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🤖 | "East Ribe" The role of Doraken is a hot topic!What anime / manga characters do you want Yuki Yamada to make into a live-action film?


"East Ribe" The role of Doraken is a hot topic!What anime / manga characters do you want Yuki Yamada to make into a live-action film?

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(Female in her 20s) "I thought that the fun of Yuki Yamada would suit him when he played Heiji Hattori.

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Heiji Hattori

Harley Hartwell(Hartwell Heiji) says, "Weekly Shonen SundayIs serialized inGosho AoyamaOriginalComicWork and based on itTelevision AnimationSuch asMedia mix"Detective ConanA fictional character who appears in the work of.

In animeVoice actor TheRyo Horikawa, In my childhoodKumiko HigaIs in charge.DramaAtAn actor TheTori MatsuzakaIs in charge.


OsakaHigh school studentDetective..Private Kaiho Gakuen[Note 1]Enrolled in the second year of high school.Shinichi Kudo of the same age in reasoning power (Conan Edogawa) Since the first encounter with "West high school detective""Hattori in the west, Kudo in the eastIs so called[Note 2].

Osaka Dialent[Note 3]Genuine speaking inKansai peopleAnd more than Shinichi's hot-blooded man.Dark-skinned skin, he saysGrandfather inheritanceWith[Note 4]..The trademark of the hairstyle is the bangs that naturally bounced.[Note 5].. My fatherOsaka Prefectural PoliceGeneral manager OfHeizo Hattori.. Mother isHattori Shizuka.Kazuha ToyamaAndChildhood friend(Familiar)First loveOpponent[3].. Osaka PrefectureNeyagawaResident[4]..Birthday unknown[Note 6].

Originally, Haibara was planned to appear first when it was animated, but instead of her who was postponed (because of the discontinuation of broadcasting in the first year. DetailsBlack Organization #Changes in AnimeSee. ), It was created by the animation production company saying "I need a rival character", and Hattori will appear in advance.[5]..In addition, the setting of living in Neyagawa City mentioned above and the setting described laterkendoThe setting of belonging to the club is that of the producer who was in charge of Aoyama as an editor at the time of the first appearanceMitome AsaiIs from the same city and was a kendo boy like Aoyama, and Asai also supervised the Osaka dialect spoken by Heiji and Kazuha.[6].

Despite living in Osaka and having a lot of turns, in the main story, we rarely encounter incidents in our hometown of Osaka.[Note 7]..After learning that Conan was Shinichi, he frequently brought in incidents and visited Tokyo.Also, since the appearance of Kazuha, it has basically appeared with her, but in rare cases it may appear alone.

The origin of the name is the TV drama "Detective storyFrom Detective Hattori, the name "Heiji" is a historical drama "Detective"Zenigata Heiji Collection』Sengata Heiji caught[7].


With a personality that he doesn't like to lose and sticks to winning and losing more than Conan (Shinichi)[Note 8], When it comes to detective games, you often lose your composure.[Note 9]..Even if he was beaten by Heizo and warned that he would interfere with the investigation, he would not give up.[4][Note 10],Company (CIA) Even if it turns out that the incident is related to Conan, he is absorbed in the interest as well as Conan.[12]..There are some places where Conan has a flower, but when he takes credit, he usually cares about "yes, take a toco".[13]..Because he is impatient, quarrels, and quickly yells and gets entangled with those who care about him.Saguru HakubaHe was criticized as "a detective who has a lot of blood and tends to be savage," but he is a hot-blooded man who cherishes human lives who may still be alive rather than preserving the site.[14][Note 11]..There are many words and actions in common with Conan (Shinichi)[Note 12]..In addition, the principle of not receiving compensation when acting as a detective is thoroughly enforced, and "the XNUMXth year murder of the Symphony serial murder case"[8]And "Mystery of Tottori Spider Mansion"[16]Then, I went to Tokyo and Tottori to return the request fee I received.

In contrast to claiming to be a "Western high school detective," he hates professing Heizo, and only the novel version of "Kyoto Shinsengumi Murder Case" used his influence outside of Osaka ( In the 7th episode of the "Kyoto Shinsengumi Murder Case" series "Further Threatening Letters", pp. 200-201.), The local police (Kyoto Prefectural Police) Was about to be removed from the investigation of the case, which is an unavoidable reason.[Note 13]..Also, in the serial drama version, Kazuha silenced the local police (Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Yonehana Station), and although Heiji hated it at first, he finally got on it.[Note 14]..Instead, in Osaka, I get investigation information from Inspector Otaki, use police detectives and police cars for private use, and so on.[20][Note 15].

First personIs "I".The habits are "stupid" and "blurred".The name from the surroundings is "Hattori" by Conan (Shinichi) ("Heiji brother" when there are other people around.[Note 16]), Kazuha, Heizo, Shizuka are "Heiji",Ran Mori-Dr. Agasa-Inspector Megui-Detective Takagi-Suzuki Sonoko-Masumi SeraIs "Hattori-kun",Ai HaibaraIs "Osaka ~ (friends, boy detectives, detectives, etc.)",Momiji OokaIs "Heiji-kun",Kogoro Mohri"Heiji", "Osaka's dark-skinned bows", "Osaka's detective bows", etc.Inspector OtakiIs "Hirahata", Mitsuhiko is "Mr. Hattori", "Master"[Note 17].

