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🎥 | Disney's new animation "Mirabelle and the house full of magic" new scene photos released

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Disney's new animation "Mirabelle and a house full of magic" new scene photos released

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Lin-Manuel Miranda will be in charge of the songs, such as the Broadway musical "In the Heights," and will be directed by Byron Howard and Jared Bush, the re-tags since Zootopia.

A new scene shot from Disney Animation's latest work "Encanto and the House Full of Magic" (released in the winter of 2021) ... → Continue reading

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"Zootopia] (Original title:Z) Is2016 OfThe United States of America Ofcomedy-AdventureIs a movie[6].Walt Disney Animation StudiosBy3DComputer animationProduced by the method, it was first released on February 2016, 2.

2017Annie Award,Academy awards(Both Anime Work Awards) Winners[7][8].


As Walt Disney Animation Studios,Bay Max, Which was released in 1937.snow WhiteThis is the 55th work, built by the hands of animals.CarnivoreとHerbivoreSet in the big city "Zootopia" where they live together, Judy Hopps, a newcomer rabbit police officer who believes in dreams, and Nick Wilde, a fox scammer who has forgotten his dreams, are set as the main characters to solve a series of missing cases. Focusing on the relationship between the two people that changes inRacism,deceptionIt depicts social problems in big cities such as[9].

The production team is John Lasseter as executive producer, Clark Spencer as producer, and "Director"Rapunzel on the towerByron Howard, "Sugar rushRich Moore, Jared Bush as assistant director, and a person who has made numerous achievements not only in Disney but also in American animation production, and the music in the play is "Karl's Flying HouseIs in charge of Michael Giacchino, who won the Academy Award.The concept isByron HowardBut"Robin Hood』(Disney's movie made in 1973) started with the desire to make a work[10],2013After the production announcement, $ 1 million was invested, and after technical improvements, long-term fieldwork, and repeated screenplay changes, the premiere was held at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood on February 5000, 2016. I was broken.afterwardsベルギーSame year inMay 2Starting with the screening, on March 3, the same year, screenings began in North America and other parts of the world.in JapanGolden weekIt was released from April 4 of the same year according to[11][12]..The catch phrase at the time of screening in Japan is "It was supposed to be a "paradise" for animals ...'[13].

Published at the same time, "Kung Fu Panda 3''Batman vs Superman Justice Birth』Break a number of records all over the world, this work is on par with it.In the end, it generated $ 10 million at the box office, making it the second-largest movie in the world in 2378.[14]..In Japan as well, it took first place in the box office ranking for the first time in the third week of its release, and showed an unusual tendency that the number of mobilizations continued to increase thereafter.[15][16]..The final box office record was 76 billion yen, ranking fourth among the movies released in Japan in the same year.[17][18].

View of the world

This work is "animals that humans have never existed[Supplement 1]Another world where only us live "[19]That is, it is set in a world where evolved animals have built their own advanced civilization.[20], Also the titleZootopia TheCarnivoreとHerbivoreIt is a huge city where (predators and prey) coexist, and it is the center of this world and the main stage of this work.In the production, while emphasizing that urban design is based on animal civilization, the details and events that occur there were calculated to be familiar to the audience.[21].

Also, the animals that appearmammalianAlthough limited to, this was decided as the production team gathered information from zoologists in each field, and the script Jared Bush said, "The planet on which the work is set includes reptiles and birds. But this time it wasn't just about the continent they live in. "[22].


Rabbit girl living in the country town Bunny BurrowJudy"To create a better world"Police officerShe dreamed of becoming a police officer, but the people around her, including her parents, were negative about her becoming a police officer, saying that she was "not a rabbit's main job."But 15 years later, she used her diligence to graduate from the police academy at the top and celebrate the birth of the first rabbit police officer.Mayor LionheartAssigned to the city center by.

On the first day, Judy's department will investigate the case where only 14 carnivorous animals are missing.Chief of Zootopia Police Station (ZPD)BogoDedicates strong officers such as rhinos and elephants to the investigation, but JudyParking violationOrdered to crack down on.Although I feel dissatisfied, when Judy is cracking down, it is huge at the elephant shopiceFox parent and child refused to sellNickとFinnickI see it.She persuaded the store to sell ice cream and thanked them, but it was actually a fraudster duo who resold ice cream and made money instead of parents and children.Judy questions Nick, but is returned words that deny his upbringing.

The next day, when Judy was cracking down on parking violations, at a flower shoprobberyAn incident occurs.While helping a rat woman who is in danger of life, the criminalDukeArrested, but in addition to abandoning his duties, justBulbBogo accuses me of lethal trackdown for.She wants to do a police-like job, but Bogo further accuses her of not deciding to be assigned.There, Mrs. Otterton is her husbandEmitTo appeal directly to Bogo for the searchBellwether Deputy MayorCome to the police station with.When Judy sees this, he says he will investigate it, but he touches Bogo's rebellion and is told, "If you can't resolve it within 48 hours, you'll be fired."

Judy finally gets a police job and sees Nick knowing the situation from a little evidence.himtax evasionI threatened with the evidence of the above and cooperated with the investigation, and after hearing, there isLimousineEmit's in the carLicenseBut there he was kidnapped by polar bears and the car ownerMr. BigTaken to his mansion.He tries to ice the two as sanctions for trespassing, but when he finds out that his daughter has been helped by Judy, he reveals that Emit has disappeared on his way to Mr. Big's house in a limousine. Driver at the timeManchasIntroducing.The two go to Manchas's home and hear that Emit has become violent, leaving behind saying "howling at night" and attacking him and going somewhere.However, Manchas becomes ferocious in front of them and attacks them.

Bogo and his friends came to the scene by Judy's contact, but for some reason Manchas had disappeared. Bogo, who insists that "animals cannot return to the wild," tells Judy again, but Nick's arbitration escapes the difficulty.On his way home, Nick learns about Judy's circumstances from his interaction with Bogo and tells his memory of a child who was discriminated against as a fox.

The two decide to follow Manchas's whereabouts with a traffic camera, and when Bellweather shows the video, Shinrin catches Manchas and heads for a mysterious facility.オ オ カ ミWas in the picture. The two go to the facility, thinking that "howling at night" is about them.It turns out that the 2 people to be searched and Manchas are housed in a ferocious state, and the main culprit is Lion Heart, a carnivore who fears his own credit loss.When Judy reveals this truth, Lionheart is imprisoned and retires from the mayoral position.

Judy, who was finally recognized for his ability, recommends that he become a police officer after seeing Nick's work, but he accidentally makes a discriminatory remark against carnivorous animals at a press conference and is isolated by Nick. ..In addition, the city's carnivores are becoming more violent, and people are calling for the exclusion of carnivores.Judy realized that he had discrimination and prejudice, and he regretted this, and when he learned of Judy who was thinking about resigning, Bogo advised that "this is why we need human resources like you." The mayor also begs, "I want you to do your best as a police officer," but Judy refuses and returns to his hometown.

One day after a while, Judy, who was helping his parents at home, was bullying himself as a child.GideonReunited with and exchanged words of reconciliation.There, Judy hears that the insect repellent flower that he has known for a long time is commonly called "howling at night", and that the rabbit that ate it became violent and attacked his mother.Realizing that the cause of the violence was "howling at night," Judy returns to Zootopia, apologizes to Nick for his mistakes, and rejoins the case.

When the two asked Duke, who was stealing the bulbs of "Howling at Night" with Mr. Big, in a flower shop robbery, the buyer of the bulbsDougThe existence of is revealed.He used the poison extracted from "Howling at Night"bulletIt was shot into a carnivore and made ferocious. After a fight between Doug and his companions, the two bring out a pistol and a bullet as evidence, but when ZPD is imminent, they are blocked from going to Bellweather.Suspicious, Judy realizes that she is the mastermind behind a series of incidents that plunged Lionheart.Bellweather hated carnivores that oppressed herbivores, and used Doug and his companions to entice the world into fear of carnivores and attempt to rule Zootopia.After seeing the two lost their escape, Bellweather shoots a poison at Nick and calls the police under the guise of a discoverer in an attempt to kill Judy.However, the poisoned Nick bites Judy's neck, but Judy pretends to be dead in a funny way, and Nick laughs as if nothing had happened.In fact, Nick replaced the bullet with the blueberry that Judy brought from his parents' house. Bellwether, who was deceived by the two acting, was arrested on the spot after recording his wrongdoing, and the Ottertons also "reunited" with the establishment of a cure for poison.In this way, the carnivorous violence case was successfully resolved.

Nick then graduated from the police academy as Judy recommended and became the first fox police officer.And on the first day of Nick's work, Judy and Nick were told by Bogo to go to crack down on the runaway car.

At the end roll, Zootopian residents such as Judy and Nick are pop stars.GazelleListen to her song at the concert and get excited.



