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🎥 | Survivor's voice, nakedly released in Takasaki from the 31st of the movie "Gegenmiao Massacre", a movie set in the former Manchuria  

Photograph A survivor who continues to copy sutras with the thought of requiescats = from the movie "Testimony of the Gegenmiao Massacre"

Survivor's voice, nakedly released in Takasaki from the 31st of the movie "Gegenmiao Massacre", a movie set in the former Manchuria  

If you write the contents roughly
The movie was made when Mr. Taue first learned about the Gegenmiao Massacre in a newspaper article in the summer of 14 and was surprised that there was a fact that was unknown even 70 years after the war.

On August 1945, 8, the day before the end of the war, the former Soviet Union was held at the former Manchurian Gegenmiao (now the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China). → Continue reading

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After World War 70 Year


记事What is (Pheasant)?phenomenon-exist-StatusEtc.TextConsists of単 語Combine,articleIt is a sentence to convey the thing represented by.


the article is,modern societyInNews (Chinese),magazine,NEWSEtc,社会-Politics-Economy-Sports,EntertainmentIn various fields such as事件-ACCIDENT-Celebration-IntelligenceYou can see something that conveys (generally an "event").[1]

So-called5W1HRepresents the most basic style of writing these articles.

Who(Who) Weffect(what) When(When) Where(where) Why(why) HowHow did you do it?

Articles that adhere to these rules are described in the text "readingEase "(=UnderstandingEasy to do) and can convey things reliably and straightforwardly.In newspapers with limited space, first describe this 5W1H, and then write a detailed explanation in the remaining part.This allows you to trim the article from the end of the sentence when you want to truncate it.

In addition, as something similar to the article, I will explain things with the opinion of the writerColumnThere is.The column expands the frame a little from the explanation of the thing itself, and also includes an explanation of the surrounding circumstances.Sometimes the writerSubjectivityIt may also contain discourse, and if this is inappropriate, it may itself be an article as a piece of news.

On the other hand,Photo weekly magazineThe situation is a little different,magazine,BookThen, since there are many characters that can be devoted to the article, the 5W1H mentioned above is slightly inflated to the parties concerned.InterviewArticles are formed through the presentation of related information.EncyclopediaThe article of is similar to this, and various aspects of events and things (without including the opinion of the writer)point of view) To explain.


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