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🤖 | Sid releases MV for the anime "Heaven Official's Gift" of the new song "Jiu No Kuchizuku"!


Sid releases MV for the anime "Heaven Official's Gift" of the new song "Jiu No Kuchizuku"!

If you write the contents roughly
It is a must-see for not only Sid fans but also "Heaven Official's Gift" fans all over the world.

The day of the Chinese anime "Heaven Official's Gift", which is currently being broadcast on the acclaimed visual kei rock band Sid's new song "Jiu No Kuchizuku" ... → Continue reading


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Heavenly blessing

"Heavenly blessing(Epileptic Fuku,Chinese: Heavenly blessing) IsSumika copper odorbyChugoku OfWeb novelworks[1][2].. From April 2017, 6 to April 16, 2018(Chinese version)Serialized in[3].

A fantasy novel set in a fictional ancient China. In China in 2020bilibiliThe animation was delivered atJapanNow on air from July 2021[4].


The stage is a fictional ancient China.The prince of SenrakukokuApologizeHas a talent given by heaven, and ascended to become a warrior while practicing to save people, but was banished from heaven twice.

800 years have passed and the apology has made its third ascent, but no one has prayed to him, the "laughter of the three worlds."On the way home, the day when he was trying to collect merit, he went down to the lower world where people live and was trying to return as a priest while collecting junk.SaburoYou will meet a mysterious boy[4].


Voice actorIs the Chinese / Japanese version.

Xie Lian
Voice-Kang Hiroshi[5] / Hiroshi Kamiya[6]
The main character of this work[7]..Originally a prince of Senrakukoku, he was trained and saved the place where a child fell from the castle wall during the festival procession of Uemoto from the age of 17, and it was reputed as "four famous scenery" because the mask was removed In response, he became "Taishi Etsujin" and jumped up to become a priest.[8].
There is a statue of Senraku Taishi in the form of "a sword in one hand and a flower in one hand", also known as "corolla warrior god".[8].
Saburo (Sanran)
Voice-Masayo Ma[5] / Jun Fukuyama[6]
A mysterious boy who appeared before apology, like 16 or 17 years old[8].
She wears a red robe from Kaede and has snow-white skin.In addition, it has a wild part while having a beautiful eyebrows.[8].
Reibun (Linwen)
Voice-Black-naped Oriole[5] / Yoko Hikasa[6]
A female priest and Makoto Reibun called "Three Cancers".Helping to investigate Yokunyama, who is the head of the god of literary affairs[8].
The whole body is wrapped in a black garment, and there are many unprocessed official documents in the palace, which are competent and usually.[8].
South wind (Nan Fong)
Voice-Bunmori[5] / Shin Furukawa[6]
A boy who is a military attaché in the courtyard.He is well-mannered and is under the control of Shogun Nanyo and Fushin.[8].
I volunteered to help with the investigation of the apologetic Yokimiyama.[8].
Voice-Hora Wei[5] / Chiaki Kobayashi[6]
A boy who is also a military attaché in Nakatenba.It is also under the control of Shogun Genshin[8].
I came to help like the south wind[8].
Pei Min
Voice-Kuo Fei[5] / Junichi Suwabe[9]
Pei Shu
Voice-Ryohi[5] / Toshiki Masuda[9]
Half moon (Ban Yue)
Voice-Dian Tao[5] / Hanazawa Kana[9]


In ChinabilibiliDelivered from October 2020, 10[10]..The total number of views has exceeded 3 million.[2].

JapanThen from September 2021, 7TOKYO MXとBS11A Japanese dubbed version is being broadcast at.Also,Home drama channelThen, the Japanese subtitled version is being broadcast from July 2021, 7, and the Japanese dubbed version is scheduled to be broadcast from September of the same year.[1][11](In order to match the number of episodes corresponding to some sources to the shortage of broadcast scale, editing such as the previous episode digest is incorporated).Similarly, the Japanese dubbed / subtitled version of the Internet will be distributed including the part that was cut due to time constraints in the TV broadcast.

ス タ ッ フ

  • Original- Sumika copper odor[6]
  • Director-Haoling Li[6]
  • Picture Director-Om Yu Jung
  • Animation Director-Lee Sang Mi
  • 3DCG Director-Kouaki
  • Cinematographer-Atsushi Takeyama
  • Character design-Lee Sang Mi[6]
  • Sub-character design-Kim Mi-jin[6], Park Min Jung[6], Yoo Minji[6], Hong Ins[6]
  • Series composition / screenplay-Kasuga Yurin[6]
  • Music-Yang Qin[6]
  • Animation production - Haoliners Animation League[6]
  • Japanese dubbed version
    • Sound Director-Tetsuya Mugishima
    • Translation-Yue Honda
    • Recording / Adjustment --Kazuhito Nakanishi
    • Recording Assistant-Sho Kimura
    • In charge of sound production-Rintaro Yoneya
    • Sound production- HALF H・P ​​STUDIO
  • Japanese version production