Judy Hopps (Judith Laverne "Judy" Hopps[Supplement 2][23])
European rabbitWoman.Zootopia's first new rabbit police officer who came to Tokyo from the rural town of Bunny Barrow with the aim of becoming a good police officer.At the beginning, he was 9 years old, but when he got a job, he was 24 years old.The position in the play is ZPD City Center 1st Branch[Note 1]Belongs toPolice officer..He lived in his hometown with his parents and 275 siblings.Called juju by parents[Note 2]..The first person in the Japanese dubbed version is "I".
He has a flexible thinking ability, and although he is a herbivorous animal, he has dreamed of working as a police officer at Zootopia from an early age, and since that time he has shown the courage to confront the bully Gideon Gray, but his parents "Rabbits are happy to make carrots," he continued to say.He has an extraordinary talent and is treated poorly by the police.[Supplement 3]However, in the crackdown on parking violations that was first handed down, he made every effort to achieve "1 cars by noon" instead of "100 cars a day" that Bogo said.Always carry a carrot-shaped pen with a recording function during work, and use it for investigations such as tax evasion of Nick and uncovering the wrongdoing of Bellweather.He also carried a fox repellent spray that his parents gave him when he came to Tokyo, but later caused a conflict with Nick.
When I first met Nick, I didn't know he was a scammer and took over the ice cream fee.NaturistUbu said he couldn't look directly at the club's guests, but while working with Nick, he came up with the idea of ​​howling to distract the wolf, and with Nick he played to deceive Bellwether and grab evidence. And so on, you will be smart.
After uncovering the wrongdoing of Bellweather, he gave a speech at the graduation ceremony of the police academy and gave Nick a badge.After that, he was recognized as a full-fledged police officer and ordered to crack down on speed violations in collaboration with Nick.
Judy2018Published inSugar Rush: Online』Also appears only for a moment.
Nick Wilde (Nicholas Piberius "Nick" Wilde[Supplement 4][24])
Red foxMen. 32 years old[Supplement 5].. Height 4フ ィ ー ト, Weight 80lb, Home address is Cypress Grove Lane 1955[Supplement 6]..A scammer who works with fellow scammer Finnick to melt a $ 15 popsicle and resell it as a large $ 2 popsicle, he is familiar with all the information about Zootopia.He claims to have earned $ 12 every day since he was 200 years old by reselling ice cream, but he didn't write anything on his tax return.This statement was recorded by Judy's carrot-shaped pen as evidence of tax evasion and will cooperate with Judy's investigation to recover it.The first person in the Japanese dubbed version is "I".
The first carnivore in the pastJunior Ranger ScoutTrying to become a member ofBullyingReceived and hurt my heart.Since then, he has lived a life of being content with the way of life as he sees his surroundings, without resisting prejudice and discrimination.Dreams and hopes have already been abandoned from his upbringing, and he sees those who come to Tokyo with dreams in Zootopia with frosty eyes.
From the beginning, Judy was ridiculed and called "carrot" or "rabbit", but the intention of ridicule disappeared from the middle.In pursuit of the missing case, Judy begins to see the knowledge and experience he has gained as a fraudster and is encouraged to become a police officer.Eventually, he became the first police officer of the fox, and at the end of the main story, he was dispatched to the police with Judy.
Nick2018Published inSugar Rush: Online] Has also appeared.

Zootopia Police Station (ZPD)

Chief Bogo
African buffaloMen. ZPD Chief[25]..He always takes an intimidating attitude, giving a bitter greeting to newcomers Judy and Nick, while also celebrating his subordinates' birthdays with a briefing.For each animal speciesStereotypeHe tends to be obsessed with words and deeds, and even when he first meets Nick, he shows a prejudice against foxes, but the mayor and deputy mayor seem to be unable to raise their heads.A fan of Gazelle, when Clawhauser found him, he was ashamed to hide it.At Gazelle's live show in the post-credits scene, I enjoyed dancing with Clawhauser.
At first, he treats Judy, who has been undesirably assigned, to crack down on parking violations, but he is originally a very serious person for police work, and when he receives a request for support, he is a subordinate. I am rushing to the scene with.In addition, he advised Judy, who made a discriminatory remark at a press conference to carnivorous animals and lost confidence that he had discrimination and prejudice, "I need a policeman like you at this time." Judy, who was thinking of resigning, was stopped.After the consecutive missing cases were resolved, he acknowledged Judy's ability and changed his attitude and way of thinking, and in the last part of the main story, he made Judy and Nick, who became a new police officer, form a combination and dispatched to arrest speed offenders. There is.
Benjamin Clawhauser
CheetahMen. ZPD receptionist.He has a good personality and is close to his colleagues, but he has a strong appetite and is very obese.donutIs my favorite.A big fan of the singer Gazelle.When the prejudice against carnivorous animals became stronger, he was transferred to the basement as a record keeper, but after the case was resolved, he was able to return to the reception again.At Gazelle's live performance in the post-credits scene, he enjoyed dancing with Chief Bogo.
McHorn (Officer McHorn)
Black rhinoMen. ZPD police officer.At the morning assembly, he sits next to Judy.Like the other officers, he tended to treat Judy carelessly, and even when pursuing Duke, he shouted, "You can't do it!"
Zootopia Police Academy Instructor (Drill Instructor)
Polar bearWoman.The wording was harsh, and at the police academy he rebuked Judy for his failure, saying, "There is no life!", But later he was impressed by the accumulation of her intense training.

municipal office

Mayor Leodore Lionheart
LionMen.Mayor of Zootopia. He was the creator of Zootopia's slogan, "Anyone can be anything," and he set up a program to become a police officer regardless of species, with the primary priority being to maintain Zootopia as a paradise.As his first graduate, he assigned Judy to the first branch office in the city center, but Bogo, the chief of the office, was not happy with it.He is arrogant to his subordinate Bell Weather.
When the inhabitants of carnivorous animals become violent one after another, they are kept secret in a facility built in an abandoned hospital so as not to give anxiety to the inhabitants and to avoid losing their credibility as carnivorous animals. He was investigating the cause and researching the treatment method, but as a result, it was regarded as a continuous missing case and was imprisoned as the cause of the case.However, the intention to protect the city is genuine, and ruining it causes Judy to commit a catastrophe.Later, after it was discovered that this was only danced by Bellwether's plot, he told a television interview that he was "right in purpose but wrong in way."
Deputy Mayor Dawn Bellwether
SheepWoman.Although he has been given the title of Deputy Mayor of Zootopia, the reality is that of Lion Heart.secretarySo, no decent room was given and he was always busy.According to him, he became the deputy mayor because of the mayor's "collecting sheep votes."It is often called "Kusai Weather" by Lion Heart, but once "Rai"FartsWhen I replied, "Mayor," he said that the day was a difficult day.[Supplement 7]..After Lion Heart's imprisonment, she will be the successor mayor.
He praises Judy as "the pride of a small animal" and creates an opportunity for her to investigate the missing case, but in reality, she is angry at the carnivorous animals that look down on herself, including Lion Heart. Of this work that I was lettingDisney VillainsIs.It took advantage of the Dougs to make the carnivorous animals ferocious with the poison of "howling at night" and urge the herbivore inhabitants, who make up the majority in Zootopia, to eliminate the carnivorous animals by force. He plans to dominate Zootopia with fear.Eventually, Judy and Nick reveal that they are the mastermind behind a series of missing cases and are imprisoned.

Bunny Barrow

Stu Hopps
Judy's father.I am farming at Bunny Burrow.I thought that living as a vegetable farmer in Bunny Burrow was the happiest thing for a rabbit, and I was worried that Judy would come to Tokyo and become a police officer.He was skeptical of carnivorous animals such as foxes and weasels because his daughter was bullied by Gideon, but Judy changed his mind and began to do business with Gideon.
Tell Judy that the blue flower "Midnikampam Holicisias" planted in the field as an insect repellent contains poison that makes animals ferocious, and that relatives who ate it in the past became violent and attacked Bonnie.
Bonnie Hopps
Judy's mother.Like her husband, she feels uneasy about Judy going to Tokyo and is also concerned when she retires from ZPD and returns home.
Gideon Gray
Red fox male.It is called by the full name from Judy.When Judy was a child, Bunny BurrowGeneral kidSo, he put his claws on Judy's cheek, which disturbed Katsuge, and injured him, but when he was an adult, he converted and deeply apologized when he met Judy again.He works as a pie maker at Bunny Burrow and also sells sweets to Judy's parents' store.Judy's parents call her skill as a pastry chef "the best in town."
Tell Judy that the slang name for the flower Midnikampam Holicisias is "howling at night," and give her a chance to return to Zootopia.

Nick's acquaintance

FennecMen.The name is not revealed in the play.Nick's accomplice and companion, but he has a bad mouth.From usualバ ンI live in the car, and even when I'm at work, I put Nick in the passenger seat and drive myself.
Very short and can ride a stroller without any problems.He pretended to be Nick's son and imitated a baby in an elephant costume, but his voice was quite low.[26].. It is said to be in his 40s[Supplement 8].
Flash (Flash Slothmore)
Miyubiナ マ ケ モ ノMen.License center[Supplement 9]Staff and Nick's best friend[Supplement 10]..Judy and Nick will identify the owner of the car based on the license plate number obtained from Yax and provide information.Everything from words and actions to actions was done in a slow space, and by the time Judy and his friends who visited the license center returned in the daytime, it was night.At the ending, I was caught in a speed violation when I was flying in the city at a tremendous speed (180 km / h or more according to Judy) that I can not usually imagine.
Whenever Nick meets Flash, he says, "Let's go flash, flash, dash!"[Note 3]Is greeting.
Emmitt Otterton
North American river otterMen.He runs a flower shop and has a wife and two children.He was one of the victims of a series of missing cases in Zootopia, but his surveillance camera caught him holding the ice cream he bought from Nick, which triggered the investigation.
He had a close relationship with him because he had delivered flowers to Mr. Big's house on a regular basis, and he was treated like a family, but he drove Manchas to see him.LimousineDoug was shot by a poisoned bullet of "Howling at Night" and became ferocious and attacked Manchas.Later, Judy and Nick discover that they are being held in a secret facility.
My wife, who I met at the hospital, had changed so much that she wasn't my husband, but after receiving medical treatment, I returned to my sanity and reunited with my family.
Duke Weaselton
Least weaselMen.I have a bad mouthBootleg DVDMake a living in.Judy arrests him for stealing bulbs from a florist early in the story, but later discovers that he was part of a series of missing cases.
The surname Weaselton is the Duke of Weselton (FrozenThe Duke is "Weasel Town" in a parody of "Weasel" which means "Weasel".[Supplement 11]While it was mistaken for "Waselton", it is mistaken for "Waselton".The first name of the Duke of Weselton is also Duke.It is also a voice actor story, and the same voice actor as the Duke of Weselton is in charge of both the English version and the Japanese dubbed version.
Mr. Big
ShrewMen.It looks like a mafia boss.He owns a limousine company, and Nick also says, "The dark boss of Tundra Town.[Note 4]I was afraid.He has multiple polar bears on his minions, and in mansion scenes and endings, he sits in a chair on the hand of his tallest minion.Grandmother's in the pastfuneralUse forwoolI bought this carpet from Nick, but in realityskunkIt was made of hair from his ass, and he had a grudge against him as an insult to his grandmother.
Business partners such as Emit and Nick treat themselves as if they were family members by inviting them to a home party, but they also take cruel measures such as insulating themselves from insults and betrayals and putting them in ice.Nick and Judy, who sneaked into the limousine on the day of their daughter's wedding, also try to ice them, but Judy learns that she is a lifesaver and cooperates with the investigation.After that, he changed his grandson's name to "Judy" and cooperated with Duke's confession.
"Godfather"ofVito Corleone(Marlon Brand)[27]Is a character based on[Supplement 12].
Kevin / Raymond
Both are polar bear men and Mr. Big's minions.There is no dialogue in the play.Kevin has a yellow line on a black backgroundsweatHe wears a bandage on his nose.Raymond wears a sweatshirt with a blue line on a black background.Dollar signI am wearing a necklace that imitates.
He captures Nick and Judy in the limousine in search of Emit's license and takes them to Mr. Big.Then follow Mr. Big's instructions to try to ice them.

