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🤖 | A twist on every story!Heterogeneous animation works loved by Yuki Iwai


A twist on every story!Heterogeneous animation works loved by Yuki Iwai

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Also, in the new serialization "Mumulin" of "Young Magazine" released on August 8, he challenged the original manga for the first time.

Heterogeneous animation in which races other than humans appear Yuki Iwai of the laughing combination Haraichi that expands the field of activity to versatility ... → Continue reading


"Anan" has always created the "era", transmitted the "topics", and created the "trend" of women.
The web version of "anan" such as "ananweb" is aimed at women in the late 20's to 40's with great curiosity. We deliver "real".

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Manga original

Manga original(Manga Gensaku) is the former range of work when the division of labor between the creator of settings and plot stories and the person in charge of drawing is performed in the process of creating a manga,Comic, ま た はDramasIn the workscriptHits.

It is very different from the screenplay and stage script.Novelformat,nameThere are various methods such as formats, and he is also responsible for actors and art.

Manga author and cartoonist

In Japan,manga artistBasically makes a work by elaborating the process from story to drawing almost alone. However, if the serialization is fast, such as in a weekly magazine, or if you are serializing several tens of pages in two or more magazines, a series of tasks often involves physical and time difficulties (for that reason). , As an aid to drawing and finishingassistantMany manga artists are appointed).

If you have a manga original,Original authorThe burden on the manga artist will be lighter. In addition, there are many forms in which "a man who is good at making stories but not good at drawing techniques is in charge of the original manga, and a manga artist who has drawing techniques but is not good at making stories writes works based on the original manga". Seen and in a position to substantially influence each other.

Production procedure


The basic format conforms to the screenplay. As a guideline, one drawing manuscript sheet is used for one XNUMX-character manuscript paper.

The lines are long and three lines so that they fit in the speech bubble.Writing, Or change to the line of the opponent. This is not the case because four-column composition is currently shunned, and three-column composition and large sesame are often used.

Whether or not it is faithful to the contents of the screenplay, or whether the drawing staff will change the screenplay contents or add the adaptation to the screenwriting depends on the policy between the drawing creator and the original author, so it is generally decided. Absent.


When an existing novel is used as the original, it is usually credited in the format of "Original: ○○○○ Manga: △△△△ Screenplay: □□□□". At the time of writing, one of the following methods is often used. In that case, it is almost impossible to draw all the novel works and reproduce them faithfully, so one third may be deleted.

  • The manga artist adapts and draws the picture as it is.
  • Editor adapts.
  • Newly adapted (Writer).

A novel manuscript whose purpose is to create a manga is written with lines, impressions, etc. Basically, it is a novel, so it has a high literary character, and it is established as a work by itself.


Cartoon draft (name), and the original in a similar format. The original author is in charge of everything from story and character settings to frame division, character placement, composition, and dialogue. Since it can be closer to the completed manuscript, it is more specific than the screenplay/fiction format (in this case, the person in charge of drawing is completely dedicated to drawing).

It can be said that it has a higher degree of freedom than the above two formats, but to that extent, basic techniques for manga writing such as story and character creation as well as frame division and composition are required. Original authors who have experienced cartoon writing themselves often use this technique.

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Yuuki Iwai

Yuki Iwai(Yuki Iwai,1986May 7 -) isJapan Ofcomedian,Essayist,MC,vocal,An actorAnd a laughing combinationHaraichiI am in charge of making bokeh and material.My partner isYu Sawabe. My office isWatanabe Entertainment.



