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🎥 | "GI Joe: Jet Black Snake Eyes" Subaru Kimura, who has decided to dubb the Snake Eyes, challenges the narration ...


"GI Joe: Jet Black Snake Eyes" Subaru Kimura, who has decided to dubb the Snake Eyes, challenges the narration ...

If you write the contents roughly
And the trailer narrated by Subaru Kimura was also released for the first time!

The blockbuster action movie "GI Joe" that recorded mega hits all over the world including Japan.The long-awaited latest work by fans ... → Continue reading


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Trailer(Or, noticeArticle) (Yokokuhen)moviesOf upcoming works and continuousTV program(mainlyDrama,Anime,documentary) Is a short-term advertising material created to give advance notice of the next broadcast. Edit the main part like a digest,BGM,Narration,catch copyIt is the mainstream that is effectively added.EnglishThen.trailer(Trailer).

Movie trailer

Movie theater,インターネットWhat will be screened and released inTV broadcast OfSpot(commercialThere is a version for 15 seconds or 30 seconds for TV spots. In the case of movie theaters and the Internet, a few minutes that summarizes the main points are shown and released, and there are times when a version that can only be seen on the Internet is created.

It is an important part that influences the hit of the movie, and in some cases, it may be evaluated that "the trailer is more interesting than the main part". Also, what is made at the stage where the main part is incomplete includes cuts that are not used in the main part, or other ready-made music whose music is different from the main partmovie soundtrackDiversion fromClassical musicIs sometimes used. Also, what is made shortly after the start of shooting or before the start of shooting is created when the main shooting material does not yet exist is called "special news" and is distinguished from the normal trailer. In order to attract the interest of viewers, a press conference for production announcements andPreview meetingOr to the so-called audience (in the first preview)InterviewSometimes it is included. In an animation movie, a trailer original animation that is completely different from the main part may be made.

DVD software andBlu-rayIn the software, "Trailer" and "Special information" are displayed on TV and radio (only some works).Spot CMIt may have been recorded as a "privilege".

Incidentally,EirinIn, the trailer will be judged as a single movie independent of the main part. The approval number is also independent, but "-T" is added at the end to distinguish it from the main part. Also, even if the main part is R18+ etc., the standard of "general work" will be applied because of "I do not know what kind of movie will be used before screening"[1].


Long time agoassistant directorIt was one of the trainings for the promotion of director. Mostly nowDistribution companyBy request from "Trailer ProfessionalProduction ProductionIs made by.

TV program

TV programIn the case of, the program is usually broadcast at the end (end part).

  • In particularAnime showThere are some who enjoy the narration itself, rather than the original role of the trailer, with the narration completely unrelated while using the next video.
  • Entertainment showsThere are few trailers, but there are programs that broadcast one project several times, and guest appearances every time.Talk show,Music programIn some cases, the next notice will be broadcast. Also, at the end of the programCredit providedと と も にtelopThere are a lot of things that briefly introduce the next broadcast content.
  • News programThen, especially after the last flight at midnight was widened, we often introduce the themes that will be featured on the next day. Especially"News stationAt the end of each showKume HiroshiIt was customary to introduce it by waving it as "Announcement of the special feature planned for tomorrow ...".
  • Horse racing programThen on Sunday next weekHeavy prizeIt displays a list of horses scheduled to run in the race and replaces it with a trailer. OtherSports newsThere were few trailers, butProfessional baseball newsSo, during the season, I was always introducing the next day's match card.


  1. ^ However, the trailer of the movie whose main part is R18+ is not often shown before the movie of the "general work" standard.

外部 リンク

Kimura Subaru

Kimura Subaru(Kimura Subaru,1990May 6[4] -) isJapan OfVoice actor,Rapper,An actor,narrator[5].GermanyBackground[4].Atomic monkeyBelongs. Presiding over Bakabacca[6].. My real name isSubaru Samuel Virtue(Subaru Samuel Bartsch), the Japanese name is the same as the stage name.Tokyo Harumi General High Schoolgraduate[7],Asia UniversityDropout.


