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🎥 | Kansai's first “Premium Shi…” at “TOHO Cinemas Seven Park Amami” opened in November 2021


"TOHO Cinemas Seven Park Amami" opened in November 2021 Kansai's first "Premium Shi ..."

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It is a high performance theater of TOHO Cinemas original standard that combines three high-spec elements (premium large format, premium sound, premium seat).

TOHO Cinemas Co., Ltd. will open a store in "Seven Park Amami" in November 2021 "TOHO Cinema ... → Continue reading


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TOHO Cinemas

Hankyu Hanshin Toho Group > Toho > TOHO Cinemas

TOHO Cinemas(Toho Cinemas)Toho Co., Ltd.(Hereinafter, Toho)subsidiary・Operated and operated under the same name through affiliated companiesCinema complexAnd Toho Western / Japanese Movies ChainMovie theater.Ion cinemaSecond in the industry after.

In this sectionTOHO Cinemas Co., Ltd.And the movie theaters that the company is involved in, and the movie theaters under the name of TOHO Cinemas, which are operated by other Toho Group companies.


Cinema complexThere are more than 50 sites including the conventional building. The operator is TohoWholly owned subsidiaryToho Cinemas Co., Ltd. is responsible for this, but there are also theaters managed by other companies in the Toho Group.

The predecessor of TOHO Cinemas Co., Ltd.Virgin Cinemas Japan Co., Ltd..Japanese AmericanIs a businessmanThe United Kingdom OfVirgin GroupReceived investment from1997 May 9Was established in.1999 May 4ToVirgin CinemasAs the first store of "Virgin CinemasTrias Hisayama"FukuokaOpen to[Note 1].2002 At the end, it grew to run 8 screens and 81 screens, becoming the 6th largest film entertainment company in Japan.[4].

2003 May 4Acquired by Toho for 103 billion yen, both company name and building nameTOHO CinemasWas changed to[Note 2].. After that, the parent company Toho and other group companies will also develop cinema complexes under the TOHO Cinemas brand. In addition, many of the cinema complexes that Toho Group has traditionally operated were renamed TOHO Cinemas upon renewal. Integrated ticketing system and point card. It is planned that the name of the building will be changed and the services will be unified.

Due to the reorganization of the Toho Group's movie entertainment division for the purpose of improving management efficiency, it was positioned as a wholly owned subsidiary responsible for the company's movie entertainment business.2006 May 10Toho Cinemas succeeds Toho Cinemas, the parent company of Toho Cinemas. The next step is Toho's consolidated subsidiary, effective March 2008, 3.Toho East Japan Entertainment,Chubu Toho,Toho Kansai box office,Kyushu TohoMerged and integrated four companies into TOHO Cinemas[Note 3].

Originally it was a company that managed a cinema complex, but due to the reorganization "TOHO Cinemas ChanterWe also run a small number of conventional buildings such as ".Also,"Cinema mediageThere was also a cinema complex that operated under the conventional name (currently all closed or renamed to TOHO Cinemas).In addition, although we are keeping pace with movie theaters with different names related to management at prize events, etc., there are differences in the ticketing system. As of July 2013, in JapanAEON EntertainmentBehind (formerly Warner Mycal, now Aeon Cinema), it is the second largest entertainment company that manages and operates movie theaters.[Note 4].

2015 From May, it is a service to show requested movies at movie theaters.DrippingIs also operated.


Toho cinemas history.svg

  • October 1997, 9- Virgin Cinemas Japan Co., Ltd.Established.
  • April 1999, 4-Open the first Virgin Cinemas Trias Hisayama.
  • April 2003, 4-Toho acquired by Toho at 4 billion yen, under the umbrella of Toho Group.
  • October 2003, 4- TOHO Cinemas Co., Ltd.Change the company name to.
  • September 2003th, 9-Mark Yamamoto, the founder of Virgin Cinemas Japan, retires as president.
  • October 2006, 10-Integrate the Toho movie entertainment department, to succeed the management of Toho direct management building. Also, the theater operation was transferred from Toho Service Center and Toho Building Management.
  • March 2007, 3-Absorbed and merged Shibuya Bunka Theater Co., Ltd., succeeding the management of Shibuto Cine Tower 1.
  • March 2007, 3-With the opening of the Nagareyama Otakanomori, we introduced a new ticketing system that was previously introduced by the Scala and Miyukiza. Since then, it has been introduced to each theater in sequence.
  • March 2008, 3-Toho Toho Kogyo, Tobu Chubu, Toho Kansai Kogyo, Kyushu Toho absorbed and merged four companies, the management and operation of the theater was run by four companies.
  • January 2010, 1-Ticket sales on mobile phones (vit) redesigned to allow pinpoint seating.
  • April 2010, 4-Started selling prepaid card type TOHO Cinemas gift cards.
  • May 2010, 5-Ms. Murakami retired as president and became a corporate auditor. Toho Senior Managing Director Kei Nakagawa takes office as president.
  • April 2011, 4-Some movie theaters have changed from the existing discount service to the new charge system (for details, see the section on discount service and charge system)[7].
  • December 2011, 12-Change the rate of the movie theaters that changed to the new rate system and the same rate system as other movie theaters. (Excluding high school student fees and membership fees)[8]
  • May 2012, 5-Takashi Nakagawa retired from the president. Kazuhiko Seta, Toho Director, was appointed as the new president.
  • October 2015, 5- DrippingTheYahooTransfer from[9].


Since the core company of the former parent company, the Virgin Group, is an airline company,空港,aircraftA cine-con design inspired by the concept was introduced.

Digital 3D screening

All theaters except Chante have introduced digital 3D screening. 3D methodMasterImage 3DMainly Sony Digital Cinema,RealDIs used. 400 yen will be added to the regular price. The original "TOHO Cinemas 3D Glasses" will be distributed at each theater upon entry. Glasses can be taken home (also sold separately), and if you bring it next time, the price will be 100 yen discount (as of 2014).[10]


On November 2013, 11, when the relocation was opened, the screen of TOHO Cinemas original standard was established at LaLaport Funabashi.TCX(TCX, TOHO CINEMAS EXTRA LARGE SCREEN) and Japan's first audio equipmentDolby AtmosWas introduced[11].

TCX is a screen spread over the left and right walls of the screening room, which is 120% larger than the same size screen. In addition, we have introduced an interior that enhances the effect of the darkroom during screening by unifying the walls, ceiling, sheets, etc. into a dark system.[11].

After the above LaLaport Funabashi, TCX was introduced to Ichihara on November 2013, 11, and TCX and Dolby Atmos were introduced to Kuzuha Mall on March 28, 2014 and Nihonbashi on March 3, 12. ing[12].. As of 2017, Sendai, Nihonbashi, Shinjuku, Roppongi, LaLaport Funabashi, LaLaport Fujimi, Kashiwa, Ichihara, Umeda, Kuzu have been introduced to Mall, Amu Plaza Oita. Of these, Dolby Atmos is attached except Nihonbashi (Screen 7) and Ichihara. Nihonbashi is the only theater where both screen 7 and screen 8 are TCX and there are two TCXs on one site. In addition, if it is a huge screen, it is not necessarily operated as TCX, and the screen size of the non-TCX theater of the other site may be larger than the TCX of the corresponding site in absolute value (example: No. 1 screen of Ebina) Is the largest TOHO Cinemas but not TCX).

It was introduced in Shinjuku, which opened on April 2015, 4, but here it stands side by side.IMAX Digital TheaterWas also introduced. TCX and IMAX are being lined up in Sendai, which opened on July 2016, 7. In addition to this, the IMAX Digital Theater was installed in Nijo, Namba, and LaLaport Yokohama in the form of renovation of existing facilities.

Special equipment/seat

Premier screen

Mainly stores from the Virgin era,first classAll seats with the image ofReclining seat OfPremier screenThere is 1 screen (2 screens only for Nagoya Bay City). BritishVirgin CinemasThe one that was introduced was adopted. Only half of the seats in a room of the same size are prepared, and twice the space between seats is provided. There is no cup holder, but instead a side table or front table is installed between the seats. In addition, there are some places with a premier lounge and a dedicated toilet, depending on the site. Paired seats are used in some theaters.

The price was 2,400 yen (3,000 yen with one drink only for Roppongi Hills). However, at stores other than Roppongi Hills, regular prices are often set when titles are only screened on the Premier Screen, so some sites have abolished the Premier Screen at the time of renovation and were refurbished to the regular screen. There is. In January 2015, the Roppongi premiere screen was renewed as a general screen and was abolished.[13].

In addition, MX4D, Premier Box Seat, which will be described later, the aforementioned Dolby Atmos, IMAX, etc. have been introduced, and the ratio of special screens that require special fees is increasing at each site, so as of 2017, Premier Screen alone, Or almost all works that are usually screened at times that do not overlap with other screens.

Also, with the adoption of premium seats, regular seats and special seats can be seated on the same large screen, reducing the opportunity for special charges. For this reason, there is no case where a premier screen is installed on a site that opened in 2015 or later. However, when general works are still shown on the premiere screen, a "regular fee" annotation is added to the reservation site.

As of 2021, the premier screens are available in the following 7 locations (bold).In addition, the theaters where the premier screen was introduced in the past are also posted with remarks.

  • Minami Osawa
  • Yachiyo Midorigaoka
  • Nagareyama Otakanomori
  • Odawara
  • 浜 松
  • Senboku
  • Nijo
  • Roppongi Hills (current screen 4)
  • Fuchu (current screen 9)
  • Ichikawa Colton Plaza (current screen 9)
  • Funabashi LaLaport (currently"LaLaport Funabashi"Moved to LaLaport TOKYO-BAY West Building, and was open in the South Building before the move. )
  • Ebina (current screen 10)
  • Kawasaki (current screen 9 / MX4D theater)
  • LaLaport Yokohama (current screen 13)
  • Nagoya Bay City (Closed on November 2020, 11, it was open as a premier screen until closing)
  • Namba (current screen 9)
  • Nishinomiya OS (current screen 12)

Premier seat

Mainly some of the seats in the large screen are installed as advanced specifications. Unlike the premier box seats, there is no partition or luggage storage space, but it has a wider seat width and leather seats than normal seats. An additional charge of 500 yen. It is operating on the 5th screen in Sendai. There was a similar seat in the former closed Cinema Mediage (fee system and seat material are different).

Premier box seat

Premier screen ・Instead of the premium seat, some of the seats inside the large screen are installed as advanced specifications. About 1 to 8 seats are installed on one screen, and special charges are applied only to that seat. The leather seats are the same as those used on overseas airlines, and they have a side table and luggage storage space, allowing you to watch movies in an area that is 20 times larger than conventional seats. However, there is no reclining function. It was first introduced in Nihonbashi, which opened in 1.5, and was introduced in the TCX Theater as an alternative to the abolition of the premier screen in Roppongi. Since then, the introduction is expanding nationwide. The additional charge is 2014 yen as of 2017.