Zootopian residents

yakMen.The name is not revealed in the play.NaturistClub owner, Emit is there tooyogaI have come to learn, and it will be an opportunity to cooperate with Judy's listening. "Nature is the best for animals," he is always naked, does not wash his body, and always has flies around him.
Nangi, a yoga instructor, whispers that "elephants have good memory," but it was Yax himself who gave Nick and Judy the details of Emit's outfit, the color and number of the limousine he was riding.
Mrs. Otterton
North American river otter.Emit Otterton's wife, who went missing, frequently visited ZPD and requested a visit to Bogo.After resolving the case, he was pleased to see Emit, who had successfully treated "howling at night" and returned to normal.
Fru Fru
Daughter of Mr. Big.Judy helped Duke kick off a donut monument in Little Rhodesia, which later helped Nick and Judy escape Mr. Big's sanctions.
He had a wedding on the day Nick and Judy were kidnapped by Mr. Big, and from the above, he named his pregnant child Judy.
Beautiful talented pop starGazelle..It is highly charismatic and has many fans.When Judy comes to Tokyo, she listens to her songs.When the carnivore exclusion movement took place in Zootopia, he was neutral in answering television interviews.
Dr. Madge Honey Badger
Honey badgerFemale doctor.In the Japanese dubbed version, it is simply called "Doctor", and in the staff roll, "Secret facility doctorIs written.Lion Heart urges us to find out what caused the inhabitants to become violent, suggesting that biological factors are the cause.He was subsequently arrested in the same way as Lion Heart by ZPD, who rushed to Judy's report.
Mr. Manchas
blackジ ャ ガ ーMen.Lives in the rainforest area.A driver of a limousine company run by Mr. Big.Emit, who was on board as a guest, suddenly became violent and attacked him, and his right eyeinjuryTo bear.After that, he tried to tell Judy and Nick, who visited him in the investigation, about the details, but he himself became violent as well.He was then detained by the eastern wolves sent by Mayor Lionheart and, like the other missing persons, detained in the facility.
Jerry Jumbeaux Jr.
African elephantMen.Ice cream shop owner.Nick refuses to sell popsicles, but Judy doesn't cover his nose when cooking ice cream[Note 5]Because the hygiene condition of the store was pointed out, he sold ice lollies to Nick instead of overlooking it.
Sheep man.Bellweather's collaborator, Duke says, is "unfriendly."There are two sheep under his minions, Woolter and Jesse.
In a laboratory using an abandoned subway car body, "howling at night" was raised from bulbs, a poison that made animals ferocious was refined from the flowers, and then it was put into a bullet and shot at carnivorous animals to make it ferocious. ..As for sniping, he has the skill to hit Emit who is moving in a limousine.
Peter Moosebridge
NewscasterElkMen.It has been changed to the original character in some countries, and in JapanRaccoon dog(See below), Jaguar in Brazil, Australia / New Zealandコ ア ラ, In ChinaGiant pandaIt has become.
Voice actorPeter MansbridgeIs a Canadian television stationCBCA veteran who has been a newscaster for many years, the character name is also his name and moose (moose).
Michael Tanuyama (Michael Tanuyama)
Raccoon dogMen.Zootopia newscaster, only available in Japanese dubbed version.To match the voice actor Imoarai-zaka, he wears glasses of the same frame with leaves on his head and a braided hat on his back.
Apartment landowner (Landlady)
Coconoobi ArmagiroThe old woman, Judy's apartment "GrandPangolinThe landlord.I'm wearing red-rimmed glasses.
Bucky / Pronk Orix-Antlerson (Bucky / Pronk Orix-Antlerson)
BuckyKuduThe corner is bent, and the pronk isOryxThe corners are straight.Two men living together in the apartment next to Judy's room.In the room, the two of us often quarrel, and in response to Judy's soliloquy, a little bit comes out from behind the wall.Judy says, "Noisy neighbor[Note 6]".There are two pictures in Judy's room, but when they talk loudly, the pictures shake according to the conversation.
Jared Bush reveals the relationship on Twitter as same-sex marriage[28].
A female colleague of Flash, a sloth of a license center employee.It moves slowly like a flash or other sloth.
Angry Mouse
A man who complains while getting angry at Judy when he is banned after the parking meter is over for just 30 seconds.


Role nameOriginal versionJapanese dubbing
Judy HoppsGinnifer GoodwinAya Ueto
Young JudyDella mackerelInaba Natsuki
Nick wildeJason BatemanTomoyuki Morikawa
Little NickCass SousieToki Hasegawa
Chief BogoIdris ElbaKenta Miyake
BellweatherJenny SlateTakeuchi Junko
ClawhauserNate TorrensShigeo Takahashi (Savannah)
Bonnie HopsBonnie HuntYuko Sasaki
Stu HopsDon LakeToru Okawa
YaxTommy ChongTakeshi Maruyama
Mayor LionheartJK SimmonsTetsuaki Genda
Mrs. OttertonOctavia SpencerKeiko Nemoto
Duke WeaseltonAlan TuddickYouhei Tadano
GazelleShakiraDream Ami
flashRaymond PersiMurajigaku
FinnickTiny Lister Jr.Hiroshi Shirakuma
NangiGita LadyJunko Kamiyama
Jerry Jumbo Jr.John DimaggioJunichi Endo
Mr. BigMaurice LamarshKazuhiro Yamaji
Flu FluLee LathamKondo Yui
ManchasJesse CourtyKunihiro Kawamoto
Madger Honey BadgerKatie LowesChika Makihara
Gideon GrayPhil JohnstonYuki Takeda
DougRich MooreYasushi Iwaki
Peter Moose BridgePeter Mansbridge
Michael TanukiyamaChief of Imaraizaka
Police academy instructorTricia cheat hamSeiko Tamura
Apartment landlordJosie TrinidadJunko Kamiyama
Bucky Orix-AntlersonByron HowardHiroshi Shirakuma
Pronk Orix-AntlersonJared BushMinoru Kawai
AngrimesMelissa Goodwin ShepherdThick Jason
McHornMark Rhino SmithJunichi Endo
PriscillaKristen bellKondo Yui
MoreFujii Jun
Ryosuke Morita
Taneichi Momoko
Jun Irie
Otsu Airi
Yusen Isamu
Takuya Masumoto
Eiichiro Tokumoto
Naoki Yasumura

Japanese version staff



Usually WDAS (Walt Disney Animation Studios) Then the director is the director of the initiativeJohn LasseterAnd the presidentEdwin CatmullI have decided on a movie to make from the ideas I proposed to[30]..Around this time, Lasseter produced "classical" Disney movies such as "Pinocchio" in contrast to new worldviews such as "Sugar Rush" and "Big Hero XNUMX" that were being produced in parallel at that time. I was thinking of making it for the audience[31]..In particular"Robin HoodHe liked movies with anthropomorphic and dressed animals, such as Tangled, and how to express Byron Howard's anthropomorphic animals, co-director of Tangled. I sympathized with him and decided to appoint Howard as a director to make a plan in line with this.[31]..Howard also wants to make a movie like Robin Hood, which inspired him.[32][10]Presented 6 ideas for the story "Anthropomorphic and dressed animals play an active role"[30].

After seeing Howard's proposal, Lasseter presented a proposal that would later evolve into "Savage Seas" by extracting the world view and characters from multiple proposals and combining them. "Savage Seas"James bondIt was a 1960s-style spy movie that was built with a rabbit spy called Jack Savage as the main character, but Lasseter and Catmull actually supported this story in the early "Animal City". Was the part[30]..Therefore, Howard leaves only the elements of "the main character of the rabbit" and "the city of animals", and focuses on other animals living in the city to further expand the image.Eventually, with the advice of the Disney Story Trust (a senior WDAS employee who always meets when planning a project), the direction is set for the police, with Nick playing the leading role and Judy playing the supporting role.[33][34], WDAS 55th feature film "Zootopia" was born[30].

The production of "Zootopia" was first announced at the D2013 Expo held by Disney's official fan club "" in the summer of 23.[35]..This work, which was set up as a scriptwriter by Howard's recommendation, was decided to be released in March 2016 from the beginning.[35][36](Actually, in May 2013, prior to the official announcementJason BatemanInformation on the appearance was revealed to the media, but at that time there was not much talk about the work itself.[37]).Here, the city where the characters live is also created assuming that it was designed by animals, not humans.[35], "Zootopia" was said to be different from other "movies in which anthropomorphic animals play an active part in the human world and nature".John LasseterHighly appreciated this idea that "animals live in a modern society built by animals" at the D23 Expo announcement.Baby Simba"Raised Howard's fame to lift"[38].

In addition, it was announced that Rich Moore will be the director in March 2015, and Jared Bush, the scriptwriter, will assist him.[39].

