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🎥 | Live-action "Kaguya-sama wants to tell you" special edition will be broadcast tonight!What are the cast and highlights?

From the photo movie "Kaguya-sama wants to tell" – (C) 2019 Movie "Kaguya-sama wants to tell" production committee (C) Akasaka Aka / Shueisha

A special edition of the live-action film "Kaguya-sama wants to tell you" will be broadcast tonight!What are the cast and highlights?

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Set in a super-prestigious private school, the student organization president, Goyuki Shiragin (Hirano), and the daughter of a large conglomerate, Kaguya Shinomiya (Hashimoto), the vice chairman of the student organization, are attracted to each other in order to confess to the other party. A brain battle is fought.

The movie "Kaguya-sama is told ..." released in 2019, co-starring Sho Hirano (King & Prince) and Kanna Hashimoto. → Continue reading

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student council

student council(Student Organization Inside School)Secondary educationInstalled in the institution,studentAutonomous by組織That is.The Student Organization is organized for the purpose of improving and solving problems and issues in school life.In JapanHome roomWith activities etc.Special activityIt is defined as one of.In Western countries, the student organization is placed in the same position as parents and teachers as a part of school management, and is given certain rights.

Student Organization Inside School in Japan

Student Organization Inside School in Japan is secondary educationJunior high school,high school,Secondary schoolIt is installed in.Special schoolThe junior high school and high school are also subject to the same rules as junior high school and high school.

In terms of education systemCourse of Study[Annotation 1][1]Based onSpecial activityIt is classified as one of.生徒会活動を通して、望ましい人間関係を形成し、集団や社会の一員としてよりよい学校生活づくりに参画し、協力して諸問題を解決しようとする自主的、実践的な態度を育てることを目標としておりThrough student organization activities, the goal is to form desirable relationships, participate in the creation of better school life as a member of a group or society, and foster a voluntary and practical attitude to work together to solve various problems. Ori[1], Activities that are voluntarily and voluntarily carried out from the student's point of view, with all students as members[2]And


Second World WarWas installed beforeAlumni AssociationBased on the organizationDedicated to pre-school and extra curricularVarious students in elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools, etc. for the purpose of promoting student voluntary activities inResidents' associationOrganization was established[3]..生徒自治会は、権利としての自治権が与えられ様々な活動を行ったThe student residents' association was given the right of autonomy as a right and carried out various activities.[4].

after that,1949 Around this time, the residents' associations nationwide were unified under the name of "Student Organization" under the direction of the Ministry of National Defense.[5]..The unification of the names was intended to be avoided because it seems that the "student residents'association" is not under the authority of the principal but is given the authority of the residents' association.また、生徒に任せ与えられた責任と権利の中で活動を行うという認識があったThere was also recognition that they would act within the responsibilities and rights given to them.[6].

1989 ,United NationsAtConvention on the Rights of the ChildWith the enactment of ", the theory of student participation based on the right to express opinionsJapan Federation of Bar AssociationsIt originated from legal scholars, pedagogues, educational critics, etc., and from there a tripartite council of schools, parents, and students was formed, and the role played by the student organization also increased, but some of them School has declined[7].

1969 10,At the timeMinistry of EducationNotice issued by[Annotation 2]Called for no political activity.それは、学校の指導によって実質的に政治的教養を学ぶ活動を禁止すべきという立場であったIt was in the position that school guidance should effectively ban activities to learn political culture.[8]..As a result, activities to learn political culture inside and outside the school were banned, and the exchange activities of the Student Organization, which was recognized as part of that, continued to be sluggish due to the permission system of teachers.そこには、学校が直接管理する活動でなかった場合においても、学校に責任が少しでも及ぶような活動は避けたいということが挙げられるThere is a desire to avoid activities that place even a little responsibility on the school, even if the activities are not directly managed by the school.[9].

2015 In October, the notice was abolished and political activities outside the school were lifted.[Annotation 3]..一部の学校においては、政治的活動を届出制とするなど対応に差があるが、「許可制」とする対応は実質的に不可能となったIn some schools, there are differences in the response such as making political activities a notification system, but it is virtually impossible to make a "permit system".[10]..Even in the situation where these frameworks have begun to be prepared, there are still many challenges.詳細はDetail isTaskSee section.

Student Organization Inside School

Since the organization of the student organization differs greatly depending on the school, this section explains the course of study and the course of study.[11]Was referred to.Regarding the classification, (Ito 1995)[12]Was referred to.