  • Hibiya (Screen 1,5,9)
  • Shinjuku (screen 4,7,9)
  • Ikebukuro (screen 3,6,7,10)
  • Nihonbashi (screens 5,7,8)
  • Roppongi Hills (all screens except screen 8)
  • Tachikawa Tachihi (Screens 3,7, XNUMX)
  • Sendai (Screen 9)
  • Akaike (screens 5,6 and XNUMX)
  • Umeda (Screen 1)
  • Kumamoto Sakuramachi (Screens 4,5 and XNUMX)
  • Amu Plaza Oita (Screen 2)

Premier Luxury Seat

It is a special seat similar to the premier box seat, and is set as a higher-grade seat of the premier box seat.Additional equipment such as leather seats, occupancy of space isolated from other seats on the screen, and electrification of reclining will increase, and the occupancy space per seat and the space between front and rear will also increase.The additional charge is 2021 yen as of 3,000.Only the TCX Theater in Hibiya, Shinjuku, and Roppongi Hills has been introduced.

Front reclining seat

A seat with a light reclining mechanism in the front row.There are other facilities such as two cup holders.There is no special charge.It is installed only in the TCX Theater in Shinjuku, Roppongi Hills, and Sendai.


It is a facility for 4D movie screening, and 12 kinds of gimmicks such as shaking, splashing water, wind and thrust are installed in the seat. Most other chains in Japan4DXHas been introduced, but in TOHOMX4Dのみ導入している。特別シアターとしてはもっとも導入数が多く、2015年4月10日にオープンしたららぽーと富士見を最初に、新宿・六本木ヒルズ・西新井・府中・海老名・川崎・ららぽーと横浜・ららぽーと船橋・柏・宇都宮・赤池・二条・なんば・鳳・西宮OS・岡南の計17スクリーンに導入されていたが、2021年8月31日にららぽーと横浜のMX4Dの営業を終了しており、2021年9月現在は16スクリーンに導入している。


Different designs have been introduced for each theater. The basic image color is red, which has been inherited from the Virgin Cinemas era, but Roppongi Hills is black and white, Mito Uchihara is green, and the unified color itself may be different. In some cases, the design is very elaborate, and the Nijo corridor is on the wall.Bamboo forest, In the corridorJapanese gardenWas placed京都It is a unique design.

Ticket sales counter

空港 OfCheck-in counterWas used as a motif. Basically, no (partition) is installed (the Chante, which was converted to TOHO Cinemas, is still there, and was also installed in the previously closed Nikki/Yurakuza/Scalar/Miyukiza). On the upper back of the counter, there is a monitor that shows the name of the film, screen number, and seat availability at a glance.JapaneseとEnglishIt is also written in. Ticketing systemNECThe so-called "Beam" system, which was developed by, has a seat reservation ticket that is one size smaller than a credit card. Initially, this ticket and stub had the same size, but on the recently developed "Hello" system site, the stub is larger at a ratio of 3:2. TOHO Cinemas Co., Ltd. introduced the latest ticketing system for the first time at TOHO Cinemas Scala and Miyukiza (following Nagareyama and Yokohama). In addition to cash,Credit cardCan be used. Also, some theaters have abolished ticket sales counters,Automatic ticket vending machineWas introduced.

The Store

At the airportDuty-free shopProduct sales corner imitating Advance tickets, posters, postcards, magazines, pamphlets of the screening titles, and goods are on sale.

Concession (screen snacks)

popcornとBeverageCentered onHot dogAnd original NY sandwiches and other light meals are on sale. Known as "Mike Popcorn" from August 2014, 8Japan fray trayStarted selling "Cinemic Popcorn" in collaboration with.Also, at some storesFrench fries,Churitos,ice cream,CrepeDesserts and other side menus are also on sale. It is also called "Screen Snacks", "Concession", or "Stall" depending on the theater. At that time, the makers of cola sold differently depending on the former Toho and former Virgin theaters. In the former Toho direct management era (some theaters such as Nikki)PepsiCoke, in the days of the old Virgin CinemasVirgin ColaHowever, after becoming TOHO CinemasCoca ColaWas unified.

Candy shop

Usually, it is installed in the corner of the store or next to the screen snacks,candy,marshmallow,チ ョ コ レ ー トSweets such as are sold by weight.Haribo OfGummyCandy is very popular[Source required].. The price is 1 gram = 3.15 yen (3 yen for Odaiba and Nijo, 5 yen for Roppongi Hills), and you can purchase from a small amount.


Unless otherwise stated, the services provided at TOHO Cinemas brand movie theaters are shown.

Stamp Rally

When a member watches a movie, one viewing point is given for each work (points are reflected on the same day). If you collect 1 points, you can watch one movie for free. The viewing point had no expiry date at the beginning, but due to the revision of the rules on October 1, 6, the expiry date was set for two years from the viewing date.

Cinema erasure

AirlineMileage programPoint service imitating. It was invented by Tetsuya Kurosaki (currently our programming director) who was the leader in the movie purchasing business during the Virgin Cinemas era.

When members watch a movie, miles are awarded according to the show time (miles will be reflected on the day). Miles are converted into 1 mile = 1 mile, and when collected, various products can be exchanged according to the miles.

For membership card, you can choose whether to have a credit function at the time of enrollment, and if you select a credit card,master CardorAmerican ExpressPartnered withSaison cardBecomes If you enroll at Roppongi Hills, you will be able to obtain a limited-edition black color card with the name "Roppongi Hills". The service will be introduced at some existing theaters in the future. Issuance fee of 500 yen for cards without credit card function. The expiration date is one year, and a renewal fee of 1 yen is required. If you do not renew within the expiration date of the card, you can renew within 300 year and the mileage points you have accumulated will be carried over (only within the expiration date). The Appreciation Point Miles will be invalid after one year has passed since the card expires.


インターネットTicket reservation system using.Virgin Internet Ticket Stands for, in the Virgin Cinemas era,NECDeveloped jointly with.

formulaWebsiteOn each page of theatercomputer-Smartphone-Tablet terminalBy accessing from any of the above, cinema erasure members will be seated from 3:9 pm three days before the screening, general viewers from midnight two days before the screening to 2 minutes before the nominal start time (including CM etc.) You can reserve a designated ticket. There are 0 types of payment methods,

  1. Credit cardsettlement
  2. docomo,au,Softbank(Smartphone only) Settlement of call charges that can be used by users (Docomo mobile payment, Collective au payment, Softbank collective payment). au call charge payments will be available on Thursday, August 2010, 8, and SoftBank call charge payments (smartphone only) will be available from July 26, 2013.
  3. TOHO Cinemas Gift Card
  4. RakutenReliable payment service (Rakuten Super PointCan be used)
  5. Apple Pay settlement
  6. LINE Pay settlement

Can be settled. In addition, it is also possible to specify seats for Mbuchike (Mbuchike Card, Mbuchike Online Ticket, Mbuchike Convenience Store Ticket).

Tickets can be picked up by entering the 4-digit purchase number and registered telephone number at a ticket vending machine (vit) or vending machine in the theater lobby. Cinema mileage card members can add points and miles by scanning the cinema erasure card on the machine at that time (However, if you register your member ID in advance on the net, it will be added only by issuing a ticket, no scanning is required) Is).

On the other hand, you can buy tickets without waiting in line. On the other hand, if there are many "vit" users such as popular works, discount service days, and holidays, you may be able to line up in front of the ticket vending machines and vending machines.[Source required]

For works that are expected to be crowded, pre-sale may start about a week to a month in advance. The fee is free, and discounted prices such as First Day and Women's Day are applicable, but paper advance tickets and discount tickets cannot be used. You can specify pinpoint seats at a vit-compatible theater nationwide from your computer and mobile phone. The existing beam seat assignment system "Beam" was abolished on December 1, 1, so reservations on the vit app for mobile phones were also abolished (as of December 2009, 12, pinpoint seat assignment) System "Hello" has been migrated.).

2014 Year of 6 MonthYahooDue to the alliance with the company, the ID "vit-ID" for using the vit service was abolished on January 2015, 1, and from the following 26thYahoo! JAPAN ID was used (Cinema erasure membership number will continue to be purchased)[14].

TOHO Cinemas Gift Card

The traditional paper gift ticket has been newly changed to "Prepaid Card" from April 2010, 4. At the time of purchase, you can charge (deposit) the card with 1 yen, 2,000 yen, 3,000 yen, 5,000 yen.

It cannot be recharged and is valid for one year from the time of purchase. In addition, shops (food and drinks) and stores (goods and pamphlets) and Internet sales "vit" that were previously unavailable with gift tickets are now available.

Mama's Club Theater

Screening for mothers and fathers with babies.It was designed to bring back the audience that the movie theater had been far away since the child was born.[15]..Even if the baby cries, they are like each other, so you can watch the movie without hesitation.Lighting, audio volume, and temperature inside the venue are adjusted to levels that do not irritate the baby.It is held once a week, and since it is mainly for spectators with babies, general customers cannot enter (revised regulations in May 1). * From the beginning of the project to the end of April 2010, even general customers could enter, but refunds and time changes were also possible for customers who bought without knowing that time.

It should be noted that the announcements to general customers are often insufficient, and the aforementioned vit will not be sold only at the Mama's Club Theater.


A special project to continuously screen works. It was named Ikkimi because "continue to watch it all at once". It is often conducted at sites in the Tokyo metropolitan area centering on Roppongi Hills. A series work, the same lead, and a director's work will be screened together in a series of 2-4.

1 month free passport

Once published, you can watch a movie for free for one month just by presenting itLaminating Ofpassport.. Although it is a cinema erasure exchange product, it may be prepared as a special event prize. Use is permitted only to the owner. Tickets are issued only on the day, but there are some restrictions such as not being available for special screenings and special screenings including Ikki (details are noted in the free passport itself), but many movies are free It is very popular because it can be seen at, and there are many movie fans who go to TOHO Cinemas for this. It can be used across sites that implement cinema erasure cards, but at Roppongi Hills, only free passes issued at Roppongi Hills are valid. The exchange ended on December 2019, 12 and is no longer issued.[16]

TOHO cinemas magazine

2007 A free movie information paper distributed from February 2st. It was distributed on the 1st of every month, but it was published on the 1th of March 2013. It is distributed only at TOHO Cinemas directly managed theaters excluding TOHO Cinemas Chanter (as of May 3). Not distributed at TOHO Cinemas Kinshicho and Toho Group theaters that are not directly managed.

TOHO Cinemas Limited Theater Culture Magazine [Tea.]

