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🤖 | Speaking of characters who are likely to be able to do their jobs even with “telework”? 3rd place "Otaku Koi" Hirotaka Nito, 2nd place "Jujutsu Kaisen" ...

Photo "Love is difficult for Otaku" (C) Fujita / Ichijinsha

Speaking of characters who are likely to be able to do their jobs even with "telework"? 3rd place "Otaku Koi" Hirotaka Nito, 2nd place "Jujutsu Kaisen" ...

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He is a type of person who acts with a detailed schedule, saying, "Because I am a perfectionist work person, I seem to be able to do crunchy work even in telework!

July 7th is Telework Day.Congestion relief during the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics and telework ... → Continue reading

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perfectionism(Kanpekishugi,British: PerfectionismWhat isPsychologyA person who strives to be perfect, sets excessively high goal standards, imposes strict self-evaluation on himself, and cares about the evaluation of others.[1][2] ..StipulatedTime, The way of thinking and mental state aiming for a perfect state within a limited time.like thisthoughtThose who have or have such a psychological statePerfectionistOrperfectionist(British: perfectionist).

This multifaceted trait is the most conceptualized and is understood by psychologists as having many positive and negative aspects.[3] ..Depending on the degree (such as being attentive to time and not paying attention to inconvenience to others),PsychiatryThen.Mental illnessIt is often regarded as one of the above.Maladaptized perfectionists are those who are driven to achieve ideals that the public cannot achieve.Adapted perfectionists are motivated to reach their goals.Ultimately, perfectionists find joy in doing that, but when they fail to reach that goal.DepressionOften falls into.

Rational emotive behavior therapyFoundedAlbert Ellis"The psychology of trying to do everything perfectly"Irrational belief (irrational belief) ".


Activities that are less important to participate inEntertainmentEven so, my ownHighest peak-idealThere is a tendency to make and pursue.

  • TestsIt can be scored equally, and even 90 or 95 points are not satisfactory, aiming for 100 points.
  • art(Music,Novel) And other works, rather than sending them out to the world to a moderate degree, sticking to finishing them to the point where they are satisfied.
  • Ideal for life planningworkI think concretely, but I narrow it down to one and do not accept the others.

From ancient times, some people have assumed that they have been required to do everything perfectly.However, it is generally said that no one has ever done everything perfectly.If you can look at reality calmly, that's right.[4].

In reality, there are many things that human life can't do, and in those situations it's important to accept intellectually and psychologically that you can't do it, and most people do it well. By accepting it, we avoid mental and physical bankruptcy.However, perfectionists cannot accept it, and they tend to pursue themselves psychologically, and they tend to fail in terms of behavior such as passing on responsibility or escaping.

Sure, some people (teachers, bosses, parents, etc.) may be cornered and hysterically demanding perfection from others, but most people listen to those demands half-heartedly or moderately dismiss them. I try not to fall into perfectionism by just pretending to hear it and getting through it in a good way.

Positive side

Train,aviationSuch asTransportationIn operations where even the slightest mistake can be fatal to a large number of people, such as the operation ofStaffIt is known that inducing a situation-limited "perfectionist" state contributes to safety in its own way.Perfectionism thoroughly eliminates compromises on things, soCraftsmanHiring people with such a temperament, the work area is severely limited, and it is quiteroutineExtremely high quality can be achieved by using it for a typical job.[5].

Negative side

PerfectionismsuicideIt is one of the risk factors of.They tend to be overly expectant of themselves and self-criticize when the results of their efforts do not meet the standards they were looking for, but because they are less likely to seek help from the world. , Is a high-risk group[6].

In many cases, they cannot catch up with their own ideals and have troubles without being able to compromise.A perfectionist is particular about perfection, but if you look at the whole life of the person from a broad perspective, there are many people whose life has collapsed, contrary to the state that they are particular about and aiming for. ..It is also known that it often causes various psychopathologies.

For example, for a perfectionistProcrastinationSome people are depressed in the swamp. "I don't want to show it in public (in front of the person who evaluates it) until I can do it perfectly" "I don't want to participate in XX until I can get a perfect score", so the first step Can't step forward.As a result, there is less experience and less practice, and there is a tragedy that the skill does not improve easily and the real stage of execution cannot be reached forever.Also, I hope that other more laid back people will feel free to take the first step without worrying even if the quality is low, gain experience while enjoying even failure, and as a result, improve their skills safely. Perfectionists often blame themselves by holding their fingers and looking at them.In addition, because of that consciousness, there is a relatively tendency to demand excessive evaluation of the work that oneself has accomplished, and there are many people who are commonly described as "unfriendly".

It is also known that perfectionists are often less productive in the big picture.In other words, too much attention is paid to the high degree of local perfection, and in many cases, one loses sight of the global situation and, as a result, selects an act that reduces global productivity.

Perfectionists often fall into.Also,Obsessive-compulsive disorder,Eating disorderThere are many people who also have such problems.


There are several possible causes.

To give an exampleConditional loveThis is often the case when raised under a guardian, such as a parent, who only shows (strictly speaking, not love, but the imposition of one's ego). It is known[7]..That is, when raised by a parent who has an overt change in attitude, such as admitting or showing affection only when something is successful, but not loving when something is not possible, the child is what he or she is. Being abnormally sensitive to success (more than the gentle interest that humans naturally have) (hence, in a decent parenting theory, to a parent who is conditionally affectionate) It is said that it should not be done. For example, it is important to maintain and show the underlying affection at all times, even when the child does not produce the desired result. ).


If one's parents fall under the category of "parents who show only conditional love," one way is to stay psychologically and physically away from their influence.

If you are already psychologically and physically separated from the above parents, or if you are not such a parent in the first place and you have a perfectionist syndrome,Cognitive therapyOne way is to receive.Alternatively, there are many people who do not have to perform cognitive therapy under the supervision of a specialist, but just read a book that describes the essence of cognitive therapy and execute it.Some show you how you can do it yourself, using only your notebook and pencil (and your heart).

Cognitive therapyWhat they are doing is to change the way they perceive, that is, their habits of thinking and their way of looking at things.Perfectionists are often conscious of external actions and conditions, and are not conscious of their own flow of thought or the form of thought itself, and most of them do not have the technique to change their perspective. Is.Cognitive therapyThen, since the know-how to change the way of thinking and the way of thinking is provided by oneself, most perfectionists will be able to change the way of thinking, and the situation will often improve.


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    There are also deeper problems.So-called in most situationsdilemmaIs awake.For example, how to deal with human relationshipsNatsume SosekiAs he said, "If you work with wisdom, you will get horny. If you let your emotions flow, you will be swept away." is there.Mori OgaiHowever, when I tried to protect myself on the elite course, I had to abandon the German woman and return home, leaving problems as a human being and a man, and Ogai's life was not "perfect".However, critics often point out that even with the opposite choice, Ogai Mori's life would have been a problematic one.For example, even in the state of a child, "a child who can do anything without difficulty" seems to be fine from an angle, but on the other hand, it is not perfect in that it has become a "child without cuteness".Everyone, adults or childrendilemmaIt is alive in.
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