Video technology

Animal survey by animatorsSan Diego ZooSafari parkWalt Disney World"Disney's Animal Kingdom" at Disney's Animal Kingdom, and at Howard's suggestion[40]KenyaI also went to.The total survey period is 8 months, and various animals' walking styles and hair colors are also studied.[41][42], The animals in the movie will show 80 different movements[42]..In order to make the fur of the characters look more realistic, the interview was also conducted at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, and animators checked the fur up close using a microscope while checking various ways of shining light.[42].. The animal fur that appears in Disney's animated cartoons in the early 2010s was released in 2008.boltWas based on the technology used in.However, the computer software used at that time could not cope with the more realistic coat required for this work.[42]Therefore, WDAS engineers have developed a new software "iGroom" for that purpose.[42][43]..Originally, such technically advanced expressions were dealt with by performing special processing for each scene, but this time such expressions were required throughout the whole story.[43].

This not only accurately expresses the orientation of the fur, molding, and how to shine light, but also makes it possible to express every pose for each animal. iGroom has also made it possible to express fur using a "virtual layer" that takes into account even the invisible hair.[42]..This function was used for cheetah characters (Clawhauser) who have a large head with unclear spots.[42]..A huge number of hairs are used for each character, and the two main characters, Judy and Nick, have about 2 million hairs.Other characters have 250 million giraffes,GerbillinaeIs 48 and other smallrodentBut 40 were used, which is "Frozen』It is the same number as Elsa's hair[42]..Jared Bush later said of this, "it was a fight against hair."[43].

In this workBay MaxThe 2D drawing system "Hyperion" was used for the second time after that.This time, Hyperion has a new hair drawingparadigmHas been added, making it relatively easy to create realistic depictions even with dense hair.[42]..Real-time 3D developed for Sugar Rush productionModeler"Nitro" was also used, and it became possible to output natural and fine coats more speedily as desired. Nitro can also predict changes in coat, pose, and silhouette from one state to the next at the same time.[42].. The vegetation generator "Bonsai", which was first used in "Frozen", is also used to draw detailed drawings of various trees in various climates from the tropics to the tundra. It was realized[42].

About the characters

Initially, the story was about the city of Zootopia centered around Nick, with carnivores and herbivores having little to do with each other in the city.[44]..At its core setting was a "tame collar" to protect herbivores from carnivores.[45]..This control collar is attached to all carnivorous animals living in Zootopia, and the color of the lamp of the collar changes from green to yellow to red depending on the degree of excitement of the person, and electricity flows when the climax (red) is reached. ..An internal screening for the film industry was held every four months under the story produced in this setting, but the opinions received generally described Zootopia as "a repressive police state, hopeless" and "who sees it." But it's miserable and there are no new discoveries. "It turned out that the collar had a very negative image.[45].. It was described that "the production staff contributed well"[33]Although it was a story, after repeating the screenings about 5 to 6 times, Phil Johnston was newly called as a scriptwriter, and the control collar was set in November 2014 under the agreement with the conventional production team. It was decided to abolish[45].

November 1, less than a year and a half before the release schedule[34], Reversing the standing positions of Judy and Nick, focusing on "Innocent and heroine-minded ascending girl" Judy who came to Zootopia, "a big city where the pros and cons of egalitarianism are threatened by the prejudice of the residents themselves" Changed to the current story of placing Nick as a refuting character, "locals who sneer at city equality and promote instability"[34]..Regarding the idea of ​​putting Judy in the lead role, the production team commented that "the audience can see the city of Zootopia from Judy's point of view, that is," longing for the city "."In a normal children's film, the characters express their misery in songs, but Johnston dares not to adopt such a musical scene to make it realistic, and the various trials Judy encounters and her parents. Instead of[45].

May 2015, 5 with Jason BatemanGinnifer GoodwinHave been revealed to play the roles of Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps, respectively.[46]..The production team announced that Bateman "can perform funny and heartfelt performances with a cunning yet dry intellectual voice" as to the reason for this selection.Bateman himself described himself as a "cunning and ironic conspirator," noting that Nick Wilde was similar to the roles he had played since he was 12 years old.He also said, "When I said to the director,'What kind of voice do you want from me?', He said,'I just talk as I want to do.'" talked[47].

On the other hand, Moore said, "I can act with a stable kindness, a big heart, and a lot of humor," and also about humanity.Girl PollyannaToImperator Furiosa"A woman who seems to be a mixture of women" "People often refer to kindness as simplicity, idiot and paper, but she is a" good woman "on the ground. It's not a foolish rabbit, though."[47]..In January of the same year,Alan TuddickAnnounced to join the voice actor[48]At the same time, it was revealed that the character he plays is "Duke Weaselton".[49].

Building the stage

While there are many anime works in which anthropomorphic animals appear, WDAS, which received the production team and the planning of this work, will make this work different and unique-that is, It wasn't just a replacement of humans with animals, but I expected it to be a work that emphasizes animal-specific elements and yet resonates with the audience.[31]..In order to realize this, it is necessary to carefully consider not only the characters and video technology, but also the stage of the work and other detailed settings, and the production team set the proposition "Who created this world?" Under that, I came up with various ideas[32]..There are many settings that weren't used in the main story in the end, but Howard and Moore said, "The city of Zootopia in my heart is too big to fit in one movie. There are still stories, places, and animals that haven't been told, "he said, suggesting that this film is just a cut-out of the world in progress.[32].

Art director Matthias Lekner and production designer David Getz considered it important to reflect the size of animals ranging from mice to elephants in their designs as a rough art policy.As a result, various setting proposals were made for all items such as furniture and clothes, but in the end, four stages of extra small, small, regular, and jumbo were set as the standard.Of these, Nick, who is the main character, corresponds to regular, and Judy corresponds to small, and they were set as standard sizes (= the same size as humans), and the design of each place was decided depending on whether they were larger or smaller.[19]..For example, in the case of clothes, the design is decided while imagining the material and the process of tailoring, and the shape of the details is changed assuming that the car for the mouse was made by the mouse, or the street light of Little Rhodesia where the mouse lives Make it a decorative light bulb for Christmas trees, etc.[50], I used the ones with different scales and the ones with different structures as appropriate, and devised so that I could feel the size from the texture and design.[19].

Zootopia as a city

Initially, the production team was thinking of making Zootopia an ideal city of the future. [51], Howard and Moore noted that the city is the accumulation of its history and people's lives, and the cityscape under the assumption that "Zootopia would have developed in the same way as a human city as long as it was a city." Was to build[51]..In this fictional world, the aim of the movement to deepen the truth was to evoke the audience's own experience so that they could sympathize with every event on the screen and immerse themselves in the story.[51]..In fact, tax evasion[52]And license center[53],Traffic jam[54]Events that are familiar to us in human society, such as, appear as key points in the story.[55].

The setting that characterizes the city of Zootopia is that the city is divided into 12 areas according to the climate and the animals that live in it, among which Sahara Square, Tundra Town, Rainforest District, Little Rhodesia, Five main areas of Savannah Central will appear in the film.

Sahara Square
An area where desert animals live, in the center of the areaMonte CarloとDubaiIt is designed based on.With the setting that night activities such as hotels with casinos are enriched for animals that become nocturnal avoiding the hot daytime in the desert, warm colors such as red and orange are used for the appearance and neon of the city. Has been done.At the opening, a hotel that imitates a huge palm tree will appear, and other terrain and buildings are composed of structures with the motif of sand dunes and sand castles.[56]..It is adjacent to the tundra town, which will be described later, but it has a large air conditioning system on the boundary wall, and it is set to heat Sahara Square with the waste heat that cooled the tundra town.[57].
An area where animals in cold regions live.Russian architectureA building with an onion-shaped dome that imitatesPolar bearThere is an ice-snow mansion modeled after the ice cave, which is the residence of the city, and a drifting ice block that replaces the moving sidewalk, most of which are constructed of snow and ice.The climate is adjusted by periodically adjusting the amount of snowfall with a snow machine, and it is designed so that the snow never melts, and the color of the city is covered by neon signs skillfully arranged by the CG designer.According to production designer David Getz, the image was inspired by the characters in the film and the mafia boss Mr. Big.A huge air-conditioning wall will be placed on the border with Sahara Square (mentioned above).[57][58].
Rainforest District
as its name suggests,熱 帯 雨林Area modeled after.It is composed mainly of huge artificial trees that absorb water from the river and generate moisture, and pipes like roots are stretched around it.Always in the districtsprinklerWet and moist, dirty environments like this also reflect the inside of Manchas, one of the characters living here, according to story head Josie Trinidad.Since this area is formed directly above, the height difference is as much as 300m.[57], The road in the rainforest area that appears in the workLoop bridgeIs often used, and a flip-up bridge will also appear.As mentioned above, it has a complicated environment compared to other areas of Zootopia and has a mysterious atmosphere.In the production of computer graphics, ingenuity was taken such as dividing the work into multiple layers and grouping the branches.[59].
Little Rodentia
rodentIn areas where small animals live, the city looks like a miniature and is surrounded by high fences and small tunnels to prevent large animals from accidentally entering.The cityscapeBrooklynIt was devised with reference to, and unlike the above-mentioned areas, it was constructed considering the size of the inhabiting animal rather than the climate.[57]..Located near the center of Zootopia.In the production, in order to produce a size difference with other areas, after arranging a full-scale model of the cityscapeLos AngelesI take a picture with the cityscape of the city in the background and reproduce it with computer graphics.[60].
Savanna Central
In the central city area of ​​ZootopiaDowntownincluding.Various kinds of animals liveSavannahIs a model, and the railway station "Central Station" in the play was created with the image of a drinking fountain where carnivorous animals and herbivores gather without separation, and it is set as an area where various animals gather from inside and outside Zootopia. Has become[57]..The station and its surroundings are what director Byron Howard says he likes most, and is said to have an advanced design that combines Europe and North America.The downtown area is a place where animals are mixed regardless of type, and it does not appear in the opening, but finally appears as a place for the main character Judy's "first job".David Getz said that the scale of downtown was not unified, and the noisy metropolitan atmosphere could be expressed by including the history of various times.[61].

