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📺 | Teaser notice for the latest season of "American Crime Story" has been unveiled!This time that US president's affair case


Teaser notice for the latest season of "American Crime Story" has been unveiled!This time that US president's affair case

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After signing a large contract with Netflix for $ 2018 billion in 5, luxury actors such as Meryl Streep became a hot topic, including overseas dramas such as "The Politician", "Ratched", "Hollywood" and "HALSTON / Holston". He has worked on many popular works including movies such as "The Prom", and is one of the creators who have high expectations for the latest work.

The latest sea of ​​the popular series "American Crime Story" produced by Ryan Murphy for the first time in about 3 years ... → Continue reading

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Popular works


Roy Holston Flowwick(1932May 4 - 1990May 3) IsHolstonAmericans known for their brand name, especially those who made international fame in the 70'sfashion designer.


Cashmere,With ultra suedeHolston's minimalist and clean design made in the mid-1970sDiscoCreated a new whirlwind and redefined American fashion.Holston is also known for creating a relaxed urban lifestyle for American women. [1]He is and my best friendLiza Minnelli,, of the artistAndy WarholThere are many pictures left with. [2]

Holston in the early 1950s,School of the Art Institute of ChicagoWhile attending, Holston started the business of designing and manufacturing women's hats.It gained a well-known customer and opened a store in Chicago's Magnificent Mile in 1957.Holston then became a hatmaker at Bergdorf Goodman, a luxury department store in New York. 1961,Jacqueline KennedyIs my husband'sJohn F. KennedyI wear it whenPill box hatBy designing, the Holston name became widely known.

In the late 1960s, Holston began working in women's clothing from women's hats in New York.Madison AvenueOpened a boutique thereReady-to-wearLaunched a type brand.afterwards,heroinIn the 1980s, Holston eventually retired from running the brand he founded, as the business began to tilt due to some misjudgment under the overdose of. At the age of 1990 in 57AIDSDied of cancer. [3] [4]



Roy Holston Frowick, April 1932, 4,Des Moines, Iowa[5]so,Norwegian american OfAccountantBorn as the second son of James Edward Frowick and housewife Hallie Mae (formerly Holmes). [6]Holston was early due to the influence of his grandmotherSewingInterested in making hats and tailoring clothes for his mother and sister.

After spending his childhood at Des Moines, at the age of 10Evansville, IndianaI moved to. Graduated from Benjamin Bosse High School in 1950Indiana UniversityAfter a short period of timeSchool of the Art Institute of ChicagoEnrolled in. [2]

Fledgling era

In 1952, HolstonChicagoI moved to the night course and worked as a wind dresser in parallel with my studies. In 1953, he opened his own hat business.His first customer was radio actress and comedian Fran Allison.Kim Novak,Gloria Swanson,Deborah Kerr,Hedda HopperCelebrities such as purchased Holston hats. [7]

Chicago Daily NewsHalston's name became widely known for the first time after he published a short article about Halston's hats. In 1957, the first shop, Boulevard Salon, was opened on North Michigan Avenue.Halston has been called by his middle name since he was a kid to distinguish him from his uncle Roy, who has the same name as himself, and just around the time he opened his first shop, Halston began to use his middle name "Halston" at work. It became.

Holston in late 1957ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クMoved to and started working for a craftsman. In less than a year, Holston was nominated as a co-designer for Dashe, and when he became acquainted with fashion editors and publishers, he left Dashe's studio to head the hat salon at the department store Bergdorf Goodman. [7]

Increasing popularity of the brand

Holston in 1961Jacqueline KennedyIs my husbandJohn F. KennedyI wore it whenPillbox hatIt gained a great deal of fame for designing.When he started designing women's clothing,NewsweekDescribed him as "the best fashion designer in the United States" [8].