A movie magazine that has been sold for a fee as an expanded version of TOHO Cinemas Magazine since March 2008, 3. It was edited by Kadokawa Media House and TOHO Cinemas. Except for TOHO Cinemas Kinshicho, it is sold only at TOHO Cinemas directly managed theaters.

TC MAIL mail magazine

If you register TC MAIL on your mobile phone or computer, you will be regularly presented with the latest movie information mail (stage greetings), special screenings, lottery applications for not-for-sale goods, and TOHO Cinemas limited mobile version standby images. No registration fee.

Discount service and fee system

  • Cinema Erasure Day (every Tuesday)
    • Started as a discount service that can be used by the aforementioned Cinema Erasure members. From April 2021, 4, the viewing fee will start from the conventional 6 yen1,200 YenIt was reduced to.[17]
  • au Monday (every Monday)
    • au Smart Pass / PremiumMembers can watch the coupon for 1,200 yen for general and university students and 900 yen for high school students and younger.
    • From July 2021, 7, the price of general and university students has been reduced to 12 yen.
  • TOHO Wednesday (every Wednesday)
    • Previously, "Ladies' Day" was a service that only women could watch every Wednesday for 1,200 yen, but from July 2021, 7, the same discount will be applied to men.
    • Also, with the start of the TOHO Wednesday service, "TOHO Cinemas Day," "Ladies' Day," "Senior Discount," and "50 Discount for Married Couples" have been abolished.[18]
  • First Day / Movie Day (1st of every month / 12st of December every year)
You can watch it for 1 yen on the first day of every month.However, December 1,200st every year(Movie day)Only 1,000 yen can be viewed.
  • Late show (works that are screened after 20:XNUMX every day / excluding some theaters)
    • You can watch the works that will be screened after 8 pm for 1300 yen (XNUMX yen)Youth protection and ordinanceFor people over 18 years old due to regulations)
    • However, central Tokyo (Hibiya / Chanter / Shinjuku / Ikebukuro / Nihonbashi / Ueno / Roppongi Hills / Shibuya) does not hold a late show.
  • Disability discount
    Disability certificateYou can see the person and up to one attendant for 1 yen.

Discount service in the past (from July 2021, 7)"TOHO Wednesday"(Move to (mentioned above))

  • TOHO Cinemas Day (~ June 2021, 6)
You can watch it for 14 yen on the 1200th of every month. To commemorate the 10th anniversary of TOHO Cinemas, from September 2007th, 9, we set the 14th of every month as "TOHO Cinemas Day", and you can watch it for general 14 yen except for the premiere screen. Initially, it was announced that it would be implemented for only one year until August 1100, 2008, but it was extended by one year and the schedule until August 8, 14 was further extended, and it is still in operation. It is being held at TOHO Cinemas theaters and TOHO Cinemas Kinshicho all over Japan. Closed in 1Kansai mutual prosperity box office OfHiroshima TakarazukaBut it was being done.
With the price revision on June 2019, 6, the price was raised to 1 yen.
  • Ladies Day (~ July 2021, 7)
Every Wednesday, women can watch for 1200 yen.
  • Senior discount (until July 2021, 7)
60 years old and over can be seen for a flat price of 1200 yen. It is necessary to show an identification card that can prove your age.
  • 50 discounts for couples (until July 2021, 7)
When two couples, 50 or older, are watching the same work at the same time and date, two people can watch it for 2 yen. It is necessary to show an identification card that can prove your age.

New fee structure (Test fee from April to November 2011)

From April 2011, 4, some theaters changed the above discount to a new fee system. The student fees up to now have been abolished, and it is 5 yen for those over the age of 18 and 1500 yen for those over the age of 3 and under 18.

In addition, members were offered a discount of 200 yen and a vit purchase of 100 yen (vit discount). These discounts can be combined and discounted, and if a member over the age of 18 purchased with vit, it was possible to watch the movie for 1200 yen at all times except for the following cases.

  • If the fee is 1000 yen, such as First Day and Women's Day, only Vit Discount will be applied and it will be 900 yen.

In addition, some theaters under the new fee system offered a discount of 14 yen before 18:1300 on weekdays or after 14:18 on weekdays (Machine XNUMX/Soiree XNUMX).

First day, 50% for married couples, discount for persons with disabilities continued, TOHO Cinemas Day Late Show was abolished at all theaters with a new fee system, some theaters also have one or more of Men's Day / Ladies' Day / Senior Discount It was abolished.

These new tariffs ended on November 2011, 11, with the exception of some of the following, and from December 30st, they returned to the same tariff system as other theaters. Discounts such as TOHO Cinemas Day Late Show, which were abolished by the introduction of the new fee system, have also been restored.

Of these new tariffs, only high school student fees of 12 yen have been maintained since December 1st.

TOHO Cinemas Theater

Shows TOHO Cinemas brand theaters and theaters operated by TOHO Cinemas Co., Ltd.Hibiya (flagship store), Shinjuku, Roppongi Hills, Nihonbashi, Ikebukuro, Shibuya in Tokyo, Umeda, Namba in Osaka, etc.Suburb OfAEON MALLMany stores are opened insideIon cinemaCompared withCity centerMany stores are opened in the club.

  • ★ is a theater where a new fee system was introduced from April 2011, 4 to November 5, 11

Tohoku region

  • TOHO Cinemas Oirase Shimoda(AomoriKamikitaOirase Town,AEON MALL Shimoda(Inside) <7 screens, 1,432 seats + 14 wheelchair seats>
    • History: AEON Shimoda TOHO Cinetown (April 2001, 4-July 29, 2008) → TOHO Cinemas Oirase Shimoda (July 7, 7 -)
    • 経営・運営:東宝東部興行(2001å¹´4月29日 - 2002å¹´2月28日)→東宝東日本興行(2002å¹´3月1日 - 2008å¹´2月28日)→TOHOシネマズ(2008å¹´3月1日 - )
  • TOHO Cinemas Akita(AkitaAkita City,AEON MALL Akita(Inside) <8 screens, 1,661 seats + 20 wheelchair seats>
    • History: AEON Akita TOHO Cinetown (December 2001, 12-May 22, 2008) → Closed for renovation → TOHO Cinemas Akita (June 5, 30 -)
    • 経営・運営:東宝東部興行(2001å¹´12月22日 - 2002å¹´2月28日)→東宝東日本興行(2002å¹´3月1日 - 2008å¹´2月28日)→TOHOシネマズ(2008å¹´3月1日 - )
  • TOHO Cinemas Sendai(MiyagiSendai cityAoba-ku,Sendai PARCO2(Inside) <9 screens, 1,661 seats + 18 wheelchair seats>
    • History: TOHO Cinemas Sendai (July 2016, 7 -)
    • Management and operation: TOHO Cinemas (July 2016, 7 -)