In addition, the rural town "Bunnyburrow", which is 340 km away from Zootopia in the hometown of the main character Judy, and the jumbo size run by an elephant.parlorIt is built with detailed settings to emphasize the characteristics of the city of Zootopia in every stage that appears in the play, such as "Jumbow Cafe" of "Jumbow Cafe" and "Meadow Lands" where the mysterious facility Cliffside is built. ..275 brothers and sisters live in Judy's parents' house in some areas and buildings where the setting was not used while the script changed during the production stage[62]Or, "Wild Times", an amusement park dedicated to them, which allows the bound carnivores to return to their original self, which was devised under the original idea of ​​"distinguishing between predators and prey".[63]Etc. are left in the setting drawing.

Production of the sequel

Served as a voice actor for Finnick in this workTiny Lister Jr.Attend,CaliforniaOntarioAt an event at the restaurant "Dave & Buster's", "I can say for sure that I'm working on a sequel to Disney and Zootopia. It's going to be three.Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euThere are three works, and we will replace them. "In addition, the director of this workRich MooreとByron HowardTalks about his positive thoughts on the sequel in interviews when the Blu-ray was released.[64]..From this, various companies reported that a sequel to this work might be produced.[65][66].


The composition of the score isAcademy Composition AwardOf the award-winning authorMichael GiacchinoWas in charge.The theme song "Try EverythingIsTheaとStargateComposed and played the role of Gazelle in the playShakiraSang.

1."Try Everything
Try Everything "
2."Stage Flight
Stage Fright "
  Michael Giacchino
3."Grey's Uhmad at Me
Gray's Uh-Mad at Me "
4."Ticket to Write
Ticket to Write "
5."Foxy Fakeout
Foxy Fakeout "
6."Jumbo Pop Hustle
Jumbo Pop Hustle "
7."Walk and Stalk
Walk and Stalk "
8."Not a Real Cop
Not a Real Cop "
9."Hops Goes (After) The Weasel
Hopps Goes (After) the Weasel "
10. "The Naturalist
The Naturalist "
11. "Work Slowly and Carry a Big Stick
Work Slowly and Carry a Big Shtick "
12. "Mr. Big
Mr. Big "
13. "Case of the Manchas
Case of the Manchas "
14. "The Nick of Time
The Nick of Time "
15. "World's Worst Animal Shelter
World's Worst Animal Shelter "
16. "Some of My Best Friends Are Predators
Some of My Best Friends Are Predators "
17. "A Bunny Can Go Savage
A Bunny Can Go Savage "
18. "Weasel Shakedown
Weasel Shakedown "
19. "Ramifications
Ramifications "
20. "You Fail For It
Ewe Fell for It "
21. "Three to Bandito
Three-Toe Bandito "
22. "Suite From Zootopia
Suite from Zootopia "

The Japanese edition includes the following bonus tracks at the beginning and end.

1."Try Everything"  Dream Ami
24. "Try Everything (Zoorasian Philharmonic Version)"  Dream Ami
25. "Try Everything"  Zoorasian Brass 

In the Japanese dubbed version, the opening is the Japanese version of "Try Everything" and the ending credit is the English version of the same song.At the beginning of the staff roll after that, "Try Everything (Zoorasian Philharmonic Version)" was played, and then the soundtrack medley (arranged version of "Ramifications", "Suite From Zootopia" was in the middle. From).

The English version of the staff roll starts from the beginning of the soundtrack medley ("Ticket to Write", "Suite from Zootopia" beginning, "Ramifications" arranged version, "Suite From Zootopia" ) Is shed.


This work isDisney Digital 3-D(RealD) Published as a work.In North AmericaIMAXScreening in 3D format was also held, and Disney's IMAX workTreasure PlanetThis is the second work in 14 years since then.[67][68].

The title has changed in some countriesThe United KingdomWaitEuropeIn each countrymetropolisIt was changed to "Zootropolis" derived from "Zootropolis", and even if the audio is in English (including subtitled version) for the European release, all Zootopia in the play has been corrected to Zootropolis.[69][70] ..Also, in Germany, it was released under the title "Zoomania".[71][72] ..Disney just said the reason for the change was that the spokesman would "get the attention of the British audience."[73],Irish TimesThe newspaper (Ireland) argues that the direct reason is that the Danish zoo has applied for a trademark for "Zootopia" in the EU.[74] .. In ChinaState Administration of Press, State Administration of PressAlthough it is said that the theater release of overseas movies is only for 30 days, an unusual response was taken that this work will be postponed for 2 weeks, and it was released for a total of 44 days.[75]..Theatrical screenings in Japan began on April 2016, 4, significantly later than in other regions.Finding DollyJuly 7th, the day before the release[76]It ended all at once.


The teaser video was first released by Walt Disney Animation Studios on June 2015, 6.UAF YouTubeIn the trailer released in[77] ,Pixarof"Inside head] From the time of its release, this video has been shown as a theater notice. The second is on YouTube on November 2, the same year (the theater notice is "Arlo and the boy』From)[78] , In the main story, the scene where the two main characters go to the license center and interact with the sloth staff has been released.The full-scale preview video was released on YouTube on December 2st of the same year.Furthermore, on March 12, 31Disney Infinity 3.0The figure for[79].

Also, a strange shapeViral marketingWas also done.Digital marketing company Allied Integrated Media has received a contract from Disney and is an SNS siteMeetupupperFurry fandomTo the members, of the moviehashtagAttach your ownFursuitPromoted a campaign to publish photos wearing photos on Twitter and Instagram[80][81].

In Japan, from March 2016th to May 3th, 25 before and after the screeningKanagawa横 浜 市Tie-up withYokohama Zoo ZoorasiaとYokohama City Transportation BureauBy "Yokohama Municipal SubwayStamp rally "and"Yokohama Municipal Bus× Zoorasia Quiz Rally ”was held, and one route bus vehicle with the advertisement wrapping of this work was also operated.[82][83].

Home software

Home software for "Zootopia" will be released in digital HD formats such as Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D, and DVD, and the North American version will be released on June 2016, 6 as a bonus track such as "Scoretopia" and Try Everything MV. The one that recorded the video was released[84]..Regarding the Japanese version, the digital advance distribution of the dubbed / subtitled version started on August 8 of the same year, and then the MovieNEX version (Blu-ray, DVD, digital download authority included) will be released as "Zootopia MovieNEX" on August 10. It has been released.The content is the same as the North American version, the main part is recorded as both theatrical subtitles / dubbed version, and the bonus video is recorded as a subtitled version[85].

This title recorded 18 sales in the first week of its release, and in the sales ranking on September 9 (August 5-8), "ARASHI LIVE TOUR 2015 Japonism(27.8 sheets[86]) Followed byBD2nd overall and 1st in the BD animation category[87]..In addition, it was the first time in eight months since "Minions Blu-ray + DVD Set" ranked on December 1, 2015 that Western movies took first place in the BD animation category, and at this point it became the provisional first place in 12 Western movie animation BD. Ta[87]..In the ranking on September 9th (August 12th to September 8th), the number of sales was 29 and "ARASHI LIVE TOUR 9 Japonism" (4).[88]) To win the overall BD 1st place[89]..It was the sixth movie in the 1 (December 2016, 2015-) ranking to win the first place in BD overall, and the first in the same year for anime.


Box office record

As of August 2016, 8, when the screening in North America ended, the box office revenue of "Zootopia" far exceeded the production cost of 4 million dollars, and about 1 million dollars in North America (U.S. dollar, And so on), with box office revenues of approximately $ 6 million in other countries and regions totaling $ 8251 million.[3][4]..Disney's animated film topped $ 10 billion, the third in history after Toy Story 3 and Frozen.[92].

Second week of publicationMay 3As a Walt Disney Animation Studios work, the box office revenue exceeded 3 million dollars for three consecutive works following "Frozen" and "Big Hero 5".[93][94]On April 4, 5, the international box office revenue exceeded $ 2016 million for the first time among the movies released in North America in 8.[95]Achieved another $ 4 million breakthrough on April 24[96].. It topped $ 6 billion on June 5.The $ 10 billion box office record is the fourth animated film in history, the eleventh Disney film (third in Disney animated films), and the 10th in film history.[97].

In the whole world, "Civil War/Captain America』, The second box office revenue in 2016, and the first place as an animated movie[98]Is.In addition, it is the second worldwide income after "Frozen" as the studio work in the past.[95][99], 4th place as all anime movies[100][101]As an original movie (a movie that does not have an original such as a novel or a previous work),Avatar2nd place following[102]In addition, it is ranked 26th among all movies.[97].

North America

In the United States and Canada, pre-publication forecasts were 3827 screens with box office revenue of $ 6000-7000 million on the first weekend.[103][104](The breakdown of the expected number of screens is about 3 screens for the 3100D version, 365 screens for the IMAX version, and 325 screens for the premium large format version.[104]). The pre-screening the week before the release on March 2016, 3 already earned $ 31 million, and a similar release method would be used during the summer vacation, excluding Pixar works.[Supplement 13]The best record for any other Disney movie[67][105]Also, as an anime work, it recorded the 7th place in history[106].

The pre-release reputation spread by word of mouth, breaking the record for "Frozen" with box office revenue of $ 4 million on April 3, the first day of the release.[67]..Also, as an animated movie released in March, it will be the second highest in history after "Ice Age 3".[107]..In addition, the box office revenue for the first weekend was $ 7510 million, which was higher than initially expected, defeating "Frozen" in all Disney animated films and ranked first.[Supplement 14], In the animated movie released in March, "Uncle Lorox's Secret Seed』Defeated 1st place, 4th place as an animated movie, and 3th place as a whole movie released in March[108][109][110]..In addition, the box office revenue for the first weekend of the original movie was the third highest in history, following "Inside Out" and "Avatar".[111].. IMAX method costs $ 366 million for 520 screens on the first weekend Toy story 3Second place after $ 840 million[109].