  • Voting body
    • Student Organization --The highest deliberation body of the Student Organization, approval of basic matters,budget-SettlementResolution, student organizationTermsAmend and abolish[11]..生徒総会を持たない生徒会Student Organization Without Student Assembly[12]There is also a student organization called "Student Organization"[13].
    • Student council —— Following the Student Assembly, as a deliberative body, it will resolve bills to be submitted to the Student Assembly, resolve various issues, coordinate liaison with homerooms, departments, clubs, enthusiasts, etc.[11].Central Committee,RepresentativesAlso called[12].
  • Enforcement agency
    • Student Organization Inside School --As the highest executive body of the Student Organization[12], Create annual activity plans, submit agendas, convene committees, etc.[11]..また、学校生徒を代表する組織として、取り組みの推進を行ったり、校外への発信を行うこともあるIn addition, as an organization that represents school students, we may promote initiatives and disseminate information outside the school.[11].Student Organization Inside School Board of Directors,Executive CommitteeMay be called[12].Officers are often elected by voting by all students and are representative of all students.Student councilOr to assist itSecretaryThere is a job title such as[Source required].
    • Various committees --Each, focusing on practical activitiesHome roomConsists of members elected from[14],Standing Committee,Expert committeeSometimes called[12]..学校の伝統や時代の課題・実情など多種多様な委員会が存在するThere are a wide variety of committees such as school traditions, issues and circumstances of the times.[11][12]. Also,Cultural Festival,sports festivalThere is an increasing tendency for executive committees related to school events to be set up here as well.[12].
  • Management / auditing organization
    • Election Commission-Manages the elections that take place when electing Student Organization Inside School officers.
    • Audit Committee
  • Autonomous organization
    • Club activities, etc.
  • Support organization
    • Advisor, etc.

Union organization

A coalition organization has been established for the purpose of mutual cooperation and exchange between the student organization and student organization officers of each school in units of prefectures and regions.[15], The student organization inside school officers of each school may get together to discuss the student organization.これらをさらに拡張して全国大会が実施されるなど、活動は活発に行われているActivities are being actively carried out, such as the national convention being held by further expanding these.[16]..These coalition organizations may be conducted mainly by students or by teachers.また団体や活動を活発化させるために生徒会活動支援協会が設立されるなど、活動は少なからず活発化されているIn addition, activities have been activated not a little, such as the establishment of the Supporting Association for Student Council activities to activate groups and activities.[17].


Students who become members of the Student Organization have a high percentage of participation in activities with a sense of duty.[18], Since there is a strong tendency to rely on the traditions and practices of school events, the guidance of advisors and teachers, etc. In many cases, the basic viewpoint of autonomous group activities such as going to school is missing.[19]..生徒会活動が学校雑務や教員の下請け機関となったり、文化祭の活動が形式的なあるいは娯楽的なものにとどまっている学校が現状でも多いという問題点があるThere is a problem that many schools still have student organization activities as subcontractors for school chores and teachers, and cultural festival activities that are only formal or entertaining.[15][19]..また、活動を行う上で、生徒会の執行機関を担っている役員が毎年交替するため、その方針や力量が蓄積されないことも問題点としてあげられるAnother problem is that the officers who are in charge of the student organization's executive body change every year in conducting activities, so their policies and abilities are not accumulated.[20]..In other words, the problems are that the activities that follow the previous year will be settled, and that there is a lack of giving back to students by expanding the viewing angle of activities and information gathering outside the school.

On the other hand, there are also issues on the part of teachers and schools who are in a position to teach.それぞれの実情に合わせた指導体制や方法を実施することが重要であるがそれが確立できていないことや、生徒会が持つ本来の意義や役割を十分理解させることが出来ていないという問題点があるIt is important to implement a guidance system and method that suits each situation, but there are problems that it has not been established and that the original meaning and role of the student organization is not fully understood. is there[21]..活動について、情報や資料を十分に提供し、自発的な活動を側面から指導・支援することが重要であるが、教員の綿密かつ適切な指導が不足している学校が多いIt is important to provide sufficient information and materials on activities and to provide guidance and support for voluntary activities from the side, but many schools lack the detailed and appropriate guidance of teachers.[21].

In addition, in off-campus activities, financial problems are raised because the budget of the school student organization cannot be executed, and there are almost no efforts for the unification of the student organization.[22].

Student Organization Outside Japan

In Western countries, the student organization is the school's highest decision-making body on behalf of students.[Annotation 4]attend to[23]..ここには、校長・教員・保護者・地域関係者も含めて運営されているIt is operated by the principal, teachers, parents, and local people.[24]..この場所での議論は、すべての立場の者が平等に権利を有しているDiscussions in this place have equal rights to all parties[25].

As the upper level of the school student organization, there is a student organization at the state / country level and even larger.[20].The United States of AmericaThere is a federation called the National Student Organization Inside School (NASC) and the European Student Organization Inside School (OBESSU) in Europe.[26]..生徒会やその集合体を支援する団体も存在し、ドイツにおいては、生徒会支援協会(ドイツ語:SV-Bildungswerk)が、各種財団や政府機関などから支援を受け、各校の生徒会役員に対するコンサルティング研修プログラムなどを実施しているThere are also organizations that support the Student Organization and its collectives. In Germany, the Supporting Association for Student Council (German: SV-Bildungswerk) receives support from various foundations and government agencies, and provides student organization officers at each school. We carry out consulting training programs, etc.[27]..OBESSU also receives various support from the European Studentenverbindung (ESU).これらの団体は、教員からの指導ではなく、学生による支援が中心となっているThese organizations focus on student support rather than faculty guidance.[26].

Student Organization Inside School in Fiction

Set in a schoolAnime-Comic-Light novel-GameFor example, the Student Organization may be the stage for the talk, or the Student Organization Officer may appear.These may play an important role in the development of the story.このような作品では現実の生徒会にはない特徴(強大な権限等)を持っていることがあるSuch works may have features (such as mighty authority) that the actual student organization does not have.[28].


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注 釈

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  4. ^ SwedenThen the school council,German FederationThen the school meeting (German: Schulkonferenz), Which varies slightly from country to country.



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