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🤖 | "Gundam SEED" Yale Strike Gundam Ver.RM is now a Gunpla! GAT-X frame setting ...

Photo "MG 1/100 Yale Strike Gundam Ver.RM" 4,620 yen (tax included) (C) Sotsu / Sunrise

"Gundam SEED" Yale Strike Gundam Ver.RM is now a Gunpla! GAT-X frame setting ...

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In addition to carrying equipment such as beam rifle and armor schneider, you can also reproduce Perfect Strike Gundam by using the launcher pack / sword pack (sold separately).

From "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED", Yale Strike Gundam Ver.RM is MG 1/100 scale ... → Continue reading

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Strike Gundam

strikeGundam (STRIKE GUNDAM) IsTelevision Animation"Mobile Suit Gundam SEEDAppears inMobile suit Fictitious manned humanoid classified as (MS)Robot weaponsOne of. "strike(STRIKE)Englishso"attackIn addition to the meaning of "Gundam" (GUNDAM)BacronymIs set and "STRIKE General Unilateral Neuro-Link Dispersive Autonomic Maneuver Synthesis SystemIs also written as[Note 1].

With tricolor coloring of white, blue, and red,Mechanic design TheKunio Okawara.

In this section, it is the same type machineStrike Rougeas well as,Related worksWe will also explain the derivative machines that appear in.


In the Gundam series, it first appeared in "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED" broadcast from 2002 to 2003.

Early MS designs such as Strike Gundam were based on ideas from multiple designers, and Kunio Okawara drew the final draft. For those early design staffGundam AstrayJunichi Akutsu, who was in charge of the design of the shield, also participated, and the design of the shield is based on the draft he submitted.[1].. In his own book, Ogawara originally planned to participate only in the enemy MS, but there was a risk that product development would be delayed because the final draft was not decided, so he decided to make a clean copy of the design that was in progress. I'm telling you that[2].

Director Mitsuo Fukuda is said to have offered the Strike Gundam concept as "an aircraft that replaces the functions of the other four Gundams." In addition, the idea was based on the anime "New Century GPX Cyber ​​FormulaIt is also said that it is conscious of Asurada appearing in[3].. In addition, producer Fumikuni Furusawa turned from a strike (attack) to a "halberd" and has the name "shield".Aegis GundamTogether with "contradictionIt is said that it is a name that means "[4].

Incidentally,Bandai OfEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euIn "METAL BUILD Ale Strike Gundam" (released in August 2018), a major design arrangement by Ogawara was added to the ale striker pack at the time of development.[5].

The nominal name for media and related products is "Strike Gundam", but it is called "Strike" in the "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED" series. On the other hand, Keiji Shimomura, who was in charge of setting production in "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED", said in an interview that in the setting in the same series, the name "Gundam" that appears refers to OS instead of MS, and if it is Strike Gundam, it is under construction. Explains that the aircraft name in the world is Strike[6][Note 2].

Setting explanation

Earth AllianceIt is one of the nations to which it belongsAtlantic FederationBut,Orb EmiratesPublic enterpriseMorgenrete OfTechnologyWith cooperation, resourcescolony"Heliopolis5 prototype MSs developed in secretEarly GAT-X series)[12].GAT-X102 Duel,GAT-X103 BusterAdopted the same series of X100 frame as the basic skeleton[12]..Dispersion processing specific gravity of limbs has been increased compared to other aircraft, so mobility has also improved[13].. It is the last of the five aircraft and has a different type of frame.Blitz,AegisFeedback is also given from, and it can be said that it is the most sophisticated aircraft among the five aircraft[12][14].

The biggest feature is the unique equipment replacement mechanism "Striker pack systemIs[15]..This system aims to add performance equal to or better than other early GAT-X series aircraft by appropriately replacing backpacks and other equipment suitable for each battle situation.[16].. This also worked to reduce extra weight as it changed equipment depending on the mission[17].. In addition, each striker also served as a backup power source for the aircraft.batteryIs built-in, and by replacing the striker pack ejected from the mother ship during the battle, it is possible to instantly return to the front without receiving supply in the rear.[18].Kira YamatoThe boarding machine of "Yale striker", with a huge sword for close-up combat"Sword striker", operating a powerful gun for long-range artillery battles"Launcher strikerI used the three types according to the situation. In the first half of the storyKira YamatoHas made various achievements.This aircraft is CE April 71, 4[Note 5]ToAegisAbandoned and abandoned when engaged with, recovered by an orb located near the battlefield[19]..At this time, Orb repaired the strike to make it a force for his army, and manufactured a large set of spare parts to increase the utilization rate.[19].. Furthermore, the OS has been changed to a natural one.[19].. Later in the storyMu La FragaWill also be boarding[Note 6].

The "Striker Pack System" adopted in this machine was laterDaggerSeries of the Zaft ArmyZaku seriesIn addition to mass production machines such asSecond stage series Ofイ ン パ ル ス,LibrarianIt had a great influence on establishing a new design concept as an optional weapon for the remanufacturing machine. As the direct mass production type, 105 daggers in the U.S. Army, and the omission of itStrike daggerIs being produced. Orb militaryM1 AstrayThe backpack structure is also influenced by the ale striker of this machine.[20].

