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🎥 | Showrunner decision for spin-off TV series of "DUNE"


Showrunner decision for spin-off TV series of "DUNE"

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The movie version of Villeneuve will be the executive producer of the drama and will direct the pilot version.

A spin-off of the new film "DUNE" directed by Denis Villeneuve, starring Timothée Chalamet ... → Continue reading


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Pilot version

Pilot version(Pilot ban) is a product that is produced prior to a certain announcement.mainlymovies,TV dramaRefers to a video medium produced in advance for a video work such as, but this term may also be used in other cases.EnglishThe pilot of is included the meaning of preview, test, etc.Before video shooting became mainstreamthe filmBecause it was taken inPilot filmIt was also called.Therefore, even now in the heyday of video, it is sometimes referred to as a pilot film as a remnant of that time.

It ends only in the pilot version, and the main story and series may not be produced, and even if it is produced, the first episode different from the pilot version may be made.

Pilot version in TV drama

Taking the relatively easy-to-understand American TV drama as an example, there are various forms of broadcasting today, but in the past, television in the United StatesDramaAre the three majornetwork(NBC,CBS,ABC) Was the mainstream.In that case, the drama is a networkBroadcasterIs rarely produced XNUMX% inMovie company,Production ProductionIt is usually co-produced with.Therefore,commercialAs a broadcasting feesponsorThe funds received from will be distributed to movie companies and productions through broadcasting stations to make dramas.In producing the drama series, the representatives of the broadcasting station, sponsors and producers (executive producer,producer,Director,WriterEtc.), the first episode is first made after the meeting.This is usually called the pilot version.When the pilot version is completed, representatives will gather againPreviewAfter doing and reworking if necessary, the production of the second and subsequent episodes will start and it will be a continuous broadcast.

Until the 1960s, in the case of a 60-minute drama series, it was common to make a pilot version of the same time.However, after that, 90-minute and 120-minute frames were made.These pilot versionsTV movieBroadcast asAudienceAfter seeing the reaction of, will it be further reworked to produce a serial drama?Audience ratingIf the price is low and the reputation is bad, the production will be stopped.

In recent Japanese TV dramas, pilot versions are rarely produced, but they were once produced.Special effectsIt is fairly well known in the work.As a special example, "A strange storyThere are cases where the one-shot story produced in 』will later become a drama or movie of several works alone.

When the pilot version is the first episode of the serial TV series, there are often differences in details, and in the overseas drama that was also broadcast in Japan, "ス タ ー ト レ ッ ク''Detective colombo], Etc. are known as works in which only the first episode is quite different at first glance.Also Japanese TVAnime,Special effectsEven in the program, the difference may be noticeable because the details are corrected after making the first episode and the first few episodes.

Apart from this, the one made as a one-shot TV movie was popular, so it may be made into a serial drama.In this case, the first television movie made is often called the pilot version.However, because the movie for the theater was a hit, when it was broadcast as a serial drama, the original movie is usually not called the pilot version, even if the staff and cast are common.

Backdoor pilot

Backdoor pilot refers to a movie or miniseries produced in the United States to convey the concept of a work that is planned to be made into a television series.[1] , In the TV series being broadcast, it may refer to the first episode aimed at spin-off[2]..Broadcasted and published works are not always made into TV series[3][2].

For example, the 2018 broadcast(English edition)The "1990-Something" episode focuses on supporting teachers and is a spin-off broadcast in 2019.SchooledBecame a backdoor pilot[4][5].

In addition, the episodes based on the characters that first appeared in the series may be treated as backdoor pilots.For example, "Criminal investigator navy file"Visitors from NCIS Part XNUMX" (original title: Ice queen) and "Visitors from NCIS Part XNUMX" (original title: Meltdown)NCIS-Navy Criminal Investigation GroupIn addition to being a backdoor pilot of "NCIS-Navy Criminal Investigation Team", "LA Special Investigation Team-Part 1" ("Legend Part 2") and "LA Special Investigation Team-Part XNUMX" ("Legend Part XNUMX" ) Corresponds to the backdoor pilot of "NCIS: LA ~ Top Secret Undercover Investigation Team".

On the other hand, as a case that ended with only the back door pilot, "Space Operation"of"(English edition)'[6]And so on.

The 2013th season of "Supernatural" broadcast in 9Bloodlines,Is a spin-off Produced as a backdoor pilot, but never made into a television series[7].

In the past, omnibus programs served as a venue for backdoor pilots.These programs were places to show projects that were worth making into a series, and some that were rejected by the broadcasting station were also broadcast.With the decline of omnibus programs, backdoor pilots are one of the episodes on air[8] It came to be produced as a one-shot TV movie or a miniseries.