Weekly box office revenue for the second week was $ 2 million, down to 5130% of the total, but for animated films, the decline in occupancy after the end of the first week was the least ("Sugar Rush" occupied in the second week. The rate was 31.6%, but it was 2% in the same week.LEGO movieThe rate of decline is greater than[112].. Weekly box office revenue for the third week also reached $ 3 million with a 28% occupancy rate, ranking first in the week for three consecutive weeks, and at the same time, total box office revenue so far exceeded $ 3720 million.[113]..In the third week after its release, it ranked second after "Avatar" for $ 3 million.007 SkyfallThe result was over $ 3500 million. The occupancy rate of this work was only slightly reduced in the 4th week, but it was released 3 weeks later than this work.Batman vs Superman Justice Birth』, And finally became V3 in North America[114].

As of June 2016, "Captain America" ​​and "Captain America" ​​in the regionデ ッ ド プ ー ル''ジ ャ ン グ ル · ブ ッ クIn addition to recording the cumulative box office record of 4th place after[115], Finished in the top 13 for 10 consecutive weeks, approaching "Anayuki (16 weeks)" and "Avatar (14 weeks)"[116].

Theatrical screenings in North America ended on August 8, and were screened for a total of 4 days.[4]..The final box office record is the second WDAS work in history after "Frozen".[117], 2016th place as a 7 North American movie[118], And became the 10th animated movie in history[119].


In Japan, it was released for 2016 days from April 4 to July 23, 7, and the final box office record was about 15 million people mobilized and about 83 billion yen in income.[120][5], Ranked 2016th for a movie released in Japan in 4[5]..It took 70 days for this work to exceed the cumulative box office of 62 billion yen ("Anayuki" on the 23rd, "Big Hero 37" on the XNUMXth).[76], Even though new films were being screened one after another, they earned stable box office revenue and remained in the top four in all weekend box office rankings during the screening period.

Published on 2 screens nationwide in subtitled version (2D) and dubbed version (3D, 4D, 4DX, MX471D)[121]However, it was released quite late from other areas.[122]..First weekend (April 4,24 days) Total mobilization was 32 people, box office revenue was 9513 yen, one week agoMay 4More published "Detective Conan The Pure Black Nightmare』, Recorded the second place for the first appearance[121]..Furthermore, as a Disney animated movie, it recorded the third largest opening box office after "Frozen" and "Big Hero 3".[96].

After that, until the second week of publication, it was second after "Detective Conan", but it will be the third week of publication.May 5The box office revenue was 29 yen, and the mobilization was 8776 people, and in the results (weekend box office ranking) on ​​the 4600th and 235th, it was the first place to overtake "Detective Conan".[123][124]..It is rare in the world that the weekend box office ranking went up from 2nd to 2st two weeks after the release.[15].. In the weekend box office ranking of the 4th week (May 5th and 14th), it won the 15st place following the previous week, and the number of mobilization was 1% compared to the previous week, but the number of mobilization in this week has exceeded the first week of publication. , "Anayuki" showed the same movement as when it was first released in Japan[15][16] 。5週目の週末(5月21日・22日)でも2日間で動員37万5137人、興収5億0407万3100円を記録し、1位を維持した(両日2位の『Tono, interest-free!』Has mobilized 10 people, box office 9248 yen).Also, this week there was a 1 screen decrease from the previous week, but the box office ratio of the previous week was 3522%.[125]The screen average (average seating rate per screen) also increased by 1%.[126].. In the 6th week (May 5th and 28th), the box office performance was lower than the previous week, but the first appearance of the same week, "Wolf Girl and the black Prince], And ranked first for four consecutive weeks, and the cumulative domestic box office exceeded 4 billion yen.[127].

7週目(6月4日・5日)は動員26万3766人、興収3億5060万9200円となり、国内累計興収は60億を越えた。同週初登場の『Botanical picture book I picked up the love of fate』(Mobilization 26 people, box office 4270 yen) was close to the second place, and finally became V3 in Japan[92]..However, the first box office is "Deadpool" (1 people, 6 yen) that started on June 1, and the "Botanical Encyclopedia" is the third box office.[92]..In addition, "Detective Conan", which had been competing for results since its release, also exceeded the cumulative box office revenue of 60 billion yen on the same day (6 yen, 5 people as of June 60). While the revenue is higher than this work, the number of mobilization will be slightly behind.[128][Supplement 15]..After that, the number of mobilization in the 8th week (June 6th and 11th) was the first appearance in the same week.64-Rokuyon-Part XNUMX2nd place following[129], In the 9th week (June 6th and 18th), it was ranked 19rd after "Botanical Encyclopedia" and "Rokuyon Part 3", but it was ranked 1st again in the box office.[130][131].

Cumulative box office exceeded 6 billion yen on June 23[17][131]To do.The number of mobilization in the 10th week of publication (June 6th and 25th) is the same week's first appearance "TOO YOUNG TO DIE! die young』, And raised the ranking of the number of mobilization again[132], In the 11th week of publication (July 7nd and 2rd), there was the first appearance of the same week, "Alice in Wonderland/Time Journey』Entered the 1st place, this work is the 3rd place[133]It became.The 12th week (July 7th and 9th), which is the final week of the weekend box office rankings, will be the first appearance of the same week.Independence Day: Resurgence”, And dropped further to 1th place, but the top 4 works of the same weekend that have been released for more than 10 weeks are“ Botanical Encyclopedia ”(5th week) Was only[134]..After that, the theater screening will be held on July 7th as scheduled.All at onceIt became.

People's Republic of China

In the People's Republic of China, it was released under the title of "Crazy Animal City"[72], The most popular Hollywood movie in ChinaJurassic World(Total box office revenue in China is $ 2 million), which is even higher than the expectations of domestic media.[135][136]..In China, the total box office until the end of the theater release was more than 62 times that of the first day of the release, and it was released just before the release.Charlotte troubles』It exceeded the highest record of 61.9 times.In the anime movie, 53.1 times that of "" was the highest record.[137]。公開初日の興収は『葉問3』に続き2位の340万ドルだったが、3日目までの累計は2380万ドルに達し、 前後作を持たないアニメ映画の開始3日間の興収としては史上最高記録となったほか、アニメ映画全体およびIMAX方式のアニメ映画としては、いずれにおいても『カンフー・パンダ3』に続き開始3日間の興収が国内史上2位を記録することとなった(本作のIMAX版は278スクリーン、300万ドルの興収を記録)[72][138].

On Saturday, the ninth day of its release, the movie's highest single-day box office in Japan's history was $ 9 million (previous Saturday was $ 2500 million), quickly overtaking the final box office of "Big Hero 1060". Jumped to the top of the box office of all Disney anime movies in China[139][140].. Weekend box office revenue for the second week was $ 2 million, up 5650% from the previous week, and as of the tenth day, an anime movie released in China following "Kung Fu Panda 139" and "Monkey King: Hero is Back" As the third in history, it exceeded 10 million dollars.This is the number one single for the weekend box office of anime movies.[141]..However, some media reports more than $ 6000 million.[142].

In mid-March, it broke the record of an American anime movie released in Japan with "Kung Fu Panda 3" (3, $ 2014 million).[143]..On March 17, the 3th day of its release, the total box office revenue exceeded 27 million dollars for the first time as an anime movie released in Japan, and for all Disney moviesAvengers: Age of UltronIs the second Hollywood work and the sixth Hollywood work.[144][145].

Eventually 15 billionyuanIt surpassed the Avengers' 14 million yuan, and became No. 6400 in all Disney movies and No. 1 in the history of domestic movies.[146][147].

Other overseas

This work was released on different days in each country for the purpose of Walt Disney Motion Pictures aiming for a long holiday sales season. It was released in three countries in the second week of February 2016, and by the first weekend (first week of publication), February 2, it had box office revenue of $ 2 million.[148]..The following week, 36 countries, 22% of the total, were added, and by February 2 (the second week of publication), the box office had an additional $ 21 million.[149]..In addition, in the fourth week of February (third week of publication) the following week, no country was newly released, but by February 2, it had an additional box office of $ 4 million.[150]..In the first week of March, which is the fourth week of the release, it will be newly released in 4 countries including the United States and China, and by the weekend it will generate an additional box office of 3 million dollars, and Hong Kong movies in the weekly international box office ranking at that time Jumped to 1nd place following "Leaf Question 45"[138]..Of this amount, $ 330 million is for the IMAX method release.[138].. In the third week of March, the 3 countries that were newly released two weeks ago alone generated an additional box office of $ 3 million, an increase of 45% compared to the second week of March, surpassing "Ip Man 8930" to rank first. Became[141] ..The next week also won the first place in the same ranking[151] In the next week,Batman vs Superman Justice Birth』, And finally became V5 worldwide in the results of the 6th and 2th weeks of publication[144]..After that, in the first week of April (the eighth week of publication), the total box office outside North America exceeded $ 4 million.[152].

Results for the first week of publication vary from country to country,スペインThen $ 310 million,ベルギーとデンマークThat's a total of $ 170 million.ベルギーSo, the opening box office recorded the highest amount of all Disney anime movies[148]..Also, in China, $ 2360 million,FranceThen $ 870 million,ロシアThen $ 790 million,GermanyThen $ 680 million,Hong KongThen $ 190 million,ポーランドRecorded 160 million dollars, and in the above countries, it set the highest opening income record as a Disney animation movie excluding Pixar[149][138][144][153].. other than this,The United KingdomAnd in Ireland $ 730 million,メキシコ$ 460 million, $ 360 million in Australia,BrazilThen $ 260 million,イタリアThen it will be $ 330 million while opening on weekends that are not included in the long holidays[149][151][144], Among which Australia,スイス,Portugal,Republic of South AfricaThen, in the box office of the first week, it recorded the first place in Japan[138].

