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🤖 | The first movie version of "Hiroaka" will be broadcast for the first time on terrestrial broadcasting tomorrow!Comments from Daiki Yamashita & Kenta Miyake


The first movie version of "Hiroaka" will be broadcast for the first time on terrestrial broadcasting tomorrow!Comments from Daiki Yamashita & Kenta Miyake

If you write the contents roughly
I'm Kenta Miyake, who is in charge of the voice of All Might.

At the "Friday Road Show", the latest movie version of "My Hero Academia" "My Hero Academia THE M ..." → Continue reading

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Kenta Miyake

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Kenta Miyake(Kenta Miyake,1977May 8[2] -) isJapan OfMaleVoice actor.OkinawaBackground[3].81 ProduceAffiliation[4].


I heard that I was a fan when I was a teenageractress"I want to see you at a glance" and "I want to co-star anyway" was the reason for becoming a voice actor[8].Amusement Media InstituteGraduated from the voice actor department,81 ProduceAdmission to[9]..For synchronous voice actorsSayuri Kubo,Kumiko HigaThere is.

The first character with a name was played by Daichi Chino in "Children's Territory".

DiedMasashi Amemori,Shigezō Sasaoka,Hirotaka Suzuoki,Daisuke Gosato,Nobuyuki Furuta,Ishizuka Unsho,Yuka ShimaHas taken over part of the role.

Also,"Night no Yatterman"LaterKazuya Tatebeon behalfTime Bokan Seriesof"Three evilsIs playing a superhuman character.

Married and2011Is the birth of a boy who is the first child[5]..Regarding becoming a father, he said, "I wasn't often said to be cool in my life, but I thought I'd do it enough to get my child to say" cool. " Saying[10].

2019, 13thVoice actor awardWon the Supporting Actor Award at[11].


At the beginning of the activitydubbingMiyake, who used to do a lot of work, initially forgot to say a line because of too much tension and made a mistake of absent-minded while sitting in a chair, and at that time the staff was extremely angry.[8].

TemporarilyauditionThere was a time when he continued to fall, and he lost confidence in auditioning, but at that time his favorite work, "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure』, And revealed that he went to the audition in the conflict of" I absolutely want to play a role "and" Can I go by myself now? "[12]..In addition, it is good for studio auditions due to extreme tensionactingI couldn't do it, and the staff around me were worried about acting at the audition, but the sound director who knew about Miyake for a long timeMiwa Iwanami"It's okay if you're Miyake," he said, pushing Miyake to the role of Muhammad Avdol.However, on the other hand, he said to Miyake himself, "Even if I met him at another site, I dared to swim without telling him the result of the audition."JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders』Ono DaisukeIs spoken from the mouth of[12].

"Final Fantasy XVIn the animated work "BROTHERHOOD FINAL FANTASY XV", he played Gladiolus Amicitia's boyhood (around 13-4 years old), which he played in the game. I thought it would be impossible to play Gladiolus at that time, "so I auditioned once and then participated in the recording of the anime.In addition, when auditioning, "I amVoice change periodAt that time, the voice was like it is now, and it was like this when Gladio was 13 years old! "[10].

Hobbies/special skillsjudo(First stage)[4].


TaiziIs the main character.

Television Animation


Theater animation



  • New Century Incubus Sacred Tradition (Yaksha Shinken)

Web anime

  • Gintama THE SEMI-FINAL Everything Shop (2021, Shachi)
  • Blood Love(Masumi Katsuno[91])



Drama CD


  • Love rating AAA
  • Lust trap
  • Dogs, novelists, and delusional habits (Akira Fuwa / offensive)
  • Do you know my detective? (Toratsugu)
  • Children's territory series (Chino Daichi)
    • Chino family territory (Okite)
    • Hasumi High School Hurricane
    • Wicked heels
    • The essence of rumors (troublemaker)
    • Conditions of bad luck (Bad Boys)
  • Cute devil (Toshifumi Ichii)
  • Oni Kizuna ~ KIZUNA ~ Series
    • Leave this dark cry (Utsugi)
    • In search of the sun beyond (Utsugi, Usui Sadamitsu)
  • Your lies and truth (Kitahara)
  • Wakeari (Asakura)
  • Koi no Hana 2 (Tateyama Kaname)
  • Drown in this love
  • Birds Never Fly (Tatsuzaki[176])
  • Love less than 15 centimeters (Fushikino Yen)
  • Pure Mistake(Tanaka)
  • The priest longs for the king (King Hagi)
  • Yes -ZE- Series (Genkan)
    • Ze -ZE- 2 Genkan & Himi
    • Ze -ZE- 3 Moriya & Takanari
  • Bondage trap
  • Embraced by a fierce dragon (Xu Jin)
  • The only man (Shinozuka)
  • Decoy decoy bird (Isao Kagaya)
    • Decoy Vagrancy (Isao Kagaya)
  • DEADLOCK (Ernest-Rivera)
    • SIMPLEX DEADLOCK Gaiden (Ernest-Rivera)
  • Dropout sweet claw marks
  • Make your wish come true 1-3 (Kudo)
  • Will the flowers bloom(Masashi Kashiwagi)
    • Will the flowers bloom 2
  • VIP (Akimitsu Kuon)
    • VIP -Thorn- (Akimitsu Kuon)
  • Unscrupulous Montage (Akiyoshi Mitamura)
  • FLESH & BLOOD Volume 9 (Fan)
  • A faint piece of love (Ninomiya)
  • Today's Special (Toriumi Arashi (Kaito Arashi) / Attack)
  • Really Beast 1 and 2 (Takimaihana)
    • Moonlit Hunting (Yukina)
  • Moonlit Drops (Yukina)
  • Gently kill my heart. (Kazutaka Tachibana)
  • Thou blood, the one who has been involved in the darkness (Alexis)
  • I have no time to dream (Kaoru Yoshida)
  • Dog of desire (Tetsuya Onuki)
  • Rush! (Kanai <brother>)
  • Love cat (Toshiaki)
  • Recipe (Yuhito)
  • WORK in (Koji Yuhara)
  • Rabbit man Tiger man (Nonami)

Digital comic

Audio drama

  • Become! SE(2012, Kenzo Ropponmatsu)
  • A young wife who falls in love with Aokuma Sho, something strange came to her wife (2016, Bartholomew)[177])
  • Hero classroom Volume 7 Limited Edition (2017, King[178])
  • (2020, Camon)

Audio book


Responsible actor

Chris Hemsworth




Special effects


TV drama

  • ボイスⅡ 110緊急指令室 (2021å¹´9月18日、日本テレビ) - 鑑識役


* IsInternet distribution.


Other contents


Character song

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
2008/12/24Ranka and Bobby's SMS platoon songs and more.Ranka Lee(Ai Nakajima) With Bobby Margo (Kenta Miyake)"Ranka and Bobby's SMS Squadron Song"Television Animation"Macross F] Related songs
Bobby Margo (Kenta Miyake)"Bobby's my he is a pilot ~ delusional he is also a pilot"
Cheryl's space brothership, etc."Bobby carrots, etc."
2009/6/3Daughter Dora ◎ Dora 3Osma Lee (Katsuyuki Konishi), Catherine Glass (Sanae Kobayashi), Bobby Margo (Kenta Miyake)"Assault love heart'
2010/11/24cosmic cuuneSheryl Nome starring May'n, Ranka Lee = Megumi Nakajima,frontier stars[Member 1]"Merry Christmas without You"
2015/12/23A boring world where the concept of lower story does not exist BD / DVD Volume 5 Bonus CDOkuma Tanuki (Yusuke Kobayashi), Todoroki Raiki (Kenta Miyake)"Don't hate my bananas (playing games at home)"Television Animation"A boring world where the concept of lower material does not exist] Related songs


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注 釈

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Unit member

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外部 リンク

My hero academia

"My hero academia(My Hero Academia)Horikoshi KoheibyJapan OfComicthe work. Abbreviation is "Hiroaka"[3][4].. 『Weekly Shonen Jump』(Shueisha), Which has been serialized since the 2014nd issue of 32. A hero manga work in which the main character, who was "individuality", grows up to become the best hero[5]..堀越耕平にとって3作目の連載作品となるThis is Kohei Horikoshi's third serialized work.[6].. One-shot "Akamaru Jump" published in 2008 WINTERMy heroWas conceived based on[6].

May 2015,VOMIC TV!"so"VOMICWas broadcast.同年11月、週刊少年ジャンプ2015年49号にてIn November of the same year, in Weekly Shonen Jump XNUMX No. XNUMXTelevision AnimationWas announced[7]..From November 11th of the same year, "Boy jump +, A spin-off comedy manga "My Hero Academia Sumashu !!" was serialized.[8].

In the spring of 2019, it was staged under the title of "My Hero Academia" The "Ultra" Stage and performed in Tokyo and Osaka.[9].

Production background

Horikoshi made a one-shot manga "Akamaru Jump" 2008 WINTER the year after his debut.My hero][10].. Since then"Oumagadoki ZooAnd 'Barrage of the battle star] Will be serialized.However, the serialization of "Barrage of the Battle Star" ended in a short period of time, and Horikoshi became mentally depressed and his creative activities stagnated.Therefore, from the past one-shot works, the concept of this work was devised based on "My Hero", which was the easiest to write because of my feelings.堀越はヒーロー物が好きなので感性を込めて描けそうだったことが決め手になったというHorikoshi likes heroes, so it was decided that he could draw with sensibility.[6][10].. 『僕のヒーロー』から「ヒーローが日常にいる」という設定などを引き継ぎInheriting settings such as "Hero is in everyday life" from "My Hero"[10], A new work called "My Hero Academia" was born.

In addition, the character of Ikuhisa is the postscript manga "Battle Star Barrage" drawn in Volume 2.Prison Feast』It is based on the main character.それを見た堀越の担当編集者は「君はHorikoshi's editor who saw it said, "You are悟空,LuffyI couldn't draw a hero like this, but I can draw such a nerdy guy. "[11].

At the beginning of the series, the official abbreviation was not decided[12]"Hiroaka[13]"" I red[14], But since the start of the anime TV series, the official abbreviation is "Hiroaka』Unified[3].

Theme / style

Horikoshi said that the coolness of heroes lies in "saving people, not fighting."[10]..そのため、主人公の出久も人を助けるときには悩まずに飛び出せる人物として描かれているTherefore, Iku, the main character, is depicted as a person who can jump out without worrying when helping people.[10]..また、出久のセリフや行動を自然に描くことができるので、頭で考えるより勢いで描いているとのことAlso, since I can draw the lines and actions of Ikuhisa naturally, he said that he is drawing with more momentum than thinking with his head.[10]..しかし連載が続くにつれて「いろんな価値観でそれぞれのキャラクターが動き始めた」ため、ヒーロー像をひとまとめにすることをやめ、「ヒーローってなんなんだろう」ということを考えて描くようになっていったというHowever, as the serialization continued, "each character began to move with various values", so I stopped grouping hero images and began to think "what is a hero?" Tata[15].

In the character design, "the character can be identified just by raising the eyes".[16]..HorikoshiMasashi KishimotoCartoon ofNarutoBecause of the influence of ”, I came to think that“ hands have emotions next to the face ”, and even if there is no particular need, they are actively drawing hands.[17] He says.

"HeroIs the theme of the work, so everywhereAmerican comicsYou can see the production conscious of the hero work of[18]..Horikoshi talks about the origin of the idea of ​​this work.American comicof"X-MENSuch asMarvel comicsI think the influence of this work is great. "[10].

Ikuhisa looks back on the events in the works at the key points of the storymonologueIs insertedMemoirsMethod is adopted.In the first episode, Ikuhisa confesses that "the story of how I became the" best hero "."

The hero of this work is資本主義In accordance with the spiritEconomic activity,competitionWhile being the subject of doingProfessional ethicsAnd "save anonymous people"[Note 1]Also depicted as a rescuer.一方で主人公の出久はヒーローの持つOn the other hand, the main character, Iku, has a hero.Self-sacrificeAnd as an investigator seeking the idea and ideal of social service, self-absoluteness is avoided.It is said that this work succeeded in positioning social ethics on the capitalist spirit.Traditional jump work The main character is adventure and battle, and there was a strong tendency to draw rescue of someone incidentally, but this work considers the rescue of others to be truly valuable within the framework of the jump royal road. It is said to be epoch-making in terms of drawing[19].

Horikoshi says that the "warp of the story", "The Story of Deku and Almite," is not very bright about this work.There is a view that this is because it reflects the social problems of modern Japan.本作はThis work isユ ー モ アWhile suppressing the darkness, "laughter" is depicted as an ethical means for oneself to endure anxiety and encourage others.そうすることでヒーローを相対化し、多様な意見の存在を前提としつつ、王道の少年漫画として理念・理想を保ち続けることができたとみなされているBy doing so, it is considered that the hero was relativized and the idea and ideal could be maintained as a royal road boy manga while assuming the existence of various opinions.[19].

The story count is "No. ○○".The volume notation of the book Jump Comics is "Vol. ○○".There are many extra elements in the book, and the front cover of the main body on the back of the cover shows the concept of the character, and the back cover shows the preview of the next volume of the character.There is also an extra picture on the folded part of the cover.


It has been attracting attention from the early stages of the serialization, and by the time the two volumes of the book were released, it was also described as "the male work of the next-generation boy manga."[20].. As of 2018,ONE PIECE''HUNTER × HUNTERFollowed by "Haikyu!!It was said to be a popular work of "Weekly Shonen Jump" along with[21]..Also, in the ranking of manga, it has been ranked high several times as described later.

When the first volume of the comic was released in November 2014, it was sold out immediately, and the circulation exceeded 11 the month after the release.[6].. As of April 2021, the cumulative domestic circulation of comics has reached 4 million.[22], The cumulative worldwide circulation of comics has exceeded 5000 million.[22].

CartoonistShuichi AsoLists this work as a recommended manga as of April 2016[23].

America,FranceIt is also very popular and localSLEEVEBecoming a market leader[24][25].

In 2019Harvey AwardReceived the Best Manga category.

Major awards and nominations
年度ceremonyCategory/AwardAwarded forRemarks/Source
2014Japanese flag2014 Kore read manga ranking2 bitMy hero academia[26]
2015Japanese flagNext Coming Manga AwardManga that I want you to sell in the future1 bitMy hero academia[27]
Japanese flagManga ranking 2015 selected by a bookstore clerk2 bitMy hero academia[28]
Japanese flagManga Kobayashi Manga Award2015Grand PrixMy hero academia[29]
Japanese flagManga Award2015Nomination (8th)My hero academia[30]
2016United States flagCrunchyroll Anime AwardThis year's Anime Awards and NominationsMy Hero Academia (1st animation)All are evaluated for the first period of the anime version[31]
This year's hero, 1st placeIzuku Midoriya
This year's villain, 3rd placeDeath pattern Kisuke
Best Boy Award, 3rd placeIzuku Midoriya
Best Girl Award, 2nd placeTea ceremony
Best battle scene, 2nd placeDeku vs Bakugo (1st term 7 episodes)
Best action, 2nd placeMy Hero Academia (1st animation)
2017French flagJapan Expo AwardsManga sectionDaruma Manga AwardMy hero academia[32]
Japanese flagSUGOI JAPAN Award 2017Manga section1 bitMy hero academia[33]
United States flagCrunchyroll Anime AwardThis year's Anime Award, 5th placeMy Hero Academia (2st animation)All are evaluated for the first period of the anime version[34]
Best Girl Award1 bitTea ceremony
Best Girl Award, 5nd placeFrog rainy season
Best Boy Award1 bitTodoroki Shoto
Best Boy Award, 3rd placeIzuku Midoriya
Best hero1 bitIzuku Midoriya
This year's villain1 bitStain
Best action1 bitMy Hero Academia (2st animation)
Best opening1 bitpeace sign
Best animation1 bitMy Hero Academia (2st animation)
2018French flagJapan Expo AwardsAnime section ・Daruma Animation AwardMy Hero Academia (Anime)[35]
United States flagHarvey AwardBestManga category / nominationMy Hero Academia[36]
Japanese flagHigh school students' favorite manga / comics BEST105nd place for men
Women's second place
My hero academia[37]
2019United States flagAnime Award 2019Best male characterIzuku Midoriya All are evaluated for the first period of the anime version[38]
⇒ The role of almite in the anime English dubbed version
Best Voice Actor Award English CategoryChristopher Sabbath ⇒
Best Fight Scene AwardAll for one vs almite
Best villain awardAll for one
Best Movie AwardMy Hero Academia THE MOVIE ~Two Heroes~[38]


Yuei High School Admission (Volume 1-Volume 2)
A superhuman society in which paranormal phenomena have been reported all over the world since the report of "light-emitting baby" in Gwanggyeong City, China, and about 8% of the world's total population has supernatural ability "individuality". “個性”を悪用するAbuse "individuality"Enemy (Villan)Demonstrate "individuality" and crack downHeroWas praised by the people.主人公のOf the heroIzuku MidoriyaA hero who has been touted as a symbol of peace since he was a childAll MightI was longing for.出久は超常能力が発現しない“無個性”だったが、ヒーローになるという夢を諦めきれず、偉大なヒーローを多く輩出してきた偏差値79の国立雄英高校の難関Iku was "individuality" where supernatural abilities did not appear, but he could not give up his dream of becoming a hero, and the difficulty of National Yuei High School with a deviation value of XNUMX, which has produced many great heroesHero departmentAiming to go on to higher education, but having a childhood friend and excellent "individuality"Bakugo KatsumiIt was ridiculed by the people around him, saying, "Passing is hopeless."
One day in the third year of junior high school, Iku is attacked by sludge villain and saved by All Might.Iku asks if he can become a hero even if All Might does not have "individuality".At that time, All Might suddenly became thin in front of me.True formBecome.All Might was seriously injured in the battle with the enemy about 5 years ago, and revealed the secret that the activity time of "individuality" is limited due to the aftereffects, and even if there is "individuality" in Iku, it is a life-threatening job. Encourage the hero to give up.Immediately after that, Izuku encounters a scene where Hedro Villain, who has escaped from All Might, holds the bomber hostage.At this time, Izuku was recognized by All Might as "you can be a hero" by showing "the hero's qualities" to save the bomber without regard to himself.And Iku is the "individuality" of All Might that can be transferred to others.One for allNominated as successor.
Under the guidance of Alumite, Iku, who inherited "individuality" after striving to train his body, passed the high-magnification entrance examination and passed Yuei High School.出久は、爆豪や入試で知り合ったIku was acquainted with a bomber and an entrance examinationTea ceremony,Tenya Iida, Enrolled in the recommendation frameTodoroki ShotoBecame a 1-A class withShota Aizawa, Alumite who was appointed as a teacher, aiming to be a hero with unique friends under the teachers who are all composed of active heroes.
However, he plans to eliminate the almite, which is a symbol of peace.Enemy (villain) coalitionHowever, various villains were gathered and started to move.
USJ Attack Case (Volume 2-Volume 3)
Although I entered the school, Ikuhisa did not make good use of the powerful power of the "individuality" that he inherited, and by using the "individuality" in the entrance examination and practical skills of the lessons, it was possible to avoid the situation where the reaction of the force caused great damage to the body. I wasn't there.
At that timeDeath pattern KisukeThe villain coalition, led by, appears before 1-A during the first disaster relief training class at the isolated facility "False Disaster and Accident Room (USJ)".The villain coalition was a raid operation aimed at almite, but was absent due to a change in schedule due to the problem of activity limit.多勢のヴィランを相手に相澤や災害救助科目担当教師のAizawa and the teacher in charge of disaster relief subjects against many villains13 No.Struggles, but the remodeled monsterBrainlessAnd of the warp gateBlack fogDefeated by.The students, who are divided into small groups and threatened by Vilan, will fight each other.出久も「水難ゾーン」でIku is also in the "water accident zone"Frog rainy seasonとMinoru MinedaThe three of us work together to survive the pinch.Iida, who has a "personality" that moves at high speed, escapes from USJ to ask for help.All Might, who quickly sensed the crisis and rushed in, fought and repelled the "anti-All Might" brainlessness, and at the same time, reached the limit of activity.All Might is cornered by a dead tree, but he escapes from the crisis when Iku breaks into the rescue and the teachers Iida called arrive.The teachers capture a large number of villains accompanied by the dead tree, but escape to the dead tree and the black fog.All Might tells Iku that his activity limit has become even shorter because he overwhelmed him in this battle.
Yuei Sports Festival Edition (Volume 3-Volume 5)
It was approaching two weeks after the USJ attackYuei Sports FestivalWill be carried out as scheduled with increased security.The Yuei Sports Festival is said to be one of the big events in Japan, and professional heroes all over the country are also seen for the purpose of scouting, and if they are expected to be professionals here, the future will be opened up.At that time, Izuku is called by All Might and asked to make a name for himself at the athletic festival as his successor.
Obstacle competition
On the day of the athletic festival, due to the case of USJ, attention was focused on the one-year stage from the usual year. 1年ステージ主審の1 year stage refereeMidnightModerator by, the actual situationPresent microphone, Beginning with the commentary by Eraser Head, the first competition of this year's first qualifying is an obstacle race, and a total of 1 classes will start at the same time on the course about 1 km around the stadium.At the same time as the start, the roar that obstructs the following by the "freezing" of "individuality" leads, and the bomber chases it.These two people rushed into the minefield at the final barrier first, and Iku, who entered late, dives into the mine source on the robot armor he picked up and explodes without using his own "individuality" that can not be adjusted yet. By flying forward using the mine, he overtakes the top two and returns to the stadium in the first place in the obstacle race.The top 4 players passed the qualifying round, with Izuku Midoriya in 11st place, Shoto Todoroki in 2nd place, and Katsuki Bakugo in 2rd place.
Cavalry battle
The second competition, which is held by 42 people who passed the qualifying round, is a horse fight.The basic rules are the same as for ordinary ones, but even if the horse collapses, it will not be out, points will be distributed to each person according to the result of the first competition, and a headband that describes the total points of the horse members in 2 minutes They compete for each other, decide the victory or defeat based on the points they have earned, and the top four teams advance to the finals. While the 1nd and 15rd place had more than 4 points, Iku, who was the 2st place, was given an outstanding 3 million points. Iku is avoided.However, Ochako, who is a "friend", and the support department, who wants to stand out,EyesApply for a team from.出久は飯田にも声をかけるが、飯田は出久に挑戦するとして断ったため、同じA組のIku also calls out to Iida, but Iida refuses to challenge Iida, so the same group AToko darknessFour people including the above will face a horse fight.
The bomberKirishima Kenjiro,Norita Sero,Mina AshidoTodoroki is Iida,XNUMX million hundred,Kaminari ElectricTeamed up with.Izuku is targeted by the overwhelming number of points, but he enhances his mobility with his own support items and the "individuality" of Ochako, and the "individuality" of the everlasting darkness.Black shadow (dark shadow)Overcome a fierce attack with omnidirectional medium-range defense.その間、爆豪チームはB組のMeanwhile, the bomber team is in Group BYasuto MonomaThe team loses points.Intensified by his sarcasm, the bomber captures all the points he has with his strong obsession with victory, which surpasses the rationality of his strategy.
On the other hand, the Iku team, who confronted the Todoroki team with half the remaining time, endured the offensive until the remaining one minute, but Iida's had not been informed until now.Reciprocating burstHas been robbed of points.残り20秒弱、出久がワン・フォー・オールを使ったことで動揺した轟から常闇が高ポイントの鉢巻を1枚奪い、結果は1位轟チーム、2位爆豪チーム、3位は普通科のWith less than XNUMX seconds left, Ikuhisa took one headband with a high point from Todoroki who was upset by using One for All, and the result was XNUMXst Todoroki team, XNUMXnd bomber team, XNUMXrd place is normal Of the familyMind messengerThe team became the 4th place Midoriya team.
The final match is a tournament-style one-on-one match system consisting of a total of 16 players.The rule is that the condition of victory is to drop the opponent out of the field, to incapacitate, or to show the intention to surrender.
First round of the final
The combination is decided and the first game of the first round, the battle of Midoriya and Shinso begins.心操の“個性”は、彼の問いかけに答えた者を言いなりにするというThe "individuality" of the mind is that the person who answers his question is compliant.brainwashingSo, Shinso succeeds in provoking and responding to Iku.Deku goes to the edge of the line by brainwashing, but for a moment, only his fingertips move to explode his "individuality", and the impact unleashes his brainwashing and throws his mind out of the field to win.
In the second game, Todoroki x Sero won Todoroki.In the third match, Kaminari x Group B Shiozaki won Shiozaki.In the 2th game, Iida x Iida wins by going out of the venue himself after the game advertises his support items.Ashido x Aoyama in the 3th game is Ashido's victory.In the 4th game, Tsuneyami x 5 million is the victory of Tsuneyami, and 6 million, who is a recommended enrollee who was killed instantly without any help, loses confidence deeply.7th game, Kirishima x Group BTetsutetsuIs the victory of Kirishima.And the 8th game is Bakugo x Reihi.Iku tries to give Ochako a plan, but when he sees Iida who challenged him in a horse fight, he regrets that he might have been spoiled for him, and he refuses the plan and prepares to fight on his own. decide.Since it is necessary to touch the "individuality" of Ochako, he makes haste, but the bomber intercepts with his own motor nerves and keeps Ochako away.By continuing to rush in a low position, Ochako concentrates the RBIs of the bomber downwards and generates rubble by blasting, and floats it in the air to let the meteor shower of rubble fall. I try to make it float, but it is wiped out by the explosion of the maximum firepower of the bomber.Ochako is unable to act due to the limit and becomes a victory of the bomber, and the first round of the final ends.
First round of the final
The first game of the second round is Midoriya x Todoroki.Izuku breaks the freezing of the roaring approaching with 2% power instead of the 1% output that can be controlled at that time, but both hands break in a blink of an eye.However, because Todoroki has a limit to withstand the cold air, the freezing weakens and the movement slows down.轟は左から発生する“個性”で熱を使えば解決するものの、父から受け継いだ炎は使わずに父親の拘る5番になることで、母親を苦しめた父親のThe roar is the "individuality" that occurs from the left and can be solved by using heat, but the father's suffering by becoming the number one that the father is concerned about without using the flame inherited from the fatherEndeavorI was trying to completely deny, so I wouldn't use it.Todoroki's family circumstances and determination were revealed, and in order to save Todoroki who was tied up in the past, even if it is the inherited "individuality", there is no difference in his own power. Skip.Todoroki remembers his original desire and his mother's desire to "become the one he wants to be" in the words of Iku, and finally uses flames to collide with each other with all his might.As a result, Iku was blown out of the venue and became a Todoroki victory.Iku was seriously injured and ended up losing in the final eight, but Almite has to take extra care about dealing with Todoroki, which is the essence of the hero, and there are things that can only be guided by Iku. Encourage.The other games of the second round were over, and Todoroki, Iida, Tsuneyami, and Bakugo advanced to the top four.
Semifinals and finals
Todoroki x Iida in the first game of the semifinals.Iida tries to throw it out of the field with a reciprocating engine, but Todoroki blocks Iida's muffler with ice, stops moving, and freezes to make him incapacitated and wins.The second game, Tokuyami x Bakugo.The bomber uncovers the weak point of the everlasting darkness with a full cowl during the battle, and the flash of the explosion drives the everlasting darkness into surrender, and the bomber wins.決勝の轟×爆豪の戦いは、爆豪が優勢に立って轟を追い込んでいくが、ライバル視している出久には見せた炎は使わないでいる轟に怒りを露わにし、炎を使わせようと大技In the final battle between Todoroki and Bakugo, the Bakugo will take the lead and drive Todoroki, but he does not use the flames he showed in his rival Iku, and he is angry with Todoroki. A big skill to useHowitzer impactTo pay out.Todoroki tries to use the flame, but he erases it from hesitation and the bomber's skill is decided, and Todoroki blows out of the hall and wins the bomber, but the bomber is reluctantly angry at the victory that is not a full-scale collision. I rolled it up.
The result of the 1st year stage of the Yuei Sports Festival was 1st place Bakugo Katsumi, 2nd place Shoto Todoroki, and 3rd place Todoroki.Iida, who is in third place, the same as Tsuneyami, is an older brother's professional hero.IngeniumWas killed by Vilan, so he had left the athletic festival early.In this way, the athletic festival is over, and Todoroki goes to the hospitalized mother to clear the past that caused her hesitation.Taking this opportunity, the environment surrounding Iku and his friends begins to change.
Hosu ​​City Attack Case (Volume 6-Volume 7)
Izuku is an almite teacher in the workplace experienceGran TurinNominated by, he refines the technique to master "One for All" under him.
On the other hand, Iida attacked his brother Ingenium and forced him to retire.StainTo find out, select a work experience in Hosu City.
Summer forest training camp (Volume 7-Volume 10)
With the villain's activities becoming more active, the Yuei side, who hastened the situation, will go on a summer forest training camp in order to pass the first grader to the provisional exemption originally obtained in the second grader.However, an attack by the villain coalition also occurs on the spot.
Nightmare of Kamino Ward (Volume 10-Volume 11)
Mastermind of the almite and villain coalitionAll for oneA full-scale collision with.
Pro Hero Provisional Examination (Volume 11-Volume 14)
The days of special training for passing the provisional exemption, which could not be done at the summer forest training camp, began for the male and female students who had settled down in the case and became a dormitory system, and finally the day of the provisional exemption examination came.
Hero Intern (Volume 14-Volume 18)
After passing the provisional exemption test, Iku and his colleagues will perform a hero internship, which is an advanced version of the work experience.出久は説明にやってきたヒーロー科3年のIzuku is a XNUMXrd year hero who came to explainCommon shape MillionIntroduced, it was a former sidekick of almiteSir Night EyeI will be doing an internship under the gangster, but at the same time, the young head of the gangster "Death Hachisaikai", which was considered an endangered species in the work.overhaulWas planning to carry out a grand plan for the reconstruction of the gangster.
Yuei Cultural Festival Edition (Volume 19-20)
While the villain's activities are active, a "cultural festival" will be held, which will be a showcase for other departments except the hero department. In 1-A as well, in order to cheer up other classes with all the classes, we decided on the offering of "Providing a Parisi space" and proceeded with preparations for each.
However, aiming for that cultural festival, the video world's villainGentle CriminalIs dying.Iku, who happens to come across a gentle criminal, challenges himself to hold a cultural festival.Ikuhisa defeats the Gentle Criminal, and the cultural festival is held safely.
Izuku immediately participated in the 10-A show starting at 00:1 AM with his feet. The performance that everyone in 1-A thought out made the audience excited.The wreckage that came to the scene also made me smile.
New Wonders / Brainless: High-end Edition (Volume 20-Volume 21)
Hero Bill Boat Chart JP without almite was announced and Endeavor became the No. 1 hero.エンデヴァーは福岡を拠点に活動するNo.2ヒーロー・Endeavor is the No. XNUMX hero based in Fukuoka.HawksI went to Fukuoka at the invitation of.
When I heard that Hawks had witnessed information about brainlessness all over the country, I could suddenly exchange words in front of them.Brainless: High-endAppears and engages.Brainless with strong "individuality" such as reproduction: Endeavor struggled at the high end but won hard, marking the beginning of the birth of a new No. 1 hero.
Joint Combat Training with Group B (Volume 21-Volume 23)
Iku has a mysterious dream one night.It was the past world that my brother spent as "all for one".For the first time, Izuku sees the successors of "One for All".
The next day, after telling All Might about their dreams, Ikutatsu A group will conduct joint combat training with B group. While Group A and Group B face each other, Dr. Aizawa brought in a spiritual exercise aiming to transfer the hero department.He will also participate in joint combat training as a test for transfer.
First game
Group A: Frog, Kuchita, Kaminari, Kirishima, Shinso vs Group B: Shiozaki, Shishida, Scales, Enba.
Second game
Group A: Aoyama, Yamillion, Hagakure, Tsuneyami vs Group B: Komori, Kento, Black, Fuki.
Third match
Group A: Iida, Shoji, Todoroki, Ojiro vs Group B: Kakutori, Boneless, Kaihara, Tetsutetsu.
Fourth match
Group A: Bakugo, Earo, Sero, Sato vs. Group B: Kamakiri, Yin, Awase, Bonto.
Fifth match
Group A: Midoriya, Reihi, Ashido, Mineda vs. Group B: Monoma, Kodai, Shoda, Yanagi, Shinso.
Enemy (Villain) Union vs PLA (Volume 23-Volume 25)
黒霧を失い今後の活動も危うくなった貧乏な状態の敵(ヴィラン)連合に、突如としてギガントマキアが襲撃を行う。その戦闘後に敵連合はとある場所にワープさせられた。そこにいたのは脳無の開発を行っていたドクターだった。ドクターは死柄木に対してオール・フォー・ワン無き後の彼の人間性を問いた。一方でかつて異能の解放を目的に活動していた異能解放軍が、デストロの遺児の四ツ橋力也(よつばし りきや)と解放軍の意思やデストロの理念に賛同する者達により、異能解放軍は再び結成され活動を再開する。泥花市にて解放の先導を解放軍にする為に敵連合の壊滅を目論む、異能解放軍と敵連合の戦争が始まる。
Winter vacation intern edition (Volume 25-Volume 26)
Yuei also finishes the second semester and enters winter vacation.Then, Group A will resume the internship for a week after the beginning of the year at the request of the Public Safety Commission.Iku and Bakugo, who have no destination for their own convenience, will go to the office of Endeavor, the current No. 1 hero, with him at the invitation of Todoroki.Endeavor, who was initially unwelcome to the two, deciphered the book given by the Hawks, learned that the Hawks and public security were already working in secret, and understood the intern's true intentions.Endeavor will take care of all three, and each will try to overcome the challenges.
All heroes dispatched (Volume 27-)
Since Hawks became a double agent, all the heroes who could secretly obtain information on the paranormal liberation front start to move.


