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🤖 | "Straw hat looks too good ..." 2.5D model Amaji Naga released a bikini


"Straw hat looks too good ..." 2.5-dimensional model Amaji Naga released a bikini

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Fans responded, "I think the straw hat looks too good ...", "It's cute", and "I like Amatsu-sama's smile".

On July 2.5th, the 7-dimensional model Amajina updated her Twitter account and showed off her bikini.Amatsu is ... → Continue reading

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Straw hat

Straw hat(Mugiwarabou and straw hat)strawOr braided with straw-like material (various plant-derived or synthetic materials)Hat.

Straw is also good as bark (Bakkan).[1]Or it is also simply called a baker hat. Straw is also called a straw hat in English.

It has a round mountain shape,SpitIs wide. Chin straps may be attached, and both men and womenribbonIt may be wrapped or decorated.Summer: Used as a sunshade. Summer field workSea bathingBecause it is often used forTraditional poetryIt is also accompanied. Therefore, "straw straw" and "straw hat" are used in summer.Season wordsIt has become.

History and origin

Straw hat中 世Later worn in Europe and Asia in summer, it has remained largely unchanged from the Middle Ages to today. 『Berry's very gorgeous time markIt can be seen in a reduced version of the well-known calendar depicting many worn by men of all classes.

Although the manufacturing method of handmade straw hats varies slightly depending on the times, it was called "the most beautiful thing in the modern industry".[1].


Once straw hatThe United KingdomRedfordshire and Hertfordshire were famous production areas[2].

The manufacture of straw hats as a modern industryDanceableIt is said that it started in[3].. However, at that time, the method of splitting and knitting wheat culm was not invented, so the wheat culm was used in its original shape (round culm).[3][2].

When a method of splitting barley culms and making them (barrel culms) was devised, this manufacturing method spread widely[2][3].. Later in England, instead of danceableLutonCame to fame in the production of straw hats[2].

After that, to the UKイタリア OfLivornoThe (leghorn) straw hat became popular and became popular (leghorn hat)[2][3].. Luton hats had sales channels all over the world, but they were hit by the tariff barriers of European countries[4].. The main producing countries in the continentスイス,Germany, Italy, etc.[3].


The Japanese straw hat is said to have started when the town official Goro Kawatani made a model of a foreigner's hat (1872).[5].. For industrial production, we introduced the "Straw hat sewing chain sewing machine" in 3.Brother industryIs famous for selling.

Imperial Japanese NavyThen in the Meiji eraGraduation summer clothesIt was also used as a hat for (Japanese Navy military uniformreference).

As the two largest producers of straw hats in Japan,SaitamaとOkayamaCan be mentioned. There are still specialized manufacturers of straw hats.

Saitama PrefectureKasukabeUses straw hats as one of the traditional handicrafts. There are many wheat farmers in the city from ancient times, and it is said that they started manufacturing straw hats made of natural grass because they started making Sanada strings as a side business. It is important for talking about the history of Saitama Prefecture.Saitama Prefectural Museum of History and Folklore(SaitamaSaitamaOmiya WTakahanacho 4-219)” is also introduced.

Okayama Prefecture is famous as another production center in Japan. Since it was once the main source of straw (Mugi Sanada), there is a history museum. (Okayama PrefectureAsaguchi CityKamokata TownKamokata 240) and (2244-13 Kamokata-cho, Kamokata-cho, Asakuchi-shi, Okayama) display straw hats and their historical materials.

Other production areas

A type of straw hat (mokorotlo) is from Basotho and Lesotho, andLesothoIt is a symbol of the people. The mocotro is also on the Lesotho license plate.

In addition,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euIs also a production area of ​​raffia (leaves of palm tree) and has become one of the representative production areas since the 1980s.

In addition, as the same natural grass hatエクアドル OfPanama hatIs also famous.

Material and form

"Straw hat" in Japanese is made by bleaching or dyeing the raw material, straw, and then crushing it into 7 flat stems.braidA hat (blade hat: braided hat) that is made by knitting something like (Sanada string) and sewn it in a spiral shape with a special sewing machine.braid Also referred to as a straw hat.

Originally, it is a name used only for the natural material "straw straw". But,Panama grassUsedPanama hatAnd paper blade hats, which have become the mainstream in recent years, are sometimes regarded as a type of straw hat, and natural grassRaffia,Also,Rush,Sutra treeSometimes used as a generic term for wide-brimmed hats made of such materials.

Recently, Japan tooWesternThere are various designs like. A very tightly woven strawAmber hat(English:Boater hat,Buddha:Canoe) Is popular among men and women.

In addition, decorations with various ribbons and corsages and high-grade straw hats made of extra-fine straw are also attracting attention.Ten Gallon HatThere are winds, etc.

Due to warming and attention to natural materials, natural grass hats have been reviewed, and they are also attracting attention as practical items that prevent UV rays that can cause spots, freckles, thinning hair, and cataracts.



In the paintings drawn in the Middle Ages, many men wearing straw hats were drawn. 1434Yang van akeWork of"Mr. and Mrs. Arnolfini statue] And the same periodPisanelloYou can see it in the work "Virgin and Child and St. Anthony and St. George". By the mid-18th century, it was fashionable for wealthy ladies to wear straw hats with low heights and wide brims and dress like country girls.[6].

Celebrity in straw hat

The image of a straw hat is childish and naive, especially for men.

It is also associated with the countryside and nature,VacationI often imagine. Of the workPropsAlso often appears.


Children's literature


Other characters

Real person


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