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🎵 | cali ≠ gari announces release of major full album "4" for the first time in more than 15 years

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cali ≠ gari announces release of major full album "4" for the first time in more than 15 years

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* Amazon.co.jp and Rakuten Books will upload carts of products with special benefits.

cali ≠ gari will release their new album "15" from Victor Entertainment on November 11th (Wednesday) ... → Continue reading


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Rakuten Books

Rakuten Books(Rakuten Books,Rakuten books) IsRakutenOperated by Books DivisionOnline bookstoreIs[1][2].Book,CD,DVD,BD,Game softwareSuch asSale-ReservationIt is carried out.


In 2000RakutenとJapanese publishing salesEstablished as "Rakuten Books Co., Ltd." with a 2003-XNUMX investment. After that, in XNUMX, Rakuten bought the investment from NIPPAN GROUP and sold it.Wholly owned subsidiary(Business alliance is still ongoing). After that, in December 2007, it was merged with the parent company Rakuten Co., Ltd. and became "Rakuten Co., Ltd. Books Division".

Besides purchasing books, CDs and DVDsForeign books,softwareYou can also purchase and make reservations.

RakutenIt is one of the most popular restaurants in the country and has been ranked number one in the annual ranking.

WarehouseIt is,SaitamaIruma-gunMiyoshi"Web-book Center, Nippon Publishing Sales Co., Ltd.", 432-1, Kitanagai[3] In[Source required].


  • 2000 May 10 Established as Rakuten Books Co., Ltd. with a XNUMX-XNUMX investment between Rakuten Co., Ltd. and Nippon Publishing Sales Co., Ltd.
  • April 2001 Service started[4].
  • 2003 May 10 Became a wholly owned subsidiary of Rakuten, Inc.
  • 2007 May 12 Rakuten, Inc. merged and became Rakuten, Inc. Books Division.


Rakuten Super Point

Rakuten,Rakuten TravelPoints can be used in common with services provided by Rakuten Group such as. Usually purchase price 100Yen1 point perRakuten cardIf you use, 2 points) will be given. One point can be used as one yen.

Free shipping service

All items are shipped free of charge. CampaignAll shipping costs are free regardless of the purchase price. Products are delivered by JP and Rakuten Express.

Convenience store pick-up service

Some productsconvenience storeA service that can be picked up 24 hours a day. Shipping fee will be free for orders of 3,000 yen or more excluding tax, but if it is less than that, convenience store shipping fee (300 yen, tax included) will be added as a handling fee. Also, as of 2020, if you receive at a convenience store, you cannot use credit card payment, etc., and you must always select convenience store over-the-counter payment as the payment method, and a separate payment fee (265 yen, tax included) will be added.

Rakuten Books @ FamilyMart receiving flights (2007 May 5start)
FamilyMartYou can receive the product at the store (specified by the user when ordering). In the case of over-the-counter payment, cash or Famima T card (credit) payment was possible. Currently, cash payment at the store is mandatory when using it.
Rakuten Books @ Circle K Sunkus Receiving Flight (2008 May 2start)
Circle K ThanksYou can receive the item at the store (specified by the user when ordering). When I settled the price at the Circle K Sunkus store, I was able to pay in cash. It ended on September 2016, 9 due to the merger of Circle K Sunkus with FamilyMart.

Rakuten Books @ Lawson Receiving flights (2015 May 9start)

With the end of Rakuten Books @ Circle K Sunkus receiving flights, it has newly started as an alternative. You can choose to pay at a convenience store or cash on delivery. It can be picked up from the day after delivery at the earliest, and the storage period is one week.

Rakuten Books @ Ministop Receiving Flight (Started November 2015, 11)

Some products can be picked up at Ministop stores, but only at stores that support Yu-Pack reception. Only over-the-counter payment, time designation is not applicable.

Post office pick-up service

Starts August 2019, 8. Some items can be picked up at the designated post office. It does not support over-the-counter payments at convenience stores, and although a handling fee of ¥ 1 will be charged for cash on delivery, you will receive 305 Rakuten points for each receipt.


  • Released on December 2006, 12, "Mobile Suit Gundam"DVD-BOX1 (complete first limited production)" was shipped naked without being put in the outer box. For this reasonコ レ ク タ ーAlthough it was a product, an invoice was directly attached to the outer cardboard, and the user bought the user's cardboard because the outer cardboard was opened and the slip was put inside without the customer's notice."" Released at the same timeRurouni Kenshin DVD-BOX Complete Works / Kenshin DenHowever, similar damage was caused.
  • Announced that there was a shipping delay due to a system failure from July 2007th to July 7th, 15[5].
  • In December 2007, there was an error in the price notation of the product and the order was accepted at a lower price than it should be. In response, Rakuten Books called on customers who had already received the product to transfer the difference.[Source required]
  • 2011å¹´3月4日・5日の2日間にわたり、システムの不具合により楽天バンク決済利用者に対し、商品代金の多重引き落としのトラブルが発生する。週末のため、ユーザーはブックスへの問い合わせも確認もできず、ブックスからの連絡も3月6日昼まで一切なく、返金されるかさえ不明の状態が続く(後に1週間後に返金するとのメールが来る)。また2011å¹´2月末のシステム変更前に3月以降の発売分を予約注文をした複数の顧客への未発送も続いており、ショップレビューにクレームが殺到する[6][Source invalid].. During this period, some limited-edition products such as "Minamike Vol. 8 Limited Edition with Drama CD" (Koharu Sakuraba, Kodansha, released on March 2011, 3) are also included, and many reservations are made. The limited edition was virtually impossible to obtain due to a one-sided cancellation notice email several days after the release date, and the shop was flooded with complaints. There is also a user who stated in the cancellation notification email that the reason why the product could not be sold was "out of stock due to stains, damage, etc."[7][8].. However, on March 3. Some of the reservations believed in cancellation and purchased the limited edition at a price exceeding the list price at online auctions etc., and many complaints about correspondence were received in the product review.[9][10].. The Rakuten Books side says, "We will contact the target person individually by e-mail and discuss how to deal with it." After this trouble, Rakuten Books has stopped handling Rakuten Bank payments.
  • August 2020, 10,SegaReleased from "Game Gear MicroIn the Rakuten Books limited "Game Gear Micro Pins & Collection Box", there were many shipping problems that the Game Gear Micro body was not included when the product arrived and only the accessories arrived first.As a result, Rakuten Books took measures to ship four Game Gear Micros free of charge to all purchasers of this product on the same day.In addition, two weeks later, we also ship the accessory sleeve case free of charge, which was often inquired about dents and crushes upon arrival.[Source required].


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