  • The voice actor in charge is the cast in "TV anime version / VOMIC version". If only one person is listed, it is the TV anime version.
  • Students at each school should be listed by [name / hero name], and professional heroes should be listed by [hero name / name].

main character

Izuku Midoriya / Deku
sound - Daiki Yamashita[39](childhood - Akino Watanabe) / Daiki Yamashita (Childhood- Yuna Taniguchi)
Of this workhero.. 9th generation One for All successor.Born in Municipal Oriji Junior High School. 1-A male student Born on July 7th.Height 15 cm, blood type O[40], What do you likePork cutlet on rice[41]..Attendance number 18th, entrance examination practical skill 7th place, "individuality" grasp test 20th place, ranking in obstacle competition 1st place, Yuei Sports Festival 8st grade best 4th place, academic ability test 1th place.Popularity vote ranking 2st → 2nd → 3nd → 2rd → XNUMXnd.Born in Shizuoka prefecture.Green curly hair and facialfrecklesIs a feature.
As a derogatory term from my childhood friend BakugoDekuHowever, when Reihi received it favorably, it turned to the meaning of "feeling good luck" and later decided as his own hero name.As for plain clothes, I often wear plain clothes with "○○ shirt" ("T", "Y", "Polo", "Dress", etc. are included in ○○).深く考えるときは手を口にあて呟く癖があり、その際の台詞が入ったWhen I think deeply, I have a habit of muttering with my hand in my mouth, and the dialogue at that time is includedSpeech bubbleAnd the background are composed of repeating characters such as "Butsubutsu ...".
Driven by the commitment and urge to "become a hero" and "save someone in crisis", the heroes who are active in the world are calculated in detail and summarized in a notebook.He is good at judging the best move by comprehensively considering the surrounding situation and the information of others, and sometimes rewards the opponent who has a strong "individuality" with his wits and courage.In an emergency, she doesn't care that she will be hurt, and the damage caused by the heavy use of "individuality" accumulates, causing her mother, teachers, and classmates to worry.With this, he cannot become a hero who brings a sense of security to the surroundings, and above all, he regrets that he cannot rescue people, and in order to save people, he first tries to be safe.
Although it was a rare "individuality" in the "5th generation", he continued to have a strong admiration for almite as a hero who "saves even those in need".Recognized by Almite and transferred his "One for All".After studying until the exam, he passed the hero department of Yuei High School.
In his childhood, he was ridiculed and isolated by the bombers because of his "individuality", but he inherited the "individuality" from almite, and after entering Yuei, he won the "individuality" grasp test and the battle training with the bombers. I got the attention of the class and made more friends.
The costume is a handmade suit made by his mother based on the image he drew in his notebook.Combat training with a bomber makes it tattered and sends it out for repair.The material and design have been improved without permission from the support company, saying that "this one is cooler" and evolved into a "mother-made suit β".ヒーロー仮免取得前には、両腕の負担軽減のため、蹴り技への移行Before getting the hero provisional exemption, shift to kicking to reduce the burden on both arms[Note 2]Along with this, it was improved to "Costume γ" with the addition of supporters and iron soles on both legs to reduce the load on both arms with the cooperation of the eyes.After learning Air Force, a device was attached to assist it.Then, he gradually improved his ability and won the battle training with Group B with his friends.During the winter vacation internship, due to the death of Night Eye, the office has not been taken over yet, so there is no destination to go to, and he is invited by Todoroki to do an internship at Endeavor's office.In the battle with the Paranormal Liberation Front, he learned that his opponent's purpose was himself, attracted a dead tree with the bomber, and engaged with the Entevers.However, Gran Torino and Eraser Head are killed, and he is stranded by a series of self-sacrificing attacks to stop the dead tree.All-for-one awakens even though he hunts down to the next step with the assistance of his friends, and the bomber who protects himself is killed.It attacks the dead tree that insulted its appearance with anger, interacts with other owners and dead trees in the spiritual world, and prevents it from robbing its individuality.In order to help the freezing from the uncovered 荼毘, both hands and feet were seriously injured with a load using 100% and challenged while not being able to use it, but it was dismissed and tried to stop the dead tree trying to escape, but all・ Stopped by Four One.After the incident, he falls asleep and confronts successive owners again in the spiritual world.It is told that One for All can only be used by humans with no individuality, and that he may become the last successor.Then, he is asked if he is prepared to kill the dead tree, but when he faces the dead tree in the spiritual world, he seems to be seeking help, so he returns to successive successors to save him. rice field.When I woke up, I wrote a letter to my classmates so that I wouldn't get involved in myself, and left Yuei High School to dazzle my whereabouts.
"Individuality": One for All (OFA)
Enhanced "individuality" given by almite.口頭もしくは心の中で「SMASH(スマッシュ)!!」と強く叫ぶことで発動させるActivate by screaming "SMASH !!" verbally or in your heart[42].
At the beginning of inheritance, it can only be used with an output of "100%", and the activation site will be injured, so the goal is to activate with an output of "5%" that does not damage your body.Under the guidance of Gran Torino in the workplace experience, he recognizes that it is not a special move but a "individuality" that is close to nature, and by adjusting the output, he activates the upper limit of 5% of his own body to the whole body.One for all full cowlTo devise.
In the forest training camp against muscular battle, 5% was completely irritating, and he won by activating the output "100 million%" that exceeded the limit.Regarding this, Horikoshi said, "It's not really 100 million%, it's just the spirit of Iku and the shout as a feeling. It's the stupid power of the fire place."[43] I explained.
At the time of obtaining the hero provisional exemption, the upper limit of physical tolerance at all times will increase to 8% as the physical ability improves.In the battle against Harusaki (overhaul) of the Hachisaikai rush operation, the body screams while demonstrating the power of the upper limit of 20%.In addition, he continues to fight and defeats Harusaki while demonstrating the power of 100% of the upper limit of physical tolerance, which is a state of "rewinding the time of the person who touched" and "individuality" that "the whole body is constantly seriously injured".Gentle Criminal, who tried to invade Yuei on the morning of the Yuei Cultural Festival, is defeated by releasing wind pressure by flipping his finger at 20%.In the battle with the Paranormal Liberation Front, the upper limit of physical tolerance has been improved to 30% at all times and 45% for a moment.
In the "individuality" extension training, a boot camp was held by a wild wild pussycats tiger in order to "strengthen the ground strength and increase the enhancement rate because it is a simple enhancement type" individuality "."
Due to repeated loads, it is declared that the joints (especially both arms) will not function in this way of fighting.LigamentI'm hurt, and I can't use a lot of fist attacks (right arm).Therefore, "Kicking technique"One for All Full Cowl Shoot StyleTo devise.
"One for All" has grown through joint combat training with Group B, and there are six individual factors of the 2nd to 7th generations in "One for All" that has passed the individuality singularity. , I learned that there are 6 "individualities" like them, and one of them, "Black whipIs expressed.
If a person who already has a personality inherits "One for All", which has multiple personalities, the body's capacity will be exceeded, and there is a risk that the life span will be shortened just by holding it.However, if a person with no individuality inherits "one for all", "one for all" itself becomes individuality and fits within the body's capacity, so this risk disappears.
"Individuality": Black whip
The "individuality" of the fifth generation successor. Activated with the idea of ​​"catching" or "grabbing".
Due to the power accumulated in "One for All", it is much more powerful than its predecessor, and when it runs out of control, it destroys the surrounding buildings.
Thanks to the advice of the 5th generation successor, Lariat (Daigoro Mannawa), it can be used in a controlled state, but even so, if only 20% can be controlled, the burden on the body is heavy.After an internship under Endeavor, I was able to control and sustain my full power for about 1 second.
"Individuality": floating
The "individuality" of Nana Shimura, the 7th successor.Appeared during a battle with a dead tree.
"Individuality": Crisis detection
The "individuality" of the 4th generation successor, Shinomori Kage.The load is heavy because it has not entered the acquisition training.It manifested after rejecting all-for-one erosion in the spiritual world and regained the consciousness of Iku.
All Might / Toshinori Yagi
Voice- Kenta Miyake / Tetsuaki Genda[39]
8 generation#All Mightsuccessor.The "No. 1 hero" is extremely popular and capable as a symbol of peace. Born June 6, height 10 cm, weight (220 kg → 274 kg)[44], What do you likeYakusugi,movies[41]..Popularity vote ranking 5th → 6th → 7th → 10th → 13th.Born in Tokyo.
It features a blonde muscular physique with two V-shaped bangs and a smile with white teeth.According to the author, the trademark V-shaped bangs that are turned upside down are "VictoryIt is said that it is imagining the "V" of[45].. Men and women in their teens are called "○○ boy" and "○○ girl" (○○ part is the surname).
Appearing in the appearance of an American comic style, Iku and his students sometimes mention that the style is different.While he is extremely well known as a hero, he is a mysterious person with details of "individuality", real name and age unknown, and he says, "I can hide, but I can't lie."The reason why I always smile is because my teacher, Nana Shimura, said, "No matter how scary I am, I laugh,'I'm okay.' Because the one who is laughing in the world is the strongest."On the other hand, in response to Ikuhisa's impression that he would save me with a fearless smile, he denied that "I laugh is to deceive myself from the pressure of being a hero and the fear that erupts within me." "May the" symbol of justice "light the hearts of people, heroes, and villains," he said.
Until the succession of OFA, it was "individuality", but only the body was finished as a tough body worthy of transfer. "There is no" pillar "in this country, so I became the 8th generation OFA successor with a firm determination to become that" pillar "."Shimura, a teacher, died when he was enrolled in Yusaku High School, and at the recommendation of Gran Torino, he went to the United States after graduating from Yusaku and gained strength.With his absolute ability, he has been a deterrent to crime, and since his debut, he has contributed greatly to the reduction of crime rates caused by Vilan.In the battle with "All for One" about 1 years ago from the time of the first episode, he suffered a serious injury that required partial removal of the respiratory organs and total removal of the stomach.After that, due to the effects of repeated surgery and sequelae, he became an extremely thin figure "True Form"."Muscle form", which was the appearance before being seriously injured, needs to activate "individuality".The active time in that figure is about 6 hours a day at the time of one episode, and that time gradually declines.This fact was not disclosed to the public by asking the government.Hematemesis often occurs due to sequelae.When I was looking for a successor to transfer my "individuality", I found Iku, who is "individuality".After that, I was appointed as a teacher at Yuei High School, where I was supposed to be assigned to find a successor.
In the rematch with "All for One" in Kamino Ward, all the "embers" of OFA are used up, and the role as the 8th generation OFA successor is completely finished.You can return to the muscle form that was the previous appearance for a moment if you force it, but the "individuality" is completely inherited to Iku, and the battle like before becomes impossible.The current appearance is also known to the world in the battle at this time, and Almite retires from the activity of a hero.
When he was seriously injured in the match against All for One six years ago, he was told his life expectancy by sidekick Sir Knight Eye, but if he could see the goal, he decided to run that far.After the rematch with All for One, I think this is the goal once, but I am told that Iku's growth and Iku's mother will live and raise, and I decide to twist my destiny.After the battle in the city of Serpent, the consciousness of successive successors in One for All became clear, and by resonating with their own consciousness in One for All, in the spiritual world As I became more aware of the content of the conversation, I asked the Hawks and Best Jeanists who visited after that about "One for All" that Shizukagi told Endeavor in the battle in the city of Serpent. I decided that it was no longer the stage to hide, and told the Hawks all about One for All.
"Individuality": One for All (OFA)
"Individuality" was born from the fusion of "individuality" that accumulates power and "individuality" that transfers "individuality" through the efforts of many people.According to Almite, the "crystal of power" has been passed down like a torch.
After transferring the "individuality" to Iku, who was recognized as the successor, the "embers" of the "individuality" that remained slightly will be used.Its power gradually diminishes over time.
When "individuality" is activated, it boasts a nonstandard physical ability that affects the weather in the aftermath of the attack.Before the succession, Almite had been trained into a sturdy body that could withstand "individuality," so the reaction to its use did not damage its own body.
Katsuki Bakugo / Large / Explosion / Killing / God Dynamite (Dynamite)
Voice- Nobuhiko Okamoto(childhood - Kunitachi Sachi) / Yuichiro Umehara[39](childhood - Takahashi Li)
Iku's childhood friend.Yuei High School 1-A male student. Born April 4, height 20 cm, blood type A[40]..好きなものは辛い食べ物全般、登山I like all kinds of spicy food, mountain climbing[41]..Attendance number 17, entrance exam practical skill 1st, "individuality" grasp test 3rd, obstacle competition ranking 3rd, Yuei Sports Festival overall victory, academic ability test 3rd.Popularity vote ranking 3rd → 1st → 1st → 1st → 1st.Born in Shizuoka prefecture, graduated from Oriji Junior High School, the same as Iku.
Called "Kacchan" from Iku.Upright beige hair and red-eyed Sanpaku. He has a strong self-esteem, a rough and aggressive personality, sticking to "being number one" and "being sure to win".On the other hand, he stubbornly refuses to be helped by someone because it means "below him."In addition to his strong "individuality", he is good at applying it and has an outstanding fighting sense.Although he takes a piercing attitude toward everyone, he is often referred to by other characters as "Mimicchii" because he makes calm judgments in strange parts and adjusts so that he does not become disadvantaged.My classmates are called by nicknames that use their characteristics, perhaps because they don't want to remember their names.
The hero costume is "whole body" according to the person's request.dynamite".吸水シートでWith a water absorption sheetGrenadeSweat is accumulated in the gauntlet with the motif of, and it can be blown up without the limit of maximum power.The equipment on the waist becomes a simple grenade by sweating.A pin is attached to the gauntlet, and if you remove the pin while sweat is accumulated, a terrible explosion will occur in front of the gauntlet.There are also metal fittings on the knees to kick the knees in close quarters combat.The hero name was "Bombing King" and "Bombing Lord", but it was rejected by Midnight who was judging.
A genius who is smart and can do anything from an early age.Thinking of himself as number one, he longs for an almite that "must win" and decides to become a hero that surpasses him. He despised and bullied Iku, who cares for himself and treats himself on an equal footing while being "individual".About 1 months before taking the entrance exam in the third year of junior high school, he was involved in the sludge incident, and Ikuhisa tried to help himself, so he was even more aggressive after going on to Yuei.Regarding Iku's OFA, he was furious that he had been deceiving himself and made him false, and he was depressed that he was completely defeated in Iku in the indoor interpersonal combat training, but he decided to become No. 3 in Yuei again.In the work experience, he was called out by the popular hero, Best Jeanist, who could not see his roughness in public (actually No. 10 because Almite was active at this time), and his clothes and hairstyle were corrected, but his attitude and personality Etc. could not be corrected.Final test In the practice test, Iku is paired with Iku as "the problem is bad friendship".He didn't listen to Iku's opinion and attacked him to defeat his opponent, Almite, but he was treated lightly, and even though he was told to cooperate with him, he said, "It's better to lose than to rely on him (Iku). I deny.However, after eating Iku's Tekken and being blown away, he reluctantly decided to cooperate with Iku, and lent his own gauntlet to fight against Almite.Although she fainted, she was helped by Iku and passed the exam together.On the night of the third day of the summer training camp, he was abducted by the villain coalition and was invited to join him, but refused and was rescued by Iku and his friends who had a momentary gap.In the provisional exemption test, points will be deducted due to rough words and deeds when helping a person requiring rescue in the secondary test, and the test will be rejected.That night, he calls Iku and tells him that he thinks "individuality" is given by Almite.Then, he hit the anguish that he had finished the almite because he was kidnapped, and played a serious game to win.After hearing a series of circumstances including the secret of OFA from the rushed almite, he aims to become the number one hero again.Since then, even though his attitude toward Iku has not changed, he has been described by Almite as "becoming a rival."
Obtained a provisional license safely on the last day of the provisional license supplementary course, and 30 minutes later, contributed to the arrest of Vilan with Todoroki.In the winter internship, he was invited by Todoroki to go to the missing Jeanist and other offices because he decided that he was ill-mannered, and he did an internship at Endeavor's office.In the battle with the Paranormal Liberation Front, he learned that the aim of the dead tree was Iku, and moved with him.In collaboration with his friends, he hunts down the dead tree, but the situation is reversed due to Aizawa's defeat and the awakening of All for One.After that, when Iida helped me and woke up, I stopped my brain.After the incident, he had lost consciousness for two days, but when he woke up, he learned that the damage and Midoriya had not awakened, and tried to rush to him, but his classmates stopped him. ..
"Individuality": Blast
In the palmSweat glandsからNitroYou can sweat like this and explode.The explosive power is proportional to the amount of sweat, so the more you move, the stronger it becomes.In winter, I'm not feeling well due to the cold weather.It can also be used as a driving force.There is a limit to the power of the explosion, and if you explode with the maximum firepower, your palm will hurt and you will also be damaged.
In the "individuality" extension training, in order to "expand the sweat glands of the hands and increase the scale of the blast", the blast is performed while immersing the hands in the drum bath.
Reihi Ochako / Urabity
Voice- Sakura Ayane
Of this workheroine[46]..Yuei High School 1-A female student. Born December 12, height 27 cm, blood type B[40]..好きなものは星空、和食I like starry sky, Japanese food[41]..Attendance number 5th, entrance exam practical skill 3rd place, "individuality" grasping test 10th place, obstacle competition ranking 16th place, Yuei Sports Festival best 16th, academic ability test 13th place.Popularity vote ranking 4th → 10th → 9th → 12th → 8th.Born in Mie prefecture.
She has short bob brown hair and wears tights in her school uniform.明るい性格で、時折Cheerful personality, occasionallyWest JapanSpeak in a dialect-mixed language.Also called "round face" by the bomber.My parents run a construction company, but their income is not good, and I aim to become a hero because of my dream of becoming a hero and my desire to make money and make my parents happy.
Hero costumes are based on the use of "individuality"SicknessAnti-sickness specifications with acupuncture points on the neck and wrists to prevent sickness.However, since no other designation was made, the design was treated as "Random", and the bodysuit became a tight bodysuit at the production company's own discretion.The design has been modified since winter.The hero name that I devised is a combination of my surname and the gravity of "individuality".Urabity".Aiming to be a rescue-based hero, but after a battle against the bomb at a sports festival, he went to the office of Battle Hero Gunhead for the purpose of improving his fighting ability in the workplace experience, and he devised a hand-to-hand combat technique "GM".・ Wear "A (Gunhead Marshall Arts)".
Because of his kindness before the entrance examination, he has a good impression as a "good person".Since she was helped by Iku in the entrance examination, she has been friendly to him and has favorably described the derogatory term "Deku" as "I like it with the feeling of doing my best", and from now on I will call him "Deku-kun".After that, I often act as a friend with Iida.At the athletic festival, he confronted the bomber in a match and fought hard, but he was overwhelmingly poor in terms of "individuality" and fighting ability, and was completely defeated by the bomber.After the defeat, he behaved cheerfully to his friend Iku and Iida, but after the two left, he cried with regret on the phone from his father, and after his father's encouragement, he renewed his determination to take the next step. To do.Immediately after the appearance of the announcement, a complex emotional depiction gradually appears when the two people hit each other.It seems that he is not good at eyes with many body touches, even though he is curious about inventions such as touching the body of Iku.During the final exam, Aoyama, who was taking the exam with me, pointed out, "Do you like him (Iku)?", And during the second exam of the provisional exemption exam, he fell in love with Iku. Will be fully admitted. At the same time as thinking "I like Iku, who is full and can't afford it for my goals, and I want to be like Iku," I decide to cover my feelings for Iku.In the internship, he will be introduced to the twist and will work under the rainy season under Ryukyu, and will participate in the rescue operation with Iku and others.
When I first saw hero activity in my childhood, I noticed that the people around me were smiling, and from there I became fond of people's happy faces and began to help people as a matter of course.After seeing Iku, I realized how difficult it was, and when the hero who protects people was having a hard time, I began to think about who could protect it, and when I was training in battle with Group B, my "individuality" went out of control. After seeing a long time, I go to help first.In the battle with the Paranormal Liberation Front, he blamed the people of the city with the rainy season, but he fell into the trap of Toga and engaged in battle.After Iku left Yuei High School, I read the letter I left to my classmates in Group A and learned the truth about One for All, and then muttered, "Let's do it stupid."
"Individuality":Weightlessness(Zero Gravity)
There are paws on the fingertips of both hands, and the objects touched by the paws of all five fingers can be temporarily weightless.無重力化できる許容量(入学時点で約3tほどAllowable amount to be weightless (about XNUMXt at the time of admission[47]) Will cause sickness and the worstVomitingTo do.
You can also weightless yourself as a hand behind your abilities.However, this usage is so burdensome that even short-term use causes vomiting.
In the "individuality" extension training, in order to "raise the limit weight", we will continue to use "individuality" even when we are drunk.
Perhaps because of the training, you will be able to float yourself for a short time at the time of the provisional exemption test without any disadvantages.
Tenya Iida / Ingenium
Voice- Ishikawa Kaijin
Yuei High School 1-A male student. Born August 8, height 22 cm, blood type A[40] What I like is studyingBeef Stew[41]..Attendance number 4th, entrance examination practical skill 6th place, "individuality" grasping test 4th place, ranking in obstacle competition 6th place, Yuei Sports Festival best 4, academic ability test 2nd place.Popularity vote ranking 8th → 8th → 5th → 9th → 5th.Born in Tokyo.He has a strong physique that is big and trained enough to compete for one or two in the class.
Born in private Satoshi junior high school.眼鏡をかけたI wore glassesSeven divided classificationAt first, he was misunderstood as a "scary person" because he has a serious personality, such as closing the first button properly and speaking after raising his hand.Speak with a straight and angular gesture.
The second son of a famous hero family for generations, he aspires to be a "lovable hero who respects discipline and guides people" like his brother Ingenium, a famous turbo hero.The first person is usually "I", but in order to avoid being associated with a boy, "I" is used in schools.When you become emotional, you become "I" even in front of your classmates.
The hero costume made with clothing deduction is a design that pushes up the helmet of the road race and uses a lot of streamlines with full armor.The legs are equipped with a 6-cylinder ultra-compact engine that reinforces speed.In addition, a cooling device is mounted on the legs, so you can use Repsiro Burst while reducing its disadvantages.
Since the entrance examination, I have seen the structure of the practical skill and put it at a glance. At one point, he gave up on the class president as "Ikuhisa is more suitable", but after the media broke into the Yuei campus and calmed down the students who had panicked, he was recommended by Ikuhisa. Become long.
My brother lost to Stain and was unable to recover as a hero and retired, and he asked me to inherit the hero name, but now I think that I am not worth inheriting the name of Ingenium, and when I devised the hero name myself Announce the real name of.In order to find and take revenge on his brother, Stain, he chooses the normal hero "Manual" who has an office in Hosu City.
When I searched for Stain and confronted it, "IngeniumI swear that I will become a hero who deserves the name.He collapses on Stain's "individuality" and is saved by Hisaya and Todoroki who were present in Hosu City.When I was blown away by Todoroki saying, "Look at what's going on," I remembered the origin I longed for my brother and converted.Win at the expense of your arm.After the incident, in order not to repeat the same mistakes, he decides to go on the path of a hero again with a wound on his arm as a commandment.After the bomber was abducted, he accompanied Iku and his friends heading for the rescue of the bomber as a guard, and as a result contributed to the rescue of the bomber. In the battle training with Group B, although his speed was killed in the early stages by bone removal, he was overwhelmed by a new technique, and when the bone removal escaped, he rushed to Ojiro and captured Kaihara.After that, he suddenly faints the bones, but he becomes a rubble underlay and is virtually retired.In the battle with the Paranormal Liberation Front, he rushed to worry about Ikutatsu and engaged with the brainless.
"Individuality": Engine
The calf is equipped with an engine-like organ, and the time of 50m running is 3 seconds 04.The driving force (gasoline) is 100% orange juice.Drinking carbonic acid causes "stalling". 1速⇒2速⇒3速…とギアチェンジすることで、様々な状況に対応できるBy changing gears from XNUMXst gear ⇒ XNUMXnd gear ⇒ XNUMXrd gear ..., you can respond to various situations.[48]..In terms of instantaneous power, it gives up one step to the bomber and Iku, but for long-distance cruising, Group A is the fastest.
In the "individuality" extension training, in order to "train the ground strength", we train to run around the outside of the training camp.In addition, the muffler was pulled out for training, and the muffler that could withstand the load was grown to raise the horsepower.
Shoto Todoroki / シ ョ ー ト
Voice- Kaji Yuki(Childhood-Kei Shindo)
Yuei High School 1-A male student.One of the recommended enrollees. Son of No.2 Hero Endeavor. Born January 1, height 11 cm, blood type O[40]..好きなものは冷たい蕎麦I like cold soba[48]..Attendance number 15th, "Individuality" grasping test 2nd place, Obstacle racing ranking 2nd place, Yuei Sports Festival overall 2nd place, Achievement test 5th place.Popularity vote ranking 2nd → 3rd → 3rd → 2nd → 3rd.Born in Shizuoka prefecture.
The right half is white, the left half is red, and there are burn marks around the left eye.It has different eye colors on the left and right and looks good.It is called "Half-fielder" by the bombers. "Individuality" and physical ability rank high in Yuei High School.He has a cool personality that usually doesn't reveal his emotions, but he has a strong passion for the No. 1 hero inside.In addition, he said that he felt responsible for the injury of Iku and Iida in the stain battle in the workplace experience, "I am like a hand crusher", and that I will make a woman sick with my smile. When he is injured, he has a natural and omission side, such as physically interpreting that "someone will die if he laughs."
Endeavor who tried to make his son a hero beyond almite"Individuality" marriageWas born byAccording to Endeavor, "a masterpiece that is different from older brothers (and other children)".The unfortunate marriage eroded her mother, and at the same time she was kind to him, the sad appearance of tears was memorable.The mother, who was violent in arbitration to protect her from the harsh training of her father's expectation, became ill and showed her father's "individuality". The left half of the frozen face is bathed in boiling water, leaving scars of burns around the left eye.From this background, he always hates his father who beats his mother and makes him sad. At the Yuei Sports Festival, he wins only with the "individuality" of freezing inherited from his mother, and uses only freezing to deny his father.However, when he fought in the second round, he was thrown away that even if he inherited the "individuality", it must be his own power, and he won by using the power of fire, which is his father's ability. To do.At the end of the athletic festival, in order to become a "hero who wants to be" again, he visits a hospitalized mother who has not met for a long time and reconciles with the aim of "clearing the past".In addition, although his disgust remains, he will recognize and accept his father's ability and judgment as the No. 2 hero.
The hero costume made by deducting clothes is supposed to be used only for freezing ability and has only a heat retention function to assist it, and the left half of the body is covered with ice.After the battle with Iku at the athletic festival, we will renew the costume with the function to support the burning and freezing ability.Simple items such as jackets and vests, but with a function to detect your own body temperature and cool or warm it.The hero name that I devised is "シ ョ ー ト. "
At first, he didn't care about others, but after reconciling with his mother, he started interacting with his classmates, promoting the recovery of the self-confidence of the eight million people who formed a combination in the final test exercise, confronting Stain and being abducted. Confront difficulties such as rescue of bombers.I was hostile to Iku when I heard about going to help All Might at USJ and stories from Reihi and Iida, but because he gave me an opportunity to change myself at the athletic festival, I have made good friends with him.However, Yarashi, who hates himself and Endeavor in the secondary exam of the hero provisional exemption, is stimulated by his dislike of Endeavor and takes his own actions, and the secondary exam fails.However, he finally obtained a provisional license at the last class in December, and 12 minutes later he contributed to the arrest of Vilan with the bomber, and his success has led to an increase in fans nationwide.The winter intern goes to the office of his father, Endeavor.A week later, after detaining the ending that took his brother Natsuo as a hostage, he decided to plan to welcome his mother's cold from Endeavor to a new house to be built on the land considering the traffic of the two, except Endeavor. listen.In the battle with the Paranormal Liberation Front, he chased Iku and the bomber who suddenly left the scene, and helped Aizawa with a short break.After that, he engages with his older brother, Toya (Dabi), who reveals his true identity, and loses.After the incident, he thought that his father couldn't defeat the lantern, and thought he had to do it, but he met his mother there.Then he went to Endeavor with his family and reached out to him to stop with the whole family.
"Individuality": Semi-cold and semi-burning
Freeze with the right half of the body and burn with the left half of the body.You can freely create huge ice blocks and flames.Ice is inherited from my mother and flame is inherited from my father.Ice can be shaped to some extent. It is very powerful because it can attack a wide range of large scales such as "freeze the whole building at once" and "make many enemies incapable of fighting in an instant", but "it tends to be too powerful and the attack tends to be rough" "extreme" It is also pointed out that there is a weakness that "individuality" is too distracting because they live together.Overuse of one of the personalities is harmful, and if the use of the personality is biased, this weakness can be overcome by using the other personality that is not used.
In the "individuality" extension training, in order to "make it possible to use the" individuality "on both sides at the same time", the body is accustomed to freezing by using freezing while soaking in the bath, and at the same time the temperature of the bath is kept constant by burning. The training is done.
Due to the training, the movement becomes slow, but the "individuality" of ice and fire can be used at the same time.

Yuei High School

It is divided into hero department A, B group, ordinary department C, D, E group, support department F, G, H group, management department I, J, K group, and one year ago there was no successful hero department. It was.


(Hereafter in order of attendance number)