Halston, Texas, when hats become obsoleteAmarilloWith the help of billionaire Estelle Marsh, who lives in Japan, she began to design clothes vigorously. Marsh was the only supporter of Holston's time when he was stuck in production.Then in 1968Madison AvenueOpened his first boutique in.The fashion collection designed by Holston that year includes the Dark Jade Velvet wedding dress designed for advertising executives.Braniff AirlinesMary, who married the CEO of Braniff International Airways, introduced Halston to Braniff International Airways in 1976.Flight attendant,pilot,Ground staff,Marshaller OfuniformI will be in charge of design. [9]

Holston first in 1969Ready-to-wearLaunched Halston Limited, a type brand.[10]Holston's design was simple and minimalistic, yet sophisticated and attractive, yet comfortable to wear.Holstonsilk,chiffonI liked to use soft and luxurious fabrics like this.LaterVogue"I'm going to get rid of all the extra non-functional things. Ribbons that can't be tied, buttons that can't be hung, zippers that don't close, wrap dresses that don't wrap around the body. I hate things that don't work." Said. [11]Another feature of Holston's design is the use of bias (cutting the fabric diagonally).Holston believed that by cutting diagonally, any fabric could produce a sexy and sophisticated image.

In the past, female figures were often represented primarily through the curves of clothing,[Source required]Holston broke the traditional silhouette that fits the body and used a naturally free-flowing fabric to express the female figure.Holston talks about women's rights and pantsPantsGives women unprecedented freedom.No more worrying about crouching down furniture or boarding a low-floor sports car.Pants will continue to exist with us for years to come — perhaps forever if such a statement of rights can be made through fashion. Said [12] In the 1970s, his ultra-suede suit was all the rage.[Source required]Holston has incorporated functionality into fashion.[Source required]He designed ultra suede dresses and dresses and reintroduced women's pants.Dresses and dresses were accepted as elongated men's shirts.In addition, Holston incorporated elements of sportswear, combined them with women's clothing, and integrated the functionality of women's and men's clothing.

Holston boutiquesGreta Garbo, Babe Parry,Angelica Huston,Gene Tierney,Lauren Bacall,Margaux Hemingway,Elizabeth Taylor, With Bianca JaggerLiza MinnelliEspecially Jaguar and Minelli became Holston's close friends. [13] Between 1968 and 1973, Holston fashion brands sold an estimated $ 3,000 million. [11] In 1973, Holston sold his brand to for $ 1,600 million, but remained involved as the brand's leading designer after the sale.The sale allowed Holston to focus on his creative activities without worrying about money. 1975,Max factorHas released Holston's first women's perfume. By 1977, the perfume had sales of $ 8,500 million. [10] Throughout the 1970s, the Holston brand also began to sell menswear, luggage, handbags, lingerie and even bedding. [14]Vogue TheLater, Holston was the American fashion world.Kaftan, MattJerseyMaterial halter top dress,PolyurethaneIt is pointed out that he is a meritorious person who spread the word.By the way, Holston has designed an original kaftan for Jacqueline Kennedy.


As Holston grew in popularity and fame, people who worked with Holston became known.For the model that became famous due to the influence of Holston,Angelica Huston,,,, Nancy North, Chris Royer, Connie Cook, and more[15].

These Holstonic models were gradually called "Halstonettes" by fashion journalist André Leon Talley.Holstnette appeared with Holst in interviews, advertisements and events on Holst's clothing and cosmetics.Holstnette and his colleagues attended Holst's fashion gala, acting together every time Holst traveled for work, as a companion to Holston.Horstonette is made up of models from diverse racial backgrounds, and Holston has become one of the pioneering fashion designers on the runway with models of diverse races in advertising. [16] [17]

Braniff Airways uniform

Holston has also revolutionized the design of uniforms. Holston in 1977 in TexasBraniff Airlines OfFlight attendantSigned a contract to design a new uniform for.Holston designed a soothing brown uniform studded with the unique "H" logo.White, tan,TaupeThese colors were also used on Braniff aircraft's Argentine leather seats.This color scheme, created by Holston, was named "Ultra Touch" in connection with Holston's Ultra Suede design and became an iconic impression of the late 1970s. In February 1977, a party called "The Three Nights in Acapulco" was held.BraniffAn elegant new uniform for aviation was unveiled. [18]

Braniff International Airways Chairman's wife, President Lyndon Johnson's wife at the partyLady Bird JohnsonAttended.At the party, Holston himself wore a new uniform and appeared with Holstnette and others.Not only was the party and Holston's work highly regarded in the fashion industry, but it was also praised by Braniff International Airways employees for being the simplest and most comfortable uniform ever worn. [18]

In 1976,US Olympic CommitteeFrom the Pan American GamesUS Olympic teamI was asked to design a uniform for.Besides that, Girl Scout,New York City Police,Avis Rent-A-Car SystemI designed a uniform. [19]

