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🎥 | THE RAMPAGE The drama "Tokyo Noodle Factory" starring Hokuto Yoshino will start broadcasting in September!Shuntaro Yanagi, the back ...


THE RAMPAGE The drama "Tokyo Seimensho" starring Hokuto Yoshino will start broadcasting in September!Shuntaro Yanagi, the back ...

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Shuntaro Yanagi (born May 1991, 5, from Miyagi prefecture)
This time, I am Shuntaro Yanagi, who will play the role of Harusho Aoi.

From September 2021, the MBS / TBS dramaism "Tokyo Noodle Factory" will be broadcast.The starring role is ... → Continue reading


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Shuntaro Shibu

In this item,JIS X 0213: Contains the characters specified in 2004 (栁) (Details).

Shuntaro Yanagi(Yanagi Shuntaro,1991 May 5 -) isJapan Ofモデル,An actor.

MiyagiI'm fromStardust promotionBelongs.Last name iswillowIt may be written as.


2009 , 24thMEN'S NON-NOWon the model grand prix and made her model debut.

2011 , In fashion shootingTadanobu AsanoWhen I met Asano and told Asano that he wanted to be an actor, he was invited to work at Asano's office.ANOREBelong to.

2012 ,movies"VirginDebuted as an actor with "Love this sex"[1].

2021 Graduated from the exclusive model with the May 4 issue of MEN'S NON-NO released in April[2].




Short film

  • plenty"Aitoiu" (2011, Director: Junya Handa)

TV drama

Delivery drama


  • au"Au PLAY SCREEN" (2013)
  • JR East JR SKISKI"It's all because of the snow." (2013-2014)
  • TOYOTA "TOYOTA Netz Vitz" (2015)
  • App Couples "Memories of Two" (2015)
  • life card (2014)
  • At home (2014)


fashion show

  • mercibeaucoup 2011 A / W
  • FACETASM 2012 S / S
  • FACETASM 2012 A / W
  • FACETASM 2013 S / S
  • FACETASM 2013 A / W
  • FACETASM 2014 S / S
  • FACETASM 2014 A / W
  • FACETASM 2015 S / S
  • FACETASM 2015 A / W
  • FACETASM 2016 S / S
  • FACETASM 2016 A / W
  • FACETASM 2017 S / S
  • FACETASM 2021 S / S
  • LUIS VUITTON 2021 S / S




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