Aoyama Yuga / Can't stop twinkling (I can't stop the glitter ☆)
Voice- Kosuke Kuwano
A male student with blond hair and shining eyes.Just like my mother.Attendance number 1. Born May 5, height 30 cm, blood type O[40]..好きなものは己What I like is myself[48].. 14th in the "individuality" grasp test, 42nd in the obstacle race, 16th in the Yuei Sports Festival, and 18th in the academic ability test.Popularity vote ranking 31st → 36th → 26th → 18th → 44th.Self-proclaimed from France.
She always smiles with her ugly pose and how she speaks, and does not move at her own pace.In school activities, she often gets involved with Ashido, and she often unknowingly interrupts her remarks.On the contrary, it may block the remarks of almite.
The design of the hero costume isknightLike the armor worn by the armor, it is possible to activate "individuality" from the elbows and knees by the function of the costume in addition to the navel.The hero name he devised is the shining hero "Can't stop twinkling. (I can't stop the glitter ☆)".
From the time of the entrance examination, I noticed that Ikuhisa had the same problem as himself, "I don't fit my body with my" individuality "."However, I couldn't tell him how to make friends, so after the internship, I suddenly approached him and shared what I ate with Iku, or left a message on Iku's balcony with cheese. Repeat the eccentricity such as.The true meaning of the action is gracefully saying, "Surprise will be nice."While solving the misunderstanding of eccentricity, he had to wear a control belt from an early age to prevent outbursts, and he still struggles with the danger of abdominal pain and defecation every time he uses his "individuality". I will confess after a long time.With this as an opportunity, I became friends with Iku.
He is the first person to point out his love for Rei Hinode, who has a section that observes others well.
According to the author, "I don't really understand the character myself. But it's okay because it's interesting to draw something !!"[48].
"Individuality": Neville Laser
A laser is emitted from the navel.It is called a navel laser from Ashido.You can also tell your friends where you are by firing them in the sky on your back (although the enemy will also find out).If you inject for more than XNUMX second, you will break your stomach and defecate at worst.Since the laser leaks out without permission if it is left as it is because of its "individuality" that does not suit the body, a belt for controlling "individuality" is always wrapped around the abdomen (it has been wrapped since childhood).
In the "individuality" extension training, in order to "extend the injection possible time", the training was carried out to continue emitting the laser.
Mina Ashido / Pinky (Pinky)
Voice- Eri Kitamura
A girl student with purple-pink skin and hair with black white eyes and orange eyes with iris, and a tactile sensation of aliens.Attendance number 2. Born July 7, height 30 cm, blood type AB[40]..好きなものはダンス、納豆、オクラ、恋バナI like dance, natto, okra, love bana[50]..It was called "Kurome" by the bomber. 9th in the "individuality" grasp test, 19th in the obstacle race, 8th in the Yuei Sports Festival, and 19th in the academic ability test.Popularity vote ranking 24th → 21st → 36th → 39th → 29th.Born in Chiba prefecture with the same junior high school graduation as Kirishima.
A little childish, but a mood maker with a cheerful and cheerful personality.I am not good at studying, but my physical ability is the highest among 1-A girls.The hero name he devised is "Pinky".最初の案はThe first idea isRidleyHero"Alien QueenHowever, it was rejected by Midnight.Good at thinking about combinations.
Since junior high school, Ashido has been a popular person who treats bullying and makes friends with the perpetrators and victims.For Kirishima, a classmate who was shy at the time, he was the object of envy and ideal, and the existence of the hero image he was aiming for.I sincerely congratulate Kirishima for growing up both physically and mentally and making his high school debut, but he also understands his feelings, which tend to hunt him down, and occasionally tries to follow him.In Yuei, he teams up with and plays against Aoyama, and often unintentionally interrupts his remarks.At the school festival, he teaches dance beginners as a 1-A dance corps leader.In the battle with the Paranormal Liberation Front, he provided logistical support with other friends, but after Gigantomachy started to move, he was contacted by Midnight and acted to put Gigantomachy to sleep.He tries to sneak through the flames with his own personality and put him to sleep with sleeping pills, but he fails because he realizes from Gigantomachy's voice that he was the one he encountered when he was in junior high school.
I've never liked people, so I'm longing for love.
"Individuality": Acid
Secretes an acidic solution from the whole body.Use applications such as melting and incapacitating things, crawling up to stick to buildings, and melting to create scaffolding.The concentration and viscosity of the solution can be adjusted.If you make a mistake in control, unintended items such as your own clothes will melt.
In the "individuality" extension training, the durability of the skin that can withstand long-term use of the solution is strengthened, and after moving into the dormitory, the acid is injected and the flight distance is extended.
Frog rainy season / FROPPY (Floppy)
Voice- Yuki Aoi
Acorn eyefrogA girl student who looks like this.Attendance number 3. Born February 2, height 12 cm, blood type B[40]..好きなものは雨、ゼリーI like rain and jelly[48].. 13th in the "individuality" grasp test, 13th in the obstacle race, and 6th in the academic ability test.Popularity vote ranking 6th → 9th → 23rd → 20th → 16th.Born in Aichi prefecture.Scales are reptiles who are not good at cold weather.
Call your classmates "○○ -chan" (for boys, give them a surname, and for girls, give them the name below), and tell them to call themselves "Baiu-chan" if they like them.I am especially close to Reihi with my classmate girls.
The hero costume is a bodysuit designed for underwater battles based on green with a frog-inspired design.Equip large gloves and goggles.The hero name he devised is "FROPPY", a hero with a rainy season. At the time of the enemy alliance attack at USJ, when he acted and responded with Iku and Mineda, it was said that Mineda touched his chest and was unexpectedly (chest), and he has a certain body line It seems.By the way, it is expected that Mineda is thinking about something nasty.
Self-proclaimed "personality that says anything you think".He has a high level of insight and sees Ikuhisa's "individuality" as "similar to almite."
He has the courage and self-sacrificing spirit to protect his friends even when he is about to die, and he is extremely calm and has excellent situational judgment.It is praised by the recovery girl as "an honor student without problems that seems to be a problem" and "a vessel that can be a spiritual pillar of people".
Since he has many siblings and is a large family, he tends to be busy with housework and cooking, and when he was in junior high school, he was misunderstood that he was building a wall from the surroundings who did not know the circumstances and tended to be isolated.I'm still in contact with my best friend who understood me at that time, and I'm really happy that she, who goes to a different high school, has made the same best friend as me.
He pointed out that ignoring the rules of society in the case of "Kamino's Nightmare" would be the same principle of action as the villain, and tried to keep Iku and his friends who made a rescue plan for the bomber kidnapped by the villain coalition. Although he made a nightmare with his heart, he revealed to everyone immediately after moving into the dormitory that his emotions and thoughts were confused when he learned that he could not be stopped later, and after showing tears, he made up.
On the internship, he will be introduced to Hado and will be under the No. 9 hero Ryukyu.Participated in the wreck rescue operation, and engaged with Katsubin along with Ryukyu, Reihi, and Hado.After the internship, his activities were written online, and both Reihi and Reihi became a hot topic.
"Individuality": Frog
You can do most of the "frog-like things".It is capable of free activity in the water, entwining the subject with a tongue that extends up to 20 meters, climbing up and down with both hands and feet stuck to the wall, jumping high, and secreting weak venom.In addition, it has a stomach that can be swallowed and stored and taken in and out.Because it is a frog, it is vulnerable to cold, and when it is in a place with low temperature or in winter, it becomes sleepy and cannot move as if it hibernates.
In "individuality" extension training, jumping power and tongue power are trained in order to "train the ground strength".
Tenya Iida
Reihi Ochako
Saruo Ojiro / Tailman
Voice- Kosuke Miyoshi
A male student with a fine and large tail.Attendance number 6. Born May 5, height 28 cm, blood type O[40]..好きなものは武術My favorite is martial arts[48].. 7th in the "individuality" grasp test, 11th in the obstacle race, and 8th in the academic ability test.Popularity vote ranking 14th → 12th → 11th → 17th → 31st.Born in Tokyo.
Hero costumeRoadSomething like.The hero name he devised is the fighting hero "Tailman".
In combat training, he teams up with Hagakure, but loses without any help before Todoroki's "individuality."At the athletic festival, he progressed to the final, but he declined because he had no memory of being manipulated by the "individuality" of his mind in the second type of horse fight, so he had to win by himself.After that, he advises Iku on the "individuality" of the mind.
I often get angry with Hagakure, who formed a team in indoor interpersonal combat training.There is a section in the class that cares about the lack of features. The battle with Group B Kaihara was written as a battle of a sober representative.My classmates often thought that the dormitory room was "normal" and I was concerned about it, but even though I was thrown into the fire zone by myself when the USJ attacked the villain, I fought.
"Individuality": Tail
It has a thick and tough tail that can be moved dexterously like a "third arm".Simple but convenient "individuality" that can be used for both attack and defense and can work almighty[50].
In the "individuality" extension training, in order to "increase the strength of the tail", we will train to hit the hardened Kirishima with the tail, and since it is easy to predict the movement after moving into the dormitory, we will review the basics of the situation.
Kaminari Denki / Charge Zuma
Voice- Yu Hatanaka
A blonde schoolboy with an electric mesh.Attendance number 7. Born June 6, height 29 cm, blood type O[40]..好きなものは流行ってるもの、ハンバーガーFavorite things are popular, hamburgers[47].. 16th in the "individuality" grasp test, 24th in the obstacle race, 16th in the Yuei Sports Festival, and 20th in the academic ability test.Popularity vote ranking 10th → 11th → 8th → 16th → 14th.Born in Saitama prefecture.
A mood maker of Group A who excites everyone with a light and cheerful personality, such as picking up Reihi and his opponent Shiozaki Thorn and hitting a wasteful mouth during battle.On the other hand, he is also a friend-minded person, and when Nikukura made a fool of Kirishima and the bomber, he showed anger.I've often been with Yamillion and Earo since the USJ incident.She loves women and has a good relationship with Mineda as an erotic alliance.The hero name he devised is a product of the charged English word "charge" and lightning.stun gunHero "Charge Zuma".In the battle with the Paranormal Liberation Front, he was on the front line unlike other friends, and was scared at first.However, he was advised by Midnight and was inspired by thinking about his friends behind him, and incapacitated one of the other executives.After the incident, he was admitted to the hospital and had a scar on his forehead.
"Individuality": charged
"Individuality that charges the body with electricity". When wearing a costume, you can communicate with a special electronic conversion radio that you attach to your right ear. It can be discharged but it cannot be manipulated, and if you discharge a large amount at once, the attack power is high, but the brain Is shorted and with both handsThumbs upHowever, there is a side effect that only "Way" can be said. In the "individuality" extension training, in order to "build a body that can withstand a large amount of electric power," we will continue to receive electric shock from the generator.Since I couldn't control the electricity, I couldn't make a detailed electric shock attack, but by equipping it with a pointer shooter as a weapon, it became possible to shoot a converged electric shock in a straight line to the place where the pointer was shot within 10 m. ..
Kirishima Eijiro / Rage Yori Yuto (Red Riot)
Voice- Toshiki Masuda
A male student with red spiky hair and sharp teeth.Attendance number 8. Born October 10, height 16 cm, blood type O[40]..好きなものは硬派なもの、肉I like hard food, meat[47]..2nd place in the entrance examination, 8th place in the "individuality" grasp test, 9th place in the obstacle competition, 8th place in the Yuei Sports Festival, and 15th place in the academic ability test.Popularity vote ranking 15th → 5th → 4th → 5th → 4th.Born in Chiba prefecture with the same junior high school graduation as Ashido.
The right eyelid has a scratch created by rubbing when "individuality" appears[47]..He had black hair until junior high school, but from the time he entered Yuei, he began to set his hair to red spiky hair.A cheerful and indistinguishable personality.He is a mood maker in the class who can take care of the surroundings, such as actively dealing with cursed bombers and arbitrating when an argument occurs.From Izuku, he is described as "a person who has an equal relationship with Katsumi."He has a passion for friendship, and he runs up to worry about his attempt to help Almite in the USJ attack, and he is close to him as a friend.He is a hot-blooded man and often uses the word "masculinity", and as a result, he contributes to the cooperation of everyone and the achievement of more than his ability.
The hero name he devised was the strong hero "Red Riot", and he thought of it as a homage to the Hanki hero "Crimson Riot", which is also the hero image he is aiming for.
I was surprisingly shy until I entered high school, and even if I found a bullying site, I couldn't stop it and regretted it, which was far from my current personality.There was a time when I was jealous of my classmate Ashido, who was the opposite of me at one point, but when I realized that she was one of the ideal figures I was aiming for, I motivated myself and trained myself as positively as I am now. Become a personality.
Since fighting at the athletic festival with Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu of Group B, who has a similar "individuality" that is said to be "dada cover", friendship has been fostered, and the workplace experience destination becomes the same office unintentionally. ..After the bomber was abducted, he participated in the rescue of the bomber with Todoroki.On the internship, I asked Tenku to go under BMI Hero Fat Gum.KansaiHe played a role in detecting illegal drug trafficking and made his debut as "Episode XNUMX".At that time, he participated in the Hachisaikai investigation by obtaining a drug that "inactivates" individuality "."In the Hachisaikai rush battle, he and Fat Gum fight against the turbulent waves and canopy combination of the Hachisai people.Although his heart is broken before the attack of the turbulent waves, he remembers the origin of aiming for his own hero, protects Fat Gum with Annamine Takeru, and contributes to victory.Although he was in logistical support in the battle with the Paranormal Liberation Front, he tried to force Gigantomachy to stop moving.After that, he tried to take sleeping pills but failed once due to Toga Himiko's obstruction, but succeeded in picking up the sleeping pills for Ashido and throwing them into Gigantomachy's mouth.
"Individuality": Hardening
Harden the body."Individuality" suitable for interpersonal battles with excellent offense and defense.He thinks that he is "plain as a hero".When he continued to receive continuous attacks, he lost some strength in his body, and when the hardening was released, he was detected by a bomber.There is a limit to the duration of curing, which is about 10 minutes.If you breathe after shortness of breath, you can cure again.For this reason, Ashido, who knew him before, was worried that he might have been mentally cornered, and the immediate task is to gain something after accepting such weaknesses.
In the "individuality" extension training, in order to "increase muscle strength and hardness and aim for a synergistic effect", training is performed by being beaten by Ojiro in a hardened state.
Koji Kuchida / Anima
Voice- Takuma Nagatsuka
A male student with a rock-like physique and appearance.Attendance number 9. Born February 2, height 1 cm, blood type A[40]..好きなものは自然What I like is nature[51].. 11th in the "individuality" grasp test, 20th in the obstacle race, and 11th in the academic ability test.Popularity vote ranking 36th → 50th out of range → 45th → 68th → 67th.Born in Iwate prefecture.Parents have horns, and it seems that Koda will grow as he grows up.
Contrary to his appearance, he is not good at speaking because he is withdrawn.They rarely talk with their own voice and communicate with each other with a gesture similar to sign language.Although it is said to be "reticent" by the darkness, who is not the one who speaks a lot, it becomes talkative when calling for creatures using "individuality".I'm not good at insects.
Pair with Earo in the present Mike practice test.Mike's personality attack forces Earo's personality, and the animals are surprised and run away.When Earo asks if insects are not good, he sees an ant and screams (this is the first time he has spoken a word in the work).However, when she sees her bleeding from her ears, she gets excited and calls on insects in the ground (earthworms, centipedes, etc.) to make a mental attack on Mike (by the way, Mike also hates insects).When preparing for the school festival, he encouraged Earo who was not confident in his hobbies and began to actively express his opinions.
In the dormitory, he keeps a rabbit named "Yuwai", which is called "Kawaii-chan" and is very popular among girls.
The hero name I devised is the contact hero "Anima. "
"Individuality": Creature voice
You can control all living things except those made of inorganic substances by putting your will on your voice (the creature system is a mystery because of its individuality).The way of speaking at this time becomes arrogant.Koji is not so good at insects that even ants are fainting just by looking at them, but after overcoming them, it is possible to call for cooperation.
In the "individuality" extension training, vocal practice is performed in order to "extend the range of the voice".
Rikido Sato / Sugar man
Voice- Toru Nara
A male student with large size and cod roe lips.Attendance number 10. Born June 6, blood type is O type[40]..身長185cm、好きなものはケーキHeight XNUMX cm, favorite is cake[51].. 12th in the "individuality" grasp test, 15th in the obstacle race, and 12th in the academic ability test.Popularity vote ranking 50th out of range → 50th out of range → 50th out of range → 71st → 99th.Born in Tottori prefecture. He is good at making homemade sweets after training in "individuality", and the finished sweets are quite delicious and are very popular with group A girls and are called "Sugarman's Sugar Time".Eight million people have asked me to combine it with my own tea.
Hero costume is maskedProfessional wrestlerWind.The belt contains a sugar jar for "individuality".The hero name he devised is the sweet hero "Sugar Man".
"Individuality": Sugar dope
Power is increased 10 times for 3 minutes for every 5 grams of sugar.However, if you use it continuously, your brain function will gradually decrease and you will become sleepy.
In the "individuality" extension training, in order to "amplify the effect time and power", training is performed to continue using "individuality" while ingesting sugar.
Shoji Mezo / Tentacol
Voice- Masakazu Nishida
A tall male student whose mouth is covered with a mask and has two pairs of tentacles with membranes on both shoulders.Attendance number 2. Born February 11, height 2 cm, blood type B[40]..好きなものはたこ焼き、イカスミパスタI like takoyaki and squid ink pasta[47].. 6th in the "individuality" grasp test, 14th in the obstacle race, and 10th in the academic ability test.Popularity vote ranking 30th → 31st → 28th → 36th → 27th.Born in Fukuoka prefecture.
It is quiet but talks normally with a mouth created by "individuality".Although his tone is firm, he has a spirit of self-sacrifice, such as trying to protect his classmates with his own body first.In my hometown, I was often scared because of the prejudice against irregularities, and since a girl cried that my face was scary, I have been wearing a mask since then. Group B's Kakutori pony is not good at shoji because its appearance with duplicate arms resembles an octopus.
In the entrance examination of Yuei, it was the same examination venue as Ikutatsu.The hero name he devised is the tentacle hero "Tentacol".
At USJ, he escapes being blown away and protects Iida, who escapes from the black fog.In the athletic festival horse fight, Mineda and Frogbuki are placed on their backs and wrapped up to play the role of horse.At the forest school, he fought with Iku and fought at the forefront, from collecting the "individuality" runaway of the everlasting darkness to pursuing Compress.
"Individuality": Duplicate arm
A body part can be duplicated on the tip of the tentacle.The function of the duplicated part is amplified, and the hearing ability of the ear and the grip strength of the hand are stronger than those of the main body.If you expand your ears, you can search for powerful enemies.As long as it is a duplicate part, it can be reproduced even if it is physically lost, and there is no effect on the main body.It is possible to reduce the damage by intentionally sacrificing one's own replication site when cornered or protecting friends by using this, but it is used because the loss and regeneration of the replication site involves physical and mental exhaustion. The situations that can be done are limited.You can also glide by expanding the membrane between the tentacles.
In the "individuality" extension training, training is given to strengthen the replication speed and control adjustment when multiple simultaneous replications occur.
Kyoka Jiro / Earphone = Jack
Voice- Kei Mado
With SanpakuBob cutSchoolgirl.Attendance number 12. Born August 8, height 1 cm, blood type A[40]..好きなものはロックI like rock[47].. 17th in the "individuality" grasp test, 21st in the obstacle race, and 7th in the academic ability test.Popularity vote ranking 16th → 7th → 22nd → 21st → 12th.Born in Shizuoka prefecture.It was called "ear" by the bomber.
The luster of the hair is shaped like an electrocardiogram.The first person is "Uchi" and has a dry personality.There are some parts that are not good at ghosts and ghosts and are feminine.A scene is depicted in which the horses fit in with each other, and they are on good terms with Kaminari.On rare occasions he is called the "jamming way".I care about being surrounded by classmates who are so-called small breasts and have a good style of XNUMX million.I am worried about the fact that only one of the girls is not seen as an object of libido from Mineda.In addition, girls often act together with eight million people.In the old days, I was wondering whether to go on the musical path or become a hero, and when I decided to become a hero, I cried and apologized to my parents, but I was encouraged to do what I wanted to do to my parents.
The hero name he devised is the here hero "Earphone = Jack".The hero costume will be improved at the time of the provisional exemption examination, and will be equipped with sound amplification (amplifier referrer) devices on both arms and wrists.
He is good at music such as playing musical instruments and singing, but he feels inferior if his hobby does not take root in hero activities.With the support of the class, he teaches band members to play musical instruments as a band leader at a school festival.
The author reveals that he was the first to come up with "individuality" alone.
"Individuality": Earphone jack
plugBy inserting the earlobe that has become, you can amplify and attack your own heartbeat and catch minute sounds.The distance that the plug can be extended is about 6 meters.The power is very high, and rocks and large robots can be easily destroyed.Also, in the case of the USJ attack by the villain coalition, the eardrums of multiple villains are torn together and revenge.
In the "individuality" extension training, in order to "train the jack part and improve the sound quality", the training is done by hitting the jack earnestly.
Sero Hanta / Cellophane
Voice- Kiyotaka Furushima
A thin, black-haired male student.Attendance number 13 Born July 7, height 28 cm, blood type B[40]..好きなものは健康に良い食べ物Favorite food is healthy food[47].. 15th in the "individuality" grasp test, 8th in the obstacle race, 16th in the Yuei Sports Festival, and 17th in the academic ability test.Popularity vote ranking 27th → 18th → 18th → 33rd → 26th.Born in Tokyo.
He often showed a bare-toothed expression, and the bomber said, "Soy sauce faceIs called. Although the boys in Group A have sexual desires that are relatively age-appropriate, they witness the appearance of Mineda, who often teams up with sexual desires, and tries to weight himself.
As long as you can make use of tricky surprise attack tactics that make use of your abilities, you can play with your opponent, but due to their ability compatibility, it is not good for a head-to-head game that involves direct combat.Since support that makes use of mobility will be an active place, it will demonstrate outstanding breakthrough power when moving with obstacles.The challenge of choosing a battlefield is the challenge to overcome.ヒーローコスチュームはフルフェイス型でThe hero costume is a full face typeTape cutterWear a helmet that imitates.The hero name he devised is the tapin hero "Cellophane".
At the Yuei Sports Festival, he was hit by a frustrated roar and was hit by a dongmai call from the audience.In the final exam, he helped Mineda but fell asleep due to the "individuality" of Midnight and received supplementary lessons. Often they are more unlucky than other students, such as having to end up.
"Individuality": Tape
There are reel-like organs and slits on both elbows, from which tape-like objects are ejected.You can move at high speed by wrapping it around the other party to block the movement, or by sticking it on an object in front and winding it up.It can be separated and used as a trap. He is good at three-dimensional movement, and is proudly ranked first in the rescue race held in class.
In the "individuality" stretching training, in order to "strengthen the capacity, strength, and injection speed of the tape," the training continues to inject the tape.
Tokoyami Fumikage / Tsukuyomi
Voice- Yoshimasa Hosoya
A male student with a crow-like face.Attendance number 14 Born October 10, height 30 ​​cm, blood type AB[40]..好きなものは薄暗い所、リンゴI like apples in dimly lit places[47]..9th in the entrance exam, 5th in the "individuality" grasp test, 7th in the obstacle race, 3rd in the Yuei Sports Festival overall, and 14th in the academic ability test.Popularity vote ranking 7th → 15th → 13th → 19th → 24th.Born in Shizuoka prefecture.
Always behave coolly, speak in arrogant old-fashioned words such as "the feast of darkness", etc.Chunichi diseaseThe owner of a typical personality.On the other hand, because of "individuality", the whole room is pitch black and creates an eerie atmosphere, and when the members of Group A look at the room, they are astonished.
He is a strong man in the class, and in terms of combat, he has high judgment and combat power, such as making full use of long-range attacks and defenses that combine the offense and defense of the black shadow.Regarding measures against the weaknesses and incompatibility of close combat, the weaknesses of "relying on" individuality "" for almite at the Yuei Sports Festival and "fragile if only in time" were pointed out by the recovery girl at the final exercise test. The challenge is to train the ground.The hero costume is a light-shielding black cloak, which is as simple as putting it on.The hero name he devised is the jet-black hero "Tsukuyomi. "
From the result of the athletic festival, he was nominated by Hawks, who was the No. 3 hero at the time, and had a work experience under him, but since Hawks solved the case alone, he only processed it afterwards. When I asked him why he was nominated, he said, "1% are bird companions, and half want to hear about the Vilan Union." , I will be under the Hawks again as an intern.Therefore, he was told that the remaining 2% of the reasons for nomination were "I thought he was doing a wasteful thing", and from the teaching that the one who can fly should fly, he devised a "black fallen angel".Since then, he has respected Hawks as his master.In the battle with the Paranormal Liberation Front, he became able to completely control his personality, and after the rampage on the front line, he withdrew with the Fat Gum and others, but when he learned of the Hawks' pinch, he shook off the stillness and struck the Hawks. I hurriedly rescued him.He was engaged with the Hawks as it was, but was interrupted by the influence of Gigantomachy and left the place with the Hawks as it was.After the incident, a burn remained on his leg.
"Individuality": Black shadow (dark shadow)
It is possible to carry a stretchable shadow-like monster in your body and operate it to fight.
Monsters are intelligent and can talk.He has a charming personality and is faithful to the orders of the Yin.The deeper the darkness, the greater the attack power, but when exposed to strong light, the fighting spirit weakens and it becomes a runaway.日光下の攻撃力は中の下程度Attack power in sunlight is moderately low[52]..In the dark night, it becomes a huge figure and boasts tremendous power, but when the ferocity intensifies due to the influence of the anger of the tread, it becomes completely out of control and becomes a very dangerous existence that indiscriminately attacks everything that moves.However, even in this state, if you can create some kind of light, you can instantly become quiet.You can now control the dark shadow that was in a runaway state in the battle with the Paranormal Liberation Front.
In the "individuality" extension training, in order to "control the black shadow even in the dark", the training was conducted to use the black shadow in the cave.
Todoroki Frozen
Toru Hagakure / Invisible girl
Voice- Kaori Natsuka
Invisible ManA girl student who is.Attendance number 16. Born June 6th, height 16cm, blood type A[40]..好きなものはキャラメル、ドッキリ番組Favorite things are caramel, stunning programs[48].. 18th in the "individuality" grasp test, 38th in the obstacle race, and 16th in the academic ability test.Popularity vote ranking 20th → 21th → 46th → 47th → 43st.Born in Tokyo.
The figure is completely invisible due to the influence of the unusual "individuality" that is always activated, but the active personality can be seen from the words and actions and the movements of the hands.In the work, facial expressions are expressed with onomatopoeia such as "smile".By the way, it seems that bright remarks and big reactions are also appealing to the existence.
The only hero costumes are gloves and boots, and when you get serious, you take them off and become naked.The hero name he devised is the stealth hero "Invisible Girl".
The girls in the class are worried that they are going off the road as a woman because they will be naked from themselves, and from the boy's Ojiro who often acts together, how about as a girl, ethically It is said that it is dangerous.When I teamed up with Todoroki, I couldn't recognize it because it was transparent, and it seemed that it was within the attack range, and I was relieved that the attack was out of range.
"Individuality": Transparency
Disappear yourself.A variant system "individuality" that is always activated.
Katsuki Bakugo
Izuku Midoriya
Minoru Mineda / GRAPE JUICE (Grape juice)
Voice- Ryo Hirohashi
A boy student with a petite, grape-like hairstyle.Attendance number 19 Born October 10, height 8 cm, blood type A[40]..好きなものは女性I like women[48].. 19th in the "individuality" grasp test, 18th in the obstacle race, and 9th in the academic ability test.Popularity vote ranking 18th → 31st → 32nd → 35th → 34th.Born in Kanagawa prefecture.
The first person is "Oira".The hero name he devised is the mogitate hero "GRAPE JUICE".
She has a lascivious and feminine personality, and her hero's aspiration is because she wants to be popular with women.Thoughts and behaviors tend to be erotic, and although they are blocked or sanctioned for touching girls or looking into girls' changing rooms and baths, there is no sign of discipline, and teachers have pointed out that "sexual desire is empowered."After something has happened, he often speaks out on the negative side, and Frogbuki points out that "the style of salting is not good."When I first entered school, I thought it was cool because I was a hero, but after the battle at USJ, I came to think that I was a hero because I was cool.
At the time of the USJ villain attack, he was sent to the "water accident zone" along with Hisaya and Frog, and although he was scared at first, he was inspired by the appearance of Hisaya and contributed to the victory.Since then, I have been on good terms with them.There is a nimble part, and in the final exercise test, while showing the pretense to escape, he invites Midnight and uses "individuality" to block her movement and pass.At this time, he remembers Iku as a cool hero and seems to have a respect for him.
"Individuality": Mogi Mogi
It produces an infinite number of ball-like substances (which he calls "mogimogi") from his head.Once peeled off, it has strong stickiness and can incapacitate the other party.Adhesiveness depends on your physical condition and stays stuck all day when you are in good shape.It doesn't stick to itself and bounces.Its weaknesses are that it bleeds when it is picked up too much, and it is not suitable for interpersonal combat due to the monotonous movement of throwing it.
In the "individuality" extension training, in order to "make a scalp that does not produce blood even if it continues to be peeled", it is trained to continue to peel.
Eight million hundred (Yorozumomo) / Creativity
Voice- Marina Inoue
Black hairポ ニ ー テ ー ルA female student who is characterized by.Vice-chairman of the class and one of the recommended enrollees.Attendance number 20. Born September 9, height 23 cm, blood type A[40]..好きなものは読書で、特に図鑑などを好むMy favorite thing is reading, especially pictorial books[48].. "Individuality" grasp test 1st place, ranking in obstacle competition 17th place, Yuei Sports Festival best 16, academic ability test 1st place.Popularity vote ranking 11th → 13th → 14th → 7th → 10th.Born in Aichi prefecture.
Nickname is "Yaomomo".Personality is sometimes ponky.Raised in a wealthy family, all classmates call their surnames with honorifics in a way that sounds like a young lady.He has a nice buddy that doesn't seem to be his first year in high school, and is described by Earo as "developmental violence."
The hero costume is exposed from the chest to the navel to make the most of "individuality"leotardWear a wind suit and a belt on your waist that holds a dictionary of materials and structures of objects that are useful for hero activity (the initial plan is to fix it with a degree of exposure that may violate the law).The belt is made thick to support the dictionary, and the dictionary and the parts that support it contain magnets that do not open or fall on their own.If you create it, the costume will often come off.The hero name he devised is the all-purpose hero "Creity".
After the combat training of Izuku and Bakugo, he has shown high analytical ability with accurate comments. Since fighting together at USJ, he has been described as a "pure celebrity" by showing cute gestures when teaching study to Earo Kaminari.I've been on good terms with Kaminari and Earo since I fought together at USJ.At the athletic festival, he was unable to exert his strength and fell into a slump, and Aizawa found out that he was in a mental state suitable for his age.Regain confidence with the support of the roar that was set up in the final test.On the night of the third day of the summer training camp, when the brainlessness that attacked Awase with himself pulls up, he immediately makes a transmitter and finds out the villain union hideout.After the incident, Todoroki and others asked him to build a receiver, and as a result, he participated in the rescue of the bomber. Although he was defeated in the battle training with Group B as a result, he acted thinking about the future until the end.From the actions at that time, it was expected that he could become a good leader from Midnight.In the battle with the Paranormal Liberation Front, he was contacted by Midnight and planned to take sleeping pills made with his own personality with his friends.Despite being given a drink, he was overwhelmed by Gigantomachy, who moved around more than he had imagined, and was saved by Majestic.After that, even though the scheduled time had passed, I was despaired with my friends when I saw that the behavior did not change at all, but later this behavior will save Ikutatsu.
"Individuality": Creation
You can create any inanimate object from your own body.There are a wide variety of inanimate objects that can be created, and her knowledge of understanding even the molecular structure makes this possible.The amount of creation is proportional to the calorie intake of the person's diet, and if you eat it, you can make a lot.The disadvantage is that there is a time lag until it is generated and constructed, and it is a logistical support type because it lacks initial mobility and it uses calories and cannot move if it is used too much.However, Matryoshka can be mass-produced almost unconsciously because she became the first to make it.
In the "individuality" extension training, we received training together with Sato in that the more you eat, the more energy you can use to activate your individuality. Train to continue to use "individuality" while eating things so that "you can make".


Although it is also a hero department, there is a tendency to be aware of the A class, which has been treated as a flower in the world because it experienced a real battle with a villain immediately after enrollment.Students are listed in alphabetical order.

Hiroyuki Awase / Welder
Voice- Matsuoka Teijo
Boys. Born November 11, 7 cm tall.My favorite is smartphone games.172th place in entrance exam practice[53], The ranking in the obstacle race is 12th.Popularity vote ranking 44th → 50th out of range → 50th out of range → 90th → 66th.Born in Niigata prefecture.Growing up in a town factory house.
A modern boy whose personality can be relied on.Kento is a combination of stoppers between things.In the attack on the enemy alliance in the forest training camp, she escapes by sticking her arm and her own arm together while sheltering the eight million head injured.Attach the transmitter created by XNUMX million when the brain is leaving.It seems that eight million are worrisome.
He has a bandana and has thick eyebrows.
"Individuality": Welding
Touched objects can be attached to each other at the molecular level.
Kaibara Sen / spiral
Voice-Masakazu Nishida[54]
A boy with short black hair. Born June 6, 12 cm tall.My favorite is the camera.
The ranking in the obstacle competition is 22nd.血液型はB型Blood type is B type[40]..Born in Tokyo.
Although he is warlike and easy to be swept away, he has a stance of respecting the opinions of those who are superior to himself, not just being swept away.It is also a Tsukkomi character. A sober representative of Group B.Good friends with Enba.
"Individuality": turning
You can rotate your body like a drill.
Mantis pointed / Jack Mantis
Voice-Kiyotaka Furushima[55]
Boys. Born January 1th.Height 7 cm, my favorite is collecting insects.Born in Nagasaki prefecture.
It features a mantis-like face and huge fang-like objects protruding from both cheeks.Since he is an attacker with good reflexes and a light maneuver, he is in charge of the lead in team battles.Awase has been deterred by a series of aggressive words and deeds with a warlike personality.Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu is a training companion.It seems that there is no jaggedness because the shade can be separated.The ranking in the obstacle competition is 35th.血液型はO型Blood type is O type[40]..In Character Book 2, the blood type is A type.
"Individuality": Sharp edge
You can put out a knife from your whole body.The slashing power is high.
Black domination (Kuroiro Shiyei) / Vantablack
Voice-Kohei Amasaki
Born November 11st.Height 1 cm, favorite is squid ink pasta, contraindicated.
Students with impressive silver hair and black skin.The ranking in the obstacle competition is 30th.Born in Fukushima prefecture.血液型はA型Blood type is type A[40].
He speaks like Chunibyo, but he also has a strong side.I feel sympathy in the darkness that has a similar personality.He ridicules things with his own personality, saying, "No matter how black it is, I can't dive into my stomach."I'm not good at talking to girls, but when I talk to them, I wonder, "Are you interested?"
"Individuality": Black
It can blend in with black things.If it can be moved, it can be moved.
Kazuyoshi Kendo / Battle fist
Voice- Saki Ogasawara
A female student and chairman. Born September 9, height 9 cm, blood type O[40]..好きなものはバイク、ブラックコーヒーI like motorcycles and black coffee[50]..入試実技5位XNUMXth place in entrance exam practice[53], The ranking in the obstacle race is 28th.Popularity vote ranking 13th → 33rd → 29th → 50th → 53rd.Born in Chiba prefecture.Born in a prestigious junior high school.
A manly and compassionate personality.Good care with your skin. He is on good terms with Group A, and sanctions and forcibly takes him between things that are rude to Group A.
At the athletic festival, the right to advance to the final, which was vacated by Ojiro's decline, is handed over to the Tetsutetsu team as being more suitable than those who could not do anything because they were frozen. He was scouted by Uwabami for his work experience, saying "because it's cute", and his hidden fans soared as he appeared in commercials, and he was made to enter a beauty pageant at a school festival.However, he was reluctant to be seen in the same rank as the eight million above his grades and "individuality". He confronted eight million directly in the fighting training with Group A and won the only team in Group B, but said that he was too pre-read and did not feel like winning.
Although there were few lines when it first appeared, Horikoshi revealed that the character design was popular with the staff and staff, and that it was popular in some areas even before he was active.
"Individuality": Daiken
You can make your fist huge.The destructive power was strong and the tungsten shield was also destroyed.As an application, it is also possible to create a wind around the area by fanning the surroundings like a fan.It has the characteristic that the attack power increases as it becomes huge.
Yui Kodai / Rules
Voice- Eve Yuriyasu
Schoolgirl. Born December 12th.Height 19 cm, my favorite is Matryoshka.Popularity vote ranking 160th out of range → 50th out of range → 50th out of range → 50th → 118th.Born in Shimane prefecture.
Characterized by black bob hair.The ranking in the obstacle competition is 31st.血液型はB型Blood type is B type[40]..He is expressionless and silent, and has a habit of saying "n" and "n!".My favorite food is tomatoes.Neito Monoma is not good at it, especially salt.When I was in junior high school, there was a fan club in a place I didn't know.
"Individuality": size
It is limited to inanimate objects and can be freely changed in size.Small items such as nuts can be made human-sized.You can cancel the effect by putting your hands together like a beautiful day.
Kinoko Komori / Seamage
Voice-Kei Shindo[56]
Schoolgirl. Born December 12nd.Height 2 cm, my favorite is mushroom dishes.Born in Gunma prefecture.
It is a long bob that does not reach the shoulders, and the feature is that the eyes are hidden by the bangs.Speak in a tone mixed with mushrooms.The ranking in the obstacle race is 34th.Blood type is A type[40].
It looks like an adult, is bright, and has a naughty personality.I like lolita fashion.Aim to be an idol hero.The first hero name was "Nyoki Nyoko Nyoko", but it was difficult to say, so it was reconsidered.
"Individuality": Mushrooms
It can produce spores from the body and grow mushrooms everywhere.The weak points are that it cannot grow without humidity and sterilization. The effect disappears in 2 to 3 hours.
Shiozaki Ibara / Vine
Voice- Miho Sakurazaka
Schoolgirl. Born September 9, height 8 cm, blood type AB[40]..好きなものはパンI like bread[50]..4th in the entrance examination practice, 4th in the obstacle competition, and the 8th best at the Yuei Sports Festival.Popularity vote ranking 35th → 50th out of range → 50th out of range → 107th → 56th.Born in Kanagawa prefecture.
ThornsHave hair like.According to the author, drawing hair is difficult.
He has a serious and kind personality, and his tone is always polite.According to the author, "a person of charity".I hate to deceive the other person.The opposite personality to Kaminari.I respect the plant-based hero Shinrin Kamui.
With the decline of Ojiro et al., He advanced to the final tournament, and in the first round, he won a shutout victory in Kaminari.
"Individuality": Crane
Manipulate the stretchable vines that grow on your head.The vines can be separated and grow indefinitely with water and sunlight.
Jurota Shishida / Jebodan
Voice-Junichi Suwabe[57]
Boys. Born March 3th.Height 26 cm, my favorite is a nap.
It features a beast-like hairy appearance, glasses, and two fangs protruding from the lower jaw.The ranking in the obstacle competition is 2th.血液型はO型Blood type is O type[40]..Born in Akita prefecture.
Contrary to his large physique, he is mild-mannered, soft-mannered, and speaks politely.Add "-desu-na" and "-desu-zo" to the end of the word, and add "-san" to others.Born in a wealthy family, he respects Hound Dog and wants to be as rational as he is, but growing up as a boy is a hindrance.During combat training, it is called "Apocalypse Beast" or "Apocalypse" by Shiozaki and Scales.Eight million are celebrity friends.
"Individuality": Beast
Beastized and greatly enhanced in physique, muscle strength, hearing, smell, and eyesight. The tension increases considerably while "individuality" is activated.
Shoda Nirengeki / Mines
Voice- Kenta Okuma
Boys. Born February 2nd.Height 2 cm, my favorite is watching boxing.Born in Tokyo.
He is fat and has big eyes. Born February 2, height 2 cm, blood type O[40]..好きなものはボクシング観戦I like watching boxing[51]..The ranking in the obstacle competition is 33rd.The author likes the name double strike, but the person in charge laughed at him.
Straightforward and serious.At the athletic festival, he will advance to the final, but he will abstain as well as Ojiro because he was being manipulated.
According to Shoda, people call themselves "movable bodies."
"Individuality": Twin impact
The impact generated once is generated again at any timing. The second impact is twice as much as the first impact.
Kakutori Pony (Tsutori Pony)
Voice-Midori Yuki[58]
Schoolgirl. Born April 4, 21 cm tall.My favorite things are apples and Japanese anime.Born in the United States.
Japanese AmericanAmericaInternational students from.Sociable personality.
Although I can't speak Japanese very fluently, I usually speak Japanese, but when I feel angry or other emotions, I start speaking in English.It's also sober that you can learn strange Japanese between things.It features long horns, a herbivore-like face, and hoof-like legs.The ranking in the obstacle race is 37th.
"Individuality": Horn cannon
Eject up to 4 of your own horns and manipulate them freely.Care for dead skin cells is essential for the horns.
Enba hardening (Tsuburaba Kosei)
Voice-Masakazu Nishida
Boys. Born May 5, 19 cm tall.My favorite things are ball games and special effects (I like retro).The ranking in the obstacle race is 170rd.Popularity vote ranking 23th → 46th out of range → 50th out of range.Born in Kagawa prefecture.
A boy with oval eyes.I respect Todoroki.The story of color love with Kaihara and black is exciting.
He teamed up with Monoma and others in a horse fight and finished second halfway, but was defeated by a bomber who robbed him of his headband.
"Individuality": Air coagulation
You can create a circular and transparent wall with a size and hardness that corresponds to the amount you breathe out.Scaffolding and boxes can also be created, but they will crack if strong force is applied.
Air Prison
A transparent box-shaped cage is created by blowing out with both hands surrounding the mouth in a square.
Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu (Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu) / Real steel
Voice- Koji Okino
Boys. Born October 10, height 16 cm, blood type B[40]..好きなものは格闘ゲーム、ホウレンソウMy favorite is the fighting game, Spinach[50]..8th in the entrance examination practice, 10th in the obstacle competition, and the 16th best at the Yuei Sports Festival.Popularity vote ranking 36th → 23rd → 25th → 34th → 62nd.Born in Saitama prefecture.
Very small black eyes and a wild appearance.He has a personality that sticks to his beliefs straight and earnestly without thinking ahead.Since he is a friend and has a strong sense of justice, he is evaluated by Kento as "single cell but not bad".
Before the athletic festival, he went to visit Group A and ate a bomb, and has been described as a "fearless person" since Iku.At the athletic festival, Ojiro and his colleagues declined to advance to the final tournament, and they played an equal match with Kirishima, who has a similar "individuality" that is said to be "dadakaburi." He is defeated by the arm wrestling that decides the advancer to the second round, but friendship grows in the game and he comes to support Kirishima.Reunited with Kirishima at the Forskind office for work experience and hit it off.When an enemy attacks at the summer training camp, he cooperates with Kento to defeat Mustard and contribute to his arrest.
"Individuality": Steel
Transforms the body like steel.Strong enough to bounce bullets, for violent crimes in urban areas.Strength and power depend on the amount of iron, and if used for a long time, the strength and power will decrease due to lack of iron.Acquire the characteristics to withstand high heat through individuality strengthening training.
Setuna Tokage / Lizardy
Voice-Midori Yuki[59]
Schoolgirl.One of the recommended enrollees. Born October 10th.Height 13 ​​cm, my favorite is a dinosaur.Born in Saitama prefecture.
It features wavy black hair longer than the shoulders and a reptile-like face.The ranking in the obstacle competition is 39th.血液型はB型Blood type is B type[40].
Contrary to his sloppy behavior and neutral language, he specializes in nasty styles that poke the opponent's weaknesses in battle.When I was in junior high school, I was a gal. "Yes, ovule" is a habit.
"Individuality": Cutting the tail of a lizard
The whole body can be disassembled into small pieces.The part away from the main body does not move after a certain period of time, and then regenerates.With individuality strengthening training, you will be able to divide up to 50 parts.
Balloon Manga / Comic man
Voice-Kaito Ishikawa[60]
Born February 2nd.Height 2-140 cm (depending on the size of the balloon on the head), my favorite is drawing.Born in Wakayama prefecture.
A student with a transparent, cartoon-like face in his clothes with a balloon popping out behind the paper.The ranking in the obstacle race is 40th.Blood type is A type[40].
A child-loving, emotional and positive personality.They communicate mainly with balloons in their heads, but they can talk normally, but there are many onomatopoeia.Kakutori is often talked about in anime.I'm excited about gorgeous saki.
"Individuality": Comics
Can embody onomatopoeia.
Boneless Juzou / Madman
Voice- Masamichi Kitada
Boys.One of the recommended enrollees. Born June 6, blood type AB[40]..Height 174 cm, favorite massage (both people and people)[51]..The ranking in the obstacle competition is 5th.Born in Kanagawa prefecture.
ShareIt has a face like.Serious, highly ambitious, flexible thinking, and friendly personality.To speak English fluently, talk with a pony in English.
"Individuality": Softening
You can soften what you touch.However, it is effective only inanimate.
Kojiro Bondo / Plastic model
Voice-Koji Okino
Boys. Born December 12, blood type AB[40]..Height 191 cm, my favorite is making plastic models.The ranking in the obstacle competition is 25th.Born in Tokyo.
The head is shaped like a liquid tube, and the face has a large mouth and seven holes that look like eyes.A solid physique.Contrary to his appearance, he has high potential and analytical skills, and has a gentle and laid-back personality, and his speaking style is childish.
"Individuality": Cemedine
A liquid like superglue can be ejected from a hole in the face to solidify the object in place.In the athletic festival horse fight, this "individuality" temporarily incapacitates Katsumi's team.You can also adjust the speed of drying.
Glue call
Sprinkle the adhesive and instantly harden it to limit the movement of the enemy.
Yasuto Monoma / Phantom Seef
Voice- Tenpei Kohei
Boys. Born May 5th, height 13cm, blood type A[40]..I like French food,Band descines[50]..The ranking in the obstacle race is 36th.Popularity vote ranking 25th → 25th → 24th → 38th → 32nd.Born in Kanagawa prefecture.
Blond Yuu. Burn a sense of opposition to Group A. In Group B, he is regarded as a person who can speak frankly, but because he frequently performs acts such as excessive provocation, rubbing himself on the shelf, and sarcasm without regard to the lightness of things, fists of the same class Wisteria is worried that "a little heart is a little", and Group A is also worried that "it may be a mental situation with a disease name" (Tetsutetsu says "everyone is taken in without Kento").We sometimes put strange Japanese into Kakutori.
At the athletic festival, considering the nose of Group A and the whole of Group B, the ranking is intentionally lowered in the first event to observe the individuality of Group A, and the strategy to reverse in the second event is set up.At first, it goes well, but it fuels the fighting spirit of the bomber and loses all points.Aizawa commented, "It's rational, but I didn't consider the difference in obsession between those who aim for the top and those who don't."In the final test, he got a red dot and was the only group B to participate in supplementary lessons.
Due to the nature of "individuality", it is not possible to exert power alone, so people around me have said that "I can't be a superhero", but I think that he is a "supporting character who can eat the leading role". There is.
"Individuality": Copy
You can use the personality of the person you touched for 5 minutes. You can stock up to four "individualities", but only one "individuality" can be activated at a time.Since the "property" of "individuality" is copied to the last, it is not possible to copy the accumulation of "individuality" that accumulates power and the like.
Reiko Yanagi / エ ミ リ ー
Voice-Ayane Sakura
Schoolgirl. Born February 2th.Height 11 cm, my favorite is surfing the internet (fishing scary stories).Popularity vote ranking 165th out of range → 50th out of range → 50th out of range → 50th → 87th.Born in Aichi prefecture.
It features a hairstyle with hidden left eyes and a classic Japanese ghost pose with both elbows bent and hands out to show the back of the hand.mysterious.The ranking in the obstacle race is 26th.Blood type is B type[40].
"Individuality": Poltergeist
You can move and manipulate things.However, only the weight of one person can be manipulated.It is also possible to operate multiple.
Rin Hiryu / Ryuko (Ron Weidu)
Voice-Kosuke Kuwano[61]
Boys.ChugokuInternational students from. Born July 7th.Height 14 cm, my favorite is sushi.
It features a hairstyle like cues and a bill stuck in front of you.Attentive and well-relied.The ranking in the obstacle race is 32nd.I am fluent in Japanese because I have transferred from elementary school to Japan.Use "Ayer" for classmates.Kakutori is a feeling of intimacy between foreigners.
"Individuality": Scales
It can be used as a protective gear or to fly scales.Collagen and calcium are essential for scale production, and supplements are essential during combat.

