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🧑‍🎨 | Unprecedented! ??The director "I'll give you this movie" Distribute the original work presented by the movie theater

11th anniversary of photo celebration! Haruka Tsuda, who starred in "Mappadaka", Isao Takahashi, the representative director of Motomachi Eigakan, and Mirai Hayashi (from left)

unprecedented! ??The director "I'll give you this movie" Distribute the original work presented by the movie theater

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It is scheduled to be released in various places such as Kyoto Minami Kaikan and Cine Nouveau in Osaka in September, and Tokyo after 9.

The mini theater "Motomachi Eigakan", which was born in a corner of Kobe's historic shopping district, will celebrate its 8th anniversary in August. ... → Continue reading

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Kyoto Minami Kaikan

Kyoto Minami Kaikan(Today and Minami Kaikan)KyotoKyoto CitySouth wardLocated at 110 Nishikujo Gawara Castle TownMovie theater(Mini theater).


The operating company is Iwamoto Metal Co., Ltd., which develops metal recycling business.Opened in 1964[1] ..As a mini theater in Kyoto City, in addition to Kyoto Minami KaikanKyoto Cinema,DemachizaThere is.

Audience / screening work

As of 2015 (Heisei 27) during the old movie theater era, it is said that the majority of customers are men in their 40s and 50s, and the senior generation, which is common in general movie theaters, is relatively small.[2]..Human drama works are not very popular at Minami Kaikan because there are many regulars of enthusiastic movie fans.Alejandro JodorowskyWorks and "Centipede human], Etc., works with a strong personality tend to be supported[2].

As a project that has been ongoing for many years,Monster special effects movieThere is a special screening of[3]..Every year at the end of the year, the Kyoto Kaiju Film Festival Night is held, and it was so popular that it was full every time.[2]..It was the first time the current building was held2019May 12ToMach FumiakeIs visiting[4].. As of 2015, special screenings of monster special effects movies will be held every month.[2], Sometimes called "Monster Movie Sanctuary"[3].. Since 1993 (Heisei 5), all-night screenings have also become popular as a popular project.At that time, there were many movie theaters that screened all night, but as of 2018 (Heisei 30), only Minami Kaikan is performing all night screenings in Kyoto City.[5].

Fee / membership system

The fee at the time of opening on August 2019, 8 (Reiwa 23st year) is 1800 yen for general, 1000 yen for seniors, 1000 yen for students, 1000 yen for disabled people, 1000 yen for members.[6]..Discounted to 1 yen on the 1100st of every month and every Wednesday, 21 yen on the 1000st of every month, and 12 yen on the 1st of December every year.[6].

We have a membership system that makes it cheaper if you watch it more than once a year.[7]..Members will be charged a flat rate of 1000 yen, and their companions will also be discounted to 1500 yen.[7]. Also,Kyoto Cinema,DemachizaNationwideCommunity cinemaYou can get a discount by showing your membership card at the affiliated building[7].


In the old building era, all seats were unreserved, and each work was replaced.In the past, people were free to eat and drink, but from around 2009, there was a restriction that food should be sold only in the hall.The lobby of the old building was free to eat and drink.There was a free parking lot in the old building era, and you could use it by depositing your car key at the reception.In the lobby of the old building, "Kinema JunpoThere is a bookshelf where you can browse movie-related books such as ”, and up to 3 books could be rented out of the library.[2]..All seats in the current building are reserved seats, and each work is replaced.[8]..Along with the opening of the current building, we started an online ticket reservation service that was not available in the old building era.[9]..There is no private parking lot or affiliated parking lot in the current building[8].

In the old building era, it was a one-screen with 154 seats, and it was a characteristic hall that was vertically long and had a one-slope.[2]..The current building has a total of 30 seats on 126 screens from 3 to 210 seats.The largest of these, Screen 1,Digital screeningother than35mm filmと16mm filmIt also supports film screenings.Although smaller than the screen of the old building era, Screen 1 is 6.6m wide x 2.8m long.[10]..The seats are all made by Kinnett of France, with Screen 1 and Screen 3 in red and Screen 2 in gray.

The current building1993It was built as a bank in Japan, and was later used by Iwamoto Metal as an office.[11]..Due to the demands of Kyoto City's landscape policy, renovation to existing buildings was minimized.[11]..The old entrance facing the street is a dedicated entrance for staff, and a new entrance and stairs for spectators have been installed facing the former parking lot on the east side of the building.The stainless mesh plate that covers the outer wall symbolizes a movie theater with the image of a screening screen.[11][12].

screenRankNumber of seatsFacility
Screen 11 floor126 seatDCP,35mm film,16mm film
Screen 22 floor54 seatDCP
Screen 32 floor30 seatDCP


Old building era

1950'sMinamikan ThewoodenIt was a double-decker building and had one screen with 2 seats.[2]..At the Minamikan in the wooden building eraShochiku-Nikkatsu-ShintohoWas showing Japanese movies from each company[2].