Airframe structure

The forehead is engraved with "X 5 CINQUE" along with the Italian word for "105"[21].. Originally, the custom of marking the head of the MS is due to the fact that the engineer who put the MS into practical use in the plant was of Italian origin, but this was also transmitted to the Union and was applied to GAT-X etc.[22].. The camera eye adopts a twin eye with excellent scanning performance[23].. It has a main camera, but it is possible to capture an enemy aircraft on the front monitor in the cockpit without turning its head.[6][Note 7].
It has a structure close to the human body,A humanMost of the operations that can be performed with This is in consideration of the fact that every time the existing MS develops the aircraft, new weapons are also produced, and there were cases where the performance could not be exhibited except for the dedicated aircraft. Although the arm of the strike has gained versatility to use all kinds of weapons, problems such as maintainability and high cost have emerged, and similar features are not adopted in subsequent aircraft.[25].. Wrists common to the initial 5 GAT-X series are adopted[26].
In the atmosphere, using superconducting electromagnetic propulsion,空 気Thrust is obtained by sucking and discharging. Also use thisWedCan be operated underwater by pouring and discharging[27].. However, it is not possible to keep the aircraft flying only by jumping with the thrust of the main body.[28].
Common cockpit for early GAT-X series
The egg-shaped one that rotates according to the behavior of the pilot is adopted.[29].hardwareToQuantum computerEquipped as standard[30][Note 8].. It is equipped with a keyboard and tablet device, and it is also possible for the pilot to adjust the aircraft[29].. Grips are provided on the left and right of the cockpit, and fine control of the aircraft is done with this. Apart from this, on the right side of the seatMode selectorExists, which allows you to change the power from the choice of weapons to use. On the opposite left sideThrottle leverExists, and can change thrust and switch to autopilot[32].. The boarding gate is narrow, and the pilot bends down to get on and off.[33].
Development works at MorgenleteProfessor KatoIs in charge of[34], The OS of the aircraft rolled out in Heliopolis was in an unfinished state, so it was modified by Kira Yamato during the actual battle, so it became a dedicated aircraft that only he could handle.[12]..Later, when Mu La Flaga boarded, it was rewritten to a natural OS.[19].
In addition, as a feature common to the initial GAT-X5 aircraft, when the OS starts up, "General Unilateral Neuro-Link Dispersive Autonomic M"Aneuver Synthesis System (unidirectional distributed neural connection general-purpose automatic exercise synthesis system)" is displayed.[35].. Kira Yamato takes these acronymsGUNDAMAlthough it is called (Gundam), the aircraft name of this machine is "Strike".[36].. The name "Gundam" spread from Kira to the people involved in the coalition, and was later used as a popular name for MS with a characteristic head shape (Gundam face).[37][Note 9].
In addition, the distributed processing system for each part of the strike aircraft can be set for each part according to the equipment configuration and battle situation.[13]..Although the strike body does not have a function to change the ground contact area, it is also possible to adjust the ground pressure of each part of the aircraft by changing the program in the case of battle in areas where the aircraft is not suitable for operation.[38][Note 10].. This is normally set before the battle[13], Kira Yamato is making program modifications during battle[39].
Safety shutter
In order to improve the mobility of this machine, the dependence on PS armor is increased to reduce the weight of the armor members. As a result, the maneuverability was the most improved among the early GAT-X5 aircraft. On the other hand, the tolerability in the PS deactive state is significantly reduced. To solve this problem, the fuselage of this machine has a safety shutter that protects the cockpit in an emergency ("ASTRAY" says "Emergency shutter"Equipped with[17].. This device serves to protect the pilot during power-downs and in the event of damage to the exterior PS armor.[17][Note 11].
In addition, in the 105 dagger mass-produced later, the design depending on PS armor was revised due to the spread of beam weapons of enemy weapons, and laminated armor with excellent beam resistance was adopted.[17].
Identification number
After joining the Three Ships Alliance, the aircraft number "110" was also written on the left shoulder and left ankle.[42].