Hero department 3rd year

Million (Togata Mirio) / Lumilion
Voice- Aragaki Tarsuke[62](childhood - Minami Wakana)
One of the top 3 "Big 3" in Yuei High School.A muscular and humorous youth boy student. The closest to the No. 1 hero. Born July 1, 7 cm tall.What i likeRamen,comedy.Popularity vote ranking not yet appeared → not appeared → 41st → 26th → 25th.Born in Chiba prefecture. Group B.
The hero costume has a design similar to the hero costume that rescued him when he drowned in the river.The clothes have a number of 1000000 (million) on the chest.Fibers made from the person's hair permeate in response to the activation of "individuality".
He didn't leave any outstanding results and was once at the bottom due to the influence of "individuality", but he controlled "individuality" perfectly with his efforts, and he said, "I climbed from the bill to the top by tremendous training."Before Almite met Iku, Nezu had nominated him as a candidate for successor to "One for All." I know some of the secrets of "One for All" and go under Sir Night Eye as an intern.
In the Hachisaikai rush operation, he went under the single-person destruction and engaged in an overhaul.After being shot by a bullet that erases the "individuality" made of the cells of the wreckage, the "individuality" disappears, and after the incident, he takes a leave of absence and concentrates on medical treatment.
Restore "individuality" by the destructive training of "individuality" and participate in the battle with the paranormal liberation front.
"Individuality": Transparent
While "Individuality" is active, everything can slip through and almost all attacks can be nullified. While "individuality" is activated, even the clothes you wear fall off, you cannot take in light, air, and sound, and your vision, hearing, and breathing functions are blocked, leaving you with the feeling of falling down the ground. Become.In addition, when "individuality" is released, a phenomenon occurs in which massive objects are flipped off, but in this case, you can aim at the point where you are flipped by the direction and pose of your body, and you can dive into the ground and activate "individuality". By repeating the release alternately, you will be behind the opponent.
Amajiki Tamaki / Sun Eater
Voice- Uemura Yusho[62]
One of the "Big 3". Born March 1, 3 cm tall.My favorite is butterflies.Popularity vote ranking not yet appeared → not appeared → 4th → 177th → 17nd.Born in Chiba prefecture. Group A.
A male student with sharp eyes, sharp ears, and black hair.
In contrast to the intimidating impression, he is an extreme sickness that makes him nervous unless he speaks with his eyes on the wall, but his ability is more than professional.Owner of considerable negative thinking.I have an old relationship with Mirio.
Currently, he is an intern under BMI Hero Fat Gum and participates in the Hachisaikai rush operation.He will win against the three people, Stolen, Hosho, and Tabe, even if he suffers a serious injury that causes a crack in his facial bone.
"Individuality": Reproduction
You can reproduce the characteristics of what you eat in your own body. It is reproduced in the form of "wearing", and the body itself has not changed, so even if the reproduced part is attacked, the ring itself will not be damaged, but I feel pain etc. It can be seen that there is.
Wave twist (how twist) / Nejire-chan
Voice- Kiyono Anno[62]
Born October 10, 6 cm tall.What i likeYuriFlowers,Jasmine tea..Popularity vote ranking not yet appeared → not appeared → 50th out of range → 64th → 38th.Born in Akita prefecture. Group A.
One of the "Big 3", a female student with long hair.
He talks about what he thought with his innocent personality, without any connection between the front and back.
He participates in the beauty pageant of the school festival every year, and although he lost to Ayasaki in the first and second years, he won the championship in the third year.
Currently, he is an intern under the No. 10 Dragoon Hero Ryukyu, and participates in the Hachisaikai rush operation.Engage with a live bottle with Ryukyu, Reihi, and Frogbuki.He provided logistical support in the battle with the Paranormal Liberation Front, but headed to the hospital with Iida to convey the actions of Gigantomachy and others.When Ryukyu was seriously injured, he got angry and engaged with the dead trees.Although he was injured by the attack of Dabi, he was inspired by the appearance of Million who rushed in and stopped his brainlessness.
"Individuality": Wave
Fly your own vitality as a shock wave.However, although the shock wave has high power, it does not have much speed because it twists.You can also float by releasing it from your feet.
Yuyu Koya
Voice- Momoko Soyama
Hado's best friend. Born September 9th.Height 10 cm, all my favorite things are cute.
I think Hado is the cutest in the galaxy, so I suggest that you join the beauty pageant.

Hero department 2rd year

Discord cotton (fluffy cotton)
Voice- Arisa Sekine
Born May 5th, 10cm tall.My favorite is fluffy sponge cake.
One of Aizawa's removal from all classes.He says he was able to grow thanks to that.

General course / support course

Hitoshi Shinso
Voice- Wataru Hatano
1-C boys in the regular course. Born on July 7, blood type is AB[40]..Height 177 cm, favorite cats, cycling[50]..The ranking in the obstacle race is 27th, and the best 16 at the Yuei Sports Festival.Popularity vote ranking 12th → 14th → 10th → 23rd → 17th.Born in Municipal Nabe Junior High School.Born in Saitama prefecture.
Characterized by bristling hair and dark circles.I had a dream of becoming a hero for many years, but my "individuality" was incompatible with the entrance examination method of the male-English hero department, so I entered the regular course that I had applied for at the same time.Therefore, he is obsessed with sports festivals that may be transferred to the hero department depending on his success.
At the athletic festival, he is the only regular course to advance to the final tournament by utilizing his own "individuality". In the first round, he brainwashes his opponent's Iku, but the impact of "One for All" cancels his brainwashing, and he loses to Iku who does not use "individuality".After that, Aizawa was looked at and he was struck by how to use the captive cloth. At the opening ceremony of the second semester, it can be seen that the body is being trained.Participated in the A / B union combat training in the sense of a hero transfer exam.Participate in Group A in the first game and Group B in the fifth game.In the first game, he contributed to the victory of Group A in cooperation with Frog and Kaminari, and in the fifth game, he stopped the runaway of "individuality" of Iku.As a result, he passed the excellent examination and was allowed to transfer to the hero department from the second grade.
"Individuality": Brainwashing
Manipulate those who respond to questions that have the intention of brainwashing."Individuality" for villains that both self and others recognize.
It does not activate through a loudspeaker or microphone, and the brainwashing can be solved by impact.In addition, although it is possible for multiple people to maintain brainwashing, only one person can brainwash with a single question.It didn't work for machines, and I couldn't show my abilities in the entrance examination of Yuei High School, which defeats the virtual villain of machines.
Voice- Sakura Azu
1-H schoolgirl in the support department. Born April 4, blood type is O type[40]..Height 157 cm, my favorite is steampunk chocolate[50]..The ranking in the obstacle race is 41st, and the best 16 at the Yuei Sports Festival.Popularity vote ranking 20th → 23rd → 50th out of range → 61st → 41st.Born in Kyoto Prefecture.
For pink hair like dreadlocks,SightIt features eyes with a pattern like.Wear goggles.With proportions comparable to eight million.He is a genuine inventor and calls his invention "a cute baby" and "the first (order of production) child".He does not hesitate to approach the opposite sex and makes Ochako uncomfortable every time he gets involved with Iku.
At the athletic festival, he is the only support department to break through the obstacle race, and in the horse fight, he teams up with Iku as "attention is gathered".In the final tournament, Iida will be tricked into equipping items that he has developed to appeal the items.According to Power Loader, he is "pathologically selfish" and at the same time disturbs the people involved and is evaluated as "always acting, not afraid of failure, and not bound by preconceived ideas."Also, from the idea that designers who can do it must be able to respond to the unreasonableness of customers, when someone asks for production, we make something that closely matches the opinions of the other party.From her idea, Izuku comes up with the idea of ​​switching his attack style to legs and kicks instead of repeatedly damaged arms.After that, he collaborated with the hero costume of the hero department with the power loader, and undertook the hero costume of Ikuhisa individually.
"Individuality": Zoom
It has eyesight that allows you to see things up to about 5 km away.Also, even while you are moving at high speed, you can accurately aim and lock on the target.
Gorgeous Saki Bibimi
Voice- Ayano Shibuya
3-G schoolgirl in the support department. Born March 3th, height 5cm, favorite things are glittering people, glittering things.
Characterized by long eyelashes.He won the beauty pageant at the school festival for the second consecutive year, but lost to Hado in the third year.
Jaw Yamato Tsutsutaka
Voice- Yoshihito Sasaki
A male student in a regular course.As the name suggests, it features a mandible and a ducktail that looks like the bow of a warship.
Together with Thornike, he hates the 1-A students as "the cause of the turmoil" and tries to get rid of their live performance at the school festival, but he was more moved than expected and looked down on him after the end. Apologize.
Thornike Chikuchi
Voice- Noguchi Yuri
A female student in the regular course.I wonder if I'm on good terms with Jaw Yamato, and I often stay with him.

Lecturer at Yuei High School

All the teachers at Yuei High School are professional heroes[63]..For almite, see "#All MightSee.

Voice- Yasuhiro Takato
Principal of Yuei High School.An animal that has a personality, not a human. Born January 1, blood type A[40]..Height 85 cm, favorite is brushing[47]..Popularity vote ranking 32nd → 37th → 50th out of range → 98th → 72nd.Born in Tokyo.
A mouseWith an appearance like this, he also wonders, "Is it a mouse, a dog, or a bear?"There is a scratch around the right eye.According to the recovery girl, "a long time ago, humans did various things."Invite almite after knowing the injury of almite and the circumstances of "one for all".He has a frank personality and loves to talk, and Almite says, "It's a long time to start talking."He loves to get into tight spaces and often goes into Aizawa's shackles.
"Individuality": High spec
An animal that expresses the "individuality" of "a brain more than a human being".A unique existence that is unprecedented in the world.During the work, he freely manipulates heavy machinery, thinks about "where to break and what reaction will occur", and drives Ashido and Kaminari to fail.
Eraser head / Shota Aizawa
Voice- Junichi Suwabe
A male instructor at Yuei High School. 1-A class teacher. Born November 11, height 8 cm, 183 years old, blood type B[40]..I like cats[41]..Popularity vote ranking 9th → 4th → 6th → 11th → 7th.Born in Tokyo.
A tired appearance with long hair and a stubble.Respect for being rational and hate wasting time.Those who have no prospects will be dismissed as soon as possible, saying, "There is nothing more cruel than chasing a dream halfway." The total number of dismissal guidance was 154 times, and last year all one class was dismissed.[Note 3]..It seems ruthless and harsh, but it is also his kindness, judging from the perspective of surviving the life-threatening hero business.Due to differences in teaching policies, I don't like All Might, but I often look at students in terms of relationships and psychological states.In addition, due to the relationship between the lack of relatives and the control of "individuality", he became the underwriter of the breach, and he also looked at the psyche aiming to incorporate the hero department and taught and trained how to use the captive cloth he uses. Take good care of you.It is said by the recovery girl that it is kind of sweet, but for the sake of the students, the appearance of fighting for their lives is loved by the students, and the death pattern tree that dislikes heroes is admitted to be cool.
He hates exposure to the media and is not well known.Since it was troublesome to think about it, the hero name was the erasure hero "Eraser Head" that Mike thought of when he was in high school.Wear goggles when you are a hero because you cannot understand your eyes.In addition, he said, "A hero can't do anything with just one trick."Carbon fiberSpecial toalloyA band-shaped "capture weapon" woven with is wrapped around the neck, and it also supports close combat.
"Vigirante" reveals the past of the male-English school days.At that time, he was a dark boy who was wondering how to utilize his "individuality" in his hero activities.I used to hang out with Yamada (later Mike) and Hakuun.In addition, Midnight is called by his real name, and the internship destination was the same as Midnight, Yamada, and Hakuun.
In the battle with the Paranormal Liberation Front, he attacked the hospital with Endeavors and fought against innumerable brains, but the hospital collapsed due to the awakening of the dead tree, and even though he was involved in the collapse, he was saved by the crust.After that, when he rushes to the dead tree that attacks Midoriya and others, he erases his personality and engages with other heroes, but with the attack of the dead tree with a momentary gap, the medicine that completely erases his personality The bullet that entered is shot into the right foot, but the right foot is instantly amputated to avoid loss of individuality, but he faints due to the injury.After the incident, he lost his right eye and right foot.
"Individuality": Erase
While staring, erase the "individuality" of the viewer.It is released in a blink of an eye.Hair stands upright during activation.Dry eyeBecause I am suffering from illness, I cannot use it for a long time and use eye drops regularly. The owners of the "invocation type" and "deformed type" "individuality" can understand the ability, but the ability does not work for the "variant type" "individuality" in which the ability appears in the physical characteristics.
Due to the damage received from My Hero Academia during the attack, the usable time is short and the interval is long.
Present Mike / Yamada Knee (Yamada Knee)
Voice- Hiroyuki Yoshino
Voice hero.English teacher[64].. Born July 7, height 7 cm, 185 years old, blood type B[40]..I like radio and TV[48]..Popularity vote ranking 36th → 17th → 16th → 13th → 21th.Born in Tokyo.
In charge of presentations for examinees in the entrance examination[65]..The tension is high overall, but the roots are straight and I feel like a friend.Students are called "listeners".Immediately after the expression of individuality, parents and doctors who heard the birth voice said that the eardrum was torn by the birth voice.I'm not very good at insects and I hate forests (I lose because I hate insects in Kuchita's simulated battle).Endeavor seems to be "awkward" because he is his son's teacher.A classmate and classmate of the same Yuei High School as Aizawa, he devised his hero name. In "Vigilante", the past of high school was revealed, and like Aizawa, he was present at the scene of Hakuun's death and secretly watched over Aizawa.
In the anime, Yoshino, who plays the role of Mike, is in charge of the narration.
In the final exam, he overwhelmed Kuchita and Earo from beginning to end, but he fainted after being attacked by a large number of insects that he was not good at by Kuchita who gave courage.
"Individuality": Voice
It emits a "voice" like a storm and hits the opponent.Its power was tremendous, and at birth it broke the eardrums of parents and the delivery doctor with a voice.The gadget on the neck is a directional speaker.According to Earo, it is completely upward compatible.
Recovery girl / Shuzenji Chiyo
Voice- Etsuko Kozakura
Born April 4, 4 cm tall.What I like is funny[66]..Popularity vote ranking 50th out of range → 50th out of range → 50th out of range → 98th → 118th.Born in Tokyo.
A female nursing teacher who calls herself a mysterious heroine.Existence that becomes the "standbone" of the male and English with a rare healing "individuality".A petite and gentle old woman. One of the few who knows the secret of "One for All".
We often distribute sweets to students, but this is also to help them recover their physical strength during healing.
"Individuality": healing
Dramatically activates the healing power of the subject.Serious injuries can be healed immediately, but it requires the subject's own physical strength according to the injuries.When a severe illness is healed, he may run out of physical strength and "die on the contrary". "If the upper limit of the recovery point is exceeded, the target site becomes unusable."Therefore, small wounds may not heal, or they may heal over time or days.
Lunch rush
Born June 6, blood type is O type[40]..Height 160 cm.My favorite is white rice.
Cook hero.Worked in the cafeteria.He wears a cook hat and uniform, and a mechanical mask with a pipe on his face.Offering first-class food at a low price.Every time it appearsThumbs upare doing.
13 No.
Voice- Inuyama Inuko
Space hero.A gentleman-like hero who makes remarkable achievements in disaster relief. Born February 2, 3 cm tall, 180 years old.I like museums and nature documentaries[48]..Popularity vote ranking 42nd → 45th → 50th out of range → 118th.Born in Tanegashima, Kagoshima Prefecture.
SpacesuitShe is wearing a costume like this, and her true face is unknown.Classes on rescue activities will be held at the "False Disaster and Accident Room" USJ "" on the Yuei site. He preached that "individuality is to help people," and received praise from students as "cool !!".
Although it is difficult to understand the physical characteristics of the costume, she is a woman.
He gave instructions to Iida during the USJ raid and engaged with Kurogiri, but was defeated due to his lack of combat experience.In the final exam, he hunted down Reihi and Aoyama, but he was about to get involved in the black hole, which was upset by Aoyama's remarks, so he hurriedly released his personality and lost.
"Individuality": Black hole
It sucks in anything and makes it dusty.The beam also decomposes photons and sucks in.
Midnight / Kayama Nemuri
Voice- Akino Watanabe
SM play"18 hero" who wears a costume like the costume of.The subject in charge is modern hero art history. Born March 3, height 9 cm, blood type A[40].. 31 years old.My favorite is youth and thrill[50]..Popularity vote ranking 23rd → 35th → 50th out of range → 87th → 72nd.Born in Saitama prefecture.
The part that looks like bare skin is covered with skin-colored (white in the anime version) ultra-thin tights, and when the individuality is activated, it breaks and gives off a "sleeping scent".WeaponCat of Ninetail Whip..At the Yuei Sports Festival, he is the first grade referee.
In "Vigirante", he is a graduate of Yuei High School like Aizawa et al., And becomes clear as their first grade senior.Since he was a high school student, he was a hero costume with extreme exposure, and he was confident that "the common sense of Japan will change in a year", but one year later, in the "Bill on Exposure in Hero Costumes" Deliberation has begun.
At the beginning of the planning of this work, he was in charge of Group A, but it was changed to Aizawa due to character design.
In the final exam, he fought against Sero and Mineda, and tried to put them to sleep at the same time, but he failed to put Mineda to sleep because Sero was hiding Mineda.Although he hunts down Mineda with his own personality, he is defeated by Mineda's plan, which was familiar with her personality because he is a fan of Midnight.
In the battle with the Paranormal Liberation Front, he fought on the front line, inspiring a frightening scream.He tried to put Gigantomachy into sleep, but failed, and even though he was attacked by an enemy from behind, he contacted eight million people, gave instructions, and was killed.
"Individuality": Sleeping incense
The scent emitted from one's own skin puts the inhaled surroundings to sleep.It works better for men than women (but it doesn't mean it doesn't work for women just because it works better for men).
Cementus / Ken Ishiyama
Voice-Kenta Okuma
A large hero with a rectangular parallelepiped face.The subject in charge is modern writing. Born March 3, height 22 cm, blood type B[40].. 28 years old.My favorite is rounded buns[50]..Popularity vote ranking 36th → 27th → 37th → 107th → 118th.Born in Yamagata prefecture.
An almite fan, he hides his inability to maintain muscle form during the USJ attack with a wall built of "individuality."The idea of ​​fighting is how to impose one's strengths.
Contrary to its angular appearance, it prefers roundness.
In the final exam, he will play against Kirishima and Sato, and will overwhelm him from beginning to end, taking advantage of his weakness in attrition warfare.
"Individuality": Cement
TouchedconcreteManipulate at will.
Voice-Toru Nara
DreadlocksA gunman-style man wearing a mask like a gas mask.In charge of the hero department 3rd year. Born November 11, blood type A[40]..Height 182 cm.My favorite things are sausages and hats.Popularity vote ranking has not appeared → 50th place out of range → 50th place out of range → 107th place → 183rd place.
The predecessor of this work "My heroThe model is the hero of the same name that appears in.
In the final exam, he loses against Hagakure and Shoji.
"Individuality": Homing
It has an amazing accuracy rate that allows you to instantly grasp the position of an opponent at a long distance and shoot through key points.
Voice-Masakazu Nishida
Born March 3, height 23 cm, blood type AB[40].. 41 years old.I like karaoke[67]..Popularity vote ranking has not appeared → 42nd → 50th out of range → 82nd → 118th.Born in Okinawa prefecture.
It features a mouth that is torn to the ears.When speaking, use a unique way of speaking that is written in katakana except for kanji.A long time ago, a villain robbed him of both legs and put on an artificial limb.
In the final exam, we will deal with Tokiyami and Frogbuki.He uses his own alter ego to exploit the weaknesses of Tokuyami, and uses his great skill to block the movements of the two, but he is defeated by the calm judgment of Frogbuki and the measures taken by Tokuyami's individuality.
"Individuality": Alternate
From the mouthEctoplasmCan be masqueraded as the person at any position.About 30 people can be put out at one time.However, after singing a couple of karaoke songs, it is possible to generate up to 2 people after getting used to the throat.
Power loader / Buried island hunting (Maijima Higari)
Voice- Yo Kitazawa
Drilling hero. Born September 9, height 17 cm, 155 years old.My favorite thing is a car.Popularity vote ranking has not appeared → 40th place out of range → 50th place out of range → 50nd place → 82th place.Born in Osaka.
In charge of the support department.A man with a helmet-like mask reminiscent of heavy machinery, large hands, and a small body and legs in contrast.Genius skin who has a costume development license and handles item development by himself.Short stature is a complex.Because of his genius skin, he has few friends and is seen as a stranger among the teachers.I'm often involved in the development of the eyes, but I'm careful, but they don't listen.
Normally, he wears only a helmet, but during battle he wears a huge powered suit that looks like a beast of heavy machinery.
In the final exam, Iida and Ojiro are opposed to each other, and even if they try to block their mobility, they lose.
"Individuality": Iron claw
Use these claws to dig into the ground and fight.
Blood King / Kanseki Jiro
Voice- Shuhei Matsuda
Blood hero. 1-B homeroom teacher.Muscular man. Born November 11, 10 cm tall, 194 years old.Blood type is B type[40]..What i likeTomato,cheese.Popularity vote ranking has not appeared → 50th out of range → 50th out of range → 107th.Born in Aomori prefecture.
It features fangs protruding from the lower jaw and a cross wound on the left cheek.He is a hot-blooded man and sees Group A as a rival.Interpret Hound Dog's dog language because of his long relationship.
"Individuality": Blood manipulation
You can freely manipulate your own blood.
Hound dog / Inui hunting
Voice- Eiji Hanawa
Born November 11th, blood type A[40]..Height 196 cm, 32 years old.My favorite things are evening drinks and soccer.Popularity vote ranking not yet appeared → not appeared → out of 50th place → 118th place.Born in Tokyo.
Hound hero.In charge of life guidance.
It has a deformed "individuality" and is characterized by a dog-like appearance.He has no kinship with the same dog-faced face chief.
"Individuality": dog
A variant "individuality" with the characteristics of a dog.When feelings get angry, he forgets the human language and groans like a dog, such as "Garuru" and "Gururu".Because of the characteristics of dogs, it has an excellent sense of smell, and when the subject's sweat is smelled, the mental state can be grasped.I also love bones, and I am happy to see them.

1-A Student Relatives

Midoriya family

Midoriya Inko
Voice- Aya Kawakami / Nanba Yuki
Iku's mother.Fourth generation.I was thin when I was young. "Individuality" is to attract small things.
He felt responsible for Iku's "individuality", but he believed that Iku's "individuality" was "suddenly manifested" by himself.After enrolling in Yuei, he will give away a handmade jumpsuit to support his desire to become a hero.At first, he opposes the dormitory system of Yuei, thinking of his hurt, but he agrees with his growth and desperate persuasion of Almite.
Popularity vote ranking 50th out of range → 44th → 50th out of range → 87th.
Hisashi Midoriya (Midori and Hisashi)
Hikiko's husband and Iku's father. "Individuality" is to blow fire.Currently working alone overseas.


Endeavor / Todoroki Enji
Voice- Tohru Inada
Born August 8, height 8 cm, 195 years old.My favorite is Kuzumochi.Popularity vote ranking 45th → 28th → 40st → 21th.Born in Shizuoka prefecture.
Burning hero.Yuei High School OB.The No. 2 hero next to Almite, boasting the largest number of case resolutions in history.Frozen father.
He has an extremely strong desire to rise and has a strong sense of opposition to almite.The ability is very high, and he also has a high level of insight suitable for No.2.He had a good memory, remembered the ending in detail, and accurately remembered his favorite flower, which he said only once when his wife, Cold, first met. By the time he was 20, he was already in the No. 2 position, but every time he trained, he became keenly aware of the difference with the No. 1 hero, All Might, and realized that he could not be surpassed.There, he marries a cold relative with "individuality" that he has noticed by rolling it up with gold, and tries to raise his own child into a hero who is more than almite.Even children are dissatisfied with not using flames against themselves, forcing them to surpass almite, which is a "masterpiece" in which the "individuality" they desire has appeared.
It is hated from the burning freeze because it has cornered the cold.On the other hand, Honji has not established a normal parent-child relationship, such as saying that burning is a "child".Participating in a rescue operation in Kamino, he was shocked to see the true appearance of Almite during that time, and after the incident he retired to the limit and became a new No. 1 hero.Two days after the Hachisaikai rush operation, I met All Might again when I was coming to see Koro, who was taking a temporary exemption repair, and after a conversation with him, I became the No. 2 hero who can be proud of Koro. When it comes to it, I tell it to freeze.Her attitude towards other families has also changed, trying to cure her relationships with her children and sending her favorite flowers to her wife.
The day after becoming the No. 1 hero officially announced in the second half of the Hero Billboard Chart JP, he encountered a high-end in Fukuoka Prefecture, the hometown of the Hawks.Despite being seriously injured, in addition to Hawks' support, he wins with the spirit of Yuei's lesson "PLUS ULTRA", which he hated.After that, he survived, but a large scar was left on the left eye side of his face.
During the winter vacation internship, I was reluctant to accept Iku and the Bakugo because they were introduced by Frozen, but when I read the code from the Hawks and understood the intern's true intentions, Iku and the Bakugo also saw themselves. Decide and give advice to each of the three people on the task and how to clear the task.At that time, he immediately understood the long words of the analysis of Iku's own personality, described Iku's personality as "difficult personality", and said that he was on the same side as himself.A week later, after the bombers detained the ending that took the second son Natsuo as a hostage, the family except himself put his wife cold in a new house to be built in consideration of the traffic of the two people. He tells Fuyumi that he will be welcoming him and that he will stay at home.In the battle with the Paranormal Liberation Front, he acts to capture his son and brainlessness at the Serpent's Cavity Hospital, but fails due to the awakening of a dead tree, albeit incompletely.After that, he struggles to stop the dead tree, but it weakens due to the continuous use of great techniques, and he is seriously injured by the attack of the dead tree when the all-for-one consciousness awakens.Even so, he tries to fight as the No. 3 hero without giving up, but he is upset when he finds out that the identity of Dabi who appears there is the end of his eldest son, Toya, who seems to have died.However, in addition to being blown away by the freezing, he was inspired to see his friends fighting and hit Gigantomachy, who was about to release the restraint.After the incident, he survived, albeit seriously, but he was struck by the fact that his son became an enemy and shed tears.However, he is inspired again by a conversation with the family who visited the place and vows to stop his son.He then explained his terrifying past at a press conference and told the press to blame himself, not the heroes who are about to die.
"Individuality": Hell Flame
You can wear a detonation on your body and release it."Individuality" that is said to be the strongest on the ground in the flame system.Even when not active as a hero, only the beard part always develops flames to show off its power.In the battle depiction added in the anime version, the flame is changed into a fireball or spear, the enemy's somatic cells are carbonized by temperature control, and the temperature of the flame in the shoe part is raised to melt the concrete wall and run up the wall. Show applications such as.If you use your personality for a long time, your body temperature will rise and your physical function will decline.
Todoroki Rei
Voice- Michiko Neya
Endeavor's wife.Frozen mother.Has the "individuality" of manipulating ice.Endeavor took notice of it and rounded her relatives with fame and money to get married.The age has not been officially announced, but he looks very beautiful.
Although he was kind to burning, he was mentally exhausted by the words and actions of his husband who was only interested in his own "individuality", and he was burned by pouring hot water on the left side of the burning freezing where Endeavor's "individuality" was expressed. I was forced to be hospitalized.However, after a few years, he reunites with Koro, who reconsidered himself after the Yuei Sports Festival, and reconciles.Since then, I have been visiting my hero Academia frequently, and even after Yuei High School became a dormitory system, I have received letters from My Hero Academia frequently.He has come several times, but he isn't there yet because he's scared.When Natsuo said badly about Honji, he was afraid, and he seems to have forgiven him to some extent.
During the battle with the Supernatural Liberation Front, he learned about the appearance of his son, Dabi, on TV, and after the incident, he visited the hospital with his family and decided to face his son with Koro and Honji.
Popularity vote ranking 42nd → 50th out of range → 50th out of range → 67th.
Todoroki Fuyumi
Voice-Kei Shindo
Born December 12, 6 cm tall, 160 years old.My favorite is drama.
Endeavor's daughter.Frozen sister.Elementary school teacher.Feeling guilty about not being able to do anything to his younger brother's burning, he aims for a teaching profession.He wanted his family to get along and was most pleased with the conversion of Houji.
The Todoroki family has four children, including Koro and her, but he has not received any gifted education other than Koro because he did not have the "individuality" that Endeavor wanted.
Popularity vote ranking 41nd → 50th out of range → 50th out of range → 57th.
Natsuo Todoroki
Voice- Yuuki Shin
Born July 7, 1 cm tall, 181 years old.I like sashimi and the sea.Popularity vote ranking not appeared → not appeared → not appeared → 19rd place.
Endeavor's second son and the second elder brother of Frozen. 19 years old.I'm a college student and I have a girlfriend.
I still can't forgive my father who has afflicted my mother and brothers because of my desires, and I have mixed feelings.
Todoroki Toya
Voice- Hiro Shimono
Endeavor's eldest son and the eldest brother of Frozen.CrapSee.
Popularity vote ranking not appeared → not appeared → not appeared → 71st place.

