strict settings like anime are rarely created. This is because the illustration is a single picture, and even if the comic is divided into frames, the camera angle and human movement are limited.

In particularLight novel,Girl literatureIn some cases, the novelist's side is inspired by the character and personality of the character designed by the illustration, and the character and role of the character change. In addition, it is not uncommon that the character's supporting character, which is different from the original plan of the novelist, becomes unexpectedly popular due to the effect of the illustration, and the appearance frequency increases.

Similar to anime, in the case of comics that have been serialized in magazines for a long period of time, the overall design was gradually refined with the establishment of the artist's style during a long serialization, or suitable for changing the direction of the work. It often changes gradually depending on the time and the circumstances of the author, the work, and the publication, such as the shape and the weekly serial work suitable for mass production of the work. Also,assistantIntroduction of new equipment for replacement and drawing workdigitalizationThere are quite a few works that change their style due to such factors. As a result of these, even the character with the leading character will change his/her body and even the face at the start and the latest of the work. EspeciallyGag cartoonin the case of,"Dr. Slump''Sgt. FrogThere is also a work that makes even such a change in design itself a story.

Design refinement

Novels, manga, games,pachinko-PachislotWhen animating a work that has an original in the form of, for example, the work of modifying the original character design is part of the character design. That is, the image of the character drawn as a cartoon, novel illustration, illustration, CG, etc.ア ニ メ ー シ ョ ンIt is to replace the design with a suitable one, and add designs such as back figure and small items as needed.

In this case, the person in charge of designing the character for the animation video isCharacter Design[4], I drew an illustration/illustration of the original workIllustrator TheCharacter draftIt is common to distinguish by the job title. In addition, additional original characters will be designed as necessary, such as differences in plots for each media. In addition, after obtaining the consent of the original author for the lever insertion, the original character of the anime may be designed on the way and added additionally.

Even if it is an original anime, if you order only a character design from a manga artist or illustrator, the work of modifying the design image for animation is also part of the character design,Animation directorThere is no independent person in charge of character design when working with etc. Therefore, the credit is only for the character draft and the animation director. On the other hand,Queen's Blade"[5]As shown in the above, when there are multiple designers of the characters of the original work and animating a work with a variety of styles, make the atmosphere of the work uniform and use it as a guide for the drawing staff. In a sense, refinement by character designers will be important and indispensable in the production of works.

On the other hand, with regard to the character designer on the original side in the animation work based on game software and pachislot, etc., individual circumstances such as the policy of the company with the original copyright and the outsourcing contract at the time of the production of the first work Even if it is different, in the case of animation etc.brandIt is not uncommon for all the names to be grouped together, and that the personal name of the character drafter not be given. In addition, if the character designer who was an employee staff at the time of the original production retired from the manufacturer before the actual production of the animation work, the same treatment will be applied even to the person who was credited in the original work on an individual basis. It is often not specified as a character drafter. In such animated works that do not have credits for “character drafts”, it is often seen that the designer of the original work is not involved in the production of the animation as a staff member on the original author's side at all. In some cases, such things can be seen as the fact that the websites that are operated do not mention animation at all.

Different characters to draw

Since the characters are different, their appearance and appearance should be different, so they are designed as different people. That is, although many characters usually appear in one animation, it is necessary for them to have different appearances so that the viewers of the animation can recognize that they are different people.

The ability to depict this person requires extremely high creativity and is a difficult task for many industry participants. Designing different character groups to be mass-produced each season requires advanced skill sense and abundant drawing experience.

As a result, different people are drawn differently depending on the features that can be visually distinguished, that is, the non-personal parts such as moles and hairstyles. Of the unique colors used in the animehair, Clothes of strange design, floating in the air like gravity controlAhogeCan be said to be the product of a designer's hard work.

Moreover, this is not limited to a single work, and the same applies to characters between anime works. If the characters of different animations look exactly the same because they are designed for movies by the same person, it still feels bad, and in this case it is necessary to draw differently. However, the similarity of characters within the range where the individuality of the designer is exhibited is generally allowed, and it is a charm of each animation work.

Incidentally,GeminiBlood relations such asclone-Parallel world, ま た はLook-alikeBecause of the settings, even if the characters are completely identical in design and need not be drawn separately, it is common to set some differences between the characters for the sake of the play. For example, "∀ Gundam]Diana SorelとKiel Heim TheHitomiWith or without highlights ofskinAnd the subtle shade of hair[6]Can be determined by

Creature design

Unlike character design, designing non-human appearing charactersCreature designI have to say. In addition, the person who performs the work professionallyCreature designerI have to say.