75mm anti-aircraft automatic Balkan turret system "Egerstern"
Two anti-aircraft guns built into both heads. The main use is for approaching enemy aircraftmissile・ Interceptive shooting that automatically tracks infantry[8]By being mounted on the head, it works with the camera eye and also has the aim of destroying the sensor of the enemy aircraft during hand-to-hand combat.[43].. It also functions as a barrage against highly mobile enemy aircraft.[44].MagazineIs on the body and is fed from there to the head[43].. An improved model of the firearms that are also installed on Earth Alliance ships[45].
The origin of the name is "HedgehogTeam ".
Anti-armor combat knife "Armor Schneider"[Note 12]
Ultra-hard metal combat knife built into the lumbar side holders[12].. The blade can be vibrated at high frequency by a super vibration motor to cut most objects except PS armor.[12].. In addition, it is possible to attack with the protruding blade even in the folded state.[48].. Since the armament itself has a small power supply built-in, there is an advantage that it can be used without worrying about the remaining power on the MS side.[49].. Since the aircraft with PS armor and beam weapons consumes a lot of power, such real blade weapons were equipped as sub weapons.[50].. Graveyard technology is introduced in the blade part[50].
"Armor Schneider" means "cutting armor" in German.
This weapon is from the "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED" seriesCharacter designerWas in charge ofHisashi HiraiIs working on the design. In the playgin,LagoDuel was also wrecked. In response to those battle results, the Allied Forces from the foldable typeSheath knifeGAT-X133 improved to the formulaSword CalamityInherited to.
57mm high energy beam rifle
rifleType portable beam cannon.Much smaller than Jin's "Barrus Kai" special fire heavy particle cannon,Lauracia classHas the power to shoot through the exterior of[50].
However, since energy is supplied directly from the aircraft via the fist connector, the operating time of the aircraft is restricted according to the number of shots. Since it is a portable equipment, it can be used without interference from the attached striker, but it is desirable to use it with ale striker equipment that has a margin of output due to energy consumption.[49].
The technical strength of the jointly-developed Orb is behind the fact that the coalition, which is inferior to the plant in terms of technology, was able to introduce a small and high-power beam weapon ahead of Zaft.[51], Technician dispatched from Fujiyama[50], And the introduction of the latest technology taken from Zaft[52]It is said that the location is large.
The mounting location when not in use differs depending on the medium, and although it is attached to the side skirt in the animation episode 29 (remastered version 27 episode), the plastic model kit "2004/11 PG" released in November 1 In "Strike Gundam", a gimmick to be attached to the rear skirt is adopted.
Although the block under the barrel was proposed as a grenade launcher in the development picture of Junichi Akutsu in "Master Grade Yell Strike Gundam" released in November 2004,[53], Not realized (treated as "multi-sensor unit" in the product description[54]).On the other hand, in the idea added by Satoshi Shigeta at the time of supervision in the toy product "METAL BUILD Yale Strike Gundam", the same part is arranged to be enlarged as a grenade.[55].
Anti-beam shield
GAT-X105 Strike handheld, forearm wearing shield. A special paint that absorbs and diffuses the beam is applied to the armored surface, and at the same time, the shield member is also made of a composite metal of steel materials with a natural frequency that causes a special resonance phenomenon, so this is a micro unit. Prevents the beam hit by the dread pattern by refracting the direction of travel[50][Note 13].. On the other hand, it is not recommended to defend continuously on the same side.[57].. Also, due to its characteristics, it is highly worn and it is not recommended to use these measures for PS armor.[50].
This shield will be a large type of the same type as that of the Astray series aircraft made by Duel and Orb.
Bazooka(Strike Bazooka)
For MS supplied by the 8th Fleet, which merged in low earth orbitBazooka.. There are four mounting holes for magazines, and it can be installed in any or all of them[58].. It is used in place of the beam weapon that greatly reduces its power underwater in the 22nd episode of the main story (21st episode of the remastered version), but is not used in the 23rd episode (22nd episode of the remastered version) because it is fighting with a sword striker. It was In the main story, it was once cut, butMizuho TakayamaIn the manga version of, he is participating in the Orb Liberation War.M1 AstrayWas equipped with.
"Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Versus』Although it appeared in the sortie movie, here it was firing a beam instead of a real bullet.
Originally it was a "bazooka" without a proper name, but in August 2015BandaiからPlastic modelWhen it was commercialized as "Builders Parts 1/144 "System Weapon 010"", it was named "Strike Bazooka". A gimmick that becomes a rocket launcher by reusing parts such as a sighting device and changing parts is added.
XM404 "Grand Slam"
Plastic model"1/60 PG (Perfect grade) Strike Gundam ”Original large real sword set based on the attached bonus parts.
Like Armor Schneider, Koji Hirai designed it himself. In addition, this equipment was released later in "1/100 MG (Master grade) Strike Gundam + IWSP” is also attached, but due to setting changes it becomes unofficial and no details are described in the explanatory text in the assembly instructions[59].
"Gundam Evolved] Was used by the Strike, which had lost its weapon, from what was on the Zaft army's ground base.
Grand Slam old setting
A large real sword prepared as one of the optional weapons of the strike. Its overall length is slightly higher than the height of the MS, and it enables slashing and piercing from a wide space by taking advantage of the reach length. The grip is foldable to ensure a certain degree of portability, but in the end, the Armor Schneider, which is much smaller and easier to handle, was adopted. The remaining equipment was planned to be turned to a buster who does not have close combat armament after simplifying the structure, but at the tip of the arrow Zaft armyKruseFour Gs, including the Aircraft, were robbed by the squad, and with the collapse of Heliopolis, all the prototypes and other related materials produced were missing.[12].
Other weapons
MMI-M1001 90mm anti-aircraft shotgun
OriginallyDinGun for.In the 22nd episode of the main story, it was used by picking it up from the aircraft that was shot down.In the engagement with Morashii Corps in the Red Sea, Archangel was shot between Din in the air and Goon in the water, Mu's Skygrasper sortie in the air and fights, and Kira's strike dives in the water with bazooka equipment and fights. , Kira uses a strike to capture and use Din's gun, which was shot down and dropped by Archangel's naval artillery variant, to defeat Hans Goon.
Mock combat saber[33]
In episode 37 of the main storyFreedomEquipment used in the simulated battle with.

Success in the play

THERE IS71 May 1, A female officer of the Earth Alliance during the "Gundam capture operation" by the Zaft Army Creuset on the resource satellite Heliopolis of the Orb UnionMarie RamiasAnd a student of Heliopolis Technical College who happened to be in the MS HangarCoordinatorKira Yamato boarded and started.As it isArchangel OfOnboard machineIt will be the only G weapon left on the coalition side.

At startup, Maruyu is not a pilotAslan ZaraI was maneuvering with my arm injured by the shooting of, but it was an unfinished aircraft with Kira's hand who forcibly replaced the maneuver when I got into a difficult situationOSWas instantly rewritten, and although it was standard equipment, it defeated Jin who was approaching with its amazing mobility. After adjusting the OS, this machine could not be handled except by Kira, so he was made a full-time pilot of this machine.

After that, he continued to evade the attack of the Kruse team approaching with the four G weapons that were robbed, and after the Earth descentAfricaThen, "the desert tiger"Andrew BaltfeldThe Baldfeld team,Red SeaOn the wayMarco MorassimEnlisted a squadron and defeated them. After the battle in the sea near the Orb, it was hidden in the Orb with Archangel, and at the Morgenrete headquarters factory on the condition of technical cooperation with Kira's Morgenrete (OS development of M1 Astray) and provision of strike battle data.overhaulReceived.

One of the G weapons finally captured in the battle immediately after leaving the OrbBlitzDestroy the. But in the immediate battleAegisWrecked by a suicide attack, but appeared after the battle with the safety shutterRow GuhlKira's life was saved by the rescue. The seriously damaged aircraft was recovered by an orb who came to investigate and was repaired with a natural OS installed. The restored aircraft was handed over when Ark Angel, who had escaped from the Earth Federation Army, visited the port of Orb, and became the boarding plane for Mu La Fraga.[60].

