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🧑‍🎨 | [UNIQLO] The long-awaited first price down ★ I wore a cotton tiered dress


[UNIQLO] The long-awaited first price down ★ I wore a cotton tiered dress

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UNIQLO's cotton tiered dress, which was worn by fashionable people on SNS and was worrisome ★… → Continue reading

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Afternoon tea

Afternoon tea(Afternoon tea)The United KingdomOf originTea drinkingHabit.

Black teaWithLight meal,ConfectioneryIt is a habit of taking.日本においては、英国のIn Japan, in the UKupper classIt is recognized as one of the essences of culture.そのため、単に飲食を楽しむだけのものではなくTherefore, it is not just about enjoying eating and drinkingSocialUsed as a place forCourtesy,FurnitureFurnishing, usedTablewareAnd decoratedflower, Conversational content, etc.sense,knowledge-CultureIs believed to be required.しかし、現代の英国においては、上流階級からBut in modern Britain, from the upper classWorking classIt is a custom that has spread widely toHotel OfTea roomI was worried about other thanCourtesyIt has nothing to do with formal conversations.


1840th generation around 7Duke of BedfordFrancis RussellMrs.Anna Maria RussellAllegedly started by[1]..イギリスにおいてこのような慣習が始まったのは女性向けの社交の場としてと、もうひとつ、日本においては一般的に夕食時間とされる時間帯(19 - 21時)は、観劇やIn the UK, such customs began as a social gathering place for women, and in Japan, the time zone (XNUMX-XNUMX o'clock), which is generally regarded as dinner time, is for theater and theater.OperaSince it is after 21:XNUMX to eat dinner for viewing and socializing at night, it is meaningful as a preparation for the stomach in advance.

Contents of food and drink

Afternoon tea is a coffee habit that is similar to or also serves as a meal.ロー・ティー(Low tea)とも呼ばれ、客間や居間など低いテーブルのある空間で提供されたAlso called Low tea, it was served in a space with a low table, such as a guest room or living room.[2].

In modern times, it is called afternoon tea, including the formats offered in hotels and restaurants.Besides tea,Cucumber sandwichLight meals such asScone,cakeConfectionery such as kind is served.Light meals and sweets on a plate are stacked in 2-3 layers (trayIt is placed on (a kind of).The tea stand is a symbolic item in afternoon tea, but it is originally used to make effective use of narrow or low tables.For this reason,buffetUsing a tea stand for afternoon tea on a large table, such as a method, is avoided as a practice.It is polite to eat sandwiches, scones, cakes and other desserts in that order.キュウリのサンドイッチが上流階級の茶会の定番となったのは、栄養価が低い(労働者は肉など栄養価が高い具材をサンドイッチに使っていた)キュウリを新鮮な状態で食べる事はCucumber sandwiches have become a staple of upper class tea parties because eating fresh cucumbers with low nutritional value (workers used nutritious ingredients such as meat for sandwiches)VictorianThis is because it was a proof that he could live with a farmer without working in the times.

Even later for habits similar to afternoon teaHigh teaThere is (High tea).High tea has a strong meaning as a meal, and generally, drinks such as tea are served with meals before the late dinner as shown in the origin column above, from 5 to 6 pm.

The name comes from the fact that afternoon tea is served at a small or low table in the guest room, while high tea is served at a high table for meals.Originally it is an evening coffee shop, and at the same time it is a de facto dinner, so not only simple light meals such as tea and sandwiches and sweets, but rather meat dishes and fish dishes are served mainly by meals. Is.For this reason, it is also known as Meat tea.

Regional customs

British exColonyAndCantonsystemChineseA lot ofSingaporeSo, the high tea served at the hotel is English-style tea, scones, sandwiches, and more.Chinese Steamed Dumplings-Gyozaな どChinese cuisine Of点心Is often provided.このためイギリス式にアレンジされたFor this reason it was arranged in English styleDim sum(Yamcha) can be said to be high tea or afternoon tea arranged in a Chinese style.Goodwood Park HotelIt is often offered at traditional hotels.
It was also a British colonyAmericaSo the word high tea was very ritualized (pretentious)Tea partyPoint to.This is due to the misunderstanding of the meaning of "high" as the meaning of "formal".内容も上述した「ハイ・ティー」よりも軽めの食事とThe content is also a lighter meal than the "high tea" mentioned aboveDessertIs offered.
In some areas, including northern England, supper is called tea.In the past, upper and middle class servants in England used lunch as their main meal (dinner), and dinner (supper) as simple snacks such as sandwiches, cold leftover meat, etc.saladIt is because I took such things with black tea.
Australia,New ZealandThe same name is used in, but this isEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euDue to the influence of people who came in from.In addition, it should be notedLatin AmericaIn(English edition)(Afternoon snacks) are also often considered to be of the same kind as afternoon tea.


Preparing and performing a formal afternoon tea is laborious, so it is often simplified in modern times.

Other British coffee habits

  • --Tea to wake up before breakfast.家庭によってはDepending on the homeMaid bedSometimes it was carried to, so it is sometimes called bed tea.
  • Elevensis(Morning tea) --In Japan, it is equivalent to "10 o'clock snack".Tea around 11:XNUMX am.
  • --Literally, tea after dinner.
  • Cream tea


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    "low tea" because it was usually taken in a sitting room or withdrawing room where low tables (like a coffee table) were placed

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