In the UK and Ireland, from the public week, "Batman vs Superman: The Birth of Justice" "Kung Fu Panda 3”, This work raised a box office of 579 million dollars (of which 760 million dollars was released in advance) on 250 screens, but it was close to the opening box office of“ The Birth of Justice ”and ranked second in the domestic box office. Walt Disney Animation Studios' opening box office record fell short[154][155].. In the second week, in addition to "The Birth of Justice", "Eagle jump』Worshiped the dust and came in 3rd place, but still maintained the occupancy rate of 24%[156].

North America has the largest box office revenue by country ($ 3 million), followed by China ($ 3720 million), Japan ($ 2 million), France ($ 3610 million), and Russia.CISRegion ($ 3440 million), United Kingdom ($ 3360 million), Germany ($ 3220 million), South Korea ($ 3110 million)[157][158][159]..In Russia, it ranked second in the history of all movies with 36 billion rubles after 23 billion rubles of "Avatar".[160]..V4 is the longest in Japan, V3 in Russia and Germany[157][161], Recorded V2 in China and South Korea[157][162].


This work received evaluation from various fields[163][164][165][166].Rotten tomatoesIn the comments, positive evaluation accounted for 98%, 8.1 / 10 points (weighted average), And received the highest evaluation as a 2016 movie[167]..According to Rotten Tomatoes' general comment, "'Zootopia' is wonderfully summarized in terms of both technology and story. The content drawn by the video that can be said to be a collection of the essence of technology is profound and captures the modern situation well. A work that allows the audience to think about various things, yet has a good tempo and high comedy, and can be enjoyed by young audiences for a long time. "[Note 7]Is said to be[168]..This is the second highest rating in history for the original movie ("Snow White" and "Snow White" after "Pinocchio" with 2% rating.101 dogs(Same rate as), ranked 8th among all Disney anime movies ("Toy Story" "Toy Story 2" 100%, "Toy Story 3" "Finding Nemo" 99%, "Inside" ·head""Karl's Flying House] Is 98%).MetacriticThen, 78/100 points (based on 39 reviews)Deviation value), And the overall evaluation is "generally good evaluation"[Note 8]Was taken[169][170].. In "CinemaScore", out of 8 grades from A + to F, the 2nd grade A was given.[171].

Famous American critic Nail Gentzlinger saidNew York TimesOn the paper, "It's funny, astute, and makes me think about various things."[Note 9]Was described as[172]..Popular culture magazine "Rolling stone』, Along with the comedy nature of this work, after commenting on its message nature that reveals the harmfulness of one of the preconceptions that swept the world at the time of release," political rhetoric that implicitly affirms xenophobia " , "Maybe the most devastating movie of 2016"[Note 10]Is trying[170]..US entertainment industry magazine "variety"It embodies the" strength "of the studio," said Peter Dibruge.[173].IGNFilm critic Eric Goldman rated the film as 10 out of 9.0 (Amazing), saying, "'Zootopia' can be a cool and natural fusion of the present and the past if Disney takes it seriously. It is a worn-out technique for animals to stand, walk, talk, and behave like humans, but there is humor and work style. With that theme, we are sending a modern style. "[Note 11]Said[174].

Film critic Mark Kellmode is in the UKオ ブ ザ ー バ ーOn paper, this work is "Very interesting and very nice" Holiday fun ""[Note 12]It is said.He added, "At first glance, herbivores as threatening beings fear even their neighbors, while carnivores suppress their instincts, but in reality they are" trust and forgiveness "and" confusion and prejudice. " A "fable" depicting confrontation, which is well organized like a perfect symphony. In a world full of hatred and uncertain future, inspires and encourages the existence of love and diversity as if swinging a conductor. It may seem like you're just lining up the rhetoric, but it's never the case. The jokes that the characters show in the play are interesting and great from a video technology standpoint. "[Note 13]And finally, "Genuine, a work that is perfect for families that can be enjoyed at any age. The best!"[Note 14]Tightening[175].

In The Daily Telegraph, Robbie Colin said, "The lion didn't just keep prostrating on the sheep, but both took the position of governing the city and took a step toward coexistence. This is the true diversity that I dreamed of. That dream in their world has come true-is that so? (...) Think of a city full of people like Chinatown. This work is based on scrutiny as an anime movie about the world of animals. It's a very realistic world. "[Note 15]And further, ""48 hoursInNick NolteとEddie MurphyEven if Judy and Nick look like a double protagonist who sprinkles adorability, moves around cheerfully, and draws in the audience, nothing beats the extraordinary acting skills of voice actors Goodwin and Bateman. .. The acting of the two is likeBebopYou can feel like you are watching the video while listening to the snaps and swings of the famous songs. "[Note 16]And said."If you watch this movie, we should be aware of the half-hearted racial idea inside-there is a scene where we feel it especially strongly. The pig said to the cheetah,'Go back to the forest!'" On the other hand, the scene where the cheetah returns tiredly saying "I'm from Savannah!" I wrote, but the story itself is by no means rigid, and one of the strengths of this movie is the value of diversity. This is a complicated and subtle theme that even younger audiences can understand- "Actually, it's not always as easy as a nice word" -This is the line that Judy says in the last scene. And he further asserted that "the reality is harsh." Yes, that's right. That's why everything feels more interesting, messy, and beautiful. If you want to experience this feeling, "Zootopia" It ’s the best. ”[Note 17]Tightening[176].

In addition, the newspaper focused on Judy Hopps, whose character is Rosa Prince.Disney princessJudy is not a character who pays attention to romance and family, but a profession that she dreamed of "in the city", saying that it gave a pleasant change to the image of the heroine appearing in Disney animation works such as He said that he should see "the police officer who does everything".She also said, "This film has fewer female characters than regular Disney movies, at most one-third of all the characters, but Judy broke that pattern.Prince of HakubaI'm not thinking of getting help, but rather I'm busy helping others.Ginnifer Goodwin, the mother of two children and responsible for Judy's voice, said, "If I had a daughter, I would like to have Judy as a sample.I also want my two sons to sample her. " (Omitted) Perhaps it's time to buy Judy's uniforms for the girls so they don't wear princess dresses.If you disagree, remember the words of Chief Bogo- "Life is different from a musical movie!If you sing, your dreams will come true, it's not such a sweet thing.Accept it as it is. "[Note 18]Also noted[177].

US entertainment magazine "Hollywood Reporter』Cites the big hits in Japan, with strong reviews, many spectators watching both the subtitled and dubbed versions, or the 3D and 4DX versions, and the theme song by Dream Ami.[178]. Also,Studio GhibliProducer ofToshio SuzukiHas described it as "an outstanding masterpiece in Disney movies" from a comprehensive perspective of this work's advanced video technology, easy-to-understand story, and profound message, and in an interview, immediately after watching it.Hayao MiyazakiIt was also told that he went to report to him, "I saw it amazingly!"[179].

Wang Denbao, a professor at Nanjing Political Academy,Chinese People's ArmyBulletin "Liberation Army Bulletin"[180]In, he said that the reversal of the roles of carnivores and herbivores in the play was "the common sense that even children can understand is reversed by Hollywood", and this work is Western using entertainment (invisible hand). Morality and AmericanpropagandaCriticized that it was an imposition of[181][182].


