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📺 | Yoshinori Okada will appear in "Daughter of Lupine the Movie"!New cut

Who is the photo? – (C) Dai Yokozeki / Kodansha (C) 2021 “Theatrical Version Lupine's Daughter” Production Committee

Yoshinori Okada will appear in "Daughter of Lupine the Movie"!New cut

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In the new scene photo that was also released, a scene of Hana's thief suit transformation and a scene in the Kingdom of Divenburg where Hana and Kazuma visited on their honeymoon are cut out.

Yoshinori Okada is a mysterious street performer, Shun Tsukishima, in the new movie version of the popular drama "Daughter of Lupine" (released on October 10). → Continue reading

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HoneymoonWhat is (Shinkon Ryoko)?marriageNewlywedsHusband and wifeA trip for two people.English "Honeymoon"(Honeymoon) or its literal translation,"Honeymoon(Mitsugetsu) ”.From pre-modern customs, it has gradually changed due to the development of transportation networks and the development of consumer society, and in modern times it has become established as a trip for two newlyweds.

Etymology and significance

Since the early 19th century, in Britain, a trip to a distant relative after a wedding has been called a "Bridal tour".[1]..In Japan, newlyweds visit their wives'parents' homes.HomecomingThere was a custom of "being married"[2].

The etymology of honeymoonMeadis connected with.From ancient times to the Middle AgesEuropeThen in a newlywed familyGroomToenergyExpected to enhance orHoney beeMead was drunk because of the fertility of[Source required]..For the past month or so, the bride and groom haven't left homeChild makingI said that I worked hard[Source required].

The significance of honeymoons has changed with the times.In Japan, a child born during a honeymoon is sometimes called a "honeymoon baby."[3]

Honeymoon in Europe

Traditionally, there has been a custom of "Bridal tour" in Europe. Since the mid-19th century, due to the Industrial Revolution, Britain andKingdom of Prussia(AfterGerman Empire), In addition to the development of the European railway network, the development of the consumer society has spread weddings and honeymoons to the middle class.[1]..As a result, the honeymoon became more exciting and far away alone, a trip called "Honeymoon".[1].

Honeymoon in Japan

Meiji period

In 1889 (Meiji 22), "Honeymoon" as a Western culture,Inoue EnryōTranslated as "honeymoon"Tokyo Nichini ShimbunWhat I introduced on paper is an example of the first use of the word "honeymoon" in Japan.[1].. As "Honameun"1878Introduced in "European Strange Hanayagi Spring Story" by Roud Lytton and translated by Junichiro Niwa.

after that,Momoi Hanui"Honeymoon",Taguchi KikuteiHoneymoons are now handled in literary works such as "Mitsutsuki Yu" and "Hatsukaku".[1]..However, it was an upper class custom to travel to high-end resorts, both in these works and in reality.[1].

In addition, it was serialized at the same timeAkira SakazakiThe novel "Sweat-blooded Senri Koma』(1883ThanDoyo Shimbun(Serialized in)Ryoma SakamotoIt is widely known that the couple's stay in Satsuma for medical treatment was described as "Hone, Moon" (honeymoon), and it is widely known that "Sakamoto and his wife are the first couple on their honeymoon in Japan." Are[1]..However, the couple who made Japan's first honeymoonSatsuma DomainElder-Kiyoren KomatsuAt the time of newlyweds1856There is also a theory that the couple who went to Kirishima may be the first trip to Kirishima.[4].

Taisho-early Showa period

TaishoからShowaWith the development of the railway network in Japan in the first half of the year, it spreads among the upper classes.For examplePrince HirohitoWith (later Emperor Showa)Queen Yoshiko(Later Empress Kojun) married in January 1924 (Taisho 13) and had a summer.FukushimaInawashiroTakamatsunomiya Okinajima Bettei (currentlyTenkyokaku) Spent.AlsoNobuhito TakamatsuとKikuko TokugawaMarried in 1929 (Showa 4) and visited Europe for a long time in 1930 (Showa 5).

However, the oldCivil lawBelowFamily systemBecause the sovereignty of the family in Japan was powerful and the value was "marriage between homes", "free travel for two couples" was taken negatively.[5]. For example,Shimoda UtakoIn a courtesy book, while giving a negative view on honeymoons, it recommends the traditional "homecoming" and "grandfathering" customs.[6].

Mid Showa period

1947(Showa 22)Civil lawDue to the amendment, the couple are now equal individuals.in addition,1959(Showa 34)Crown Prince AkihitoとMichiko ShodaBut the next1960(Showa 35)Takako KiyomiyaとHisanaga ShimazuHowever, when they got married, it was widely reported that they were "love marriages", and the youth's view of marriage changed.From the 30's to the 40's, the proportion of love marriage increased,MatchmakingIt has surpassed marriage.

