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🎥 | Yuya Yagira and Kasumi Arimura talk about the importance of knowing the facts of the “generation without war experience”

Yuya Yagira and Kasumi Arimura who co-starred in the photo "Gift of Fire" cranked in!Photo: Yasushi Yoshida

Yuya Yagira and Kasumi Arimura talk about the importance of knowing the facts of the "generation without war experience"

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Yagira: I'm sure there is a director I know who says, "Not to mention the story, war movies should have scary depictions and rejections."

Among the actors around the age of 30, Yuya Yagira, Kasumi Arimura, and Haruma Miura, who have particularly high abilities and popularity, will co-star ... → Continue reading

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War movie

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War movie(Senso Eiga) ismoviesIs a kind ofHistoryupper戦 争Refers to the subject matter.


Those that depict the excitement of actions that reproduce actual battles have become popular.In recent years, the overwhelming majority are made in the United States, and the United States was involved.20st centuryThe subject is the subsequent modern war.In most cases, the wars dealt with are either real or similar in the past.Not a war between nationsCivil strife,Ethnic conflictIt is often called a war movie even when dealing with.However, if the main character of a soldier or a former soldier engages in fictitious combat activities alone or with a small number of people,Action movieIt is often called, but the boundary with war movies is ambiguous.Also, the ones on the subject of future warsScience fiction movieIs called.JapaneseModernUsually when dealing with previous historical warsHistorical dramaCalled.

Non-combat subjects include military training and internal conflicts, political history leading up to the war, postwar military trials, various stories on the battlefield and occupied territories, domestic (home front) attitudes during the war, and postwar attitudes. The theme is the people's feelings for war.Characters often include frontline soldiers, officers and government officials far from the battlefield, and citizens living on the battlefield.Battlefields often appear on the stage.

Also, due to the nature of war movies, political promotion by the military and government, public opinion guidance, and uplifting warfare,propagandaIt is also produced as a means of.Therefore, when watching a war movie, if you accept the content without criticism without considering the historical background, the creator, the cooperating organization, etc., it may fit into the operation of the creator.

in JapanAfter World War IIHas also produced many war movies, some of which have become extremely popular.The content is wide-ranging, including works depicting the suffering of the government and the military leading up to the war, soldiers facing difficult operations, and works that regard the war as something that should be denied.

Many war movies have been produced in China, and in 2007Nanjing IncidentMany movies have been produced.

List of war movies

Russo-Japanese War

World War I

Irish War of Independence / Irish Civil War

Sino-Japanese War (China Incident)

Spanish Civil War

Nomonhan case

Second World War

European front

Polish invasion
Northern / Western Blitzkrieg
Battle of the Atlantic
Battle of Britain
African Campaign
German-Soviet battle
Resistance to Germany
Hitler assassination plan
Normandy Landing Operation
Battle around the Mediterranean
Special Forces
Operation Market Garden
Western Front after the Battle of the Bulge
Battle of Berlin (Reich Chancellery Underground Cave)
POW camp
German bombing
Behind the scenes of atomic bomb development

Pacific War (Greater East Asia War)

History and development of the war
Naval battle
Warships (other than submarines)
Land warfare
Air battle
Chinese front
POWs and defeated soldiers
Student soldiers, schoolchildren's evacuation, air raids
Special attack corps
Battle of Okinawa
Atomic bomb
Army / war absurdity
End of war

First Middle East War

Korean War

Algerian war

Vietnam War

Cambodia Civil War

Lebanese Civil War

Afghanistan Conflict (1978-1989)

El Salvador Civil War

Yugoslavia conflict

Rwanda conflict

Gulf War

Chechen conflict

Afghanistan Conflict (2001-)

Iraq war

Other wars

Sino-Japanese war
Manchurian Incident
Indonesian Revolutionary War
National war
Biafra War
Third India-Pa War
Fourth Middle East War
Iran-Iraq War
Falkland conflict
Grenada invasion
Somali Civil War
Sierra Leone Civil War
Liberia Civil War


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