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🤖 | What is the anime song “Summer Tune” you want to hear in the summer? 3rd place "AIR" "Bird poem", 2nd place "Ainana" "NA ...

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What is the anime song "Summer Tune" you want to hear in the summer? 3rd place "AIR" "Bird poem", 2nd place "Ainana" "NA ...

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Aki Hata I was also surprised by the skill of Hisako Kanemoto's character song, who sang the explosive lyrics as a squid. "

There are many anime songs that you will want to listen to in the hot season.The theme is summer and the sea ... → Continue reading

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Hisako Kanemoto

Hisako Kanemoto(Hisako Kanemoto,1987[4][5][6]May 12[2] -) isJapan OfFemaleVoice actor,singer.Product baobabBelongs.OkayamaKurashiki[4]I'm from

oldstage name : Juri Aikawa(Juri Aikawa)[1].


Okayama Prefectural Kamogata High SchoolAfter graduatingVocational school art college KobeProceed to the voice actor department[4].

2008Graduated from a vocational school[7]After that, he moved to Tokyo and belonged to the production baobab training center "BAO".

2009May 5"DreamParty"Tokyo 2009 Spring"TanodanParticipated in the public audition by general application and was selected as the main character Shirley by the audience vote[8]..When he was entrusted to Production Baobab, he gave himself the stage name of Hisako Aikawa, but in 2009May 10-May 10Announced that his real name Hisako Kanemoto will be used on the main stage of "Dengeki Character Festival 2009"[1][Note 1].

2010,Television Animation"So La No Wo ToMade a full-scale debut in the role of Kanata (Kanata Sorami), the main character of the TV anime "Kanata Sorami" broadcast in the fall of the same year.Invasion! Squid girl] Was also selected as the main character, Squid Girl.following year, 5thVoice actor awardReceived the "Rookie Actress Award"[10][11].

2014May 9,Amoeba blogOpened an official blog at[12].

2018May 5,BeijingFrom the summer of the same year to the next day, because I am studying abroad for the purpose of studying a language in Japan2019Announced that it will be closed until March[13].


HobbymoviesAppreciation,MusicAppreciation,Plastic modelMaking[14].. Special skill isbasketball,volleyballAnd so on.

As a favorite game, "Metal gear seriesAnd 'Tenchu][14].

"Hikaru no GoWas playing Akira ToyaSanae KobayashiLonging for a voice actor is one of the reasons for becoming a voice actor.[15]..My favorite works that have been particularly influenced are the aforementioned "Hikaru no Go" and "∀ GundamAnd 'Detective homes][16].

Co-starring in numerous worksChinatsu AkasakiWe have a close relationship with both public and private, and we are so close that we go on a trip together.[14]..Also co-starring on the radioYuko Tatsumi[14][17]Including,Uchiyama Yumi-Tamura Mushin-Ai ChinoThere is also interaction with female voice actors of the same age[14].

Work related

2010May 9At the event "Aggression de Geso Festival" of "Aggression! Squid Girl" held inCosplayShow off. "Weekly Shonen Champion』In 2010 issue 52 also appeared in the squid girl's cosplay gravure.

The reason why I was selected as a squid girl in the audition isTsutomu MizushimaAccording to the director, "Because he was the person who could be said to be'...[18]..The characteristic tone of the squid girl, "~ squid? ~ Geso", was released in 2010.Net buzzword award(Sankei ShimbunOrganized by) Received the Bronze Award.

"Smile PreCure!Cure peaceOn August 2019, 9NHK BS PremiumWas broadcast onAnnouncement! All Precure Grand VotingRanked 5th in the favorite Pretty Cure category[19].

Cure piece does every timeRock-paper-scissorsRegarding (shiny shiny rock-paper-scissors rock-paper-scissors ♪), the number of episodes in the first half isTakafumi OtsukaThe director had decided what to do, but from the second half, Kim himself had decided what to do.Also,PrecureAt related events, "Pikarin Rock-paper-scissors" is often held with the audience, which is an annual event.[20][21].

"Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Crystal』In the audition,Tsukino UsagiUsefulThree StonesHowever, I was so nervous that I kicked a PET bottle and overflowed the water, and Mitsuishi and others wiped it.Partly because of that mistake, he said, "I thought I had fallen (in the audition)."[22].