Theme song

Chinese original version
Opening theme "Mubun" (Episode 1-11, special edition)
Song-Jeff Chan
Lyrics --What Hirohiro / Composition --Tansen / Arrangement --Qitian Chen
Ending theme "Fusive" (Episode 2-8)
Song-Yellow Age
Lyrics-Shinmei Toshi / Composition / Arrangement-Yang Qin
Ending theme "Red Zetsu" (Episode 9-11)
Song-Hu Xia
Lyrics --Shinmei Toshi, Wang Xiaoyi / Composition --Yang Qin Sound / Arrangement --Yang Qin Sound, Lee Kashiwa Ren
Insert song "Ichihana Ichiken" (Episode 1)
Song-Lee Xinichi
Lyrics --Shinmei Toshi, Wang Xiaohui / Composition / Arrangement--Yang Qin
Insert song "New bride daughter" (Episode 1-2)
Song-Liu 蕊
Lyrics-Sumi Kaoru Smell
Insert song "Red Zetsu" (special edition)
Song-Hu Xia
Lyrics --Shinmei Toshi, Wang Xiaoyi / Composition --Yang Qin Sound / Arrangement --Yang Qin Sound, Lee Kashiwa Ren
Japanese dubbed version
"Kissing the rain"[12]
SidJapanese version opening theme by song and arrangement of.The lyrics areMao, CompositionMegumi Mie, Theme song cooperation is Emi Harada.
Amemiya TenJapanese version ending theme by.The lyrics are Risa Uesaka, and the composition isSHIKI, The arrangementTateyama autumn sky.

List of stories

Number of storiessubtitle
Chinese subtitle
scriptStoryboardShowAnimation directorCrunch
Delivery date
Dubbed version
Episode 1Marriage of the prince
New prince daughter
  • Kasuga Yuzuru
  • Honey dumplings
  • Momoku
  • Kim Buyoung
  • Homme Yojun
Homme YojunLee Sang Mi2020
May 10
May 7
Episode 2Hidden Mingkou Mausoleum
Akimitsu Yamanaga
Resurrection videoKwon Eun KyungMay 11May 7
Episode 3Confidant's attachment
Old grudge
  • Homme Yujeong
  • Resurrection video
  • Zhang Kin Kin
  • Zhang Ning
May 11May 7
Episode 4Ghost King Hua Cheng
King Hanajo
Na YuminLee Sang MiMay 11May 7
Episode 5A mysterious boy
Kim Buyoung
  • Kwon Eun Kyung
  • Zhang Ning
  • Zhang Kin Kin
  • Wang Peng
May 11May 8
Episode 6To the desert of Ayakashi
Half moon disappearance
Kang Sung DaeLee Sang MiMay 12May 8
Episode 7creeping shadow
Scorpion snake shadow
Kim Buyoung
  • Lee Sang Mi
  • Zhang Kin Kin
  • Wang Peng
May 12May 8
Episode 8Homeland with dark clouds
Foreboding Wind
Zhang Yu Xia
  • Yong Hong
  • Zhang Kin Kin
May 12May 8
Episode 9The calamity of the youkai
Evil Taoist Sword
Park Byung Sang
  • Kwon Eun Kyung
  • Zhang Ning
  • Zhang Kin Kin
  • Wang Peng
May 12May 8
Episode 10Shogun and girl
Bygone Banyue
Guo Zhongji
  • Ju Hyun Woo
  • Zhang Kin Kin
  • Wang Peng
May 1
May 9
Episode 11Merits and demerits buried in the sand
Right and Wrong
  • Park Byung Sang
  • Homme Yujeong
  • Lee Sang Mi
  • Lee Sang Mi
  • Zhang Kin Kin
May 1May 9
Special editionFlower scented night talk
Special Episode
沐 冥Kwon Eun KyungMay 2-


Japanese TV / Broadcast period and time[11]
Broadcast period Airtime Broadcaster Target area [15] Remarks
May 2021-June 7, 4 Sunday 21:30-22:00 TOKYO MX Tokyo
Sunday 22:30-23:00 BS11 All over Japan BS broadcasting
February 2021, 9, 11 Saturday 18: 30 - 22: 00 Home drama channel All over Japan CS broadcasting / 6 episodes continuous broadcast

All of the above broadcasting stations are dubbed in Japanese.The home drama channel is broadcasting a Japanese subtitled version from July 2021 to September 7, 3.[11].

Internet in Japan / Broadcast period and time[11]
Delivery start date Delivery time Delivery site Remarks
Sunday 21:30-22:00
Updated Wednesday 12:00
ABEMA Broadcast version
Original version
2021/7/4 Sunday 22:30 update Amazon Prime Video
2021/7/7 Updated Wednesday 12:00


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