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🤖 | Animation "Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Graduation" Episode 11 "Haunting Edition Part XNUMX" Preceding Cut Released


Anime "Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Graduation" Episode 11 "Haunting Edition Part XNUMX" Preceding Cut Released

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From October 2020 to March 10, the first course "Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Sangyo" was broadcast, and this work, which started broadcasting in July, reveals the truth of the tragedy that occurred in the first course.

The pre-cut of the 11th episode of the anime "Higurashi When They Cry" has arrived. "Higurashi When They Cry" is a sir ... → Continue reading


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Cool (broadcast)

coolIsJapan OfbroadcastUsed in the industryTerminologyso,quarterMeans (3 months).

1 from January to DecemberYearsThe period is divided into 4 courses, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th courses, respectively.Spring:-Summer: -Fall:-Winter:It is called cool, January / April / July / October cool.

Meaning of words


Cool means "flowing thing," "period," "time," "class," "lesson," and "course."French"courts'[Note 1]Sound copy of[1][2][3].. Another theory is that the etymology is the misreading of "qr.", Which is an abbreviation for "quarter" in English, which means quarter.


mainlyEntertainment showsPerformers such asIndustry termBecause I often say this word, there are some cases where even people who have nothing to do with the television industry use "cool" to mean "quarter".

How to catch in Japan

In the Japanese broadcasting industry,1970 eraUntil the new yearOctober(yearFirst half) And half a year later, in October (the second half of the year).Program reorganizationWas customary.

But,1980 eraWhen you enterDramaAnd so onTV stationPopular amongAn actorAs a result of catchingcastingDue to the restrictions of, it became difficult to make a long-term appearance contract, and the number of times of one course became the standard of drama,Audience ratingIs the emphasis increasing and other programs themselves updated / continued with an interval of 3 months, which is half of half a year?CensoredIt came to be judged.

In the past, in the case of popular programs, it was often the case that the number of broadcasts was simply increased and extended.Criminal drama"Stray criminal pure factionAnd 'Partner』Like a series systemSeasonal systemOr "Gokusen』, Once finished, then againSequelThe format for launching is common. Although rareAmericaThere is also a very short program, about 6 times, called the "miniseries".

mainlyPrime timeAs a special circumstance regarding the works to be broadcast on (dramas, variety shows, etc.), in the past, when the broadcast for one course was completed, it was usual to shift to the broadcast of the work of the next cool from the next week without delay. It was, but insideReorganization periodFor 1-2 weeks of switching between each courseSpecial programIs often broadcast. For this reason, there are many works of 3 episodes--13 episodes, which are reduced by 2-4 weeks, rather than simply consisting of 9 episodes when broadcast for 11 months without a break.

Individual trends / circumstances

NHKEspecially in the dramaAudience ratingIs high,Morning TV novel2 cools (some have 4 cools in the past)[Note 2],Taiga dramaIs 4 cools, which is longer than a normal drama.

Commercial broadcastIn the dramaTBSBut"The passing world is full of demonsIn principle, 4 cools, "3rd Year Class B Kinpachi-sensei(Other than the 3rd series), "Mito Komon』In principle, continues to produce a long drama with 2 cools (however," Mito Komon "has been around 2010 cool since the 4st copy broadcasted from April 41).

AnimePrograms andSpecial effects programThen, there are many 4 cools for works for younger age groups, and 1-2 cools for works with a relatively high target age. This is a work for younger age groupstoySuch aspromotionBecause it is often broadcast for the main purpose oflife cycleIt is necessary to broadcast for a relatively long period of time, and works with a high target age will be broadcast after the broadcast ends.DVD-Blu-ray DiscThe work itself is in a different medium due to conversion etc.PremiumFor sale withpromotionThis is because the aspect of being broadcast for the purpose is strong. In addition, one course was usually a period of 1 episodes, but in the case of DVD release it is called 13.素 数In recent years, it is difficult to unify the number of stories in each volume.Dividable by 2, 3 or 4 12Often composed of stories.

Radio professional baseball broadcast

radioThen, the 4 cools from April to Septemberプロ野球中継The program is organized.

At the beginning of the fall reorganization,Professional baseballEven though the season continues, the program has been switched to off-season programs, so the presence or absence of broadcasting and the response to time extension may be different from those during the season.

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注 釈

  1. ^ Wiktionary: course The example sentence "au cours de la guerre" means "during the war."
  2. ^ The number of broadcast weeks isAKIs 26 weeks (156 episodes),BKHowever, 25 weeks across the year (1 episodes if the first broadcast in January is the day after the last broadcast in December, 12 episodes if the same day).



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