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🎥 | The official title of the latest "Dragon Ball Super" has been decided!First video & evolved Goku visuals also released

Photo Evolved Goku – (C) Bird Studio / Shueisha (C) "2022 Dragon Ball Super" Production Committee

The official title of the latest "Dragon Ball Super" has been decided!First video & evolved Goku visuals also released

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In the panel discussion, Masako Nozawa (role of Son Goku), Akio Ino (Shueisha, executive producer), and Shihiro Hayashida (producer, Toei Animation) took the stage and talked behind the scenes, such as releasing the setting picture of the new movie.

The official title of the latest work, which is the 21st movie version animation based on Akira Toriyama's popular comic, is "Dragon ... → Continue reading

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panel discussion

panel discussion(British: panel discussion) IsdiscussOne of the formats.It is an event in which selected experts express different opinions and discuss the agenda items.[1].1990 eraIt has been popular since then. ColloquiallyPanel discIt may be abbreviated as.Panel discussionAlso called.


It is common for each debate to express their opinions in turn, then discuss with each other, and respond to questions from the audience at the venue.

Those who participate in the panel discussionPanelist(OrPaneler)British: panel Means "intellectual"). In some fieldsDesignated debaterAlso called.

And the moderator (coordinator) who organizes the discussioncoordinator,Facilitator[1]OrModeratorAlso called[2].

It is considered appropriate to have around 5 panelists for the convenience of time allocation and summarizing the story. The selection of panelists is also important, and it does not make much sense to collect people with the same opinion, and it is necessary to select people who can be considered from different perspectives. The coordinator (facilitator) will explore the commonalities of the panelists' opinions and proceed with the discussion while paying attention to the problems and solutions raised by them.[1].

in Japan,Newspaper company,政府-Municipalities,Academic groupMany of the sponsorships are held. In recent years at schoolLessonIt may be done as.

In English, the experts who hold these discussions are referred to as panel or panelist, but the term "panelist"JapanglishTherefore, it is not used outside Japan.


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