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🤖 | Summer 2021 anime, "Higashi Ribe" & "Ainana" 3rd season is the first speed top! ABEMA ranking announcement

Photo Tokyo Revengers ”(C) Ken Wakui / Kodansha / Animation“ Tokyo Revengers ”Production Committee

2021 summer animation, "Higashi Ribe" & "Ainana" 3rd period is the first speed top! ABEMA ranking announcement

If you write the contents roughly
It seems that the topical work that entered the second cool from July continues to be watched well.

The new future TV "ABEMA" is on the "Initial Speed ​​Ranking" of the new animation broadcast from April 2021 ... → Continue reading

 Anime! Anime!

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2 cool

"2 cool』(Two Cool) is2008(20)May 4からMay 6UntilNippon TVA TV program that was broadcast elsewhere.All 13 times.

On NTV, every Saturday from 24:55 to 25:25 (Sunday 0:55 to 1:25), "Saturday TV Lab』It was broadcast in the frame.






  • # 1 ... Bonfire (broadcast on April 4)
  • # 2 ... Store number (broadcast on April 4)
  • # 3 ... Baby (broadcast on April 4)
  • # 4 ... Alumni Association (broadcast on April 4)
  • # 5 ... drawn (broadcast on May 5)
  • # 6 ... Insert (broadcast on May 5)
  • # 7 ... Tsukushi Library (broadcast on May 5)
  • # 8 ... Iso play (broadcast on May 5)
  • # 9 ... Become a work (broadcast on May 5)
  • # 10… 2008: A Space Odyssey (broadcast on June 6)
  • # 11… Hotel holiday (broadcast on June 6)
  • # 12 ... Travel (broadcast on June 6)
  • # 13 (Final episode) ... Speaking on a ship (broadcast on June 6)

ス タ ッ フ

  • Planning / composition:
  • Direction:Kana Matsumoto,,,Naoko Ogigami,, Ayaka Matsumoto
  • photograph:
  • Stylist: Kinui Horikoshi
  • Hair and Makeup Artist: Ikki Kita, Yasushi Miyata
  • musics:Takahiro Kaneko
  • Choreography:
  • Ending theme:Humbert Humbert"Sin no Aji" (single is a limited edition. Also included in the album "Single Collection 2002-2008" (demo track)).
  • Producers: Tomomune Machijiri, Shuichi Komuro, Hiroyuki Ueno, Makiko Muto
  • Chief Producer:Satoshi Fukuchi
  • Planning and production:Nippon TV
  • Production cooperation:Paradise cafe, Shasha Corporation
  • Production work:DN Dream Partners,VAP


外部 リンク

Nippon TVsystem Saturday 24:55 --25:25 (Sunday 00:55 --01:25)
Previous programProgram nameNext show
Bookmark and paper of Kagamiko
Ö 2008.1.5 - 2008.3.29 Õ
2 cool
Ö 2008.4.5 - 2008.6.28 Õ
The Quiz Show
(2008.7.5 --2008.9.27)


7(Shichigatsu, Nagatsu)Gregorian calendarでYearsThe ninth ofMonthThere are 31 days.

JapanThen,Lunar month septemberTheJulyCalled (Fumuki, Fumizuki), nowNew yearAlso used as an alias for July. The origin of the moon is July 7TanabataIt is a dogma that there is a tradition of offering poetry and exposing books to the night breeze. However, the Tanabata eventNara periodIt was introduced from China and is not originally found in Japan. Therefore, there is also a theory that the meaning is "included month" or "included month" because it is the month that the ear of rice contains. There are also aliases for "Akihazuki" and "Nanayozuki".

EnglishThe month name July inJulian calendarCreatedRepublic RomeTerminal politicians,Julius Caesar (Julius Caesar). Caesar45 BCToJulian calendarAt the same time as adopting, the name of July was changed from "Quintilis" which means "fifth month" to his family name. The August name is AugustAugustusNamed after (in Greek August Represents August). Detail is8See.

September is the year4Same asDay of the weekBegins with.leap year The1Also starts on the same day of the week.


Mina Shizuki / Mina Shizuki (Jyo Kazuki), Kenshin Gentsu (Kenshin Moon), Shingentsu (Parent Month), Tatanabazuki (Tanabata Moon), Tougetsu (Kiritsuki), Nanayoki ( Seven night moon), Hatsuaki (early autumn), Fuzuki (July/Bunetsu), Fumihirogezuki (Bunjou), Meizuizuki (Aitsuki), Rangetsu (Rantsuki), Ryugetsu Suzutsuki)

"7" and "XNUMX" are also called "Nana" in addition to "Shichi", but historically "Shichi" is older. Of "seven"Large print"quality"Or"lacquerIs sent because "1" is read as "shichi". For these reasons, people who have traditionally been called "Shichigatsu" in Japan, but who have been deliberately called "Ichigatsu" in recent years, intentionally call it "Nagagatsu". The number is increasing, especially among young people, and even when officially announced by the government, it is sometimes called "Nanagatsu".

September annual events

Sports held in September

July theme song


  • sign - Cancer(Until July 7),Leo(From around July 7)

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365 days
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