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📺 | The drama "Prince of Push" struggled ... Severe voices from viewers "Works that should not be buried" and a fierce push


The drama "Prince of Push" struggled ... Severe voices from viewers "Works that should not be buried" and a fierce push

If you write the contents roughly
Meanwhile, Kou couldn't understand the technical terms spoken by other staff, and even though he tried to read the glossary and study, he fell asleep in the conference room.

The first episode of the drama "Prince of Push" (Fuji TV series) starring actor Manami Higa will be released on July 3, 2021 ... → Continue reading

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Terminology(Senmonyougo) is a specificOccupationWho is engaged inLearningFields ofindustryIt is used only betweenword-the termIt is a group.Technical term(English technical term) Is also said.

These are more words per word than commonly used wordsconceptTend to include. So-calledIdiomEtc., one of which points to the concept of something, but technical terms are used in each field to point to a larger, more specialized concept.

Secret wordWait(Colloquialism,Slang・It is a word that is publicly accepted in that particular field, unlike the word "note". On the other hand, it is often a word that cannot be understood by people who are not familiar with the field (people outside the field). In this case, with slangtechnicaljargon(English technical jargon, Meaning: technical exclusive expression).

However, as the field grows larger, it gives rise to the problem that such words cannot be remembered by those who are involved in those fields, and those who come in later cannot understand them. For this reason, we specialized in terminologydictionaryExists,Manual,HandbookSuch that you can understand step by stepBookIs also on sale. However, even in this dictionary and manuals, there are some cases that are difficult to understand depending on the quality of the editors, and in this area, good books called "necessary books" are handed down for each field.

An example of technical term

The reason for using the technical term is that it can handle the whole of several concepts, which is a large one, and therefore has the property that it can be expressed more easily in the explanation of things.

For exampleComputer scienceWhoNatural language processingIn a general sense such as the context of言语Is often confused withProgramming languageIs sometimes referred to as "language" for short. At this time, the word "language" has many concepts (Category: Programming language syntax)) in the background, and if you write them all in a form that you can generally understand, you can simply trace the whole image surface.BookcaseIt is equivalent to the amount of books that one or two of them are lightly filled.

However, for those who understand the field, at least the minimum amount of information necessary for the work of the "one or two bookshelves" is in mind or necessary. The technical terminology is used because it is not necessary to explain all the concepts one by one because there is prior knowledge and ability to search for and refer to information on its own, and it is possible to communicate by simply expressing it as "language".

This is the same even when it comes to details, and technical terms that refer to the concept of a narrower field also cover various concepts in more detail.NestingConstruction(containerThe concept of a smaller container inside) is also very convenient for those who can understand the meaning without detailed explanation.


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