Other relatives

Ingenium / Tensei Iida
Voice-Masamichi Kitada
Born July 7, 22 cm tall.My favorite is sports in general, hayashi rice.Popularity vote ranking 183th out of range → 50th out of range → 50th → 44st.
Tenya's older brother.Turbo hero.Representative of Team IDATEN[68]..According to Iku, "a very popular hero who employs 65 buddies in his office in Tokyo."
During the Yuei Sports Festival, he was attacked by a villain stain called "Hero Killer" in Hosu City.Spinal cord injuryHe was severely injured in the lower half of his body and became unable to recover, and retired as a hero.
It also appears in "Vigirante" and depicts his success as a hero.The most important thing for a hero is to rush as fast as a second to reassure those who are in anxiety.SpeedIs the creed.The office attaches great importance to team play and lets a partner take charge of navigation and patrol.[68]..People with mobile "individuality" who do not have much opportunity to utilize are "picked up one point" individuality "and placed it in the right place, compete with the team's comprehensive strength, gain experience in the field as a sidekick of support personnel, Actively solicit to "Team IDATEN" with the policy of "getting a hero qualification soon".
"Individuality": Engine
It has the same "individuality" as his younger brother, but the exhaust ports are on both elbows instead of the calf.
Bakugo Masaru,Katsuki Bakugo
Voice- Taichi Takeda(Win),Mari Kiyohara→Adachi Yuka(Mitsumi)
Bakugo's parents.Trust Yuei and agree to go to the dormitory.
His father, Katsu, had a time to dream of a hero, but he became interested in the design industry and went to work related to it.He met Mitsumi at work, took a fierce approach, and got married.
Katsu's "individuality" is "oxidized sweat," which produces igniting and explosive sweat from the palm.Mitsumi's "individuality" is "glycerin," which has a moisturizing effect.
Ochako's father and mother
Voice-Shuhei Matsuda (father),Rieko Eba(mother)
Ochako's parents.His father runs a construction company, but he doesn't make much money.After the Yuei Sports Festival, he made a surprise visit to Ochako, who had left his parents.
Jiro Kyotoku,Mika Jiro
Voice- Koji Hiwatari(Hibiki),Akino Watanabe(Mika)
Kyoka's parents.Earo's surname belongs to his wife.The composer Hibiki fell in love with Mika's musical talent and got married.
The husband plays a strict father who opposes the dormitory system, but he was really impressed by the battle of All Might and was happy to cry that his daughter could receive his teachings.
The "individuality" of her mother, Mika, is "ear tab jack."

Jay Huang High School

Night Storm Inasa (Yorashi Inasa) / Repuu
Voice- Ryota Iwasaki
Born September 9, 26 cm tall, my favorite is hot blood.Popularity vote ranking has not appeared → 190th → 38th out of range → 50th.Born in Yamanashi prefecture.
His personality is foolish and honest, and Mike says he is "brilliantly delicate."In the same grade as Iku et al., He passed the recommended entrance examination of Yuei High School in the same year with the highest grade, but declined admission and entered Shijie High School.Take the hero provisional license acquisition test at the Takoba Stadium with Yuhide Iku and others.Aizawa also highly appreciates his ability.The hero name is "Repuu".The hero costume is a coat equipped with injection ports in various places.Genmi Chemie thinks that the volume of voice is huge.It was called "bald" by the bombers.
The most important thing for a hero is that he has a theory of "heat", and he hates Endeavor, who is trapped in my grudge at the other end of the spectrum, and his son's freezing. Because it was ignored by freezing).In the provisional exemption test, he failed the secondary test because he was rubbing with Todoroki for that reason, and he took a special course like Todoroki and Bakugo, but after experiencing with elementary school students there, he should change his perception of freezing and Endeavor. Become.
"Individuality": Whirlwind
It is possible to control the wind and cause a blast to wind up an object.You can also perform delicate strength of the wind generated at the same time.
Seiji Meatkura / Sicyclos
Voice- Shin Furukawa
Born February 2, 9 cm tall, my favorite is vegetables.Popularity vote ranking has not appeared → 172th → 40th → 30st.Born in Okayama prefecture.
2 year boy student.His father is a guard of Tartarus.Take the hero provisional license acquisition test at the Takoba Stadium with Yuhide Iku and others.
He has a very high pride and a distorted sense of justice, and tends to impose his own values.Although he respects Yuei, he is not happy with 1-A, which causes a riot that often comes into contact with villains, and is unusually hostile to the bomber, who has many problems with his behavior.Therefore, it is also called a "passionate man" by the members of the same master.By the way, it looks like it has a strong belief, but it is easy to be swept around.
Although he tried to eliminate Yuei by piggybacking on the examination as the primary examination of the provisional exemption test as "removal of elephant and non-elephant" He dropped out before the return of the bomber and Kirishima.
"Individuality": Meat
Transform the body of the other person you rubbed into a lump of meat.The flesh of others is only kneaded and rounded, but your flesh has a high degree of freedom, and you can operate it separately, or you can collect flesh to form a huge one.In addition, the person who has been made into a lump of meat has a pain sensation even in the state of a lump of meat, and it is released depending on the damage received by the meat maker himself.
Genmi Kemi (Utsushimi Kemi) / Maboro Mikemy
Voice- Chihara Minori
Born August 8th.Height 15 cm[69]..Schoolgirl.A bright and noh-weather personality with thick lips.Popularity vote ranking has not appeared → 49th → 50th out of range → 59th.Born in Saitama prefecture.I speak in imadoki language, but I often abuse it too much to convey it.According to Nikukura, "I'm stupid at the bottom", and at the time of the supplementary lesson, the gang orca who was the instructor thought "something seems to be useless".
At the time of the provisional exemption test, Toga put her to sleep with sleeping pills and replaced her, so the examination was invalidated and she was given a provisional exemption class.
"Individuality": illusion
You can create an illusion for a little time.It is also possible to project nature or make a voice in the case of a person.
Nagamasa Hakata / Chewy
Voice- Volcano Ota
Born November 11th.Height 13 cm.My favorite thing is haircut.Born in Okayama prefecture.
Class president for 2 years.Characterized by body hair that covers the whole body.Unlike Yuei, Shijie High School has the ability to be recognized by adults because the teacher decides the chairman in consideration of his grades and behavior.As mentioned above, he was calm and polite, apologized to the bomber for his rudeness, and he was careful about the night storm that helped the rescuer with his personality without confirming the safety of the rescuer in the second examination. Excellent leadership.
"Individuality": Hair growth
You can freely manipulate the stretchable hair, but it has the drawback of being often entangled due to its length.

Masterpiece Academy High School

Ms. joke / Fukumon lol (Emi Fukukado)
Voice- Mariko Nagai
Born February 2, 5 cm tall, 166 years old.My favorite thing is comedy.Popularity vote ranking has not appeared → 28th out of range → 50th out of range → 50th.
Smile hero.A female teacher in charge of the 2nd grade of the masterpiece school high school.Smiley faceWearing a costume with.
He said that he had an old friendship with Aizawa because his office was close to him in the past, and he said that he became sympathetic after repeated help and help, but because of his too difficult personality, Aizawa was annoyed. There is.
I tried to make Aizawa laugh with "individuality" many times, but just before Aizawa erased "individuality" and failed.
"Individuality": LOL
Makes nearby people laugh indiscriminately and slows down their thoughts and actions.According to Midoriya, her villain extermination using this "individuality" is "full of madness."
Shindo Yo / ground
Voice- Yuta Kasuya
Born May 5th, 13cm tall, my favorite is fishing.Popularity vote ranking has not appeared → 176th place → 20th place out of range → 50th place.Born in Shizuoka prefecture.
A male student belonging to the 2nd grade 2nd grade of Jiemono Gakuen High School.Take the hero provisional license acquisition test at the Takoba Stadium with Yuhide Iku and others.He has a nice face and a handsome and refreshing personality, but he gets sick during battles.It was spotted by the bomber.I'm dating a middle bottle.What I wear on my head is to protect my brain from vibrations.
"Individuality": shake
Shake what you touch.There is also the demerit that aftershocks that correspond to the magnitude and speed of the shaking will recoil on your body.
Earthquake transmission site (Shinden Dochi)
Large-scale cracks and earthquakes occur at the same time.
Medium bottle tatami mat / turtleneck
Voice- Megumi Ban
Born January 1.Height 23 cm.Born in Aichi prefecture.
A female student who belongs to the 2nd grade of the masterpiece school high school.They have fish-shaped earrings.He had a cheerful personality and asked for a sign from Todoroki.In addition, he is dating Shindo and is looking for someone with a true personality.
"Individuality": Folding
Fold your body like a turtle.Personality for rescue.
Makabe plaster / Mr. Smith
Voice- Hiriomichi Kogami
Born March 3th.Height 30 cm.Born in Iwate prefecture.
A male student belonging to the 2nd grade 2nd grade of Jiemono Gakuen High School.It looks like a mask.Makabe made rice balls for his father when he was a child, but because of his personality, he had his father's teeth hung.
"Individuality": Hardening
Harden objects that have been rubbed or kneaded with both hands.Not adapted to living things.
Throwing Marksman Jiro / Boomerang man
Voice-Kenta Okuma
Born January 12.Height 20 cm.Born in Aichi prefecture.
A male student belonging to the 2nd grade 2nd grade of Jiemono Gakuen High School.He has an introverted appearance and personality, but he talks unexpectedly.Makabe is a great combination.
In the original, only the individual name was revealed, but in the anime version, the details of the name and individuality were revealed.
Popularity vote ranking has not appeared → 50th out of range → 50th out of range → 118th.
"Individuality": Boomerang
You can throw what you have in your favorite trajectory.During the work, the thrown ball is sunk into the ground and attacked.

Yugakuen High School

Manguusu Habuko
Voice- Maaya Uchida
Frog's middle school friend.The first appearance is the extra edition of Volume 10.A girl with a snake face above her neck.
"Individuality": Relaxation
Relax the person you see for 3 seconds.
Fujimi Romero
Voice- Ryohei Kimura
Appeared in the original anime "Training of the Dead". "Individuality" is strong and has a strong admiration for heroes, but he is a little invincible, and he sees Yuei as a rival.
"Individuality": Zombie virus
It injects a gas containing a virus that turns an infected person into a zombie.When turned into a zombie, it will not be damaged by the attack, it will stop thinking, and its attack power and ferocity will increase.Furthermore, those who are bitten by those who have become zombies also become zombies (Fujimi himself is also affected by that).Zombies disappear after a certain period of time has passed since the gas disappeared.
Infrared visible light
Voice-Asami Yoshikawa
Appeared in the original anime "Training of the Dead".A first-year female student in the hero department of Yugakuen and a class representative.Girls with glasses.
"Individuality": Infrared
Infrared tactical ability.
Multi-shot bullets
Voice- Minegishi
Appeared in the original anime "Training of the Dead".
"Individuality": Missile
Launch countless missiles from your body.

Seiai Gakuin

Anime original[70][71].

Saiko Interi[70][71]
Voice- Reina Ueda[70][71]
Anime original character. A genius proud of IQ150.Although she speaks in the tone of a young lady, she also has a dark personality that makes her feel comfortable hunting down her opponent with her own strategy.
In the provisional exemption test, he leads his friends to attack Frog, Yamillion, Earo, and Shoji.He tried to seal each "individuality" and bring it into an uncombatable state, but he was hit by a counterattack of eight million who read the strategy, his companion collapsed, and he himself tried to take eight million with him, but it ended in failure. Hit the ball and lose.
"Individuality": IQ
IQ is amplified only while drinking tea and closing eyes.The magnitude of amplification differs depending on the type of black tea.


Alumite officials

Nana Shimura
Voice- Mie Sonoezaki
The 7th generation One for All successor.A woman who owned "One for All" before Almite.
A ally of Gran Torino, he had an innate "individuality" and "floating" apart from "one for all".
Already deceased, All Might was killed by "All for One" at the age of 18.He had a son named Torataro, but his husband was also murdered, and he sent it to foster children because he didn't want to be involved in the battle with villains such as "All for One."
He is very much loved by All Might, and among the words he gave to Iku, there are some words that All Might said from Shimura.He is the grandmother of Kisuke Shimura (Shimura Arc).The consciousness of successive successors was incorporated into One for All, and the death pattern Kisuke and All for All, who had eroded the spiritual world of Iku in the battle in the city of Snake. Appearing in front of Wang, he finds out that Kisuke Shizuka is his grandson.After the battle in the city of Snake, he asked if he could kill his grandson, Kisuke Shizuka, in the spiritual world. Weeping, thinking that they were blessed with good disciples, although they made the wrong choice, asked Ikuhisa to say hello to Gran Torino.
Popularity vote ranking has not appeared → 50th place out of range → 40th place → 78th place.
"Individuality": One for All
"Individuality": floating
Details are unknown, but it seems to be a personality that literally floats itself.
Gran Torino / Sorahiko Rooster
Voice- Kenichi Ogata(Adolescence-Masamichi Kitada <OVA>)
Born January 1, 28 cm tall.My favorite things are Taiyaki and sleep[72]..Popularity vote ranking 33rd → 45th → 50th out of range → 70th.Born in Yamanashi prefecture.
A retired professional hero.An almite master and an ally of Nana Shimura.YamanashiIs based in.
Originally not interested in hero activities, he is so unknown as a hero that the hero otaku Ikuhisa does not know.In order to train almite, I got a hero license that allows free use of "individuality".
For the past year, he worked at Yuei High School to train his almite, and he planted a seriously trembling trauma.The real hero is the same as the top hero, but there is a weakness that hurt his back if he uses "individuality" with all his might because he is old.
By nominating Iku in the workplace experience and refining the technique of adjusting "One for All", he was made to wear "One for All Full Cowl".He also participated in a rescue operation in Kamino-cho, and after the incident, pursued the dead tree, which is said to be the grandson of Tsukauchi and Shimura.On the day of the Hachisaikai rush operation, he acted with some police officers such as Tsukauchi because there was a disturbing movement in the villain coalition, and encountered Gigantomachy under the direct control of "All for One" in a certain mountain, and it was spectacular. At the end of the battle, he catches the black fog who came in contact with him.In the battle with the Supernatural Liberation Front, he was engaged with the brainless people at the Serpent's Cavity Hospital, but he will be engaged with the deadly awakened Kisuke Shigaraki, in order to respect the determination and decision of his ally Nana Shimura. He tries to catch Nana Shimura's grandson, Kisuke Shigaraki, but is admitted to Central Hospital after being crushed on his left leg and seriously injured in his abdomen.
"Individuality": Jet
Jet is ejected from the spout on the sole of the foot.A powerful injection can be made according to the amount of air sucked in by itself.
Sir Night Eye / Mikoi Sasaki
Voice- Shinichiro Miki[73]
Born January 1, 2 cm tall.My favorite things are All Might and heroes. 200 years old.Popularity vote ranking not yet appeared → not appeared → 38th → 35th.Born in Tokyo.
Former sidekick of All Might.According to Almite, he didn't intend to take a sidekick at the time, but he enthusiastically defeated him and hired himself.Currently, he is independent and runs the office with two sidekick and one intern.
Longing for almite, put a mesh in the hair.At first glance, it has a slender physique, but its body is very well trained, and it carries multiple 1 kg stamp-type throwing tools called "super-quality stamps" as support items.The seal type is humor that suits your appearance, and you stock it in your left hand and throw it with your right hand.
He is famous for his rigorous and stoic work, but he is a hardcore almite fan and respects humor the most. I know the secret of "One for All", but I don't accept Iku as a successor because I think it should be passed on to Million instead of Iku.
When Iku was an intern, he was chasing the young head and overhaul of the designated villain group "Death Hachisaikai".He also participates in the Hachisaikai rush operation, but sees the prediction that he and Iku will be killed by Harusaki after losing his left arm and suffering a serious injury that pierces his abdomen.However, he realizes that the future has changed when Izuku defeated Harusaki.He reunites with All Might at the hospital where he was transferred after the incident, but even a recovery girl suffered an irreparable fatal injury, and he entrusted Million with his future and died.
"Vigirante" depicts the sidekick era of almite.
"Individuality": Prediction
By touching a part of the target person and looking at it, you can first “see” the possible actions of that person for an hour.The activation condition is confidential. Once activated, a 1-hour interval is required.
In addition, Knight Eye has been searching for ways to change the future for many years, but in order to change the predicted future, "having a strong vision of the future that you want" and "wanting one future with multiple people" become energy. At the end, he said that the prediction could be overturned by concentrating the energy for some reason.

Hero involved in the Yuei event

Team Larkers
Edge Shot, Shinrin Kamui, and Mt. Lady have teamed up.I accepted Kaminari, Sero, and Mineda as a winter intern.
Edge shot / Shinya Kamihara
Voice- Kenta Kamakari
No.5 ⇒ No.4 hero. Born February 2nd.Height 22 cm, 170 years old.What i likeNinja-rice ball..Popularity vote ranking has not appeared → 45th → 50th out of range → 53rd.
It looks like a ninja, and the sound effect when it appears is "Dron!".Assault the revealed villain coalition hideout with Almite, Gran Torino, Shinrin Kamui and others.The All Might assault invaded the hideout at the moment the enemy's attention was distracted, unlocked it, and guided the police overwhelming force into the hideout.
"Individuality": Paper limbs
Although he insists on "Ninja", he actually has "individuality" that allows him to stretch his body into a thin, thin paper-like shape.The rate of change has been sublimated to a speed in the range exceeding the speed of sound by training.Locked doors can be thinned like paper and can pass through gaps."Individuality" suitable for covert and infiltration behavior.
Ninpo Senmaidooshi
A striking attack that uses "individuality" to stretch one's body thinly into a piece of paper.Its speed exceeds the speed of sound and easily penetrates the human body.
Shinrin Kamui / Nishiya Shinji
Voice-Masamichi Kitada / Kotaro Nishiyama
A young talented hero who is rapidly gaining popularity.The first person is "I". Born May 5, 20 cm tall, 168 years old (since I started counting).My favorite is forest bathing.Popularity vote ranking 29th → 46th out of range → 50th out of range → 50th.Born in Kagoshima prefecture.
The more it receives yellow cheers, the more popular it is with girls, and it has been commercialized as a pez head for sweets.[64].. Since the office is in the neighborhood with Mt. Lady, they often collide and fight together.As a result, she says she's really annoying, but when she rescues another corps in a rematch between All Might and "All for One," she tells her that she's fainted, "I did my best." ..Edgeshot was a longing for me, so when I was asked to form a team, I was so happy that I cried for two hours.
After retiring from All Might, with the activation of villains, Mt. Lady and Edge Shot will team up as "Team Larkers" and will be promoted to No. 3 on the Billboard Chart JP in the second half of the year.
"Individuality": Trees
You can turn your body into a tree and manipulate it freely.I am not good at the "individuality" of the explosion system because the trees (body) are burned.
Mt. Lady (Mount Lady) / Yu Takeyama
Voice- Kaori Natsuka / Yuki Nanba
Born August 8, 11 cm tall, 162 years old.My favorite is peaches.Popularity vote ranking 23th → 26th → 38th out of range → 50th.Born in Hokkaido.
A new female hero.Debuted in a battle with a monster villain at NR Tadōin Station at the beginning of the first episode.So-called"Niche layer"I have a strong desire to reveal myself, and my dream is to become big."The more rumors of love with Shinrin Kamui emerge, the more often they act together.
Although he made a spectacular debut by defeating the villain with his special move "Canyon Cannon", he made a deficit due to damage claims such as the destruction of the building.[74].
At the Yuei Sports Festival, he guards the venue, and at work experience, he accepts Mineda and is involved in Yuei's on-campus events.
He had a bad personality with Midnight, and when he appeared on TV, he had a hobby with her about his costume.CAT FIGHT』Unfold.
He also participated in a rescue operation in Kamino-cho, and when Iku and his friends rescued the bomber, they shook themselves and let them escape.
In the initial concept of the work, a girl student named "Yu Yamayama" was scheduled to be the heroine of this work.[41].
"Individuality": Enormous
It grows from 162 cm to 2062 cm.The size cannot be adjusted.The attack that is unleashed from the giant body boasts tremendous power with every move.Due to size issues, roads with more than two lanes are incapable of acting and are prone to unnecessary damage to the surroundings.
Voice- Hainosuke / Yuta Odaki
Born November 11, 1 cm tall.My favorite thing is watching martial arts.Popularity vote ranking 205th out of range → 50th out of range → 50th out of range → 50nd.
A professional hero who appeared in episode 1.It has a muscular physique and is characterized by a socket.smoker.
At the Yuei Sports Festival, he will guard the venue with Shinrin Kamui and Mt. Lady.In the anime, there is a depiction of accepting Earo in his work experience.
Best Jeanist Award Japan / Ii Hakamada
Voice- Hikari Midorikawa
Born October 10, 5 cm tall, 190 years old.Favorite thing is a wolf[72]..Popularity vote ranking 46th → 33rd → 12th → 6th.Born in Okayama prefecture.
No.4 hero.Yuei High School OB.Awarded Best Jeanist for 8 consecutive years[65].. A very popular hero that fits in five fingers.A man who is also a fashion leader and is gaining popularity from a wide range of generations.
Whole body to the mouthjeansI'm wearing a costume that looks like it's hardened with.He was the destination of the Bakugo's work experience, and he was nominated for the Bakugo in order to correct his glaring personality.However, he could only correct his hairstyle by 8: 2, and regretted that "the hair roots were prideful."
Participated in a rescue operation in Kamino Ward as a separate unit and controlled the brainless hangar, but the unit was destroyed in an instant by an unknown attack by "All for One".However, at that time, he showed the dexterity to manipulate and evacuate the clothes of his friends with "individuality", and was praised by "All for One" as "not an average nerve" in both judgment and skill.Although he was completely wounded, he tried to fight back, but suffered further damage. "All for one" described his "individuality" as "a considerable amount of practice and strength due to work experience", but "it does not match the mourning", so it is unnecessary and "individuality" is deprived. There was no.After that, he was rescued and saved his life, but he was forced to take a long leave of absence for hero activities.
As soon as he was about to return, Hawks was asked to show his loyalty to the villain coalition, and he was missing, but he appeared to Ikutatsu in the battle with the paranormal liberation front and returned to the front.Actually, at the request of Hawks, he underwent surgery to be in a suspended state at Central Hospital, and in the suspended state, he is used as a transaction material for Hawks to be trusted by the Hawks, but Hawks revives from the suspended state at the best timing. It turns out that it was.After the battle in Serpent City, he visited Endeavor and All Might with Hawks to hear the truth of One for All from Endeavor's return to the front and All Might.Attending a press conference with Endeavor and Hawks, he explained to the media a plan to evacuate civilians to a secure hero school, including Yuei High School, judging from the situation where the number of heroes has decreased.
"Individuality": Fiber Master[72]
Manipulate fibers."Individuality" that cannot be escaped because people have a culture of wearing clothes.
Manual / Mizushima regular (Masaki Mizushima)
Voice-Kenta Okuma
Born December 12, 5 cm tall, 176 years old.I like average, foliage plants[72]..Popularity vote ranking 50th out of range → 30th → 50th out of range → 40th.
Normal hero.The biggest selling point is that you can handle anything smoothly, and the hero name is "a manual existence of modern heroes".[72]It is derived from aiming for.
In the work experience, Iida was nominated and entrusted to him, so he was forced to take responsibility for the lack of supervision in one case of Stain, but he accepted Iida's apology and remorse.He has the individuality of manipulating water, and in the anime he manipulates the water spouted from the fire hydrant.
In the battle with the Paranormal Liberation Front, he participated in the battle in the City of Snakes and supported the Eraser Head with his personality.
Gun head
Voice-Koji Okino
Born May 5, 7 cm tall.My favorite is skin care.Popularity vote ranking 191th out of range → 50th out of range → 50th out of range → 50th.
Battle hero.A martial arts sect who specializes in human bullet fighting, he fights using his own hand-to-hand combat technique "GMA (Gunhead Martial Arts)".He is muscular and has a strict appearance wearing a mask and protector, but his tone is gentle.For work experience, nominate Reihi.
"Individuality": Gatling
There are multiple muzzle-like organs on the arm, and it can shoot hardened horny masses like teeth and nails as bullets.Mainly used for menacing shooting, and martial arts for decisive hits.
Voice- Takahiro Fujiwara
Born February 2th, 16cm tall.Blood type is B type[40]..My favorite is the Japanese sword.Popularity vote ranking 50th out of range → 50th out of range → 50th out of range → 107th.
A hero.A strong man in a black suit.Like the gun head, he is good at bullet fighting.The owner of calm and calm thinking.In the work experience, Kirishima and Tetsutetsu are nominated.
"Individuality": Four arms
Has four arms.
Voice- Mai Yamane
Born December 12, 9 cm tall.My favorite is alcohol.Popularity vote ranking 170th → 29th out of range → 50th out of range → 50th.
Snake hero.Female.In the work experience, he nominates eight million and Kento for being cute and looking good.As a side job allowed for heroes, he also appears in commercials.Immediately after the big incident in Kamino, he cooperated in disaster relief.
A character with the same name and appearance appears in the manga series "Oumagadoki Zoo", which was the author's previous work, and is a kind ofStar systemAppearance as a target usage.
"Individuality": Snake hair
The tip of the hairCobraAnd so onsnakeIt has excellent search ability.
Voice- Tomokazu Seki
After the explanation of the hero intern, the hero in charge of the workplace experience, whose name is mentioned only by the lines of the rainy season, appears in the 32nd episode, which is the original episode of the anime.sealCharacterized by a muscular physique with a face like this, he is mainly in charge of cases related to water accidents with four sidekick.
Although it has a rough side as it looks, it is a skillful group who skillfully utilizes the ability of "individuality" in case investigations and battles.He sometimes poses cutely, but his muscular physique doesn't give him a good reputation, and he boasts that he is "stupid by children", but Sirius, a sidekick, says that he is "absolutely stupid." I am amazed.
"Individuality":Sesame seal
"Individuality" that can do anything like a harbor seal.TongueSonarIt has the role of, and by using this, it is possible to fight and capture enemies even when the visibility is deprived.
Voice- Ami Koshimizu
Anime original character.A hero who was at the workplace experience of the rainy season, Selkie's sidekick.In charge of education for frogs.
“Individuality”: Goodyear
You can hear high-frequency sounds that humans cannot hear.
Wild Wild Pushy Cats
No.32 hero. A hero team of four.Formed by members who hit it off when they were students with the idea of ​​ragdoll[66]..All wear maid-style costumes that imitate cats and cat hand gloves.The activity was suspended after the attack on the enemy alliance in the forest training camp, but it was decided to resume the activity due to the high approval rating on the hero billboard chart.
Mandalay / Shino Souzaki
Voice- Meiko Kawasaki
Born May 5, 1 cm tall, 168 years old.My favorite thing is sleeping[66]..Popularity vote ranking has not appeared → 50th place out of range → 39th place → 85th place.Born in Miyagi prefecture.
Team command tower.Since his cousin and sister, who were heroes, have been killed, he has been taking care of his child, Koto.In combat, he specializes in kicks and bullet battles using cat's hand-shaped gloves with blades on both hands.
Although it is now a command tower, he was a retired and thoughtful personality when he was a student.
According to the author, "Team 1 beauty and big breasts".
"Individuality": Telepath
Can convey words directly to the subject's brain.During the summer training camp, I told him that the bomber was being targeted by Dylan, but since Ikuhashi only called the bomber "Kacchan", he was called repeatedly by his nickname and the bomber was sharp. It was.
Pixie Bob / Ryuko Tsuchikawa
Voice- Serina Machiyama
Born June 6, 26 cm tall, 167 years old.My favorite is "Cat! CAT !!"[66]..Popularity vote ranking has not appeared → 50th out of range → 50th out of range → 107th.Born in Ehime prefecture.
The team concept and naming are her ideas. Marriageable age, such as calling himself "heart is 18 years old" and putting on a brim while saying "I'm looking forward to 3 years from now!" In addition to being told by Mandarei that he was impatient about the time, the tiger also said that he was worried about the proper age.
In the attack of the enemy coalition, he was injured in the head by a surprise attack by Spinner and Magne, but he survived.
"Individuality": Earth flow
You can manipulate the soil in various ways.
Ragdoll / Tomoko Shiretoko
Voice- Chisa Suganuma
Born April 4th, height 8cm, 166 years old.Favorite things are tiger, Mandalay, pixie bob[75]..Popularity vote ranking has not appeared → 50th out of range → 50th out of range → 98th.Born in Tokyo.
He has a cheerful personality and is a lively role for pussy cats. She also said that she would form a professional team with four people[75]..It features four white eyes that look like they are wide open, and the first person is "Achiki".
He was abducted during a battle with the villain coalition at a summer forest camp and later protected in a rescue operation in Kamino Ward.However, because "individuality" was taken away by "all for one", "individuality" became unusable, and he was forced to take a leave of absence from hero activities.After resuming activities, we will support three people in clerical work.
"Individuality": Search
Just by looking at the other person, you can know the information of the other person, including their whereabouts and weaknesses, up to 100 people."Individuality" for support who is good at collecting and analyzing information.
Tiger / Chatora soft
Voice-Shinnosuke Ogami
Born February 2, height 29 cm, 190 years old.Favorite thing is a member[75]..Popularity vote ranking has not appeared → 50th out of range → 50th out of range → 107th.Born in Kagoshima prefecture.
The best martial arts group of Pussy Cats.The first person is "I".A former woman who always has white eyes and a muscular body.After undergoing sex change surgery in Thailand, it seems that she now looks like a man's body. A martial arts user called "Cat Combat".
He had a deep bond with the members, and was angry with Spinner and Magne, who ridiculed Pixie-bob, and participated in a rescue operation in Kamino-cho to rescue Ragdoll himself.
"Individuality": Soft body
You can freely bend your body.Excellent compatibility with a well-trained body.
Ryukyu / Ryuko Tatsuma
Voice- Kaori Yagi
Born September 9, 22 cm tall, 166 years old.My favorite thing is glitter.Born in Okinawa prefecture.
No.9 ⇒ No.10 hero.Dragoon hero.Although young, he is extremely popular because of his strong "individuality".
He is a twisted intern and accepts Ochako and Frogbuki by introducing the twist.
"Individuality": Dragon
Transforms into a giant dragon that glides freely in the air.Power is also strengthened, and if it is a normal villain, it will be suppressed with one hand.
Fat gum / Tashiro Toyomitsu
Voice- Kazuyuki Okitsu[76]
Born August 8, height 8 cm (?), 250 years old.What i likeTakoyaki..Popularity vote ranking not yet appeared → not appeared → 20th → 30th.Born in Osaka.
BMI hero.A hero who works in the Kansai area.
He is familiar with illegal drugs because he used to work with the police to detect illegal drug trafficking.
He is an intern at Tenku and accepts Kirishima with the introduction of Tenku.
"Individuality": Fat adsorption
Has a body that can adsorb and sink anything.If the impact is absorbed and submerged and suppressed, a powerful attack force that utilizes the accumulated impact is obtained in exchange for a decrease in the defense force due to the digestion of fat.
Hawks / Keigo Takami
Voice- Yuichi Nakamura
Born December 12th. 28 years old.Height 22 cm, my favorite is chicken.Popularity vote ranking not appeared → not appeared → not appeared → 172th place.Born in Fukuoka prefecture.
Hero Billboard Chart JP NO.3⇒No.2 wing hero.FukuokaA local hero who is active in Kyushu based in Kyushu, but is active nationwide on business trips and surveys.
Although not a graduate of Yuei High School, he made his debut at the age of 18 and made it to the top 10 of the Billboard chart in the second half of the year, and is known as the only hero who made it into the top 10 as a teenager. Is called.On the other hand, his personality is self-paced and he does not have a tendency to rise to that extent, and he has the belief that "the hero wants to have time to spare."However, during the patrol, he will utilize his own personality to deal with various aspects from the prevention of individual crimes to the support to the citizens, and will solve them immediately, and will also provide fan service casually.
Work experience and internship in the darkness.When he was nominated for a work experience, he said he had also nominated him for burning, but he said that he was glad that he came to the darkness from the results of the provisional exemption test.
After defeating the high-end, he had a secret meeting with the villain and cooperated with the villain coalition by providing guidance on the high-end, but in reality he was a double agent who was planning to infiltrate the villain coalition at the request of the Hero Public Safety Commission.From the public security side, the request was expected to be suitable because he had a wide view and was not aware of his honor and fame, and he could close his eyes to the damage while he was involved in the coalition.Then, when the Supernatural Liberation Front was born, eavesdroppers and small cameras were attached to the wings in a sketchy manner and constantly monitored, and information could only be sent to the Hero Public Safety Commission by cryptography, but it has been struck by public security since childhood. By becoming familiar with Twice and his own negotiation skills, he gathered necessary information such as all members of the Supernatural Liberation Front.Then, on the day of the meeting of the paranormal liberation front executives at Gunyu Sanso, he tried to detain TWICE, but was disturbed by TWICE, and although he killed TWICE, he was seriously injured by the flame of TWICE. Just before being stabbed by a stop, Tsukuyomi (everyday darkness) helps.After being discharged from Central Hospital, he and his best jeans visited the house where his mother lived, and in a letter from his mother, Tadashi attacked his mother's house with a clique and confessed Hawks' real name and identity. Knowing that he had hidden it, the Hero Public Safety Commission was able to move freely, partly because it had virtually stopped functioning in the battle with the Supernatural Liberation Front.And when the father of the murder-robbery who abused himself and his mother in his childhood was arrested by Endeavor, Endeavor and Almite with the best jeans to give back to Endeavor who released him from the binding. I visited and heard the truth about One for All from Endeavor's return to the front and Almite.He also attended the press conference with Endeavor and Best Jeanist, explaining that the damage assumption would not have been the current ratio without defeating TWICE, but told the media that it was a pity that TWICE could not be rehabilitated.
"Individuality": Rigid wings
You can manipulate the hard and supple wings that grow on your back one by one as you like.The wings have the function of sensing vibrations, and you can read and manipulate the surrounding conditions with the wings even if you are not in the Hawks' field of view.However, there is a drawback that the flight becomes unstable at the same time as the wings on the back are reduced.
Gang Orca / Satoru Sakamata
Voice-Shuhei Matsuda
Humanoid in a white suitOrcasesA hero who looks like. No.10 hero. Born October 10th.Height 29 cm, 202 years old.My favorite is the strong man, swimming in the sea.Popularity vote ranking has not appeared → 34th place out of range → 50rd place → 33th place.Born in Kanagawa prefecture.
Aquariums all over the country are constantly requesting parks and shows, but it seems that small children often cry because of their solid personality and scary face, which ranks third in the "villain-like appearance hero ranking". Worried.
In the Bakugo rescue operation in Kamino Ward, his ability is so high that he is nominated and convened alongside Endeavor and Best Jeanist.Although he controls the brainless hangar with the best jeans, he is attacked by "All for One".
Appeared as a virtual enemy (villain) with a large number of side kicks in the temporary exemption secondary test.He is also instructor in the provisional exemption class.In the winter internship, he accepted Earo and Shoji and taught "strengthening the enemy search".
The winter intern accepted Earo and Shoji.
Similar to Uwabami, a character with the same appearance appears in the manga series "Oumagadoki Zoo", which was the author's previous work, and it appears as a kind of star system usage.
"Individuality": Killer whale
It can demonstrate the characteristics of killer whales regardless of whether they are on land or in water.
Wash / Mitarai Rinse
Hero Billboard Chart JPNO.8 Laundry Hero. Born December 12th.Height 18 cm, 176 years old.My favorite thing is children.
A hero in a washing machine-like costume.Very high support from children.
In the winter internship, he accepted Kuchita and taught "smooth communication".
"Individuality": Clean bobble
 Manipulate with bubbles.
Yoroi Musha
Hero Billboard Chart JPNO.9 Toseigusoku Hero.A costume dressed in armor.
Like Ryukyu, the rank in the second half of the Billboard chart seems to be lower than the previous time, but he didn't mind saying, "All but the top three are errors due to time luck."
As a winter intern, I accepted Aoyama, Ashido, and Hagakure.
After the battle with the Paranormal Liberation Front, he immediately announced his retirement due to the deterioration of the situation for the hero.
Hero Billboard Chart JPNO.13 Lion Hero.
In the winter internship, he accepted Ojiro and Sato and taught "the power of effort and look-ahead".
Majestic / Enma Kannagi
Magic hero. Born January 1th.Height 4 cm, 183 years old.I like women.
In the winter internship, he accepted XNUMX million and was taught "prediction and efficiency".
In the battle with the Paranormal Liberation Front, he escapes eight million people with his own personality from the rush of Gigantomachy from Gunyu Sanso to the city of Snake, but he himself is involved in the rush of Gigantomachy and died.
"Individuality": Mahou
It emits ring-shaped energy and manipulates things freely.There is a limit to the size of the ring.