Orb Liberation OperationThen I showed a good fight against Strike Dagger and even after the fall of the OrbThree Ship AllianceAlthough he continues to play an active part asSecond Battle of Yakin DoeProvidenceIt will be destroyed by the attack of. After that, I will head to Ark Angel,Dominion OfLow EnglinWas received by the shield and protected the Archangel, and it exploded and was lost.

In addition, the animation "Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE』In the real world in the playYokohama Red Brick WarehouseA full-scale statue of this machine equipped with an ale striker is placed in, and it appears in the main story and ED.

Aircraft variations

Gun barrel strike
To strikeGun barrel strikerForm equipped with. Game for GBAMobile Suit Gundam SEED On the battlefield with you and you.], has appeared as a machine for Mu.
The Gun Barrel Striker itself was developed by the Union as a special equipment for Mu, but in response to his separationMorgan Chevalier Of105 daggerEquipped toGun barrel daggerUsed in battle as[56].
Perfect strike
In the 2012 Mobile Suit Gundam SEED HD remastered version,eye catchingAnd the third periodOpening animationAfter appearing in the episode 36-37, equipped with three equipment of Yale Sword Launcher striker pack at the same time "Multiple Assault Striker Pack"Perfect Strike Gundam" equipped with is appearing.
In addition, the work to make HD remastered is visual onlyDubbingThe characters do not mention this form because it has not been.
As a form equipped with these three types of striker packs at the same time, it was released in 2004.BB warriorThere is an original form "Super Strike Gundam" published in the edition plastic model[61].. It appears as "Super Grade Strike Gundam = SGSG" using 1/144 kit in Gundam Musashi of the comic bonbon appendix[Detailed information for identifying documents].
Driving strike
METAL BUILD Aircraft set as an original MSV project. Valerio Valeri, chief engineer of Actaeon Industry, is promoting the "Alternative Project" in collaboration with rival Low Gour and MS collector Kite Madigan as an MS development plan following the Actaeon Project. The first aircraft developed by. Developed by Rowe based on the rebuilt strikeKaleto WulfA backpack with a control device and a free arm for Kaleto Wruff equipment called "backpack joint" with a built-in back connector for Astray back standard joining and a shoulder that can also join the free arm so that you can operate as much as possible. Part joint is equipped with a striker pack connector[62].
Flight unit equipment
The second machine of "Alternative Project". Lowe modified his M2 Astray backpack for the Astray red frameFlight unitThe aircraft OS on the side of the driving strike has been improved without any modification, and it has been equipped for matching on the flight unit side. Originally, this flight unit can be equipped with a single Kaletto Wruff at the top, but by additionally replacing the fuel tank combined wing parts equipped on both sides of the flight unit with a free arm for Kalet Wruff equipment, an additional 2 A function that allows you to operate multiple Kaleto Wruff of the machine has been added, and by making the best use of all the shoulders that can be equipped on the dry strike side and the flexible arms that can be equipped on the backpack joint and the arms of the main body. According to the specifications, it is possible to operate up to 11 Karetwulf[62].

Strike (recycler)

The player described in this section is a newly set aircraft for the release of the plastic model "1/100 MG Strike Gundam + IWSP".[64].

After World War II, Earth Federation Forces 81st Independent Mobile Group "Phantom pain"But,Actaeon IndustryCustomized MS development plan for ace pilots promoted with the technical cooperation of multiple companies centered onActor ion projectReproduced aircraft based on[63].

The full-time pilot is Lieutenant Swen Kal Bayan, a pilot belonging to the Special Warfare MS Platoon under the command of Col. Joaquin.[63].

After the Battle of Yakin Doue, the new model in Phantom Pain was supposed to be equipped with a nuclear engine, but it was aborted when the Unius Treaty came into effect. Therefore, apart from mass-produced machines such as Wyndham, which were already under development, the development of a one-off custom machine exclusively for ace has started. The development base was the initial five GAT-X aircraft. These aircraft groups were selected because of the introduction of technology that was enhanced to the utmost limit in anticipation of data collection for later mass production aircraft development and the abundance of operational data.[63].

One of them is this reproduced strike. The Actaeon project planned to reproduce it as designed and customize it based on actual battle data.[63].. This aircraft balances the power consumption and strength of PS armor, and the aircraft color is darkened. In addition, in order to correspond to all battlefields, the striker to be installed is a full area typeIWSPWas selected. And the aircraft that improved this main body and striker,Noir strikerEquipped withStrike noirIs[63].

Photo story "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY ASTRAY]Valerio ValeriThe strike of another aircraft remanufactured by was introduced as an observation aircraft.This aircraftDestiny Silhouette RAfter taking control of him, he finally self-destructs [65].

Strike Rouge

In the Gundam series, it first appeared in "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED" broadcast from 2002 to 2003.

Keiji Shimomura, who was in charge of setting production in "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED", said that the appearance itself had been decided long before the main broadcast of the program, but it disappeared temporarily and it was decided to appear in space. In addition, Chiaki Ryozawa, the scriptwriter, chose Frey Ulster as a candidate for the reason that "the female pilots of Gundam's successive works are often pursuing work" in selecting passengers, but the director Mitsu Fukuda The center says that Kagari, Yura, and Asha have been proposed because it has been proposed.[66].

