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🎥 | "Movie: Fishmans" Kin-ichi Motegi, Director Yuki Teshima, Producer Toshiho Sakai on stage!Big hit thank you stage greetings!


"Movie: Fishmans" Kin-ichi Motegi, Director Yuki Teshima, Producer Toshiho Sakai on stage!Big hit thank you stage greetings!

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It makes me happy to touch handmade things, and if I get that much support from crowdfunding, I remember that I have to make good things with handmade things, "said the members (in the movie) interviewed. There was a scene where I answered, but that is because it is crowdfunding, I think that it would never be a movie like this if it was not crowdfunding, and I remembered that from the caricature of Osaka. " ..

The documentary film "Movie: Fishmans" won the 1st place in the mini theater ranking, with 1 people ... → Continue reading


Web version of the free magazine "Rooftop" published by Livehouse LOFT. Pop culture information presented by the Rock Hall of Fame, where Southern All Stars, BOOWY, and Tatsuro Yamashita also stood on the stage. Artist exclusive interviews and various reviews.

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portrait(Nigae) means a person's appearance or characteristics, or is drawn by deformation.Portrait.

The etymology isUkiyo-e OfActor pictureOf these, the name of the one drawn to capture the personality of the actor. After that, not only Ukiyo-e, but also the person's face is accurately reproduced, orDeformation(caricature) Of theFine artExcluding (so-called portraits)Comic,IllustrationAll of them are now called "portraits".


Yamato pictureFor the public recordsSimilar picture(Nise) orZen BuddhismInTop phaseThere was a field of portraiture called (Chinzo).

Early actor paintings in Ukiyo-e did not capture the individual characteristics of the actors. The middle of Ukiyo-eMeiwaA year,One stroke study,Katsukawa ShunshoStarted drawing Ukiyo-e, which captures the individual characteristics of each actor, and this is now called "caricature."

For artists who are good at actor portraits,Katsukawa Haruyoshi,Katsukawa Haruhide,Torii Kiyonaga,Tosusai Sharaku,Utagawa ToyokuniAnd so on.

Types and uses of caricatures

Caricature as a criminal investigation

PolicemenWhen calling for information from unidentified persons and crime victims (such as after recovering from a white bone corpse),CriminalTheFugitive warrantWhen doing写真If you don't get aPlastic surgeryWhen there is a possibility of changing the face shape, "caricature" or "imagination after plastic surgery" is often used.The police officer in charge of theseCaricature investigatorCalled.

In addition, caricatures emphasize facial features, so it is easier to recall the criminal's memory than photos and video images.ArrestEasy to connect to[1].

Portrait drawing

There is a profession called "caricature drawing" in which you stand on the street corner, line up sample caricatures, draw caricatures of tourists and earn income. Besides being one of the means by which anonymous painters earn income, there are many specialized jobs.

France OfParis-MontmartreIt is inTertre SquareIs known for its many portrait paintings and is a tourist spot.

in JapanTokyo OfUeno ParkCaricatures are being drawn near the entrance stairs and at event venues. 1914 (Taisho 3),Shizuoka StationA cartoonist who drew a caricature with his headRyohide HattoriExpert[Who?]There is also.

Caricature cartoon

CaricatureComicIt is also a technique in. When deforming,satire,ParodyTake on the elements of. Cartoons for the purpose of satire and criticism of politics and public sentiment (Cartoon caricature) And sports-related information related cartoons almost always require portraits of famous people.

in JapanShoji YamatoIs a leading figure in the comics field,Asahi ShimbunI was in charge of caricatures for cutting articles for many years,1981からWeekly AsahiHe had a series of posts in the magazine "Shoji Yamato's portrait school", and produced many professional portrait drawings from junior students (general contributors).

Use of caricatures in entertainment media

In TV programs, especially variety shows, talents who have not appeared in the program being broadcastwipeIf you use the photo of the talent when introducing it in composition etc.Portrait rightBecause it gets involvedEntertainment officeIn some cases, such as when the photograph cannot be used without the permission of the relevant parties, or when the portrait right fee is high even if the permission is obtained, a portrait may be used instead.

  • Johnny's OfficeHas long refused to use photos of their talents[2]However, the ban is currently lifted[3].

In addition, when the talent announces the marriage,spouseIf you are an ordinary person who is not a celebrity-related person, you may be introduced to your spouse at a press conference, etc., from a viewpoint of privacy protection, instead of taking a picture of it, saying "If you compare it to an entertainer, Mr. ●●", you will have your own portrait. Naturally, caricatures are good and bad, but they are the topic of discussion including them.


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