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🎥 | Moka Kamishiraishi, Etsushi Toyokawa's precious appearance "Brief pants ..." "It's a swimsuit for the time being"


Moka Kamishiraishi, Etsushi Toyokawa's precious figure appeal "brief pants ..." "It's a swimsuit for the time being"

If you write the contents roughly
Each event is completely different, and I thought it was like a personal medley. "

The completion screening of the movie "Kids don't understand" (August 8th) was held in Tokyo on the 20th, and Moka Kamishiraishi, Hosoda ... → Continue reading

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Personal medley

Personal medley(Individual medley)SwimmingOne of the events ofバ タ フ ラ イ→backstroke→Breaststroke→FreestyleA competition to swim the same distance in the order of.

In Japan, abbreviations such as "individual", "konme", and "IM" are used mainly for swimmers.


The 100m, 200m, and 400m individual medleys swim a quarter of each of the four events.OlympicThe personal medley appeared in 400 at 1964mTokyo OlympicsFrom 200, 1968mMexico Olympics(1976Montreal Olympics・1980Moscow OlympicsWas not carried out).100m isShort canalOnly held at competitions.

Swimming schools around the world often impose a 4m individual medley (or 100m individual medley) complete swim or time measurement as a comprehensive swimming ability check for those who have mastered all four swimming methods, and is mainly an index for junior swimmers. Has become[1]On the other hand, it is a particularly harsh event in swimming (especially 4m) because of the heavy burden of refining all four swimming methods and the long swimming distance (200m at the shortest in long waterways).Therefore, the population of athletes is relatively small, and depending on the scale of the competition,Time finalSometimes it becomes.



After the signal of the referee's whistle, he got on the starting platform and stopped.Departure signal "Take your marks ...[2]After holding it, you have to stand still until the gun.Jump in after the gun. "Take your marks ...If you make a start action from the signal of "" to the gun, you will be disqualified.

After the start

Fixed order (バ タ フ ラ イ→backstroke→Breaststroke→Freestyle) And swim according to the rules of each swimming method.However, freestyle swimming must be done by swimming methods other than butterfly, backstroke, and breaststroke, but athletes are mainlycrawlSwim in.When the event does not change, the rules for turning back the event are applied, and when the event changes, each event is used.Goal touchFollow the rules of.in short,During the turn from backstroke to breaststroke, do not lose your supine position until you touch the wall.

Since each player has different strengths and weaknesses in the 4th event, the highlight is whether the player who jumps out first can keep the lead until the end, and there is also a bargain between swimmers.




Major individual medley players


United States flag The United States of America
  • Michael phelps --400m (long waterway) world record holder
  • Ryan Lochte --World record holders of 200m (long and short waterways) and 400m (short waterways)
Japanese flag Japan
  • Jiro Miki
  • Ken Takakuwa
  • Kosuke Hagino --Asia record holders of 100m, 200m and 400m (100m is short waterway only, 200m is long waterway and short waterway, 400m is long waterway only)
  • Daiya Seto --400m (short waterway) Asian record holder


United States flag The United States of America
  • Hosso Katinka --World record holders of 100m, 200m and 400m (100m is short waterway only, 200m and 400m are long waterway and short waterway)
Australian flag Australia
Japanese flag Japan
  • Yasuko Tajima
  • Tomoko Hagiwara
  • Yui Ohashi Asian record holder of 400m (short waterway), Japanese record holder of 200m and 400m (both long waterway)
  • Rikako Ike Asian record holder of 100m (short waterway), Japanese record holder of 200m (short waterway)

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  1. ^ actuallyJO cupThen it exists in all age groups.
  2. ^ Until March 2017, it was "good" in Japan

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