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🎥 | Why was Masahiko Kondo & Akina Nakamori's “Tondemo Co-starring” born ... The origin of the match “Betrayal Life”

Photo The movie "Love: Take Off" starring Masahiko Kondo and Akina Nakamori, released in 1985.From the title, I thought it was a "refreshing youth love story", but it was a "tondemo co-starring work" full of occult and paranormal phenomena, with Hoichi the Earless and Tetsuro Tamba screaming !? (The image is from the same pamphlet)

Why was Masahiko Kondo & Akina Nakamori's "Tondemo Co-starring" born ... The origin of the match "Betrayal Life"

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It is clear that this is a request from Johnny & Associates, as it is a tendency seen regardless of the director.

Affair riot, refraining from performing arts activities, leaving Johnny's office, and resuming performing arts activities ... Masahiko Kondo took it in the media from the end of last year ... → Continue reading

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