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📺 | TBS's October drama "I just stamped the marriage registration", the main cast has been decided!

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The main cast of TBS's October drama "I just stamped the marriage registration" has been decided!

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Please look forward to the Tuesday drama "I just stamped the marriage registration" starting in October!

On TBS, we will broadcast "I just stamped the marriage registration" in the October drama frame (every Tuesday at XNUMX o'clock). ... → Continue reading


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Marriage registration

Marriage registration(Konin Todoke) isJapanIn, legalmarriageDocuments submitted by a person who intends to (marriage).FormallyMarriage registrationSay (Konin Todokesho)[1].Ministry of Justice OfLocal branch officeIsLegal Affairs Bureau OfFamily registerDivision has jurisdictionAdministrative agencyWith the documents to, the reception isMunicipal officeWill be the window.

Legal basis

As the basis of procedureFamily register lawArticle 74,Civil Code Article 739Stipulated in.


The following conditions must be met

  • Male TheMitsuru18 years old and overFemaleMust be of the opposite sex over 16 years old (Same-sex marriageCan't).
  • Neither man nor woman has a marital relationship (bigamyProhibition).
  • Under 20 years oldMinorIn the case of the first marriage of, there must be approval from either of the minor's parents (unnecessary if approval cannot be obtained such as missing).
  • 2 or more people over 20 years oldwitnessThere is (in the marriage registration)signature・ A seal is required).
  • Both are directrelativesOr not a collateral relative within the third degree of kinship-A collateral relative within the third degree of kinship can marry if it is an affinity or a legal kinship (unless they are related).In addition, even if both descendants are married, such as a husband's father and wife's mother, a wife's father and husband's mother, etc., they can get married.

FemaleIf you have been married toRemarriageAt that time, the following conditions must be met.

  • Divorce registration100 days have passed since the submission (if the remarriage partner is the previous divorce partner, if the child is born after the end of the previous marriage, the age at which it is clearly impossible to get pregnant, and the child is not pregnant between the previous marriage Not required if the facts can be proved)[2]


Obtain the marriage registration form at the government office, etc., receive the signature / seal of the witness column, fill in and seal the necessary items, and then appear at the submission destination and submit it (if the witness also attends the submission, You can fill out and seal the form on the spot).As long as you do not make a non-receipt request, you can submit it by mail, but in that case, the date of delivery to the municipal office will be the date of acceptance.
Submission destination (one of them)
  • Husband's or wife's previous family register (family register before marriage)Permanent domicileMunicipal office of the local government.
  • The municipal office of the municipality that has jurisdiction over the new registered domicile after marriage.
  • The municipal office of the municipality where the husband or wife is currently located.
  • If you move at the same time, after marriageAddressThe municipal office of the local government.

(The location includes the temporary place of stay in addition to the current address on the resident registration, so you can submit it at the government office such as your travel destination. If the location is overseas, the nearest country of JapanEmbassy・ Of the Consulate GeneralOverseas missionCan be submitted to. )

Documents to be submitted
  • Marriage registration
  • A copy or extract of the family register at the time before marriage (not required for those whose government office is the municipality of the registered domicile of the previous family register)[3]
  • of two peopleseal(One is the one with the maiden name)
  • Identity verification documents for two people[4]
  • When marrying a foreigner, a document certifying that the foreigner meets the marriage requirements such as a marriage certificate, a document certifying nationality, a document certifying the date of birth, and their Japanese translations.
  • If you are married by a foreign method, a copy of the marriage certificate issued by that country and a Japanese translation (in this case, the signatures and seals of the two adult witnesses on the marriage registration are not required).

Of overseasOverseas missionMost of the government offices currently allow only one submission, except when delivering to the government office (previously, 1-2 copies were required, but now at the government office.Transcript(Copy) Is created).
After submission
If there is no problem with the document, it will be accepted.The notification will come into effect on the same day as the submission date.[5].
If the person who becomes the new family register is not the first person in the previous family register, a new family register will be created with that person as the first person.If the person who will be the first person in the new family register is already the first person in the family register, it will remain in that family register.spouseIs described (divorce,Separate registrationThis is the case if you were doing).After marriageMrIs the one who will be the first person in the family register.