Decline of the Holston brand

In 1983, Holston became a retail chainJC PennyHe signed a rasense contract with him, and the contract is said to have been worth $ 10 billion.The new brand, called "Halston III," consists of a lineup of affordable clothing, accessories, cosmetics and perfumes ranging from $ 24 to $ 200.At the time, luxury designers like Holston didn't sign contracts with mid-priced retail chains, so the new Holston brand was controversial in the fashion industry.Halston himself thought that the contract with JC Penny would lead to brand expansion, but on the contrary, the trend of thinking that the new brand made Halston's name "cheap" spread in the fashion industry, and the image of the Halston brand was downgraded. I'm connected. [20]At that time, luxury department store Bergdorf Goodman withdrew the Holston Limited lineup from the store after announcing the Holston III plan. [21]In addition, other department stores and stores have followed suit, and orders to Holston have declined. The reputation of the Halston III brand, which signed with JC Penny, was disappointing, and the lineup was eventually abolished.However, there are still voices praising Holston for paving the way for luxury brand designers to sell products in different price ranges.

In 1983, Esmark acquired Holston Limited, which was then owned by Norton Simon.After the acquisition by Esmark, Holston was deprived of control of the brand he was supposed to be the founder of, and was indignant.As the management rights of the brand are shifting to various companies such as Beatrice Foods one after another,[10] Holston's influence on the brand diminished, and in 1984 it was even banned from offering designs for his own brand.Under such circumstances, Holston continued to negotiate patiently to buy back the brand. [22].

Holston in 1986RevlonWas acquired by.Revlon paid Holston on the condition that Holston did not design the brand.However, Holston continued to be a family member and friend.Liza Minnelli,Martha GrahamWas offering a design for.After the contract with Revlon expired, Holston was talking about renewing the contract with Revlon again, but negotiations broke down when it was discovered that Revlon was trying to launch a new Holston brand without Holston. did. [7]After that, Revlon announced Holston branded clothing under various designers, but in 1990 the sale of clothing was abolished.However, only Holston perfumes continued to be sold. [23]


In 1988, Holston was diagnosed positive for HIV. [10]When he became ill, Holston moved to San Francisco, where his relatives lived. March 1990, 3, at the Pacific Presbyterian Medical Center in San FranciscoAIDSIt is an indicator diseaseKaposi's sarcomaDied. [7]Halston's body was cremated. [24]

After Holston's death

  • In June 1990, a memorial service by Holston's longtime friend Liza Minnelli was held at Alice Tully Hall in the Lincoln Center, followed by a farewell party hosted by her friend Elsa Peretti. .. [25]
  • In 2010, a documentary about Holston, "Ultrasuede: In Search of HalstonWas released. [26]
  • From November 2014 to January 11Andy warhol・ Museum-sponsored traveling exhibitionHalston and Warhol Silver and SuedeIt was realized with the cooperation of Halston's niece Leslie Frowick. [27]
  • In March 2017, the Holston Style, which looks back on Holston's career, opened in.The retrospective is curated by Holston's niece Leslie Frowick and features a collection of clothing and personal belongings left to Leslie before Holston died.Leslie is a catalog of retrospective exhibitionsHalston: Invention American FashionI also wrote. [29]
  • A documentary directed by Frederick Chen in May 2019HalstonWas released.The documentary has increased public interest in Holst and Horstonette's models.In May of the same year, the New York Times published an article entitled "Halston's Women Have their Say."In this article, former Holstnette women look back on their experiences. [30]In August of the same year, CNN also featured a special feature entitled Free Inside Our Clothes: Top Models Remember What It Was Like to Walk a Halston Show. [17]
  • According to fashion critics,Tom fordIn the late 1990sGucciYves Saint LaurentFord pointed out that he was inspired by Holston's glittering charm when he revived, "When Ford became involved in the design of Eve Saint Laurent in 1999, Ford was Eve Saint Laurent. We valued the character, but at the same time, Ford's design has an atmosphere reminiscent of Holston's heyday. " [31]
  • book of"Simply HalstonBased onEwan McGregorThe TV miniseries "", in which Halston plays the role of Holston, will be released on May 2021, 5.NetflixPublished in. [32]

Private life

When Holston was an artist born in Vevezuela, he had a lover relationship, such as parting and returning. [33]The two met in 2 when Hugo was working as a make-up artist. As the two began dating, Hugo began living in Holston's house. [34]Halston hired Hugo as his exclusive window dresser. The relationship between the two lasted for more than a decade. [35]

New York TimesToAccording to Holston, he also had a relationship with fashion designer Luis Estevez. [36]

Holston's legacy


After Holston's death in 1990, Holston has changed management several times.