1990,Germany-LeipzigAtGermanOpera singerWith my fatherJapaneseVocalistBorn with my mother[5][Source required].. After spending 7 years in Germany and moving to JapanTroupe japanese childrenBelong to[8].. 2002 Musical "Annie』And appeared as a tap dancer and started the career[6].

When I was in elementary schoolImitation kin』(Nippon TV)Kenji HagaAppeared as an elementary school student similar to, surprised all performers[Source required].. That was the triggerImitation battle』(NTV) appeared several times under the name Kenji Haga mini.

2005May 4ThanTV AsahisystemAnime"Doraemon],Kazuya TatebeGian instead ofTakedaIn charge of the voice. I thought, "I will brag to my surroundings when I grow up," but since the role of Gian became public in March, my classmates and senior juniors have come to call me "Gian (senior)," and Takeda Gota ( =Giant)[Source required].. At this time Kimura was stillMiddle school studentsAs a result, Tatekabe was thinking "I want to drink with the person who will succeed the role of Giant", so I was disappointed to know that Kimura was a junior high school student at that time, and I lived longer for another five years and drank together. I wanted to. Then, in 5, when Kimura became an adult and nearly five years passed, it became possible to go out for a drink together.[9].. However, this was the first and last opportunity for two people to drink and drink, and Tatekabe died in June 2. At that time, Kimura posted a message on Twitter to commemorate the vertical.

Sune husbandUsefulTomokazu SekiI am deeply fond of talking about this as a "master"[10].. Kimura, who was interested in acting on the stage when he was about to graduate from high school, was chaired by Seki.Theater company Hero Hero Q KampanieWhen I consulted with Seki, "I want to think about the play 365 days a year. I want to be a voice actor, what should I do?" Receive.Kimura was surprised by the unexpected reply because he thought that his teacher, Seki, would be willing to invite him, but Kimura himself became the chairman in 2009 immediately after graduating from high school. Launched the theater company, and from Seki, the chairman's master,Genius Theater BakabaccaWas named.On the other hand, Seki himself, who was approached by Kimura for consultation, said that he replied with the above "intention to blur", and I thought that it would end with a feeling of "I can not do it" and "Isn't it?" He said with a laugh that he didn't expect Kimura to start a theater company immediately.[11].

After taking over the role of Gian from Tatekabe, I was devoted to the role of Gian.Spinning ping drum』Appeared in the role of Kanaba Takakura, and became a turning point as a voice actor[12].. Get informed about the audition for the film when you weren't supposed to belong to a troupe[12].. At the auditionKunihiko IkuharaWas called individually and was described as "Hetaso", but was praised for having a good voice, and asked if he could play the role of an older brother[12].. He continued practicing in order to get out of the situation where he became a Giant no matter what he said, and after the work ended, he could finally perform other than Giant.[12].

amateurRakugo performerAs "Noenoya Bran Kenburuku" (Tachikawa ShiranoAs a disciple of customers), “Yurakutei Seidou” (2020〈Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.Named at Organized event)[13][14]) Has two Koza names.

2019, 13thVoice actor awardReceived the Singing Award as "Hypnosis Mike"[15].

From April 2020, "Good morning』(TV TOKYO) serves as the main MC[16].


Hobbies/special skillsEnglish,German[3].

LargeWrapI like, "Hypnosis microphone], in the name of Kotaro JintaroLyricsActively performing activities[17].. From 2019, the rapper's and rap unit ``Phantom and SubaruAnd start music activities[18].EminemI respect you.

Western paintingdubbingThen.Talon EgertonIs playing an important role.

The name "subaru" isShinji Tanimuraof"SubaruNamed after grandmother. I love this song so much that I call it "life theme song",AbemaTVAtTomokazu SekiSang in front of them[19].


TaiziIs the main character.