In addition, at the same time, JapanHigh economic growthDue to the increase in the number of marriages and the expansion of consumption, wedding ceremonies were held at ceremonial halls and hotels instead of at home, and were commercialized and used as "set trips" by travel agencies.[7]..In KansaiWakaura[Source required] , In the vicinity of KantoIzu,Hakone,AtamiWarm hot spring areas such as were popular[7].1959In (34), the Japanese National Railways was for newlyweds.Kotobuki tour ticketWas released (initially, 601 kg or more is applied).

さ ら に,MiyazakiBecame extremely popular and at its peak1974In (49), about 100 out of 37 million married couples visited the area.[8]..Miyazaki prefecture1960Takako Shimazu and Mrs. Kuninaga visited the area on their honeymoon in 35.[Annotation 1],further1962In (Showa 37), the Crown Prince and Michiko's enlightenment attracted attention, and the media raised the image of a place of admiration.[8]..Miyazaki prefectureNational railway,Miyazaki TransportationHowever, the background of being forced to change from the "birthplace of the ancestors" in the prewar period[9]There is also Phoenix (Canary palm), And attracted honeymooners by focusing on the formation of a resort image.[8]..Also, the movie "" and the NHK drama "TamayuraThe image of the southern country was emphasized and spread one after another by the media such as[10].1967From (Showa 42) 1972(Showa 47)MiyazakiFor honeymooners toOsaka - MiyazakiTemporary express train "KotobukiThe issue was operated.For general visit routesQingdao Shrine,Udo ShrineChild treasure prayer in NankokuCactus parkWalk around, and moreCape ToiCan be mentioned[11].

In addition, from Tokyo, a short itinerary of about 1 to 2 nights to Izu or Hakone, and Wakayama Prefecture, which sells a tropical atmosphere like Miyazaki,ShirahamaThe 5-day itinerary via Kyoto to (Nanki Shirahama) was also popular[12].

Ryokan inns in these tourist destinations also have enhanced services such as soundproof rooms and care that does not make the bride feel embarrassed.[13]..On the railroad, comfortable limited express trains were operated regardless of whether it was a national railway or a private railway, and the main stations were flooded with newlyweds and see-off passengers, and the inside of the train was booming with women on the window side and men on the aisle side.[14].

Late Showa period

1964(39), due to the liberalization of overseas travelHawaiiIt became a status to save money and go to a tropical country such as[8].. further 1973(Showa 48)Floating exchange rateTransition to Japan routes in Honolulu and GuamJumbo jetIntroduced (History of Japan AirlinesIn the 50s, Hawaii became one of the realistic honeymoon destinations.[15].

In the 60s, there was a working environment in Japan where it was difficult to take long vacations, and the demand for sightseeing trips that also served as honeymoons increased, and destinations such as North America and Europe became diversified.[16].

Heisei period

Especially since the 1990s2000 eraThen,Appreciation of the yenIs pushing the trend of overseas travel,Luxury liner around the worldAnd gorgeousTranscontinental railroadDiversification, luxury, and prolongation such as train trips by[Source required]..But on the other hand, prolongHeisei recessionDue to the economic downturn, so-calledSober marriageThere are also newlyweds who postpone their honeymoons indefinitely.Also,Shotgun weddingIs also subtly affecting the honeymoon trend[Source required].

But on the other handBaby boom generation"Gorgeous" that could not be realized by generations who could not make a luxurious honeymoon due to financial problems and busyness, such as (first baby boomers) and couples of generations before that generation. To regain the "honeymoon"2000 eraThanretirementThere is also a tendency to make luxury trips using the extra leisure time afterwards, and the number of trips for middle-aged couples and elderly couples is increasing.[Source required]..The travel agency also responds to this and plans and provides even luxury pack trips of 1 million yen per person.[Source required].


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  1. ^ Hisanaga's father:Hisanori ShimazuIs the oldSadohara DomainDescendants of the main familyTadamaro ShimazuInherit the family as an adopted child.The Sadowara clanHyuga countryNaka-gunandKoyu-gunSince it owned (currently along the Nichinan coast of Miyazaki prefecture), it was a place closely related to Mr. and Mrs. Hisanaga and Takako.Hisanori himself is the 29th Satsuma feudal lordShimazu TadayoshiSeven sons.Yame of loyaltyChikako TheKunihiko KunimiyaMarried to Takako andAkihitoBecome their grandmother.



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