Setting explanation
Data obtained by Morgenrete from a strike that was destroyed and recovered in a battle with Aegis in the waters near the Orb.[68], The aircraft completed by assembling the spare parts produced when it was repaired[69][70][Note 14].
The basic structure is a dead copy of the original strike,[68][43], Some parts have been replaced with high-performance products, and adjustments and improvements have been made[71][Note 15].. The newly developed high-capacity battery pack "Power Extender" is installed, so the activity time is extended.[67].. As the energy conversion efficiency at that time increased, the power supplied to the PS armor also increased, and the armor start color changed to red mainly.[67]Improved armor strength[43][Note 16].. In addition, OS for natural is introduced[71], In order to support Kagari who is unfamiliar with maneuvering, the control system is equipped with a maneuvering support AI system originally developed by Orb.[68].
Although the individual parts were completed in the Orb home country, the construction was carried out to space by Kusanagi due to the collapse of Onogoro Island by the Earth Alliance's Orb invasion operation, and final assembly and adjustment within about 1 month in the Kusanagi ship Will be done[67].. And the pilot was carried by the commander Kagari[73].
IWSP was selected because of Kagari's hope that the initially installed striker would be "strong". As a technical team, I knew that Kagari's ability could not handle IWSP, but at the beginning, the Strike Rouge boarded by Kagari operated for the purpose of raising morale on the battlefield, assuming battle on the front line. I knew it wasn't. In the operation test, Kagari could not handle the pack due to the complexity of maneuverability due to the increase in equipment, and requested to change the pack after returning.[43].. Because Kagari expressed his intention to participate in the actual battle,Yale strikerIt was decided to put in equipment. It took time to adjust the Yale striker and various aircraft, and the final completion was just before the second Battle of Yakin Doue.[43][Note 17].. However, as a result of a good fight with the rookie Kagari, this aircraft defeated several MSs and nuclear missiles and successfully rescued Aslan Zara from Genesis.[74].
During the peace period after the end of the war, IWSP, which was never used in actual battle, was worn and used as a flag for Orbs at ceremonies.[43][Note 18].
In the Great War ("SEED DESTINY") from CE73, the ale striker improved to be able to fly in the atmosphere[76][Note 19]It was used as a flag of Kagari to advise the Orb Army to withdraw.[77], Played an active role as a shield to protect the people during the invasion of Berlin by the Earth Alliance[78].. Kira was also on board during the Eternal pursuit by the Zaft Army.[79].

Airframe structure (Rouge)

Maneuvering support AI
AI technology is widespread in the world of CE, and support AI is also used for administrative duties.[80].. In addition, Orb's Morgenrete has introduced AI that gives a personality to a quantum computer, and MS design and simulation are also being carried out.[81][Note 20].
The pilot support AI installed in the Strike Rouge is owned by the Junk Shop Association.Pseudo personality computerMade based on the data of[73]So, it was introduced for pilots who are unfamiliar with maneuvering. This AI judges the pilot's maneuver and situation, covers maneuvering mistakes, etc., and automatically enables avoidance actions against the own aircraft.[43].. After that, the support AI of this machine has achieved further development.Astray green frameMounted on[82][Note 21].. The system that supports the behavior of pilots by such support AI was widely used in Natural during the war period from CE73, but it is used for unmanned aerial vehicle research to cover personnel in Zaft, which has a coordinator.[84].
Adopted a natural OS improved by Kira Yamato[71][Note 22][Note 23]In addition,OS for natural that was being developed at HeliopolisTechnology has been introduced on a trial basis[83].. This natural OS technology developed at Heliopolis was later developed further and is mounted on the Astray green frame.[83].
Power extender
A large-capacity power pack added to the power system of this machine. Originally developed by PMP, after it hit a snag, Morgenrete obtained the data and adopted its own technology to complete it.[90].
The "Power Extender" installed in the aircraft was later generalized.[64][63],Strike E,[91]Installed in the second stage series, etc.[90].
Phase shift armor
Originally, the Orb did not have the technology of phase shift armor, but succeeded in acquiring it by recovering the strike.[92].. The phase shift armor mounted on the Strike Rouge uses PS armor material manufactured by Ameno Mihashira at the time of strike restoration.[43][Note 24].. The phase shift armor of the Strike Rouge is mainly red, unlike the prototype Strike. This change in startup color is due to the improved energy efficiency of the Power Extender.[67]And, as a result of the onboard AI intervening in the extender's control system prioritizing the survival of the pilot[43].. Therefore, if you change the setting value of the aircraft, you can change it to the same aircraft color as the strike.[85].
This technology was later leaked and developed by Zaftイ ン パ ル スSecond stage series"ofVPS armorIs being developed using the PS armor of Strike Rouge as a model.[94].
On the left shoulder of Strike Rouge, it faces to the right, named after Kagari's father, Uzumi Nara Asha, who was called the "Lion of the Orb."獅子Kagari likesYuriPersonalized flower markings[68].
The design of this personal mark played the role of Cagalli Yula Athha in the "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED" animation series.Naomi ShindoIncorporating the idea of, Satoshi Shigeta, the chief mechanical animation director, is doing it[95]
Also, a space battleshipKusanagiThe aircraft identification number "210" is also written on the left shoulder and left ankle as a carrier-based aircraft.[42].

Activity in the play (Rouge)

In "SEED", the parts themselves were still in a state of being completed when the Orb was invaded by the Earth Alliance Army, and when the Orb surrendered, the parts were carried out to space by Kusanagi and assembled for about a month. It was completed after work. Therefore, the first team in the main part of the animation will be the final battle of the battle against Yakin Doue. In the same battle, Strike Rouge outperformed the aircraft specs as a result of Kagari expressing SEED due to the deaths of Asagi, Mayura, and Juli.[96].. In addition, M1 Astray driven by Kikuchi and Kanou, rushed into Yakin Doue with Justice of Aslan, eventually survived with Aslan, and headed for Kira who wrecked Freedom in the decisive battle with Providence.

On the other hand, in the book media, prior to the actual launch, we are conducting a test with IWSP attached with M1 Astray on which Kikuchi and Kanou of the Orb army ride. Because the pack was not something that Kagari could handle[97][98], Requesting equipment change after test[43][Note 25].. Also, in the novel version, a mock battle with Aslan and Asagi equipped with an ale striker was drawn. Here, after dangerously flying in the debris zone, he showed radar lock to Asagi's M1 Astray, but immediately after that, he was rescued by Justice because he made a mistake in attitude control and became unable to brake.[70].