Since I am from Okayama prefecture,Nanabain Mayuse(Ryobi Group) ”,“ Aoi Hofu (Akashi School Uniform Company)”, “Seto Town Kanon / Kanan(Seto Agricultural Products Processing Company Association) ”,“Seto Portuguese[23](Self-Defense Forces Okayama Regional Cooperation Headquarters) ”,“ Harenokunie (Okayama Prefectural Public Relations Division) ”,“ Okayama Dog (Okayama Prefecture Public Relations Division) ”,“Jistan(Fantasista) ”and many other voices for characters related to Okayama.In addition, his success as a voice actor was recognized, and he was appointed as "Ambassador of Okayama Sunny Country" by appointment from Okayama Prefecture.[24].

Substitute while studying abroad

The voice actors who took over the roles during the holidays due to Kim Yuan's study abroad are as follows.These inherited roles have not returned even after the resumption of activities, and have been dismissed.

SuccessorRole nameworksFirst appearance as successor
Yumori HanamoruNagisa Mejiro[25]"Pastel Memories"After August 2018, 8 update[26][Note 2]
Asami SetoClear sky Tsubasa"B-PROJECT ~Beat*Ambitious~""B-PROJECT ~Climax*Emotion~"[27]


TaiziIs the main character.

Television Animation


Theater animation




Web anime




Drama CD

  • My Girlfriend and Childhood Friend Fight Too Much(Himeka Akishino[305]) --Original Volume 8 Limited Special Edition
  • Girls und Panzer Drama CD2 Coming soon to Anzio! (Hoshino)
  • Girls und Panzer Drama CD3 Ankou Team Visit! (Kachusha)
  • Knights of Sidonia(Midorikawa[306]) --Comics Volume 13 Special Edition
  • Humanity has declined "The role of sweets in the monarchy system" (Fairy)[307]) --Blu-ray BOX benefits
  • Z / X -Zillions of enemy X- NC Drama CD ① "Super Steel Shinki Lawrencium" (Kurashiki Sera)
  • Mysterious villa + resident x resident 3 (flower
  • Flame Kingdom Rise and Fall Drama CD "Battle of the Maiden -Sweet Girl's War-" (Elizabeth Orenfeld Flame[308]
  • All I need is my sister.(Kaji Nayuta[314]
  • Our miracle(Saya Ueoka) --Our Miracle A book with a drama CD Consideration of our previous life
  • Drama CD Rikuru Vol.7 "Shining!? Star Condition!" (Natsuki Marutani[315]) --First limited edition included
  • Ryuou's work!(Sky Ginko[316]) --Novel Volume 2 Limited Special Edition with Drama CD
  • Z / X -Zillions of enemy X- NC DramaCD (9) "13 Sisters Yuzuki Hana" (Original XIII Type.III)




Digital comic

Radio Drama


Radio cd

Internet tv

tv set


  • Treasure Hunt ~ Minerva's Box ~ in Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum
  • Washino Ryo~ Let's enjoy Valentine's Day with great joy ~
  • Tsurege Vol.16 Hisako Kanemoto & Chinatsu Akasaki x Septentorion ~ Out of the Blue ~
  • Voice actor society of Shinya Arino and Yamaken Vol.2 (guest appearance)




  • Smile PreCure! Musical Show (Yayoi Kise / Cure Peace
  • Rock Recitation Drama Gakuen Special Rescue Hotkencer (Otori Benitsubasa / Hotken Red[334]


  • Go to Okayama or night (December 2015, 12)

Other contents



Release datetitleStandard product numberOriconHighest rank
1st2014/11/26Fantastic VoyageVIZL-73889 bit

