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🎥 | Mayo Suzukaze 40th Anniversary Celebration First Online Event on Birthday!Kayo Asano also appears.New album ...


Mayo Suzukaze 40th Anniversary Celebration First Online Event on Birthday!Kayo Asano also appears.New album ...

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This new album "Fairy ~ AI ~ Ai" is self-produced by Mayo Suzukaze following the previous work.

A new musical star, former Takarasienne Mayo Suzukaze, newly written by Shuichiro Koike and SUGIZO ... → Continue reading

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Mayo Suzukaze

Mayo Suzukaze(Maybe Suzukaze,1960 May 9 -) isJapan Ofactress,Voice actor,singer.. ExTakarazuka RevueMonthly groupTop star.

MiyagiIshinomakiwhere one is from.His real name is Kaname, which is also the name of a private office.Osaka Kun'ei Girls' High Schoolgraduate.

As a voice actorAnime"Rurouni Kenshin"ofHimura KenshinKnown as a role.


MiyagiIshinomakiAfter birth in Japan, with my father's transferHokkaidoKushiro,ToyamaTakaoka,OsakaOsakaMoved to.Since I had already built a house in Takaoka city, only my father and Ryofu moved to Osaka.

1981 ,67th genJoined the Takarazuka Revue. First stage in "Spring Dance".After that, he was assigned to the Moon Troupe.

Was the top of the previous generationKenyukiAfter leaving the group1990 , Ken 10 (Takarazuka terminology is the 10th year since joining the group) and became the top star of the Moon Troupe.1991 "Rose of Versailles・ Oscar Edition ”was unveiled.1993 In March"Grand Hotel』And leave the group.Since then, he has appeared in TV dramas, theatrical performances, and movies.33rdKikuta Kazuo Theater AwardAwarded.As a singerCDHas also been released.

2004 January,SuntoryFormer employeerugbyRepresentation from Japan,Waseda University Rugby ClubCoach'sKiyoshi ImazumiMarried, but later divorced[2].

Since it has a connection to Miyagi prefecture, it is commissioned by the "Miyagi Yume Ambassador" who promotes the charm of "Furusato Miyagi" and disseminates it nationwide.

Main stage of the Takarazuka Revue era

Moon set era


  • March-May First stage "Takarazuka Spring Dance" "First Love"
  • October Monthly groupAssignment



  • January "Mai Miracle" (BowholePerformance)-Dr.
  • January-December "Moonlight romanceApril (newcomer performance) --Michelle
  • November --December "Sho de Arabian Nights" December (newcomer performance) --Camaral Zarman / Abriser


  • May --June "Shincho Hana no Hosomichi" --Dairoku Kubo, June (newcomer performance) --Hannosuke Oriiwa. "The Review II』--George
  • January-December "Guys & Dolls--Rusty, November (newcomer performance) --Nathan


  • January "Happy Angel" (BowholePerformance) --Canamel
  • January-December "Two city stories--Pierre, June (newcomer performance) --Sydney
  • September "Sweet Little Rock and Roll" (Bow Hall performance) --Billy
  • November --December "Legend of Tokimeki no Hana" --Stefano, (Rookie Performance) --Jean Mario. "The Swing"-Crew


  • January "Beyond the Dream" (Bow Hall Performance) --Hans Christian Andersen
  • May-June "Sorrow" May (newcomer performance)-Roy
  • November --December "Paris, it's a sorrowful sonata" --Laurent, November (newcomer performance) --Jeff. "La nostalgia』--James


  • January-December "Me and my girl--Jackie, May (newcomer performance) --Bill
  • November-December "Me and My Girl"-Jackie, Bill (in a role)




Moon Troupe Top Era


  • "Countdown 1991" --Nemuri Shiro, Lady, Jungle Man, Time Patrol Man S (Bow Hall) 1/27 ~ 2/11
  • "The Rose of Versailles-Oscar Edition---Oscar (Takarazuka Grand Theater) 3 / 28-5 / 7 (Tokyo Takarazuka Theater) 7 / 2-7 / 31 * Top unveiling performance
  • "Silver wolf"-Silver. "Break the border--- Gangster, Spanish Lady (Takarazuka Grand Theater) 9 / 20-10 / 29


  • "Coffee Carnaval』――Julio. "Dream / Fragrance』 - ストレンジャーS (宝塚大劇場)1/1~2/11(東京宝塚劇場)4/4~4/29(地方公演)9/12~10/3
  • "Countdown! 』――Nemuri Shiro, Lady, Jungle Man, Time Patrol Man S (Tokyo / Nagoya Special Performance) 2 / 22-2 / 27 3 / 1-3 / 3
  • "Puck』- pack.. 『Memories of you--Love Singer (Takarazuka Grand Theater) 7 / 3-8 / 18 (Tokyo Takarazuka Theater) 11 / 2-11 / 27


  • "HojuStar setSpecial appearance) ”-WakashÅ« S of Hoju. "PARFUM DE PARIS(Star Troupe Special Appearance) ”-Dancing Butterfly Man A (Takarazuka Grand Theater) 1/22 ~ 1/31
  • Withdrawal performance "Grand Hotel』--Otto. "BROADWAY BOYS--Jimmy (Takarazuka Grand Theater) 4 / 2-5 / 10 (Tokyo Takarazuka Theater) 7 / 2-7 / 31
  • "Lost Angel" --Mephistopheles (Bow Hall) 5 / 30-6 / 12

Main activities after leaving the Takarazuka Revue


TV drama

Documentary program

  • NEWS23XSpecial "Hiroshima / Nagasaki ... Double A-bombed Truth Untold" --Narrator
  • Documentary Synchronous Student "With a Dead Friend in My Heart-Takarazuka Revue 67th Generation-" (December 2012, 12, NHK)

Liberal Arts Program

Television Animation

Movie version animation



WEB animation



  • Lotte Chocolate pie
  • Suntory Hibiki (Co-starring with photographer Albert Watson, who is the proprietress of a fictitious inn called "Hibikiya")
  • Mister Donut "Mr. Dim Sum Ryofu Noodle Summer Edition"




  • Constellation of sorrow (December 1994, 12)[8]
  • I know tears (May 1996, 5)[9]
  • Forever ... (June 1997, 6)[10]


  • MINE (May 1996, 5)[11]
    • MINE (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) (June 2016, 6)[12]
  • Fairy (September 2016, 9)

Participating works


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