Kanto region


  • TOHO Cinemas Hibiya(TokyoChiyoda WardYurakucho,Tokyo Midtown Hibiya 4-5th floorTokyo Takarazuka TheaterBuilding basement) <13 screens, 2,803 seats + 27 wheelchairs>
    • History: TOHO Cinemas Hibiya (March 2018, 3 -)
    • Management and operation: TOHO Cinemas (July 2018, 3 -)
    • "Large-scale complex building"Tokyo Midtown Hibiya'[19] Opened in.Hibiya TheToho GroupIs the founding place ofTokyo Takarazuka Theater,Imperial Theater, TOHO Cinemas Headquarters (Toho Hibiya Building) Has a history of movies and plays[20].
    • At the TOHO Cinemas, we have adopted the concept of “Movie Palace THE MOVIE PALACE”.Flagship theater (flagship store)Is[21].TOHO Cinemas daily playIt will be the successor building to the new building, which will have about 11 seats with 2,200 screens and is located in the adjacent Tokyo Takarazuka Theater.TOHO Cinemas Scala-TOHO Cinemas MiyukizaThe two screens have been refurbished and integrated into an integrated operation, and a total of 2 screens are operated.The largest number of screens and seats in the city center.
    • The first screen is positioned as a "TOHO Cinemas Premium Theater" equipped with a custom-made speaker system that realizes sound like a TCX and a concert hall, and a luxury seat.IMAXTCX and Dolby Atmos are introduced on the 5th screen, and the sculpt sound system by JBL is introduced on the 6th and 9th screens.[22][23].
    • Same as "Nichigeki"Yurakucho Marion内 のMarunouchi PiccadillyWhile the works released in the series are also shown at the museum, nearbyMarunouchi TOEIThere isToeiThere are no plans to release the work.On the other hand, it is a subsidiary of ToeiTi joyThe work may be screened.
  • TOHO Cinemas Chanter(Chiyoda WardYurakucho, In Hibiya Chanter) <Screen 1, 2, 3, 615 seats + 3 wheelchair seats>
    • History: Chante Cine (2 screens) (1987-1995) → same (3 screens) (1995-June 2005, 6) → closed for renovation → same (July 3, 2005-February 7, 9) Sun) → TOHO Cinemas Chanter (February 2009, 2 -)
    • Management / Operation: Toho (1987-?) → Toho Management, Toho Service Center Operation (? --September 2006, 9) → TOHO Cinemas (October 30, 2006-)
    • At TOHO CinemasMini theaterAnd mainly screens European works[24]..Initially, the museum was scheduled to close in line with the opening of TOHO Cinemas Hibiya, but it will continue to operate after 2018 in response to requests from fans.
    • While the adjacent TOHO Cinemas Hibiya does not screen Toei works, the museum is a small distribution department of Toei.Toei videoWorks may be screened.
  • TOHO Cinemas Shinjuku(TokyoShinjuku wardKabukicho,Shinjuku Toho Building3-7th floor) (7th floor is machine room) <12 screens, 2,323 seats + 24 wheelchairs>
    • History: TOHO Cinemas Shinjuku (April 2015, 4 -)
    • Management and operation: TOHO Cinemas (July 2015, 4 -)
    • Shinjuku Koma Theater-Shinjuku Toho KaikanWas built on the siteShinjuku Toho BuildingOpened in[25].. On the 8th floor of the Shinjuku Toho Building, a life-sized Godzilla head is installed. Japan's first 12.1ch sound system "Immersive Sound System" compatibleIMAXTheater is introduced[26].
    • Screen 2 is MediaMation MX4D (4DThis is a dedicated screen for movies. Introduced in June 2015[27].. In addition to the seat tilting in multiple directions, special effects such as vibration, wind, scent, and splashes will occur in conjunction with the movie. MX4D additional charge (1,200 yen) is required separately from the viewing fee.
    • Screens 4 and 7 are equipped with premium box seats in the middle row.
    • Screen 9 boasts the largest capacity of the hotel. The front row has front reclining seats (15 seats), the middle row has premier box seats (18 seats), and the back row has premier luxury seats (14 seats). An additional fee (3000 yen) is required in addition to the viewing fee.
    • Screen 10IMAXUses a laser.An additional IMAX fee (600 yen) is required in addition to the viewing fee.This will be the first introduction in a theater affiliated with TOHO Cinemas.
  • TOHO Cinemas Ikebukuro(TokyoToshima wardHigashiikebukuro, Hareza Ikebukuro office building) <10 screens, 1,735 seats + 20 wheelchairs>
    • History: TOHO Cinemas Ikebukuro (July 2020, 7 -)
    • Management and operation: TOHO Cinemas (July 2020, 7 -)
    • Opened a store in the lower part of the "Hareza Ikebukuro" office building, a public-private partnership project in Toshima Ward.
    • The concept is "a sound theater where you can experience" the finest sound "."Introduced "Premium Theater", which is also introduced in the flagship store TOHO Cinemas Hibiya, in Theaters 6 and 10.It has three commitments: premium large format, premium sound, and premium seat.
    • Introduced a subwoofer using the isobaric method to the theater for the first time in Japan (2nd theater). It is the first sound theater in Japan where you can experience the roaring sound with your whole body.[28].
    • IkebukuroSince is a sacred place for manga and anime, we held a special feature on the screening of "I want to see it again" animated films to commemorate the opening. "Lupin III Cagliostro's Castle" "Lupin III Lupine VS Reproduction Human (Clone)", "The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya", "Movie K-ON!"Kyoto animation(Kyo-ani) Theatrical animation produced by the movie was screened for a limited time[29].
  • TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills(Minato-ku,Roppongi Hills(Inside) <9 screens, 1,819 seats + 18 wheelchair seats>
    • History: Virgin Cinemas Roppongi Hills (April 2003, 4-September 25) → VIRGIN TOHO CINEMAS Roppongi Hills (September 2004-April 9, 2004) → TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills (April 9, 2006) -)
    • Management and operation: TOHO Cinemas (July 2003, 4 -)
    • On November 2008, 11, we renewed the system to select seats with pinpoints only for Internet ticket sales from PCs.
      All screensTHXIt has been certified, and the 7th screen of the largest building is a huge size over 20m. Plays a flagship role for all TOHO Cinemas stores,Grand Hyatt TokyoAnd, because there are facilities such as Roppongi Hills Arena, World Premier Japan Premier (so-calledRed carpet) And a lot of stage greetings are done. Since 2004Tokyo International Film FestivalIt has been a venue since 2006French film festivalIt became one of the venues.Previously, shops and goods were more than 1-4% more expensive than other TOHO Cinemas, but now they are the same price as other theaters.In addition, the one-month free passport (currently abolished), which is a cinema erasure benefit, was also a specification unique to this theater.
    • Reopened on March 2015, 3, the main screen is a huge screen "TCX" that spreads all over the wall, and "Viv Audio" manufactured by Christie, Inc. of the United States, which is the most suitable speaker system for the next-generation cinema sound "Dolby Atmos". Introduced, "Viv Audio" is first introduced in Japan[30].. The “Front Reclining Seat” and the electric reclining seat “Premier Luxury Seat” were first introduced at TOHO Cinemas. Has been introduced[30].. In June of the same year4DThe screening system "MediaMation MX4D system" has also been introduced.[31].
  • TOHO Cinemas Nihonbashi(TokyoChuo-kuNihonbashi Muromachi,COREDO Muromachi 2 2-6th floor) <9 screens, 1,752 seats + 18 wheelchair seats>
    • History: TOHO Cinemas Nihonbashi (March 2014, 3 -)
    • Management and operation: TOHO Cinemas (July 2014, 3 -)
    • Mitsui FudosanOpened on March 2, 2014 in "COREDO Muromachi 3", a large-scale compound redevelopment project[32].NihonbashiAs the first cinema complex in the district, as an image characterToho Cinderella OfMasami NagasawaWas appointed,NihonbashiAppeared in "Cinema" posters tailored to the district[33].
    • This is the first theater in Tokyo to introduce "Dolby Atmos", and the 8th screen is the corresponding theater.
    • There is a total of 3 premier box seats installed on three screens, but the seat shape is slightly different from the premier box seats of other theaters, and there is no function to freely remove the partition from the next seat.
  • TOHO Cinemas Shibuya(Shibuya Ward, Inside Shibuto Cine Tower Building) <6 screens, 1,212 seats + 12 wheelchairs>
    • 沿革:渋谷東宝会館〈渋谷東宝劇場・渋谷スカラ座・渋谷文化劇場〉(1956å¹´12月29日 - 1989å¹´2月26日)→改築休館→渋東シネタワー(1991å¹´7月6日 - 2011å¹´7月14日)→TOHOシネマズ渋谷(4スクリーン)(2011å¹´7月15日 - 11月29日)→TOHOシネマズ渋谷(6スクリーン)(2011å¹´11月30日 - )
    • 経営・運営:渋谷文化劇場(渋谷文化劇場のみ)、東宝(他)(1956å¹´12月29日 - 1989å¹´2月26日)→渋谷文化劇場(3のみ)、東宝(1・2・4)(1991å¹´7月6日 - ?)→渋谷文化劇場(3のみ)、東宝経営、東宝サービスセンター運営(1・2・4)(? - 2006å¹´9月30日)→渋谷文化劇場(3のみ)、TOHOシネマズ(1・2・4)(2006å¹´10月1日 - 2007å¹´2月28日)→TOHOシネマズ(2007å¹´3月1日 - )
    • Grand opening on November 2011, 11 with 30 screens and 6 seats.
  • TOHO Cinemas Ueno(TokyoTaito,Ueno Frontier Tower 7-10th floor) <8 screens, 1,424 seats + 16 wheelchair seats>
    • History: TOHO Cinemas Ueno (November 2017, 11 -)
    • Management and operation: TOHO Cinemas (July 2017, 11 -)
    • So farMatsuzakayaA 23-story complex building constructed by rebuilding the South Building of the Ueno storeUeno Frontier TowerMove in on the 7th-10th floor. For audio equipment, "Viv Audio Speaker" is installed on all screens.[34][35].
  • TOHO Cinemas Nishiarai(Adachi-ku,Ario Nishiarai(Inside) <10 screens, 1,775 seats + 20 wheelchair seats>
    • History: TOHO Cinemas Nishiarai (November 2007, 11 -)
    • Management and operation: TOHO Cinemas (July 2007, 11 -)
    • Introduced the first wide seats for all seats at TOHO Cinemas in Tokyo. We have introduced a system that allows pinpoint seat selection only for Internet ticket sales from a PC. It is a full-scale commercial movie theater that was born in Adachi City for the first time in a long time.Takeshi Kitano"Nishiarai Film Festival" was held featuring the director.
  • TOHO Cinemas Minami Osawa(Hachioji City, FabMinami Osawa(Inside) <9 screens, 1,927 seats + 21 wheelchair seats>
    • History: Virgin Cinemas Minami Osawa (December 2001, 12-February 22, 2004) → TOHO Cinemas Minami Osawa (February 2, 27 -)
    • Management: Virgin Cinemas Japan (2001 December 12-22 April 2003) → TOHO Cinemas (4 April 6 -)
  • TOHO Cinemas Fuchu(Fuchu-shi,Round and round(Inside) <9 screens, 1,990 seats + 16 wheelchair seats>
    • History: TOHO Cinemas Fuchu (March 2005, 3 -)
    • Management and operation: TOHO Cinemas (July 2005, 3 -)
  • TOHO Cinemas Tachikawa Tachihi(TokyoTachikawa,LaLaport Tachikawa TachikawaProximity) <9 screens, 1,605 seats + 18 wheelchair seats>
    • History: TOHO Cinemas Tachikawa Tachihi (September 2020, 9-)
    • Management and operation: TOHO Cinemas (July 2020, 9 -)
    • It is a completely independent store.It is close to LaLaport Tachikawa Tachihi, but it is not in the facility.
    • Screen 2 is a roaring theater.Like the TOHO Cinemas Ikebukuro, which opened in July of the same year, a subwoofer that uses the isobaric method has been introduced.
    • A large drink bar has been introduced at the restaurant.This is Japan's first beverage dispenser, which is 1.5 to 2 times the size of the conventional one, and was first introduced in movie theaters in the Tachikawa area.You can buy a special cup for the drink bar and pour your favorite drink at the drink station (where the drink bar is located).Since the drink cups have different shapes depending on whether they are iced or hot, they cannot be exchanged after selecting either one at the time of ordering.At the concession, a drink bar and popcorn set is the only one sold at TOHO Cinemas.
  • TOHO Cinemas Kinshicho Olinas(Sumida-ku,Olinas(Inside) <8 screens, 1,457 seats + 16 wheelchair seats>
    • History: TOHO Cinemas Kinshicho (April 2006, 4-November 20, 2018) → TOHO Cinemas Kinshicho Olinas (November 11, 15 -)
    • Management/Operation: Co., Ltd.Tokyo Rakuten(July 2006, 4 -)
    • Kinshicho StationLocated on the north exit side. December 2009, 12, changed the ticketing system.
    • In November 2018, the name was changed to TOHO Cinemas Kinshicho Olinas due to the opening of TOHO Cinemas Kinshicho Rakuten.
  • TOHO Cinemas Kinshicho Rakuten(Sumida Ward,Rakuten Building(Inside) <4 screens, 851 seats + 8 wheelchair seats>
    • 沿革:江東劇場・キンゲキ・本所映画館・リッツ劇場(1983å¹´11月 - ?)→錦糸町シネマ8楽天地(1999å¹´7月10日 - 2006å¹´4月19日)→楽天地シネマズ錦糸町(2006å¹´4月20日 - 2018å¹´7月1日)→TOHOシネマズ錦糸町 楽天地(2018å¹´11月16日 - )
    • Management and operation: Tokyo Rakuten, Inc. (November 1983 -)
    • Located at the south exit side of Kinshicho Station. Originally, movie theaters that were originally scattered in Kinshicho were integrated into Koto Rakutenchi, and each screen was given a theater name that once existed. In addition to opening Kinshicho Scala in 1986, on February 1994, 2Kineka KinshichoIt became 8 Kinshicho Cinema 8 Rakuten area by taking over, but with the opening of TOHO Cinemas Kinshicho, it was renamed to Rakutenchi Cinemas Kinshicho and became the current 4 screen system.
    • Rakutenji Cinemas Kinshicho was renovated and opened on November 2018, 11. The screen number is a continuation of the TOHO Cinemas Kinshicho Olinas, and screens 16-9 have been shaken.

