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🎥 | "Zoe's Super Cool Playlist" Draw after Season 2 in a Christmas movie!And beyond !?


"Zoe's Super Cool Playlist" Christmas movie depicts the aftermath of Season 2!And beyond !?

If you write the contents roughly
It is because we have a connection with the viewer that we can deliver such a holiday-themed work in an original cast. "

NBC's musical comedy "Zoe's Super Cool Playlist" was announced to be discontinued in Season 2.Distribution ... → Continue reading

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Black Friday (shopping)

Black friday(English: Black Friday) Is the 11th of NovemberThursdayIt is the day that corresponds to the day after.Large-scale bargain sales are carried out at retail stores.

The United States of AmericaThen.ThanksgivingThe day after (11th Thursday of November) is officialHolidaysIt's not, but it's often a holiday, and Black Friday is also a sale day to wipe out unsold Thanksgiving gifts.Known for its influx of shoppers and prosperous retail stores, it is considered the most profitable day of the year, especially in the American retail industry.[1][2]..It is also an event that marks the beginning of the year-end sales season.[2][3].

In JapaneseFriday in the blackAlso translated[1][2][3].


From around 1961PhiladelphiaBegins with1975 Relatively widespread innew wordsSo, it is called because the road is crowded with shoppers on the day.I named it PhiladelphiaPolicemenSo, it is said that it was called "black Friday" because people overflowed outside and more work was done.Initially, retailers and others were uncomfortable with the term and coined the term "Big Friday," but it became popular on "Black Friday."After that, the Philadelphia newspaper said, "Retail companyIs profitableSurplusSince the announcement of the interpretation "become", it has come to be used in a good sense.[4]. "Black Monday"(1987 WorldwideStock price crashIt is used in association with words such as (start date of).


In Japan as well, sales are sluggish ahead of the year-end sales season in November, so Black Friday sales have begun to be held with the aim of stimulating consumption.2016 IsNojima,AEON groupHeld the first full-scale Black Friday sale[5][6][1].

In Japan, it is a holiday similar to Thanksgiving.ThanksgivingTo coincide with (November 11)[7]Or, winter needs increaseTwenty-fourone of·Light snowAccording to (around November 11st)[Annotation 1]It is often held, often about a week earlier than "Black Friday" in the United States.

Some say that the excitement is limited compared to the United States, and some major supermarket officials say that it will only preempt demand.[10].

The United Kingdom

The United KingdomThen,ChristmasSimultaneous sale to be held from the next day,Boxing DayThere is a year-end sales season, but Black Friday, which starts about a month earlier, is spreading in the UK as well.2019 Boxing Day has come to be cited as one of the reasons why the sales season ended in a slump.[11].


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注 釈

  1. ^ In the case of Amazon, 2019 advance case[8]In contrast, 2020 announced that it will start on November 11, Japan time.[9].


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