Other heroes

Yuto Beni (Crimson Riot)
Voice- Jiro Saito
A Han hero that Kirishima longs for and aims for.A fairly old generation hero.
The mouth is covered with a mask with a bright red ducktail.Known for his rushing hero activities that face danger without fear, he is summarized in the book "Hero Retsuden 50 Great Heroes".
"I'm afraid to jump into the dead zone", but I know that it's hard to save any more, so the activity of jumping in and the attitude of swearing at what I decided once have a big influence on the formation of Kirishima's view of heroes. To exert.
Back draft
Voice- Shuhei Matsuda
A hero in a costume like a firefighter. Born March 3th.Height 7 cm, my favorite thing is bathing.Popularity vote ranking 165th out of range → 50th out of range → 50th out of range → 50th.
We are good at rescue and support for fires.
Toy toy
A hero who was heckling a bomber at a sports festival.
Voice- KENN
Native AmericanA man wearing a wind costume.A professional hero who works mainly in Hosu City.
Stain's "individuality" deprives him of his physical freedom and makes him almost killed, but he is rescued by Iku and his friends.Since it was type B blood, which had the strongest effect of stain's "individuality," he could not move for eight minutes and could not help Iku and his friends.
He participated in the battle with the Paranormal Liberation Front, but it turns out that he was killed in action.
Air jet
Buster hero.
His costume is a model of the support item that he used in the horse fight at the sports festival.
Water hose
The parents of the sword.He was killed by a muscular and was killed.
The hero I gave as a hero who likes night storms.
Bubble girl / Kaoruko Awata
Voice- Rie Murakawa
Born April 4.Height 23 cm, 167 years old.My favorite is Ofuro.Born in Ehime prefecture.
Sir Night Eye sidekick.
Winner of the fan art contest.
"Individuality": Bubble
Generates bubbles from all over the body.
Centimeter / Centipede
Voice-Kenta Okuma
Born June 6th.Height 4 cm, 205 years old.My favorite thing is aromatic.Born in Niigata prefecture.
Sir Night Eye sidekick.After the death of Knight Eye, he took over the office.During the winter vacation, the intern told Iku that he could not accept the intern because Night Eye is doing various jobs by himself and he still has to take over the remaining work, so there is no room at present. I'm sorry, I refused.
Like the bubble girl, this is a fan art contest winning work.
"Individuality": Centipede
 centipedeA variant of.
Rock rock / Takagi key
Voice- Yasuhiro
Born June 6th.Height 9 cm, 173 years old.My favorite is a bicycle.Born in Tokushima prefecture.
One of the heroes who participated in the wreck rescue operation, with dreadlocks and slightly burnt skin.He is married and has one child.
Although he often speaks badly and curses, he is a gentle person, and he admitted after a joint struggle that he was initially underestimated.
In the wreck rescue operation, he fixed the approaching concrete wall to prevent it from being crushed, but he was attacked by a toga in an isolated place and was seriously injured by being stabbed in the gap between the ribs, but he survived.In the battle with the Supernatural Liberation Front, he was competing in the battle at the Serpent's Cavity Hospital, but when the eraser head was seriously injured by the dead pattern Kisuke, he fixed the wound of the eraser head with his personality and bleeding. Leaving the battlefield while preventing.
"Individuality": Locked
Fix the touched object (excluding living things) on the spot (there is a limit to the force and area that can be fixed).
Voice- Kengo Tsujii
Born April 4th.Height 4 cm, my favorite is fried chicken.
One of the heroes who participated in the wreck rescue operation.A local minor hero.
The design of the head is diverted from the author's past work.
Mr. Brave
Voice-Masaki Sakaide
One of the heroes who participated in the wreck rescue operation.A local minor hero.
"Individuality": Hair
You can stretch, grow, and harden torn hair.
Snatch / Hikawara dust
Voice- Koji Ishii
Born April 4th.Height 14 cm, 180 years old.My favorite is barbecue.
A hero who guarded a police car during transportation to Harusaki.He was killed by the long-awaited dead trees.
"Individuality": Unknown name
Sand the upper body and manipulate it freely.
One of the famous heroes in the book "Hero Retsuden 50 Great Heroes" like Almite and Yuto Beniyori.
Gentle Criminal's high school classmate.He is active in costumes with a bamboo design.He didn't remember Gentle when he resumed after graduating from high school, which prompted him to commit a villain crime.
Mirko / Rabbit Mountain Rumi (Rabbit Mountain Rumi)
Voice- Kinoshita Sayaka
Born March 3st.Height 1 cm, 159 years old.My favorite is carrots.Popularity vote ranking not appeared → not appeared → not appeared → 26th place.
Hero Billboard Chart JPNO.5 Rabbit Hero.A new type of female hero who does not open an office.
He was very victorious and called him a "weakling" for the edge shot that teamed up with Shinrin Kamui and others.
After seeing the news, he rushed to Endeavor and others who were fighting the high end, but after the escape, he jumped away again.In the battle with the Paranormal Liberation Front, he engages and destroys a myriad of high-end brains at the Snake Cavity Hospital, but is seriously injured.
"Individuality": Rabbit
Demonstrate physical ability like a rabbit.
Shield hero of Hero Billboard Chart JPNO.6 who is keeping the ranking steadily.
A hot-blooded man who is touted as "The Orthodox Man," he cried unabashedly and regretted the retirement of All Might, lamenting that he could not participate in the rescue operation in Kamino-cho.
In a battle with the Paranormal Liberation Front, he is involved in the collapse of an awakened dead tree and dies.
"Individuality": Shield
A shield can be generated from the whole body.
Burnin / Moe Kamiji
Voice- Misato Kawauchi
Born January 1, 18 cm tall.My favorite thing is festivals. 169 years old.
Endeavor's sidekick, a woman who is famous among Endeavor's sidekick.
"Individuality": Burning hair
Individuality that burns hair.
Voice-Kiyotaka Furushima
Endeavor's sidekick.
"Individuality": Orbit
You can change the trajectory.
Voice-Toru Nara
Endeavor's sidekick.
A male hero with a personality that shoots a beam from his right eye.In the battle with the Paranormal Liberation Front, he was killed after being robbed of his cloak by Kisuke Shizuka, who awoke to participate in the battle at the Serpent's Cavity Hospital.

OFA successors

"All for one" younger brother
Voice- Soichiro Hoshi
Origin of "One for All" (first generation).deceased.The real name is unknown.
Thought to be "individual", his body was weak and petite, so his brother, "All for One," gave him a distorted affection.He had a strong sense of justice and continued to resist his brother's work, even though he was hurt.
At one point, my brother forcibly transferred the "individuality" that stocks power, but in reality it has "individuality" that gives "individuality" and is mixed with "individuality" that stocks power. That is why "One for All" was born.It is said that he was defeated by his brother and entrusted "One for All" to posterity in order to stop his brother who lives semi-permanently.In the battle in the city of Snake, they appeared with Nana Shimura to stop Shigaraki and All for One, who had eroded the spiritual world of Iku, and they were obsessed with the desire to help. After a long time, he told his brother All for One and Shigaraki.After the battle in the city of Snake, he appeared before Iku with other successors in the spiritual world of Iku, and responded to the appearance of All for One months before the battle in the city of Snake. As the one-for-all personality began to grow rapidly, the consciousness of successive successors incorporated into the one-for-all personality factor became clear and mutual communication became possible. He told me that it became easier to get in touch with Iku because he was pulled by all-for-one in the previous battle.And, after telling that one for all can only be inherited with no individuality because it consumes vitality and shortens the life if it is inherited with individuality, Ikuhisa wants to save the dead pattern Kisuke. I agreed with that, so I told him that I would follow Iku, and asked for the cooperation of the second and third generations who turned their backs on Iku.
"Individuality": Transfer of "individuality"
"Individuality" that gives "individuality" to others.However, it was a meaningless "individuality" that could only give "individuality", which was a factor that made him think that he was "individuality".
"Individuality": Stock of power
The "individuality" that "All for One" robbed others and forcibly gave him.
Shinomori Hikage
4th generation successor.There is a big crack on the face.Among the one-for-all heirs, the heir who held for 18 years after almite.Mannawa says that he is "a weirdo who was disgusted by the profane and lived like a hermit," and that he himself was "a person other than me." When I inherited "One for All", I realized that I couldn't beat AFO by myself, so I focused on cultivating my role and lived a life of escaping from AFO and accumulating power.He cracked his body in his later years and died of senility at the young age of 40.In addition, it is revealed in the commentary section of Volume 8 that all the successive successors except Shinomori, the 31th successor Almite, and Ikuhisa were killed by All for One.
"Individuality": One for All
"Individuality": Crisis detection
Lariat / Daigoro Mannawa
Voice- Hiroki Yasumoto
5th generation successor. A funky and muscular man with a habit of "-sa".
During the class competition, I told him the details of "One for All" in the spiritual world, and explained that it was important to control the mind. "You are the one to complete" One for All "." I told him.
"Individuality": One for All
"Individuality": Black whip
He was good at capturing and maneuvering in the air with the string-like energy released from his body.
6th generation successor.A black-haired young man dressed to cover his mouth, the seventh successor, Nana Shimura, told All Might that his former successor, the "black-haired young man," is smoke.
"Individuality": Smoke screen
Individuality that generates a smoke screen.
Nana Shimura
7th generation successor. "#Nana ShimuraSee.
All Might / Toshinori Yagi
8th generation successor. "#All MightSee.
Izuku Midoriya / Deku
9th generation successor. "#Izuku MidoriyaSee.

Enemy (Villan)

Those who have an enemy (villain) name are listed in "enemy (villain) name / name".

Paranormal Liberation Front

Former enemy (villain) coalition affiliation
Shigaraki Tomura / Shimura Tenko
Voice- Ukiyama,Arisa Sekine(Shimura arc)
Born April 4th.Height 4 cm.I don't like anything. 175-year-old.Popularity vote ranking 20th → 19th → 16th → 15th.
Leader of the Enemy (Villain) Union.A slim man with many hands (14 on the face, back of the head, neck, sides, and arms).Grandson of Nana Shimura.
Enjoy crime as if it were a game, and scratch your neck when you get frustrated.The hand that is attached to the face like a mask ("Dad" according to himself) is treated specially, and it is carried even when it is removed, and when it is dropped during a USJ attack, it is picked up in dismay, and when it is about to be hurt by Stain I'm glaring.
As a child, he was a boy who longed for a hero.Father Akitaro Shimura (Voice- Yuya Tajima) Is the son of Nana Shimura, but because she was adopted by a foster child, she made a rule that she should not talk about heroes at home, and she was scolded excessively every time she talked about heroes.One day, my sister Hana Shimura (voice- Chiyuki Miura) Takes a picture of Nana Shimura out of her father's room without permission and shows it as an arc, and promises to become a hero secretly, but the father who notices it is sanctioned.At that time, the feeling that everyone hates it grows, the "individuality" of the collapse appears, and the family who came to see the situation is unknowingly killed one after another.The father who saw the scene hit his head with a stick, and for the first time he had a clear murderous intention and killed his father, Arctaro.After that, he was picked up by All for One when he was wandering around the city without being helped by anyone.
The hero describes it as "a child seems to have grown up as it is", and All Might calls it a "child adult".He wonders about the difference in public evaluation of himself and Stain, mentions the existence of belief in Iku and conversation, and finds out as his belief that the fragility of justice is exposed by eradicating All Might.After the battle with the PLA in the Mud Flower City, not only did the "individuality" blossom, but the memories of the past were regained, and Li Destro was succumbed to the "Supernatural Liberation" that fused the Vilan Union and the PLA. Became the supreme leader of a huge organization with more than XNUMX members called "Front".Then, after undergoing a remodeling operation by a doctor, he plans to transplant all-for-one personality and acquire physical abilities close to those of All Might.However, one month before the establishment of the individuality "All for One" was completed, the heroes rushed into the Serpent's Cavity General Hospital, where the dead tree sleeps in a suspended state. Overwhelm the Endeavors.Although Aizawa makes it impossible to use the multiple personalities he has acquired, he takes a momentary gap and seriously injures Gran Torino and Aizawa.However, his body couldn't keep up with the load caused by his incompleteness and awakening, and he was cornered by being attacked by Ikuhisa's angry waves.In addition, he is about to be attacked by Entever's whole body, but he endures it when the consciousness of All for One awakens, and seriously injures Entever and the bomber.In addition to the fiery freezes who rushed there, it became a fierce battle in which his own friends also came, and even though he tried to take away the individuality of Iku, he failed and fainted.Although he was detained by the enemy as it was, he escaped the difficulty with the support of his friends, and when the consciousness of All for One was awakened again, he managed to escape.After that, he headed for Tartarus in a way that the body was taken over by All for One, and released the main body of All for One and the prisoners who had been captured.Then, when the jailbreak prisoners from Near High End and Tartarus were made to attack seven prisons and jailbreak the prisoners from six places, they were ready to disturb their pursuit of themselves and all-for-one. I will take a rest for a while to complete the body of the dead pattern Kisuke.
The model is the main character of the author's debut one-shot "Tenko".
The dead tree isGreat East Japan Earthquake,インターネットThroughHEATThe rise ofnihilismThere is also a view that is a personalized existence[19].
"Individuality": Collapse
Break things that you touch into pieces.Humans can make dust in less than a minute. It could not be activated unless the target was touched by 1 fingers, but in the battle with the PLA, the collapse can now be propagated to those that are not directly touched, and it can be activated without touching with 5 fingers. become.
Dabi / Todoroki Toya
Voice-Hiro Shimono
Born January 1, 18 cm tall.
Leader of the Open Action Corps.荼 毘 is a street name. In the "Supernatural Liberation Front", he is the action captain of "VIOLET" along with the apocrypha.
There are patch marks on each part of the body.Join the coalition in favor of Stain's ideas.Prior to that, it was said that he had not caused any noticeable major incidents.During the raid on the forest training camp, details are unknown, but he makes meaningful remarks to Todoroki.After that, he contacts the villain in the name of gathering friends, and if he does not like it, he repeatedly burns it to death.He also contacted the Hawks, set various conditions to trust him, and attacked him and Entever after defeating the high end.Mirko rushed to withdraw, but when he left, he called out to Entever, "Do your best."
Its true identity is Toya, the elder brother of Koro, who was thought to have died. A video confessing the circumstances of the past was released to the public.He attacks Entever, who is shocked by his identity, to further despair, and engages with his younger brother, Koro, to dismiss him.Then, he was taken to the near high end and escaped from the battlefield with the dead trees.After that, I muttered to my family while watching the burns in a certain building, to look at me at the bottom of hell.After seeing the Endeavors' press conference, he ridiculed him for not being bullied.
As a child, he was noticed by his father because he had more talent than Endeavor, and he himself was aiming to be a hero, and his family was good.However, his constitution made it dangerous to raise the firepower any more, and his parents who thought about himself sentenced him to a ban on training.However, he trained silently and began to burn burns all over his body, and Endeavor decided to have a new child to stop it.Having a strong hatred for the froze that was born, and attacking him as a baby, Endeavor keeps the froze and other children away, and the family gets worse and worse.After that, although he was ostensibly as he was told, he made burns in a place that he could not see from the surroundings, and in the middle of the night he complained to his younger brother Natsuo and cried.Furthermore, she didn't talk to her sister and mother who were worried about herself, thinking that all the women in the house were useless. At the age of 13, his firepower jumped as he grew up, and his flames changed color from red to blue.He smiled and told his father about it and asked him to see his power, but he never came to himself.At that time, my personality went out of control due to the emotional excitement, and I burned my body because I did not know how to reduce the firepower, and it became a forest fire and disappeared, and my family burned out. It was thought to be dead.
Popularity vote ranking has not appeared → 27th → 34th → 28th.
"Individuality": Blue flame (provisional)
A blue flame is emitted from the palm.It has more firepower than his father's Endeavor, but if used for a long time, his skin will burn.The original color was red, but it changed color as it grew.
Himiko Toga / Toga Himiko
Voice- Misato Fukuen
Born August 8th.Height 7 cm.My favorite things are blood and pomegranate. 157 years old.Popularity vote ranking has not appeared → 17th → 19th → 19nd.
A girl with double teeth and brown hair.Although his name and face have not been reported because he is a minor, he is suspected of a series of blood loss deaths. In the "Supernatural Liberation Front", he is the action captain of "CARMINE" along with Skeptic.
She wears school uniform and has a dumpling on both sides, and the dumpling has a fluffy base.Using a knife as a weapon, he says, "I love the tattered people who smell blood."Also, it has the cruelty of imitating a favorite person and chopping it at the end.Distorted romance preferencehave.He calls Stain "Ste-sama" and joins the coalition in favor of his ideas.
When he attacked the forest camp in the summer, he wore a mask with eight small tubes given to the coalition and a large mouth drawn.scarfOn his back, he carries a pump with six needles to suck the subject's blood.At first sight, I fell in love with the bloody Iku I met at that time and attacked him.In the provisional exemption test, I took the test as a real chemy of Shijie High School.In the primary test, he contacts Iku and collects blood while listening to his view of heroes.In the internship, he works as a "seconded group" at Hachisaikai.However, as far as the Hachisaikai rush operation is concerned, he and Twice will use Iku and others to destroy Hachisaikai.In addition, he tells the dead trees about the movement of the police carrying the bullets that erase the "individuality" and their serum.In the battle with the PLA in Mud Flower City, when he was cornered by Curios and transformed into Ochako, he became able to use not only his appearance but also Ochako's "individuality" and killed Curios with that "individuality". do.When the hero attacks the base, he is caught, but Twice who rushes to the place saves him, and he is told that the main body has died.He hugged and said goodbye, thanking TWICE for collapsing in front of him.Then, from the wrath of his death, he rampages against the hero, rides Gigantomachy with his friends, and heads for the dead tree.On the way, he wonders what to draw a line with, and if the hero helps a person, Twice was not a person, and in order to know the answer, he puts Ochako in a trap and engages.Then he fought against Ochako while hitting his own thoughts, and when he heard her words, he left with tears.
"Individuality": Transformation
You can ingest the blood of others and transform into that figure. If you drink the blood of multiple people at once, you can transform into more people.Transformation time is proportional to intake and lasts for about a day with a glass.You can transform it including clothes, but since it overlaps with the clothes you originally wore, you need to be intentionally naked when transforming.
Originally, only the appearance could be transformed, but the "individuality" evolved in the battle with the PLA, and the "individuality" of the transformation target can also be used.
TWICE / Bubaigawara Jin
Voice- Daichi Endo
Born May 5th.Height 10 cm.My favorite is cigarettes. 178 years old. In the "Supernatural Liberation Front", he is the action captain of "BLACK".
A man with gray skin and three white eyes wearing a black rubber suit.Speak in a unique way that uses the opposite word after the spoken word[Note 4].
His parents were involved in a villain crime and were killed, and he became single because he had no relatives.Although he was picked up by the president of the company, he was banished from the company because he had run over an officer of the customer's company and the transaction was cut off.As a result of asking for a person to talk to, he duplicated himself and continued to make the duplicate make more duplicates with the intention of "I want to be easier", and followed many of himself.However, he is about to be killed by a replica and his forehead is injured.The duplicates also killed each other, and the surviving body became uncertain whether it was genuine or not.traumaAlways say the oppositeDual personalityWas formed.Therefore, I always suffer from this other personality except when I wear a mask (wrap my head with something).When the duplicates killed each other and became completely alone, he met Yoshinori and joined the villain coalition.
In the internship, he works as a "seconded group" in Hachisaikai, but he was not happy that Magne was killed during negotiations with Hachisaikai, so he gave up on them in the Hachisaikai rush operation. , Tell Toga Himiko the strategy she thought of.
In the battle with the PLA, he was convinced that he was genuine because he had a hard time but did not disappear, and he overcame the trauma.On the day of the executives' meeting at Gunyu Sanso, he was betrayed by Hawks, who he thought was his companion, and was about to be detained. He died after being killed, and the last remaining alter ego also began to collapse without being able to withstand the crash immediately after killing the hero who restrained Toga and Compress, and while being hugged by Toga, he cursed Hawks in his heart and sweared at himself. Life disappeared, thinking that I was happy to meet my friends.
"Individuality": Double
According to himself, "simple power to make one into two".You can duplicate up to two target people at the same time.
The copy also reproduces the personality and "individuality", but the endurance is different, and it disappears when it receives a large amount of damage (according to the person himself, "about a fracture in an adult male"), and it is transmitted to TWICE.When duplicating, it is necessary to clearly image the object, and in the case of a person, a lot of data such as height and chest circumference are required.If you duplicate yourself, you can create almost infinite alter ego by letting the alter ego use more "individuality".There was a drawback that he assumed that the alter ego itself was TWICE and attacked the main body as a fake, but the duplicates created after overcoming the trauma are united.
Mr. Compress / Sako Atsuhiro
Voice- Mogami Tsuguo
Born October 10th.Height 8 cm, my favorite is magic.Self-proclaimed and former entertainer. In the "Supernatural Liberation Front", he is the action captain of "BROWN" along with the spinner.
Wear a mask and a suit with a cloak and a top hat with feathers.At the time of negotiations between the dead tree and the overhaul, the overhaul blows off his left arm with "individuality", and he comes to wear a mechanical prosthesis.While the overhaul is being taken to the police, he attacks with the dead trees and cuts off his left arm with "individuality" in return.When the base is attacked by a hero, Twice escapes the crisis by rushing to catch him, and rides on the back of Gigantomachy and heads for the dead tree.When caught by the best jeans who appeared from above after arriving, he released the restraint by scooping his own body as a measure of bitterness, rescued the dead trees and made a move to gain time, and tried to stop Million but was defeated with a single blow ..However, the operation was successful, and although he succeeded in letting the dead trees escape, he was secured with Gigantomachy.
It is the family of Keiji Harima, a rare thief, and Compress is the grandson of his grandson.
Popularity vote ranking has not appeared → 50th place out of range → 47th place → 58th place.
"Individuality": compression
The object is compressed into a spherical shape and confined.It is also possible to destroy the target by containing only a part of the target.
Spinner / Shuichi Iguchi
Voice- Ryo Iwasaki
Born August 8th.Height 8 cm.My favorite is games. 174 years old.Popularity vote ranking has not appeared → 21th out of range → 50th out of range → 50th.
Vilan longs for Stain. In the "Supernatural Liberation Front", he will be the action captain of "BROWN" with Mr. Compress.
I had pink hairLizard manWearing clothes that imitate stains.A huge sword that holds various blades together with a belt or chain[Note 5]Is a weapon.Born in a rural town where there is still a prejudice against atypical types, he grew up being despised as a "lizard bastard", but was impressed by Stain's appearance in the Hosu incident and joined the coalition.
In particular, he was fascinated by Stain's thoughts in the coalition, overlooked Iku on the eradication list created by the dead tree as "Stain admitted", and when attacking the police escorting the overhaul, "Is it in line with Stain's will?" "Is disappointing.However, hearing the feelings of the dead tree himself in response to the question of the doctor, makes me want to see the future of the dead tree.After the battle in the city of Snake, after attacking Tartarus and seven prisons, it is the dead tree that follows the consciousness of all-for-one manipulating the body of the dead tree. I tell you that you are not.
"Individuality": gecko
Stick it on the wall.The weak "individuality" of the Iguchi family, which has a reptile-type "individuality".
Former PLA affiliation
Re Destro / Rikiya Yotsubashi
Voice- Hiroaki Hirata[77]
The supreme leader of the "People's Liberation Army" in the days of Ikutatsu.The profession is ostensibly the president of the support company Detonerat.Destro's real son.
Characterized by M-shaped bald hair, sharp ears and eagle nose.He inherits his father's will and gathers his comrades without knowing it.Normally, even if an employee is tampered with baldness, he has a friendly personality that laughs and listens, but when it comes to the PLA, he is passionate.
Aim to dismantle the enemy (villain) coalition in order to lead the liberation to the extraordinary liberation army.Therefore, he takes Yoshinobu as a hostage and sets up a full-scale conflict "Second Coming" in the coalition.However, after the battle with Shigaraki, he saw the appearance of Shigaraki, whose "individuality" blossomed and destroyed everything as he wanted, and he was intoxicated even though he was seriously injured by amputating his legs. do.After that, he was totally subordinate to Death Pattern Kisuke, transferred the position of the highest leader to Death Pattern Kisuke, and became one of the nine action captains of the "Supernatural Liberation Front".In addition, although the management of Detranet was entrusted to the alter ego that increased due to TWICE's individuality, Detranet was attacked by the Hero Public Safety Commission at the same time as the battle between Jakukou Hospital and Gunyu Sanso, and the alter ego was the end of the battle. It disappeared, but the chairmen of the Public Safety Commission who had stepped in were seriously injured, and the Hero Public Safety Commission was virtually suspended.
In the battle at Gunyu Sanso, he engaged with Edge Shots, but was secured with Gein.
Different ability: stress
Accumulates stress and turns it into power.The more it accumulates, the stronger and bigger it becomes.
Trumpet / Hanabata Kokuu
Voice- Atsushi Majima[77]
One of the executives of the "People's Liberation Army".The ostensibly occupation isMind partyParty leader. In the "Supernatural Liberation Front", he is one of the nine action captains.
At the Second Coming Festival, he will give instructions to the Liberation Warriors on behalf of Re Destro.It was secured with Li Destro and others in the battle at Gunyu Sanso.
Different ability: agitation
The special electromagnetic waves in your voice uplift those who forgive you and boost your body and soul.The louder the voice, that is, the vibration of the air, the higher the effect.
Skeptic / Tomoyasu Chikazoku
Voice- Tomokazu Sugita[77]
One of the executives of the "People's Liberation Army".The ostensibly profession is a major IT companyFeel Good Inc.Director. In the "Supernatural Liberation Front", he is the action captain of "CARMINE" with Himiko Toga.
He has a tantrum personality, and his eyes immediately rush and return words with trivial words and actions such as answering questions with questions and being said to fail.
He sends a doll in his shape to TWICE and tries to bring him into the PLA, but fails because he has overcome the trauma.When Li Destro tells him that he has failed, he gets angry and heads to the battlefield himself with a puppet in the form of his subordinates.After that, when the heroes rushed into the Gunyu Sanso, he was the only one in the former PLA to be put on Gigantomachy's back and headed for the city of Snake.Then, he edited the video of his situation that was recorded in advance by 荼 毘 and the video of Hawks killing TWICE, and jacked the net and radio waves and released it to the world.After that, he is taken to the near high end and escapes from the battlefield.
Different ability: Doll (Hitogata)
You can turn something about the same size as a person into a puppet.
Voice- Seiichiro Yamashita[77]
One of the members of the "People's Liberation Army".A boy who has trained his talents without going to school, he says that in the future the PLA is aiming for, there is no value in living other than the strength of his talents.
At the Second Coming Festival, he engages with 荼 毘. In the "Supernatural Liberation Front", he is the action captain of "VIOLET" along with Violet.In the battle at Gunyu Sanso, he engaged with Cementus and others, but was secured with Li Destro and others.
Different ability: Manipulate ice (provisional)
You can manipulate the ice.Also, by lowering the temperature, you can freeze the surrounding water and increase the number of weapons.
Open Action Human Wave Tactical Corps "BLACK"
The captain is TWICE.Detail is"#TWICESee.
Open Action Regiment "VIOLET"
The captain is cremation and apocrypha.Detail is"#Cremation"When"#ApocryphaSee.
Opening Action Information Regiment "CARMINE"
The captains are Himiko Toga and Skeptic.Detail is"#Toga Himiko"When"#SkepticSee.
Sliding Go / Tokoname Tatsuyuki
Voice- Takumu Miyazono
One of the regional heroes who witnessed the incident where the bomber and Todoroki converged. Born March 3, 1 cm tall, 187 years old.My favorite thing is reading.
A giant with a crouched chin, he always has a smiling smile, but he is a member of the PLA and a PLA latent liberation warrior.
In the "Supernatural Liberation Front", it is assigned to "CARMINE" and is in the No. 2 position to assist the skeptic.However, at the beginning of the full-scale war, he was detained by Destegoro in a certain city.
Opening Action Support Regiment "BROWN"
The captain is Mr. Compress and Spinner.Detail is"#Mr. Compress"When"#SpinnerSee.

Enemy (villain) coalition

For those who are members of the "Supernatural Liberation Front", including Death Pattern Kisuke,# Paranormal Liberation FrontSee.

Black fog
Voice-Takahiro Fujiwara
A resident of the underworld who does not have a family register.Real name unknown.
She is dressed in a high-collared suit and her body is covered with black mist.He usually has a humorous tone, but when he gets angry, his wording gets rough.
During the USJ raid, a large amount of villains will be sent to the premises.On the day of the Hachisaikai rush operation, Gran Torino and Tsukauchi are caught trying to contact Gigantomachy, who is directly under the control of "All for One."Since then, he has been imprisoned in Tartarus.
At a later inspection, he was a classmate and best friend of Eraser Head and Present Mike during his male era.Hakuun OboroIt turns out that it is a special brainlessness created by remodeling based on the body of.Then, in the desperate cry of Eraser Head in Tartarus's visitor's room, he mutters the information "hospital" and stops.
Popularity vote ranking 46nd → 50th out of range → 50th out of range → 90th.
"Individuality": Warp Gate
Use the black mist to open the way to space.You can open large gates that allow a large number of people to invade, disperse people and fly them to different locations with a single action, or move only human parts to a short distance.It has an aggression that can tear off the target by closing the gate while the object stays halfway, but the person himself does not actively use it because the blood and internal organs of the other party overflow in his body.Since the whole is not mist, the weak points are the non-mist head and torso.It is necessary to know the exact position coordinates to make the gate appear anywhere.This personality is the personality of Hakuun Oboro(I.e.Is the base, and it is a new individuality created by combining multiple factors by remodeling.
Magne / Kenji Hikiishi
Voice- Satoru Inoue
For long hairSunglasses,Onee languageA big man who speaks in.It is called "Mag-nee" in the group.
He committed many crimes such as robbery, murder, and attempted murder.It seems that he has lost a lot of human relationships, but he seems to have been able to maintain his friendship by gaining a tentative understanding in the sense that he did not make it clean to stay within the frame decided by others from his childhood friend.When negotiating an overhaul with a dead tree, he is killed by the "individuality" of the overhaul.
Popularity vote ranking has not appeared → 50th out of range → 50th out of range → 118th.
"Individuality": Magnetic force
To a person within a radius of 4 to 5 m from himselfMagnetic forceCan be added.You can fine-tune the whole body or even a part of the body.Men are "S pole" and women are "N pole".I can't add to myself.In battle, this "individuality" and hugemagnetFight with a weapon.
Voice- Kosuke Takaguchi
Cruel and outrageous murder with a playful feelingSerial killer..Real name unknown.Known as "Blood Mad Muscular".Approximately 200 cm tall (according to TV reports of the murder of his parents).
A one-eyed eye with a large scar on the left eye. Instead, put on a prosthesis and change the prosthesis according to your mood. Thinking "I want to rampage using" individuality "", I join the coalition.
In the past, Mandalay's cousin and sister (Kou's parents) killed the professional hero "Water Horse" (at this time he lost his left eye and became a one-eyed).Muscular says he has no regrets as "the result of doing what each other wants to do" and has no guilt.
He tried to kill the episode during the forest training camp raid, but was stopped after a long time, and was defeated and arrested in response to his "100 million% Delaware Detroit Smash" and was imprisoned in Tartarus.However, after the battle in the city of Snake, the dead trees attacked Tartarus and escaped from prison.
Popularity vote ranking has not appeared → 50th out of range → 50th out of range → 80th.
"Individuality": Muscle building
Wearing overflowing muscle fibers to strengthen muscle strength.You can also use it as a flesh wall by wearing it on your body.By replacing the artificial eye, the effect of strengthening is suppressed.
Voice-Kiyotaka Furushima
For school uniformhelmetAnd with red gogglesgas mask,CylinderA boy carrying a.The real name is unknown.
A grudge against Yuei High School is the principle of action.I'm not good at close combat,Rotary handgunTo use.
Engaged with Kento and Tetsutetsu, and afflicted them by making full use of their "individuality", but made a big gap with Kento's "Big Fist" and was defeated and arrested by Tetsutetsu's attack.Even after his arrest, he did not make any statements about the villain coalition.
Popularity vote ranking has not appeared → 50th place out of range → 49th place → 54th place.
"Individuality": Gas
Generates toxic gas and manipulates it freely.The concentration and range can also be controlled, and the movement of people around can be known from the fluctuation of gas.If you inhale the gas, you will lose consciousness in a few seconds.Wear a gas mask because it is dangerous to inhale yourself.
Voice-Shuhei Matsuda
A condemned prisoner who escaped from prison.A man wrapped in a dark straitjacket.Real name unknown.The first person is "I".
Prefers to chop up the body of others with a strong "individuality"Serial killer..Follow the orders faithfully.
He attacks the bomber and Todoroki, and also attacks Iku and others who come to help them, but is defeated by the runaway "Kurokage" who chased Iku, and is re-arrested and imprisoned by Tartarus.However, after the battle in the city of Snake, the dead trees attacked Tartarus and escaped from prison.
Popularity vote ranking has not appeared → 50th out of range → 50th out of range → 118th.
"Individuality": Tooth blade
Turn your teeth into illusionary blades.Movement is also done with this "individuality". When he was defeated by "Kurokage", all his teeth were smashed.