Television Animation


Theater animation


Web anime

2010 era
2020 era


  • False charge execution game Yurukiru (Futaro Yamada[96]

Drama CD


Responsible actor

Talon Edgerton

Movie (dubbed)



TV program

Special effects

2010 era
2020 era



* IsInternet distribution.

Digital comic

TV program

Internet tv

TV drama


  • (August 2020, 8, Shinkajiri STUDIO)[135]



  • Annie(2002) The role of tap kids
  • HONK!! (December 2006-August 12)Hard to see duckling Role
  • Opera "Magic flute(October 2000, New National Theatre)
  • Space Comedy Musical Space Diamond (August 2010-8, 20, Nakameguro Kinkero Theater)
  • musical"Dance with devils(March 2016-3, 3, AiiA 13 Theater Tokyo) as Holland

Troupe performance

  • 40% (October 2009, 10-November 30, Shinjuku Sunnyside Theater)
  • Shooting incident. (May 2010-5, 13 Ogikubo Megabucks Theater)
  • Insetsu (October 2010-10, 22 Akashi Studio)
  • Don't open this yoru (February 2011-2, 10 Akashi Studio)
  • I'll give it if you want (May 2011-5, 25 Theater MOMO)
  • Hero (August 2011-8, 26, Akashi Studio) Extra Performance-Genius Theater Company Bakabacca x AKATUSKI Project Collaboration Performance "PLAY for Japan"-
  • Birthday (October 2011th-10th, 4 Gallery LE DECO) Extra Performance Vol.9 ~ Baka meets ART ~
  • My Little Sister (December 2011-12, 21, Manju Theater)
  • Sense of Wonder (March 2012-3, 21 Theater BONBON)
  • Family Wars (August 2012-8, 1 Nakano The Pocket)
  • Traveler (December 2012-12, 5 Theater Green BIG TREE THEATER)
  • Welcome Home (April 2013-4, 18 Theater BON BON)
  • Time After Time (July 2013, 7-August 31, 8 Nakano The Pocket)
  • The Land of Rainbows (Dec 2013-12, 11, Shinagawa Ryokukai Hall)
  • POLYMPIC TOKYO! (April 2014-4, 9 Kichijoji Theater)
  • Good Morning, Ice Person (2014-7 July 24 Tokyo Metropolitan Theater Theater West)
  • Happy Wedding (March 2015-3, 11, Rikkoukai Hall)
  • DADDY WHO? (August 2015, 8-September 26, Theater BONBON)
  • DADDY WHO? (Replay) (November 2016-11, 16, Sun Mall Studio)

Other stages

  • Hybrid Amusement Show bpm "Neverland A GO! GO!" (August 2014-8, 21, Zenrosai Hall / Space Zero)
  • Theater company Hero Hero Q Kampanie"Phantom Thief Mysterious Gentleman Twice" (June 2015-6, 4 Theater Sun Mall)
  • Morning drama Nishi Shinjuku"Centrifugal force of love"
  • Theatrical company Hero Hero Q Campany "Infinite resident(February 2016-2, 11, Zenrosai Hall / Space Zero) as Iriya
  • Theatrical company Hero Hero Q Campany "Blade of the Immortal" (May 2018, 5-May 13, Zenrosai Hall / Space Zero) Hachien Wolf



Music video


  • Moomin Valley Park-Emma Teatteri"Free and Happy Life" (March 2021, 3-, Stinky[138]
  • Is friendship between men and women established? (No, I won't do it !!) PV (2021, singing the theme song "Friendship Hymn-I'm not saying it will be established"[139]


