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🎥 | What is the possibility of a sequel to "Tokyo Revengers"?Ask the producer

Is there a sequel to the photo "Tokyo Revengers" ...? – (C) Ken Wakui / Kodansha (C) 2020 "Tokyo Revengers" Production Committee

What is the possibility of a sequel to "Tokyo Revengers"?Ask the producer

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For the first time in this success, producer Okada said, "A few months before the release, since the anime series started," Is there a Hiyokko guy? "

The movie "Tokyo Revengers" has attracted more than 17 million spectators in 7 days (as of July 25) from the first day of its release. → Continue reading

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Anime series

Anime seriesOnceAkita OfFuji TV affiliate-Akita TV (AKT) is a general term for anime frames that were broadcast on weekday evenings.


Akita Broadcasting withdraws from Akita Prefecture's only evening anime broadcast frameAkita Asahi Broadcasting TheTV Tokyo animeSince it has not been broadcast, only the authorities are organizing anime slots four days a week. In this frame, many TV Tokyo series animations tend to be organized. However, there is no broadcast on Friday, and it is a band program of Monday-Thursday four days a week. The name of this anime series is not used during special formations such as the year-end and New Year holidays.2016May 4From the information program "Getsu → Kin 420Will be broadcast in this frame, and the currently airing "Pokemon no Ie Gathering?" It became.The Tuesday slot has already been discontinued at the end of "Future Card Buddyfight".

Broadcast time

  • --March 2005: Monday --Thursday 3:16 --29:16
  • April 2005-September 4, 2007: Monday-Thursday 9:27-16:25
  • October 2007, 10 --September 1, 2012: Monday --Thursday 9:27 --16:23
  • October 2012, 10 --September 1, 2013: Monday --Thursday 9:26 --16:21
  • October 2013, 9 --September 30, 2015: Monday --Thursday 8:14 --16:20
  • August 2015, 8 --March 17, 2016: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 3:31 --16:20
    • From April 2009rd to June 4th, 23, the quota was increased to Thursday 6:18-14:05.

Broadcast work

As of July 2016, 3





14:05 - 14:35

  • Zettai Karen Children (April 2009, 4-June 23, TV Tokyo Production)
    • Frame movement.

16:20 - 16:50


  • In addition to the above TV Tokyo anime, Akita Television also offers "TV anime Lovely Muco』Broadcast. "Shimajiro no wow!], [Naruto Shippuden"as well as"Yokai watchIsAkita BroadcastingIt is broadcast on TV Tokyo, and TV Tokyo animation is not broadcast on Akita Asahi Broadcasting. Furthermore, although "Pokemon Get TV" is also treated as an anime series, strictly speaking, it is not an anime program, so the total number of TV Tokyo anime broadcasts in the prefecture is 6 (as of April 2016).
  • Fuji TV affiliated station in the neighboring prefectureIwate Menkoi TVHowever, until March 2013, a weekday evening animation frame was set (currently, "Pokemon Get TV" and "Pocket Monster XY" are only broadcast on Friday evening).
  • All the animations broadcast in this frame, including the TV Tokyo series, are sponsored nets (only a part). Usually, non-affiliated animeProgram salesTherefore, sponsors are often not attached, and this system is rare in local stations.
  • In addition to this frame, from May 2013, 5, "ONE PIECE(Sunday 6: 30-7: 00) ”has been resumed. This is treated as a program sale.


  1. ^ Animation frame until this work
  2. ^ Variety frame from this work
  3. ^ After the abolition, it will move to Monday 15:50-16:20.
  4. ^ Not broadcast after the 4th term "Legion Mate Edition"
  5. ^ The first time, the omnibus "Geki Fight! Fang King vs. Rivals" will be broadcast, and the main story will be broadcast from the 14th episode.
  6. ^ After the abolition, it will move on Sundays from 6:30 to 7:00.
  7. ^ After the abolition, it will move on Sundays from 8:25 to 8:55.

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