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🎭 | Rikako Ikee The Olympics are "glittering stage" "happiness" swim through "8% regret, 2% fun"

Rikako Ikee (photographed by Yosuke Takabe) smiles by the pool after her own swim

Rikako Ikee Olympics are "glittering stage" "happiness" swim through "8% regret, 2% fun"

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Since it is decided by looking at the condition of individual players, it is a situation where it is not decided at all whether it will be butterfly or freestyle even if it comes out, "he said," It was a match where I could get various information, so this I hope I can connect to the next race, the medley relay again. "

"Tokyo Olympics / Swimming Women's 4x100m Free Relay / Qualifying" (24th, Tokyo Aquatics Center) 16 years ... → Continue reading

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Medley relay

Medley relay(Medley relay) is a general term for mixed relays in which the distances or running styles / swimming styles of each runner / swimmer are not equal in a broad sense.[1].

In swimming competitionsSwimmingIn one of the events, four people are at the same distancebackstroke→Breaststroke→バ タ フ ラ イ→FreestyleIt is a competition to swim while relaying in the order of.This section describes the medley relay for swimming competitions.


The first swimmer at the set distancebackstroke, Second swimmerBreaststroke, Second swimmerバ タ フ ラ イ, Second swimmerFreestyleSwim in the order of.In addition, you must swim according to the order submitted in advance.

Start / take over

The start of the first swimmer is the same as the start method of the backstroke competition.

After the signal of the referee's whistle, a backstroke swimmer enters each course.Put your hand on the special grip and put your foot on the wall of the pool.As with the start of the backstroke, the departure signal " Take your marks ... After pulling your body against the wall and holding it, you must rest until the departure signal.If you make a start action before the departure signal, you will be disqualified.

From the second swimmer, since the foot of the next swimmer only needs to be separated from the start table after the previous swimmer touches the wall, it is not necessary to stand still on the start table, and a recoil action may be performed.

How to swim

Swim according to the rules of each swimming style.HoweverFreestyle Thebackstroke,Breaststroke,バ タ フ ラ イMust be other than swimming.


In the men's and women's medley relays, the record is officially recognized as the official time for the halfway time by the first swimmer.This is allowed even if the team is disqualified by someone other than the first swimmer.On the other hand, it is not officially recognized in mixed medley relays.

Mixed medley relay

A competition with a total of 2 people, 2 boys and 4 girls.The order of swimming events is the same as usual 1st swimmerbackstroke, Second swimmerBreaststroke, Second swimmerバ タ フ ラ イ, Second swimmerFreestyleIn order.The strategy of the team is asked as to which event to allocate men and women.

OlympicBut,2020 Tokyo GamesA mixed 400m medley relay will be adopted as a new event.


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