Character song

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
May 5Doraemon Mini Album 2Giant(Kimura Subaru"Kono Kore! Gian Samada"Television Animation"Doraemon] Related songs
May 10Doraemon's song is a broadcasting station!! If you learn the discipline, you can play.Gian (Kimura Subaru"Open and open'TV anime "Doraemon" related songs
Gian (Kimura Subaru),Sune husband(Tomokazu Seki), Miyo (Akemi Kanda), children (Yoko Tezuka,Tomoko Kaneda"Tontontongigei"
Nobita(Megumi Ohara),Quiet(Kazumi Yumi), Gian (Kimura Subaru), Suneo (Sekiichi Seki), Miyo (Akemi Kanda), Children (Yoko Tetsuzuka, Tomoko Kaneda)"Gencotsu Yamano Tanuki'
Doraemon(Paddy wasabi), Nobita (Megumi Ohara), Shizuka (Yumi Kazu), Gian (Kimura Subaru), Suneo (Sekiichi Seki), Miyo (Akemi Kanda), Children (Yoko Tetsuzuka, Tomoko Kaneda)"Big mushrooms'
Nobita (Megumi Ohara), Shizuka (Yumi Kakazu), Gian (Kimura Subaru), Suneo (Tomokazu Seki), Miyo (Akemi Kanda)"What to make with Gucho Kipar"
Doraemon (Wasabi Mizuta), Nobita (Megumi Ohara), Shizuka (Yumi Kazuzu), Gian (Kimura Subaru), Suneo (Tomoichi Seki)"Love and play"
Doraemon's Song Play Station!! Learn Hiragana/Kazu/Shape"Aiue Omatane"
Doraemon (Wasabi Mizuta), Nobita (Megumi Ohara), Shizuka (Yumi Kazuzu), Gian (Kimura Subaru), Suneo (Tomoichi Seki), Taro (Yoko Tetsuzuka)"Ainoue no Uta"
May 3Doraemon Twin BestGian (Kimura Subaru"Giant Boe Boe"TV anime "Doraemon" related songs
May 12Let's play with Doraemon! Children's Song SpecialDoraemon (Wasabi Mizuta), Nobita (Megumi Ohara), Suneo (Tomokazu Seki), Shizuka (Yumi Kakazu), Gian (Kimura Subaru"Happy ☆ Lucky Birthday!"TV anime "Doraemon" related songs
Doraemon (Wasabi Mizuta), Nobita (Megumi Ohara), Shizuka (Yumi Kazuzu), Gian (Kimura Subaru), Suneo (Tomo Seki),Lumico Burns, Helen Morrison"Goodbye see you again"
Suneo (Chichi Seki), Gian (Kimura Subaru"Friends of the Heart"
May 1CØDE:BREAKER Character Song Vol.2Masami Heike (Kimura Subaru"Restrain=freedom"Television Animation"CØDE: BREAKER] Related songs
May 3Twin☆Doraemon Song Best 40Doraemon (Wasabi Mizuta), Nobita (Megumi Ohara), Gian (Kimura Subaru), Suneo (Tomoichi Seki)"Moon light Blue"TV anime "Doraemon" related songs
Gian (Kimura Subaru"friend"Theater animation "Doraemon: New Nobita's Great Magic-Peko and the Expeditionary Team of 5] Song in the play
May 3EXIT TUNES PRESENTS ACTORSChikuma Marume (Kimura Subaru"Shining ray"Character CD "ACTORS] Related songs
May 10ACTORS-Extra Edition 1 -feat. Sanke, Kai, Chikuma"Kazemachi Hello World"
May 11Doraemon fulfilling his dreamDoraemon (Wasabi Mizuta), Nobita (Megumi Ohara), Shizuka (Yumi Kazuzu), Gian (Kimura Subaru), Suneo (Tomoichi Seki)"Making your dreams come true"TV anime "Doraemon" opening theme
May 3ACTORS-Deluxe Duet Edition-Kiyosu Takanori (Kosuke Toriumi), Chikuma Marume (Kimura Subaru"Remote controller"Character CD "ACTORS" related songs
May 3EXIT TUNES PRESENTS ACTORS 3Enjoji Sange (Tomoki Ono), Kai Akizuki (Takuya Eguchi), Chikuma Marume (Kimura Subaru), Kanko Suigetsu (Kenji Nojima), Usuki Washou (Ryota Takeuchi"Senbonzakura'
Chikuma Marume (Kimura Subaru), Usuki Washou (Ryota Takeuchi)"It s so pitiful that you died!"
May 4Assassination Classroom BD/DVD Volume 2 Special CD3rd year E group cover[Member 1]"POISON ~ In this world where I can't say anything I want ~'Television Animation"Assassination Classroom] Related songs
