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🎥 | The original author and the scriptwriter were excited by the surprise of Shirohi and Sakai Daichi, "It looks like they came from the movie!"


The original author and screenwriter were excited by the surprise of Shirohi and Sakai Daichi, saying, "It looks like you came from a movie!"

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In addition, gorgeous co-stars such as Hana Toyoshima, Taishi Nakagawa, Hayato Ichihara, Tsubasa Honda, Win Morisaki, and Shiori Tamai (Momoiro Clover Z) will appear.

To commemorate the release of the movie "Tom & Soya in the City", which will be the first starring role of Shirohi, on August 8st (Sun), the original author, Hayami ... → Continue reading

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Shiori Tamai

Shiori Tamai(Shiori Tamai,1995May 6 -) isJapan Ofsinger-actress.Momoiro Clover ZThe image color is黄色.

In 2018, NHK's serial drama ``Feminine life』Appeared in the main cast. In 2019, the regular music program ``Shiori Koji Shiori Tamai x Konosuke Sakazaki's Odaiba Folk Village NEXT] Has started broadcasting.

KanagawaOriginally from, depending on the prefecture's selectionTokyo OlympicsTorchbearerServed as[2]..The place of birth isKagoshimaTanegashimaIs[Annotation 1].


Manage the group to be nimble and perform various tasks dexterouslyAkira KawakamiHas been described as "potential and genius skin"[3]..When I was a junior high school student, I was ranked first in the Hyakunin Isshu tournament for the second consecutive year.[4], The picture I drew when I was in high schoolNHK Heart ExhibitionThere is also an episode that it was exhibited in[5].

I tend not to show myself too much and try to stand up, so I belongMomoiro Clover ZInSuper subCalled (excellent substitute player)[4]..A member of the same groupTo TakagiSaid Tamai, "I'm dexterous about something and others, but when it comes to myself, I'm clumsy."[4].

A 100-page special feature on peopleQuick JapanIn "(Vol. 114)", the editor-in-chief said, "Anyway, I can't express it in one word. When I say" unfinished large instrument ", it's never unfinished, and when I say" freewheeling ", it's free, but not freewheeling ... ... "

In the same book, the psychiatristSaito Tamaki(University of TsukubaAppraisal by professor)EgogramThe unusual result was that FC (free child) was the highest, and NP (protective parental mind) and CP (strict parental mind) were also high.[4].. It was interpreted that "although it is free like a wild child, it is kind and considerate to others, and it can be relied on." "Humanity and playfulness are the two cornerstones of life."

As "Momokuro's young general"

A professional wrestler who played an active part in his innate superhuman abilityJumbo TsurutaNamed by the manager as "Momokuro's young general"[6]..After the fact, with the consent of the original "young general"Yuzo KayamaBecame a hot topic after receiving approval from[7].

In 2011, in the planning of the programWanko sobaHe flattened 93 cups and participated in the "54th Wanko Soba All Japan Championship" (however, he touched the local hamburger that was placed in the waiting room just before the turn, and the result was 62 cups).[8]. Also,FamilyMartAnd jointly developed "Shiori Tamai Bento"[9], A long-established Western restaurantGotokenI produced a curry set for.He commented that he prefers to eat purely rather than eating fast or gluttony.[10].

Biography / Episode

The origin of the nameSouthern All Starsof"Bookmark theme][Annotation 2], The stroke was taken into consideration and became "Shiori"[12]..I have one older brother[13].

I learned English conversation for 10 years in my childhood, and I have maintained my listening skills since then.[12]..I learned the lessons I liked the most for a year or twoMechanical gymnasticsIt will be utilized in later careers[13].

2005 (when I was in the 4th grade of elementary school),Stardust promotionScouted by (current office) and entered the entertainment world[13].

"Momokuro" formed ~

March 2008, Momoiro Clover (laterMomoiro Clover Z) Became a member at the time of launch[13]..At the same time, he also belonged to the dance unit "piecees" of the same agency.[Annotation 3].

The catchphrase at that time was "Crybaby and spoiled, everyone's sister"[15], In 2015, taking the opportunity of an adultYoung general of MomokuroWas changed to the catchphrase[16].

