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🎥 | "End of life, ripe spring!Life, how to spend the 8 years era ”advanced digital distribution decision from August 2


"The end of life, ripe spring!Life, how to spend the 8 years era ”advanced digital distribution decision from August 2

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After the retirement age of her husband, Shinichi Ohara and Chikako, who continue to pass each other, are famous actors Isao Hashizume and Atsuko Takahata.

For the generation who has reached the age of XNUMX years of life and has settled down in work and child-rearing, "How will you live your life in the future?" → Continue reading


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Junko Takahata

Atsuko Takahata(Atsuko Takahata,1954(29)May 10 -) isJapan Ofactress,Voice actor,talent.Troupe youthAffiliation[1].. Special skill isEnglishと水 泳.

With Takahata's grandfatherKitagawa KeikoHis maternal great-grandfather is a brother and has a blood relationship, but he is not a legal relative because he is 7th degree.[2].. Eldest sonYuta Takahata TheCommon-law marriageWas a relationshipRyosuke OtaniAnd child[3].. TwicedivorceHave a history[4], No child between the first husband, the eldest daughterKotomi TakahataIs a child with her second husband.


KagawaZentsuji[5]where one is from.Fathers who worked for major construction companies are often transferred,ShikokuI stayed 13 times inside[6].Takamatsu City Sakuramachi Junior High School,Kagawa Prefectural Takamatsu High Schoolgraduation.In high schoolBuddha statueI had a hobby of visiting.As a student, excellent academic ability, versatile exercise, as a place of memoriesTakamatsu PortとRitsurin ParkThe episode is also published in "Kagawa 100 Million People's Love Letter"[7].

I was worried about what only I could do, and to learn actingToho Gakuen College Junior CollegeDepartment of artEntered the theater major.After graduationYoung manJoined inStage actressDebut as.

When Takahata was 25 or 6 years old, he was a master sculptor.Kentaro HashimotoAsked me for a model and was willing to accept it.According to Takahata, Hashimoto left an impression that he was "a very kind person."The wooden statue is (Good luck! On August 2021, 8 (Sunday) broadcast), the price was 29 million yen.

Nikkatsu romantic pornMovie "" (1981,directed by:Kamidai Tatsumi,starring:Yuya Uchida) While being unknown to the heroineSelection(Coming)However, I canceled the appearance just before shooting (the substitute isNakamura Reiko)[8][9]..Yuya Uchida does not allow the uproar at this time[8][9], "I'm thinking of kicking it when I meet, but it's hard to meet."[10]I have left the words.

1980 eraFrom the second half1990 eraIn the first half,ToeiSpecial effectsAppeared in many works, especially "Kamen Rider BLACK RX"of悪 役・ Maribaron became a hit.

1995From "3rd Year Class B Kinpachi-sensei] Played a regular role as a nursery teacher Tomomi Honda in the series, and gained a winning role again.2003of"White tower], The role of Professor Azuma's wife, Teizo Azuma, was highly evaluated.Entertainment showsThere are also many appearances in.

Voice actorDo a lot of work, "Detective colombo"ofFaye Dunaway("It's All in Love"), "Elizabeth"Cate Blanchett,Air force one"ofGlenn CloseOf a big actress likedubbingOr,ER emergency roomAnd 'Ally my LoveI am in charge of guest voice actors for overseas dramas such as. In "Bruno on the Green Hill", he made a regular appearance as Anna.Moreover,"Like the clouds, like the windAnd 'Detective Conan], [Kaguya princess story"such asAnimeHe also worked as a voice actor in his works.

2006of"Soul Moe!], Played the first starring role in a TV drama.2014autumn'sHonorThen,Purple ribbonWas awarded.


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