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🤖 | "East Ribe" Mikey and Doraken's special clothing room wear are now available Gap between softness and rigor ◎

Photo "animate LIMITED SELECTION TV anime" Tokyo Revengers "special clothing room wear" (C) Ken Wakui, Kodansha / Anime "Tokyo Revengers" production committee

"East Ribe" Mikey and Doraken's special clothing room wear are now available Gap between softness and rigor ◎

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The appearance of the special attack clothes that only the members of "Tokyo Revengers" are allowed to wear is kept as it is, and it is also incorporated into this room wear.

Room wear that imitates the special clothing of the TV anime "Tokyo Revengers" is an animate made-to-order product project ... → Continue reading

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Special clothing

Special clothingWhat is (Tokkou Fuku)?Motorcycle gang,YankeeIt is clothes worn by such people.theirHalles Day(Graduation ceremonyWear on special occasions such as[1]Besides being done, the team itselfuniformIn some cases, it has become.

Commonly"マ ト イ"(From" wearing ".Fire extinguishing(Synonymous with "matoi"), or abbreviated as "ToppukuSometimes called.


Clothes features

  • Initially it was white or black,1990 eraColor variations such as red and blue have increased.The appearance is alsoLong runMost of them were natural, but as the number of color variations increased, specifications that made the separate body shape look thinner appeared.
  • The jacket is embroidered with various words and phrases using Ateji, sentences that show emotions, and group names, such as "fighting superiority".The hem isFootwear,BootsIt is the mainstream to wear it in.
  • Some teams wear armbands and tasuki on special days (retirement ceremony, fight).
  • In addition to the auspicious character selection, obfuscated characters that are hardly understood by the general public are also used as the Ateji in the phrase of the runaway tribe style.



  • Long time agoEikichi Yazawa Ofフ ァ ンThere are many runaway tribes, so at the concertWe will refuse admission in special clothing and clothing that intimidates the surroundings.There was a rule.Also, nowKishidanSome fans of the game wear special clothing, but this is not specifically regulated.


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