Holston was acquired by Borghese in 1990 after Revlon stopped producing clothing in 1991. In 1996, sportswear company Tropic Tex purchased Holston's clothing license (Halston's perfume license is still held by Revlon) and reopened the Holston brand under designer Randolph Duke.Duke's first collection debuted in the fall of 1997 and was highly acclaimed.Mariah Carey,Celine Dion,Minnie Driver(70th Academy AwardsCelebrities such as (wearing Holston's crimson dress at the award ceremony) wore the new Holston dress. Duke left the brand when Holston was sold to a private equity fund in 1998. [37]Later that year, a designer was hired as the head designer, at which time the brand was called the House of Holston.Hall's first collection of the House of Holston debuted in the spring of 1998 and was highly acclaimed. [38] In 1999, Catterton-Simon sold Holston to Neema Clothing.Head designer Kevan Hall left the brand in 2000. [39]

After Hall left the brand, Holston's new owner, James J. Ammeen, planned to reborn Holston as a luxury brand and hired designer Bradley Bayeux.Bayeux's new brand "Bradley Bayeux for Holston"Oprah WinfreyQueen LatifahWorn.Bayeux left the brand in 2005 after clashing with Ammeen on advertising costs. [37]

In 2006,Jimmy ChooCo-founder of Styris ListRachel Zoe, Movie producerHarvey WeinsteinHas partnered with Hiruko Consumer Capital to attempt to revive Halston.Tamara Mellon and Rachel Zoe clashed with designers, causing problems with the brand's direction shortly after the launch of the new brand.FormerVersaceDesigner Marco Zanini was hired in July 2007.Zoe later revealed that he was disappointed with Zanini's design and kept him out of the design process.

From 2007 to 2008, Halston, under the control of Tamara Mellon, spoke to Chris Royer and appointed Chris as a member of the Halston Archive and Halston's Advisory Board.Royer has put together a Hiruko / Halston archive of over 300 original Halston vintage pieces.The collection is full of everything, including articles about Holston's design. In 2008, Royer held the "Neiman Marcus Halston Glam" exhibition based on the Hiruko / Halston Archive collection. 2014 Traveling ExhibitionHalston and Warhol: Silver and SuedeAlso provided a part of the collection from the archive.

The Holston collection by Zanini made its debut in February 2008, but some praised it and others criticized it, halving the rating. After Zanini left Halston in July 2, British designer Marios Schwab began designing Halston in May 2008. [37]Halston then launched a second new brand line called Halston Heritage.The Heritage collection is a modern twist on the design of Holston's sketches left in the archive. [31] 2009, actressSarah Jessica ParkerIs a movie"Sex and the city2I wore two Halston Heritage dresses.Halston has hired Sarah Jessica Parker as president and chief creative director of the Halston brand.Sarah Jessica Parker also supervised Halston Heritage. [40]

In February 2011, Marios Schwab unveiled his first Holston Fall / Winter collection. [37]During his tenure as a creative directorSarah Jessica ParkerAppointed a well-known jewelry designer to design bespoke silver accessories. [41]

Schwab's first debut collection did not receive good reviews. [37] American VogueIn the August 2011 issue, Sarah Jessica Parker revealed that she had left Holston. [42]With SchwabHarvey WeinsteinIs leaving Halston to follow Sarah. [43]

In late 2011, Hiruko Consumer Capital invited former BCBG President Ben Marca to consolidate ownership and continue the Halston Heritage business with Marca as Chairman and CEO.Marca embarked on a more modern brand modification with the help of Max Azria and Herve Leger's former creative director Marie Magellis.Hiruko Consumer Capital has decided to focus on the ready-to-wear collection of Halston Heritage and has made an additional $ 7,500 million in the plan. [31]

In September 2012, the company moved its headquarters from New York to Los Angeles. [44] In February 2013, Halston HeritageUnited Arab EmiratesTo distribute the product inMajid Al Futtaim GroupConcluded a contract with. [45] In 2015, the company sold the Halston brands H by Halston and H Halston to Xcel, which specializes in marketing well-known brands to the mass outlet market. [31]

The Fall 2018 collection focused on athleisure apparel. [46] [47]

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