Of the original "young general"Yuzo KayamaFrom, it was painted in yellow, which is the image color of Tamai.Mosrite guitarHas been presented[17].. When he participated in "Yuzo Kayama 55th Anniversary" Go! Go! Wakadaishō FESTIVAL "" as a group, he co-starred with a guitar player.At that time, from Kayama, "Southern All Stars OfKeisuke KuwataI gave him the same white guitar as a gift. "There was a happening to drop the pick from the pressure, but after that I played without mistakes.[18].

National dome tour (DOME TREK 2016), The piano performance was unveiled for the first time.Initially, it was planned to be only the prelude, but I played two songs in full.

At this time, there were many cases of being appointed as MC (moderator) at the event.GIRLS' FACTORYAnd 'SKY PerfecTV! Music FestivalPlayed that role in[19][20].

In 2015, the youth movie "Momoiro Clover Z starring"Curtain goes upIn 』, the original author and playwrightHirata OrizaHowever, Tamai's performance was highly evaluated. "Mr. Tamai has a flower. It's not something you can teach and learn. You have strong eyesight, and if you think you're vague, your eyes will be different when you get into the role.[21](40th)Hochi Film AwardThen, the performance of all the members was recognized and a special prize was given).

In 2016, he starred in the omnibus movie "Anniversary Anniversary".Shingo Katori(SMAP) It was also appointed as a one-shot drama starring.

In the groupMomoko NatsukoBecause of their close relationship with Momotamai, they have formed a unit called "Momotamai" and held a concert titled "Momotamai Marriage" in the same year with the setting that the two will get married.[22].

10th anniversary of the formation of "Momokuro"

In 2018, NHK's serial drama ``Feminine life』Appeared in the main cast.In addition, he was selected as the cast for the acrobatic musical "Samurai Rock Orchestra" and succeeded in backflip without assistance on the final day of the tour.[23].

Momoiro Clover Z's regular music program "Konosuke Sakazaki's Momoiro Folk Village NEXT" was taken over as a solo work in 2019, and "Shiori Koji Shiori Tamai x Konosuke Sakazaki's Odaiba Folk Village NEXT』Started broadcasting.While singing and performing, we welcome guests as MC (moderator) (irregularly, other members of Momoiro Clover Z also appear).

Mt. Ooyama Aburari ShrineHe appeared as the leading role in the event "Mt. Ooyama Ichiyasai, which plays myths" held in Tokyo, and performed a reading along with the live performance.

In 2021, he was in charge of the opening ceremony of the opening game of professional baseball "Seibu vs. Orix".

As a result of PCR test conducted on May 2021, 5,New coronavirusPositive reaction was confirmed.A mildly ill patient with headache and malaise was diagnosed by a medical institution, and he was to rest at home.[24][Annotation 4]..According to the judgment of the public health center, the other three members of Momoiro Clover Z are not close contacts.[27], Tamai himself resumed activities from the 20th of the same month[28].

Within the groupAyaka Sasaki,To TakagiI am from the same Kanagawa prefecture as2020 Tokyo OlympicsSelected as a runner of the torch relay in a group of three[2]..Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, the Olympic Games were postponed for one year, and the torch relay was carried over to 1.The holding of public roads was canceled, and as an alternative measure, it was carried out without spectators.Tamai et al. Participated in the ignition ceremony on the final day of Kanagawa Prefecture on June 2021, in the form of runners connecting the torch with a "torch kiss."[29].

In the summer, he appeared as the main cast and played his first male role in the movie "Urban Tom & SawyerWas released.Also, from September 9th to October 25th, "The 10nd Momokuro Ichiza Special Performance Oedo Musical" CHANGE THE FUTURE! -Change the Future- "" will be held in Tokyo.MeijizaScheduled to be performed at[30].

