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🤖 | Voice actor Yui Ogura releases MV for C / W "Heart Forest" from 14th single


Voice actor Yui Ogura releases MV for C / W "Heart Forest" from 14th single

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In addition to the title song, I would like to pay attention to the limited-time edition with luxurious specifications that contains two MVs.

Yui Ogura, a voice actor and artist, will release the 2021th Thing on August 8, 11 (Wednesday) ... → Continue reading

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Title tune(Japanglish: title tune) IsTitle song(Hyoda Ikoku),Title songAlso called (Title),albumThe songs with the same name as the title ofmovies-Drama-AnimeIt is a song with the same title as the work in the theme song such as.Comic,NovelIs often written down for the filmed work when it is visualized.

In rare cases, a visualization work is created by taking inspiration from an existing song, and the original song is used for the theme song (Hit song movie adaptation), In this case it is not called a title tune.

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