Diversification of documents and submission procedures

If the marriage registration meets certain formats, it will be in the margin.イ ラ ス トIt is also effective to treat.Marriage is generally regarded as a celebration, and it is a local attraction.Yuru CharaSome local governments distribute marriage registration documents such as drawing (Example: Tokyo)Taito OfSensoji TempleKaminarimonWith a picture).Some private businesses sell these uniquely designed marriage registration documents (Sunshine AquariumSuch)[6],For freeDownloadI am offering it.However, the documents including the marriage registration submitted to the government office will never be returned to the person in question.

Gold to commemorate the submissionfolding screenYou can take a commemorative photo against the background (Example: Tokyo)Ota-ku[7]), Inviting submission tours (Example: Okinawa PrefectureIshigaki[8]) Some local governments.


  • Imperial Japanese ConstitutionAt that time, it was stipulated that males under the age of 30 and females under the age of 25 would require the consent of their parents.
  • Parental consent does not mean the same as the consent of a guardian / parental authority, but means the actual parent or adoptive parent.[9][10]..If there are no parents and the guardian is the custody, no one's consent is required.If the parents have signed the witness column, it is not necessary to attach a separate consent form.
  • For marriage registrationwitnessIt is necessary to fill in, but the person who became a witnessGuarantorOr take care of after marriage,joint guarantorObligation of financial and financial support likeAffairIt does not mean that the responsibility for unfaithful acts is taken.It is just a witness that the two have been married.Moreover, since no nationality is specified for witnesses, even strangers of foreign nationality can fill in the witness column if they are 20 years of age or older.However, he was aware of the fact that he had no intention of marrying.signatureIf you do, you may be punished.There is also a theory that the need to fill in witnesses violates Article XNUMX of the Constitution of Japan, which guarantees that marriage can be done only by agreement of both sexes.
  • After submitting the marriage registrationDivorce registrationCan also be submitted on the same day.In addition, when a spouse's family register is adopted as a married woman or a son-in-law, it is necessary to submit a notification of adoption with the spouse's parents as adopted parents.
  • When changing the couple's name on the way, once submitting a divorce report and submitting a marriage report with the person who was not the first person before as the first person (or the wife as the first person if the husband was the first person before) And the first person adopts the spouse's parentsAdoptionThere are two ways to submit a notification.
  • In entertainment news, etc., the fact that first-married people file a marriage registration is called "enrollment".MisuseIs. What is "Registration Notification"?As a typical example, NonIllegitimateIn order to put the child in the family register of the "recognized father", it is a procedure to put the "child" in the family register of the "remarriage partner" in the case of so-called "child remarriage".marriageHas nothing to do with.
  • Marriage registrationForgeryEven if it is doneGovernment officeThe person in charge of the marriage does not confirm it, and if it is well-formed, it has to be accepted, so a forged marriage registration is submitted, and without knowing itSham marriageIt may be forced to become a "married couple" without the person's knowledge.If you are married with a forged marriage registrationFamily courtMarriage invalidarbitrationApproved, and at the government officeFamily registerThe "state of being a married couple" cannot be canceled without the troublesome procedure of making corrections.As a countermeasure, it is possible to prevent the marriage registration from being accepted without permission by means of a personal notification system or a petition for non-receipt.[11].
  • Marriage registration can be accepted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.However,Night,Saturday,Sundayas well as the National holidayIs at the entrance because the staff in charge is often absentSecurity guard-GuardIt will be deposited in the form and will be accepted when the government office starts.In this case, the date of acceptance will be the date of submission of the marriage registration.
  • 世界Then, it takes time to marry, such as swearing in front of the mayor and requiring a ceremony to gather relatives.CountryAlso[12]However, in Japan, all you have to do is submit a marriage registration, and the procedure is simple, such as accepting marriage registrations between people from all over the world.・ There are companies that offer travel tours called "legal weddings" that combine the submission of marriage registration and marriage trips.[13].
  • When a person with Japanese nationality gets married under foreign law,Ministry of JusticeToMarriage requirements certificateProve that you are eligible to marry the other country.


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