Character song

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
May 3Sound of the Sky BD / DVD Volume 1 Bonus CDKanata (Hisako Kanemoto"With you and your wishes"Television Animation"So La No Wo To] Related songs
May 5Sound of the Sky BD / DVD Volume 3 Bonus CDKanata (Hisako Kanemoto), Kureha (Eri Kitamura), Noel (Yuki Aoi"Yoi Te!"
May 7Sound of the Sky BD / DVD Volume 5 Bonus CDKanata (Hisako Kanemoto), Rio (Yuu Kobayashi"Adration"
May 8Raspberry CompotePippi (Hisako Kanemoto"I'm Pippi! ~ Nice to meet you, Ichiko! ~"Dengeki Daioh 15th Anniversary Mascot "Ichiko-chan" Commemorative CD
Ichiko-chan (Hitomi Harada), Pippi (Hisako Kanemoto"The 15th Anniversary"
May 10Invasion no recommendation ☆ULTRA-PRISM with squid girlHisako Kanemoto"Invasion no recommendation ☆"Television Animation"Invasion!Squid girl"Opening theme
May 12This is squid that is love for the sea!Squid girl (Hisako Kanemoto"This is a squid that is not love for the sea!"
"Umiddle ☆ Squid dollar ☆ Earning dollar"
"Umiddle ☆ Squid dollar ☆ Earning dollar ~ Raw squeezed Mon flavor ~"
TV anime "Aggression!Squid Girl ”related songs
May 4Squid ☆ Squid is ☆ Good!Squid girl (Hisako Kanemoto"Squid ☆ Squid is ☆ Good and squid!"
"Basically summer, summer of aggression!"
"Basically summer, summer of invasion! ~ Raw squeezed flavor ~"
TV anime "Aggression!Squid Girl ”related songs
May 7Lee Ka A Lee Su Is it a good squid?"Is it squid?"
"Face over there ☆ Face over here ☆ Face squid!"
May 11To know you"Knowing you"
"Summer Vacation: Shinryaku Picture Diary"
Television Animation"Invasion!? Squid Girl"Ending theme
May 12IKA LOVE"Invasion Nosume ☆ (Altersquid)"TV anime "Aggression!Squid Girl ”image song
May 5Photo Kano Character Song vol.4 Mai HayakuraMai Hayakura (Hisako Kanemoto"DOKI / DOKI / Lovely Sweets"
"Moonlight Starlight"
"Photograph memory"
game"Photo girlfriend] Related songs
May 7Very festival!Official guide CD-that is, a 2-disc set with all songs and 2nd season BGMZMB243[Member 1]"Wow! LOVE! Imagination"Television Animation"Is this a zombie?Of the dead] Related songs
Tomonori (Hisako Kanemoto"Everyone is good"
May 7Smile PreCure!Vocal Album 1 ~ Spread!Smile World !! ~[347]Cure Peace / Yayoi Kise (Hisako Kanemoto"100% hero"Television Animation"Smile PreCure!] Related songs
Cure Happy (Misato Fukuen) & Cure Sunny (Asano Tano) & Cure Peace (Hisako Kanemoto) & Cure March () & Cure MarchMarina Inoue) & Cure Beauty (Chinami Nishimura"The best smile"
May 11Smile PreCure!Vocal Album 2 ~ Make everyone smile! ~[348]Yayoi Kise (Hisako Kanemoto) & Nao Midorikawa (Marina Inoue) & Reika Aoki (Chinami Nishimura)"Iridescent Everyday"
Cure piece (Hisako Kanemoto"Peaceful Days ♪"
May 12Tsukiuta. December [Woman] St. ChrisSt. Chris (Hisako Kanemoto"Holy Night is Online!"
Character CD "Tsukiuta.] Related songs
May 12Girls und Panzer Original Soundtrack[349]Headband (Hisako Kanemoto), Nonna (Sumire Uesaka"Headband'Television Animation"Girls und Panzer"Insert song
May 2My girlfriend and my childhood friend are too shy Blu-ray & DVD Volume 1 Bonus CDMaiden's Association to direct herself[Member 2]"Girlish Lover"Television Animation"My Girlfriend and Childhood Friend Fight Too Much"Opening theme
May 3Kotoura-san's ending theme collection Flower of hope and Tsurupeta and ESP Lab's themeHaruka Kotoura(Hisako Kanemoto"Tsurupeta"Television Animation"Kotoura-san"Ending theme
ESP Study Group[Member 3]"ESP Research Theme"