Other than Tokyo

  • TOHO Cinemas Hitachinaka(IbarakiHitachinaka City,Fashion Cruise Newport Hitachinaka On premises) <10 screens, 1,712 seats + 21 wheelchair seats>
    • History: TOHO Cinemas Hitachinaka (August 2005, 8 -)
    • Management and operation: Toho East Japan Entertainment (June 2005, 8-February 10, 2008) → TOHO Cinemas (March 2, 29 -)
    • December 2009, 12, changed the ticketing system.
  • TOHO Cinemas Mito Uchihara(Ibaraki PrefectureMito,AEON MALL Mitouchihara(Inside) <8 screens, 1,582 seats + 14 wheelchair seats>
    • History: TOHO Cinemas Mito Uchihara (November 2005, 11 -)
    • Management and operation: Toho East Japan Entertainment (June 2005, 11-February 9, 2008) → TOHO Cinemas (March 2, 29 -)
    • December 2009, 11, changed the ticketing system.
  • ★TOHO Cinemas Utsunomiya(TochigiUtsunomiya City,Bell Mall(Inside) <10 screens, 1,790 seats + 21 wheelchair seats>
    • History: TOHO Cinemas Utsunomiya (June 2004, 6 -)
    • Management and operation: Toho East Japan Entertainment (June 2004, 6-February 19, 2008) → TOHO Cinemas (March 2, 29 -)
  • TOHO Cinemas LaLaport Fujimi(SaitamaFujimi,Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport Fujimi(Inside) <9 screens, 1,591 seats + 18 wheelchair seats>
    • History: TOHO Cinemas LaLaport Fujimi (April 2015, 4 -)
    • Management and operation: TOHO Cinemas (July 2015, 4 -)
    • Introduced TCX and Dolby Atmos for the first time in Saitama Prefecture. We also introduced the first MediaMation 4D screening system in Japan, "MediaMation MX4D System".[31].
  • TOHO Cinemas LaLaport Funabashi(ChibaFunabashi,Lalaport TOKYO-BAY(Inside) <10 screens, 1,861 seats + 20 wheelchair seats>
    • 沿革:シネシックス(6スクリーン、東宝系:ららぽーと東宝、スカラ、プラザ/松竹系:松竹、セントラル1、セントラル2)(1988å¹´3月25日 - ?)→ららぽーとシネマ10(10スクリーン、東宝系:シネ1、シネ2/東映系:東映、ミラノが追加)(? - 2004å¹´7月)→改装休館→TOHOシネマズ船橋ららぽーと(2004å¹´7月16日 5スクリーンのみ先行開館、2004å¹´10月30日全面開館 - 2013å¹´11月16日)→改装休館→TOHOシネマズららぽーと船橋(2013å¹´11月22日 - )
    • 経営・運営:東宝経営、東宝関東興行運営、松竹(1988å¹´3月25日 - ?)→東宝経営、東宝関東興行運営、松竹、東映(? - 2002å¹´2月28日)→東宝経営、東宝東日本興行運営、松竹、東映(2002å¹´3月1日 - 2004å¹´7月)→東宝経営、東宝東日本興行運営(2004å¹´10月30日 - 2006å¹´9月30日)→TOHOシネマズ経営、東宝東日本興行運営(2006å¹´10月1日 - 2008å¹´2月29日)→TOHOシネマズ(2008å¹´3月1日 - )
  • TOHO Cinemas Ichikawa Colton Plaza(ChibaIchikawa City,Nicke Corton Plaza(Inside) <9 screens, 2,128 seats + 22 wheelchair seats>
    • History: Virgin Cinemas Ichikawa Colton Plaza (November 1999, 11-February 27, 2004) → TOHO Cinemas Ichikawa Colton Plaza (February 2, 27 -)
    • Management: Virgin Cinemas Japan (November 1999, 11-April 27, 2003) → TOHO Cinemas (April 4, 6 -)
    • Initially all 9 screensTHXCertified by the standard, it was the first THX cinema complex in Japan. Initially there was a premier screen, but it was converted to a regular screen on May 2009, 5. At the same time, we changed the ticketing system.
  • TOHO Cinemas Yachiyo Midorigaoka(ChibaYachiyo,Park city plaza(Inside) <10 screens, 1,908 seats + 19 wheelchair seats>
    • History: TOHO Cinemas Yachiyo Midorigaoka (March 2006, 3 -)
    • Management: Toho Management, TOHO Cinemas management (March 2006, 3-September 17, 2006) → TOHO Cinemas (October 9, 30 -)
  • TOHO Cinemas Nagareyama Otakanomori(ChibaNagareyama,Nagareyama Otakanomori S/C(Inside) <11 screens, 1,844 seats + 22 wheelchair seats>
    • History: TOHO Cinemas Nagareyama Otakanomori (March 2007, 3 -)
    • Management and operation: TOHO Cinemas (July 2007, 3 -)
    • Introduced all 60cm wide super high back seats (first site in Chiba prefecture).
  • TOHO Cinemas Ichihara(Chiba市 原 市,ArioIchihara) <10 screens, 1,578 seats + 20 wheelchair seats>
    • History: TOHO Cinemas Ichihara (November 2013, 11 -)
    • Management and operation: TOHO Cinemas (July 2013, 11 -)
  • TOHO Cinemas Kashiwa(ChibaKashiwa,Seven Park Ario Kashiwa(Inside) <9 screens, 1,470 seats + 18 wheelchair seats>
    • History: TOHO Cinemas Kashiwa (April 2016, 4 -)
    • Management and operation: TOHO Cinemas (July 2016, 4 -)
  • TOHO Cinemas Ebina(KanagawaEbina,Vina Walk(Inside) <10 screens, 2,198 seats + 22 wheelchair seats>
    • History: Virgin Cinemas Ebina (April 2002, 4-February 19, 2004) → TOHO Cinemas Ebina (February 2, 27 -)
    • Management: Virgin Cinemas Japan (2002 December 4-19 April 2003) → TOHO Cinemas (4 April 6 -)
    • The 1m wide screen installed on Screen 22.67 was the largest permanent building in Japan at the time of its opening.Screen 630 which currently has 1 seatsMarunouchi PiccadillyIt is the second largest in eastern Japan after 1 seats of 802 (the most in eastern Japan in TOHO Cinemas), and the third largest in Japan (2rd in Japan)TOHO Cinemas UmedaScreen 1 is second with 733 seats).The whole buildingTHX.. March 2009, 3 Premier screen is abolished and refurbished to normal screen. Also changed the ticketing system.
  • TOHO Cinemas Odawara(Kanagawa PrefectureOdawara city,Dynacity(In the walk) <9 screens, 1,781 seats + 19 wheelchair seats>
    • History: Virgin Cinemas Odawara (December 2002, 12-February 20, 2004) → TOHO Cinemas Odawara (February 2, 27 -)
    • Management: Virgin Cinemas Japan (2002 December 12-20 April 2003) → TOHO Cinemas (4 April 6 -)
  • TOHO Cinemas Kawasaki(Kanagawa PrefectureKawasaki CityKawasaki ku,Kawasaki DICE(Inside) <9 screens, 1,902 seats + 20 wheelchair seats>
    • History: TOHO Cinemas Kawasaki (September 2003, 9 -)
    • Management and operation: TOHO Cinemas (July 2003, 9 -)
  • TOHO Cinemas LaLaport Yokohama(Kanagawa Prefecture横 浜 市Tsuji,Lalaport Yokohama(Inside) <13 screens, 2,235 seats + 26 wheelchair seats>
    • History: TOHO Cinemas LaLaport Yokohama (March 2007, 3 -)
    • Management and operation: TOHO Cinemas (July 2007, 3 -)
    • 13 screens, the largest cinema complex in Kanagawa prefecture. Introduced all 60 cm wide super high back seats (large seats that wrap around your head) (first on a site in Kanagawa prefecture). In March 2007French film festivalIt became one of the venues. In addition, 1 will be held in collaboration with "LaLaport".
  • TOHO Cinemas Kamiooka(Yokohama-city kanagawa prefectureKonan-kuKamiooka,Mioka(Inside) <9 screens, 1,686 seats + 18 wheelchair seats>
    • History: TOHO Cinemas Kamiooka (April 2010, 4 -)
    • Management and operation: TOHO Cinemas (July 2010, 4 -)