Enemy coalition officials

All for one
Voice- Akio Otsuka
The mastermind behind the Villain Union.Since his real name is unknown, he is called by the name of "individuality", but in the recollection of the death pattern tree, "death pattern tree" was found to be his last name, and his last name was given to Shimura's surname in his childhood. Gave.The first person is "I".
On the surface, he has a gentlemanly personality.Through TVMrGive instructions to the dead tree.
In the era when the paranormal phenomenon had just occurred, he robbed many people of his "individuality", moved people systematically to repeat evil deeds, and quickly expanded his power to reign over Japan as the ruler of evil.He also gave a distorted affection to his younger brother, who was his only relative.
Because he killed Nana Shimura, he became an almite nemesis that both himself and others admitted.About five years ago from the time of the first episode, Almite was supposed to have defeated him with a deep hand, but he survived even though he became a body that could not remove the life support system for a long time.It is speculated that almite is living by robbing the "individuality" of the "stopping growth" kind of the fact that an ancient person is now dying.Since the upper half of the face was crushed and blinded in the battle with All Might, the "individuality" described later is used to make up for the lost sensation.He says that he usually sits in a chair and connects IV drip and pipes all over his body, and there are many physical injuries and sequelae, and the number of "individuality" that can be used in the current physical condition has decreased significantly. ..
Take open action to help the dead tree and confront All Might.He advanced the war situation in an overwhelming advantage and hunted down All Might's true form to the public, but was eventually defeated by his "UNITED STATES OF SMASH" and immediately in the most guarded special prison. Imprisoned in a certain "Tartaros".Later, his personality "All for One" was entrusted to a doctor to transplant it to a dead tree, and it turns out that he was fighting with his own duplicate personality in the case of Kamino.After the battle in the city of Tartarus, he succeeded in jailbreaking by activating and matching his personality from both inside and outside by sharing his own consciousness and consciousness in the dead pattern Kisuke who attacked Tartarus. He attacked seven prisons with the jailbreak prisoners from Japan, freed the prisoners, and was ready to disturb his pursuit of himself and his death.
Popularity vote ranking has not appeared → 49th → 50th out of range → 68th.
"Individuality": All for One (AFO)
Take away the "individuality" of others and make it your own "individuality".It is also possible to give the robbed "individuality" to others.Not only can multiple "individualities" taken from others be used individually, but they can also be used in combination.
"Individuality" robbed from others
The following is the "individuality" created by simultaneously using the single "individuality" taken from others used in the work and the multiple "individuality" taken away at the same time.
The target person is transferred using a black liquid with an odor as a gate.When transferring to another location, you can only transfer to someone familiar with you.Unlike the black fog warp gate, it transfers only the specified person, so even if someone touches the liquid and tries to dive through the gate, it will not be transferred.According to him, it is a new "individuality".
"Push out air" + "Strengthen muscles" + "Instantaneous force x 4" + "Strengthen strength x 3"
A combination of "individuality" that "all for one" likes.NHK Spring muscles and bones (hereinafter ""Spring”), By strengthening the instantaneous force and muscle strength, the performance of the spring is strengthened, and the air is pushed out by the force.Its power is enough to blow All Might hundreds of meters away while collapsing many buildings in orbit.
"Individuality": Forced activation
Forcibly activate the "individuality" of the target.
"Transfer" + "Impact reversal"
A combination of the "individuality" of the transfer and the "individuality" that reverses the impact received by the person to be transferred to the attacking opponent.
"Muscle bone streaks" + "Instantaneous power x 4" + "Strengthening power x 3" + "Proliferation" + "Hypertrophy" + "Tack" + "Airwalk" + "Spear bone"
In order to surely kill the almite, the "individuality" expressed as the best and optimal combination that can be considered in the "individuality" held at that time.Focusing only on hitting, the manifested right arm is enlarged to the extent that it exceeds the person's half body, and many arms and muscles are visible.The spear bones and spear bones reveal a number of spiraled spear-like bones, producing mineral studs on the fist.
"Individuality" that can be felt with infrared rays. "All for One" was blinded by the aftereffects of the battle with All Might five years ago, so he sensed the movement of the other person by the sound of the cloth slipping of the clothes of others and the vibration of the surrounding air. "Individuality" assisted the other person in understanding the emotions and space, and confirmed the surrounding situation.
"Individuality" that instantly transforms the area around you into a vacant lot
A group of best jeans who had controlled the brainless hangar in Kamino Ward is instantly destroyed.
"Individuality" that emits a shock wave from the tip of the index finger
Disables the Best Jeanist who tried to resist.He tried to take away his personality, but he stopped taking away his personality because his personality was largely due to his unwavering training.
It is also used for direct attacks by piercing and "forced activation of" individuality "" of the pierced opponent.
Kyushu University
Voice- Inaba Minoru
"All for one" doctor. “doctorHe is the founder and director of the Snake Cavity General Hospital, owns orphanages and private hospitals nationwide, and is searching for and collecting excellent subjects that can be used for his own research.
Brainless was created by him and "All for One". After the arrest of "All for One", he contacted the enemy (villain) coalition and said, "Ujigami Daruma", And identify the human nature of the dead tree.He likes the madness of the dead tree and promises to cooperate fully after giving in to Gigantomachy.Then, after the battle in Mudhana City, a remodeling operation will be performed to give more power to Gigantomachy's subordinated death pattern Kisuke.However, one month before the establishment of the individuality "All for One" transplanted to the dead tree was completed, the heroes rushed into the Serpent's Cavity General Hospital and were detained by the present Mike, but the dead pattern. I am delighted that the tree has awakened.
"Individuality": Rehabilitation
In exchange for athletic ability, it has twice the vitality of humans.The "individuality" that the shell tree currently has is a reproduction of its own "individuality", and the original "individuality" is transferred to All for One.
Voice- Mogami Tsuguo
"Kaijin" created by the enemy (villain) coalition (Remodeled human).
The crown is missing and the brain is exposed. A human being remodeled by a drug into a "doctor" is born by being given multiple "individualities" by "all for one".He cannot withstand the load of the given "individuality", is in a state of thinking stop due to the influence of the remodeling, and cannot speak actions or words by his own will. The number of individuals will be provided according to the operation from "All for One" and will be operated by the Villain Union.
Popularity vote ranking 46nd → 50th out of range → 50th out of range → 131th.
Brainless at the time of USJ attack
A special product made with an eye on "for almite".
Characterized by a black body color.It has multiple powerful "individuality" assuming a battle against almite, such as power comparable to almite, "shock absorption", and "super regeneration".
Brainless that was thrown in when attacking Hosu City
Three bodies, a black body color without an upper jaw, a fourth white individual, and a white individual with wings, which are proof of the upper species.
The fourth white individual has multiple "individualities", but it is far from the brainlessness at the time of the USJ attack, including the other two.In Volume 2 of the book, the author presents a person who seems to be the true identity of an individual with wings.
Brainless at the time of the forest training camp raid
Brainless tuned to respond only to the voice of the cremation.visorWithgagFit, with multiple arms from the backtoolHas "individuality" that gives out.
Brainless: High-end
An evolved version of Brainless.It has a black body color, which is a proof of the brainlessness of the upper species, and has the intelligence to speak words. It has the same strong "individuality" as the brainlessness at the time of the USJ attack.
Voice-Tsuguo Mogami
An individual who attacked Endeavor.
The doctor's small brainlessness.
You can use the "individuality" and "transfer" used by All for One.
Brainless: Near high end
Brainless with power higher than the upper species.However, since it has not reached the test stage, it cannot think autonomously.
Voice- Yasuhiro Mamiya
One of the most trusted direct reports raised by "All for One".A strange giant lurking in the mountains.
Hang the radio around your neck.It has extraordinary endurance and adapts to possession of multiple "individuality" without modification. Loyalty to "All for One" is high, and after hearing the voice from the radio, it turns around and becomes quiet enough to get close to the radio.
At the same time as the Hachisaikai rush operation, he engaged with Gran Torino when Kurogiri came into contact.There is a depiction of scraping a mountain, and it is called a "walking disaster" by Gran Torino.A person who seems to be him appears in Kirishima's recollection.After that, he contacts the enemy (villain) coalition and fights to determine the power of the dead tree.However, despairing at the difference in power with "All for One", he begins to kill the dead tree.After that, it continues to attack the enemy (villain) coalition for 48 hours and 44 minutes, rests for 3 hours, and then attacks again for a long time.Then, in the battle in Mudhana City, he scatters the Liberation Army that he encountered in pursuit of Death Pattern Kisuke, but sheds tears when he sees Death Pattern Kisuke who has blossomed his "individuality" and made Mud Flower City a vacant lot. After that, it is subordinate to the death pattern Kisuke.Then, even though the heroes rushed into the group of mountain lodges, they did not move, but they started to move to the voice of the awakened dead tree, and with the swords and the skeptic on their backs, they headed for the serpentine city.Then, he rushed to the death pattern Kisuke, but the movement slowed down as the effect of taking sleeping pills by eight million people began to take effect in the battle at Gunyu Sanso, and it was secured with Mr. Compress.
"Individuality": Durability
Original "individuality".Physical strength is very high.
Granted "individuality"
Pain sensory deprivation
I don't feel any pain.
When you get excited, your body grows.
The sense of smell and hearing are enhanced.
Energy efficiency
You can work with a little nutrition and water, and your sleep time will be shortened.
Rigid muscle
Has stiff and tough muscles.
It transforms into a figure digging underground.
Stain / Red-black blood dyeing (Akaguro Chizome)
Voice- Go Inoue
A villain called "hero killing". 31 years old.
Aiming to purge heroes other than almite as "fake" who run for their own sakeThoughtcrime..Carry a large number of knives such as swords and knives. "Don't ask for a reward with a hero.Self-sacrificeMust be the title you get at the end of強迫 観 念I have a strong idea.
Originally impressed by almite, he aspired to become a hero and went on to the hero department of a private high school, but was disappointed with the fundamental corruption of the hero view seen from the educational system, and dropped out in the summer of the year. Proceeding "return to hero" until late teensStreet speechHowever, he gave up saying that "words have no power", and for the next 10 years, he taught himself murder techniques to "achieve his obligations".
Kills and injures many heroes, including Ingenium.It takes the pattern of attacking several heroes in the same area, and the crime rate tends to decrease in the attacked area thereafter.Persons who are recognized as valuable to ordinary people and heroes (Iku, Koro) are excluded from the murder.
Some experts say that the activity "leads to raising the awareness of heroes," and attracts not only villains who are in tune with it, but also ordinary people and hero candidates.Also, in Hosu City, while being seriously injured, he talked about his beliefs and made the heroes terrified, and he confronted Gran Torino with "charismaTo be admitted to have.
At first he refused, but he felt a distorted belief from the dead tree and accepted the cooperation with the villain coalition to see the future.When he tried to kill another hero in Hosu, he encountered Iida who appeared in his brother's beating, and decided that he was not worth fighting for himself without helping the person who had fallen by his side and killed him. Try to.Even though they hunt down with overwhelming ability, they are rushed to the green shop and are disturbed by Todoroki, and they consider them worthwhile to fight hard to help others.During the battle, he was impatient and fought so as not to kill them, so he became equal and was defeated by the attacks of the resurrected Iida and Midoriya.As a result of the battle, he was seriously injured and arrested and imprisoned in "Tartaros", but it triggered the expansion of the enemy coalition.
After the battle in the city of Snake, he succeeded in jailbreaking by the dead trees that attacked Tartarus, and at an antique shop that was attacked by jailbreak prisoners and devastated, he robbed a rusted sword as a weapon.
In "Vigirante", "ス タ ン ダ ー ル", And depicts a young age when he was active in Vigilante.Wearing a mask and wielding a Japanese sword, wielding power without belief is regarded as "sin", those who have been sinned are defined as "enemy (villain)", and those who have rampaged should be condemned, and under one sword Although it is purged, it has a fierce sense of justice, such as purging "sudden villains" that ordinary people have turned into villains with illegal drugs.
He attacks Koichi, who is trying to help the purge target, and is defeated by the invading knuckle duster, but this event is the key to forming a stain.After that, he cuts off his nose as a preparedness, and after that he aims at the hero.
Popularity vote ranking 22nd → 29th → 27th → 62nd.
"Individuality": blood clot
Deprive the body of freedom by licking the blood of the other party.Blood TypeThe duration varies depending on the type, and decreases in the order of [B> AB> A> O].The person is B type.
Giran / Kagerou Okuta
Voice- Haruo Ogino
A back broker who provides logistical support such as recruiting human resources to the enemy (villain) coalition and providing support items.A man who introduced cremation, Toga, and TWICE to a dead tree.
He wears small round glasses and often smokes in the scenes where he appears.Possess a lighter in the form of a revolver.A well-known existence that Kurogiri calls "that big broker".TWICE and Twice are old friends and often slap each other.
Although he was taken hostage by the PLA, who was trying to dismantle the coalition, he did not sell the coalition information even if all the fingers of his right hand were cut off due to his pride as a merchant.Rescue by TWICE's alter ego during the battle in Mud Flower City.
Also appeared in "Vigirante".Knuckle duster is one of the "customers" customers and provides medicines and equipment.
Popularity vote ranking has not appeared → 50th out of range → 50th out of range → 90th.
"Individuality": turbidity
By touching the subject's head, the memory for 5 minutes before and after is blurred.

Death Hachisaikai

Overhaul / Chisaki Kai
Voice- Kenjiro Tsuda[78]
The young head of Hachisaikai (Hachisaikai).Plague maskThe man who put on.
I don't like mysophobia, and when I touch it, I get urticaria.Endangered in the world under construction "Gokudo, Which also marked "All for One". He hates "individuality" and heroes, and calls heroes hero syndrome who wants to take extra care of others.A ruthless person who makes medicine using the body of the wreckage, kills his friends without hesitation, and throws them away.On the other hand, I yearn for the group leader who raised me, and when I was a child, I got angry and quarreled about calling the group member Vilan, and the group leader also tried to protect the face of the group while scolding it. I thanked him for the matter and raised him carefully.However, a gap was created between the group leader who hates inhumane things and Harusaki who tries to keep the group alive for the group leader who is a benefactor by any means, and ironically his favor to the group leader I ended up on an undesired path.
After spending his childhood in an orphanage-like facility, he came to know and support the theory that "individuality" is a type of illness that affects humankind.After that, he was picked up by Hachisaikai and climbed up to the young head.The team leader takes care of the destruction and analyzes the "individuality", and learns about the mechanism of her "individuality".Then, using the theory, he developed "a bullet that erases" individuality "from humans" and its "serum", and aimed at the reconstruction of Hachisaikai by exclusively selling the former to villains and the latter to heroes.However, the plan was opposed by the leader, and he was put into a vegetative state, deprived of his real power, and forced into the plan.After the group leader became ill, he gave himself the name of villain, took in the villain at his own discretion, and took steps to act that did not meet the group leader's intention.It seems that the group leader is supposed to revive once the plan is in shape, but most of the members are group leaders, and because they continued to take actions that deviated from that policy, there was little hope in the group, and some members were the group leader. I think he was working behind the scenes to get sick.
Although he was scouted by TWICE and faced the dead tree, negotiations broke down when he tried to add the villain coalition to his own umbrella, and after killing Magne, he gave his contact information to the dead tree and withdrew.In the search for the Hachisai family's house led by Night Eye, the hero and police were divided using the Hachisai people, and although he was engaged and seriously injured with Million who was heading alone, the survival of the Hachisai people was fused with "individuality". Power up by doing.However, he was defeated by Iku, who was influenced by the "individuality" of the destruction.After that, during the escort, both arms were destroyed by the attack of the villain coalition, the "individuality" could not be used again, and the finished product of the bullet that erases the "individuality", the serum and his plan were also robbed by the dead trees. We have the worst ending.Since then, he has been imprisoned in Tartarus and continues to pay medical expenses for Hachisai Kai.After the battle in the city of Snake, when the prison was released by the dead trees that attacked Tartarus, he was taken to Lady Nagan and escaped from prison.
Popularity vote ranking not yet appeared → not appeared → 31st place → 25th place.
The target can be disassembled and repaired.Sir Nighteye once regards it as "breaking," "curing," and "individuality," and uses this "individuality" to manufacture ammunition that destroys the "individuality" that Hachisaikai manufactures and smuggles through the back route.
It can be used to transform the shape of the ground and outer walls for powerful and wide-ranging means of attack, or to create invisible paths.When used on humans, it will naturally die if it remains "disassembled", but even if it is disassembled at the level of immediate death such as the head, it can be revived by using "repair" immediately afterwards.Even if you suffer trauma or fatigue, you can always continue the battle in perfect condition by "disassembling" and "repairing" yourself before you bear it.Also, by disassembling another person and repairing it by mixing it with itself, it powers up with the "individuality" of the disassembled partner.
Breaking (Eri)
Voice- Seiran Kobayashi[79]
Born December 12st.Height 21 cm, 110 years old.My favorite is apples.Popularity vote ranking not yet appeared → not appeared → 6th → 38st.
The granddaughter of the leader of Hachisaikai.The core of the overhaul plan.
The daughter of the group leader who is the mother is insulated by rubbing with the group leader at the time of marriage.He was abandoned by his mother because he extinguished his father with his own "individuality" and was taken over by the group leader.After that, he was imprisoned in the basement of Hachisaikai due to an overhaul, but he escaped and met during the patrol on the first day of the internship.At this time, the overhaul cheated with his daughter, so the hero side misunderstood him as his daughter.At the end of the Hachisaikai rush operation, he is rescued by Iku and his friends.When I met Izuku and Tsugata at the hospital, he said he didn't know how to make a smile, so Izuku invited Kari to the school festival and was excited to see the performance of 1-A and smiled.After the school festival, the horns, which are the outlets for "individuality," begin to grow again, and are kept at Yuei High School, where Aizawa is able to erase "individuality."
Izuku and Tsukata are called by hero name.
"Individuality": Rewind
Rewind human time.A mutant “individuality” that does not have similar abilities to either family of parents.
Perhaps because it has just been manifested and has not been trained to use, it is not possible to activate or stop its own "individuality" by its own will, and during activation, as long as it touches the target, "individuality" is activated. It becomes.Therefore, the overhaul was forcibly stopped by its own "individuality".Also, while "individuality" is activated, something like light is emitted from the horns of her forehead, and when the energy is used up, the horns become smaller.
Overhaul uses her blood and cells to develop "bullets that destroy" individuality "" and "serum" that restores "individuality" by rewinding the effects of the bullets.
Chronostasis / Genno needle (Kuro no Hari)
Voice- Takumi Asahina[80]
Hachisaikai's young assistant.A large person in a white coat with a hood.
Overhaul is an old relationship, following him rather than a group, and only calling him "around".
In the Hachisaikai rush operation, he tries to escape with an overhaul, but is overtaken by Million.When another hero comes, he disables the eraser head with "individuality" and is forced to move from overhaul to another room with him.While thinking about overhaul, when he is defeated, he tries to escape with only the research results, but the police arrive at the room first and are arrested.Since then, he has been imprisoned in a prison far from Tartarus.
Popularity vote ranking not yet appeared → not appeared → out of 50th place → 31st place.
Extend the needle coming out of the head in a straight line to slow down the movement of the person who touches it.The slowed down speedSnailIf you stab it with a short hand, it will remain one hour late.When activating, it is necessary to stop its own movement.
Mimic / Irinaka Joi
Voice-Yasuhiro Mamiya[80]
Head of Hachisaikai.
It has a strange appearance with a bird's beak, but this is just a doll that is manipulated with "individuality", and the main body is a large muscular man.With a personality that is easy to get angry, he makes a strange voice when he is sharp.Often intimidating.
Manipulate the concrete while hiding inside from a distance even when interfering with the heroes.However, Toga Himiko and TWICE, who are seconded to the villain alliance, are enthusiastic about their personal inspiration and go mad with a loud voice.The hero side knows the hiding place and is defeated.
Popularity vote ranking not yet appeared → not appeared → 48st place → 44th place.
"Individuality": Mimicry
You can get into things and manipulate them freely.However, the things that can be manipulated by entering are up to the size of a refrigerator, and if you try to manipulate a large object, you will get tired.During the work, a powerful "individuality" strengthening agent is used to assimilate with the concrete wall in the basement of the Hachisaikai headquarters.The person himself cannot grasp the whole thing that has entered, and moves while checking with his own eyes.
Team leader
Voice- Naoki Kusumi
The leader of Hachisaikai.My grandfather.Real name unknown.From the overhaul, it is called "Oyaji".
In the olden days, he valued the gangsters of his temper and was looking for a way to live. Thinking that "Hachisaikai must be a guest, it is different from a villain," he is angry at how he is called a designated villain group.It is loved by the members and gives up on the runaway overhaul,VegetationWas deprived of the real power of the group.After that, at the end of the Hachisaikai rush operation, he was protected unconscious by the police.
Gunball Hachisaishu
Rikiya Katsukame
Voice- Hiroaki Okuda[80]
One of the Hachisai people.A big man who is muscular and wears a mechanical protector on a tank top.
Protect the entrance of the Hachisaikai Office.
"Individuality": Vitality absorption
You can touch people, breathe in, deprive them of vitality, and make themselves huge. After using the "individuality" strengthening drug, you will be able to absorb vitality from the people around you without touching it, weakening the hero / police side at once and strengthening yourself.
Stealing Toya (Setsu Toya)
One of the Hachisai people.A slender man with four white eyes.
There is a past where he was betrayed by his lover, tried to commit suicide after carrying a large amount of debt, and was helped by a hero.He knows each other's past with Tabe and Hosho, and says, "We are garbage, but we still have a bond of garbage."The teamwork of three people overwhelms the professional hero.
Popularity vote ranking not yet appeared → not appeared → 43st place → 90th place.
"Individuality": Theft
Instantly move the things that people are wearing to their own hands.It has a wide range of applications, such as recognizing that it is worn even if it is generated from the body.Since you can only take things that you can see, you cannot take them directly from your clothes, and you cannot use them for things that are too large.
Yu Hojo
Voice- Kenichiro Matsuda[80]
One of the Hachisai people.
Features a skinhead[Note 6]So, unlike other members, I wear a normal mask.It was used as a tool by the gold deceased who noticed its "individuality", but there is a past that was completely overwhelmed when it was found that the jewels produced were counterfeit goods of no monetary value.Therefore, I am grateful for the overhaul that picked up us who had lost the value of living.
"Individuality": Crystal
Has considerable hardness from the bodycrystalTo generate.Although the crystal has no monetary value, it has excellent offensive and defensive strength, such as being able to be worn like armor.
Tabe Soramitsu
Voice- Kengo Tsujii[80]
One of the Hachisai people.A man with a mad atmosphere.
It features a spliced ​​mask. I was picked up by an overhaul where it was socially incompatible due to the influence of "individuality".By the way, the real face has a bear in the eyes.He thinks that the thief and Hosho are "friends", and they are also considered to be "friends".
Popularity vote ranking not yet appeared → not appeared → out of 50th place → 43st place.
"Individuality": Food
It has teeth and jaws that can eat anything in an instant, and a stomach that instantly digests what it eats.Therefore, he is always hungry.
Random shoulder movement (Rappa Kendo)
Voice- Shohei Kajikawa[80]
One of the Hachisai people.A battle enthusiast who ran on the road of fights in reaction to being suppressed by his parents.
Originally placed in an illegal underground arena, he usually defeated his opponents easily or lost his fighting spirit, leading to a depressed day when he couldn't do his best.He was invited to Hachisaikai for an overhaul and challenged the game, but lost in an instant. Since then, he has been aiming for his neck and entered Hachisaikai, but he continues to lose.It is so warlike that it is called a "beast" on the canopy, but it has its own aesthetics, such as guiding the opponent who rewarded himself to the treatment room.Not in tune with the idea of ​​overhaul, he simply tells Fat Gum to accompany him when he asks about the situation.
Popularity vote ranking not yet appeared → not appeared → out of 50th place → 102st place.
"Individuality": Strong shoulders
The rotation of the shoulders makes a powerful continuous hit at a tremendous speed.Punch has the power to nullify the adsorption of fat and to tear off the hardened skin of Kirishima.
Canopy wall pheasant
Voice- Jun Miyamoto[80]
One of the Hachisai people.A man in a kimono.
He was the newest face in the Hachisai people and was originally a body that could be used for Buddha.He acts as a brake to hold back the turbulent waves that tend to run away, but he treats him roughly.I pledge allegiance to the overhaul.After the battle with Fat Gum, the turbulence tries to stop them from providing first aid and is detained by the turbulence.
"Individuality": Barrier
You can put a hemispherical barrier around yourself.It seems that the size and strength can be adjusted to some extent by the person himself.
Shin Otomoto
Voice- Takayuki Masuda[80]
One of the Hachisai people and a sword.Former scammer.
Because of his "individuality," he fell into misanthropy.The real face is wearing glasses with an intelligent appearance.Fanatic and loyal to overhaul. "Individuality" is not suitable for combat, but he is rather proud to say, "Unlike other members, you can put yourself alongside the overhaul."Even after being attacked by Mirio, he does not lose consciousness, inspires himself as if it were a kind of threatening concept, rushes to the overhaul, and succeeds in erasing Million's "individuality".
Popularity vote ranking not yet appeared → not appeared → out of 50th place → 118st place.
"Individuality": Truth spitting (with Makoto)
Force the person who answered the question to speak their true intentions.It is also possible to ask multiple people questions, and even to make them vomit their true intentions that even the person who was asked was not aware of.
Sake tree mud (Sakaki de Idoro)
Voice- Koji Takahashi[80]
One of the Hachisai people.A long-haired man who is always drunk.
The real face is round but has sharp eyes.Extreme drinking like drinking in front of the enemyAlcoholism..According to the person himself, "Because my feet are swaying and I can't walk straight," he dexterously sticks to the pipes stretched around the ceiling and moves as if hanging.
"Individuality": drunk
Indiscriminately deprive the sense of balance of those who are nearby.


For those who are members of the "Supernatural Liberation Front" such as Re Destro, "# Paranormal Liberation FrontSee. "Individuality" is called "different ability", and the "individuality" column is described as different ability, and those who have a release code are described in "release code / name".

Destro / Yotsubashi main tax (Yotsubashi Chikara)
The first leader of the "People's Liberation Army".Li Destro's father, but did not know the existence of his child.
Same as myself in an era when "individuality" was commonly called "different ability"LiberationistThey gathered together to form the PLA, and called themselves Destro with the meaning of "the one who destroys the present," and confronted the country that is advancing legislation for several years.After being arrested by many members, he decided to commit suicide in prison after writing his autobiography, "The Liberation Front."
Although he is already deceased in the play, he has left a name in history as a big villain along with "All for One", and is still unknowingly influencing the world as an evil charisma.
Kurios / Kizuki Chitose
Voice- Takako Honda[77]
One red point of the executive of "People's Liberation Army".The ostensibly occupation isShueishaManaging Director.Characterized by pale skin.
Engaged with Toga Himiko at the Second Coming Festival.I interviewed Toga Himiko as a person who embodies the darkness of the superhuman society, and tried to kill him in order to use the article to prove the correctness of the Liberation Army, but due to the "individuality" of Ochako who evolved "individuality" Float, fall and die.
Different ability: Mine
Turn what you touch into a detonator.The killing power is low, so cover with numbers.
By using a different ability for the blood of the Liberation Warrior, he inflicted damage on the blood-sucking "individuality" Toga.
Curio Spank
Equipped with a chain ring made by Detranet, it gives the opponent a punch with an explosion.

Other enemies

Sludge villain
Voice- Fukumatsu Shinsa
A sludge-type variant robber who appeared in the first episode.Since the name has not appeared in the play, the role name in the animation is described.
The whole body is fluid and can take over the "individuality" of another person's body.Izuku will be the catalyst for inheriting "One for All".Takes the bomber hostage, but is defeated and arrested by Almite.
Voice- Anri Katsu
Anime original character.A villain in the shape of an octopus upper body and a human lower body.Smuggler leader.
There are three minions that look like squid.Attempts to smuggle illegal drugs, hunting down the rainy season and Sirius, but being defeated by Selkie and arrested by the crew.
Goodbye bites
Villain was waiting for Iku to be sent to the water accident zone during the USJ raid by the Villain Union.He tried to bite him who couldn't move in the water, but was stopped by the frog. "Sinara" is a habit.
Vilan lurking in the water accident zone.Putting on water, Izuku and his friends created a slashing wave that easily cut off the evacuated ship.
A villain with a "personality" that manipulates oxygen, hidden in the water accident zone.
Reservoir Dogs
A band of robbers who took advantage of the retirement of All Might and caused an incident.He tried to escape by stealing an ATM at a convenience store, but was fainted by an attack by Hachisaikai and was subsequently arrested.
Gentle Criminal / Tobita Danjuro
Voice- Koichi Yamadera
Born August 8th.Height 29 cm, 181 years old.What i likeBlack tea..Popularity vote ranking not appeared → not appeared → not appeared → 54th place.
A man who wants to make a name for himself in history.It looks like a "middle age", but he is in his thirties.Self-proclaimed modern thief.
Post your own videos online.Although he has a detailed plan and is highly responsive to unforeseen circumstances, the video shows "Products.Camouflage displayThere are many small-scale and extremely annoying things such as "robbing at a convenience store and knocking down the heroes who rushed in."
He dreamed of becoming a great hero who would make a name for himself until high school, but he failed the provisional exemption exam four times and repeated a year, and was a failed student who was recommended to drop out voluntarily from high school. At the age of 4, he tried to help a cleaning worker in a crashing building and interfered with a hero who came to the rescue. The cleaning worker was seriously injured and himself was arrested for obstructing the execution of public affairs.As a result, he dropped out of high school, and his family collapsed due to slander from the world, and his parents disowned him.At the age of 18 when he became a part-time jobber, he accidentally reunited with an independent classmate as a professional hero, but when he was forgotten, he swore that he would make a name for himself in history by any means, and in high school. Become a hero by making use of the criminology learned.
Although he plans to invade Yuei High School, which holds a school festival, with a warning bell, he encounters Midoriya and engages in battle.They hit each other with unyielding feelings and fought a deadly battle, but they were defeated without being able to compete with Midoriya who had the ability.After that, in order to protect Labrava, he self-confessed to the rushed male and English teacher.
"Individuality": Elasticity
Gives elasticity to what you touch.It can be applied to inorganic substances such as air and can be used for movement, defense, and attack, but once it is applied, it cannot be released by itself and gradually disappears naturally.
Labrava / Aimi Aiba
Voice- Yui Horie
Born February 2th.Height 14 cm, 111 years old.My favorite person is Gentle.Popularity vote ranking not appeared → not appeared → not appeared → 21th place.
A woman who cooperates in making a gentle video.In charge of video editing.Self-proclaimedhackingProfessional.
It features a short twin tail.Gentle contributes to escape from the police while posting videos showing a number of problem behaviors on the net.
When I was in junior high school, I sent a stalker-like love letter to a boy who liked me, but I was shocked to hear the content and thought about committing suicide.I happened to watch a video posted by Gentle and admired him, so I broke my address and rushed to become a partner.When the Gentle Criminal was self-confessed, he was secured by the police and was evaluated for his hacking ability and asked for cooperation, but he refused by telling him that his ability was for the Gentle Criminal.
"Individuality": love
Strengthen the target for a short time by telling love to the only one you loved.The degree of strengthening varies depending on the strength of love and the situation, and in a cornered situation, the strength increases several tens of times.She and Gentle use this ability primarily for escape.
Harima Ouji
A big villain along with "All for One" and Destro, which is touted as a rare thief.It mainly targeted the wealthy and distributed the stolen money to the poor.Although the act itself was a crime, it was supported by some people. Mr. Compress is the grandson of his grandson.
Teruo Shame
Voice- Soichi Abe
Inspired by Destro's biography, he tried to crush the company he worked for, and when he tried to get naked in front of the public to use his "individuality," he was defeated by the Hawks who passed by.
"Individuality": Shame
The more embarrassing you feel, the more power you get.
Cider house
A band of robbers who caused an incident on a busy holiday.The leader man has the "individuality" of manipulating carbonated water.After investigating the hero's patrol route and crowds, he carefully planned and committed the crime, but was arrested due to the roar and the activity of the bomber who passed by on the way back from the provisional exemption course.After the battle in the city of Serpent, the prisoner Shian was jailbroken after being attacked by a jailbreak prisoner from Tartarus and attacked a restaurant to steal food and money, but possessed support items. Engage with civilians.
Anomalous exclusionist group
A group that discriminates against the owners of atypical "individuality" and engages in assault.Commonly known as CRC.
The members wear a black cloak and hide their faces with a hood with a skull.The main activity was demonstrations, but the power shrank as it became more radical and caused violent incidents.There are remaining sects, but they are all small.Fundamentalist groups are also destroyed by the enemy (villain) coalition.
Voice- Kisho Taniyama[81]
The only person who can choose equally is the belief that "how to bring down the curtain of life", and he did wrong because he was killed by Endeavor.
Immediately after being released from the incident seven years ago, he went to Endeavor's house and captured Natsuo, and tried to kill Natsuo because he was killed by Endeavor. I was arrested.
"Individuality": White line
You can freely manipulate the white line on the road.The manipulated white line turns into something like a cloth and is used for capture.


Naomasa Tsukauchi
Voice- Kawashima Tokuai
Male police officer.The rank is inspector. Born April 4, 4 cm tall, my favorite is baseball. 180 years old[47]..Popularity vote ranking 50th out of range → 43th → 50th out of range → 80th.
All Might is an old friend and one of the few people who knows the secret.He is in charge of all cases related to the Villain Union and has very high analytical and profiling skills.
In "Vigirante", a younger sister appears.In addition, although initially unrelated to All Might, he is in charge of tasks such as creating a hero activity report for All Might, which Tanuma had so far with the guidance of his fellow detective Tanuma.
Tamagawa Sangenjaya
Tsukauchi's subordinates.It features the face of the cat itself and has a bell on its neck.left handed. 33 years old.Popularity vote ranking 44th → 50th out of range → 50th out of range.
Inutsugu (Tsuragae Kenji)
Voice- Ryota Takeuchi
Chief of the Hosu Police Station.The face is the dog itself with drooping ears.Speak with "one" at the end of the word.
Although he contributed significantly to the arrest, he was unqualified and used his "individuality" without the instructions of the protection manager, thinking about the future of Iku and his friends who seriously injured Stain, and squeezed the details of the uproar.As a result, Endeavor becomes known to the public as a meritorious person in the arrest of Stain.
Popularity vote ranking 50th out of range → 50th out of range → 50th out of range → 102nd.
A detective who looks like a gorilla.With a humane personality, he urged Gentle, who protects Labrava, to rehabilitate.