May 6"My girlfriend and my childhood friend are too shy" Blu-ray Volume 5 Bonus CDHimeka Akishino (Hisako Kanemoto"Hime-sama in Wonderland"A song related to the TV anime "My girlfriend and my childhood friend are too shambles"
May 7Harmonia's Concerns Character Song CD "First I Love You"Takei Shizuku (Hisako Kanemoto"First I Love You"Drama CD "Harmonia worries] Related songs
May 7HOLiDAY HOLyDAYSophia Nico (Hisako Kanemoto"HOLiDAY HOLyDAY"
May 8My girlfriend and my childhood friend are too shy Blu-ray & DVD Volume 7 Bonus CDMaiden's Association to direct herself[Member 2]"Girlish Party"A song related to the TV anime "My girlfriend and my childhood friend are too shambles"
My girlfriend and my childhood friend are too shy Blu-ray & DVD whole volume purchase bonus CD"Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter Maidens' Association"
May 12Occult Maiden Character Song Album[350]Oya no Oya (Ami Koshimizu), Aya Jaku (Hisako Kanemoto), Aya Shironeko (Kana Hanazawa), Aya Tortoiseshell (Chihara Minori"Beyond the Jet Black feat. Starving Trancer"Smartphone game "Occult Maiden" related songs
May 2BINKAN ♡ Attendance[351]Mitsuki Kanzaki (Chinami Hashimoto), Hiyori KotobukiYui Ogura), Yukina Kiriya (Hisako Kanemoto"BINKAN ♡ Attendance"Television Animation"Recently, my sister looks a little strange."Opening theme
May 5Black Suite / Introduction[352]Hisako Kanemotoas Haru Ichinose"yesterday Today Tomorrow"Television Animation"Devil's Riddle"Ending theme
10 years black group[Member 4]"QUEEN"
My Sweet ShelterRitsu Kawai (Kana Hanazawa), Mayumi Kinno (Mayumi Kinno)Rina Sato), Ayaka Watanabe (Hisako Kanemoto"My Sweet Shelter"Television Animation"We are all Kawai-so"Ending theme
May 5Recently, my sister's appearance is a little strange. BD Volume 3 Bonus CDYukina Kiriya (Hisako Kanemoto"Mirai puzzle"Television Animation"Recently, my sister looks a little strange.] Related songs
May 6Black Suite / Break[352]10 years black group[Member 4]"THE LAST PARTY"TV anime "Riddle Story of Devil" ending theme
May 7Black Suite / Sudden[352]"I'm honored'TV anime "Riddle Story of Devil" insert song
May 7Strike the Blood BD-DVD Vol. 7 bonus CDNatsuki Nangu (Hisako Kanemoto"Awakening Insomnia"Television Animation"Strike the Blood] Related songs
May 8Half-ripe girlKato Tsumuji (Hisako Kanemoto"Today's harebare"Drama CD "Half-Mature Girl" Related Songs
May 2Half-ripe girl 2Kato Tsumuji (Hisako Kanemoto"Route Sphere"Drama CD "Half-Mature Girl 2" Related Songs
May 4Unlimited Fafnir Character Song Album -The Girls of "D"-Lisa High Walker (Hisako Kanemoto"Ray of bullet"Television Animation"Unlimited Fafnir] Related songs
May 4Unlimited Fafnir Character Song Album -Beautiful Midgar-"Honesty"
Iris Freya (Rina Hidaka), Mitsuki Mononobe (Manami Numakura), Lisa Highwalker (Hisako Kanemoto), Ariella Lou (Tokui blue sky), Ren Miyazawa (Fumiko Uchimura), Tear Lightning (Sakura Ayane"Ray of bullet"
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal Character Music Collection Crystal CollectionMizuno Ami(Hisako Kanemoto"A touch of rain"Anime"Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Crystal] Related songs
May 5Assassination Classroom BD/DVD Volume 3 Special CD3rd year E group cover[Member 5]"My teacher is Fever'Television Animation"Assassination Classroom] Related songs
May 6You and me Mirai ~GRANBLUE FANTASY~[353]Jeta (Hisako Kanemoto), Luria (Nao Higashiyama), Vila (Asami Imai), Marie (Akiko Hasegawa"You and my Mirai"game"Granblue Fantasy] Related songs
Jeta (Hisako Kanemoto
