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🎥 | Action star gathering! "John Wick" 4th cast information

Summit Entertainment / Photofest / Getty Images from the 3rd photo "John Wick: Parabellum"

Action star gathering! "John Wick" 4th cast information

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The role has not been clarified, but if Adkins, who has become accustomed to martial arts since his teens and is active in numerous action movies as an actor and stuntman, will participate in the war, I would like to expect a fierce battle.

The production of the 4th installment of the popular action "John Wick" series starring Keanu Reeves has finally started. 202 ... → Continue reading

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Action movie

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Action movie(Action Eiga)Fighting-combatIt refers to a movie whose main showcase is the physical activity that the main character tries to overcome some barriers.Swashbuckler.


An ordinary movie work is a combination of multiple elements, and it is difficult to define an action movie uniformly.[1][2]..Actions exist in each genre[3].

In the United StatesWestern, So-called in ItalyMacaroni Western, In englandSpy action,in JapanHistorical drama(Chama la),Yakuza movie,B-class action movieHas a history of mass production.


As a classification of movies,Western[4]-Yakuza movie-Historical drama・ Spy movie ・Gangster movie-Adventure movieThere is also a view that it is an action movie that includes such things as.There is also a name such as "Hong Kong Action" with the name of the country or place where it was made.

The structure of the drama is the same for action movies as other dramas.The time and place are clear, the sequence (paragraph) from the introduction part to the solution part explains the contrast between the main character and many environments (enemy) that cause conflict inside it, and the final goal is the final climax (mountain). Achieved.The main character's behavioral principles, which consist of a sense of justice and professional ethics, are often "unrealistic" and are easy for the audience to understand.

For this reason, the settings and relationships are seasoned as a theme.The aforementioned "Action Movie Ultimate Encyclopedia" is an action movie called "Police Action", "Military Action", "Ride Action", "Escape Action", "SF Action", "Climb Action", "Kung Fu Action", and "Adventure".・ It is divided into "action", "chamber action", and "gun action".

If it is a police action, it is not possible to crack down on criminals sufficiently even before the law-abiding country and respect for human rights, and confrontation with the management society that prevents the hero who wants to perform his duties as a police officer (Dirty HarryEtc.).Also, in the case of climb action, if the criminal is the main character, he will die at the end, or even if he survives, a text commentary will be added later that will cause dark clouds in the future "due to the unjustified protest of the audience" (Getaway) Has long existed as an unwritten rule on the production side.Friendship between men (Farewell friend, Street Fighter, 1975) and dedication to the cause have also existed as action themes.

Poetic justice faded with the advent of the New Cinema in the 1960s, but it came to an end in the mid-70s or late 70s of the New Cinema.so that"Star WarsAnd 'Rocky』And more entertainment movies,CG,SFX, Has come to be produced on a large budget for action movies.

Award for action

Currently, the United States is by far the largest producer of action films in terms of the number of films produced, the scale of distribution, the budget, etc.Golden Globe Award,Emmy AwardでcomedyWhile a department has been created, there is no action department.However, it is voted by professional stuntmen and members of stunt groups.(English edition)There are awards such as "In the United States in 2016Stunt personOver 100 people from Beverly HillsAcademy of Motion Picture Arts and SciencesIn frontAcademy awardsThere was a report that a demonstration was held to appeal for the addition of a new "stunt coordinator section" and that 5 signatures had already been collected.[5].

On the other hand, in Japan, not only movies but also video works including TV dramas are targeted.Japan Action AwardThere is.中国大陸ではIn mainland ChinaShanghai International Film Festivalso,Jackie Chan"Jackie Chan Action Movie Week" was founded with the crown of "Jackie Chan Action Movie Week", an action work, an actor,Action directorIs commended.

Representative works (by motif)


  • Derringer
  • Al Capone


  • Godfather
  • Godfather PARTII
  • Baraki
  • Sicilian Mafia



ラ イ ダ ー




パ ニ ッ ク

Yakuza movie

Historical drama


戦 争




Kung fu

Martial arts / martial arts (Japan)

Martial arts

Hong Kong action


Action actor

Action actor categorySee.


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