There are also rare cases where the unsold pilot version was released as a theatrical movie. In 1956, a plan to make a radio program into a television series was raised, but it did not come true.After that, I joined the three pilot versions I made to introduce the concept, It was released as a movie for the theater.

Carrie, which was planned as a pilot version of a TV drama in 2002, was released as a one-shot TV movie.

Pilot program

Pilot program(Pairot Bangumi)movies,TV dramaIt is similar to the pilot version in the above, and is a program produced before the TV program becomes regular.Some are produced only for consideration within the broadcasting station, while others are broadcast as a special program to research the reputation of the viewer.

In varietyNHKIs producing regularly, such as around 8 pmCommercial broadcastSayPrime timeIt will be broadcast on a single episode, and some of them will be broadcast regularly.In recent years, choosing a specific season / time, "NHK program egg(2005-2013), a pilot version was broadcast in the series, and then attempts have been made to make it regular by reflecting the opinions of viewers.Also,E-tele (education television)Let's see the pilot version of multiple mini showspresentationProgram to be shown in format "Aoyama One Seg development→ →E Tele Judge],BS PremiumThen there is "The Road to Regular Programs".

In commercial broadcasting, pilot programs are often broadcast on Saturday and Sunday afternoons or midnight.

Pilot version in TV anime

In TV animation, in addition to what is broadcast as the above "pilot program", sponsors andAdvertising agency, There are both private pilot versions in principle for the purpose of selling to broadcasters.In the case of anime programs, it is difficult to recover the production cost only by one-shot broadcasting, so few are broadcast as "pilot programs".[Note 1], Even if there is, for all applicants service before the start of broadcastingOVAIt is distributed as a work for a fee[Note 2], After the start of the main broadcast, it will be incorporated into the main part and broadcast[Note 3]The feature is that it is very rare to do.

Also, as a special case, the producer of the TV station noticed the pilot version (enlarged copy of the original manga) made privately in the animation studio unexpectedly, and came to the actual production.Tomorrow's JoeThere is[9].

ShueishaSince the 1980s, has produced and released unanimated manga anime works published in its own magazines for fan events, and as a result, some have come to be regarded as pilot versions.[Note 4].

In the case of this broadcast, including the intention of the producer of the station after the decision of the broadcasting station and the convenience of the broadcasting framecast,Production companyThere are many cases where is changed, but the TV Asahi version "DoraemonPilot version of "Doraemon Study room fishingThere is also an example where the cast is not changed at all.On the other hand, "Chibi Maruko-chanIn some cases, such as the pilot version of 』, only the video without voice and drama accompaniment, and the character design and art are produced in a completely different form from that of the main broadcast.

recent years[When?]Then, production companies such as Japan and South Korea (Toei animation,Mad houseEtc.) produced after obtaining permission from the original author and the copyright source, previewed to the people concerned with the TV station, and industry groupsRatingIt is often made public.

Pilot version in manga

JapanesemangaIn magazines, whether or not serialized manga can gain stable popularity is a matter of life and death for publishers.For this reason, one-shot manga, especially for new writers, writers with little serialization experience, and writers who have recovered from the decline in popularity, are published in magazines and special editions (sometimes multiple times) and readers.questionnaireIf it is expected that the manga will become popular due to the results of

In some cases, the one-shot work is promoted to a serialized work almost as it is, and in other cases, it is remade into a serialized work after a bold setting change.In either case, the title of the work may or may not be changed.The famous one is "BASTARD!!-Dark Destruction God-], [High school Tekken toughWas promoted from a one-shot work to a serialized work as it is, but at the time of the one-shot, it was titled "WIZARD !!" and "Otoko Junjou Koiuta", respectively.vice versa"Fist of the North StarIs a one-shot workFist of the North StarThere is only something in common between "the existence of" and "the name of the main character", but it was serialized with the same title.

Or based on the one-shot workMedia mixBased on the world view of the work created jointly by the creators of other media and the cartoonist / editor in charge, the de facto of other mediaComicalizationIn some cases, the editions are serialized[Note 5].

One-shot manga like these can also be considered as a pilot version.

If the serialized work becomes a hit and becomes a book, such a pilot version may be incorporated as it is as the first (~ number) episode of the serialization, or it may be recorded as a bonus, but it is recorded because it was not at all. It may not be done.In that case, in this magazine or special issue where the pilot version was publishedsecondhand bookMay be traded at a high price.


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