In "SEED DESTINY", it continues to appear as Kagari's favorite machine. 1st coolopeningIn, it appeared as equipped with IWSP, but in the main story, it was consistently equipped with an ale striker.

Captured by the Zaft Army Fleet and in troubleEternalFor the support ofイ ン パ ル スIn the fight withFreedomWhen the destroyed Kira borrowed from Kagari and used it, the aircraft OS was adjusted by Kira's hand to the same setting as the original strike he had boarded, and the PS armor color was also the same.TricolorHas changed to[Note 26].. When leaving the atmosphere, a special booster unit "Strike Booster" was installed and launched.

In spaceAndrew Baltfeld OfGaiaMeet withZaku Warrior,Gugh IgnitedAlthough several aircraft are incapable of combat, they are forced to be inferior to the onslaught of enemies that exceed them in number and performance, and after destroying their left arm with each shield, they are forcibly landed at Eternal with the limbs missing. A new model with Kira on boardStrike freedomFinished the role by switching to, does not appear thereafter.

Nintendo DSsoft"Super Robot War KIn ", Kagari has a normal pink coloring, but when other "Gundam SEED" pilots get on, the aircraft color changes to tricolor similar to X105 (shields and twin eyes also become X105 specifications).

Strike Rouge Otori equipment

A dedicated striker pack that appears in the HD remastered version of "SEED DESTINY"EW454F OtoriStrike Rouge equipped with. When Kira boarded with the support of Eternal surrounded by Zaft, it fires all three small missiles at the enemy, throws a beam rifle to Gaia, throws a large anti-ship sword at the enemy, separates Otori. I will show the struggle such as making the enemy charge, but eventually this also wrecked and landed at Eternal.[Note 27], Kira switched to Strike Freedom, ending its role.

Strike booster

"Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY" Option equipped on the Strike Rouge to expedite from the ground to Eternal surrounded by Zaft in the 38th episode. Installed to store the lower body of the aircraft[Note 28].. Auxiliary propulsion device for atmospheric escape, automatically removed after leaving the atmosphere[76].. During the work, it was eliminated after disabling some of the enemy troops by beam bombardment with this equipment attached.

In addition, the added booster is a sudden adjustment of the shuttle unit.[85][99], Is not an official option for the Strike series.

Strike E

"Mobile Suit Gundam SEED CE73 Δ ASTRAY, "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED CE73 STARGAZER PHANTOM PAIN REPORT", "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FRAME ASTRAYS]] appeared.

Strike (recycler)Based on the actual work data accumulated from, the aircraft that strengthened and developed the strike[91].. Based on the customization plan for Swen, reinforced repairs are being done in various places[103].

The duct slit in the center of the mask has been changed due to the review of the layout of the head cooling system.[104].. Sub thruster has been added to the shoulder[105].. In addition, it is equipped with a power extender. At the same time, energy-saving measures have been implemented and working hours are being planned.[106].. In addition, the distributed processing system of the extremities that was enhanced by the prototype machine was also refined by feeding back the data from the Great War.[107].. In addition, AI has been introduced to the control system, and the OS, interface, wireless communication system, etc. have also been improved.[104].

Phantom Pain and development companies have been paying attention to the versatility of this unit from an early stage.[102]Unlike the other four manufactured in the "Actaion Project", several were manufactured as trial machines in addition to the Swen machine. According to one theory, this machine was developed as a test bed for the development of Phantom Pain's next main engine, but the truth is not clear.[108].

Airframe structure (Strike E)

Variable Phase Shift Armor
VPS (Variable Phase Shift) armor is used for the armor of this unit. This makes it possible to change the distribution of power supply according to the equipment.[103].. When IWSP is installed, the same color as before the repair, black when strike noir, green when equipped with another trial launcher striker, sky blue when equipped with another trial sword striker are confirmed.
Sub thruster
This machine has a new sub-thruster on the shoulder. This interferes with equipment in some striker packs such as Sword Strike and Launcher Striker, so another trial striker is newly developed.[105].

Armed (Strike E)

M2M5 Todes Shreken 12.5mm Automatic Proximity Defense Firearm
Dagger LAnti-aircraft anti-aircraft guns on both sides of the head, which are standard equipment in the following Union MS. The caliber was made smaller than the Egelstern, but this is because the number of ammunition carried for people and vehicles was emphasized rather than power.[109].
M8F-SB1 Beam Rifle Shorty
Shooting armament equipped on both hips instead of Armor Schneider. Focusing on maneuverability and rapid fire performance in close combat, the barrelHandgunTruncated to size[110].. The effective range has been reduced by about 15% due to the reduction of the beam convergence rate due to this, but there is no particular problem in actual operation because it is a model that assumes close combat.[110].
EQS1358 anchor launcher
Wire anchors built into both palms, both toes, and the back of the heel. This equipment was implemented in response to Swen's wishes during the strengthening and refurbishment.[111].. The wire made of a special polymer material has enough strength to suspend the mass of MS class, and is used for various purposes such as fixing, towing, capturing enemy aircraft, and hitting directly.[112].. The layout of the mechanism for both hands and feet has been reviewed to secure interior space for this equipment.[104].
57mm high energy beam rifle
The same equipment as before the renovation.
175mm high energy beam rifle with 57mm grenade launcher
Beam rifle with a built-in grenade launcher of the same type as the main armament of Duel. It is one of the oldest beam weapons manufactured by the Union, but due to its high reliability, many pilots love it.[110].. In the second episode of "STARGAZER", there is a scene where a Swen plane carries two guns during a Kyrgyz plant defense mission and sorties, but there is no description that is actually used (manga version of the monthly Gundam Ace series (drawing) : Naoki Moriya) has a shooting scene).
Anti-beam shield
The same equipment as before the renovation. Used in a mock battle by Lucas O'Donnell during the production of "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FRAME ASTRAYS"[83][Note 32].