May 6Assassination Classroom BD/DVD Volume 4 Special CD3rd year E group cover[Member 2]"School heaven'
May 8Doraemon and radio exercises! -Radio exercises first and second-Doraemon (Wasabi Mizuta), Nobita (Megumi Ohara), Shizuka (Yumi Kazuzu), Gian (Kimura Subaru), Suneo (Tomoichi Seki)"Radio gymnastics First''
"Radio gymnastics second"
TV anime "Doraemon" related songs
Gian (Kimura Subaru), Suneo (Tomoichi Seki)"Radio gymnastics second"
Nobita (Megumi Ohara), Gian (Kimura Subaru), Suneo (Tomoichi Seki)"Radio gymnastics second"
May 9ACTORS-Songs Collection-Chikuma Marume (Kimura Subaru"Jewel"Character CD "ACTORS" related songs
May 10Madomo AzelPENTACLE ★[Member 3]"Madomo Azel"Television Animation"Dance with devils"Ending theme
Shihuang Gakuen Student Council[Member 4]"Evolution of the Revolution-"TV anime "Dance with Devils" related songs
May 11Dance with Devils Character Single 4 Mage NanashiroNanashiro Mage (Kimura Subaru"Hello!! Crazy World"
"VANQUISH"TV anime "Dance with Devils" insert song
May 12HAMATORACKSSakuraba (Kimura Subaru"Fight For the Freedom"Television Animation"Re:␣ Hamatora"Insert song
May 12Dance with DestiniesShihuang Gakuen Student Council[Member 4]"We Shiki Gakuen Student Council"TV anime "Dance with Devils" insert song
Umi Sogami (Takashi Kondo), Nanashiro Mage (Kimura Subaru), Shiki Natsumezaka (Hirakawa Daisuke"EMOLIAR"
Grimoire all star cast[Member 5]"Crazy about you"
May 4BL (U) CK BASISPENTACLE ★★[Member 6]"BL(U)CK BASIS"Game "Dance with Devils" ending theme
May 6EXIT TUNES PRESENTS ACTORS 5Chikuma Marume (Kimura Subaru"ECHO"Character CD "ACTORS" related songs
Ho Shido (Naozumi Takahashi), Chikuma Marume (Kimura Subaru"Mischief Ninpou book"
May 9Assassination Classroom Best Album -Music Memories-3rd Year E[Member 7]"Song of departure"TV animation "Assassination Classroom" insertion song
May 10Dance with Devils Unit Single 3 Mage Nanashiro vs Shiki NatsumezakaNanashiro Mage (Kimura Subaru), Shiki Natsumezaka (Daisuke Hirakawa)"×× in the dark"TV anime "Dance with Devils" related songs
May 3ACTORS-Deluxe Delight Edition-Chikuma Marume (Kimura Subaru"Million Dollar Dreamer"Character CD "ACTORS" related songs
May 8Poisonous GangsterŹOOĻ[Member 8]"Poisonous Gangster"
"LOOK AT..."
game"Idolish Seven] Related songs
May 10Animated. 25thHoribe Itonari (Emi Ogata) Feat. Terasaka group[Member 9]"Bye bye yesterday"TV animation "Assassination Classroom" related song
May 10Buster Bros !!! GenerationIchiro Yamada (Kimura Subaru"I am Ichiro"Character CD "Hypnosis microphone] Related songs
May 1Dance with EternityKamenuki Rem (Souma Saito), Tachibana Lind (Wataru Hatano), Urie Sogami (Takashi Kondo), Mage Nanashiro (Kimura Subaru), Shiki Natsumezaka (Daisuke Hirakawa), Loen (Suzuki Tatsuhisa), Jeki (Hiroto Suzuki), Marius (Toyonaga Toshiyuki"Sweet Grimoire!"Theater animation "Dance with Devils -Fortuna-"Opening theme
May 3CD Twin Doraemon Dragao Rock Paper ScissorsDoraemon (Wasabi Mizuta), Nobita (Megumi Ohara), Shizuka (Yumi Kazuzu), Gian (Kimura Subaru), Suneo (Tomoichi Seki)"Dragao Rock-paper-scissors"
"Surprised lucky mambo!"
TV anime "Doraemon" related songs
May 5Movie version Dance with Devils-Fortuna- BD/DVD bonus CDPENTACLE ★★[Member 6]"Glow CAROL"Theme song for the game "Dance with Devils My Carol"