Chubu region

  • TOHO Cinemas Hamamatsu(ShizuokaHamamatsu cityNaka-ku,Zaza City Hamamatsu(Inside) <9 screens, 1,903 seats + 25 wheelchair seats>
    • 沿革:ヴァージンシネマズ浜松(2000å¹´11月27日 - 2003å¹´11月14日)→TOHOシネマズ浜松(2003å¹´11月15日 - )改装休館(2007å¹´9月3日 - 9月7日)
    • Management: Virgin Cinemas Japan (2000 December 11-27 April 2003) → TOHO Cinemas (4 April 6 -)
  • TOHO Cinemas Sun Street Hamakita(Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka PrefectureHamakita Ward,Sun street hamakita(Inside) <9 screens, 1,941 seats + 18 wheelchair seats>
    • History: TOHO Cinemas Sun Street Hamakita (August 2007, 8 -)
    • Management and operation: TOHO Cinemas (July 2007, 8 -)
  • TOHO Cinemas LaLaport Iwata(Shizuoka PrefectureIwataTakami hill,Lalaport Iwata(Inside) <10 screens, 1,642 seats + 21 wheelchair seats>
    • History: TOHO Cinemas LaLaport Iwata (July 2009, 7 -)
    • Management and operation: TOHO Cinemas (July 2009, 7 -)
  • TOHO Cinemas Akaike(Aichi prefectureNisshin City,Prime tree akaike(Inside) <10 screens, 1.722 seats + 20 wheelchair seats>
    • History: TOHO Cinemas Akaike (November 2017, 11 -)
    • Management and operation: TOHO Cinemas (July 2017, 11 -)
  • TOHO Cinemas Tsushima(Aichi prefectureTsushima,YoshitsuyaInside the Tsushima main store) <10 screens, 1,763 seats + 19 wheelchair seats>
    • History: TOHO Cinemas Tsushima (December 2005, 12 -)
    • Management and operation: Chubu Toho (December 2005, 12-February 8, 2008) → TOHO Cinemas (March 2, 29 -)
  • TOHO Cinemas Higashiura(Aichi prefectureChita DistrictHigashiura Town,AEON MALL Higashiura(Inside) <9 screens, 1,786 seats + 15 wheelchair seats>
    • 沿革:イオン東浦東宝シネマ9(2001å¹´7月20日 - 2004å¹´8月31日)→TOHOシネマズ東浦(2004å¹´9月1日 - )
    • 経営・運営:中部興行(2001å¹´7月20日 - 2002å¹´2月28日)→中部東宝(2002å¹´3月1日 - 2008å¹´2月29日)→TOHOシネマズ(2008å¹´3月1日 - )
  • TOHO Cinemas Kisogawa(Aichi prefectureIchinomiya,AEON MALL Kisogawa(Inside) <10 screens, 1,807 seats + 21 wheelchair seats>
    • History: TOHO Cinemas Kisogawa (June 2004, 6 -)
    • Management and operation: Chubu Toho (December 2004, 6-February 18, 2008) → TOHO Cinemas (March 2, 29 -)
  • TOHO Cinemas Gifu(Gifu(I.e.,Colorful town Gifu(Inside) <10 screens, 2,096 seats + 20 wheelchair seats>
    • History: Cinetown Gifu (November 2000, 11-November 10, 2004) → TOHO Cinemas Gifu (November 11, 10 -)
    • 経営・運営:東宝経営、中部興行運営(2000å¹´11月10日 - 2002å¹´2月28日)→東宝経営、中部東宝運営(2002å¹´3月1日 - 2006å¹´9月30日)→TOHOシネマズ経営、中部東宝運営(2006å¹´10月1日 - 2008å¹´2月29日)→TOHOシネマズ(2008å¹´3月1日 - )
    • December 2009, 12, changed the ticketing system.
  • TOHO Cinemas Morera Gifu(Gifu PrefectureMotosu City,Morera Gifu(Inside) <12 screens, 2,479 seats + 25 wheelchair seats>
    • History: TOHO Cinemas Morera Gifu (April 2006, 4 -)
    • Management and operation: Chubu Toho (December 2006, 4-February 27, 2008) → TOHO Cinemas (March 2, 29 -)
  • TOHO Cinemas Favore Toyama(ToyamaToyama,Future City Favore(Inside) <10 screens, 1,713 seats + 11 wheelchair seats>
    • History: Favore Toho (October 2000, 10-June 6, 2009) → TOHO Cinemas Favore Toyama (June 6, 12 -)
    • 経営・運営:東宝経営、中部興行運営(2000å¹´10月6日 - 2002å¹´2月28日)→東宝経営、中部東宝運営(2002å¹´3月1日 - 2006å¹´9月31日)→TOHOシネマズ経営、中部東宝運営(2006å¹´10月1日 - 2008å¹´2月29日)→TOHOシネマズ(2008å¹´3月1日 - )
  • TOHO Cinemas Takaoka(Toyama PrefectureTakaoka,AEON MALL Takaoka(Inside) <8 screens, 1,737 seats + 16 wheelchair seats>
    • History: Takaoka TOHO Plex (September 2002, 9-May 19, 2009) → TOHO Cinemas Takaoka (May 5, 22 -)
    • Management and operation: Chubu Toho (December 2002, 9-February 19, 2008) → TOHO Cinemas (March 2, 29 -)
  • ★TOHO Cinemas Kofu(YamanashiKofu City,AEON MALL Kofu Showa(Inside) <9 screens, 1,729 seats + 21 wheelchair seats>
    • History: TOHO Cinemas Kofu (March 2011, 3-Pre-Open) (March 11, 2011-Grand Open)
    • Management and operation: TOHO Cinemas (July 2011, 3 -)
  • ★TOHO Cinemas Ueda(NaganoUeda,Ario Ueda(Inside) <8 screens, 1,018 seats + 16 wheelchair seats>
    • History: TOHO Cinemas Ueda (April 2011, 4-Pre-open) (April 20, 2011-Grand Open)
    • Management and operation: TOHO Cinemas (July 2011, 4 -)


  • TOHO Cinemas Umeda(OsakaOsakaKita,HEP Navio8th floor) <8 screen "Theater 1-8", 2,266 seats + 19 wheelchair seats>
    • 沿革:北野劇場・梅田劇場・梅田スカラ座(1980å¹´10月24日 - 1998年)→ナビオシネ4・5が追加(1998å¹´9月23日 - 2002年)→ナビオTOHOプレックス(2002å¹´11月23日 - 2007å¹´9月)→TOHOシネマズ梅田(2007å¹´10月1日 - )
    • Management and operation: Toho (1980-September 2006, 9) -> TOHO Cinemas (October 30, 2006 -)
  • TOHO Cinemas Umeda Annex Annex(Kita Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture,Umeda Rakutenchi Building(Inside) <2 screen "Theater 9/10", 388 seats + 4 wheelchairs>
    • History: OS Cultural Theater (April 1948-4) → New OS Theater (December 1959-February 1959) → OS Theater (February 12-March 1991) → OS Theater/OS Theater C・A・P (April 2-November 1991) → OS Theater ・OS Masterpiece Theater (December 2-September 1997) → TOHO Cinemas Umeda (October 3, 1997 -)
    • Management and operation: OS (April 1948-September 4) → TOHO Cinemas (October 2007, 9 -)
  • TOHO Cinemas Namba/Main Building(Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, Toho South Street Building[36] Inside) <9 screen "Theater 1-9", 1,759 seats + 18 wheelchair seats>
    • History: TOHO Cinemas Namba (September 2006, 9 -)
    • Management: Toho Management, TOHO Cinemas management (March 2006, 9-September 22, 2006) → TOHO Cinemas (October 9, 30 -)
  • TOHO Cinemas Namba/Annex(Osaka-shi, OsakaChuo-ku, 4th floor) <3 screen "Theater 10-12", 474 seats + 6 wheelchairs>
    • 沿革:東宝敷島劇場、敷島シネマ(? - 2000å¹´7月)→敷島シネポップ1・2・3(2000å¹´7月 - 2011å¹´5月19日)→TOHOシネマズなんば・別館(2011å¹´5月20日 - )
    • Management/Management: Shikishima Entertainment (?-July 2000) → Toho (July 7-September 2000, 7) → TOHO Cinemas (October 2006, 9 -)
  • TOHO Cinemas Senboku(Osaka PrefectureSakai CitySouth ward,Across Mall Senboku(Inside) <9 screens, 2,315 seats + 20 wheelchair seats>
    • History: Virgin Cinemas Senboku (December 2000, 12-February 8, 2004) → TOHO Cinemas Senboku (February 2, 20 -)
    • Management: Virgin Cinemas Japan (2000 December 11-27 April 2003) → TOHO Cinemas (4 April 6 -)
  • TOHO Cinemas Otori(Sakai City, Osaka PrefectureNishi-ward,Ario Otori(Inside) <10 screens, 1,854 seats + 17 wheelchair seats>
    • History: TOHO Cinemas Otori (March 2008, 3 -)
    • Management and operation: TOHO Cinemas (July 2008, 3 -)
  • TOHO Cinemas Kuzuha Mall(Osaka PrefectureHirakata,Kuzuha Mall(Inside) <10 screens, 1,953 seats + 21 wheelchair seats>
    • History: TOHO Cinemas Kuzuha Mall (March 2014, 3 -)[37][38]
    • Management and operation: TOHO Cinemas (July 2014, 3 -)
    • Introduced TCX and Dolby Atmos for the first time in Kansai.
  • TOHO Cinemas Nijo(KyotoKyoto CityNakagyo Ward,BiVi Nijo(Inside) <11 screens, 1,773 seats + 21 wheelchair seats>
    • History: TOHO Cinemas Nijo (June 2005, 6 -)
    • Management: Toho Management, TOHO Cinemas management (March 2005, 6-September 23, 2006) → TOHO Cinemas (October 9, 30 -)
  • TOHO Cinemas Itami(HyogoItami City,AEON MALL Itami4th floor) <8 screens, 1,853 seats + 16 wheelchair seats>
    • History: Itami TOHO plex (October 2002, 10-September 10, 2007) → TOHO Cinemas Itami (September 9, 24 -)
    • 経営・運営:東宝経営、関西共栄興行運営(2002å¹´10月10日 - 2006å¹´9月30日)→TOHOシネマズ経営、関西共栄興行運営(2006å¹´10月1日 - 2008å¹´2月29日)→TOHOシネマズ(2008å¹´3月1日 - )
  • TOHO Cinemas Nishinomiya OS(Hyogo prefectureNishinomiya,Hankyu Nishinomiya Gardens(Inside) <12 screens, 2,101 seats + 22 wheelchair seats>
    • History: TOHO Cinemas Nishinomiya OS (November 2008, 11 -)
    • Management and operation: TOHO Cinemas Co., Ltd.OSJoint management, operation of TOHO Cinemas Co., Ltd. (November 2008, 11 -)
  • TOHO Cinemas Kashihara(NaraKashihara,AEON MALL Kashihara(Inside) <9 screens, 1,611 seats + 19 wheelchair seats>
    • History: TOHO Cinemas Kashihara (March 2004, 3 -)
    • Management: Toho Management, TOHO Cinemas management (March 2004, 3-September 26, 2006) → TOHO Cinemas (October 9, 30 -)


  • TOHO Cinemas Okanan(OkayamaOkayama CitySouth ward,Cinema town okanan(Inside) <10 screens, 1,606 seats + 20 wheelchair seats>
    • History: TOHO Cinemas Okanan (July 2006, 7 -)
    • Management and operation: Toho Kansai box office (July 2006, 7-February 15, 2008) → TOHO Cinemas (March 2, 29 -)
  • ★TOHO Cinemas Midori(HiroshimaHiroshima cityAsanami Ward,Fuji Grand Midori(Inside) <8 screens, 1,360 seats + 19 wheelchair seats>
    • History: TOHO Cinemas Midori (October 2004, 10 -)
    • Management and operation: Toho Kansai box office (July 2004, 10-February 1, 2008) → TOHO Cinemas (March 2, 29 -)

Shikoku region

  • TOHO Cinemas Niihama(EhimeNiihama,AEON MALL Niihama(Inside) <7 screens, 1,145 seats + 14 wheelchair seats>
    • History: Niihama TOHO plex (June 2001, 6-November 30, 2009) → Renovation closed → TOHO Cinemas Niihama (November 11, 8 -)
    • Management and operation: Toho Kansai box office (July 2001, 6-February 30, 2008) → TOHO Cinemas (March 2, 29 -)
  • ★TOHO Cinemas Kochi(KochiKochi,AEON MALL Kochi(Inside) <9 screens, 1,579 seats + 18 wheelchair seats>
    • History: TOHO Cinemas Kochi (July 2006, 7 -)
    • Management and operation: Toho Kansai box office (July 2006, 7-February 15, 2008) → TOHO Cinemas (March 2, 29 -)
    • December 2009, 9, changed the ticketing system.