In December 1963 (Showa 38)Reinforced concreteRebuilt into a three-story building[13], Reopened as a Japanese movie release hall.As of 1960 (Showa 35), the golden age of movies, there were 70 movie theaters in Kyoto City, of which Minami Ward had the Yachiyoza Movie Theater (Tsujicho, Higashi Kujo Fuda) and Asahikan (Higashi Kujo Minami Iwamotocho). , Fuji Movie Theater (7 Nishikujo Koderacho), Nanyokan (3 Nishikujo Kaigacho), Minamikan (34 Nishikujo Nagashirocho), and 5 movie theaters including Minamikan[14]..From the 40's to the 50's of the Showa era, movies became a sunshine industry, and at MinamikanAdult movieWas also screened[2].. As of 1980 (Showa 55), the number of movie theaters in Kyoto City had decreased to 27, and the only movie theater in Minami Ward was Minamikan.[15].

In 1988 (Showa 63), Iwamoto Metal Co., Ltd., which operates a metal recycling business, acquired Minamikan.Kyoto Minami KaikanRenamed to[2]..Along with this, general movies have been screened again. In 1993 (Heisei 5)Kyoto StationThe Renaissance Hall on the north side has closed, and the movie screening company RCS, which was based in the Renaissance Hall, is now producing the Kyoto Minami Kaikan. RCS isRoad show screening,RevivalIn addition to the screening, a masked screening called "Popcorn Night" was held, and its unique programming and planning became a hot topic.[2].. Especially,Jean-Luc Godard,Abbas Kiarostami,Kiyoshi Kurosawa,Shinji AiumeFocused on famous domestic and foreign directorsAll nightThere was a good reputation for the special screening of.Even though it was a single-screen movie theater, there were years when more than 300 films were screened each year.[2].. Of the movie directorYukiko MishimaIs in Ukyo-ku, KyotoToei Kyoto StudioIt is said that he attended Minami Kaikan when he was an assistant director at[12]..There used to be a pachinko parlor on the first floor of the building, and the voice of a pachinko parlor clerk sometimes echoed to the movie theater.[2].

After the business alliance with RCS ended on March 2010, 22, the screening resumed from April 3 as a movie theater where Minami Kaikan independently organizes programs.[2]..The programming followed the RCS era, but it was difficult to collect the screenings due to the need to negotiate directly with the distribution company, and the number of spectators decreased significantly.[3].. All-night screening, which was popular in the RCS era, can no longer be performed[2]Yurika Yoshida, who later became the manager, describes this period as "three years of darkness."[3].. In 2013 (Heisei 25)Kyoto University of Art and DesignYurika Yoshida, a graduate of the Visual Arts Course, becomes manager at the young age of 24.[3].. In 2014 (Heisei 26), as one of the special features on Indian films, "It will be alrightWas screened, it became so popular that the line of spectators extended to the bottom of the stairs.[2].. In June 2016David BowieWhen he died, Minami Kaikan became Bowie's first starring work, "The man who has fallen to the earthWas acquired and screened from August 8 of the same year ahead of other buildings.[3].

The building completed in 1963 (Showa 38) was dilapidated, but abandoned seismic retrofitting, which costs a lot of money.[16].. The museum was temporarily closed on March 2018, 2018, as it is investigating a candidate site for relocation with the aim of resuming business within 30.[16].. From the middle of March, a "goodbye special performance" will be held for musicians.Keiichi Sokabe,Hidenori Mukai"Match-up Theater" where the staff will rock the chairs by hand4DXWind screenings such as "Kanazawa Film Festival 2018" Gimic Theater "in Kyoto Minami Kaikan" and "Kyoto Minami Kaikan Goodbye Explosion Screening 3DAYS produced by boid" were held.[5]..For the last 6 days, a general special screening was held,Cherbourg Umbrella], [Rochefort's lovers], [Blue Spring38 films such as[5].

Current building era

From the old buildingNational Route 175m northeast across (Kujo Dori)[12], There is a former bank building owned by Iwamoto Metal Co., Ltd.[10].. In January 2019 (Heisei 31), the renovation work to use this building as a movie theater started, and it was completed in May.[13]..On August 1, 2019 (the first year of Reiwa), one and a half years after the temporary closure of the old building, the Minami Kaikan was reopened in this building.[12][17].

The number of screens has increased from 1 screen in the old building era to 3 screens.At the renewal opening ceremony held on August 8nd the day before, the film directorYukiko Mishima,Chung Yoshinobu,Daisaku KadokawaMayor of Kyoto, Tamame AkamatsuKyoto City University of ArtsThe president is also in attendance[18].. From the night of August 8 to the early morning of the 23th, the first all-night screening "Encounter with the Unknown" was held after the move, and "Encounter with the Unknown" was held.Encounter with the unknown], [Jaws], [NA"SuchSteven SpielbergScreened the director's work[19]..The building from the old building was demolished in the latter half of 2019.

Basic information

Map around Kyoto Minami Kaikan
Current building
Old building
Kintetsu Kyoto Line Toji Station




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