May 5Buster Bros !!! VS MAD TRIGGER CREWBuster Bros !!![Member 10],MAD TRIGGER CREW[Member 11]"WAR WAR WAR"Character CD "Hypnosis Mike" related songs
Buster Bros !!![Member 10]"IKE BUKURO WEST GAME PARK"
May 7Re ← STARTstirRhythm[Member 12]"Re←START"DMM GAMES "Starry Palette" related songs
May 8I'm always dignified"Always be dignified"
May 10Give me 5"Give me 5"
May 11URGEKaito Tsujiishi (Toshiki Masuda), Toshiya Shito (Kimura Subaru), Haichi Asada (Yuki Ono)"URGE"
May 11MAD TRIGGER CREW VS MatenwolfBuster Bros !!![Member 10]"IKEBUKURO WEST GAME PARK (Boyz Sunshine remix)"Character CD "Hypnosis Mike" related songs
May 12Zombie Land Saga BD Vol. 1 bonus CDSaga arcade rappers[Member 13]"Saga Arcade Rap"Television Animation"Zombie Land Saga"Insert song
May 2The ChampionThe Dirty Dawg[Member 14]"TDD LEGEND"Character CD "Hypnosis Mike" related songs
May 4Enter the Hypnosis MicrophoneDivision All Stars[Member 15]"Hoodstar"
"Hypnosis Mike -Division Rap Battle-"
"Hypnosis Mike -Division Battle Anthem-"
Buster Bros !!![Member 10]"Good morning Ikebukuro"
Dancing to Night-The shortest warp route to you-Allo (Kimura Subaru), Gras (Tokudome Shinnosuke) Feat. Yang (Tomokazu Sugita"Dancing to Night-The shortest warp route to you"Television Animation"RobiHachi"Ending theme
Allo (Kimura Subaru), Gras (Shinnosuke Tokudome)"All we need is Yang"TV anime "RobiHachi" related songs
May 5B Rappers theme[Note 2]B rappers crew[Member 16]"B Rappers Theme"Television Animation"B Rappers Street"Ending theme
May 5Hypnosismic -Before The Battle- The Dirty Dawg Volume 1 Limited Edition Bonus CDIchiro Yamada (Kimura Subaru), Heki Coffin left horse carving (Shintaro Asanuma)"Nausa de Zuiqu"Song related to the manga "Hypnosis Mike -Before The Battle- The Dirty Dawg"
May 640th Anniversary of TV Anime Broadcasting Doraemon Song CollectionDoraemon (Wasabi Mizuta), Nobita (Megumi Ohara), Shizuka (Yumi Kazuzu), Gian (Kimura Subaru), Suneo (Tomoichi Seki)"Doraemon no Uta 40th"TV anime "Doraemon" opening theme
"Ding! Dong! Christmas Magic"TV anime "Doraemon" ending theme
May 7EVIL LINE RECORDS 5th Anniversary FES.ALBUM "EVIL A LIVE"Cypress Ueno and Robert Yoshino,Lunar eclipse,The Dirty Dawg[Member 14]"The Three Musketeers Mic Relay"Live eventEVIL LINE RECORDS 5th Anniversary FES."EVIL A LIVE" 2019] Related songs
May 7ACTORS 5th Anniversary EditionIimori drive (Shintaro Asanuma), Chikuma Marume (Kimura Subaru"Ikkitousen"Character CD "ACTORS" related songs
May 9Hypnosismic -Alternative Rap Battle-[Note 2]Division All Stars[Member 15]"Hypnosis Mike -Alternative Rap Battle-"Theme song for the game "Hypnosis Mike -Alternative Rap Battle-"
May 10EXIT TUNES PRESENTS ACTORS 7Chikuma Marume (Kimura Subaru"Orange"Character CD "ACTORS" related songs
EXIT TUNES PRESENTS ACTORS7 Normal EditionEnjoji Sange (Yuki Ono), Chikuma Marume (Kimura Subaru), Kai Akizuki (Takuya Eguchi), Washiho Usuki (Ryota Takeuchi)"God Manimani"
May 10INAZUMA SHOCKDepartment of Archeology[Member 17]"INAZUMA SHOCK"Television Animation"ACTORS -Songs Connection-"Ending theme
May 11ACTORS -Songs Connection- Character Song Vol.5 Chikuma MarumeChikuma Marume (Kimura Subaru"Digital sky"TV anime "ACTORS -Songs Connection-" related songs
Chikuma Marume (Kimura Subaru), Ho Shido (Naozumi Takahashi"Remote control [rearrange]"Insert song for TV anime "ACTORS -Songs Connection-"