List of awards and results
賞Ceremony dayDepartmentWinnerResultSource
Golden Trailer Award2016/5/4Music TV spot section [Note 19]"Try Everything Voice 3 Days – IMAX"Nomination[183]
Original TV spot section [Note 20]"Oscar Review"Award
Pre-screening advertising by theater chain [Note 21]"Popcorn Club"Nomination
Teen Choice Awards2016/7/31Choice Music (TV / Movie)[Note 22]"Try Everything" (Shakira)Nomination[184]
Hollywood Film Awards2016/11/6Hollywood Animation Award [Note 23]"Zootopia"Award[185]
Hollywood Media Music Awards2016/11/17Original Music Award (Anime Movie) [Note 24]Michael GiacchinoNomination[186][187]
Song Award (Anime Movie) [Note 25]"Try Everything" (Thea,Stargate)
British Academy Film Awards2016/11/20Feature film section [188]Byron Howard, Rich Moore, Clark SpencerAward[189][190]
Kids boat [Note 26]"Zootopia"Award
New York Film Critics Association Award2016/12/1Anime movie award"Zootopia"Award[191]
Washington DC Film Critics Association Award2016/12/5Voice actor acting award [Note 27]Jason BatemanNomination[192]
Ginnifer GoodwinNomination
Feature Animation Award [Note 28]"Zootopia"Nomination
American Film Institute2016/12/8Top 10 movies of the year [Note 29]"Zootopia"Award[193]
San Francisco Bay Area Film Critics Award2016/12/11Feature Animation Award [Note 28]"Zootopia"Nomination[194][195]
Toronto Film Critics Association Award2016/12/11Anime movie award [Note 30]"Zootopia"Award[196]
Broadcast Film Critics Association Award2016/12/11Feature Animation Award"Zootopia"Award[197]
San Diego Film Critics Association Award2016/12/12Anime movie award [Note 30]"Zootopia"Nomination[198][199]
Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association Award2016/12/13Anime movie award [Note 30]"Zootopia"Award[200]
Chicago Film Critics Association Award2016/12/15Anime movie award [Note 30]"Zootopia"Nomination[201]
St. Louis Gateway Film Critics Association Award2016/12/18Anime movie award [Note 30]"Zootopia"Award[202]
US Women's Film Press Federation Award2016/12/21Anime movie award [Note 30]Jared Bush, Byron Howard, Rich MooreAward[203][204]
Female Character Award [Note 31]Ginnifer GoodwinAward[Supplement 16]
Florida Film Critics Circle Award2016/12/23Animated Film Award [Note 30]"Zootopia"Runner-up[205]
Austin Film Critics Association Award2016/12/28Anime movie award [Note 30]"Zootopia"Nomination[206][207]
Online Film Critics Association2017/1/3Feature Animation Award [Note 28]"Zootopia"Nomination[208]
Houston Film Critics Society Award2017/1/6Feature Film Award [Note 32]"Zootopia"Nomination[209][210]
Village voice movie voting2017/1/6Anime movie award[Note 30]"Zootopia"3 bit[211]
Golden globe award2017/1/8Feature Film Award [Note 33]"Zootopia"Award[212]
Golden tomato award2017/1/12Best wide release[Note 34]"Zootopia"Award[213]
Anime movie award[Note 35]"Zootopia"Award
Denver Film Critics Association Award2017/1/16Anime movie award [Note 30]"Zootopia"Award[214]
People's Choice Awards2017/1/18Favorite movie [Note 36]"Zootopia"Nomination[215]
Favorite family movie [Note 37]Nomination
Favorite movie voice [Note 38]Jason BatemanNomination
Ginnifer GoodwinNomination
American Film Editors AssociationEddie Award2017/1/27Feature Film Editing Award [Note 39]Jeremy Milton, Fabienne LowryAward[216]
American Filmmakers' Union Award2017/1/28Anime movie award [Note 40]Clark SpencerAward[217]
Annie Award2017/2/4Feature Anime Award [Note 28]"Zootopia"Award[218][219]
Special Award: Animation effect in feature-length animation [Note 41]Tom Wicks, Henrik Felt, Pyon Dongju, Rattanin Sirinal Eman, Sam ClockNomination
Special Award: Character animation in feature-length animation [Note 42]Dave HardinNomination
Chad CellarsNomination
Special Award: Character design in feature-length anime [Note 43]Collie LoftisAward
Special Award: Feature Animation Director [Note 44]Byron Howard, Rich MooreAward
Special Award: Production design for feature-length animation [Note 45]David Getz, Matthias LeknerNomination
Special Award: Screenplay composition in feature-length animation [Note 46]Dean WellinsAward
Special Award: Feature Anime Voice Actor [Note 47]Jason BatemanAward[Supplement 17]
Special Award: Concept in Feature Animation [Note 48]Jared Bush, Phil JohnstonAward
Special Award: Editing in feature-length anime [Note 49]Fabienne Lowry, Jeremy MiltonNomination
AarpAnnual Adult Film Award2017/2/6A movie for adults who want to remain a child [Note 50]"Zootopia"Nomination[220]
Visual Effects Association Award2017/2/7Feature Anime Visual Effects Award [Note 51]David Getz, Scott Casabedge, Emest J. Petty, Bradford S. SimonsenNomination[221]
Feature Animation Effect Simulation Award [Note 52]Nicholas Barcard, Mo El Ali, Claudia Chun Sunny, Tom WicksNomination
African American Film Critics Association Award2017/2/8Anime movie award[Note 30]"Zootopia"Award[222]
British Academy Award2017/2/12Anime movie award[Note 30]Byron Howard, Rich MooreNomination[223]
Black reel award2017/2/16Voice actor acting award [Note 53]Idris ElbaNomination[224]
Grammy Award2017/2/17Video Media Music Award [Note 54]"Try Everything" (Thea,Stargate)Nomination[225]
Film Audio Association Award2017/2/18Movie Audio Mixing Award (Animation)[Note 55]Scott Curtis, David E. Fuller, Gabriel Guy, Joel Iwataki, Paul McGrathNomination[226]
Satellite award2017/2/19Anime / Media Mix Film Award [Note 56]"Zootopia"Nomination[227]
International Film Music Critics Association2017/2/23Anime Movie Music Award [Note 57]Michael GiacchinoNomination[228]
Academy awards2017/2/26Feature Film AwardByron Howard, Rich Moore, Clark SpencerAward[229][230]
Japan Academy Award2017/3/3Outstanding Foreign Work Award"Zootopia"Nomination[231][232]
Kids' Choice Awards2017/3/11Favorite animated movie[Note 58]"Zootopia"Nomination[233]
Favorite Frenemy's[Note 59]Jason Bateman, Ginnifer GoodwinAward
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association of America2017/5/20Ray Bradbury AwardJared Bush, Phil Johnston, Byron HowardNomination[234]
Saturn award2017/6/28Anime movie award [Note 30]"Zootopia"Nomination[235]

Related books

Only major Japanese books are posted.All published in 2016 unless otherwise specified.

Disney Anime Novel Version 108 Zootopia
A novelized version of the content of the main story.Written by Suzanne Francis, translated by Yumie Kittaka,Kasei-shaPublished,May 4Released.B6Edition,paper bag, 222 pages in total.ISBN 978-4-03-792080-7.
DISNEY Zootopia Visual Guide
A detailed explanation of the character and story. Published by KADOKAWA, released on April 4st. AB version, 21 pages in total.ISBN 978-4-04-104369-1.
Kadokawa Anime Picture Book Zootopia
Adapted for young children and made into a picture book using the cuts of the main story. Published by KADOKAWA, released on April 4th. AB version, 26 pages in total.ISBN 978-4-04-104139-0.
The Art of Zootopia
Setting art book.A Japanese translation of the entire English book'The Art of Zootopia'.By Jessica Julius,Tokuma bookstorePublished,May 6Released.A3Modified edition, hardcover, 157 pages in total.ISBN 978-4-19-864164-1.
Disney English Collection with CD 14 Zootopia
An English learning book that explains the contents of the main story in plain English.Supervised by Mayumi Ishihara,KADOKAWAPublished, released on July 7th. A14 version, 5 pages in total.ISBN 978-4-04-601436-8.
Kadokawa Anime Manga Zootopia (Top / Bottom)
A manga made from the cuts of the main story, and divided according to the chapters of the MovieNEX version Blu-ray.Kadokawa ShotenPublished, released on July 7th.All 30 pages.ISBN 978-4-04-104690-6 / ISBN 978-4-04-104691-3.
Judy and Nick's Zootopia Police Station Casebook The mystery of stolen cheese
A spin-off novel for children.A Japanese translation of the English book'Zootopia: The Stinky Cheese Caper (And Other Cases from the ZPD Files)'.Includes 4 short stories about the case that Judy and Nick investigated on the time axis immediately after the main story.Written by Greg Trine, translated by Noriko Otsuka,KodanshaPublished, released on September 9th. B29 version, 6 pages in total.ISBN 978-4-06-199585-7.
Enjoy in English scenarios [Zootopia]
Introducing all the lines of the English version of the main story, their Japanese translations, vocabulary, etc.Supervised by Motoharu Takahashi,Gakken plusPublished, released on July 12th. A27 version, 5 pages in total.ISBN 978-4-05-304597-3.

Parody homage, etc.

  • "Bay Max], Nick's silhouette is drawn on the signboard of the building.
  • The tank on the roof of the Zootopia Police Academy is oval but "hidden Mickey".
  • The artist names and song names displayed on the music player that Judy operates on the train are all real ones.
  • In the tundra town reflected in the opening, "FrozenThere are twin children of elephants dressed the same as Anna and Elsa.There is also Kevin (polar bear) in the same scene.The twins still exist after Judy arrives at Zootopia Central Station.
  • Gazelle's design had a fine hip line at the conceptual stage, but acted as a voice actorShakiraAt the request of the person(I.e.Was enlarged[236].
  • The photo of the wall calendar in the ZPD chief's office is the silhouette of San Francisco, the stage of "Big Hero XNUMX".[237]
  • In a stroller pushed by a hippopotamus that Nick passed by in the cityMickey MouseThe stuffed animal is placed.[238]
  • The cake shop "HANS'S" in Little Rodencia is "HANS'S"FrozenIt has the same name as Hans.
  • Located in Little RhodenciaCafe"Lucky Cat Cafe" is "Bay MaxIt has the same name as the cafe run by Aunt Cass.
  • Weaselton sells on the roadsidePirated versionAll DVDs are Disney moviesParodySo, among them, "Moana and the legendary sea"Gigantic"[Note 60]Is also included.
  • Judy hasDigital audio player,SmartphoneUsed for the investigationDesktop personal computerBody design and screen configuration (Graphical user interface (GUI))Apple OfiPhone,iPod,MacVery similar tocomputerIn the operation scene of, you can see the Magic Trackpad and Magic Keyboard that are accessories of Mac.


  • Looking at the cell phone time after Judy had a videophone conversation with his parents, the time was back before the pre-conversation time.
  • In the scene where Judy stares at the carrot in the microwave, he wears a pink shirt in plain clothes, even though he was wearing a police uniform until just before.After that, he returned to his uniform.
  • Nick'stax evasionIn the scene that points out, Judy's file changes to open right and open left each time the scene changes, and the number of sheets of paper bound inside is also different.
  • In the scene where Judy takes Weaselton into the police station, the polar bear at the back of the screen immediately afterwards.ト ャ ビ ネ ッ トIs moving to the side of.
  • Although Judy dropped the radio in the scene of escaping from Manchas, the radio returned to the waist belt in the scene of talking with Chief Bogo and others.

Theme park

Terrestrial broadcasting history

Number of timesTV stationProgram name (broadcast frame name)AirdateAirtimeBroadcast fractionDubbed versionAudience rating
1Nippon TVFriday Road SHOW!2018May 621:00 - 23:04124 minutesTheatrical release version10.3%
  • Audience rating is researched by Video Research, Kanto area, household, real time.



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  4. ^ Nicholas P. Wilde is written on the tax return written by the person himself and on the badge received at the graduation ceremony of the police academy.In the voice, say the real name when making an oath of a junior scout in the English version.In the play, the middle name was only written as "P", but Byron Howard responded to a question from the fans.Star Trek OfJames Tiberias KirkThe answer is "Piberius", which is derived from.
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  9. ^ In the Japanese subtitled version, "Land Transport Office”Staff.The American DMV, which became a model, also works with a part of the Japanese Land Transport Bureau and the license examination center.In addition, all the staff other than him are sloths, but it is a satire that the DMV's paperwork takes an unusually long time.
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