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📺 | Directly connected to future MCUs! The final episode of "Loki", that character's appearance was as planned by Marvel

Photo Season 2 Surprise Announcement "Loki" – (C) 2021 Marvel

Directly connected to future MCUs! The final episode of "Loki", that character's appearance was as planned by Marvel

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So when I joined, I knew I would be introducing that character, "said Khan's variant in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) ahead of the third Ant-Man. It reveals that it was as planned by Marvel Studios.

Director Kate Herron of the Marvel drama "Loki" whose final episode was delivered on the 14th is the character who first appeared in the final episode ... → Continue reading

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Ant man

Ant man (Ant-Man) IsMarvel comicsIt is the name of multiple characters that appear in the world of.The first ant-manHenry pymIt is,Stan LeeとJack KirbyCreated byTales to astonish] First appearance in # 35.


For several years, various characters have called themselves Ant-Man, most of themア ベ ン ジ ャ ー ズIs connected with.

Henry pym

Dr. Henry "Hank" Pym(Henry Pym) Invented a method of reducing the size of humans and transforming them into Ant-Man.

For several years, he took advantage of "Pim particles," which allow him to freely resize objects.Giant man,Goliath,Yellow jacketAnd so on.

Scott Lang

Scott Lang(Scott Lang) Is with PimIronmanConverted with the help ofthiefIs. After starting his career as the second generation Ant-Man, heFantastic fourJoined and became a regular member of The Avengers.For a while heJessica JonesDating with.Scott died in The Avengers No. 500,(English edition)』In my daughter(English edition)Takes over and calls himself a statue.Scott made a comeback in the 2011 miniseries "The Children's Crusade."

Eric Ogredi

Eric Ogredi(Eric O'Grady) Is the third Ant-Man.Eric OgrediSHIELDA junior agent, he happens to meet Dr. Henry Pym's Ant-Man suit at SHIELD headquarters.He stole and used a suit for his own self-interest, but later converted and became a hero. Joined Thunderbolts and Secret Avengers.

Film adaptation

Edgar WrightDirector Ant-Man with some humorous elementsAction movieI have a plan to make itFantastic fourInsists that it will not be a comedy like[1]..The script is lightJoe CornishWritten by, Pim is planned to appear as Ant-Man in the style of Tales to Astonish in the 1960s, and Lang as the successor to Ant-Man in the 1980s and 1990s.[2].

On February 2, Wright said, "The project is revising the script during the'air turn until landing clearance'."The director reported news about the movie in the coming months[3]..He is studying nanotechnology for movies[4].. As of March 2008, Wright said that the second draft of the script was written.EmpireSaid in the magazine.The director is known as a comedy writer, but said the film was not an obvious comedy, but an "action-adventure sci-fi movie with lots of non-comedy elements."[5].

Wright then dropped the project due to "differences in the vision of each other's films" with Marvel, and the studio was renewed.Peyton reedWas announced to be the director.


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