Special effectsIt is an ally in, and in animation, but biologicallyHuman capitalIs different from, or is hostile toMonster-monster, Designing things like strange creatures. Not humanMechanical designUnlike this, the target of design is often some living thing or something similar to it. Also, with the same business contentMonster design,Monster designerSometimes the name is used.

Character designer

As mentioned above, the person in charge of character design isCharacter designerCalled.


2020(Reiwa2 years) Currently credited as the title of the production staff of the work, but historically, until the 1970s, basically it was not included in the category of drawing profession and was not credited separately.1973(Showa"48 years"Zero tester] Staff roll,JapanFor the first time, Munehiro Minowa was given the "Character Design" credit.

In the case of anime original works, everything including designing is designed from scratch, but even for works with manga original works or works in which the manga artist or illustrator was in charge of the "character draft", character designers are indispensable for animation production. . In the latter case, the character designer will bear the heavy responsibility of directly setting a part of the failure of the work, that is, the creation of the setting image that "many animators can describe", which is important in collective animation. Also,animatorIf you are a character designer from the original place, the character designer himself is also in charge of some of the series' original drawingsAnimation directorAlso serves as a credit, and is often credited here as well.

On the other hand, led by publishers and record companiesMedia mixIn the anime works since the system was established, illustrators without a career in the animation industry andmanga artist(Akihiro Yamada-Murata Renji-Takuhito Kusanagi) Is involved in the project and is sometimes seen as a credit as "character design", but in this case the animator who draws the animation setting image may be described as a separate title such as "animation character design". The work content itself is basically unchanged.

In any case, credits for character design are currently used for animation by animators and illustrators.sub cultureIn the industrycareer enhancementIt should be said that it is one of the goals. Even those who started their career from animators, the setting images drawn as a character designerIllustrationAs a result, the number of jobs as an illustrator has increased, and in the end there are some who became their main business.Mutsumi Inomata,Haruhiko MikimotoSuch).

Also, among the people who have turned into illustrators, the popularity as a character designer and illustrator has risen.guaranteeDue to budgetary reasons, due to budgetary factors, etc., the animation industry could not hear much from the voices, and as a result, they were virtually away from the direct site of animation production. There are also examples where illustration became the main business.

On the other hand, there are many animators who continue to work in the animation industry after succeeding as character designers, such as animation directors,directed byOrProduction ProductionThere are also people who are involved in the management of an animation studio.

Game software

In the computer game industry, character designers sometimes create characters for works that draw standing figures or facial expressions. mainlyRole playing games,Love simulation gameIs the center,Action games,shooting gameAnd so onOpening demo-Ending demo OfMovies,Instruction card,Deathblow Ofcut inVarious setting images necessary for such as are prepared, and when a person appears there, character design is necessary.

However, as this is relatively often done by the staff staff and the graphic staff within the development team,ニ ッ ク ス ク ウ ェ ア ス · エ OfTetsuya Nomura,Akihiko YoshidaThe title of character designer is often not set except for famous people such as.OutsourcingCharacter design by staff is not uncommon, but in that case, most of the character designers are manga artists or illustrators, and the ones that the game industry places orders for those whose main business is animators are those with existing and new animations.Tie-upIt is premised that there is a work that is involved in and that there is a character designed by an animator.Media mixExcept for works that have a physical element, they are relatively few.

SpriteIn-game display items (charactor) Is sometimes referred to as a character designer to create a position, sometimes including the creator of the background.

On the other hand, especiallyAdult gameIn most of the industries, the person in charge of original paintings also serves as a character designer, so in hobby magazines, the job title “original painting” is often synonymous with the character designer, and the term “original artist” is used. Often point directly to the character designer.

Also, in the adult game industry, which has many small-scale development teams and a high proportion of creators' individual talents, the character designers who have gained popularity as creators with their hit titles are It is not unusual for it to become a presence that supports popularity and sales. However, the flip side of this is that the industry is also in an industry where the flow of human resources and the ups and downs of the population are severe. It also has the aspect that even the existence or nonexistence of the company itself is directly affected.


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  2. ^ However, this trend has a design section within the corporate group.BandaiVirtually limited to the works offered by.Takara,ト ミ ーIn the first place, we haven't put as much effort into design work as we have a designer inside the company (this is due to the merger of the two companies.タ カ ラ ト ミ ーIt hasn't changed since then), and most of the works that have become sponsors are still limited to presenting gimmicks for toys.
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