Strike noir

2006 animation workMobile Suit Gundam SEED CE73 STARGAZER] Appeared.

Kunio Okawara was in charge of the mechanic design. Okawara said in a DVD interview that he was offered the concept of making Strike Gundam half evil, and said that the head had a design that imitated the scratches of the battle. In addition, Bandai's wishes include a design for incorporating a snap mechanism on the wrist.[113].

Of the five G weapons produced in the "Action Project," the strike regenerator was operated by Lieutenant Swen Kal Bayan as "Strike IWSP" equipped with IWSP.[63].. And, based on the boarding actual battle data, the special striker "Strike E" with improved IWSP was added.Noir striker"Strike Noir" is a model equipped with "" as standard equipment.[91][Note 34].. With the improvement of the power extender, the PS armor turned black[106]Because of the striker equipment[114]"Noir" (Frenchso"black"" Means).

The Noir Striker is a general-purpose equipment that has two anti-ship sword swings and two powerful railguns, and corresponds to each range.[115]Has performance. However, due to its performance characteristics, it becomes dexterous, and unless it is an ace pilot, it is a difficult aircraft to control.[116].. Also, in close proximity to the group battle that is the main tactic of Phantom PainBull Duel, Long distanceVerde BusterSince it was created on the premise that it will cooperate with and complement each other, the equipment configuration along with the Strike E is set and developed with a focus on close combat.[91].. Unlike the conventional model, the striker itself has PS armor, so it does not have its own shield.[106][Note 35].

Lucas O'Donnell dedicated machine

Appeared in "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FRAME ASTRAYS". Former Zaft Army deserter and nowFujiyamaAllied MS pilot in custodyLucas O'DonnellThe aircraft to be boarded by.

In addition to IWSP, various other trial strikers will be replaced according to the mission. Lucas improved the distributed processing program for limb control to improve airframe performance compared to normal Strike E.[107].. Engage with Zaft by making full use of IWSP and another striker. The left arm was damaged in the battle just before the 4th Army was launched. LucasRaigoSince I changed to, the whereabouts after that are unknown[118].

Active in the play (Strike E)

Swen Kal Bayan boarding machine (Strike Noir)Mobile Suit Gundam SEED CE73 STARGAZER] Appeared throughout the story. This machine, which was operated as a phantom pain aircraft, was created after the Break the World incident.Kyrgyz plantIn response to the mission to annihilate the Zaft army that attacked, he rushed to the scene with Burduel and Verde Buster and suppressed it. Also in the West Eurasia regionHannibal classAfter serving as a defense mission for the land battleship Bonaparte, DSSX made space exploration MS with advanced autonomous AI unit, GSX-401FW StargazerHe was ordered to take over and attacked Troya Station. With overwhelming combat power with Verde Buster, the security departmentCivilian AstrayIt looks like Stargazer who shot down a lot of them and sortieed himself. After a fierce battle, he was attached to his opponent and was sent to the sun with the super acceleration of Voiteur Lumiere. At that time, the aircraft was severely damaged by the damage caused by the intense acceleration, and finally the remaining energy was given to the Stargazer to return to the Earth's sphere, and it was abandoned as it was.

Swen Kal Bayan boarding plane isMobile Suit Gundam SEED CE73 Δ ASTRAY], the aircraft of Martian who also visited the earth,Delta AstrayAnd engaged twice. Almost worked as Noir striker equipment during the film, but Phantom Pain Report[119]And showed the IWSP equipment in the second battle with Martian. The latter IWSP accompanied the Noir striker, which had been destroyed during the battle105 Slaughter DaggerIWSP that was equipped with was replaced with its own machine.

Dengeki Hobby Magazine serialized photo story "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED CE73 STARGAZER PHANTOM PAIN REPORT"[Source required]Then, Dana Snip and Emilio Broderick's boarding machine appeared. Two journalists equipped with the striker were left in the underground facility of Phantom Payne visited by freelance journalists Jess Ribble, Agnis Brahe and other Martians, but former Phantom Payne member Emilio Broderick who accompanied him Both Lt. Lieutenant and Lt. Dana Snip suddenly fled and attempted to escape with the aircraft. But suddenly on board EmilioAnother trial sword strikerEquipped with Schwertgeberle for boarding DanaAnother trial launcher strikerThe equipped aircraft was cut off, and the Emilio aircraft was surrendered as it was.

Gale Strike Gundam

"Mobile Suit Gundam SEED VS ASTRAY]] appeared. "LibrarianIs an aircraft with a uniquely modified and redesigned strike. "LG" at the beginning of the model number is an abbreviation for "Librarian Gale", and "Gale" isEnglishso"GaleMeans[57].

The pilot ND-HE on board isMurakumoBeing a carbon human with the combat ability of[121], The design focuses on close range fighting in line with it, and by introducing new technology to the drive part of each joint, we have thoroughly enhanced motility. Also, due to this modification, the overall height and weight have increased compared to the original.[57].

The Yale striker thrust deflection booster is implanted on both shoulders to enable rapid acceleration/deceleration in all directions and swivel maneuvering. The waist is newly equipped with a wing saw, and the armor schneider has changed the built-in parts to both forearms accordingly.[57].