Kyushu region

  • TOHO Cinemas Tenjin Solaria Pavilion(FukuokaFukuoka CityChuo-ku, In Solaria Plaza) <3 screens, 433 seats + 5 wheelchairs>
    • 沿革:センターシネマ(1956å¹´4月 - 1987å¹´5月)→ソラリアシネマ(1989å¹´3月24日 - 2011å¹´11月30日)→TOHOシネマズ天神ソラリア館(2012å¹´1月21日 - )
      • Closed on November 2011, 11Solaria cinemaWas renovated to become the TOHO Cinemas Tenjin Solaria Pavilion.
    • Management/Operation:Fukuoka Sports Center(March 1989, 3-November 24, 2011) → TOHO Cinemas (January 11, 30 -)
  • TOHO Cinemas Nogata(Fukuoka PrefectureNogata,AEON MALL Nogata(Inside) <9 screens, 1,594 seats + 18 wheelchair seats>
    • History: Toho Cinemas Nogata (April 2005, 4 -)
    • Management and operation: Kyushu Toho (April 2005, 4-February 5, 2008) → TOHO Cinemas (March 2, 29 -)
  • TOHO Cinemas Fukutsu(FukuokaFukutsu City,AEON MALL Fukutsu(Inside) <10 screens, 1,889 seats + 20 wheelchair seats>
    • History: TOHO Cinemas Fukutsu (April 2012, 4 -)
    • Management and operation: TOHO Cinemas (July 2012, 4 -)
  • ★TOHO Cinemas Nagasaki(NagasakiNagasaki,Mirai Nagasaki Coco Walk(Inside) <9 screens, 1,918 seats + 18 wheelchair seats>
    • History: TOHO Cinemas Nagasaki (October 2008, 10 -)
    • Management and operation: TOHO Cinemas (July 2008, 10 -)
  • TOHO Cinemas Wasa Oita(OitaOita City,Tokiwa Wasada Town(Inside) <11 screens, 1,952 seats + 22 wheelchair seats>
    • 沿革:シネフレックス(2000å¹´12月9日 - 2001å¹´7月31日)→シネフレックス東宝11(2001å¹´8月1日 - 2009å¹´10月4日)→改装休館→TOHOシネマズ大分わさだ(2009å¹´10月10日 - )
    • 経営・運営:大分セントラル(2000å¹´12月9日 - 2001å¹´7月31日)→九州東宝(2001å¹´8月1日 - 2008å¹´2月29日)→TOHOシネマズ(2008å¹´3月1日 - )
    • Initially operated by a local industrial company, Oita Central, but due to management difficulties at the company, it became a Toho affiliate.
  • TOHO Cinemas Amu Plaza Oita(OitaOita City) <10 screens, 1,734 seats + 30 wheelchair seats>
  • TOHO Cinemas Kumamoto Sakuramachi(KumamotoKumamoto-shiChuo-ku) <9 screens, 1,560 seats + 18 wheelchair seats>
    • Management/Operation: TOHO Cinemas
    • Commercial facility in "Kumamoto city planning Sakuramachi district first-class urban redevelopment project"SAKURA MACHI Kumamoto”Opened on the 4th floor[40][41][42].. 9 screens with 1,578 seats. The 5th screen is "TOHO Cinemas Premium Theater", followed by flagship theater Hibiya, TCX, latest laser projector, GDC featuring dts:X, and premier box seat (premier box seat is also installed on 4th screen). The 9th screen is the first in KumamotoScreenXHas been adopted.
  • TOHO Cinemas Hikari no Mori(KumamotoKikuchiKikuyo,Youmetown Hikarinomori(Inside) <9 screens, 1,757 seats + 20 wheelchair seats>
    • History: TOHO Cinemas Hikari no Mori (June 2004, 6 -)
    • Management and operation: Kyushu Toho (April 2004, 6-February 2, 2008) → TOHO Cinemas (March 2, 29 -)
  • No TOHO Cinemas(Kumamoto PrefectureKumamoto-shiSouth ward,There is no Youme Town(Inside) <9 screens, 1,565 seats + 18 wheelchair seats>
    • History: No TOHO Cinemas (April 2005, 4 -)
    • Management and operation: Kyushu Toho (April 2005, 4-February 5, 2008) → TOHO Cinemas (March 2, 29 -)
    • On November 2009, 11, the ticketing system was changed.
  • TOHO Cinemas Uki(Kumamoto PrefectureUki,AEON MALL Uki(Inside) <8 screens, 1,508 seats + 10 wheelchair seats>
    • 沿革:ダイヤモンドシティ東宝8(1999å¹´3月13日 - 2005å¹´6月26日)→TOHO宇城バリュー(2005å¹´7月5日 - 2010å¹´9月5日)→改装休館→TOHOシネマズ宇城バリュー(2010å¹´9月11日 - 2011å¹´10月20日)→TOHOシネマズ宇城(2011å¹´10月21日 - )
    • Management and operation: Kyushu Toho (April 1999, 3-February 13, 2008) → TOHO Cinemas (March 2, 29 -)
  • ★TOHO Cinemas Yojiro(KagoshimaKagoshima,Frespo Jungle Park(Inside) <10 screens, 1,965 seats + 19 wheelchair seats>
    • History: TOHO Cinemas Yojiro (October 2006, 10 -)
    • Management and operation: Kyushu Toho (April 2006, 10-February 14, 2008) → TOHO Cinemas (March 2, 29 -)

Joint management theater with other companies

  • Sapporo Cinema Frontier(HokkaidoSapporoChuo-ku,Sapporo StationbuildingStella PlaceCenter 7th floor) <12 screens, 2,705 seats>
    • History: Sapporo Cinema Frontier (March 2003, 3 -)
    • Management/operation: Toho (50%), Shochiku (30%), TJOY (20%) Joint management, Sapporo Cinema Frontier Co., Ltd. (TOHO 50%, Shochiku 30%, TJOY 20%) Operation (2003 March 3-September 6, 2006) → TOHO Cinemas (9%), Shochiku (30%), Ti Joy (50%) Joint management, Sapporo Cinema Frontier (October 30, 20-2006) February 10) → TOHO Cinemas (1%), Shochiku Multiplex Theaters (2011%), Ti Joy (2%) Joint management, Sapporo Cinema Frontier (March 28, 50-February 30, 20) Sun) → TOHO Cinemas (2011%), Shochiku Multiplex Theaters (3%), Ti Joy (1%) Joint management, TOHO Cinemas operation[43](July 2012, 3 -)
  • Pole Pole Cinemas(FukushimaIwaki,AEON MALL Iwaki Onahama4th floor) <9 screens, 1,327 seats>
    • History: Pole Pole Cinemas (June 2018, 6 -)
    • Management/operation: Operated by famous paintings, affiliated with TOHO Cinemas
    • Moved to the 4th floor of "AEON MALL Iwaki Onahama" which will be newly established on the former site of Onahama Station of the former Fukushima Seaside Railway. localPole Pole IwakiOpened on June 2018, 6 in partnership with.
  • Shinjuku Baltic 9(TokyoShinjuku ward,Shinjuku Sanchome East Building9-14th floor) <9 screens, 1,825 seats>
    • History: Shinjuku Baltic 9 (February 2007, 2 -)
    • Management/operation: TJ Joy (55%), TOHO Cinemas (45%) Joint management, TJ operation (February 2007, 2 -)
  • Osaka Station City Cinema(OsakaOsakaKita,Osaka Station City-North gate building(Inside) <12 screens, 2,564 seats>
    • History: Osaka Station City Cinema (May 2011, 5 -)
    • Management and operation: Shochiku Multiplex Theaters (50%), TOHO Cinemas (30%), Ti Joy (20%) Joint management, Shochiku MPT operation (May 2011, 5 -)
  • Hiroshima Baltic 11(Hiroshima PrefectureAki DistrictFuchu Town,AEON MALL Hiroshimafuchu(Inside) <11 screens, 1,761 seats>
    • History: Hiroshima Baltic 11 (March 2004, 3 -)
    • Management/operation: TJ Joy (51%), TOHO Cinemas (49%) Joint management, TJ operation (February 2004, 3 -)

Theater scheduled to open

The theaters that are scheduled to open in the future, including joint management, are shown.

  • TOHO Cinemas Seven Park Amami(Matsubara City, Osaka Prefecture)
    • TOHO Cinemas on June 2021, 3Seven & i HoldingsAnnounced that it will open a store in the shopping mall "Seven Park Amami". Scheduled to open in November 2021.

Theater where the store was canceled

Theater closed or closed from management

Only the theaters operated by TOHO Cinemas Co., Ltd. are shown. The theaters run by the companies of Rokubu Kogyo that were absorbed and merged with TOHO Cinemas Co., Ltd.Rokubu box officeThe theater operated by TohoTohochecking ...

