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📺 | [Life, now is the season 🌸] Pay attention to the beautiful actresses of Arafif who become more attractive as they get older!


[Life is in season 🌸] Pay attention to the beautiful actresses of Arafif, who become more attractive as they get older!

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After that, he became a famous actress by being nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress in "Little Women".

Hollywood is full of wonderful actresses whose beauty and charm increase as they get older.Experienced in life ... → Continue reading

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Wakakusa story

"Wakakusa story』(Wakakusamonogatari,British: Little Women, Literally: Little lady)AmericaWritersLouisa May AlcottbyAutobiographical novel.1868から1869Published in. Set in the United States in the latter half of the 19th centuryPuritanIt is a story about the four sisters of the March family.As a sequel, "Sequel Little Women" (Little Women Married, or Good Wives), "Third Little Women" (Little Men), "The Fourth Little Women" (Jo's Boys), And the adult / marriage of sisters and their subsequent lives are depicted.

The original title, "Little Wimin," was used by the author's father to actually call his daughters, meaning that he was not just a little girl, but a fine woman.In the first and sequel,BibleAnd "Tenji historyIs a guidebook for the sisters, and there are many descriptions about this.What the family doesPhilanthropy(Philanthropy) is also considered to be influenced by them.

The model of "Bear Academy" in the Third Little Women Story is a school opened by the author's father.The lively life of unique children, the fight against their own shortcomings, and especially rare at the time.Handicapped childとHealthy child OfIntegrated educationHowever, there are some parts that can be regarded as discriminatory from the viewpoint of modern human beings.

In each countrymovies-theaterIn addition toComic-AnimeIt is loved as, especially the 1933 and 1949 MGM movies are well known.Widely known in Japan by the translation of Katsue Yoshida.

1906(Meiji 39),Lady"[1]Translated as (Shofujin).


Wakakusa story
Civil WarAge, father is blackslaveUnion Army for liberationChaplainIt depicts about a year of a family who lives modestly, even though they are all women.Praying for his father's safety and return, being watched over by a gentle and solid mother, and sometimes guided, the four sisters of the March family, Meg, Joe, Beth, and Amy, live brightly and in harmony, even if they are not wealthy (although this is this). It is modest compared to the rich times of the family, and is actually a middle-class family).Fun events, worries, incidents, and great trials that occur at home make sisters grow from girls to "little women."
The story of young grass
From the marriage of the eldest daughter Meg to the marriage of Joe, the events that each sister meets are depicted in a group image.
Meg overcomes a small hardship with her husband, John, and has twins.Joe, who failed to travel abroad due to his stubborn personality, goes to New York to study as a writer for other reasons.Beth continues to live a warm and family-friendly life while fighting illness, and Amy, who has grown up as a lady, is loved by Aunt March because of her good social skills and gentle personality, and accompanies her on an overseas trip.Joe enthusiastically cares for Beth, who is fighting illness, and will take care of the end.In the process, Joe learns through Beth that the sincere efforts he makes for his family are better for him than the ambitions he has had.In addition, after Beth's loss, Joe, who mourns, deepens his humanity and writes a piece that is more true than the popular novels he has written so far, and it will be evaluated from all sides.
Third Little Women Story
The content focuses more on the lives of children at the Bear Academy, which Joe opened with Professor Bear at Plumfield, bequeathed by Aunt March.Therefore, compared to the second work, the March family is not drawn, and there is almost no dialogue about Amy and her sister's parents, and the work has a different coat color.
In this work, the main character is the titleBritish: Little MenAs you can see from (little boy), the boys and girls in Plumfield centering on Nat and Dan are the main characters.
Fourth Little Women Story
The aforementioned "Bear Academy" has been transformed into a university by the bequest of Mr. Lawrence, and at this point the wise mother who supported Joe and his sisters has died. The children who were in the process of growing up in "The Third Little Women" are almost adults and follow their own paths.
In this work, Joe, Amy, Raleigh, and Meg play important roles, and there are many lines.As for the children, Joe's second son, Naughty Ted (Teddy), Meg's second daughter, lively Joey, and Amy's daughter Beth were the main players, and Joe's long-cherished wish from the first work. The ambition to become a teddy bear will be fulfilled by Joe, the mother of two big boys in this work (instead, he loses his freedom and his detailed depictions are somewhat comical).It is also characteristic that the issue of women's suffrage, which was a problem in the United States at that time, is talked about in the work.