Solo activity

tv set







  • 東京 03Presided over "FROLIC A HOLIC" (2018)
  • Stage "It doesn't go like a cartoon Volume 2" (2019)
  • Samurai Rock Orchestra "Muscle Fantasy Oz Wizard" (2018-2019)

Event MC


  • DiaDaisy(2010,Shogakukan)-Exclusive model
  • Shobo Vol.3 (2006)
  • De ☆ View 2010 year 9 month number
  • Chu-Boh Vol.42 (2011) --Cover photo
  • Quick Japan Vol.97 (2011) Vol.107 (2013) Vol.114 (2014)
  • Kettle Vol.09 (2012)
  • This manga is amazing! 2012 --- "That person chooses" corner
  • UTB + Vol.8 (2012)
  • smart February 2012, November 2, April 11
  • Graduation -Graduation from high school- (2014)-Cover photo
  • ROLa September 2014 issue-Special feature "Delicious'meat'"Temple Gate JimonPosted "Meat Stupid Dialogue" with
  • OVERTURE No.004 (2015) --Cover / Intro Feature
  • Monthly Audition March 2016 Issue
  • BRODY Vol.04 (2016), February 2017 issue-bothTenryu GenichiroTalk with
  • SKY PerfecTV! TV Guide Premium March 2017 Issue
  • Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) Information Magazine Space Tobira Vol.048(2018)
  • Kyushu National Museum Information Magazine Asiage Vol.53 (2019)
  • Lemon rice recipe 37 curry sauces and side dishes made with spices (2019)- Yuhi KomiyamaPosted "Special Curry Dialogue" with
  • Weekly Young Jump 2020 No.28
  • Public Relations Fujimi August 2020 Issue --Distributed in Fujimi City, Saitama Prefecture
  • January 2021 issue of CAPA
  • Guitar Magazine Raidback Vol.7 (2021) --Cover / Intro Feature


  • Hitomi Yaida"The shape of I Love YouMusic Video (2007)
  • Collaboration product "Shiori no Manpuku Bento" (2013, for a limited time,FamilyMart)
  • newspaper article"Curtain goes upInterview with Shiori Tamai (February 2015, 2,Niigata Daily)
  • Newspaper column "Portrait of Family" (April 2015, 4,Asahi Shimbun Evening edition)
  • Kanagawa Prefecture·Zushi Police Station One-day police chief (December 2017, 4)
  • Event "Cloud Days 2017 x Nikkei Entertainment!"
  • Kyoto Prefectural Police One-day Life Safety Manager (February 2017, 2)
  • Tokyo·Senju Police Station One-day police chief (December 2017, 10)
  • Event "Suginami Ward Children's Youth Center Suginami Safety and Security Session" (2017)
  • Toyama Prefecture Kurobe Fire Department One Day Fire Chief (November 2018, 11)
  • Kyushu National Museum "Special Exhibition Muromachi Shogun" Official Supporter (2019)
  • Kanagawa Prefecture Magcal Promotion Project "Mt. Ooyama One Night Festival Playing Myths" (2019)
  • Newspaper column "K-Person" (July 2018, 7,Kanagawa newspaper)
  • Newspaper article "Tanegashima-born" Momokuro "Shiori Tamai will appear for the first time in Sakurajima" Hess "next month" (September 2019, 9,Minami Nihon Shimbun)
  • Online distribution program (17LIVE) "Kajisak, did you see a UFO? (2020)
  • Online distribution program "BANDAI x BN Pictures Festival" (2020)
  • Professional baseball opening game "Seibu vs. Orix" opening ceremony (2021)
  • Tokyo·Kamata Police Station One-day police chief (December 2021, 3)


Solo song

Unit song

Momotamai - Momoko NatsukoUnit with (Momoiro Clover Z)

  • The single bed is small(2012)
  • Ring the Bell (2016, limited delivery) --Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement:Tsukidatadashi
  • Amore at night (2016, limited delivery) --Lyrics:zopp / Composition:Shusui・ Atsushi Kimura / Arrangement: Atsushi Kimura ・ Alan de boo
  • Fugue of love(2016) - The PeanutCovers the song.Included in the album "The Peanuts Tribute Songs"

Shiori Tamai ×The dresscodes×TeddyLoid

  • No need for comic magazines (2019, limited delivery)

Video work

  • Momotamai Marriage(Blu-ray & DVD)

A unit concert by Momotamai held in 2016.Initially it was "Momotamai Con", but since fans were excited about "Momotamai Marriage" on SNS, it was decided to make the theme of the wedding reception with that title.On the day of Da'an, many fans also came in formal wear and were given cups for "air" toasts and gift plates.

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