May 8Purizumu CommunicateTuka (Hisako Kanemoto), Leray (Nao Toyama), Rory (Risa Taneda"Purizumu Communicate"Television Animation"GATE Self-Defense Forces, so fight in his place"Ending theme
Purizumi Communicate Tuka BoardTuka (Hisako Kanemoto"Rest forest"Related song for the TV anime "GATE SDF, at the Ground, So Battle Eri"
May 9GATE Self-Defense Forces, at this place, fight Eri character song album"Deep breathing in the forest"
May 12Heavy Object Original SoundtrackCheeks (Hisako Kanemoto"Love is one-two-you are a monster-"Television Animation"Heavy object] Related songs
May 1Communication alwaysTuka (Hisako Kanemoto), Leray (Nao Toyama), Rory (Risa Taneda)"Always communication"The ending theme for the TV anime "GATE Self-Defense Forces At His Land, So Fight Eri"
Always Communication Tuka BoardTuka (Hisako Kanemoto"Romantuka of silence"Related song for the TV anime "GATE SDF, at the Ground, So Battle Eri"
May 7Prism ☆ BreakSt. Chris (Hisako Kanemoto"Prism ☆ Break"
"Do you hate bad boys?"
Character CD "Tsukiuta. ] Related songs
May 9Assassination Classroom Best Album -Music Memories-3rd Year E[Member 6]"Song of departure"TV animation "Assassination Classroom" insertion song
May 12Let's go ☆ Ensemble!Sone Seira (Risa Shimizu), Tin Kuromori (Mikako Komatsu) Or Tsukinaga (Megumi Ban), Fuji Ino Shizuku (Hisako Kanemoto"St. Narkana, Black Moon Drops"game"Ensemble Girls!!] Related songs
May 4I want to be the strongest in the world Theme song & character songMoe Fukuoka (Hisako Kanemoto"Hajimarekiseki"pachinko"I want to be the strongest in the CR world!] Related songs
May 6We also started the musical path!Headband (Hisako Kanemoto"Великая Катюша"TV anime "Girls und Panzer" related songs
May 8GAMERS!Tendou Kaoru (Hisako Kanemoto), Chiaki Hoshinomori (Mika Iwami), Aguri (Rumi Okubo"GAMERS!"Television Animation"Gamers!"Opening theme
"Passing Quest"TV animation "Gamers! 』Related song
May 11Gamers!Character song mini album"LOVescap E"
"Under the orange sky"
Tendou Kaoru (Hisako Kanemoto"Love, Falling Kotonakare SS"
May 12OVER THE SKY ~ GRANBLUE FANTASY ~Gran (Tomoki Ono), Jita (Hisako Kanemoto), Luria (Nao Toyama), Bee (Rie Kugimiya"OVER THE SKY"Game "Granblue Fantasy" related songs
Jeta (Hisako Kanemoto), Luria (Nao Toyama)
May 1All you need is a sister. Blu-ray BOX Volume XNUMX Bonus CDKaji Nayuta (Hisako Kanemoto"Skides Daisuki Aishitemas"Television Animation"All I need is my sister.] Related songs
May 1Journey to the SunshineAqs[Member 7]Ura no Hoshi Friends[Member 8]"Where is your courage? On your chest!'Television Animation"lovelive! Sunshine!!] 2nd ending theme
May 4Ryuou's work! BD Volume 2 Special CDSky Ginko (Hisako Kanemoto"Bitter Silver"Television Animation"Ryuou's work!] Related songs
May 9I'm not alone[Note 6]Aya Maruyama (Ami Maejima), Aoba Mocha (Sachika Misawa), Lisa Imai (Yuki Nakajima), Kanon Matsubara (Toyota Moe), Tsugumi Hazawa (Hisako Kanemoto"I'm not alone"Game "Bandori! Girls band party! ] Related songs
May 12Fluna!Fluna[Member 9]"Fluna!"
"Even if you feel strange, the season is"
Character CD "Tsukiuta. ] Related songs
I hate ChristmasSt. Chris (Hisako Kanemoto"I hate Christmas"
May 8☆ 3rd SHOW TIME 6 ☆ team Otori × team Hiiragi × team Kaede × team Ren & Nayuki SistersNayuki Sisters[Member 10]"Handmade HAPPY!"Television Animation"Star-Mu] Related songs
May 11Do your best at best! Magical Girl Kurumi Blu-ray 2 "Magical Girl Kurumi" Super Music CollectionPrima Pink (Prima PinkKubo Yurika), Primasian (Hisako Kanemoto), Prima Orange (Mai Aizawa), Prima Spring Green (Yamamoto hope), Prima engine (Lynn"Prima Angel Friendship Theme"Web animation "Do your best! Magical Girl Kurumi"Insert song