To Conan and others because they don't seem to be Kansai peopleStandard language OfHonorificShizuka talked about in[21]Unlike Heiji, he doesn't use honorifics much for people he meets for the first time and older people, and often speaks in an equal tone of Osaka dialect.Also,Tokyo accentI'm not good atOVA"Chase the disappeared diamond!Conan Heiji VS Kid!], I was practicing a common language with Tokyo-style accents.In addition, including TokyoEast JapanI don't seem to be very familiar with the wordsSalty"Salty",fruitDid not know to describe as "water confectionery"[11].

When many famous detectives were invited to the twilight mansion, Heiji was refused by Shizuka because the mid-term test was near, so both Heizo and Shizuka prioritize academics over detectives. I understand[22].

Sherlock HolmesHeiji is against Conan who isEllery QueenI like detective novels[23][Note 18].

The ranking in the 1st character popularity vote is 5th (222 votes).It was ranked 15rd in the character popularity poll for the 3th anniversary of the TV and theatrical version, and 2012th in the character popularity poll for the 800th serialization in 5. 2017, anime!Anime!Then, when we conducted a questionnaire entitled "What is your favorite Kansai dialect character?", Heiji Hattori was selected as the first place.2020May 5Release magazine "Da VinciIn the June 2020 issue of the "Characters that gave happiness to readers" ranking, we won 6th place.[24].

kid the Phantom thiefI have been in contact with the movie four times in the OVA, but I have not been involved in the original for a long time.[25]..The same is true for Inspector Nakamori, but also "Magic Kaito』, Saguru Hakuba, who is the character in the original, meets Kid and Nakamori ahead of him.In addition, in "Kaito Kid's Teleportation Magic", a scene of watching a TV broadcast in Osaka, which is not in the original, was added in the animation.[26].

The third movie "End of the century magicianFirst appeared in the 7th work "Labyrinth crossroads] ・ 10th work "Detectives' requiem] ・ 13th work "Jet Black Tracker] ・ 14th work "Shipwreck in the sky] ・ 17th work "Detective in the sea] ・ 21th work "The Crimson Love Letter』, And appeared in pairs with Kazuha in all works[Note 19].

In the 7th, 10th, and 21st works, he is the main character with Conan.In the 13th, 14th, and 17th works, he appeared as a supporter to investigate the case by acting differently from Conan and others.[Note 20].

physical ability

In high schoolkendoI belong to the club.The skill of the sword, which is also inherited from the master's parents, is quite high, and it is a criminalJapanese swordWhen I was attacked by, I had defeated it with its scabbard[3]Rumors have spread among college students that "all the humans of the Osaka Prefectural Police have been defeated by one person", and the body of riding on the sword of the opponent who was swung down vigorously and bite into the vaulting box. I'm also showing off the art[4].

Forensic medicine[23][27],Civil law[3]In addition to being familiar with the knowledge of水 泳[28],EnglishAlsolong(It was)It seems that it is kicking.Especially for English, English teachersJody Sante MillionWhen I visited her home with Conan in doubt about her identity, she was like a nativeEnglish conversationAre exchanging[29][Note 21].. on the other hand,CuisineAs with Shinichi, it seems to be completely useless[15].

Ordinary motorcyclelicenseHave, many times in the workbikeI am using.My motorcycle iskawasaki OfKLX250[Note 22]..In the theatrical version, where action depictions are more than on TV, the vehicle is for public roads when tracking down the criminal.Off-road,lineThe figure that even sprints skillfully is drawn[3].

Interpersonal relations

Relationship with Shinichi (Conan)

First appearance in the Mouri detective agency to confront Shinichi, who is being compared with himself in the world[30][Note 23]..At that time, it happenedKogoro MohriOf the murder that happened at the clienttrickShowed off the reasoning.However, the reasoning was a misleading criminal who was cleverly set up, andCold medicineWas drunk asWhite dry infant (pical)[Note 24]Shinichi, who temporarily returned to his original body, made a correct deduction and was defeated.He admitted his loss because he was particular about the reasoning game, but Shinichi changed his mind with the words, "There is only one truth, so there is no victory or defeat, superiority or inferiority, or hierarchical relationship in the reasoning." ..However, it seems that he still likes the detective game itself, "Which will solve the mystery sooner?"[10][11][Note 25].

After that, he was looking at Shinichi as a rival, but he was shot by Conan with a clock-type tranquilizer gun to show the reasoning of "Holmes Freak Murder Case", and he was hit by Kogoro in the middle of the reasoning. When I woke up, I realized that Conan's identity was Shinichi from the tone and the way of constructing the logic, and after knowing his circumstances, I became one of Conan's good collaborators.[23]..When visiting Tokyo privately, have them stay at the Mouri Detective Agency or have a meal together.[31][14]In addition, when two people happened to encounter the same incident, they said "Detectives call detectives" and were in a good mood for reunion with Conan.[16]And, rather than rivals, they understand each other with their best friends.[Note 26], In collaboration with Conan, will lead the case to resolution in the investigation and reasoning.Conan is one of the few people who can be treated as "Shinichi Kudo", and Conan also counts on Heiji.Being influenced by Conan, he came to think that he would never commit suicide to the criminal.[27][20]..He had already confronted Shinichi over the reasoning of the incident that occurred during his junior high school ski trip, but Heiji was unaware of it.[9][Note 27].