As an entertainer

  • Pin's work on TV is not as much as his companion Sawabe, butGod Tan], Established a "rotten entertainer" character, and sang a song that satirized the variety of laughter at that time in the program "Seriously Song Championship".In response to the comments of a variety of popular actors, the entertainer was forced to squeeze in like that, and he called it "laughing style".[13].
  • It has a sharp image, but prefers pop material such as song material and rhythm material.[14]..I don't play such a story as Haraichi, butLol x performance』(TV Asahi system), etc., when providing material to the outside, often write down the rhythm material[15].. 『Unprecedented in history! !!Laughter Festival The Dream Match 2020』(TBS system)Naomi WatanabeAnd called "Salt Majin and Salty Sauce Majin"musicalOf windControlShow off[1]..As declared in the programTwitterEntered the trend[1].
  • I'm a senior at my office, and the same is true for my hometownMy home OfHiroyuki SugiyamaIs ranked first in "People who want to hold their breath". Around 1, when I was drinking at a bar with about 2008 juniors at the same time, Sugiyama who did not call intruded, the harmonious air broke, and Sugiyama who contained sake began to preach to everyone 10, After 2 hours, I went home without paying the bill, and another day at midnight, when Iwai was making material, Sugiyama forcibly called Iwai and Iwai wants to go home to make material. I got drunk with a stranger woman who was present and preached from 3:1 in the middle of the night to 6 in the morning, and received treatment such as splitting the accounting, Iwai said, "Let's kill only this person." He said he thought when he broke up, and said that his anger was "a goddamn guy."[16][17].. At the end of 2019, I participated in a project called "A bar where I can't go home until I get 1000 bad words from my home, Sugiyama" on my official YouTube channel. As a "problem of the whole family", it poisoned not only Sugiyama but also three of my family.
  • TalentChisato SakashitaIs said to be a "life saver" on the radio.Before Iwai was noticed, Sakashita said, "Iwai-kun sometimes says poisonous tongue or a rotten word? That's really good." "Because you're really wonderful! Not Sawabe! It's wonderful because you are there. Haraichi praised Iwai.[18].. 『Haraichi's turn!(TBS Radio) has been holding the "Sakashita Chiriko Birthday Special" every year since 2019, which is broadcast immediately after Sakashita's birthday.

Anime related

  • The two-dimensional female character that I liked the most was "Double cast』Mizuki Akasaka.No female character has surpassed this character since junior high school[19].
  • In 2016, his own program "Haraichi Yuki Iwai's Aniban" (Nico Nico Channel), Iwai himself was in charge of planning and drafting the situation CD of "The maiden game" Guess Oto ☆ "that can capture Guess men" (scenario: Goboko Horikawa, appearance:Manaka Sawa,Namikawa Daisuke)[20], "Yuki Iwai's Tale CD", which he was in charge of planning, composition, and script (Cast:Ishida Akira,Tomokazu Seki)[21] In the winter of the same yearComic marketSold at.


Iwai's main appearance history alone.

Current appearance program


tv set
配 信
  • Battle Spirits Extreme League (UAF YouTube)- MC..Wednesday 20:00 delivery
  • Digimon Card Battle (YouTube) --Thursday 20:00 delivery
  • Haraichi Yuki Iwai's Aniban (Nico Nico Live BroadcastChannel) --Every other Friday 20: 00-live broadcast
  • Nya-Jix Station (YouTube) --Every other Friday 20: 30-Live broadcast

Past appearance programs

tv set
Web tv
  • Abema Game 9 Agenai! Monday(July 2018, 1-September 22, AbemaTV)-MC
  • Live King (February 2018, 2, AbemaTV) --MC
  • PERSONA5 the Animation Pure Cafe Leblanc Attic Broadcasting Station (February 2018, 2, AbemaTV) --MC
  • Abema Great Festival-A lineup of popular programs! Jingu fireworks display live release large release SP ~ (August 2018, 8, AbemaTV)[27]
  • Banfuri!(AbemaTV)- MC
  • Full power club activity! E high(AbemaTV) --Narrator
  • Tonight at the dubbing booth. (March 2019, 3-February 29, 2020, TOKYO MX, WOWOW Online, dTV, FOD, AbemaTV, etc.)-Koshino Purse (Cossy)[28]
Web radio
  • Tanaka and Iwai's Nyankoro Talk (October 2017, 10, Cloud Radio)- Crown special number[29].

TV drama


  • I don't feel like FUJIROCK2018 (2018)
  • Google app: Haraichi Iwai-san's interesting story, delivered together (2019)
  • Puzzle×Snickers Collaboration Campaign Web CM "Poisonous Tongue" Edition (2020)
  • Suntory Foods boss"Boss Cafe Base" "Kitchiri Husband and Tekito Wife" Series (April 2021-)- Sato ItoCo-starring with (couple role)[30]
  • August Cinderella Nine (2021)[31]




  • No incidents occur in my life ("Novel Shincho』July 2018 issue -)
  • But she likes the hero, not me. ("TV Bros." July 2018 issue-)

Manga original




  • (Nintendo SwitchDedicated software. Released on July 2021, 7.Iwai is in charge of the original and the producer. )[33]


Single Author


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