Other people

Voice-Aya Kawakami
Katsumi / Iku's childhood friend.A fat boy.The son of a doctor.It has a "personality" that allows it to fly with wings on its back.His grandfather is the director of the hospital who diagnosed the existence of "individuality" of Iku.
I played with them until elementary school, but didn't go to the same junior high school.The winged brainlessness who tried to kidnap Iku during the Hosu raid seems to have something to do with him.[82].
Miyagi Daikaku
news caster.He always explains the world from a fair standpoint by choosing accurate and easy-to-understand words, and is highly trusted by Ochanoma.However, the corner of "individuality" was too large to hide newsreels and flips, so one corner was cut off.While praised for its behavior that was thoughtful to the viewer, it was also criticized by human rights groups for "denying" individuality "and promoting discrimination."
"Individuality": Bighorn
Izumi Kota
Voice- Michiru Yamazaki
A boy who lives under Mandalay of Wild Wild Pushy Cats. Born December 12, 12 cm tall, 107 years old.What I like is being alone[66]..Popularity vote ranking has not appeared → 49th → 50th out of range → 74rd.
His parents were heroes, but about two years ago he defended the citizens from Vilan and died.It is entrusted to Mandalay, a cousin and sister.
At first glance, he has a poisonous tongue and a courageous personality, but he is originally a timid and sissy personality.Since his parents died as a hero, he repels the hero itself.However, I am grateful that Iku is a hero for me because Iku was rescued at the risk of my life when I was attacked by my parents' masculine.
Details of "individuality" are unknown.A large amount of water is ejected from the palm.
Yoshimi Mera (looks closely)
Voice- Seiwa Iwasaki
Born March 3th.Height 9 cm, my favorite thing is sleep. 171 years old.Popularity vote ranking has not appeared → 38th place out of range → 50th place out of range → 50st place.
Served as an examiner in the Hero Public Safety Commission and provisional exemption examination.I am busy with hard work and always lack sleep.
In the battle with the Paranormal Liberation Front, he attacks the headquarters of Detranet with the members of the Hero Public Safety Commission, but is injured in the battle with Li Destro's alter ego.
Ikoma Komari
Voice- Sara Matsumoto
Born November 11th.Height 26 cm, my favorite is beer. 157 years old.
One class teacher in the lower grades of Masegaki Elementary School.I am troubled by students around my age.
Hiroshi Tameda
Voice- Serina Machiyama
Born January 1th.Height 8 cm, favorite is Endeavor, hero.Popularity vote ranking not appeared → not appeared → not appeared → 170st place.
Endeavor enthusiast.He told the fans that his attitude was cool, and he ran away, lamenting Endeavor, who had extended his hand, saying, "I've changed."
By being furious at the announcer's words "absence of symbol", which is relaying the high-end rampage, he shouted, "Who is the man who is physically fit for us now !! Look!" , Became a hot topic as "Look at you" and contributed to the reevaluation of Endeavor.
Tokuda Taneo
Voice- Eiji Hanawa
A freelance reporter who appeared in episode 4 of the 1th season of the anime.
There is a high possibility that there is a candidate, knowing that "Almite is finding a successor" from the word "Next is you" that Almite said after the battle with "All for One". Visited Group A in the 1st year of Yuei for coverage.As a result, he realizes that Iku is the successor, but he tells Iku that he will not talk about the grace that Almite once saved his family, and the publisher who cooperated with the interview for the scoop said that. Instead, I provided a hidden photo of "Almite buying and eating meat buns".
"Individuality": Whole body lens
A personality that allows you to freely take out the camera lens from your whole body.You can also print out photos from your chest.
Kurumada Untenmaru
Voice- Egawa Hiroo
Born March 3, 4 cm tall.My favorite is flowers. 180 years old.
Hire exclusively for heroes.Has an exclusive contract with Endeavor.

Person of "Vigirante"

Characters from the official spin-off manga "Vigirante -My Hero Academia ILLEGALS-".The time series in the work is when Iku and his friends in the main story are in elementary school. Many people do not have the qualification to use "individuality".

main character

Koichi Ashiwa (Kouichi Yesuma) / Kind man →The Crowler
The main character in "Vigirante".A 19-year-old man longing for a hero. Born February 2, 22 cm tall, my favorite is curry.
At night, in order to relieve stress, he wears an almite impersonator hoodie (official mail order limited edition) and dresses as a "kind man" to help people in need by illegally using "individuality".
With the advice of Knuckle Duster, the name is changed from "Kind Man"The CrowlerChange to (but mistaken for "hard man" etc.).
He was also aiming to enter Yuei Gakuen, but he said he couldn't make it in time for the entrance exam because he tried to help the drowning child.I met Pop ☆ Step once five years ago, but Koichi doesn't realize it because he thinks the child he helped is a boy.
He lives in a renovated penthouse on the roof of an old building, but is suspicious of its ruined exterior and is isolated in college.After that, it will be the base of the Vigilante team where Pop ☆ Step and Knuckle Duster will be immersed.According to her mother, she used to fly in the sky, and she seemed to fly in the sky before walking, and she was so worried that she would fly somewhere as it was, so she was rested by her mother every time.
"Individuality": gliding
The "individuality" of the mobile system that is activated by "grounding at three or more points".You can accelerate as much as you want, but the speed you can control is a bicycle (Mamachari) Up to about.However, the problem of braking is solved by the advice from Ingenium, who happened to meet as a jogging companion, to "accelerate in the opposite direction and apply sudden braking".
If you meet the conditions, you can run up vertically using the wall of the building.In the case of a runaway bus incident, he activates "individuality" while falling and flies in the sky for a moment, but at this time there was no grounding point because it was in the air, and because he was holding the truth with both arms, the activation of "individuality" was There were only two points on both feet.
Kazuho Haneyama / Pop ☆ Step
The heroine in "Vigirante".A high school girl who illegally performs guerrilla live and acts as an idol. Born May 5, 28 cm tall, my favorite is yogurt.
Hide your real face with make-up and eye mask, wear a highly exposed costume like a small devil, hold an unauthorized guerrilla live in the city, and leave somewhere.I'm not good at special songs, but her fans are still there.The real face is a sober student with glasses on his unkempt head, and he brings a lot of luggage to Koichi's penthouse and uses it as a preparation place before the live.
He was helped by Koichi when he was drowning in the river five years ago, and he seems to have been interested in him since then, and even though he finally met again, he couldn't say that.
After being attacked by a huge enemy and thrown into the air, Koichi saves him and cooperates with their activities thereafter.Although she does not have the ability to fight, she is in charge of collecting information and guiding evacuation because she is well known and can interact with anyone unlike Koichi and Knuckle Duster.
"Individuality": Leap
You can fly high by kicking up the scaffolding.If you don't have a foothold, you can't do anything and just fall.
Iwao Oguro / Knuckle duster
A muscular middle-aged man who calls himself a cleaner.Push Koichi to call him a "master".Real name and birthday unknown, 45 years old, height 185 cm, favorite is cigarette and beer.
Appears out of nowhere and sanctions criminals.The face, which is covered with a mask above the eyes, has a large scar that cannot be hidden by the mask.As the name suggests, knuckle dusters are attached to both hands, and hook ropes are mainly used for movement. Although he is an extremely violent person who says, "If you hit a villain, you will be surprised."He also talks about his own theory of justice during the battle with Stendhal and has a strong sense of justice.
Originally a super fast heroOclockHe used to work as a crime response expert.However, for some reason, "individuality" has been deprived, and it is currently "individuality" during the work.
It is muscular and has excellent fighting power, it can easily beat down sudden enemies, challenge power type villains head-on, avoid attacks with a single sheet of paper and hit the counter accurately. Is extremely expensive.In addition, his insight is extremely high, such as the fact that opponents with unique abilities are also swiftly contained, and even the professional heroes who appeared in suppressing the outbreak of sudden villains became popular with the identity of the enemy who did not notice.
When Koichi was attacked by a thug, he fell from the sky and imposed iron fist sanctions on the thug, and then he rolled up Koichi and made him a disciple.After that, Pop ☆ Step will join and the three of us will be doing Vigilante activities.I work during the day, and after that I enter Koichi's penthouse, drink beer and wait until the night's Vigilante activity.In order to save her daughter, Tamao, who is parasitized by the queen bee, she was looking for clues by suppressing the sudden villain.After finding Tamao, engaging with her, stopping once to remove the queen bee's parasitism and rescuing her, she leaves Koichi and others to give her time to spend.However, even in the current situation away from Koichi and others, he is doing vigilante activities alone, such as heading to a pharmacy that handles triggers in Hong Kong.


Ichimoku Samazu
Private swastika school middle school. Born October 10, 1 cm tall, with a gun for what you like.
RegentTovisorStateSunglassesIt looks like a bad one.Teach Koichi and others the sighting information and cooperate. He often quarrels with his "buddy" Namimaru, and when he is suppressed, he gets to know Knuckle Duster and Koichi.A big fan of Pop ☆ Step.
"Individuality": Beam from the eyes
Jubei Namimaru
A friend of Samazu. Born November 11th, 10cm tall, my favorite is Thaiman.
A strict bearded little boy, he looks like a bad boy wearing a student cap. Like his "buddy" Samazu, he is a big fan of Pop ☆ Step.Unlike Sama Tsu, I transferred to Naruhaneda.Cooperate with Koichi and others with Samazu.
"Individuality": Hand to wooden sword
Makoto Tsukauchi
Koichi's senior female college student, Naomasa Tsukauchi's younger sister who appears in the main story. 21 years old.
Bright, sociable and full of action.In the world's first hero recognition system "Rhode Island New State Law", only 189 out of 7 people were certified as heroes by Vigilante, so "What was the decisive factor that separated heroes and enemies?" I think that her own answer was "social support", that is, "popularity", with "no" as the theme of her independent research.As part of his research, he tried to contact "Naruhaneda's Vigilante" and asked Koichi, who has a good sense of land, to study instead of teaching him a bodyguard, but he did not realize that he was a member.
"Individuality": Lie detector (polygraph)
Judge the authenticity of the statement of the person who is in physical contact (holding a hand, etc.).


Tsukauchi's senior or boss who also appears in the main story.
A slender man with a stubble in a shabby shirt, he seems to be sloppy, but he has a keen sense as a detective.Zhang himself, who brought together Tsukauchi and Almite, is also one of the people who knows the secret of Almite.


Enemy Manufacturing Factory (Villan Factory)
Hachisuka Kuin / Oguro Tamao
One of the enemies (villains) in "Villain".A second year high school student wearing an eyepatch on his left eye.
A fan of Pop ☆ Step, who is ostensibly cheerful, energetic, and loves people with many friends.It plays a role in causing confusion in the city by making full use of the "individuality" of using a part-time job to kill an enemy (villain) and using a bee to scatter triggers.
The name is a pseudonym, and it is later discovered that Knuckle Duster has a parent-child relationship with his father and daughter.He tries to mess up the event in which Pop ☆ Step participates, but engages with Knuckle Duster who was reading the movement.After his heart was stopped and the parasitoid wasp was stripped off, he was resuscitated and regained his personality as a "male black pearl".
"Individuality": Queen Bee
Worker bees are taken in and out from the left eye.
By generating and manipulating a large number of worker bees, in addition to reconnaissance and messenger, it is possible to stuff a "trigger" in the belly of a bee and indiscriminately administer it to the general public.Communication with the bee can be taken at a high level, and the small changes in the administered subject can be heard from the feather sound of the bee.It also shares pain with the bee, and when the bee is crushed, it bleeds from the left eye.
But these abilities are "Bee messengerWith the "individuality" of a third party called "", parasitoid wasps can be planted in others to form nests in the body, through which the host can be manipulated.It seems that she was also planted with a parasitoid wasp from the person who was being manipulated.
Mysterious man
A long-haired man who recovered a bee messenger.Immediately after Hachisuka collapses, she takes over the sudden villain and the modified villain.
He has a longing for Oklock and has a diagonal scar on his face.After getting the "individuality" of O'clock, he imitates his fighting method and how to use "individuality".
"Individuality": Overclocking
Accelerate so that the surroundings do not notice.Originally the "individuality" of the super-fast hero O'clock.
It is due to the activation of brain function, which is made possible by accelerating the experience time.As a result, if the opponent makes a number of punches without knowing it, or if he concentrates his consciousness, he can move only by himself with the surroundings completely stopped.
However, this "individuality" puts a great deal of load on the brain, so it can only be used for a short period of time, and an interval is required to use it again.
Sudden villain
Mario Kugutsu
It becomes huge due to the influence of the trigger, and two new arms grow from the back.The original personality is unknown.
It seemed to be the culprit of the spread, but in reality, a bag with a trigger was pressed by an unknown person.
Kugizaki Soga
Seniors of Sama Tsu and others.
He hates being masculine and bent, and is loved by the locals as a famous "legendary senior" with strong fights.On the other hand, because the impression he had when he met was the worst, Kaho disliked him as a "man who commits and kills."
It was seen with prejudice from its "individuality", and as a result, it went on the path to failure.That's why I started working on the trigger.However, after being defeated by Koichi and others, he withdraws from the trigger and tries to confront Hachisuka and Standart to protect his friends Rapto and Burn.
"Individuality": Spike
Generates large spikes that appear to be metallic from the fists and toes.Due to the influence of the trigger, thorns are generated from the back and elbows like a hedgehog.
Toka Summer Rapto (and thanks Rapto)
A young man in the shape of a lizard.The original personality is unknown, but it seems to be related to lizards from the appearance and lines.Under the influence of the trigger, the arm changes like a wing and gains flying ability.
Lighthouse fuel (Touchi also loose)
The skin is red and the flames sway like candles from the top of the head.The original "individuality" is unknown, but the trigger causes the skin to harden like a rock and spit out flames from the mouth.
Akira Iwako
The trigger makes the body look like a rock, revealing superhuman strength and a slightly enormous "individuality".The original "individuality" is unknown.Perhaps there was some addiction to the trigger, the oral cavity turned black due to side effects.
Even after being defeated by Knuckle Duster and others, he continued to commit "individuality" crimes without discipline, but was cornered in the back alley by Standart and killed.
A cat with a tea tiger pattern.It is unknown whether it is the effect of the trigger, but it activates the "individuality" of "Bakeneko". When you activate "Individuality", the tail splits into two, and you can possess it (enter) and manipulate it like your own body.
Modified villain
Teruo Unagizawa
Due to the influence of the trigger taken by HachisukaLampreyTransformed into a figure like.The original "individuality" is the electric eel.
An enthusiastic fan of Pop ☆ Step.
Kamaike Kirihito
A friend of the Hotta brothers, commonly known as "Kamayan".Remodeled and largeMantisTransformed into a figure like.
After being suppressed by the Vigilantes, he is released and lives as a civilian, but he is suffering from life because he remains a mantis semi-permanently.
Takobe Kajiro / Octopus
Six-armed remodeled villain.The villain who made the kick to fight with Koichi and Eraser Head.In an emergency, put out the two arms you hid and attack.
Koichi and Eraser Head crushed the place that was rampaging in the city, but escaped using Kamayan.Koichi and Eraser Head got nothing better than Kakeru, even though he was about to be killed by a mysterious man who came across it.
After being crushed, he was released and lived as a civilian, but like Kamayan, he lived in a tent on the site of a warehouse because he had no place to live.He has a license as a cook and is trying to reintegrate into society by opening a coffee shop with Kamayan at the suggestion of the Hotta brothers.
Has the "individuality" of a bomb.


Captain Celebrity / Christopher Skyline
A major hero who is active in the United States, the home of heroes.
In the so-called theater style, even if the villain is rampaging to direct his activities in a flashy manner, it will not move until the arrival of the media and the occurrence of rescuers are confirmed.Therefore, there are countless proceedings and scandals, commonly known as "Captain "Troublesome" CelebrityThen, it became difficult to work in the United States and came to Japan to work.In addition to this personality, he also looks down on All Might, so the impression from Koichi is also bad.
Women's relations are so sloppy that they are also called "flying breeding horses," and most of the proceedings and scandals are related to women. Currently, the largest proceeding is a claim for compensation from a separated wife.He tried to get his hands on the hired back dancer, but because she was a friend of his wife, he just ate a meal for fear of getting his wife's further anger.After that, she was truly weakened and took the opposite image strategy that pushed the hard-liner to the front with her idea, and although she is reluctant, her popularity is recovering.
"Individuality": Flight
You can fly in the sky.
Shirakumo Oboro / Loud cloud
Voice- Kenshō Ono
Aizawa's Yuei High School 2-A classmate.A cheerful and cheerful class mood maker. Born May 5, 5 cm tall.My favorite things are the blue sky and the sun.
During the internship, he was attacked by a large villain Garvey and was buried in rubble and died.The corpse was replaced by All for One and a parishioner doctor, remodeling the brain and body.Black fogI was made brainless.
In the main story, I said it when Present Mike talked to Aizawa after it was decided to transfer the mind.
"Individuality": clouds
Manipulate the clouds.

Hirobat original person

Trading card arcade game"My Hero Academia Clash!In "Heroes Battle", a character newly written by the author will appear.

Volcano Bandits

The first original villain.

Volcano[83] / Iwata Kouma
"Individuality": Eruption
Burns fat and produces magma in the body.There is an organ that ejects it.
Gusto Boy[83] / Kazeya Tsutomu
"Individuality": Fan
Turn your wrist to create the wind.TenosynovitisTherefore, the limit of turning is 1 minute.
Dusty Ash[83] / Ashida powder
"Individuality": Ash dust
It emits ash-like dust from all over the body and seals the other person's eyes, nose, and mouth.

Wild villains

The second original villain. "Oumagadoki Zoo] Appeared character is a model.

Voice- Koji Yusa
An eerie villain with half of his face covered with a mask.Inspired by the incident of the villain coalition, he aims to uprising and rule humanity.
3th in the 50rd popularity poll ranking.
"Individuality": Whale
Bare head
"Individuality": Brown bear
A keeper who has been brainwashed by a curator.
"Individuality": Cleaning

the term

Hero related

A profession that saves people by using "individuality".
The rise of the hero system was that the activities of people called "vigilantes" were recognized as a system in the form of being pushed by public opinion in the supernatural dawn when people expressed "individuality".The legal and social definition has been established at the time of the first episode of the original story.
LegallyPolicemenSubstructure, orPart-time serviceAs a private collaborator who receives, each person has a window for paperwork, is in charge of practical work (investigation and battle against crimes using "individuality") at the request of the police, and receives a commission system.
A hero who has gained the trust of his business and has increased his work will become a hero who can engage in cooperative battles with himself.Partner(Side kick)May be hired.It is a prestigious and spectacular profession, and is saturated because there are many applicants.As more and more people have a weak spirit of self-sacrifice, some have skeptical thoughts such as stain.
A general term for people who voluntarily engage in security activities regardless of the law.Also known as the roots of heroes.
Lament that crimes using "individuality" afflict people, and confront with their own "individuality"volunteerThe appearance of "Vigilante" is the beginning of "Vigilante".But the United StatesRhode IslandThe world's first hero official recognition system established inRhode Island New State LawOnly seven of the vigilante's personalities were recognized as professional heroes, and the others were considered equivalent to villains.In a society with an established hero recognition system, private vigilante itself is a crime, which rarely exists in modern times and is treated as a variant of "enemy (villain)".
Hero qualification exam
It is held at three locations nationwide in June and September every year.
Aspiring heroes first strive to obtain a provisional exemption, but it is difficult from the stage of provisional exemption with a passing rate of around 5% every year.In addition, in order to avoid crushing each other among the students of the same school, it is the theory to take the exam at different times and venues even in the hero department of the same school.The content of the test varies from year to year, but it is customary to crush Yuei first, aiming at Yuei High School, where the details of "individuality" are known only in the broadcast of the Yuei Festival.
In the provisional exemption test that Ikutatsu received in the main story, the loss of almite and the activation of the enemy (villain) have an effect, and at the stage of the primary test, 1540 out of 100 people are narrowed down.
In the primary test, the first 3 people who hit the ball and dropped two participants with three targets on their bodies will pass the test.
The second test is a rescue exercise that assumes the disaster site of the scenario of terrorism of the enemy (villain) with the cooperation of "HUC".
"HUC" and public officials examine the correctness of rescue actions and see the positioning suitable for their "individuality", score them by a deduction method, and obtain a provisional exemption for those who have more than 50 points on the borderline. I let you.
However, there is a remedy for those who fail below 50 to obtain a provisional license if they pass the individual test after taking a special course for 3 months.
Help us company
Commonly called "here(hook)".A private sector who impersonates a rescuer in all training.

Hero training school

Kunitachi Yuei High School (Kokuritsu Yuei Kotougakko)
A school that trains heroes on the stage of this work.Uniforms for both men and womenblazer..The lesson is "Plus Ultra (further beyond)!!'
Producing famous heroes such as All Might, it is recognized as a gateway to becoming a hero so that graduation from Yuei is said to be an absolute requirement for great heroes.In addition to the hero department, there are 3 classes each for regular courses, support courses, and management courses, with 11 classes per grade.Mammoth school.
It has a vast site area and there are various facilities on campus.Security is provided at the front entrance of the school to prevent people other than those related to Yuei from entering the site, and it is generally known as the "Yuei Barrier".The learning content ranges from hero-like exercises such as combat and rescue to general lessons.
Another major feature is that there are many opportunities to interact with professional heroes, such as the Yuei Sports Festival and work experience.
Hero department
A course aimed at training heroes. There are 2 classes, A and B, with 1 students per class.There are two recommended admission slots, so the maximum number of general admissions is 20.
It is a very popular department that is directly connected to professional heroes, and the entrance examination rate is 300 times, which is extremely difficult.
general course
A regular curriculum course divided into 3 classes from Group C to Group E.
It is possible to apply concurrently with the hero department, and many students have failed the hero department entrance examination and entered the school.Therefore, there are some who have a refracted feeling toward the hero family.
Support department
A course that aims to get a job at a design office that develops items and costumes to be provided to professional heroes, divided into 3 classes from F group to H group.
Business administration
It is divided into 3 classes: I group, J group, and K group.
Clothing deduction
A system in which a school support company prepares an original hero costume for each student by submitting the desired function and design to the school.
False Disaster and Accident Room (USJ)
A training ground for Yuei High School created by No. 13.All kinds of accidents and disasters such as water accidents, landslides, and fires are assumed.
The students said, "It looks like a theme park.USJI was surprised, but the students were confused because it was really named "USJ".
Yuei Sports Festival
A sports festival held by Yuei High School.It will be held in April.
After the emergence of "individuality," the Olympic Games, which is a "sports festival," has already declined and become a mere ghost, and in Japan it is enjoyed as a sports festival that replaces the former Olympic Games.
The tournament attracts a lot of attention, as it is broadcast on TV nationwide and professional heroes come to watch the game to find future sidekick candidates.
For hero students, there is a merit that professional heroes can also see their abilities, but on the other hand, because it is the only high school in Japan to know "individuality" by being broadcast on TV, villains know "individuality" and tactics There are also disadvantages such as being the first to be targeted in hero qualification tests.
Work Experience
A program that lets you go to a professional hero's office and feel the activity.The period is one week.
Seeing the success of the Yuei Sports Festival, a professional hero puts in two votes.Those who have been nominated will be selected from among them, and those who have not been nominated will be selected from the accepted offices nationwide offered by Yuei in advance.
Summer forest training camp
The students feel like traveling, but in fact, they usually do it from the first half of the second year.Limited permit for exercising "individuality" in an emergency Hero activity authorization qualification provisional exemptionTraining for acquisition.The period was planned to be one week.
The villain's movement became active, such as the villain's student being attacked by the villain coalition, and it was moved forward one year.
The training program also incorporates strengthening the abilities of each "individuality" and overcoming weaknesses.
Heights Alliance
A luxurious building where students who have become dormitories after the summer vacation live.There is a history of dormitory system for the purpose of ensuring the safety of students and for the purpose of searching for insiders who have not been found yet.
It is a five-story building with a basement, and one building is given per class. The first floor is a shared space such as a dining room, bath, laundry, drawing room, and courtyard. The 5nd to 1th floors are student rooms, and there are 1 rooms for men and women on each floor, for a total of 1 rooms.
Training Kitchen Land (TDL)
Appeared in episode 100.A popular name for gymnasium γ.A place for special training where Cementus prepares terrain and objects tailored to each student with "individuality".Used for compression training to develop special moves while developing the "individuality" of students.
Off-campus activities (hero intern)
Off-campus hero activities mainly conducted by 2nd and 3rd year hero departments.This is a full-scale version of the work experience, and since it is done after obtaining a provisional sidekick, it is treated as a sidekick for one person.The internship uses the nominations obtained at the athletic festival for connection, but it is said that the activities themselves are difficult for students who have not been nominated because the activities are voluntary by the students, not part of the class.Originally, it was recruited by each hero office, but it has become the current form due to the frequent occurrence of Izakoza to attract male and English students.Originally, there were few precedents for first-year students to obtain a provisional exemption, and there were many dissenting opinions among teachers due to the influence of enemy activation, but it is said that strong heroes will not grow under the protection policy From the opinion, it was concluded that "only offices with a good track record of accepting internships are allowed to carry out first graders."
Shiketsu Kokou
A difficult school in the hero department that is comparable to Yuei High School, which is also called "East Yuei" and "West Shigei".In contrast to Yuei, the discipline is strict, as the class president is obliged to wear a cap during activities, and the class president is appointed by a teacher in consideration of grades and future potential.
Masterpiece Academy High School (Ketsugakuenkoukou)
A high school that appeared in the professional hero provisional exam.In the play, Ms. Joke's 2nd grade 2nd group hopes for a provisional exemption test together with 1-A.
Isami Gakuen
A high school where even-numbered Hanyuko attends.In the original animation "Training of the Dead", four students, including even numbers, will participate in 4-A hero training.
Seijin Kokou
Anime original high school.In the provisional exemption primary examination, several examinees dressed as ninjas attack Todoroki, but they are revenge.
Seiai Gakuin
Anime original high school.From the members and costumes, it seems to be a girls' school.In the hero provisional qualification test, a team of examinees led by Saiko Insho attacks Frog, Yamillion, Earo, and Shoji.

"Individuality" related

Congenital paranormal ability."In the general senseIndividualityIn order to avoid confusion with the word "", in the original, when referring to "individuality" as a paranormal ability, it is written as "individuality" surrounded by "" ".
"This is the" individuality "of this child," he complained to the abusive miscellaneous words that Destro's mother received from the prejudice she had against her child in an era that was once called "unusual ability."This anecdote was handed down as "the mother of" individuality "", and the paranormal ability in the work came to be called "individuality".
Currently, about 8% of the total population is expressing some kind of "individuality" during the work.Usually by about 4 years of age, one or more of the parents' individuality develops.Each has its own generation, and Midoriya's generation is the "fifth generation."
In the work, depending on the abilityActivated type""Variant""VariantIt is roughly divided into three systems[84].
Activated type
The most standard system among many "individuality".A wide variety of abilities are activated by one's own will.Also, due to the large number of types, depending on the "individuality" that is activated,Augmentation system"Or"Restraint systemIt is subdivided into.
A system that changes the body from a normal human body at will.
A strain that always expresses "individuality" from the time of birth. The term "atypical" is used on a daily basis, but it is a very unfavorable expression, and it seems that it may be subject to discrimination due to its appearance away from humans, and there are groups that discriminate against "atypical".
Complex type
A system that has two or more of the characteristics of the above three systems.
"Individuality" factor
A mechanism that adds a special mechanism to the basic human body.In the work, the mechanism of + α is called "individuality", and + α is called "individuality" factor.
Aizawa's eradication has temporarily stopped this factor.The ammunition developed by Hachisaikai that erases "individuality" was initially presumed to directly damage the "individuality" factor, but in reality it used the mechanism of "rewinding people" and "individuality". It was a thing.
A phenomenon in which "individuality" that does not resemble either of the parents' families appears.It seems that there are few cases, but it is said that this phenomenon may occur very rarely.
"Individuality" singularity
"As the generations go by, the" individuality "mixes and deepens." "The stronger and more complex" individuality "may eventually become uncontrollable by anyone."Eschatologyone of.In fact, the ability of "individuality" in the work is becoming more complicated as the generation progresses.
"Individuality" marriage
Choosing and marrying a spouse only to strengthen and inherit one's own "individuality", which has become a problem between the second and third generations from the manifestation of "individuality".
Appeared in the gaiden "Vigirante -My Hero Academia ILLEGALS-"drag..The official name is "Individuality Factor Inducer (Idio Trigger)".
It has the effect of weakening the user's reason and exaggerating (boosting) "individuality", and according to Knuckle Duster, "a drug that makes ordinary people an enemy (villain)".
Knuckle dusters use this as a basis for addicts because their tongue turns black.
Drugs with similar effects have appeared in the main story.Distribution is prohibited in Japan.According to Fat Gum, Asian products have a short effect, and American products have an effect that lasts for 1 to 2 hours.

Enemy (villain) related

Enemy (Villan)
A general term for criminals who abuse "individuality".
In the original, the word "enemy" is read as "villain" and written in kana.In this section, "" in the general sense(I.e.To avoid confusion with the word "(ki)", it is written as "enemy (villain)" or "villain".
Sudden villain
Appeared in "Vigirante". A general term for people who have become villains by causing their "individuality" to run away by ingesting the domestically unapproved weak individuality improving drug "trigger" containing "individuality" factor inducers.Originally, he is an ordinary person who has only "individuality" that can not be a hero or a villain, and the trigger is "I got it from a stranger".For this reason, it is difficult to distinguish it from villains, and the response of professional heroes is often delayed.
Enemy (villain) coalition
A group that attempts to kill the almite, which is a symbol of peace.It is made up of powerful villains such as the main members, Death Pattern Tree, Kurogiri, and "Kaijin" Brainless.
Initially, the other members were gathered as miscellaneous soldiers with an emphasis on number rather than quality, and most of them were not good at ability, and were criticized by bombers and roars as "elephantless" and "Mishita". It was.
However, after the incident that Stain caused in Hosu City, the misunderstanding that Stain was a member of the villain coalition spread to the world, and the villains who had been unrelated to the coalition have been attracting attention now. Many talented people are gathering.
Kaibyaku Kodotai
A small number of elite troops who attacked the students of Group A and Group B in the summer forest training camp.It is organized by talented people who joined the villain coalition, which gained popularity due to the attack on Yuei High School and the attack on Hosu City, and the momentum for expansion increased.
The main purpose was to eliminate students, which could be a threat to the Union, and to take Katsumi away to welcome him as a compatriot.
The members are 9 influential villains led by cremation and 1 people with no brain who are faithful to cremation's orders.Three of them are defeated in the battle with the students and are arrested.
Paranormal Liberation Front (Chojokai Hosensen)
An organization newly established by the villain coalition that defeated the PLA at the Second Coming Festival.The supreme leader is a dead tree.There are nine action captains in the runner-up executives.
The nine action captains have units that have their own tendencies, and the top three influential people of the PLA are assisting each captain.
Death Hachisaikai
Of designated enemy groupsGokudo..He mainly bought and sold illegal drugs, but after retiring from almite and arresting "all for one", he started full-scale activities such as contacting the villain coalition.The main members (directly reporting to the overhaul)Plague maskAre wearing.
In the world of work, the yakuza organization was caught and dismantled one after another due to the rise of heroes, and it is said that the era was completely over with the appearance of All Might.The forces that escaped the detection are also treated as the Vilan reserve forces and continue to work in detail while being monitored.
Gunball, Hachisaishu
A general term for overhaul aides, who is in charge of dirty work for Hachisaikai.Everyone wears plague masks (only multiple parts are masked) because the overhaul of mysophobia does not want to breathe the same air as those who undertake dirty work.Therefore, although he is an executive, he is considered only as a "disposable piece" from the overhaul, and the members are not monolithic, such as those who pledge allegiance to the overhaul, those who believe blindly, and those who aim for Gekokujo.
Inokai Hogun
In an era when "individuality" was still called "unusual ability", the free exercise of extraordinary ability was formed by liberationists who claimed to be a natural right as a human being.Extremist organization..The first leader is Destro.The members put their thumbs on the forehead and make a gesture of pointing the index finger up.
After years of confrontation with the legislative nation, many members, including Destro, were arrested and the organization dismantled.However, Destro's bereaved child, Rikiya, inherited his father's wishes and formed again, and the current number of liberation warriors is 11, which is a very large scale.The Liberation Warrior usually lives as a civilian as a muddy flower citizen, and most of the new executives, including Rikiya, are big names in the political and business world.There are also many sympathizers among active heroes and police.
In order to lead the liberation to the PLA, he plans to dismantle the enemy (villain) coalition and sets up a second coming.
Unusual Liberation Front
Destro wrote in prison after arrestautobiography..Republished after the retirement of Almite and the arrest of "All for One," some of the affected readers have begun to commit personality crimes.
Enemy Manufacturing Factory (Villan Factory)
A group that appears in "Vigirante".An organization that intentionally turns ordinary people into enemies (villains) using triggers.


Most of the place names and school names (excluding hero training schools)Planets in Star WarsIt is a twist of the name of.

Oriji Junior High School
The school from which Iku and Bakugo came from."Mediocre" according to the bomber.
NR Tadōin Station
Vilan, who turned into a monster in the first episode, was rampaging.
Takoba Seaside Park
It was desolate due to wreckage and illegal dumping, but the coastline was revived by cleaning the garbage in Iku, and it turned into a perfect date spot.
Private Satoshi Junior High School
Iida's home school.According to the bomber, "shit elite".
Hosu ​​City, Tokyo
The place where Midoriya and his friends fought against Stain.
Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
The place where the Villain Union has a factory that refines brainlessness.Here, All Might and "All for One" confronted each other.
National Takoba Stadium
One of the hero provisional license acquisition test venues.
A strict prison that imprisons a serious criminal who is warm even to the death penalty. "All for One" and Stain are imprisoned.
Mud Flower City, Aichi Prefecture
9% of the population is a base of the PLA, a hidden liberation warrior.
The coalition of enemies (villains) and the PLA have clashed with each other, calling it the "Second Coming".

Editor in charge

  1. Takao Shimazaki
  2. Koike Hitoshi[6]
  3. Kengo Monji[6] --As of December 2014


My heroIs a one-shot work by Horikoshi.The prototype of this work.


My Hero Academia Sumashu !!
Hirofumi NedaA spin-off of the main story by.4 framesManga. "Boy jump +(Shueisha) November 2015, 11-November 9, 2017 serialized[8].. All three volumes.
It is drawn with a comedy touch, and in the author's comment of Volume 1, "I hope you read it as if it were a collection of NG scenes flowing at the ending of the movie."[8]
Vigilante-My Hero Academia ILLEGALS-
Hideyuki Furuhashi(Screenplay),Betatsu ArajinA spin-off work of the main story by (drawing). "Jump GIGA(Shueisha) 2016 vol.2, the introductory episode 0 was published and serialized until 2016 vol.4. "Shonen Jump +" is being serialized every other Saturday from December