March family

The eldest daughter of four sisters.His real name is Margaret.I have taken over my mother's name.1 years old in the first work.Very beautiful and feminine, but a little conservative personality.Being a tutor in a rich family, he helps the March family livelihood.Since I am the only sister to remember when my family was wealthy, I find it hard to hear and hear stories about beautiful clothes, accessories, and social circles, and I suffer from vanity.
After the sequel, he married his neighbor, Raleigh's tutor, John Brooke, and had twins, Daisy Demi and Joey.She loses her husband, John, at the end of the third film, but it turns out that he has left behind enough assets for Meg to live.The model is the author's sister, Anna Bronson Alcott.
The second daughter of the four sisters.His real name is Josephine.Tall, long limbs and thin.The first work is 1 years old.He claims to be the "son" of the March family.The appearance is not good, but the only feminine part is beautiful and rich hair.But my father gets sick on the front line and sells his hair to help my mother travel to go to nursing.He goes to the rich March aunt's house, which is his father's aunt, and helps the March family's livelihood by dealing with them.He has a boyish personality but is good at sewing, and his hobby is reading.Aiming to be a writer, I write small pieces myself (that is "Aunt Joe's Story Basket").I also have a hard time because I am impatient and easy to get angry.
After the sequel, he loses because of his impatient personality, but as a result, it becomes possible to care for Beth due to the loss.He also met Professor Fritz Bear during his New York era, when he was a tutor under Mrs. Kirk, and later married and had two boys, Rob and Ted.After getting married, she and her husband mainly open a school in Plumfield, which was bequeathed by Aunt March.The author himself is a model.
The third daughter of four sisters.His real name is Elizabeth.A very shy girl with black hair and blue eyes, but with strength inside.1 years old in the first work.I love music and often play the piano.The piano sprouted an age-old friendship with Mr. Lawrence.Gentle and affectionate, he loves kittens, birds and dolls and takes care of them.He is the friendliest of the four sisters and is loved by his family.Especially, I am very close to Joe, who has the opposite personality to me.I am very fond of Amy.In addition to his shy personality, he was ill and did not go to school to study at home and help with housework.I don't want to take the initiative to get rid of the work left by other sisters, but get paid.In the middle of the storyscarlet feverIt takes a long time to survive, but it becomes completely weak.In the sequel, as his physical condition deteriorates, he inspires the surroundings by his nature, which has a great influence on Joe in particular.
The model was the author's younger sister, Elizabeth Suwell Olcott, who was actually ill and had already passed away by the time the Little Women began writing.It is said that the author loved the most of his sisters.
The fourth daughter of four sisters.In the first work, a cheeky 1-year-old who boasts curly blonde hair.He likes to behave like a lady and wants to use difficult words to remember, but he usually makes ridiculous mistakes.He has a talent for art and likes to make sketches.He is cheeky and often bumps into Joe.He is also fond of Beth and is competing with Joe, who is the best friend of Beth.I am concerned about my low nose.
From the second work onward, she grows up to be a grown-up lady with a shadow, and even gives advice to Raleigh.Although not a beautiful woman, she is elegant, graceful, good at socializing, and good at fashion, and is depicted with a slightly blunt stick in contrast to Joe, who is not very good at socializing.He later married his neighbor, Theodore Lawrence (Raleigh), and raised Beth (whose spelling is different from his third daughter Beth) as a butterfly and a flower, but he was very pleased with his daughter's nose. become.The model is Ava May Alcott, the fourth daughter of the author's sister.
Mrs. March
A wise mother who is respected and admired by the four sisters.The Bible and "Tenji history』Based on the practice of morality and love by doing charitable activities.The mother is said to have been realistic to the sister's father.When the sisters have some trouble, they ask the mother to teach, which continues even after the sisters have grown up.
Aunt March
The aunt of the four sisters, and the father of the four sisters, Mr. March, is his nephew.A widow, her child died when she was a baby, and when Mr. March went bankrupt, she proposed to adopt one of her daughters, but was angry at one point because she was refused.Wealthy but lame, Joe takes care of his surroundings.At first glance, he closes Joe and his friends, but inwardly he loves the March family members, and he especially likes the naughty Joe.
In the second half of the first film, he will take care of the quarantined young Amy for a while to prevent Beth's illness from becoming transmitted, which makes him like Amy, and in the second film he takes Amy on a trip to Europe. It will be.He died at the end of the second film, bequeathing Plumfield to Joe.This is the school opened by Joe and his husband, Professor Bear, and will be the center of the story after the third work.
Hannah Marat
March familymaid.アイルランドIt is a system and has a affection for the March family.Hannah is accepted as a member of the March family rather than a maid.