May 4Hyakuka Ryoran XNUMXVisiting Kunohe (Kunohe)Hisako Kanemoto), Taiko Bell Sadamune (Takako Tanaka), Nikko Ichimonji (Nozomi Kasuga"Super serious !? Explosive serious !? Magical ☆ Kunohe"game"Tenka Hyakuken -Zan-] Related songs
May 8Open☆Music GateMyu (Ayo Toyosaki), Peko (Kubo Yurika), Suu (Hisako Kanemoto),Nene(Marika Takano"Lalala ♪ Mukuru March"Television Animation"Mucre Dreamy] Related songs
May 1Movie version SHIROBAKO BD bonus CDAoi Miyamori (Kimura Zhuli), Mimsey & Lolo (Juri Kimura), Chucky (Yuki Miyata),Aria(Hisako Kanemoto), Lucy (Haruka Chisuge), Tatiana (Yuri Yamaoka),Chris(Yonezawa Yen), Elise (Juri Kimura), Noah (Manami Numakura), Catherine (Shizuka Ito), Akane (Mai Nakahara), Aya (Shizuka Ito), Arupin (Ai Chino"Let's make an animation"Theater animation "Movie version SHIROBAKO"Insert song
May 1Moon color Chainon Eternal boardMomoiro Clover Z With Sailor 5 Warrior[Member 11]"Moon Color Chainon"Theater animation "Movie version Sailor Moon Eternal] Theme song
May 1Go ahead!Mujina CompanyNeko hacker feat. Familiar with Rokushina (Rina Hidaka), Mayu Warito (Mayumi Warito)Hisako Kanemoto), Yuki Karuizawa (Sumire Uesaka), migrant Garcia (Ayaka Kaneko"Proceed! Mujina Company"Web animation "Little girl president"Opening theme
Let's go back to work!Mayu Warito (Hisako Kanemoto) Feat. Koiwai Kotori"Let's go back to work!"Web animation "Cute Executive Officer" ending theme
"OVER THE DEAD LINE"Web animation "Young girl president" related songs
May 2Movie version "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Eternal" Character Song Collection Eternal CollectionSuper Sailor Mercury (Hisako Kanemoto"Formula in blue"Theatrical anime "Sailor Moon Eternal theatrical version" related songs
Eternal Sailor Moon (Kotono Mitsuishi), Eternal Sailor Chibi Moon (Kotono Mitsuishi)Misato Fukuen), Eternal Sailor Mercury (Hisako Kanemoto), Eternal Sailor Mars (Rina Sato), Eternal Sailor Jupiter (Ami Koshimizu), Eternal Sailor Venus (Shizuka Ito), Eternal Sailor Uranus (Junko Minagawa), Eternal Sailor Neptune (Sayaka Ohara), Eternal Sailor Pluto (Ai Maeda), Eternal Sailor Saturn (Yukiyo Fujii"Moon Effect"
May 3Weak character Tomozaki-kun BD / DVD Volume 1 bonus CDAoi Nichinan (Aoi NichinanHisako Kanemoto"Real Life Attack"Television Animation"Weak characters Yuzaki-kun] Related songs
"Ayafuwa Asterisk'TV anime "Weak character Tomozaki-kun" ending theme
May 4Kampai!Mayu Warito (Hisako Kanemoto"Tsunekatsu <INPUT>"
"I will follow you!"
Web animation "Young girl president" related songs
Mayu Warito (Hisako Kanemoto) Feat. Kotori Koiwai"Shachikler's Theme"
"Special Thanks: You"
May 8Weak character Tomozaki-kun BD / DVD Volume 6 bonus CDAoi Nichinan (Aoi NichinanHisako Kanemoto), Minami Nanami (Ikumi Hasegawa), Fuka Kikuchi (Ai Kayano), Fireworks Natsubayashi (Ryoko Maekawa), Yuzuru Izumi (Nene Hieda"Colorful End Epilogue"TV anime "Weak character Tomozaki-kun" related songs

Other participating works

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
2012/2/8Shin Hyakka Seiran II -Female Voice Actor Edition-Hisako Kanemoto"CAT'S EYE"~
"I want to meet a smile" ~
"Moonlight Legend"~
"LOVE ☆ Tropica-na"-
"Nice you"~
"Peter Pan again" ~
"Run honest"~
2012/9/5Love Sick! / Dear My FriendLove it[Member 12]"Love Sick!"
"Dear My Friend"
radio"Yuiko and Hisako were big! RanQueen!"Theme song


注 釈

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