Wing saw
Two large swing swords equipped on both waists. It is a type of vibrating sword like Armor Schneider, and it always exhibits a stable sharpness by adjusting the vibration frequency for each cutting target.[57].. However, it has a weakness that the cutting force decreases for unknown materials that are not in the data[57].. When held in the hand, it functions as a stabilizing wing for attitude control, and by moving the arm, the aircraft has various motility.[57].
It has a function of accumulating data each time it attacks an enemy aircraft, and can also cut phase shift armor if it has armor data of a specific aircraft[122].
Shield striker
A highly mobile striker that comes standard with this machine. The two boosters on the top of the ale striker and the battery pack in the center are diverted. In addition, a shield is installed at the top of the unit for the purpose of handling during fighting and strengthening the defense power on the back.

Raigou Gundam

"Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FRAME ASTRAYS]] appeared. The aircraft name "Raigo" is漢字The notation is "Thunder". "MS development genealogy" before this machine appeared in "FRAME ASTRAYS"[123]In, the name of "East Asia Gundam" was given to the aircraft in the part corresponding to this aircraft. The aircraft design isKunio Okawara.

Setting explanation
East Asian RepublicMilitary companiesFujiyamaIs an MS developed by Lucas O'Donnell based on the operational data based on Strike E. The mask has a horizontal slit.
The Strike E, which was improved and developed in the ACT-AEON Project, had the potential to be a new starting point for future aircraft development in the Earth Army in terms of versatility. Fujiyama, which had participated in the plan as one of the company teams, took notice of this and started a new development plan based on Strike E. So far Cosmo Grasper etc.Mobile armor (MA) Fujiyama, which was behind other companies in MS development because it was mainly developing, was trying to reborn as a core company of the military industry in the Earth Army by taking this as a foothold[102]. ThatConcept modelWas completed as Raigo.
All existing strikers can be used, plus an ale launcher swordThree kinds of sacred treasuresThree types that have been developed by analogyAnother striker"Wing mirror (speculum)""Magatama (Sambrit)""Holy sword (Caliburn)"Is used as a replacement. As for the armor material, VPS armor is still adopted, and like the Strike E, the armor color changes by changing the equipment.[125].

Armed (Raigo)

Head machine gun[124]
It is installed on the head duct. Model names such as Egelstern and Todesschleken have not been revealed.
Shoulder cannon[124]
It is installed on the main body block.
57mm high energy beam rifle
Weapons identical to those equipped on the strike.
Anti-beam shield
Weapons identical to those equipped on the strike.
Small shield
An option that can be attached to the arm. In X105, the armor schneider that was stored in the side skirt of the main body was changed to the method of storing it here[Note 36].
Armor Schneider
It is a foldable model, but the design has been modified to have a finger ring.

Active in the play (Raigo)

Lucas O'Donnell and the leader of the mercenary "Serpent tail" at the base of the Asian jungle,MurakumoWas being tested as a test pilot, but a combat coordinator belonging to PMC (private military company) who invaded the maintenance dockSueRobbed with a Specular Striker equipped byFourth ArmyWas handed over to Lucas, who formed. Special equipment such as other striker packs have also been brought out by Lucas.

After that, boardingAstray Blue Frame ThirdThe left arm and cockpit were destroyed and recovered in the battle with.

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED MSV (Comic BomBom version) publication machine

The following variations are available in "Comic BomBom" magazine in 2004.MSV articleWhat was posted in.The illustrations are by Beecraft based on the ideas adopted by the open call for readers.[127].

Strike WSB

Strike WSB (Wing Sword Breaker). An aircraft that emphasizes mobility and is good at close combat. The main body of the strike has only changed the coloring on the outside, and it is equipped with special equipment on the back and both arms. The pilot is a glide cracker[128].

Armed (WSB)

Anti-ship sword Schwert Geber
Two large swords equipped on the back.
Retractable wing
Openable wing equipped on the back. The upper wing can be used as a beam cannon.
Beam cutter
A close combat armament that forms a beam blade from a device equipped on the right arm.
A shield with a different shape from the normal strike.

Reconnaissance strike

Equipped with reconnaissance cameras on the chest and shoulders, the aircraft is extremely lightweight for covert action.[128].

Armed (for reconnaissance)

Beam claw
A beam weapon for close combat equipped on the right arm.
Missile launcher
A 4-unit missile launcher equipped on the left arm. This is the only long-range weapon.

Dive strike

Alas Rowe, a pilot of the Earth Alliance, stole the strike and modified it for underwater warfare. In addition to equipping the back of the aircraft with a large underwater booster, the strike body has also been modified. The pilot is Alas Rowe[129].

Armed (dive)

Diffusion missile for MS
Spreading missiles equipped on both arms.
Electromagnetic wave claw
A dogfight claw equipped on both legs. You can destroy your computer by sending electromagnetic waves to enemy planes captured by claws.[129].

RF strike

RF (refined) strike. Model number: GAT-105RF. A modified Strike machine that was developed as a dedicated machine for Mu La Flaga. Equipped with a wired beam saber using gun barrel technology and boosters added to various parts of the aircraft. It was destroyed by being involved in the cyclops activation at the Alaska base on May 71, 5.[129].

Armed (RF)

Beam gatling gun
Beam weapon equipped on the abdomen.
Reinforced backpack
A backpack with thrusters equipped with two wired beam sabers.
Wired beam saber
A beam saber that uses the wired armament technology that was put into practical use in MA. Can be separated from the aircraft and automatically attack enemy aircraft[129].

High mobility type strike G

G stands for Gundam. An aircraft developed by the plant with reference to a strike taken by chance when Heliopolis collapsed. High mobility vernier on the back, backpack vernier, small vernier on the legs, etc. The amount of defensiveness remains uncertain. The pilot is considered to be an elite soldier of the Zaft Army, and only the coordinator can control it.[127].

Armed (high mobility type)

Large braided rifle
Mount on the left shoulder. A large armament that is as long as the entire length of the aircraft. A handheld beam rifle is combined with an anti-ship sword-like beam transmitter.
Hand knife
A knife made of special metal. Used for PS armor that disables the beam[127].
Small missile
A small missile installed on the chest.


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