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🎥 | "Run It" MV released from the movie "Shang Chi" soundtrack.Starring Simu Liu also appeared

Photo Photo: Courtesy of Interscope Records

"Run It" MV released from the movie "Shang Chi" soundtrack.Starring Simu Liu also appeared

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Known as an innovative music label / platform established to bring the talents of Asian countries and Asian American artists to the world, "88rising" is the overall production director, Marvel Music, Hollywood Records, Interscope. The film's official soundtrack, co-released on Records, includes Anderson Park, Rich Brian, Swae Lee, Genei Aiko, Mark Tuan, Sweety, Audrey Nuna, NIKI, Gwapdad 4000, Warren Hugh, Includes original songs inspired by songs and movies with various faces such as keshi, 21 Savage, Rich Ross, DJ Snake, and Gen Hoshino from Japan.

Following the big hit of Marvel's latest movie "Shang-Chi / Ten Rings Legend", the official soundtrack of the movie as a song in the play ... → Continue reading


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Record label

Record label(British: record label) Or just the label is originallyrecordThe song, musician, record company name, etc. affixed to the center of the boardcreditIs a "label paper" on which. "Label" is "label" in English notation, and it is not "label" that is translated into Japanese by romaji reading from the appearance in the music industry, but "label" from the pronunciation that has been used for direct business communication such as in the United States. I said "label"[1].

In the record industry, it turned out to be printed (printed) on label paper. Record companyAnd the brand name itself under its umbrella came to be called "label".The "label" as a brand name may or may not be an independent corporate organization.


A label is a label, which is attached to the center of a vinyl record.[1]..Labels with different designs are used for each record company and are now branded.[1].

With the diversification of music genres, when record companies began to have artists with various musicality at the same time, record companies began to organize and set up labels according to musicality.[2].

For historic labelsbrandIt creates a certain value, but sometimes it has a fixed image depending on the artist to which it belongs.A new label with strings may be created as part of the brand strategy to dispel that image.In addition, there are many cases where management and producers set up independent labels and separate master copy rights.Professional artists sometimes set up labels for amateurs (private label).It can be said that the label is a method for appealing the music of the musician to which it belongs and its genre, direction, and scale in a straightforward manner other than the work, and there was also a consumption behavior such as buying a label.

Around the 90'sColumbia,Warner,PolygramThere were 6 majors such as, but the merger was repeated after that, and the oligopoly by the majors progressed.There are major labels and indie labels as record labels, but the market share of major labels in the world in 2014 is estimated to be about 65 to 70%.[3].


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