KING OF FIRERyo Sakazaki(Kimura Subaru),Robert Garcia(Kazuhiro Okamoto),package(Horie Shun"Inflexibility"game"THE KING OF FIGHTERS for GIRLS] Related songs
May 12Buster Bros!!! -Before The 2nd DRB-Ichiro Yamada (Kimura Subaru"Break the wall"Character CD "Hypnosis Mike" related songs
May 1Bang! Bang! Bang!ŹOOĻ[Member 8]"Bang!Bang!Bang!"
Game "Idolish Seven" related songs
May 5ACTORS-Singing Contest Edition-sideAChikuma Marume (Kimura Subaru"Legal lock"Character CD "ACTORS" related songs
May 7Survival of the Illest[Note 2]Division All Stars[Member 15]"Survival of the Illest"Game "Hypnosis Mike -Alternative Rap Battle-" opening theme
May 9Hypnosismic -Division Rap Battle- Official Guide Book First edition limited edition privilege CDDivision All Stars[Member 18]"SUMMIT OF DIVISIONS"Character CD "Hypnosis Mike" related songs
May 11HYPSTER'S LIMITED"Hypnosis Mike -Division Rap Battle- +"
"Hypnosis Mike -Division Battle Anthem- +"
"Hypnosismic (DRB vs DBA) + HYPSTER MASHUP by TeddyLoid"
May 11HELIOS Rising Heroes Ending Theme Vol.2East sector[Member 19]"Extreme game"The ending theme of the game "Elios Rising Heroes"
May 11einsatZŹOOĻ[Member 8]"4-ROAR"
"LOOK AT ... -Album Edition-"
"Sasagero -You Are Mine-"
"Poisonous Gangster -Album Edition-"
Game "Idolish Seven" related songs
Inumaru Touma (Kimura Subaru), Torao Mido (Takashi Kondo)"Drift driving"
May 11Wonderful Octave Touma InumaruInumaru Touma (Kimura Subaru"Endless"
"Wonderful Octave"
May 12Akudama Drive Character Song Mini AlbumFighter (Takeuchi), Chimpira (Kimura Subaru"Strike it !!"Television Animation"Akudama drive] Related songs
May 1ACTORS – Deluxe Dream Edition –Enjoji Sange (Yuki Ono), Chikuma Marume (Kimura Subaru"Buriki No Dance"Character CD "ACTORS" related songs
May 1Straight Outta Rhyme AnimaDivision All Stars[Member 15]"Hypnosis Mike -Rhyme Anima-"TV anime "Hypnosismic -Division Rap Battle-" Rhyme Anima opening theme
"bonds"TV anime "Hypnosismic -Division Rap Battle-" Rhyme Anima ending theme
"Rhyme Anima's Mixtape"TV anime "Hypnosismic -Division Rap Battle-" Rhyme Anima RAP in the play
Buster Bros !!![Member 10]"RUN THIS CITY"
"3 Seconds Killer"
Buster Bros !!![Member 10],MAD TRIGGER CREW[Member 11]"DRB Rhyme Anima -1st Battle- Buster Bros !!! VS MAD TRIGGER CREW"
The Dirty Dawg[Member 14],Secret Aliens[Member 20]"DRB Rhyme Anima -EX- The Dirty Dawg VS Secret Aliens"
May 2Dotatsure Honpo VS Buster Bros !!!Dotatsure Honpo[Member 21],Buster Bros !!![Member 10]"Joy for Struggle"Character CD "Hypnosis Mike" related songs
Buster Bros !!![Member 10]"Re: start !!!"
May 4Hypnosismic -Glory or Dust-[Note 2]Division All Stars[Member 18]"Hypnosismic -Glory or Dust-"
May 6Survival of the Illest +[Note 2]"Survival of the Illest +"Game "Hypnosis Mike -Alternative Rap Battle-" opening theme
May 7Hang out![Note 2]"Hang out!"Theme song for the game "Hypnosis Mike -Alternative Rap Battle-"
May 7Tokyo Revengers EP01Haruki Hayashida (Kimura Subaru), Ryohei Hayashi (Yukihiro Nozuyama"BUDDY"Television Animation"Tokyo Revengers] Related songs
May 9Buster Bros !!! VS Matenro VS Fling PosseBuster Bros !!![Member 10],Matten wolf[Member 22],Fling Posse[Member 23]"SHOW DOWN"Character CD "Hypnosis Mike" related songs
Division All Stars[Member 18]"Hoodstar +"