In front of some people other than those who know that Conan is Shinichi, I try not to reveal the truth, but almost every time I call Conan "Kudo" and around me. Humans (especially orchids) are suspicious.Conan is chilled every time, but it is deceived by blurring like an Osaka person[27][15][Note 28]..Also, when Ran realized that Conan was Shinichi, he disguised himself as Shinichi to disguise himself and appeared in front of Ran, but the result was unsuccessful.[32][Note 29]..However, the feelings of orchids[Note 30]Some people are aware of this, and I think that Ran is secretly waiting for Conan to tell us that he is actually Shinichi.Occasionally show remarks to Conan that it is better to talk to Ran only[33][Note 31].

Heiji himself is a collaborator (best friend) of Conan (Shinichi).Dr. Agasa,Ai HaibaraWithBlack tissueHe has shown his willingness to fight for annihilation, but as of 2017, he has not yet come into direct contact with the organization (members of the organization disguised when disguised as Shinichi).vodkaJust being seen in[Note 32],vermouthKnowing that Heiji is a collaborator of Conan, he does not mention it in particular.[34][Note 33]).A public security police investigator infiltrating the organization as a senior executive "Bourbon"Furuya Rei (Rei Furuya)Was wary of the first meeting with Heiji and signaled Conan to keep his identity secret.[35][Note 34].

Heiji is disguised as Shinichi twice during the work. The first time, when Ran realized that Conan was Shinichi, he disguised himself as Shinichi and appeared in front of Ran, but as mentioned above, the result was unsuccessful. The second time, at the Halloween costume party, I was asked to disguise myself as Shinichi by a mobile email from Conan, and I performed it.At this time, Shinichi's mother, Yukiko, made a special make-up to resemble her face, and the voice was emitted through the microphone from the speaker that Conan put in Heiji's tie at another point.When he disguised himself, he didn't reveal these mechanisms, so the people around him who thought heiji did it alone were surprised at the result.[34].

Relationship with Kazuha

The relationship with Kazuha is with ShinichiOrchidIt's the same feelings as the relationship, but there was a period when I couldn't understand whether the feelings for Kazuha were romance.[Note 35]..I'm thinking about Kazuha all at once, but when it comes to Conan (Shinichi) and the incident, I forget about the existence, so the priority was a little low at the beginning.[17][29]..In addition, they were often called "minions" or emphasized that they were just escorts.[20][15].

However, she has always been conscious of Kazuha from the bottom of her heart, and when she makes friends with Conan and other men, she burns a flame of jealousy and can not concentrate on reasoning.[15][Note 36]..Also, when trying to help Kazuha who was about to fall off the cliff, she tried to help Heiji to the back of her hand.Devil arrowEven if she was stabbed, she did not let go of her hand, but rather strengthened her desire to help, so when Kazuha falls into a dangerous state, she prioritizes her personal safety over herself.[17].

After that, when Kazuha was abducted (looked like) by bad guys, he said, "What should I do with my Kazuha!"[19][Note 37]..I realized that I had a romantic feeling for Kazuha for a long time, but this event happened.EbisubashiIn addition to being on the top, the place where I confessed to my best friend Shinichi Ran,UK OfBig benWas before[37]As a result, Shinichi has a rivalry as a rival, and he has to wait for a chance to convey his feelings to Kazuha again in a situation that is comparable to him.[13][38][39][Note 38]And even when I came to Kyoto to support Shinichi during my school tripKiyomizu TempleShinichi is kissed by Ran on his cheek[Note 39]Witnessing this will further increase the desire to convey your feelings to Kazuha[40]..In the case involving the phantom thief Kid, I was so conscious of how to convey my feelings to Kazuha, I did not notice that Kazuha in front of me was a disguise of Kid, and I misunderstood that my feelings were finally transmitted. I tried to kiss him, but on the verge of being stopped by Conan and Morofushi, I was shocked to know that he was disguised as a kid.[25].

usuallyPoker faceSince the feelings towards Kazuha are also blurred, I often make Conan (Shinichi) and Ran scream.However, after Heiji became aware of his love for Kazuha, Conan and Ran became relieved that Heiji would move to Kazuha.


As mentioned above, the detective rival is Shinichi, but the kendo rival is Kyoto Izumishin High School.[Note 40]I'm in the kendo clubOkita SojiIs[4].


The uniform isschool uniform..FavoriteBaseball capIsChicago White SoxContains the "SAX" logo mark.According to Waba, "Heiji's reasoning switch is on when the brim of the hat is facing the front, and the switch is off when it is returned to the back."[41]..There is no particular concern about plain clothes, and they appear in various forms depending on the occasion.


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