Lawrence family

Theodore Lawrence (Raleigh)
A neighbor of the March family and the only son of the very wealthy Lawrence family.In the first work, he is 1 years old and the same age as Joe.He lives in a splendid mansion surrounded by his grandfather and two servants, but he lives a lonely life without any neighbors.At a ball held at Meg's friend Sally's mansion, he meets Joe, who had been left unattended.After that, he became acquainted with Joe's open-minded attitude, hit it off, and then interacted closely with the March family.He hates being nicknamed Dora and lets his sisters call themselves Raleigh.Also known as Teddy, nicknamed Theodore.Although his parents died early, he took over his mother's musical talent and played the piano himself.He has a cheerful, playful and gentlemanly personality, and is loved by everyone, but he is also a little mischievous with no guns.
He loves Joe, who is lively and has a similar personality, but eventually becomes Amy.After the third work, he was a good neighbor and collaborator of Joe and others.Nat, the main character of the third film, came to the school run by Joe at his recommendation.
Old Lawrence
Theodore Lawrence's grandfather.At first glance, the old man seems to be difficult, but his roots are very kind and kind, and he especially loved Beth in the March family (even in the vestiges of his deceased granddaughter).He opposes the marriage of Raleigh's parents and hates Raleigh to play music in connection with it.It's strict against Raleigh, but on the one hand it's very sweet.Somehow it helped the March family and bequeathed the property to "Bear Academy".
John brooke
Appeared as a tutor of Raleigh.The four March sisters met Meg when they went camping with Raleigh and his friends, and later married.At the end of the first film, when Mr. March was injured, he accompanied Mrs. March to the hospital where Mr. March was housed and fulfilled his responsibilities.
He married Meg at the beginning of the second film, and after that he had twin brothers and sisters Demi and Daisy, and his second daughter Joesy.He has a gentle personality, is very serious and frugal.In the third film, he died suddenly from a heart attack, but at the same time, he was reminded of how much he was loved and loved by others.

Plum field

Fritz Bear (Professor Bear)
Appeared from the second work.He met when Joe went to New York to study writing and later got married.He has a gentle personality and loves children.By the time he met Joe, he was already in his late thirties and was far from Joe, at which time he was a tutor and earned a living.After the third work, he runs Plumfield with his wife Joe and becomes a teacher there.
A 3-year-old boy who came to Plumfield in the third film.It is practically the main character of the third work.With a poor fatherViolinHe was moving around as a player, but when his father died and he had lost his place, Raleigh picked him up and came to the school.in the futureViolinistMy dream is to become.He has a weak personality and is kind to everyone, but rarely has a bad habit of lying from fear.
He has been on good terms with Daisy since he was a school student, and although he became a lover in the fourth adult work, he left for Europe to study violin.However, the love seems to have been fulfilled after returning to Japan.
An outlaw boy I met while Nat was wandering.Like Nat, he had nowhere to go, so he came to Plumfield with the introduction of Nut.At first, he caused only problems and was once entrusted to Mr. Page, but soon after that he escaped and then returned to the school again.After returning to the school, his gratitude to Mr. and Mrs. Bear, especially Joe, who loves him even if he causes trouble, gradually eases his initial ruggedness.I met an old man who was entrusted to Mr. Page, and thereNatural historyRaleigh, who began to be interested in, donated a museum in Plumfield to display books and children's collections about them.After the 4th adult work, he will be a traveler who moves from place to place.

Works based on this work


TV drama




It is a well-known work and has been staged many times.

Kibaza performance

Broadway performances

2005May 1からMay 5In betweenBroadwayPerformed at.starring.

ス タ ッ フ
script:(English edition)
Lyrics:(English edition)
Music composition:(English edition)
Performance in Japan

"LITTLE WOMEN ~ Little Women ~From September 2015th to September 9th, 17 with the titled-warehousePerformed at[7]..The cast is a double team of Rose and Lily (Double cast)It has become.

  • "Rose"
Mrs. March:Tomohisa Hosaka
Professor Bear: / (Shuffle)
Meg:Rinko Matsubara
Beth:Rie Kitagawa
Amy:Mari Okonogi
Brook:Yosuke Ichiwa/(shuffle)
Aunt March:Mikiko Shiraki
Lawrence:Shinichi Katori
  • "Lily"
Mrs. March:Kimura Hanayo
Professor Bear: Masaharu Kikuchi / Tenbe Matsunogi (Shuffle)
Raleigh:Kota Someya
Brook: Yosuke Ichiwa / RaymayFujii (Shuffle)
Aunt March: Mikiko Shiraki
Lawrence: Shinichi Katori
ス タ ッ フ
Direction / Translation:

"LITTLE WOMEN-Little Women-In the title 2019May 9からMay 9In betweenTheater CLIEPerformed in.

Joe:Morning and summer Manato
Meg:Ayano Kanami
Beth:Sayuri Inoue(Nogizaka46)
Amy:Miki Shimomura(Fairies)
Raleigh:Shota Hayashi(Johnny's Jr.)
Professor Bear:Hironobu Miyahara(LE VELVETS)
John Brooke:Takuji Kawakubo
Aunt March / Mrs. Kirk:Ayako Kuno
Lawrence:Murai Kunio
Mom:Kaju Tatsuki
ス タ ッ フ
Direction / Translation:Kobayashi incense
translation:Yuna Koyama


  • 1998 Composed by Mark Adamo.The script is the composer himself. Premiered at the Houston Grand Opera, Texas in 1998 (this performance was televised and made into a DVD).In addition to the re-performance there, it was also performed in Calgary (Canada) and Tel Aviv (Israel), and in 2005, the New York City Opera, which came to Japan, also performed in Tokyo and Nagoya (premiere in Asia).


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