  • TOHO Cinemas Takatsuki(Osaka PrefectureTakatsuki1-2, Akutagawa-cho,Act amore(Inside) <9 screens, 1,820 seats>
    • 沿革:TOHOシネマズ高槻(2004å¹´2月21日 - 2007å¹´6月28日)→高槻ロコ9シネマ(2007å¹´6月30日 - 2010å¹´9月5日)→Takatsuki Alex Cinema(July 2010, 9 -)
    • Management and operation: TOHO Cinemas (March 2004, 3-June 19, 2007) →Joy Plaza(June 2007, 6-September 30, 2010) → Alex Limited (September 9, 5 -)
  • Third Avenue Cinema1 ・ 2 ・ 3(Osaka-shi, OsakaKitaChayamachi2-16, Hyakumata Building)
    • 沿革:三番街シネマ(1スクリーン)(1975å¹´4月26日 - ?)→同(2スクリーン)(? - 1977å¹´12月)→同(3スクリーン)(1977å¹´12月 - 2007å¹´9月24日)
    • 経営・運営:東宝(1969å¹´10月31日 - ?)→東宝経営、東宝ビル管理運営(? - 2006å¹´9月30日)→TOHOシネマズ(2006å¹´10月1日 - 2007å¹´9月24日)
    • Currently, the building name has been changed to "Esquare Chayamachi" and it has been reborn as a restaurant building.
  • Hamaootsu Arcus Cinema(ShigaOtsu City2-1, Hamacho,Hamaootsu Arcus(Inside) <5 screens, 823 seats>
    • History: Hama Otsu Arcus Cinema (April 1998, 4-January 23, 2008) → Otsu Alex Cinema (February 1, 25 -)
    • 経営・運営:東宝経営、東宝関西興行運営(1998å¹´4月23日 - 2006å¹´9月30日)→TOHOシネマズ経営、東宝関西興行運営(2006å¹´10月1日 - 2008å¹´1月25日)→有限会社アレックス(2008å¹´2月1日 - )
  • Sabae Cinema 7(FukuiSabae City16-16-1, Shimokawabata,Al Plaza Sabae(Inside) <7 screens, 1,186 seats>
    • 沿革:鯖江シネマ7(1998å¹´12月5日 - 2008å¹´2月24日)→鯖江アレックスシネマ(2008å¹´3月1日 - )
    • 経営・運営:東宝経営、中部興行運営(1998å¹´12月5日 - 2002å¹´2月28日)→東宝経営、中部東宝運営(2002å¹´3月1日 - 2006å¹´9月30日)→TOHOシネマズ経営、中部東宝運営(2006å¹´10月1日 - 2008å¹´2月24日)→有限会社アレックス(2008å¹´3月1日 - )
  • Shinjuku Plaza Theater(TokyoShinjuku wardKabukicho1-19-2, Shinjuku Toho Kaikan Building) <1 screen, 1044 seats>
    • History: Shinjuku Plaza Theater (October 1969, 10-November 31, 2008)
    • 経営・運営:東宝(1969å¹´10月31日 - ?)→東宝経営、東宝サービスセンター運営(? - 2006å¹´9月30日)→TOHOシネマズ(2006å¹´10月1日 - 2008å¹´11月7日)
  • Shibuya Cine Front(Shibuya-ku, TokyoUdagawa Town21-6 、QFRONT 7F) <1 screen, 245 seats + 2 wheelchair seats>
    • History: Shibuya Cinefront (December 1999, 12-January 18, 2010)
    • 経営・運営:東宝(1999å¹´12月18日 - ?)→東宝経営、東宝サービスセンター運営(? - 2006å¹´9月30日)→TOHOシネマズ(2006å¹´10月1日 - 2010å¹´1月22日)
    • April 2010, 4, a nuclear tenantTSUTAYAIt was refurbished and opened on the comic floor of the Shibuya store.
  • Grand Park Toho 8(YamanashiKofu City,Grand ParkAdjacent) <8 screens, 1538 seats>
    • History: Grand Park Toho 8 (December 2000, 12-March 9, 2011)
    • 経営・運営:東宝関東興行(2000å¹´12月9日 - 2002å¹´2月28日)→東宝東日本興行(2002å¹´3月1日 - 2008å¹´2月29日)→TOHOシネマズ(2008å¹´3月1日 - 2011å¹´3月11日)
    • Closed with the opening of TOHO Cinemas Kofu[46].
  • TOHO Cinemas Trias Hisayama(Fukuoka PrefectureKasuya-gunHisayama Town,Trias Hisayama(Inside) <14 screens, 2394 seats>
    • 沿革:ヴァージンシネマズトリアス久山(1999å¹´4月23日 - 2004å¹´1月30日)→TOHOシネマズトリアス久山(2004å¹´1月31日 - 2012å¹´8月31日)→ユナイテッド・シネマ トリアス久山(2013å¹´3月9日 - )
    • 経営・運営:ヴァージンシネマズ・ジャパン(1999å¹´4月23日 - 2003å¹´4月6日)→TOHOシネマズ(2003å¹´4月7日 - 2012å¹´8月31日)→ユナイテッド・シネマ(2013å¹´3月 - )
    • The first theater of Virgin Cinemas Japan, the predecessor of TOHO Cinemas. The number of screens was the largest in the company. As a result, TOHO Cinemas was the only company in the Kyushu region to directly operate before February 1, 2008.
    • The ticketing system was changed on May 2009, 5. After that, all screens were digitally screened, but due to a decrease in the number of spectators, it closed on August 19, 2012.[47]. CurrentlyUnited cinemaIt is a theater in which
  • TOHO Cinemas Yurakuza(Chiyoda ward, Tokyo,New Tokyo3rd floor of the building) <1 screen, 395 seats + 2 wheelchairs>
    • 沿革:ニュー東宝シネマ(1957å¹´5月 - 1972年)→ニュー東宝シネマ1(1972å¹´ - 1995å¹´7月)→ニュー東宝シネマ(1995å¹´7月 - 1972年)→有楽座(2005å¹´4月9日 - 2009å¹´2月16日)→TOHOシネマズ有楽座(2009å¹´2月10日 - 2015å¹´2月27日)
    • 経営・運営:東宝(1957å¹´5月 - ?)→東宝経営、東宝サービスセンター運営(? - 2006å¹´9月30日)→TOHOシネマズ(2006å¹´10月1日 - 2015å¹´2月27日)
    • The first Yurakuza (June 1935-October 6) is the currentHibiya ChanterPart of.
  • Cinema mediage(Minato-ku, Tokyo,Mediage(Inside) <13 screens, 3034 seats>
    • History: Cinema Mediage (April 2000, 4-February 22, 2017) → United Cinema Aqua City Odaiba (April 2, 23 -)
    • 経営・運営:東宝経営、東宝サービスセンター運営(2000å¹´4月22日 - 2006å¹´9月30日)→TOHOシネマズ(2006å¹´10月1日 - 2017å¹´2月23日)→ユナイテッド・シネマ(2017å¹´4月29日 - )
    • In Theater 1, there are 12 bench seat type "Super Premier Seats" (1 seat for 2 people, total 24 people). Also, wide-seat premier seats are installed in Theater 1 and Theater 2. In addition, there is also a waiting room lounge for super-premier seats and exclusive seats. TheaterFuji TelevisionThere is a head officeFCG buildingDue to the relationship across the road, it may be the venue for a preview of theater productions made by Fuji TV, and the Fuji TV summer event "Odaiba Adventure KingIt was also the venue for the movie related project "THE MOVIE KING Odaiba Movie King". Although it is directly managed by TOHO Cinemas, it does not have its own services such as cinema erasure and vit, and does not sell tickets on the Internet at all.
    • Closed on February 2017, 2[48].. United Cinema Aqua City Odaiba opened on April 4 of the same year.
  • TOHO Cinemas Tenjin Main Building(FukuokaFukuoka CityChuo-ku,IwatayaIn front of the main building) <6 screens, 1035 seats>
    • History: Tenjin Toho (March 1997, 3-January 15, 2012) → TOHO Cinemas Tenjin Main Building (January 1, 20 -)
      • Solaria cinemaThe TOHO Cinemas Tenjin Solaria building, which was renovated (closed on November 2011, 11), opened on January 30, 2012, and at the same time changed its name from Tenjin Toho[49].
      • Closed on March 2017, 3 due to rebuilding of Toho Tenjin Building where the main building is located[50].. The Tenjin and Solaria Pavilion will continue to operate.
    • 経営・運営:東宝九州興行(1997å¹´3月15日 - 1999å¹´2月28日)→九州東宝(1999å¹´3月1日 - 2008å¹´2月29日)→TOHOシネマズ(2008å¹´3月1日 - 2017å¹´3月31日)
    • It was Toho's first cinema complex.
  • TOHO Cinemas daily play(Chiyoda Ward,Yurakucho Marion(Inside) <Screen 1, 2, 3, 2132 seats + 4 wheelchair seats>
    • 沿革:日本劇場、日劇東宝、日劇プラザ(1984å¹´10月6日 - 2002å¹´3月1日)→日劇PLEX(日劇1・日劇2・日劇3)(2002å¹´3月2日 - 2009å¹´2月16日)→TOHOシネマズ日劇(2009å¹´2月17日 - 2018å¹´2月4日)
    • 経営・運営:東宝(1984å¹´10月6日 - ?)→東宝経営、東宝サービスセンター運営(? - 2006å¹´9月30日)→TOHOシネマズ(2006å¹´10月1日 - 2018å¹´2月4日)
    • August 2018, 2,TOHO Cinemas HibiyaClosed in line with the opening of[22][51][52].
  • TOHO Cinemas Scala(Chiyoda Ward,Tokyo Takarazuka TheaterInside the building) <Scala, 654 seats + 2 wheelchairs>
    • 沿革:日比谷スカラ座(1955å¹´7月14日 - 1998å¹´1月18日)→改築のため休館→スカラ座1(2000å¹´12月16日 - 2005å¹´3月31日)→スカラ座(2005å¹´4月1日 - 2009å¹´2月2日)→TOHOシネマズスカラ座(2009å¹´2月3日 - 2018å¹´2月24日)→TOHOシネマズ日比谷(2018å¹´3月29日 - )
    • Management / Operation: Toho (July 1955, 7-?) → Toho Management, Toho Service Center Operation (? --September 14, 2006) → TOHO Cinemas (October 9, 30 --2006)
    • The Hibiya movie was under contract for the alternative function of the chain master while the renovation was closed.
    • XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayTOHO Cinemas HibiyaMerged with[22].
  • TOHO Cinemas Miyukiza(Chiyoda Ward,Tokyo Takarazuka Theater(Inside the building) <Miyukiza, 183 seats + 1 wheelchair>
    • 沿革:スカラ座2(2000å¹´12月16日 - 2005å¹´3月31日)→みゆき座1(2005å¹´4月1日 - 2009å¹´2月2日)→TOHOシネマズみゆき座(2009å¹´2月3日 - 2018å¹´2月3日)→TOHOシネマズ日比谷(2018å¹´3月29日 - )
    • 経営・運営:東宝経営、東宝サービスセンター運営(2000å¹´12月16日 - 2006å¹´9月30日)→TOHOシネマズ(2006å¹´10月1日 - 2018年)
    • The first Miyukiza (April 1957, 4-March 14, 2005) is the currentTheater CLIEPart of.
    • XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayTOHO Cinemas HibiyaMerged with[22].
  • TOHO Cinemas Nagoya Bay City(AichiNagoya cityMinato-ku,AEON MALL Nagoya Minato(Inside) <12 screens, 2,641 seats + 30 wheelchair seats>
    • 沿革:ヴァージンシネマズ名古屋ベイシティ(1999å¹´11月23日 - 2004å¹´2月6日)→TOHOシネマズ名古屋ベイシティ(2004å¹´2月7日 - 2020å¹´11月30日)
    • 経営・運営:ヴァージンシネマズ・ジャパン(1999å¹´11月23日 - 2003å¹´4月6日)→TOHOシネマズ(2003å¹´4月7日 - 2020å¹´11月30日)
    • Closed prior to the decision to close AEON MALL Nagoya Minato (scheduled for 2021).


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  1. ^ 2004 Renamed to "TOHO Cinemas Cinemas Trias Hisayama" in January,2012 Closed in August[1]("# Theater closed or closed from managementSee also). The following March 2013,United cinema"Trias Hisayama" has been completely reopened[2][3].
  2. ^ After the acquisition,Roppongi HillsOnly had "Virgin Cinemas Roppongi Hills" and "Virgin", but then added "VIRGIN TOHO CINEMAS Roppongi Hills" and TOHO, and2006 On April 4, “VIRGIN” was removed and the building name was changed to “TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills”. In addition, the virgin letters remained as a vestige on the exterior wall of the TOHO Cinemas Nagoya Bay City building.
  3. ^ at firstHokkaido TohoWas also listed as a reorganization target[5]The merger was not implemented and the company was dissolved as of May 2016, 5.
  4. ^ amount of salesHas become the industry top (2013)[6].


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