Other participating works

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
2017/8/4Sanrio Characters Pompon Jump! Part 1 (TV size)[Note 2]Kimura Subaru"Okomenokimochi (TV size)"TV program"Sanrio Characters Pompon Jump!] Related songs
2019/5/22Neverland / Voice Actor x Masao Urino"Clown time Berlin"
2019/9/25Disney Prince of Voice Voice Stars Dream Selection IIKimura Subaru"I want to become a king soon'
Shintaro Asanuma,Tenpei Kohei,Yoshihiko Aramaki,Ren Ozawa,Kimura Subaru,Takano,Shinnosuke Tachibana,Hashimoto Shohei,Shin Furukawa,Toshiki Masuda,Taku Yatsushiro,Yoshio Yamaya"Everyone is a star!'
Disney Prince of Voice Voice Stars Dream Selection II Animate bonus CDKimura Subaru
2020/9/23Let's make tomorrowOha Suta ALLSTARS[Member 24]"Let's make tomorrow"Entertainment shows"Good morning] Related songs
Natsuki Hanae,Ike Nwala,Kimura Subaru,Yuuki Iwai,Youka Ogawa,Toai Harada,Koichi Yamadera
2021/3/26Disney Prince of Voice Voice Stars Dream Live 2020 Bonus CDTenpei Kohei,Kimura Subaru, Takano, Taku Yatsushiro"Open the door'
Shintaro Asanuma, Kohei Tenzaki, Yoshihiko Aramaki,Kimura Subaru, Koya Kono, Shinnosuke Tachibana, Shohei Hashimoto, Shin Furukawa, Toshiki Masuda, Taku Yatsushiro, Shosei Yamatani"Things that never change'
"Mickey Mouse March'
Disney Prince of Voice Voice Stars Dream Live 2020 Animate bonus CDKimura Subaru"Mickey Mouse March"
2021/8/25Girls², Subaru (Kimura Subaru"Enjoy"TV drama"Gull studies. ~ Girls Garden ~"Opening theme

Provide music

All names are good jar Taro.

  • "Hypnosis microphone] Character song "Iro ga Ichiro" "IKEBUKURO WEST GAME PARK" "Good morning Ikebukuro" (lyrics)


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